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Deaths In Other Nations Since WW II Due To Us Interventions


By James A. Lucas 


After the catastrophic attacks of September 11 2001 monumental sorrow and a feeling of desperate and understandable anger began to permeate the American psyche. A few people at that time attempted to promote a balanced perspective by pointing out that the United States had also been responsible for causing those same feelings in people in other nations, but they produced hardly a ripple. Although Americans understand in the abstract the wisdom of people around the world empathizing with the suffering of one another, such a reminder of wrongs committed by our nation got little hearing and was soon overshadowed by an accelerated “war on terrorism.”


But we must continue our efforts to develop understanding and compassion in the world. Hopefully, this article will assist in doing that by addressing the question “How many September 11ths has the United States caused in other nations since WWII?” This theme is developed in this report which contains an estimated numbers of such deaths in 37 nations as well as brief explanations of why the U.S. is considered culpable.


The causes of wars are complex. In some instances nations other than the U.S. may have been responsible for more deaths, but if the involvement of our nation appeared to have been a necessary cause of a war or conflict it was considered responsible for the deaths in it. In other words they probably would not have taken place if the U.S. had not used the heavy hand of its power. The military and economic power of the United States was crucial.


This study reveals that U.S. military forces were directly responsible for about 10 to 15 million deaths during the Korean and Vietnam Wars and the two Iraq Wars. The Korean War also includes Chinese deaths while the Vietnam War also includes fatalities in Cambodia and Laos.


The American public probably is not aware of these numbers and knows even less about the proxy wars for which the United States is also responsible. In the latter wars there were between nine and 14 million deaths in Afghanistan, Angola, Democratic Republic of the Congo, East Timor, Guatemala, Indonesia, Pakistan and Sudan.


But the victims are not just from big nations or one part of the world. The remaining deaths were in smaller ones which constitute over half the total number of nations. Virtually all parts of the world have been the target of U.S. intervention.


The overall conclusion reached is that the United States most likely has been responsible since WWII for the deaths of between 20 and 30 million people in wars and conflicts scattered over the world.


To the families and friends of these victims it makes little difference whether the causes were U.S. military action, proxy military forces, the provision of U.S. military supplies or advisors, or other ways, such as economic pressures applied by our nation. They had to make decisions about other things such as finding lost loved ones, whether to become refugees, and how to survive.


And the pain and anger is spread even further. Some authorities estimate that there are as many as 10 wounded for each person who dies in wars. Their visible, continued suffering is a continuing reminder to their fellow countrymen.


It is essential that Americans learn more about this topic so that they can begin to understand the pain that others feel. Someone once observed that the Germans during WWII “chose not to know.” We cannot allow history to say this about our country. The question posed above was “How many September 11ths has the United States caused in other nations since WWII?” The answer is: possibly 10,000.


Comments on Gathering These Numbers

Generally speaking, the much smaller number of Americans who have died is not included in this study, not because they are not important, but because this report focuses on the impact of U.S. actions on its adversaries.


An accurate count of the number of deaths is not easy to achieve, and this collection of data was undertaken with full realization of this fact. These estimates will probably be revised later either upward or downward by the reader and the author. But undoubtedly the total will remain in the millions.


The difficulty of gathering reliable information is shown by two estimates in this context. For several years I heard statements on radio that three million Cambodians had been killed under the rule of the Khmer Rouge. However, in recent years the figure I heard was one million. Another example is that the number of persons estimated to have died in Iraq due to sanctions after the first U.S. Iraq War was over 1 million, but in more recent years, based on a more recent study, a lower estimate of around a half a million has emerged.


Often information about wars is revealed only much later when someone decides to speak out, when more secret information is revealed due to persistent efforts of a few, or after special congressional committees make reports


Both victorious and defeated nations may have their own reasons for underreporting the number of deaths. Further, in recent wars involving the United States it was not uncommon to hear statements like “we do not do body counts” and references to “collateral damage” as a euphemism for dead and wounded. Life is cheap for some, especially those who manipulate people on the battlefield as if it were a chessboard.


To say that it is difficult to get exact figures is not to say that we should not try. Effort was needed to arrive at the figures of 6six million Jews killed during WWI, but knowledge of that number now is widespread and it has fueled the determination to prevent future holocausts. That struggle continues.


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The U.S. is responsible for between 1 and 1.8 million deaths during the war between the Soviet Union and Afghanistan, by luring the Soviet Union into invading that nation. (1,2,3,4)

The Soviet Union had friendly relations its neighbor, Afghanistan, which had a secular government. The Soviets feared that if that government became fundamentalist this change could spill over into the Soviet Union.

In 1998, in an interview with the Parisian publication Le Novel Observateur, Zbigniew Brzezinski, adviser to President Carter, admitted that he had been responsible for instigating aid to the Mujahadeen in Afghanistan which caused the Soviets to invade. In his own words:

“According to the official version of history, CIA aid to the Mujahadeen began during 1980, that is to say, after the Soviet army invaded Afghanistan on 24 December 1979. But the reality, secretly guarded until now, is completely otherwise. Indeed, it was July 3, 1979 that President Carter signed the first directive for secret aid to the opponents of the pro-Soviet regime in Kabul. And that very day, I wrote a note to the President in which I explained to him that in my opinion this aid was going to induce a Soviet military intervention.” (5,1,6)


Brzezinski justified laying this trap, since he said it gave the Soviet Union its Vietnam and caused the breakup of the Soviet Union. “Regret what?” he said. “That secret operation was an excellent idea. It had the effect of drawing the Russians into the Afghan trap and you want me to regret it?” (7)

The CIA spent 5 to 6 billion dollars on its operation in Afghanistan in order to bleed the Soviet Union. (1,2,3) When that 10-year war ended over a million people were dead and Afghan heroin had captured 60% of the U.S. market. (4)

The U.S. has been responsible directly for about 12,000 deaths in Afghanistan many of which resulted from bombing in retaliation for the attacks on U.S. property on September 11, 2001. Subsequently U.S. troops invaded that country. (4)



An indigenous armed struggle against Portuguese rule in Angola began in 1961. In 1977 an Angolan government was recognized by the U.N., although the U.S. was one of the few nations that opposed this action. In 1986 Uncle Sam approved material assistance to UNITA, a group that was trying to overthrow the government. Even today this struggle, which has involved many nations at times, continues.

U.S. intervention was justified to the U.S. public as a reaction to the intervention of 50,000 Cuban troops in Angola. However, according to Piero Gleijeses, a history professor at Johns Hopkins University the reverse was true. The Cuban intervention came as a result of a CIA – financed covert invasion via neighboring Zaire and a drive on the Angolan capital by the U.S. ally, South Africa1,2,3). (Three estimates of deaths range from 300,000 to 750,000 (4,5,6)


Argentina: See South America: Operation Condor


Bangladesh: See Pakistan



Hugo Banzer was the leader of a repressive regime in Bolivia in the 1970s. The U.S. had been disturbed when a previous leader nationalized the tin mines and distributed land to Indian peasants. Later that action to benefit the poor was reversed.

Banzer, who was trained at the U.S.-operated School of the Americas in Panama and later at Fort Hood, Texas, came back from exile frequently to confer with U.S. Air Force Major Robert Lundin. In 1971 he staged a successful coup with the help of the U.S. Air Force radio system. In the first years of his dictatorship he received twice as military assistance from the U.S. as in the previous dozen years together.

A few years later the Catholic Church denounced an army massacre of striking tin workers in 1975, Banzer, assisted by information provided by the CIA, was able to target and locate leftist priests and nuns. His anti-clergy strategy, known as the Banzer Plan, was adopted by nine other Latin American dictatorships in 1977. (2) He has been accused of being responsible for 400 deaths during his tenure. (1)

Also see: See South America: Operation Condor

Brazil: See South America: Operation Condor


U.S. bombing of Cambodia had already been underway for several years in secret under the Johnson and Nixon administrations, but when President Nixon openly began bombing in preparation for a land assault on Cambodia it caused major protests in the U.S. against the Vietnam War.

There is little awareness today of the scope of these bombings and the human suffering involved.

Immense damage was done to the villages and cities of Cambodia, causing refugees and internal displacement of the population. This unstable situation enabled the Khmer Rouge, a small political party led by Pol Pot, to assume power. Over the years we have repeatedly heard about the Khmer Rouge’s role in the deaths of millions in Cambodia without any acknowledgement being made this mass killing was made possible by the the U.S. bombing of that nation which destabilized it by death , injuries, hunger and dislocation of its people.

So the U.S. bears responsibility not only for the deaths from the bombings but also for those resulting from the activities of the Khmer Rouge – a total of about 2.5 million people. Even when Vietnam latrer invaded Cambodia in 1979 the CIA was still supporting the Khmer Rouge. (1,2,3)

Also see Vietnam


An estimated 40,000 people in Chad were killed and as many as 200,000 tortured by a government, headed by Hissen Habre who was brought to power in June, 1982 with the help of CIA money and arms. He remained in power for eight years. (1,2)

Human Rights Watch claimed that Habre was responsible for thousands of killings. In 2001, while living in Senegal, he was almost tried for crimes committed by him in Chad. However, a court there blocked these proceedings. Then human rights people decided to pursue the case in Belgium, because some of Habre’s torture victims lived there. The U.S., in June 2003, told Belgium that it risked losing its status as host to NATO’s headquarters if it allowed such a legal proceeding to happen. So the result was that the law that allowed victims to file complaints in Belgium for atrocities committed abroad was repealed. However, two months later a new law was passed which made special provision for the continuation of the case against Habre.


The CIA intervened in Chile’s 1958 and 1964 elections. In 1970 a socialist candidate, Salvador Allende, was elected president. The CIA wanted to incite a military coup to prevent his inauguration, but the Chilean army’s chief of staff, General Rene Schneider, opposed this action. The CIA then planned, along with some people in the Chilean military, to assassinate Schneider. This plot failed and Allende took office. President Nixon was not to be dissuaded and he ordered the CIA to create a coup climate: “Make the economy scream,” he said.
What followed were guerilla warfare, arson, bombing, sabotage and terror. ITT and other U.S. corporations with Chilean holdings sponsored demonstrations and strikes. Finally, on September 11, 1973 Allende died either by suicide or by assassination. At that time Henry Kissinger, U.S. Secretary of State, said the following regarding Chile: “I don’t see why we need to stand by and watch a country go communist because of the irresponsibility of its own people.” (1)

During 17 years of terror under Allende’s successor, General Augusto Pinochet, an estimated 3,000 Chileans were killed and many others were tortured or “disappeared.” (2,3,4,5)

Also see South America: Operation Condor

China An estimated 900,000 Chinese died during the Korean War. For more information, See: Korea.


One estimate is that 67,000 deaths have occurred from the 1960s to recent years due to support by the U.S. of Colombian state terrorism. (1)

According to a 1994 Amnesty International report, more than 20,000 people were killed for political reasons in Colombia since 1986, mainly by the military and its paramilitary allies. Amnesty alleged that “U.S.- supplied military equipment, ostensibly delivered for use against narcotics traffickers, was being used by the Colombian military to commit abuses in the name of “counter-insurgency.” (2) In 2002 another estimate was made that 3,500 people die each year in a U.S. funded civilian war in Colombia. (3)

In 1996 Human Rights Watch issued a report “Assassination Squads in Colombia” which revealed that CIA agents went to Colombia in 1991 to help the military to train undercover agents in anti-subversive activity. (4,5)

In recent years the U.S. government has provided assistance under Plan Colombia. The Colombian government has been charged with using most of the funds for destruction of crops and support of the paramilitary group.


In the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba on April 18, 1961 which ended after 3 days, 114 of the invading force were killed, 1,189 were taken prisoners and a few escaped to waiting U.S. ships. (1) The captured exiles were quickly tried, a few executed and the rest sentenced to thirty years in prison for treason. These exiles were released after 20 months in exchange for $53 million in food and medicine.

Some people estimate that the number of Cuban forces killed range from 2,000, to 4,000. Another estimate is that 1,800 Cuban forces were killed on an open highway by napalm. This appears to have been a precursor of the Highway of Death in Iraq in 1991 when U.S. forces mercilessly annihilated large numbers of Iraqis on a highway. (2)

Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire)

The beginning of massive violence was instigated in this country in 1879 by its colonizer King Leopold of Belgium. The Congo’s population was reduced by 10 million people over a period of 20 years which some have referred to as “Leopold’s Genocide.” (1) The U.S. has been responsible for about a third of that many deaths in that nation in the more recent past. (2)

In 1960 the Congo became an independent state with Patrice Lumumba being its first prime minister. He was assassinated with the CIA being implicated, although some say that his murder was actually the responsibility of Belgium. (3) But nevertheless, the CIA was planning to kill him. (4) Before his assassination the CIA sent one of its scientists, Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, to the Congo carrying “lethal biological material” intended for use in Lumumba’s assassination. This virus would have been able to produce a fatal disease indigenous to the Congo area of Africa and was transported in a diplomatic pouch.

Much of the time in recent years there has been a civil war within the Democratic Republic of Congo, fomented often by the U.S. and other nations, including neighboring nations. (5)

In April 1977, Newsday reported that the CIA was secretly supporting efforts to recruit several hundred mercenaries in the U.S. and Great Britain to serve alongside Zaire’s army. In that same year the U.S. provided $15 million of military supplies to the Zairian President Mobutu to fend off an invasion by a rival group operating in Angola. (6)

In May 1979, the U.S. sent several million dollars of aid to Mobutu who had been condemned 3 months earlier by the U.S. State Department for human rights violations. (7) During the Cold War the U.S. funneled over 300 million dollars in weapons into Zaire (8,9) $100 million in military training was provided to him. (2) In 2001 it was reported to a U.S. congressional committee that American companies, including one linked to former President George Bush Sr., were stoking the Congo for monetary gains. There is an international battle over resources in that country with over 125 companies and individuals being implicated. One of these substances is coltan, which is used in the manufacture of cell phones. (2)

Dominican Republic

In 1962, Juan Bosch became president of the Dominican Republic. He advocated such programs as land reform and public works programs. This did not bode well for his future relationship with the U.S., and after only 7 months in office, he was deposed by a CIA coup. In 1965 when a group was trying to reinstall him to his office President Johnson said, “This Bosch is no good.” Assistant Secretary of State Thomas Mann replied “He’s no good at all. If we don’t get a decent government in there, Mr. President, we get another Bosch. It’s just going to be another sinkhole.” Two days later a U.S. invasion started and 22,000 soldiers and marines entered the Dominican Republic and about 3,000 Dominicans died during the fighting. The cover excuse for doing this was that this was done to protect foreigners there. (1,2,3,4)

East Timor

In December 1975, Indonesia invaded East Timor. This incursion was launched the day after U.S. President Gerald Ford and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger had left Indonesia where they had given President Suharto permission to use American arms, which under U.S. law, could not be used for aggression. Daniel Moynihan, U.S. ambassador to the UN. said that the U.S. wanted “things to turn out as they did.” (1,2) The result was an estimated 200,000 dead out of a population of 700,000. (1,2)

Sixteen years later, on November 12, 1991, two hundred and seventeen East Timorese protesters in Dili, many of them children, marching from a memorial service, were gunned down by Indonesian Kopassus shock troops who were headed by U.S.- trained commanders Prabowo Subianto (son in law of General Suharto) and Kiki Syahnakri. Trucks were seen dumping bodies into the sea. (5)

El Salvador

The civil war from 1981 to1992 in El Salvador was financed by $6 billion in U.S. aid given to support the government in its efforts to crush a movement to bring social justice to the people in that nation of about 8 million people. (1)
During that time U.S. military advisers demonstrated methods of torture on teenage prisoners, according to an interview with a deserter from the Salvadoran army published in the New York Times. This former member of the Salvadoran National Guard testified that he was a member of a squad of twelve who found people who they were told were guerillas and tortured them. Part of the training he received was in torture at a U.S. location somewhere in Panama. (2)

About 900 villagers were massacred in the village of El Mozote in 1981. Ten of the twelve El Salvadoran government soldiers cited as participating in this act were graduates of the School of the Americas operated by the U.S. (2) They were only a small part of about 75,000 people killed during that civil war. (1)

According to a 1993 United Nations’ Truth Commission report, over 96 % of the human rights violations carried out during the war were committed by the Salvadoran army or the paramilitary deaths squads associated with the Salvadoran army. (3)

That commission linked graduates of the School of the Americas to many notorious killings. The New York Times and the Washington Post followed with scathing articles. In 1996, the White House Oversight Board issued a report that supported many of the charges against that school made by Rev. Roy Bourgeois, head of the School of the Americas Watch. That same year the Pentagon released formerly classified reports indicating that graduates were trained in killing, extortion, and physical abuse for interrogations, false imprisonment and other methods of control. (4)


The CIA began to destabilize Grenada in 1979 after Maurice Bishop became president, partially because he refused to join the quarantine of Cuba. The campaign against him resulted in his overthrow and the invasion by the U.S. of Grenada on October 25, 1983, with about 277 people dying. (1,2) It was fallaciously charged that an airport was being built in Grenada that could be used to attack the U.S. and it was also erroneously claimed that the lives of American medical students on that island were in danger.


In 1951 Jacobo Arbenz was elected president of Guatemala. He appropriated some unused land operated by the United Fruit Company and compensated the company. (1,2) That company then started a campaign to paint Arbenz as a tool of an international conspiracy and hired about 300 mercenaries who sabotaged oil supplies and trains. (3) In 1954 a CIA-orchestrated coup put him out of office and he left the country. During the next 40 years various regimes killed thousands of people.

In 1999 the Washington Post reported that an Historical Clarification Commission concluded that over 200,000 people had been killed during the civil war and that there had been 42,000 individual human rights violations, 29,000 of them fatal, 92% of which were committed by the army. The commission further reported that the U.S. government and the CIA had pressured the Guatemalan government into suppressing the guerilla movement by ruthless means. (4,5)

According to the Commission between 1981 and 1983 the military government of Guatemala – financed and supported by the U.S. government – destroyed some four hundred Mayan villages in a campaign of genocide. (4)
One of the documents made available to the commission was a 1966 memo from a U.S. State Department official, which described how a “safe house” was set up in the palace for use by Guatemalan security agents and their U.S. contacts. This was the headquarters for the Guatemalan “dirty war” against leftist insurgents and suspected allies. (2)


From 1957 to 1986 Haiti was ruled by Papa Doc Duvalier and later by his son. During that time their private terrorist force killed between 30,000 and 100,000 people. (1) Millions of dollars in CIA subsidies flowed into Haiti during that time, mainly to suppress popular movements, (2) although most American military aid to the country, according to William Blum, was covertly channeled through Israel.

Reportedly, governments after the second Duvalier reign were responsible for an even larger number of fatalities, and the influence on Haiti by the U.S., particularly through the CIA, has continued. The U.S. later forced out of the presidential office a black Catholic priest, Jean Bertrand Aristide, even though he was elected with 67% of the vote in the early 1990s. The wealthy white class in Haiti opposed him in this predominantly black nation, because of his social programs designed to help the poor and end corruption. (3) Later he returned to office, but that did not last long. He was forced by the U.S. to leave office and now lives in South Africa.


In the 1980s the CIA supported Battalion 316 in Honduras, which kidnapped, tortured and killed hundreds of its citizens. Torture equipment and manuals were provided by CIA Argentinean personnel who worked with U.S. agents in the training of the Hondurans. Approximately 400 people lost their lives. (1,2) This is another instance of torture in the world sponsored by the U.S. (3)

Battalion 316 used shock and suffocation devices in interrogations in the 1980s. Prisoners often were kept naked and, when no longer useful, killed and buried in unmarked graves. Declassified documents and other sources show that the CIA and the U.S. Embassy knew of numerous crimes, including murder and torture, yet continued to support Battalion 316 and collaborate with its leaders.” (4)

Honduras was a staging ground in the early 1980s for the Contras who were trying to overthrow the socialist Sandinista government in Nicaragua. John D. Negroponte, currently Deputy Secretary of State, was our embassador when our military aid to Honduras rose from $4 million to $77.4 million per year. Negroponte denies having had any knowledge of these atrocities during his tenure. However, his predecessor in that position, Jack R. Binns, had reported in 1981 that he was deeply concerned at increasing evidence of officially sponsored/sanctioned assassinations. (5)


In 1956 Hungary, a Soviet satellite nation, revolted against the Soviet Union. During the uprising broadcasts by the U.S. Radio Free Europe into Hungary sometimes took on an aggressive tone, encouraging the rebels to believe that Western support was imminent, and even giving tactical advice on how to fight the Soviets. Their hopes were raised then dashed by these broadcasts which cast an even darker shadow over the Hungarian tragedy.“ (1) The Hungarian and Soviet death toll was about 3,000 and the revolution was crushed. (2)


In 1965, in Indonesia, a coup replaced General Sukarno with General Suharto as leader. The U.S. played a role in that change of government. Robert Martens,a former officer in the U.S. embassy in Indonesia, described how U.S. diplomats and CIA officers provided up to 5,000 names to Indonesian Army death squads in 1965 and checked them off as they were killed or captured. Martens admitted that “I probably have a lot of blood on my hands, but that’s not all bad. There’s a time when you have to strike hard at a decisive moment.” (1,2,3) Estimates of the number of deaths range from 500,000 to 3 million. (4,5,6)
From 1993 to 1997 the U.S. provided Jakarta with almost $400 million in economic aid and sold tens of million of dollars of weaponry to that nation. U.S. Green Berets provided training for the Indonesia’s elite force which was responsible for many of atrocities in East Timor. (3)


Iran lost about 262,000 people in the war against Iraq from 1980 to 1988. (1) See Iraq for more information about that war.

On July 3, 1988 the U.S. Navy ship, the Vincennes, was operating withing Iranian waters providing military support for Iraq during the Iran-Iraq war. During a battle against Iranian gunboats it fired two missiles at an Iranian Airbus, which was on a routine civilian flight. All 290 civilian on board were killed. (2,3)


A. The Iraq-Iran War lasted from 1980 to 1988 and during that time there were about 105,000 Iraqi deaths according to the Washington Post. (1,2)

According to Howard Teicher, a former National Security Council official, the U.S. provided the Iraqis with billions of dollars in credits and helped Iraq in other ways such as making sure that Iraq had military equipment including biological agents This surge of help for Iraq came as Iran seemed to be winning the war and was close to Basra. (1) The U.S. was not adverse to both countries weakening themselves as a result of the war, but it did not appear to want either side to win.

B: The U.S.-Iraq War and the Sanctions Against Iraq extended from 1990 to 2003.

Iraq invaded Kuwait on August 2, 1990 and the U.S. responded by demanding that Iraq withdraw, and four days later the U.N. levied international sanctions.

Iraq had reason to believe that the U.S. would not object to its invasion of Kuwait, since U.S. Ambassador to Iraq, April Glaspie, had told Saddam Hussein that the U.S. had no position on the dispute that his country had with Kuwait. So the green light was given, but it seemed to be more of a trap.

As a part of the public relations strategy to energize the American public into supporting an attack against Iraq the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the U.S. falsely testified before Congress that Iraqi troops were pulling the plugs on incubators in Iraqi hospitals. (1) This contributed to a war frenzy in the U.S.

The U.S. air assault started on January 17, 1991 and it lasted for 42 days. On February 23 President H.W. Bush ordered the U.S. ground assault to begin. The invasion took place with much needless killing of Iraqi military personnel. Only about 150 American military personnel died compared to about 200,000 Iraqis. Some of the Iraqis were mercilessly killed on the Highway of Death and about 400 tons of depleted uranium were left in that nation by the U.S. (2,3)

Other deaths later were from delayed deaths due to wounds, civilians killed, those killed by effects of damage of the Iraqi water treatment facilities and other aspects of its damaged infrastructure and by the sanctions.

In 1995 the Food and Agriculture Organization of the U.N. reported that U.N sanctions against on Iraq had been responsible for the deaths of more than 560,000 children since 1990. (5)

Leslie Stahl on the TV Program 60 Minutes in 1996 mentioned to Madeleine Albright, U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. “We have heard that a half million children have died. I mean, that’s more children than died in Hiroshima. And – and you know, is the price worth it?” Albright replied “I think this is a very hard choice, but the price – we think is worth it.” (4)

In 1999 UNICEF reported that 5,000 children died each month as a result of the sanction and the War with the U.S. (6)

Richard Garfield later estimated that the more likely number of excess deaths among children under five years of age from 1990 through March 1998 to be 227,000 – double those of the previous decade. Garfield estimated that the numbers to be 350,000 through 2000 (based in part on result of another study). (7)

However, there are limitations to his study. His figures were not updated for the remaining three years of the sanctions. Also, two other somewhat vulnerable age groups were not studied: young children above the age of five and the elderly.

All of these reports were considerable indicators of massive numbers of deaths which the U.S. was aware of and which was a part of its strategy to cause enough pain and terror among Iraqis to cause them to revolt against their government.

C: Iraq-U.S. War started in 2003 and has not been concluded

Just as the end of the Cold War emboldened the U.S. to attack Iraq in 1991 so the attacks of September 11, 2001 laid the groundwork for the U.S. to launch the current war against Iraq. While in some other wars we learned much later about the lies that were used to deceive us, some of the deceptions that were used to get us into this war became known almost as soon as they were uttered. There were no weapons of mass destruction, we were not trying to promote democracy, we were not trying to save the Iraqi people from a dictator.

The total number of Iraqi deaths that are a result of our current Iraq against Iraq War is 654,000, of which 600,000 are attributed to acts of violence, according to Johns Hopkins researchers. (1,2)

Since these deaths are a result of the U.S. invasion, our leaders must accept responsibility for them.

Israeli-Palestinian War

About 100,000 to 200,000 Israelis and Palestinians, but mostly the latter, have been killed in the struggle between those two groups. The U.S. has been a strong supporter of Israel, providing billions of dollars in aid and supporting its possession of nuclear weapons. (1,2)

Korea, North and South

The Korean War started in 1950 when, according to the Truman administration, North Korea invaded South Korea on June 25th. However, since then another explanation has emerged which maintains that the attack by North Korea came during a time of many border incursions by both sides. South Korea initiated most of the border clashes with North Korea beginning in 1948. The North Korea government claimed that by 1949 the South Korean army committed 2,617 armed incursions. It was a myth that the Soviet Union ordered North Korea to attack South Korea. (1,2)

The U.S. started its attack before a U.N. resolution was passed supporting our nation’s intervention, and our military forces added to the mayhem in the war by introducing the use of napalm. (1)

During the war the bulk of the deaths were South Koreans, North Koreans and Chinese. Four sources give deaths counts ranging from 1.8 to 4.5 million. (3,4,5,6) Another source gives a total of 4 million but does not identify to which nation they belonged. (7)

John H. Kim, a U.S. Army veteran and the Chair of the Korea Committee of Veterans for Peace, stated in an article that during the Korean War “the U.S. Army, Air Force and Navy were directly involved in the killing of about three million civilians – both South and North Koreans – at many locations throughout Korea…It is reported that the U.S. dropped some 650,000 tons of bombs, including 43,000 tons of napalm bombs, during the Korean War.” It is presumed that this total does not include Chinese casualties.

Another source states a total of about 500,000 who were Koreans and presumably only military. (8,9)


From 1965 to 1973 during the Vietnam War the U.S. dropped over two million tons of bombs on Laos – more than was dropped in WWII by both sides. Over a quarter of the population became refugees. This was later called a “secret war,” since it occurred at the same time as the Vietnam War, but got little press. Hundreds of thousands were killed. Branfman make the only estimate that I am aware of , stating that hundreds of thousands died. This can be interpeted to mean that at least 200,000 died. (1,2,3)

U.S. military intervention in Laos actually began much earlier. A civil war started in the 1950s when the U.S. recruited a force of 40,000 Laotians to oppose the Pathet Lao, a leftist political party that ultimately took power in 1975.

Also See Vietnam


Between 8,000 and 12,000 Nepalese have died since a civil war broke out in 1996. The death rate, according to Foreign Policy in Focus, sharply increased with the arrival of almost 8,400 American M-16 submachine guns (950 rpm) and U.S. advisers. Nepal is 85 percent rural and badly in need of land reform. Not surprisingly 42 % of its people live below the poverty level. (1,2)

In 2002, after another civil war erupted, President George W. Bush pushed a bill through Congress authorizing $20 million in military aid to the Nepalese government. (3)


In 1981 the Sandinistas overthrew the Somoza government in Nicaragua, (1) and until 1990 about 25,000 Nicaraguans were killed in an armed struggle between the Sandinista government and Contra rebels who were formed from the remnants of Somoza’s national government. The use of assassination manuals by the Contras surfaced in 1984. (2,3)

The U.S. supported the victorious government regime by providing covert military aid to the Contras (anti-communist guerillas) starting in November, 1981. But when Congress discovered that the CIA had supervised acts of sabotage in Nicaragua without notifying Congress, it passed the Boland Amendment in 1983 which prohibited the CIA, Defense Department and any other government agency from providing any further covert military assistance. (4)

But ways were found to get around this prohibition. The National Security Council, which was not explicitly covered by the law, raised private and foreign funds for the Contras. In addition, arms were sold to Iran and the proceeds were diverted from those sales to the Contras engaged in the insurgency against the Sandinista government. (5) Finally, the Sandinistas were voted out of office in 1990 by voters who thought that a change in leadership would placate the U.S., which was causing misery to Nicaragua’s citizenry by it support of the Contras.


In 1971 West Pakistan, an authoritarian state supported by the U.S., brutally invaded East Pakistan. The war ended after India, whose economy was staggering after admitting about 10 million refugees, invaded East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) and defeated the West Pakistani forces. (1)

Millions of people died during that brutal struggle, referred to by some as genocide committed by West Pakistan. That country had long been an ally of the U.S., starting with $411 million provided to establish its armed forces which spent 80% of its budget on its military. $15 million in arms flowed into W. Pakistan during the war. (2,3,4)

Three sources estimate that 3 million people died and (5,2,6) one source estimates 1.5 million. (3)


In December, 1989 U.S. troops invaded Panama, ostensibly to arrest Manuel Noriega, that nation’s president. This was an example of the U.S. view that it is the master of the world and can arrest anyone it wants to. For a number of years before that he had worked for the CIA, but fell out of favor partially because he was not an opponent of the Sandinistas in Nicaragua. (1) It has been estimated that between 500 and 4,000 people died. (2,3,4)

Paraguay: See South America: Operation Condor


The Philippines were under the control of the U.S. for over a hundred years. In about the last 50 to 60 years the U.S. has funded and otherwise helped various Philippine governments which sought to suppress the activities of groups working for the welfare of its people. In 1969 the Symington Committee in the U.S. Congress revealed how war material was sent there for a counter-insurgency campaign. U.S. Special Forces and Marines were active in some combat operations. The estimated number of persons that were executed and disappeared under President Fernando Marcos was over 100,000. (1,2)

South America: Operation Condor

This was a joint operation of 6 despotic South American governments (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay) to share information about their political opponents. An estimated 13,000 people were killed under this plan. (1)

It was established on November 25, 1975 in Chile by an act of the Interamerican Reunion on Military Intelligence. According to U.S. embassy political officer, John Tipton, the CIA and the Chilean Secret Police were working together, although the CIA did not set up the operation to make this collaboration work. Reportedly, it ended in 1983. (2)

On March 6, 2001 the New York Times reported the existence of a recently declassified State Department document revealing that the United States facilitated communications for Operation Condor. (3)


Since 1955, when it gained its independence, Sudan has been involved most of the time in a civil war. Until about 2003 approximately 2 million people had been killed. It not known if the death toll in Darfur is part of that total.

Human rights groups have complained that U.S. policies have helped to prolong the Sudanese civil war by supporting efforts to overthrow the central government in Khartoum. In 1999 U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright met with the leader of the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) who said that she offered him food supplies if he would reject a peace plan sponsored by Egypt and Libya.

In 1978 the vastness of Sudan’s oil reservers was discovered and within two years it became the sixth largest recipient of U.S, military aid. It’s reasonable to assume that if the U.S. aid a government to come to power it will feel obligated to give the U.S. part of the oil pie.

A British group, Christian Aid, has accused foreign oil companies of complicity in the depopulation of villages. These companies – not American – receive government protection and in turn allow the government use of its airstrips and roads.

In August 1998 the U.S. bombed Khartoum, Sudan with 75 cruise míssiles. Our government said that the target was a chemical weapons factory owned by Osama bin Laden. Actually, bin Laden was no longer the owner, and the plant had been the sole supplier of pharmaceutical supplies for that poor nation. As a result of the bombing tens of thousands may have died because of the lack of medicines to treat malaria, tuberculosis and other diseases. The U.S. settled a lawsuit filed by the factory’s owner. (1,2)

Uruguay: See South America: Operation Condor


In Vietnam, under an agreement several decades ago, there was supposed to be an election for a unified North and South Vietnam. The U.S. opposed this and supported the Diem government in South Vietnam. In August, 1964 the CIA and others helped fabricate a phony Vietnamese attack on a U.S. ship in the Gulf of Tonkin and this was used as a pretext for greater U.S. involvement in Vietnam. (1)

During that war an American assassination operation,called Operation Phoenix, terrorized the South Vietnamese people, and during the war American troops were responsible in 1968 for the mass slaughter of the people in the village of My Lai.

According to a Vietnamese government statement in 1995 the number of deaths of civilians and military personnel during the Vietnam War was 5.1 million. (2)

Since deaths in Cambodia and Laos were about 2.7 million (See Cambodia and Laos) the estimated total for the Vietnam War is 7.8 million.

The Virtual Truth Commission provides a total for the war of 5 million, (3) and Robert McNamara, former Secretary Defense, according to the New York Times Magazine says that the number of Vietnamese dead is 3.4 million. (4,5)


Yugoslavia was a socialist federation of several republics. Since it refused to be closely tied to the Soviet Union during the Cold War, it gained some suport from the U.S. But when the Soviet Union dissolved, Yugoslavia’s usefulness to the U.S. ended, and the U.S and Germany worked to convert its socialist economy to a capitalist one by a process primarily of dividing and conquering. There were ethnic and religious differences between various parts of Yugoslavia which were manipulated by the U.S. to cause several wars which resulted in the dissolution of that country.

From the early 1990s until now Yugoslavia split into several independent nations whose lowered income, along with CIA connivance, has made it a pawn in the hands of capitalist countries. (1) The dissolution of Yugoslavia was caused primarily by the U.S. (2)

Here are estimates of some, if not all, of the internal wars in Yugoslavia. All wars: 107,000; (3,4)

Bosnia and Krajina: 250,000; (5) Bosnia: 20,000 to 30,000; (5) Croatia: 15,000; (6) and

Kosovo: 500 to 5,000. (7)



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(Part 2): America’s Killing Fields Around the Globe


A Tale of Two America’s Part II: America’s Killing Fields Around the Globe

By Mohamed Khodr

[Author’s Note: I realize my articles are longer than usual but my intent is not simply to report, analyze, or give an opinion on an issue but to provide context and historical background to issues that still impact us today. I’ve done that with all my previous articles. I do hope you’ll be patient enough to read them through and perhaps you’ll seek further information on the subject. Thank you.}


“If there is a country that has committed unspeakable atrocities in the world, it is the United States of America”.

–Nelson Mandela

“Throughout the world, on any given day, a man, woman, or child is likely to be displaced, tortured, killed, or disappeared’, at the hands of governments or armed political groups. More often than not, the United States shares the blame.”

Amnesty International, 1996

We have to constantly critique imperialist white supremacist patriarchal culture because it is normalized by mass media and rendered unproblematic.”
― Bell Hooks, “Homegrown: Engaged Cultural Critcism”

“The overall conclusion reached is that the United States most likely has been responsible since WWII for the deaths of between 20 and 30 million people in wars and conflicts scattered over the world.”

–CounterCuurents Study of “Deaths In Other Nations Since WW II Due To US Interventions”. April 24, 2007, By James A. Lucas. [

For more on World Casualties of U.S. Imperialism, see article below.

America Imperialism’s death toll on the world: 27,000,000+; Aug. 11, 2008


Due to the politico-economic pressure of the “Military-Industrial-AIPAC-Congressional-Media Complex”America would rather fight then switch to a policy of peacefully dialogue with the rest of the world. None more so than the Israeli forbidden for America to talk to region of the Middle East, hence America’s current wars, unilateral decision to attack Syria, and the imposition of harsh sanctions, isolation, and probable war against Iran.

“The basic problems facing the world today are not susceptible to a military solution”. –John F. Kennedy

Western empires that arose after the sixteenth century adopted Machiavelli’s ruthless, deceitful, immoral, and bloody Realpolitic that depended on strong armies and striking fear into opponents. He strongly condemned empires and governments who sought to implement the unrealistic idealistic romanticism of lofty, laudable, and moral ideas unless they prove useful for domestic deceit.

President William Howard Taft, 912:  "The whole hemisphere will be ours in fact as, by virtue of our superiority of race, it already is ours morally."

President William Howard Taft, 1912:
“The whole hemisphere will be ours in fact as, by virtue of our superiority of race, it already is ours morally.”

Racism and a self-righteous bigoted attitude toward the “other” laid the foundation for the imperial west to conquer, enslave, and commit outrageous genocides and holocausts across the world’s southern hemisphere, the habitat of the barbaric primitive dark “other”.

The west got rich due to the gun and bomb by stealing the economic resources and enslaved people of the rest

“When the rich wage war, it’s the poor who die”.

–Jean-Paul Sartre

U.S. foreign policy has closely adhered to Machiavelli’s principles and rules as mentioned above; while domestically it continues to project for public consumption the image of a benign benevolent and altruistic nation –i.e. we’re the U.S. Government and we’re here to help.

In all its foreign interventions and wars the Congress has only issued a Declaration of War five times as the Constitution requires; none have been issued since World War II. The wars have been mainly carried out under Presidential directives witout Congressional approval.

No one who has studied U.S. Foreign Policy and its resultant ramifications and consequences around the world can ever describe it as being wise and intelligent. It’s been just the opposite much akin to a Bull in a China shop. In no nation invaded, bombed, or occupied by the U.S. has there ever been a positive and progressive outcome in the aftermath of a U.S. military intervention. In fact, when the U.S. eventually withdraws it leaves behind a scorched earth, environment, and people who continue to suffer for decades if not centuries afterwards such as the case when Depleted Uranium is used.

The U.S. has been involved in more military interventions across the world, more invasions and occupation of foreign lands, more bombings of nations and people, more coups against democratically elected governments, more assassination of world leaders, and more covert operations and sabotage than any other nation in history.

Please Watch this Brief Video on U.S. Imperialism.

"White Man's Burden" to civilize the dark  skinned world.

“White Man’s Burden” to civilize the dark skinned world.

“Take up the White Man’s burden–
Send forth the best ye breed…
Your new-caught, sullen peoples,
Half-devil and half-child.”

–Rudyard Kipling in “White Man’s Burden”

Rudyard Kipling, a British imperial poet, wrote this poem to urge the U.S. to conquer the Philippines after the Spanish American war. It reflects the imperial attitude of white supremacy, racism, and a divine right given to the white man to seek forth new territories to civilize, Christianize, enslave, occupy, and steal the resources such lands held be they human or wealth generating.

Historians have called the Spanish American War the first media driven war in American history. Cuba at the time was revolting against Spanish rule. The main media tycoons at the time, Joseph Pulitzer (Jewish) and William Randolph Hearst, were relentless in their media campaign to incite public anger against the “evil” Spaniards who are crushing the freedom aspirations of the Cuban people. Their papers ran daily headlines and cartoons to emotionally invest the American people in a war for liberty and freedom.

All that was missing to declare war was an “incident”; a “Pearl Harbor”; the false North Vietnamese attack against the ship US Maddox in 1964 that led to the bombing of North Vietnam”; or a “9/11.

The “incident” was furnished when an explosion on the USS Maine occurred on February 15, 1898 while docked in Havana Harbor. Immediately the warmongerers in the media and the government blamed Spain and successfully pushed for a Declaration of War on Spain.

By defeating Spain the U.S. acquired Cuba, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippines. The American Exceptionalism as an Empire and Imperial Power began and has never stopped since then.

The powerful role of the media in creating, inciting, and pushing for wars cannot be underestimated.

The two media tycoons who pushed for war against Spain, Hearst, and today’s tycoon who pushed for the Iraq War, an attack on Syria, and pushing for a war on Iran…

William Randolph Hearst.  The most powerful tycoon of his time.

William Randolph Hearst. The most powerful tycoon of his time.

Rupert Murdoch, a staunch Zionist and the most powerful media mogul in the world.

Rupert Murdoch, a staunch Zionist and the most powerful media mogul in the world.

American Exceptionalism

:While the “elite” make war and get rich the American public gets poorer but does the paying and dying for the “elite’s wars.

The same men who own and run Wall Street and the Federal Reserve Banks are of the same oligarchy that owns the U.S. media. Thus their single purpose is to enrich themselves, their cabal, and heavily influence and push the U.S. into wars, mainly for OIL and ISRAEL’s benefit.

These men, mainly Jewish, within and out of government manufactured the lies that pushed the U.S. into the costly quagmire of the Iraq war; But that was just the first phase of their overall plan for the Middle East.

Please Watch this Important, shocking, and revealing VIDEO of Amy Goodman’s interview with former General Wes Clark, former head of NATO, who reveals the shocking truth about the Pentagon’s Plan to invade Iraq with no reason or evidence to do so and how it plans after Iraq then to attack six more Middle East nations in five years. The nations are Syria, Iran, Libya, Lebanon, Sudan, and Somalia.

In a rational, civilized, informed and civically involved populace such revelations would have led to a revolution against the powerful political, economic, and media elite who use the U.S. military and the lives of its young soldiers to launch foreign wars and devastation of nations for the benefit of a foreign nation, ISRAEL. But we’re speaking of the American people who mostly exist in a self absorbed bubble far away from their government’s policies and those who control and manipulate them.

Let us take a closer look at the Foundations and Actions of the American Empire.

“What We Say Goes” President George W. Bush

In addition to America’s military supremacy as its main instrument of foreign policy, the U.S. also wields enomous power and influence upon the world stage through international organizations such as the United Nations and all its agencies, the World Bank, and the I.M.F. (International Monetary Fund), thus either politically or economically the U.S. can pressure any nation on earth to either submit to its will, stand aside, or risk losing vital economic aid.

What Americans don’t see as a consequence of their Government’s militarism and their media inspired “support the troops” bumper stickers is the heavy cost borne by the victimized innocent populations of America’s arrogant and deadly militarism abroad. The media either ignores, sanitizes, or fabricates stories and images that present the heroic courage of American soldiers fighting the evil, uncivilized, barbaric enemy, an enemy whose weapons are guns against the world’s most powerful military. Rarely, if ever, do they show the victims of these heroes and wounded warriors.


The My Lai Massacre in Vietnam March 16, 1968. U.S. soldiers massacred over 504 women, children, and the elderly who were not armed.

Massacred Iraqi Children by U.S. Forces.

Massacred Iraqi Children by U.S. Forces.

Standing Military Orders to the U.S. Soldier: “Kill Anything that Moves”

Please read this shocking article in the New York Times titled:

For America, Life Was Cheap in Vietnam, by Nick Turse, historian and author of “Kill Anything that Moves”; October 9, 2013

From the Article: Notice the sheer arrogance and racism toward the “other”

“Veterans I’ve interviewed, and soldiers who spoke to investigators, said they had received orders from commanders to “kill anything that moves.”

“The Oriental doesn’t put the same high price on life as does the Westerner,” Westmoreland famously said:. “Life is plentiful, life is cheap in the Orient.”

[General William Westmoreland was Commander of U.S. Forces in Vietnam}

Mark Twain was so outraged at the U.S. Military’s invasion and War upon the Philippine people that he called them “uniformed assassins”.

Here’s a headline from the Hearst paper, the New York Journal, on the massive genocide of the Philippine people by U.S. Soldiers.

'AWFUL SLAUGHTER" headline on the genocide committed by U.S. forces in the Philippines.

‘AWFUL SLAUGHTER” headline on the genocide committed by U.S. forces in the Philippines. Peace Treaty Signed with Spain.

A brief overview of Presidential Doctrines, the U.S. Military Budget, and Military Bases around the world that gives the U.S. the arrogance and self righteousness to intervene around the world.

1. From 1798 – 1993: U.S. Intervened 234 times in foreign conflicts more than any nation in history.(Excludes the wars in Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Syria and others)

From the article titled: “Instances of Use of United States Forces Abroad, 1798 – 1993”; October 7, 1993″.

“This report lists 234 instances in which the United States has used its armed forces abroad in situations of conflict or potential conflict”

2. Presidential Doctrines:

Monroe Doctrine: 1823 – Protect U.S. Hegemony over Latin America.

President James Monroe issued this declaration that prevents any European nation from interfering in the affairs of Latin America which the U.S. would consider an act of war.

Polk Doctrine: 1845 – Reiterates Monroe Doctrine

President James Polk: Fate of North America would be decided by Americans, not Europeans.

Roosevelt Corollary: 1904 – Reiterates Monroe Doctrine

President Teddy Roosevelt declares the U.S. “Policeman” of the Western Hemisphere against Europe.

Truman Doctrine: 1947:

Military Aid of $400 Million to Greece and Turkey to Prevent Communist takeover.

Eisenhower Doctrine: 1957:

It is U.S. Policy to intervene militarily in the Middle East to prevent Communist subversion. This led to the U.S. sending the Marines to Lebanon in 1958 to protect Lebanon’s Christian minority government from a nationalist coup, but the coup never happened.

Nixon Doctrine: 1969

Encouraged Asian nations to wean themselves off U.S. aid in their fight against Communism. However this doctrine was used to sell a large amount of military hardware to the Philippines, Indonesia, South Korea, other Asian nations, and the Middle East.

Carter Doctrine 1980

Committed the U.S. to protect the countries of the Persian Gulf (OIL) from outside Interference. This was in response to the Soviet Union’s invasion of Afghanistan in 1979. Carter warned the U.S.S.R. that any invasion in the Persian Gulf would be an “assault on the vital interests of the United States” and would be repealed by military force if necessary.

Weinberger Doctrine1984

The Weinberger Doctrine, named in honor of Reagan’s Secretary of Defense, declares it is the policy of the United States to use its military forces only in the defense of American vital interests given the already overextended military force

Powell Doctrine: 1990

States that military force should only be used to win an overwhelming victory in a short period of time and that U.S. vital interests were at stake.

Clinton Doctrine: 1999

This informal doctrine, never officially articulated by the administration, argued that the best way to ensure stability in regions of interest to the United States was to combat instability wherever it may occur. Reasoning that no matter how seemingly insignificant the areas where instability may arise, violence and disorder can intensify and spread, ultimately threatening United States interests at home and abroad. To stymie potential problems, regional and ethnic conflicts must be addressed as early as possible. Clinton said military use is justified “where our VALUES and Interests are at stake, and when we can make a difference

Bush Doctrine: 2001 – The Worst and Most Dangerous of all Doctrines

Declares it is the policy of the United States government to go after all terrorists with a global reach and the states which harbor them. A key element is the right of the United States to Preemptively attack any group or state deemed to pose an emerging threat.

3. U.S. Military Bases Around the World.

There are over 1000 U.S. military bases around the world that are known publicly. According to a study conducted by David Vine, “How U.S. Taxpayers Are Paying the Pentagon to Occupy the Planet”,December 14, 2012, he estimates that the annual cost of maintaining these bases with over 255,000 personnel is between $1.8 and $2.1 Trillion, which is astronomically higher than the Pentagon’s costs of tens of billions of dollars. No one, not even Congress knows the true extant and cost of these bases.

But they are the most powerful intimidating message to the over 170 countries that host these bases. People in these nations despise the presence of this military hegemony.

In this most valuable must read analysis of U.S. military bases, costs, and international ramifications, written by Jules Dufour for Global Research entitled, The Worldwide Network of US Military Bases, July 1, 2007, the editor of Global Research writes in the intro to the article:

“The Worldwide control of humanity’s economic, social and political activities is under the helm of US corporate and military power. Underlying this process are various schemes of direct and indirect military intervention. These US sponsored strategies ultimately consist in a process of global subordination”.

Map of U.S. Military Bases in the world as of 2003.  Many more such bases have been built in Africa, Australia, the Philippines and in other nations.

Map of U.S. Military Bases in the world as of 2003. Many more such bases have been built in Africa and in Asia.

4. U.S. Defense Budget Highest in the World.

The U.S. has the highest defense budget of any country in the world. In fact it spends more on defense than dozens of other nations combined including Russia and China. The only reason why the U..S outspends the world is to impose its imperial power for the economic benefit of the top one percent of Americans who send the youth of the 99% of the nation to fight and die for them, including for Israel.

When you hear of “National Interest” immediately think of MONEY for the rich and the industrial-military-corporate complex.

Please watch this VIDEO of President Dwight Eisenhower’s famous speech waring the American people of the power and corrupt influence of what he called the “Military-Industrial Complex”. Here is a former General and President who knew the truth, spoke the truth, but as is the case with all warnings to the American people on matters of corruption it is unheeded and forgotten, thus the corrupt political, business, and military alliance continues to roll unabated, killing abroad and bankrupting the nation.


U.S. Military ?Budget 2012 Larger than the Next Ten Nations Combined

U.S. Military Budget largest in the world.  Compare to other Nations.

U.S. Military Budget Largest in the World.

The U.S. is also the leading nation in Arms Sales in the world; mostly to developing countries whose priority is defense and not socio-economic development. The largest market for U.S. Arms Sales is the Middle East whereEIGHT out of the top TEN nations spending on arms purchases as a Percent of their GDP are in the Middle East. The Arab tyrants only use such weapons against their own people, never against Israel.

According to an annual study by the Congressional Research Service released earlier this week, the US overseas weapons sales jumped to $66.3 billion last year (77.7 percent of the $85.3 billion global market in 2011), from $21.4 billion in deals in 2010. [Mother Jones]

Profiting from Fueling Wars around the world.

Profiting from Fueling Wars around the world.

“Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed”.

From President Dwight Eisenhower’s Speech, April 16, 1953

Every government in the world is immoral, hypocritical, and infected with double standards. But no nation is as arrogant as the U.S. in such vices. The U.S. supported Freedom Fighters of yesterday are today’s terrorists. When the Mujahadeen were fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan with U.S. money and weapons they were invited by President Reagan to the White House as freedom fighters. After the Soviets left Afghanistan the U.S. dumped them and abandoned Afghanistan. America’s freedom fighters became the dreaded Taliban, now America’s enemy, but surprisingly they are not on the State Department’s list of terrorist group because the U.S. needs to make peace with them so that it can leave Afghanistan with “honor”.

When fighting the Soviets the beloved Mujahadeen were "Freedom Fighters>  Now when they fight the U.S. they are "Terrorists".  President Reagan with the Mujahadeen in the White House 1983.

When fighting the Soviets the beloved Mujahadeen were “Freedom Fighters> Now when they fight the U.S. they are “Terrorists”. President Reagan with the Mujahadeen in the White House 1983.

In summary the U.S. is far from the “exceptional” nation whether in its own history or in its militarism abroad creating the newest “Empire” in the world. The U.S. has committed war crimes, crimes against humanity, ethnic cleansing and many genocides around the world. It’s violated every International and human rights laws against the use of illegal chemical weapons such as Agent Orange, Depleted Uranium and White Phosphorous. Around the world from Vietnam to Iraq it has left a legacy of children scareed for life suffering from congenital malformations to cancer yet refuses to acknowledge any responsibility.

The U.S. has no creditability whatsoever to lecture any other nation on upholding and adhering to U.N. Resolutions, not when its Vetoed close to 90 UNSC against Israel, International Laws, the Fourth Geneva Convention or to any Weapons Ban treaty as the U.S. refuses to sign the Land Mine Treaty and has unilaterally withdrawn from the Anti Ballistic MIssille Treaty (ABM( allowing it to continue to test new nuclear bombs.

America’s Economic and Military power allows it to defy the world and bomb and invade any nation it wishes.

It is my sincere hope that Americans understand the widespread animosity against America’s Pro Israel and militaristic policy in the Muslim. They hate ‘US” because we BOMB and INVADE their countries and give Israel a carte-blanche protection for its decade’s long murderous and ethnic cleansing policy against the Palestinians, made refugees in their land.

Please Watch this Brief Video on U.S. Bombings and “Why They Hate Us”

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America Imperialisms death toll on the world: 27,000,000+


Posted by: Sammi Ibrahem


U.S. government attributable genocides & mass killings

Native Americans: approx 10 million
Population history of American indigenous peoples

Philippines: approx 1 million…

Vietnam: 3+ million…
US Bombs Laos: 350,000+…
US role in Cambodia: 600,000 dead and 1,000,000+ wounded…
Cambodia under Pol Pot: 2 million massacred…

Indonesia: 500,000+……
US backed Indonesia against defenseless East Timor: over 600,000, 1/3 of the population…
US coerced Indonesia to annex West Papau in 1969:…
The Indoensian genocides continue to this day:…

CIA essentially puts Saddam hussein into power…
US arms Hussein…
Hussein goes to war with Iran in 1980: 875,000+ dead…………
Hussein slaughters Iraqi Kurd’s / other Iraqi’s: 182,000 – 400,000……
US gives Iraq green light to invade Kuwait:…
US attacks iraq: 80,000…
Iraqi’s dead from US sanctions: 500,000 children dead…
Iraqi’s dead from US-Iraq War / occupation: over 600,000…

Nicaragua: 50,000
El Salvador: 50,000-75,000
Guatemala: 200,000……………
Argentina’s Dirty War: 30,000…
Operation CONDOR (Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay & Uruaguay): 80,000+ Dead/Disappeared…

US trained assaulting forces in the 2nd Congo War: 3,800,000…

CIA baited USSR in Afghanistan: 1,500,000+…

More numbers:…

There are several cases I didn’t even get to also. Doesn’t count indiscriminate killings related to what I call the ‘Empire Wars” in any of the World Wars, Korea and so on.

End American Imperialism to end the killings.



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John Kerry: “Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire”


Predicated fall of Assad on hold now US false flag gas attack exposed

    By  Jeffrey K. Silverman

"Coming to a theater near you?"

“Coming to a theater near you?”

Well, you must remember John Kerry, “Liar Liar Pants on Fire” and the US State Department giving the Syrians a week to turn in their chemical weapons.

You remember how Lavrov seized on that, and got the Syrians to agree to do it – only now the Americans say it was just a “rhetorical suggestion”, whatever that’s supposed to mean –in the same way they’re trying to spin this “red line” as an internationally drawn red line, not something which just popped out of Obama’s mouth.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov confirmed in mid October that “some countries have used Afghan territory for the training of Syrian rebels and trained them in handling toxic agents.

As is known, not so long ago reports appeared suggesting that third countries have illegally used Afghan territory not controlled by Kabul to train militants to fight against the Syrian regime and in handling chemical warfare agents,” he said.

Now what? 

The US has been forced to take a “hard look” at the proposal for disarmament and to take seriously Syria’s agreement to the terms of the Chemical Weapons Convention.

Its leaders have also been forced to go into a group huddle and see how they can spin their way out of check, and avoid being hauled before the International Criminal Court, after having been caught pulling off a false flag operation which has backfired.

I’m confident that the Russians already have their next and subsequent moves planned. The only way out is for the US and its partners in crime to find another international emergency to divert attention from the muck that they have made of things. However, those are hard to find on short order, even for professional muckmakers.

The girl who plays offense all the time

The girl who plays offense all the time

Susan Rice is still making noises about regime change. As you’ll remember, all the fuss before was about chemical weapons and not regime change – the exact opposite is now the line coming out of the USG.

The US still wants this war one way or another –or at least, the Saudis and the Israelis do.This is now a showdown between Bashar al-Assad and King Addullah, as other players may be sidelined now, including the military might of the US.

Much planning and resources went into concocting the August 21 false flag attack in Syria, as whether you want to believe the chain of emails sent by DOD contractors or not it does appear that the White House had a major hand in planning the Syrian gas attacks as a convenient ploy to direct attention away from real issues, and put the US on a war footing again now that the war on terrorism is losing wind from its sails and a new enemy is needed.

Most experts, especially those who are not on the US government’s “gravy train”, will confirm that the Syria gas attack was not all it was cooked up to be, even aside from the timing and what would have been the utter stupidly of the regime to want to pull something like that off with chemical weapons inspectors arriving at the crime scene to investigate earlier gas attacks.

The US is well known for supporting terrorist and humanitarian intervention in real time. It has supported “freedom fighters” in Georgia, Afghanistan and various countries in Africa, then labelled them terrorists and started to clear up past mistakes.

It comes as no surprise that it continues adopting a double standard in Syria for its short term gain, drawing attention from problems with the economy on the home front, and this conflict creates a nice link between policy drivers and so-called journalists.

This is especially so for those working for mainstream outfits like CNN, who are equal stakeholders in illegal wars and interventions conducted under the flimsy disguise of the right to protect by being part of the ploy to manufacture consent.

" Whose Defense Department is it...really? "

” Whose Defense Department is it…really? “

CNN Effect

War and offensive actions have all become one big PR campaign for military planners, and Syria is no exception. The Department of Defense has turned its huge public affairs program into an offensive propaganda campaign, being run by the same contractors who spy on the world through the intelligence agencies, according to a DC Bureau-National Security News Service (NSNS) investigation.

A growing portion of the Pentagon budget now goes to contractors who are merging their intelligence and eaves dropping activities into propaganda and media work. A former undersecretary of defense during the Reagan years has called this change “absolutely chilling.”

He says, “Fundamentally what it means is the contractors now have full control of the military. It is the contractors and not the officer corps that has control of the institution that is our military. The ability for these companies to control all the information and cycle the senior officer corps from the Pentagon to their boardrooms makes the system foolproof and completely corrupt.”

As I explained in an interview about the Syrian gas attack on Iranian TV station Press TV back in September , “The way the attack was carried out shows that there are some defense contractors who have been involved with planning this attack for a long time.”

" Want some gas? We deliver! "

” Want some gas? We deliver! “

“For instance, one of the intercepted emails reads, “I will not be in Pentagon this Friday – but will be over there next week.  Will let you know times and we can hook for lunch. 

The attached brief is from a good colleague of mine that is from the Bragg bunch.  Yes, he is now a contractor – however – if I did not believe in something then I would pass. 

This looks like it has promise.  Can you assist in championing this with Army G2 folks and the JSOC crowd?  Looking for nothing more than getting Dave Hendry – retired SOF/Contractor – in front of right folks to make a case.  Appreciate your help.  Maybe Tommy can assist too?  Dave worked directly for Ron Russell on multiple occasions – that should resonate with Tommy and some others.”

USS Grapple

USS Grapple

Based on our many sources, including Russian and Georgian Military Intelligence leaks, there may be more than a semblance of truth in the allegation that Sarin gas was fast tracked from the regions of Turkey and Georgia into Syria.

However, in the case of the Russians, no action was taken, not even a publicly announcement of the allegations….they did nothing…said little…as though they thought they were protecting intelligence assets, which leads us to believe they have been giving certain people rope, enough to hang themselves… which is now the case.

Just as in the US, the Russian foreign intelligence services are very active in the sphere of Human Intelligence (HUMINT) and can speak the same language as those they are spying on.  They know a good thing when it is about to happen and can anticipate the blowback.

They have tracked the deliveries of materials to Georgia on the USS Grapple and know how US intelligence is made, and how some of the those on the frontline, policy wise, the likes of Jared Cohen and others, are being groomed for the endgame, collaborating with Google Idea Groups, etc.

It is groups like these, cells in waiting, which are running the Arab fighters into Syria via Georgia and Azerbaijan through their resources/assets in Turkey, such as transportation and safe houses.

They have been moving teams in and out of Syria for a longtime. Several years ago a CIA-like group, as described above, moved into Georgia.  I credit them creating with the 2008 Georgian-Russian war, which used Israeli assets, weapons and material support.

Intelligence Operations

Defense Intelligence Agency

Defense Intelligence Agency

Some of the stakeholders more directly involved in the mechanics of the Syrian gas attack had earlier been engaged in planning and conducting combined intelligence operations with US, Afghan, and Coalition intelligence services as well as national and international intelligence agencies.

There is little doubt that the Defense Intelligence Agency’s Defense Intelligence Operations Coordination Centre (DIOCC) was also aware of the plans for the Syrian gas attack a long-time before it took place.

Moreover, based on raw human intelligence, the White House and others are fully aware of what contacts have been left to do what and who was given responsibility for starting a war, as intercepted documents show how our loyal Americans actually work.

For instance, Anthony James MacDonald directed and managed the synchronization of effort between the DIOCC Office of Operations, Collection Management, Plans and Strategy and Assessments in coordination with Combatant Commands, the Joint Staff, Combat Support Agencies (DIA, NGA, NSA), and the National Intelligence Coordination Centre.

The goal was to develop and execute policy and processes to integrate and synchronize intelligence community support to answer priority defense and national intelligence requirements, as directed by the Secretary of Defense and Director of National Intelligence, or so his own resume says.

Jared Cohen has a classic 'grooming' profile

Jared Cohen has a classic ‘grooming’ profile

In addition, Anthony James MacDonald and others, such as Jared Cohen, et al., are alleged by intelligence sources to be “the persons most involved in orchestrating the Syrian gas attack” were also responsible for shady  operations in Iraq, especially interrogations (torture) such as that which took place at Abu Graib.

Call it “bifurcation” or “privatization,” but the current intelligence environment in this part of the world, which includes the involvement of NGOs and Google Idea Groups, is that these groups are doing the work the CIA did before it was outsourced.

Some of this motley crew also oversaw and even participated in daily interrogation and analysis operations at Forward Operating Bases Camp Cropper and Camp Bucca in Iraq.

They worked closely on ensuring the readiness of more than 1.6 billion dollars of intelligence and mission support equipment, including taking responsibility for managing a 1.8 million dollar operating budget and a 150 thousand dollar advertising budget in Iraq.

They know how media and military operations buttress one another, and not always seamlessly.

It all gets interesting, and not only based on some intercepted emails, which even show those involved congratulating each other on their success in a recent operation then linking to a Washington Post article which implicates the regime in Syria as having been responsible, which obviously is not the case based on the information we now have.

Who is  Anthony James MacDonald?

Col. Anthony J. MacDonald, Ret.

Col. Anthony J. MacDonald, Ret.

MacDonald’s resume includes experience as Chief of Staff for the Defense Intelligence Operations Coordination Center and extensive experience in the theater of war, including intelligence.

MacDonald officially retired in July of this year, but this may have just been the cover for his latest assignment.

These emails show insider knowledge of the chemical attacks in Syria. The MacDonald/Furst emails show Furst congratulating MacDonald on 8/22 of his “success” in a recent operation, then linking to the Washington Post article on the Syrian chemical attack.

Some of the most incriminating emails are copied here:

—–Original Message—–

From: AJMacDonald [mailto: ajmacd*******] Sent: Thursday, August 22, 2013 2:31 PM To: Furst, Eugene P CIV (US) Subject: Re: Follow-up, 20130820

As you see I’m far from this now, but I know our guys did their best.

I enjoyed catching-up with you. Hope to see you soon again.

Sincerely, Jamie

On Aug 22, 2013, at 2:14 PM, “Furst, Eugene P CIV (US)” eugene********> wrote:

You’re exactly right. We have to work with both theaters on the requirement and the organization that owns the contract to ensure we don’t have too few or too many contractors.

By the way, saw your latest success, referring to the Washington Post Article, my congratulations. Good job.”

Who is responsible?

"Neo-Gas Chambers"

“Neo-Gas Chambers”

It is very likely that the US defense contractors were “directly or indirectly responsible” for this gas attack.

Washington has accused the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad of launching the August 21 chemical attack in the suburbs of Damascus, which killed hundreds of people.

The Syrian government has strongly rejected this allegation, and all signs and intelligence support this contention.

President Barack Obama has previously described the use of chemical weapons as a “red line,” which if crossed would mean that the United States should attack Syria. But what should happen when it is the United States and its DoD contractors and for “4-hire terrorists” who have crossed the red line?

Much is involved here, including how the media and policy interact, and more needs to be investigated about how the DoD, defense contractors and others are joined beyond manufacturing consent, otherwise known as the CNN effect; they are covertly engaged in criminal conspiracies that constitute crimes against humanity and acts of war/terrorism, as part of misguided US policy.

Who did what, when and why is fast becoming a moot issue, and domestic issues are far, far more pressing.

Not that many Americans were interested in getting further involved in the country in the first place, and whatever false flag operation took place only contributed to a screwed-up push by Obama to bomb the country which ended in the situation being exploited by Russia. So after all those shenanigans, embarrassments, etc, who cares?

Military, Congress and CIA

Who would have ever thought that this plant could destroy democracies?

Who would have ever thought that this plant could destroy democracies?

To this, you have to add into the mix US involvement in the drug business, the many stakeholders involved, military, congress, CIA, etc, and the manipulation of oil futures and pipeline revenues.

Now that international experts are there overseeing the destruction of Syria’s chemical program, other human rights issues (crimes carried out by either side) are being downgraded to a lesser order of interest, making it especially difficult to for the array of Western-supported and sanctioned opposition forces to rally international support.

The false flag attack was their only hope of provoking an international response to tip the balance, based on Obama’s red line rhetoric.

The destruction of chemical stocks helps the Syrian regime put to rest the international community’s worst fears and distracts them from any human rights violations. All those are secondary in comparison to what has transpired.

One thing is clear:  a concerted attempt was made by Saudi and US intelligence, the DOD and a mixed bag of terrorist groups to use the gas attack for maximum benefit.

Cost overruns and corruption


Last but not least, we should not forget the role Georgia has played in all of this, a role only discovered because of the commotion over cost overruns and corruption at an apparent bio lab constructed there by the US DoD.

That whole area seems rather strategic, what with the runway and helicopter base, and the Lilo market, Chinese slave labor, and all that Silk Road business. Under what circumstances would Russians choose to take control of the area?

In short, the lab is a biohazard, a public health risk:

There are technical problems with bio-agent storage facility in Georgia. As one source wrote me after the firing of the Turkish safety manager and the delays which occurred in the big US DOD project,

“I guess that explains why Bechtel’s safety manager suddenly found herself out of a job. I know a Turkish guy who was doing that sort of work for them – really nice guy, a sole trader who knows his stuff. My best guess is that there was a screw up on Bechtel’s part by poorly specifying materials. They must have protocols in place to ensure quality, and these were obviously compromised somehow.”

This is but the tip of the iceberg, as what we have does appears to have been bio-weapons facility financed by the US DoD with offensive capacity and with links to other parts of the region, as most recently reported by the Russian media.

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Quiz: Are You Under the Influence of Mind Programming?


There are 10 sections with 5 yes or no questions for a total of 50 answers.  I’ve arranged the sections from easy to hard. There are no trick questions, no one but yourself will know the score so be honest, don’t game the quiz because it is for you to discover how much of your beliefs are part of mind control.

Political – The WTC attack

1.  Do you believe Muslims attacked America on 911?

2.  Do you believe that aircraft impacts and subsequent fires within the WTC buildings were responsible for their collapse?

3.  Do you believe that the United States government objectively investigated 911 and that their findings are true?

4.  Do you believe that the 6,000 Israelis that didn’t show to work on 911 was luck?

5.  Do you believe that the War on Terror is justified based on what happened on 9112001?

Political – Federal Reserve

1.  Do you believe the Federal Reserve is part of the Federal Government?

2.  Do you believe the Federal Reserve helped stop the Great Depression from being worse?

3.  Do you believe the Federal Reserve can prevent inflation?

4.  Do you believe that the primary purpose of the Federal Reserves to stop the business cycle has been achieved in its 100 year history?

5.  Do you believe that Federal Reserve has reserves and it Notes are money that have a store of value?

Political – American Exceptionalism

1.  Do you believe America is a special nation that is favored by God?

2.  Do you believe that Americans are more enlightened than other peoples?

3.  Do you believe that when America bombs another nation they must deserve it because America is always right?

4.  Do you believe our flag is better than other national flags?

5.  Do you believe that America defends freedom around the world?

Political – False Flags

1.  North Vietnam attacked the US Navy in the Gulf of Tonkin and that justified entry into the Vietnam war.

2.  Saddam had weapons of mass destruction and that justified the Iraq war.

3.  Adam Lanza used multiple weapons and killed 20 children at Sandy Hook elementary school.

4.  Boston Bombing was a real terrorist attack by men wearing backpacks.

5.  The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor took the United States by surprise.

Religion – Judaism

1.  Do you think  Jews should be distinguished from gentiles and that god chose some over others?

2.  Do you secretly wish you were a chosen one?

3.  Do you believe Jews are unfairly persecuted by other nations because they are Jewish?

4.  Do you believe that Jews have a legal right to return to the Holy Land?

5.  Do you believe that Zionism is completely separate from Judaism?

Political – Palestine/Israel

1.  Do you believe that Palestine is a ‘holy land’ or that Israel is a special nation protected by God?

2.  Do you believe that the Israel was the genetic birthplace of most Jewish people?

3.  Do you believe the Torah or Old Testament is an accurate historical account of the Jewish people?

4.  Do you think that Israel is a special nation and doesn’t have to follow international law?

5.  Do you believe that Israel’s treatment of Palestinians is justified because of the Holocaust?

Political – World War 2

1.  Do you believe that in order to secure freedom at home that America must fight wars overseas?

2.  Do you believe that Hitler was the most evil villain of all time and luckily we defeated him?

3.  Do you believe that National Socialism is an aberrant political philosophy?

4.  Do you believe Hitler exterminated six million Jews?

5.  Do you believe that Germany must pay reparations to Israel because what Hitler did to the Jews?

Scientific – Global Warming. 

1.  Do you believe the earth is warming (or has paused in warming) due to man’s activities?

2.  Do you believe that an increase in CO2 will create runaway warming and disastrous consequences?

3.  Do you believe that CO2 is of sufficient quantities to warm the atmosphere or that CO2 is the primary global warming gas?

4.  Do you believe carbon credits are good way to stop global warming?

5.  Do you believe that an Ice Age can be triggered or averted by global warming?

Religious -Christianity

1.  Do you believe in any of the following:  god, angels, virgin birth, heaven, hell, devil, afterlife, salvation, judgment?

2.  Do you believe the Bible is the word of God?

3.  Do you believe you have a soul that must be saved?

4.  Are you living this life for the next?

5.  Do you believe Jesus can save you from your sins?

Political – Authority

1.  Do you believe the police have authority over you?

2.  Do you believe you should be punished if you resist arrest?

3.  Do you believe someone has the right to summon you to their court?

4.  Do you believe that a judge has the right to judge, sanction, limit, or fine you?

5.  Do you believe that the state has the right to collect information on every citizen?

Correct Answers

All the correct answers are to the negative, No.  Your score is the number of No’s times 2.  You aced the test if you answered all negatively and are a dangerous anarchist and freethinker according to the Jewish run Department of Justice.  All of the questions are queries of belief systems, since no belief system is provable by definition then it must be deemed false.

Wherever you answered Yes are areas you need to work on your personal growth and elimination of religious/political/authoritative memes.  If you answered Yes for most questions then you are seriously delusional and should seek a job as a pastor of a megachurch or get a job with Fox News or as a featured writer at World Net Daily.

If your score is 10 or less you are so deluded you are probably a Baptist and should check into the nearest DHS Fusion center for additional programming instructions.

If you answered yes to all questions then congratulations, you are the perfect imbecile and should apply for a job at your local Zionist controlled police department.



Discussion of the Current Ruling Myths Promoted by Religious Institutions, Media, Government,  and Bribed Scientist Hacks

The WTC attack (9112001)   The WTC attack on 911 was a carefully engineered psyop giving the United States moral authority to bomb the Middle East and wax hegemony in the interest of Israel, who is the only beneficiary of the crime.  Israel is the prime suspect because they are the only party that could of done the job and covered it up in NYC which is Jewish controlled.  No Muslims were involved in 911 because there is no evidence of any Muslim being involved, only a media assertion.  Most people doubt the official story, fewer understand that Israel and Zionists moles within the American political establishment did 911.   The official story doesn’t even mention WTC7, which was not struck by an aircraft, and came down by a controlled demolition.


Federal Reserve  The Fed is a private bank without reserves, it is an inflation engine as it allows for the unlimited expansion of credit, as credit balloons so does the price level until the bust and deflation.  The Federal Reserve was the credit engine that created the 1920′s stock market bubble that burst sending America and the world into the Great Depression. The Fed inflates by its act of purchasing Treasury Securities, this creates price inflation, the money flows into one or more asset classes (commodities/stocks/real estate/junk bonds) creating an asset bubble that becomes unstable and deflates causing widespread bankruptcies and bank failures.  The Fed destroys banks on a regular basis.  The Fed impoverishes Americans because their inflation schemes jack the underlying asset price like real estate until it is unaffordable and robs the home buyer with interest payments.

The Fed’s purchase of 2 trillion in US Treasury securities can not count as reserves since they are the buyer of last resort, who could they sell them to?  The Fed does not stop the business cycle, it amplifies it.  The Fed does not stop inflation as its actions are causal.  The Fed can not put off deflation forever because eventually the debts will liquidate at the end of the long cycle when the economy contracts.  The Fed allows the government to run endless deficit spending until the bond holders revolt or hyperinflation destroys the value of money.  Either way the Fed is a great destroyer of the American economy.

American Exceptionalism  Manifest destiny is a major myth in America, fleeing religious persecution, religious types believed they were led by god to the promised land of America and then proceeded to genocide the inhabitants.  If you tally the score of what America has done to the world then America is exceptional violent.

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False Flags  President Johnson’s claim that North Vietnam attacked US Naval vessels in the Gulf of Tonkin was a complete fabrication.  The Japanese surprise attack wasn’t.  


Judaism  Judaism is a collection of written superstitions of the Jewish people, highly racist and aggressive in nature. Modern archeology and scholarly research has destroyed the myth of a Jewish race, the myth of Jewish kingdoms, the myth that Jews were ever a people in Palestine.  Claiming land based on a fraudulent tribal document is not a legal claim and no state, except Israel, recognizes the Bible as title.


Palestine/Israel  The Zionist Jews took Palestine by using repeated acts of terrorism then blame the Palestinian defense forces as terrorists.  The result is a modern genocide that mocks international law. The United Nations has passed 128 resolutions against the illegal occupation of Israel of Palestinian lands.  Israel is a National Socialistic (NAZI) state by definition, Israel is highly nationalistic and socialistic, and it is extremely militant.  Israel is the most NAZI like state on the planet, bar none.  Israel’s claim to being the only democracy in the Middle East is a laugh, it is a Jew only state, and because the Jews are tribal and racist the war making Likud party rules.  Israel is tribal mob rule, it has a flag representing Jews only.  The meme of Holy Land is particularly absurd when you see how apartheid Israel has walled off sections and keeps the original natives as prisoners in abject poverty.  Israel is the most unholy place on the planet, it is the center of world evil.  Those that support Israel are seriously delusional.


World War 2  Considered a good war, the United States assisted International Jews in taking down Germany which opposed to the international Jewish bankers and their money system.  The Jewish media demonizes national socialism even as Israel practices it, the Third Reich had no extermination program and there is no evidence that the work camps were used for systematic genocide.  Germans cooking Jews in ovens is a false flag, it was the Jewish controlled west that Holocausted the Germans.  The six million number is a magic number used by the Jews many times before WW2.  Every war crime accusation leveled at Germany was practiced by the allies, they pinned their crimes on the Germans justifying their criminal actions.

Global Warming  Those seeking funding for world government came up with an idea to regulate and tax everyone based on a life gas, they chose carbon dioxide because it is everywhere and the biproduct of combustion, making for a nice broad tax base.  They sold this idea very successfully claiming that CO2 could warm the atmosphere by the greenhouse effect.  That sounds logical but it is wrong, they commonly site Mars as a reference point, but Mars’ atmosphere is almost all CO2, so the comparison is a fail.  Any planet with an atmosphere will have a warming effect unlike a moon or smaller body with no atmosphere.

The problem is that CO2 is a trace atmospheric gas and human contribution is of no consequence, CO2 can not warm the atmosphere even if the concentrations triple or go up 10x like they were during the peak of Ice Age ice coverage.  The correlation of CO2 to earth temperature are ass backwards, CO2 follows the trend, it does not cause the trend, the lag has been measured in hundreds of years.

Man made CO2 is 0.117% of the global warming gases.

The primary global warming gas is water vapor being 96%, CO2 is 3.618% and man made CO2 is 3% of that which makes it negligible (0.117%), and remember the so-called warming gases are only 1-2% of the atmosphere.  (BTW the earth would still be warm without any global warming gases so even that claim is patently bullshit.  The earth has a a heavy atmosphere in the Goldilocks zone, it would be warm regardless of any CO2!  Think people think!   They are selling you a wagon load of horse shit claiming it’s magical unicorn droppings )

CO2 levels can steadily climb while temperatures plummet from a reduced solar cycle, like they are doing now, totally confusing the CO2 witch doctors.   The Global Warming cargo cult is awaiting the return of warming as if a warming data trend is the savior god to their bullshit theory and flawed mathematical models.

Christianity  A savior myth invented by the Roman ruling class to quell uprisings of Messianic Judaism.  Jesus is a provable literary invention.  There is no proof of any of the main tenants of this religion: god, afterlife, judgement, hell, devil, or sin and thus there is no proof you need to be saved.  There is no proof that even if you need savin’ that Jesus did some magic trick that could save you.  There is no proof of an afterlife, or if there is one that you are judged by a god on the way there.  Christianity is an epic farce and comical once you get past the spell, how can any rational person believe any of the main tenants of Christianity during a scientific age?

Authority.  The primary myth that allows governments to exist.  No one has any authority over another.  It can not be established that any human has authority over another without using a holy book as reference.  All authority is therefore a form of religious control and oppression.  All authority is a ruse enforced with guns.  God establishes authority is a memetic phrase being used to establish authority in your mind with the god meme.  In order to get you to agree to something patently false the controllers first had to establish a false concept in your mind and get you to view it as the absolute truth.  God is a lever being used by those that rule to get you to relinquish your personal sovereignty.  It will literally blow your mind if you can wrap your mind around how the duped you with the authority meme.

How ingrained is the authority meme in your mind?  If someone holds you at gunpoint and demands $100 bill then you will surely feel you are being robbed by an armed criminal.  Yet every year you voluntarily write a check to the IRS for a sum far greater than that and feel it is your duty to pay.  The IRS and the court system is run by armed criminals but you don’t view them that way because they have authority.  Most people are completely under the influence of the authority myth.

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Holographic Mind Programming



by Yukon Jack

The Twentieth Century saw the rise of the superstate and they employment of mass mind control like never seen before. What is going on, why is the state so concerned about controlling the mass mind, is it really only money and power or is there something more devious? Having everything is not enough, the ultimate aphrodisiac is to rule as a god. The ruling class seeks to recreate the mind control effects of religious programming substituting a new program, one that makes them gods, the masters of infinity are attempting to be the masters of your mind. Already they are applying advanced mind control programs in the mass media like the War of Terror based on the 911 false flag and Global Warming cargo cult that awaits the return of warming.

How About a Deity for President?

For the last couple of decades the media has been portraying Presidents as saintly figures, in numerous photo ops the President is show with a halo, photographers carefully choreograph to portray the President as a high spiritual being. Numerous commentators have noted that in a dictatorship when you can’t convince the citizens with logic or reason hit them with a deity. You will obey because you believe.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, it feels good to be king, if they would only believe in me then I could lead them to the promised land of collectivism.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, it feels good to be king, if they would only believe in me then I could lead them to the promised land of collectivism.

Obama is the first leader to appear out of nowhere (like a god) and then become a god amongst men. He believes but do you? Obama appeared as a savior during the induced trauma and emotional crisis of the Bush-Cheney years, like Jesus, he comforted the masses with his change rhetoric. The population was traumatized by the illegal and immoral wars and were ready for a change, the change candidate was dangled like a marionette in front of the masses, hypnotizing many, who fell in a deep trance, many have yet to awaken.

Obama did change things, for the worse, we were fooled again. The man has little talent except being somewhat convincing reading from a teleprompter. Jesus is being weaponized, the ruling class is now presenting us with highly groomed cutouts who will do their bidding. The problem is their proteges are not very convincing, they went live with their presidential robot project and we didn’t get hooked. Even though many sheeple are greatly dumbed down, they aren’t buying the Presidential savior meme. The controllers are missing something in their formulations, maybe they need more cowbell, they need to induce more trauma. I am afraid that they will be forced to do nuclear false flags in order to push the collective consciousness to the point that they will become true believers in the savior meme.

It is openly recognized that the population is being abused and traumatized by ruthless politicians and their handlers. The latest batch of staged deceptions is approaching pure evil, it makes the commentators wonder if we are ruled by Satanists. The false flags are designed to drive the herd into the next pen, slowly squeeze the panicked population until they totally submit. For those aware of the Hegelian dialectic it is amazing they can pull off such blatantly obvious stunts, we underestimate their desperation and the gullibility of the masses. Each President is a phase of their operation, each President is played off the previous, each installed President will be presented as a savior from the previous until they decide to abandon the ruse of voting and openly lord over us.

Obama’s Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) makes him a prime candidate for worship, if they can only get him to believe that he is a god and for you to believe in him. Worship is a two way street, an energy flow back and forth. Both sides of the equation must be believin’ for cult worship to be fully convincing for a human being. Once the POTUS is convinced of his godliness, he can he radiate that vibration which will resonate with the worshipper’s beliefs creating an energetic union like a two magnets drawn to each other. In the cult of personality, the believer is emotionally attached to every word of their guru/leader/savior/lord/ruler.

cartoon joe sixpack text

The goal of the collectivist state is to have the leadership reign in god status, once the population is wholly convinced the leader is god then they can be made to agree to any utopia the apparatus engineers. The state gets its power and authority from you, you have to give it to them, and you do so by believing in them and participating in their programs. Collectivism is the forced compliance to the state, since individuals resist such insanity, collectivist regimes are quite bloody as people are compelled to act as a group against their individualistic desires.

Normal people compete with one another, for jobs and women and sexy automobiles, they are not compelled to join in a collective and share everything, the behavior of ownership starts at a young age with toys. Do you want to live in a society where every vehicle is exactly the same and one dull color? How are you going to attract a hot chick unless you drive a bright red sports car? In the real world people naturally want choice because they are choosing based on whims and desires, they are not going to put up with collectivistic fantasies of the demented ruling class that wants an efficient goyim ranch on a state run farm.

Obedient Slaves is Not Good Enough

The state is not satisfied with obedient slaves, they want you fully immersed in belief, they already own your body, now they want your mind and then they can take your spirit. You have owners and the owner wants you to obey his commands, but he also wants you to wag your tail. The masters of this realm want god status. The problem with these mind control attempts is the population, even the dumbed down sheeple, are far to sophisticated to fall for it. Most Christians can not be persuaded to believe in Obama as Christ because in their memeset they are warned of false Christs who come in his name.

Virulent memeplexes have strong defense mechanisms built in. The sheep are dumb enough to believe in a fabricated savior but wary of Obama’s handler’s manufactured god king. Why is this? The illumined ones forgot that Jesus program is a large upload, the brain is fully immersed in wall to wall Jesus memes installed in decades of indoctrination, the brain has Jesus data stored holographically, in ever nook and cranny of the brain. Obama is not convincing because even saturated media coverage can’t match religious indoctrination. If you wanted Obama to be the next savior then he would have to programmed in at childhood then activated by prophecy fulfillment during the voting years. It is always best to brainwash with a fresh brain, one that is not patterned yet, the president must fulfill prophecy when he magically appears with no previous history.

It appears that the Bible was the first successful holographic mind program. The Bible is a template of modern mind control programs, this is why the CIA’s Jim Jones cult was Bible based. Early attempts at mind control are programs that piggyback on the Bible, for instance the Bible is constantly being reinterpreted. The Scofield Bible is a successful attempt at re-engineering the myth toward political purpose, it lead to the rise of Zionist Christianity, a large segment of Christianity was herded into the Jewish camp. Psyop spooks are desperately looking to the Bible for a winning formula, how can they match the success of the Bible?

The Bible was a success because the god concept was programmed into the human mind by studying a book. God became a real living being in your mind with the invention of the Bible. The Bible is a large and comprehensive document explaining the origin of man and establishing rules for human behavior. Jewish deviants are not satisfied with Biblical rule of the population, they want to be god, and they can be your god if they can convince you with holographic mind programming techniques. So far their god making attempts have failed but some of their political programs have been wildly successful. They are learning how to control us with memes, its not working to well for them, they probably want to just beam us with microwaves until we submit.

The Problem With Belief, the Logos of God

If you travel to Greece and look upon a god carved from marble, do you believe that god as real? Probably not. You have an advanced understanding of your environment, you have scientific explanations to explain your origins, you understand that thunder and lightning are natural effects of thunderstorms and not the rumblings of an angry male god. Most people no longer worship carved deities. How did we transition from the ancient man-god-statues of ancient world to the present abstract concept of god? God evolved from the visible to invisible, god became the word, a concept, an idea , a principle of reason, divine wisdom, a logos.

Wikipedia explains logos, the meme ‘logos’ originates in the Greek culture and evolves, like any meme, over time:

“became a technical term in philosophy, beginning with Heraclitus (ca. 535–475 BC)” then centuries later“Under Hellenistic JudaismPhilo (ca. 20 BC–AD 50) adopted the term into Jewish philosophy”, later still with the Gospel (god spell) writers “The last four words of John 1:1 (Greek: θεὸς ἦν ὁ λόγος, literally “God was the Logos,” or “God was the Word” ”

‘The word of god’ is really ‘the word was a god’, thus the bible words are a god according to the correct translation of Greek. Wow! That changes everything doesn’t it? This is very important distinction in identifying the real god of the Bible, the original writers make it clear that the word was god, the reason they did so was back then the other gods were statues or deified political figures. The new god was a textual creation, they were consciously inventing invisible deity based on words. This was a radical departure from traditional gods who were visible and had form, the new god was not a man-god, not a statue in a public place or temple, the new god was text in a book. God was evolving to a more abstract figure, as human consciousness evolved god became more of an abstract concept. God had become an invisible deity that lived in your mind by reading a book, god was afacsimile of a carved deity, a simulation in your mind.

God as a meme.

God as a meme.

Most western peoples no longer believe in a stone effigies as representations of god, but they do believe in god, the god in their mind installed by indoctrination. It is a more nebulous entity but very credible to many people, they can not see god but believe. John 20:29 praises those that believe, but have not seen: “blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed”. This was an important meme in the creation of the new god, you needed to believe in it without actually seeing it. Romans scoffed at the Jewish invisible god. Back in those days your god was carved in rock and worshipped in temple, the Jews had no effigy in their temple. Who were these people who worshipped a god who was not there?

There is a big, big problem with an invisible god that requires belief, once you start believing in unprovable ideas then you have opened Pandora’s box of mind control. Religious belief opens the door to political belief systems (like Communism) and gives entrance to those who wish to manipulate your mind. The unprovable deity that lives in your head is the key to unlocking the secrets to mind manipulation and explains why modern mind engineers are busy studying how the Bible can be used for manipulation.

Recent false flags were 100% wag the dog, no children were murdered by alleged gunman Adam Lanza who, according to county records, died the day before Sandy Hook school massacre. No actual evidence has been presented of a shooting, no blood, no bodies, no empty casings, no bullet holes, not one iota of real evidence yet everyone believes. Most of the population now believes a completely fictitious narrative of Sandy Hook shooting, one of the greatest hoaxes of our time.

The Story of the First Primate

Many scientists are investigating the holographic nature of the human brain. Writers ask, are we waking up in the machine? Are our minds big enough to comprehend the hologram when we are in the hologram and part of it?  Do you think we humans are really that much smarter than chimps?  Are you are chimp in a mind controlled cage being fed bananas (EBT)?

chimp-thinking-thoughts death

Today’s sermon from The Primate Book of Holy Wisdom:

Chapter 7: The Book of Chimpses
1 “And the first enlightened monkey Chimpses donned a robe and sash and went up onto the mount to seek god, he prayed ‘Who am I, what will become of me, what happens when I die?’ 2 As Chimpses devoutly meditated and prayed, seeking audience with the Lord Almighty, a dark ominous cloud gathered above his head, the air became still, then Almighty God spoke with a thunderous crack, his words shook the ground, the Heavens lit up with bolts of fire! 3 His awesome power and might terrified Chimpses, causing him to collapse on his knees seeking forgiveness. 4 “Forgive me O’ lord” Chimpses begged, “For being so bold as to approach the almighty heavenly being”.

5-”Who dares approach me the all powerful, all knowing and wonderful supreme being that I am?” God roared! 6 It is me, Chimpses, your loyal servant, not daring to look up upon God’s angry face. 7 “Why have you called unto me oh insignificant one?”. 8 “Oh Lord, what happens when I die?” Chimpses asked tears swelling in his eyes, 9 “NOTHING! uh, uh … I mean you live forever with me!” 10 With that God smacked a nearby bush with a bolt of lightning causing Chimpses to be knocked over and burned. 11 The cloud dissipated and the sky cleared, in the twilight Chimpses made his way down from the mount.

12 Chimpses survived God’s wrath and approached the huddled group of followers with blackened face and burned fur, all the monkeys were amazed for they had watched the spectacle of God’s greatness. 13 “Who is Chimpses, the one who can speak with God and live to tell of it?” they all wondered. 13 They were in awe of the monkey that spoketh with god and survived. 14 Chimpses then proclaimed: “The lord hath spoken to me and I bring good news, we shall all survive after death if we believeth in the Lord God, just as the sun arises every morning we shall arise after death, just as I was was spared by his mercy so shall you be. Also, he wants us to eat bananas until are bellies are full and be fruitful and multiply”.

15 And the monkeys believed and were happy, without fear of death they joyfully procreated and they spread out and populated the entire earth. 16 All was well until thousands of years later another smart monkey came along and invented a telescope and looked into the heavens and did not find the god of Chimpses, for that was when the trouble started, for now many stopped believing in the existence of the great thunder god. 17 Doubt cast a dark shadow across the land, the monkeys were unhappy, many no longer believed in the all powerful sky god, the land stricken with divisiveness.

This is the word of the Lord, the all powerful but merciful one, now let us sing Praise Be His Name, please turn to your hymnals, page 42.

Epithet: As it turned out the god of the heavens, the one who spoke loudly and cast bolts of lightnings unto infidels and non believers, was only a thunderstorm and Chimpses had imagined a conversation with God. Doubters say he faked the encounter, others say Chimpses was not even a real chimp, he was a literary fiction of the Oragutang dynasty.

Mind Control for the Gullible

Do you really, really believe in God or your country or flag? What belief system is emotionally entrenched in your being, one that you defend emotionally at all costs? Did you know that most of your cherished beliefs are not your own? Someone sold your mind an idea, and along your way you became a being programmed with other peoples ideas. How many thoughts have you imagined and created on your own? Are you the one doing the thinking when watching television?

In order to be believable god is now a concept in your mind, god is a simulacrum, a derivative of the original, god is no longer a real physical being that walks amongst men, god is an invisible entity that some believe you can communicate with in your mind. This phenomenon is of great concern to me, I am trying to pin down who or what is talking to the believer, is it their higher self, their soul, an alien mind, a machine mind, a memetic viral infection? Can those with new technology play god and talk to people by beaming messages into their skull? How suggestible are internal thoughts? Wikipedia on Suggestibility:

“A person experiencing intense emotions tends to be more receptive to ideas and therefore more suggestible.”

Many modern Christians are convinced that god talks to them, answers their prayers, is a voice in their head. The New Testament authors did a fantastic job of creating a god so powerful that it is still believable to billions of souls, and this god dominates the planet. Modern governments are very interested in this power, they to would like to create similar powerful myths and sell them through the media. Businesses sell their products through advertizing, so can the state. What kind of people are open to suggestibility? How about gullible ones? Wikipedia:

“Gullibility is a failure of social intelligence in which a person is easily tricked or manipulated into an ill-advised course of action. It is closely related to credulity, which is the tendency to believe unlikely propositions that are unsupported by evidence.[1][2]

Classes of people especially vulnerable to exploitation due to gullibility include children, the elderly, and thedevelopmentally disabled.[2]“

What group of people are easily fooled by authorities? How about those that buy the authority meme, those indoctrinated into the cult of authority, Christians and other religious peoples. Religious indoctrination makes you particulary credulous, trusting, naive, a dunce unable to grasp even a badly botched false flags like Sandy Hook.Religion is gullibility training. Some conspiracy theorists say the state opposes religion, but this is not true, religion is a great asset of the state and is given tax free status. The masters of deception are not going to stomp out mainstream religion with their New World Order until they master the art and provide a new religion.

Are You Under the Influence of a Programmed Mind Control Spell?

False flags are thought simulations, the ability to create a new mass thought pattern out of nothing. thus the state funds mind control research and does false flags on a regular basis. Faking is so prevalent now that the question is whether anything political is real. Television is a giant bullshitting device being used to control the mass mind.

Why are human beings so susceptible to mind programming and external influence? Science says the brain stores information holographically. It is simple to examine if you are under the spell, examine your personal beliefs, what things to you believe that have no physical proof? What beliefs do you cherish that also match the will of the state? Are your thoughts parallel to the propaganda being spewed from the MSM liars? Do you wish for ‘free’ money the state provides? What internal belief allows you to accept free gifts of the state? How did the state get money to give to you when they produce no wealth?  Why do you believe in the state sugar daddy?

Do you believe in unprovable religious, political or scientific ideas?

That might be an indicator that you are under mind control.

Part 2 of this essay is a 50 question quiz that I have prepared. Do you think you own your mind? Think again, my quiz will prove to you that all of us are under mind control. Even dedicated conspiracy theorists and avid readers of Veterans Today will struggle to get a passing score.


Drugs and Alcohol – Chemicals that Undo the Programmed Inhibitions of Mind Control

Why is drug and alcohol use rampant in our society? The widespread use of drugs and alcohol must be caused by something, possibly we do not want to be in our minds because we do not like this place. Now why would a living being not want to be in their ‘right’ mind. Perhaps we do not like being slaves of the bankers, perhaps we do not want to live programmed lives in fear, perhaps we don’t like our separation of our capitalistic society and like how alcohol gets us to socialize. Humans are tribal animals, most of human evolution was tribal, so what do we do about separation in a banker manipulate world? We ingest a mind altering substances, we party, we get happy in the terrible depraved world of the money junkies.

Spring-Break-girls church lady  yukon jack bottle

Who is opposed to alcohol? Those who control us with the Bible, the overly controlling and sexually inhibited church lady. What does alcohol do? Loosen morals. All of your obedience training goes right out the window with a few drinks. I’ve seen Amish girls so drunk they would slept with the football team, that is the power of the chemical C2H6O.

The prevalence of mind altering substances is an indication of how far off we are. Our world is a dysfunctional mess of mind controlled slaves trying to escape the bondage of belief systems with drugs and alcohol.  If you take your blinders off and take a walk downtown you will see large churches, banks, insurance companies and courthouses vs. nearby liquor stores and bars.  The later make the former tolerable.  We drown our misery in the bottle because of what we do, enslaving each other for the almighty dollar, our real god.  I have an idea, let’s change.  No more power mongering with the authority meme, no more banker money, no more jails and courts and gas guzzling cars and huge mansions walling ourselves off from the rest.


If god is the words of a book like John 1:1 says, when you read the book and those words take up residence in your mind, your holographic brain. When you believe in god the words of the book now possess your consciousness, the word is made flesh or real to you. The New testament writers were fully aware of what they were doing. Maybe we ought to realize that and not believe the farmer like duped farm animals inside a fence. Quit being a dope, those with authority have criminal, diabolical minds and pull the wool over your eyes with myth.  Your personal freedom is based on your ability to transcend myth, if you want to be free you must bust through the fence like a wild mustang, the fence is the mind control you are under, the matrix a system of restrictions and controls enforced by the mind control slaves.

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The Political Relevance and Global Impact of Mahatma Gandhi


Editor’s note : In the context of the horrors being experienced in the Middle East region Niloufer Bhagwat provides a glimpse into Mahatma Gandhi’s ‘nonviolent civil disobedience and non–cooperation’, as successful methods to overturn unjust political systems and to alter the status quo of injustice, that may lend a healing touch for those face to face with the horrors today. It has references to the Wahhabi and terrorist onslaught on Syria and of course now the Zionist -Wahhabi alliance which is visible to the whole world, the saga of the Palestinian struggle and the reality that Israel has lost the battle and war at the Bar of public and international opinion.

Veterans for Liberty cover photo

Veterans for Liberty cover photo

The moral political principles and strategies of Mahatma Gandhi continue to guide humanity

by Niloufer Bhagwat

(International Conference on Gandhi– Disarmament and Development  (Indore, 4-6 October, 2013)


The 21st Century finds our world confronting new challenges, no less apocalyptic than in the 20th Century, despite the industrial, scientific technological, and information revolutions , no longer confined to the traditional heartlands of Europe and North America. We are witnessing the financial and economic collapse of regions which owed the most to capitalist development, even as amazing transformations have radically changed the day to day  lives of many in the world for the better, and in many respects for the worse. Simultaneously we have seen the most barbaric wars in human history to once again restructure, re-colonize and control many regions of the world; to seize by military or non military means every nation’s resources and budget, the savings of citizens, and the entire economic space and markets of vulnerable countries, directly targeting for mass elimination or displacement the civilian population, considered rivals for the seizure, consumption and use of resources, as we have seen in Iraq, Libya and Somalia among other countries. Even as the world is threatened with run away militarization, satanic weapon systems and pre-emptive strikes with atomic weapons are accepted military doctrine of some governments; simultaneously we face imminent threats to the earth’s ecosystem in several regions, adversely impacted by the relentless and unending search for more and more profits.

Human lives as a consequence have become the collateral of the pattern of capital accumulation known today by the sanitized expression, the “Market economy”, with the killings of millions recorded as mere statistics, and national and international legal systems rendered powerless.

Gandhi  460 X 391

Mahatma Gandhi

In times such as these, even though it is more than half a century since the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi, wherever in the world individuals and social movements have struggled for answers, whether at ‘Tahrir Square’ or elsewhere, to surmount moral and political decay, to overturn entrenched exploitative systems or racial institutions, which sometimes appear to be difficult to defeat, in many political frontlines and arenas the world over, wherever citizens gather in mass to defy tyrannical systems, the moral political principles and strategies of Mahatma Gandhi continue to guide humanity, along with his critique of the human ravages of colonialism and capitalism as economic systems; his political strategy of mass political education, of ‘satyagraha’ ( the struggles for truth ), and ‘nonviolent civil disobedience and non–cooperation’, as methods to overturn unjust political systems, to alter the status quo of injustice; methods which Gandhiji adopted, successfully defeating the most tyrannical of tyrants, an entrenched Empire. In recent years Bolivia witnessed its Indigenous citizens resorting to civil disobedience, blockading the seat of government, with successive governments having to resign until the government of Evo Morales was elected. This was not a coloured revolution; the people of Bolivia changed their government through a mass movement for political and economic justice of the Indigenous people of Bolivia.

Mahatma Gandhi was far from politically passive; neither was he a narrow nationalist or a bigoted leader, attempting to convince the world of the superiority of his own political path, faith or religion. Gandhi was above all a seeker of truth, who believed in the essential oneness of mankind and humanity; yet at the same time, a practical political leader committed to learning from his own experiments in the political field, testing the many strategies for political action, as any kind of political passivity was alien to him. It was in South Africa, that Mahatma Gandhi arriving as a Barrister to assist in a legal dispute, went on to first become a cautious rebel when personally faced with racial discrimination, and then gradually assumed the leadership of the entire Indian community, when steps were initiated by the then South African racist government, to disenfranchise all Indians by the legislative assembly of Natal to prevent them from voting. This was followed by other discriminatory acts, such as the “The Asiatic Law Amendment Ordinance”, issued in the province of Transvaal, which provided for racist and discriminatory finger printing and registration cards for all Indians, making it mandatory for all Indians to carry such cards among other degrading and discriminatory provisions introduced.  Gandhiji seized the initiative, urging the Indian community that nonviolent civil disobedience should be resorted to, as unjust laws must be opposed; even as he tested the strength of his political principles and organizational capacity. The Natal Indian Congress was established by him to oppose such measures and organize resistance. Very few leaders could rival Gandhiji’s organizational abilities.

Gandhiji’s influence on all sections and classes of the Indian community in South Africa was predominant.

“In South Africa he found a people not only disarmed and enslaved, but used to it and accepting insults, a people apparently subdued and degraded. His first act was to make them aware of their dignity, their duties and their legitimate rights….the Durban affair” and later developments in Transvaal in South Africa, “revealed to the astonished Europeans, and to the Indians themselves, that they had a moral backbone capable of resistance.” This struggle exposed all those participating including Gandhiji, to physical attacks, jail, and even the possibility of death, however the civil disobedience and resistance went on till a satisfactory agreement was reached, though the sacrifice included several jail terms and the loss of lives of the some of the volunteers. Gandhi who had come to South Africa for a few months, was to spend 21 years of his life in this struggle.

Jan Christiaan Smuts  280 X 263

Jan Christiaan Smuts

The impact of this struggle on Gandhi’s formidable political opponents in South Africa, including General Smuts, is to be found in a letter to a friend written by General Smuts after Gandhiji left South Africa for India in 1914. General Jan Christiaan Smuts, who as Colonial Secretary and thereafter Secretary of the Interior was responsible for implementation of some of the discriminatory laws passed against Indians, wrote:

“The saint has left our shores, I hope forever”.

Several years later, when an exasperated Winston Churchill demanded to know from General Smuts who was twice Prime Minister of South Africa, as to why General Smuts had not assassinated Gandhi in South Africa itself, before the ‘half naked Fakir’ could threaten the British Empire in India; General Smuts replied – “How could I do this to a man who made sandals for me with his own hands when I imprisoned him”.

In later years remembering the Mahatma, General Smuts was to record: “…I have worn these sandals for so many summers since then, even though I may feel that I am not worthy to stand in the shoes of so great a man.”

The impact of Gandhiji’s work in South Africa has been abiding.  Even though the Mahatma never returned to South Africa after 1914, his political inspiration later led directly to the civil resistance movement of the Indian Community against the racist “Ghetto” act in 1946, which institutionalized racial segregation in South Africa, until South Africa was liberated. Even after Gandhi’s assassination, in 1952 the African National Congress and the South African Indian Congress were united in their ‘Campaign of Defiance against Unjust Laws’, when thousands courted arrest. However in the years that followed, due to the political intransigence and brutality of the apartheid government, imposing ‘White’ racist minority rule, the political struggles in South Africa became increasingly bitter, leading even to an armed resistance movement, despite the support of the International movement for the liberation of South Africa, in which India continuing the legacy of the Mahatma, was to play a leading role in the United Nations. The United Nations repeatedly censured South Africa’s apartheid and racist laws and imposed sanctions, which gradually led to the isolation of the apartheid government in all International fora. Gandhiji’s inspiration in South Africa continued well beyond the liberation struggle, influencing the establishment of the “ Truth and Reconciliation Commission” by the African National Congress, after South Africa was finally liberated, to assist racial reconciliation, to avoid the violence of a racial war to settle past scores for brutalities committed on the African and Asian people. The success of this Commission is reflected in the absence of racial strife in South Africa today, despite lack of complete agreement on present day policy.

There was always a moral angle to the political struggle of Mahatma Gandhi which was irresistible, making it difficult to defeat. Gandhi kept the attention focused on the injustices of society and the political system enslaving humanity, rather than obsession with individuals or his political opponents , de-personalizing issues, as a consequence all the energy and direction of his political battles were always correctly directed at the defeat of the system, which sought to enslave.

Though Gandhiji’s cultural and spiritual roots were rooted in the Indian philosophic and religious tradition, as articulated in the great Indian epics, in particular the philosophy of the Bhagwad Gita ,and the influences of the spiritual poet and personal friend Shrimad Rajchandra, Gandhiji was far from an Indian revivalist; the sources of his inspiration were not confined to India, they were global and universal, and included political essays such as Henry David Thoreau’s “ Resistance to Civil Government”, John Ruskin’s essay on economy – ‘Unto This Last’, Tolstoy’s personal philosophical work, ‘The Kingdom of God is Within You’ and Christ’s ‘ Sermon on the Mount’. While accepting these influences, he tested and applied them in the context of conditions on the ground in South Africa and India, to communicate the political and social message of emancipation. Throughout his life, Gandhi did not perceive any conflict between his individual religious beliefs and other religious philosophies of the world which he equally respected, consequently his political and spiritual impact was widespread, among diverse races and nations, as his moral and political ideals and sources of inspiration had a universal appeal. People of diverse faith and nationality were to become his closest companions, some sharing his commitment to his political causes in South Africa, and others to his political struggles for freedom from colonial rule in India. The Scotsman C.F. Andrews an invaluable member of India’s Freedom struggle, also assisted Gandhiji with some of the negotiations relating to the struggle in South Africa; Sonja Schlesin of Russian origin as his Law clerk ran his Law Office in South Africa, while the Englishman Henry Polak was an editor of a newspaper at Johannesburg , assisting Gandhi. Hermann Kallenbach, the architect of German origin in South Africa, one of his closest friends, worked at the Tolstoy farm at Transvaal and at Phoenix in Natal; whereas the French writer and peace activist Romain Rolland was the bridge between Gandhiji and Europe. There was also the British Admiral’s daughter Madeline Slade, a sincere disciple, whom Gandhi referred to by the Indian name he had given her, Mirabehn.

These were among the many, who shared his life’s journey at different stages, men and women of different nationalities, who worked with him, along with his committed colleagues and disciples in India. Their nationalities, cultures and religions made no difference to him, they were an integral part of his movement and life’s work and as close as members of his family.

Leo-Tolstoy  261 X 261

Leo Tolstoy

It was to Gandhiji, his sincere disciple, that the great Russian writer Leo Tolstoy, addressed his last letter, in which the writer summing up his life’s philosophy wrote:

“The longer I live, and especially now, when I feel the nearness of death, I want to tell others what I feel so particularly clearly and what to my mind is of great importance, namely that which is called “ passive resistance” but which is in reality nothing else than the teaching of love uncorrupted by false interpretations….This law was proclaimed by all–by the Indians as by the Chinese , Hebrew , Greek and Roman sages of the world. I think that this law was clearly expressed by Christ…the people of the Christian world have accepted this law whilst at the same time they have permitted violence….Therefore, your activity in the Transvaal, as it seems to us at this end of the world, is the most essential work, the most important of all the work now being done in the world, wherein not only the nations of the Christian, but of all the world, will unavoidably take part.”

Tolstoy had chosen his apostle, and bequeathed to him a legacy, and this philosophy was spread by Gandhi through his struggles and example, to every corner of the world.

All Prophets are human, yet distinguished by their spiritual ability to be far seeing when others can barely look a few steps ahead.  It was not surprising that Gandhiji possessed this quality.

When most intellectuals of the day, world wide and even in India, were carried away by the munificent magnificence of the Industrial and Technological revolution which had ushered in the age of Capital, as best represented by Western technological progress and its ‘civilizing mission’ which it had usurped; the Mahatma with his uncanny insight and understanding of the political, economic, cultural and social impact of the Imperialism of the British Empire he was opposing, looked far ahead and beyond the glitter, to the world wide pillage of resources, the degradation and incipient fascism at the heart of the system for millions in the world; its capacity for waste amidst plenty, its vast income differentials that made people of the same society inhabit different worlds; observing aptly that when the inhabitants of a small island had caused so much misery to the world by pursuing such a system, what would happen if millions in India and other parts of the world emulated and replicated the same system. Gandhiji was convinced that it was necessary to transcend capitalism.

Romain Rolland  280 X 396

Romain Rolland

It was the Mahatma’s moral force and example, his incisive political understanding and mass mobilization, his innovative strategies to defeat a system which had enslaved millions, that made the eminent French writer Romain Rolland, one of the most passionate voices of the anti–war movement of Europe in the pre Second World War period, declare in the agonizing years of the nineteen thirties, when Europe was plunged into despair, and drifting towards an economic abyss and another world war, that in the 20th Century there were only two paths to liberation, one was the Socialist Revolution of 1917 and the other was that of Mahatma Gandhi. According to this renowned author, these two paths could not be said to be antagonistic, they were merely different roads.

Several years earlier, as the debate was on in the International Communist Movement, on the strategies adopted by the Indian struggle for Independence against British colonial rule, as the first Socialist Revolution supported all anti-colonial and national liberation struggles; the other great revolutionary of the 20th Century Lenin, opined, that the tactical and wider unity forged by the leadership of the Indian National Congress, the mainstream anti-colonial struggle in India, among several other smaller streams, as having a better chances of victory, than the sectarian path proposed by M.N. Roy, a revolutionary from India.

This was political recognition of the correct political path forged by Mahatma Gandhi for Independence, despite the social complexity of feudalism in India, and its fragmentation of society into castes and classes, with widely different interests, which Gandhiji painstakingly and strategically united into the political struggle for Indian Independence.

It is not widely known that Gandhi sympathized with the objectives of the first Socialist Revolution of 1917, though he had reservation on some of the methods adopted. This sympathy with socialist objectives was not surprising, as Gandhi’s paramount concern was not only freedom from colonial rule, for him that was only the first step in the objective to abolish hunger, unemployment and the social practice of untouchability, which was a scourge in India; as Gandhi stood for egalitarian ideals and the overall economic emancipation and social reform of Indian society. What distinguished the Indian Freedom Movement from other political movements, was Gandhi’s emphasis on social reform of the still feudal Indian society and its backwardness, as an integral part of the movement, which embraced all weaker sections, with mass participation of women encouraged at every level.

Gandhiji’s moral and political influence in the world had reached such heights, that leaders and heads of State of fascist movements in Europe, desired a meeting with the Mahatma to increase their own political respectability, when the Mahatma visited Europe in 1931, on his return from the political negotiations at the Round Table Conference convened in London. Politically curious about fascist political movements spreading across Europe, Gandhiji met Mussolini at a request from the dictator, but declined to give Mussolini the political respectability Mussolini sought, the Mahatma had already chosen his path. While attempting to build the widest coalition to overthrow foreign rule, Gandhi’s genuine and evolving spirituality made him consciously seek out the weakest and the most exploited of society, to communicate to them his political message for social, economic and political emancipation, as it is to them he was closest, as the political leader of the Scheduled Castes, and one of the main architects of the Constitution of India, Dr. B.R.Ambedkar, a renowned scholar and constitutional expert was to admit in the Constituent Assembly, after Gandhi’s assassination, while paying him homage. It is not surprising that workers of the Lancashire Textile factories in Britain, with whom Gandhi stayed in a working class district in England, while attending the negotiations at the Round Table Conference, came out and cheered Gandhiji, wholly sympathetic to his movement, and understanding when the Mahatma explained, that the political movement for the boycott of foreign cloth in India, which included the cloth manufactured by them in Lancashire, was absolutely necessary to emancipate the poorest of the poor working people and peasantry of India, who were much worse off than the textile workers of Britain. It is not only in England that he had admirers, but among all anti-colonial movements in Africa, in Egypt and the entire Arab world, which recently once again became visible, when millions in Egypt gathered at Tahrir Square, with many declaring that they were inspired by Mahatma Gandhi.

Veterans for Liberty : In the shadow of the NATO summit, under the watchful eyes of a phalanx of full-black-clad riot police, dozens of former servicemen and women in uniform, veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, threw away their medals, with apologies.

Veterans for Liberty : In the shadow of the NATO summit, under the watchful eyes of a phalanx of full-black-clad riot police, dozens of former servicemen and women in uniform, veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, threw away their medals, with apologies.

In a world engulfed by “unending war” which has destroyed millions and so many societies, with thousands of bombing sorties on each of the countries destroyed including on Afghanistan; our understanding of the political truth Gandhi represented, would not be complete without recalling the public stand taken by Mahatma Gandhi at Lausanne in Switzerland in 1931, even as war clouds hung over Europe and fascist political forces were on the ascendancy, with their shrill war cries.

To the media in Europe interacting with the moral and spiritual leader of India’s political struggle, this is what he said:

“I observe throughout the West a sickness of heart. You seem to be tired of the military burden under which Europe is groaning, and also tired of the prospect of shedding the blood of your fellowmen. The last war, falsely called great, has taught you and humanity many a rich lesson. It taught you some surprising things about human nature. You also found that no fraud , no lies, no deceit was considered too bad to use in order to win the war; no cruelty was considered too great; there were no unfair ways and means for encompassing the destruction of your so-called enemy. Suddenly, as in a flash, the friends of your youth became enemies, no home was safe, nothing spared. This civilization of the West was weighed in the balance and found wanting…”

Private Bradley Manning, US Army.

Private Bradley Manning, US Army.

In this context, to us, Private Bradley Manning, the United States soldier, unjustly convicted by court martial under the Espionage Act among other laws, for exposing the videos of war crimes, despite the War Crimes Act of the USA and its Constitutional provisions, when there were no other avenues for disclosing some of the worst crimes in the annals of the world, which it was mandatory in accordance with the Nuremberg principles to disclose, is a Gandhian prisoner of conscience , among others ,who must not be forgotten.

Gandhiji placed before the people of Europe , an alternative to acquiescing in aggressive wars, that is absolute ‘Civil Disobedience’ and ‘Non-Cooperation’ with the state which militarizes to wage aggressive wars, emphasizing that “the refusal of military service was only a secondary episode in the real fight which needs to be fought, which involves a total refusal to co-operate with the exploiting and militarist State …refusal to pay taxes, refusal to hold posts, refusal of even the apparent or superficial benefits which the State confers or claims to confer….There must be total void round that State making it impossible to function” that mere non-co-operation with the Army of such a state “was too little”; it was absolutely necessary in such circumstances to non-co-operate with every activity of such a state, when it resorted to aggressive warfare. During the course of the same visit in the context of the political issues confronting Europe, when Gandhiji was asked questions on Capitalism, he replied: ”Labour does not know its own power”….”Did it know , that it would only have to rise to have capitalism crumble away. For labour is the only power in the world.”

The eminent French writer, Romain Rolland, a biographer of Mahatma Gandhi, who supported India’s freedom movement and was a link between the people of Europe and Mahatma Gandhi, whose life and work the writer had followed and supported for forty years on that continent, in a period critical for Europe, kept urging Gandhiji to influence and attempt to reverse with his acknowledged world wide moral authority, the disastrous events in Europe and the drift towards a world war. This writer and anti – war activist has left us some vignettes of the Mahatma in his writings and correspondence:

“…in any judgment passed on him, this one essential must be borne in mind: he is in constant evolution. There’s nothing fixed about him, nothing settled once and for all….This has always been his method of self–instruction and action; direct social experimentation, repeated and verified, step by step, and broadening his circle at each step. There’s no doubt that his thoughts have been modified in the course of these experiments. By way of a symbolic example, let me quote you a thing he admits to himself, his transformation four or five years ago of an ideological formula dear to him : “God is truth” into: “ Truth is God“ which is his present motto….India was in the lowest degree of serfdom and discouragement, and it was Gandhi who by his heroic example (he has often been imprisoned, beaten and threatened with death ), gave her a sense of pride and dignity, and revived in her the powerful breadth of independence. This was no mean task; imagine three hundred million human beings reawakened by the tireless propaganda….his deepest sympathies lie with the labouring people and the millions of disinherited and oppressed…”

Martin Luther King Jr.  281 X 294

Martin Luther King, Jr.

A revolutionary is known by his disciples. In the United States of America, Reverend Martin Luther King emerged to follow in the footsteps of Mahatma Gandhi, convinced that “Non-Cooperation with evil is as much a moral obligation as is co-operation with good”, referring to the Mahatma as “the guiding light of our inspiration”. With this Civil Rights Movement of the United States led by Martin Luther King, and inspired by Mahatma Gandhi, was to commence another struggle for the emancipation of the African American people, which the American Civil War had failed to accomplish, despite the abolition of slavery, and which is still an unfinished task, even as Reverend Martin Luther King was to be silenced by assassination in the same manner as Mahatma Gandhi, the Guru and his disciple sharing the same fate. The movement commenced with a single act of non-violent civil disobedience when Rosa Parks refused to vacate the “Whites Only” seat in a bus, a humiliation inflicted routinely on African Americans, leading to the organization of the ‘Montgomery’ bus boycott by all African Americans, under the leadership of Reverend Martin Luther King and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), organizing for Civil Rights, which then spread to the whole of the State of Alabama. The boycott continued for 383 days despite the hardship involved, inflicting heavy financial losses on the Transport Company, until the United Supreme Court declared the racial segregation laws unconstitutional. About this struggle and the impact of Mahatma Gandhi on the movement, Reverend Martin Luther King was to write:

“In the summer of 1956 the name of Mahatma Gandhi was well known in Montgomery. People who had never known of the little brown saint of India were now saying that name with an air of familiarity. Non-violent resistance had emerged as the technique of the movement, while love stood as the regulatory ideal. In other words Christ furnished the spirit and the motivation, while Gandhi furnished the method.”

The struggle was unstoppable, spreading rapidly throughout the United States of America, with its leader like Mahatma Gandhi, criticizing the system which imposed segregation, exposing simultaneously all the tendencies within the United States which made for a violent society, including militarism, which Martin Luther King maintained was a continuation and extension of the anti-human policies of economic exploitation and racism within the United States, and against all the working people of the United States of America. At the New York Riverside in a speech titled “Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break the Silence” on the 4th April 1967, a year before his assassination, Martin Luther King made a historic public indictment of the political system of the United States, in the context of the Vietnam war and the addiction of the system to war, referring to the “United States as the greatest purveyor of violence in the world.”

Mahatma Gandhi believed that in any society where millions were hungry, food was the “divinity” to be installed in every home, and that every religious philosophy in fact mandated respect for all of humanity, cutting across cultures; Martin Luther King his great disciple stressed that:

“True compassion is more than flinging a coin to a beggar, it comes from seeing that an edifice which produces beggars needs restructuring” and that “any religion that professes to be concerned with the souls of men and is not concerned with slums that damn them, the economic conditions which cripple them, is a spiritually moribund religion, in need of new blood”.

Apart from the Civil Rights Movement of the United States, one of the most important political movements in the world today, the Palestinian struggle for ‘National Self – Determination’, has been inspired among other liberation struggles, by Mahatma Gandhi, with the mainstream of the Palestinian people, adopting and re-adapting Gandhian strategies, resisting inhuman policies till date. It is the pursuance of this difficult Gandhian path, by the people of Palestine, which has sustained them in spirit, through the saga of their trials and tribulations of over half a century against a brutal occupation by the government of Israel and the Zionist movement, in defiance of every resolution of the United Nations, which has claimed ”exceptional” and “chosen people” status, while imposing creeping genocide on the Palestinian people, with the entire Palestinian territory converted into one of the largest concentration camps, in collaboration with the world’s foremost military powers.

Gandhi’s was one of the first voices internationally to be raised against the colonization of Palestine, as he was no stranger to the rights and wrongs of the world. The Mahatma’s was a simple and unequivocal stand, that “Palestine belonged to the Palestinian people”; foreign settlers could not legitimately usurp the lands of the Palestinian people, as wrongly permitted by the Balfour Declaration. This early stand influenced the position of the then government of India in the United Nations in 1948, when India opposed the creation of the State of Israel, and supported only one State of Palestine in all Palestinian territories, even as other world powers and the General Assembly supported the creation of two States, that is a State of Israel along with the Arab State of Palestine on what was Palestinian territory, with majority of the people, still Palestinians.  Predictably the Arab state of Palestine was never allowed to be created and despite delimitation by UN resolution, had its territories swallowed up in the creeping aggression through war and colonial settlements, which continues.

Today these diverse strategies of Resistance adopted by the Palestinian people, reinforced by other struggles and developments, have resoundingly defeated the government of Israel morally and politically at the Bar of international public opinion and in international fora, which includes the pronouncement of the International Court of Justice in the Advisory Opinion declaring the Wall constructed by Israel illegal, in violation of Geneva Conventions and International Humanitarian Law.

Reinforcing the mainstream of the Palestinian movement, apart from the spectacular defeat of Israeli aggression on Lebanon in 2006 by the Hezbollah, Lebanese National Resistance, has been the world wide Gandhian strategies adopted by the International Solidarity Movement in support of Palestine, the ‘Free Gaza Movement” of the Gaza Flotillas, and the International Movement for ‘boycott and disinvestment’, directed against the government and companies of the occupying power, aimed at ‘lifting the veil’ of the oppressor’s inhumanity and denying the Israel state respectability. The ‘Flotillas to Free Gaza’, was one of the most imaginative and formidable non-violent armadas ever launched in the world, by citizens of different countries, with the consistent support of a few sympathetic governments, which was equally important in winning the battle for International public opinion, even as some peaceful volunteers on the vessel “ Mavi Marmara”, were murdered by commandoes and other vessels were hijacked on the High Seas in an act of piracy , with all on board courting arrest.

With these diverse strategies, the battle for world opinion and the moral and political victory has already been won by the people of Palestine, which has led to the State of Palestine being granted Observer Status at the United Nations and earlier member status with several UN agencies, what remains is the demolition of the Wall, dismantling by Israel of all institutions of racist state, the right to return for Palestinian refugees and the physical vacation of all occupied Palestinian and Arab territories by the state of Israel. Events have proved Gandhi right on the Palestinian question, whereas most major powers perpetrated a grave injustice, for which not only the people of Palestine but the Arab people as a whole have bled through wars, conflicts and the seizure of the region’s resources , with world peace threatened by a nuclear war on related issues ,which was mostly recently averted.

Yet we cannot conclude that Gandhiji was ignorant of the real causes of political violence. Though the Mahatma consciously sought to avoid violence, he was wholly aware that in the absence of an orderly political mass movement, violence would become a reality in societies where millions were brutalized or exploited.  In 1945 almost at the end of his life, in a revised edition of his 1941 ‘Reconstruction Programme’, Mahatma Gandhi warned that:

“A non-violent system of government is clearly an impossibility so long as the wide divide between the rich and the hungry millions persist….”

In every forum , the world over, wherever the political, economic , social and ecological future of humanity and preservation of the planet earth, our common home, is debated and discussed, Gandhiji with his simple precepts provides a guidance for all generations Reverend Martin Luther King, the Mahatma‘s great disciple summed up the Mahatma’s contribution:

“Posterity could not escape him even if it tried. By all standards of measurement, he is one of the…greatest men in world history.”

Niloufer Bhagwat, a lawyer and wife of former Indian Navy Chief Admiral Vishnu Bhagwat.  Vice President Indian Lawyers Association — Mumbai, Tokyo International Tribunal Judge.


Editor’s note : A great video summary of The Revolution: A Manifesto, provided by Chance Litton:

“The empire game our government has been playing is coming to an end one way or another. This is the fate of all empires: they overextend themselves and then suffer a financial catastrophe, typically involving the destruction of the currency. We are already seeing the pattern emerging in our own case. We can either withdraw gracefully, as I propose, or we can stay in our fantasy world and wait until bankruptcy forces us to scale back our foreign commitments. Again, I know which option I prefer.” — Former Congressman Ron Paul

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Jordan blocks hundreds of news websites

New internet law in Jordan raises fears of censorship.

Amman Jordan protest

GlobalPost’s own Erin Cunningham snapped this shot outside the protests in Amman, Jordan. (Erin Cunningham/GlobalPost)

Jordanian authorities over the weekend moved to block some 300 news websites under a restrictive new law that activists say threatens to undermine press freedom there.

The law penalizes publications that do not register under the Press and Publications Law, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists. The government’s director of press and publications, Fayez al-Shawabkeh, is believed to have issued an order on Saturday requiring internet providers to block certain websites.

“Censoring 300 websites makes Jordan’s talk of political reform seem hollow,” said CPJ Middle East and North Africa Coordinator Sherif Mansour. “Authorities should immediately rescind this order and uphold King Abdullah’s stated support for political reform and media freedom.”

The law, passed in September, has came into force amid aggressive local reporting and press commentary on King Abdullah II’s “Towards Democratic Empowerment and Active Citizenship” paper, according to The New York Times. The government says the law seeks to improve media quality in Jordan and curb criticism of the authorities.

Opposition to King Abdullah has been growing in Jordan in recent months. Some 80 activists protested against the new law outside the journalists” union in Amman on Monday, said the Times, and there are plans for further demonstrations on Thursday.

The law makes information websites legally responsible not only for their own material, which is normal, but also makes them liable for all reader comments — a provision likely to invite lawsuits when desirable. It also requires publications to officially register with the government and pay $1,400 in fees, said the Times

The ArabCrunch blog compiled a list of the providers targeted by the government, available in Arabic here

Daoud Kuttab of AmmanNet told The Times he was already finding ways around the new law by posting articles on Facebook, for example.

“The information we have will be available to the public somehow,” Kuttab said, adding: “It is a sad day when a country wants its people to hear things only from the government’s perspective.”

Press freedom organizations were quick to sound in on the move, particularly because it came just weeks after Amman hosted the International Press Institute’s (ISI) World Congress.

“We encourage authorities in Jordan and elsewhere to find alternatives to ensuring the quality of content that do not jeopardize international or domestic agreements, or restrict free access to information,” ISI Deputy Director Anthony Mills said on Sunday.


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Why are so many politicians around the world declaring that the debt crisis is “over” when debt-to-GDP ratios all over the planet continue to skyrocket?  The global economy has never seen anything like the sovereign debt bubble that we are experiencing today. This insanity will continue until a day of reckoning arrives and the system implodes.  Nobody knows exactly when that moment will be reached, but without a doubt it is coming. Are you ready? Words: 1270

6. A Practical Assessment of the U.S. Debt Problem Shows It to Be Absolutely Absurd

The U.S. debt situation when broken down to one of family statistics really seems absurd. Yet it’s true. It’s a slow motion train wreck that can be seen coming miles away but which, like deer paralyzed in the headlights, everyone is unwilling to face up to and to take any meaningful corrective action – and it will be the downfall of them all. Words: 550

7. Finally! Someone With the Balls to Face Reality and Outline the Probable Outcome & Utter Hopelessness of America’s Debt Problems

Many articles are being written these days that more or less scope the dire financial circumstances the U.S. is in. That being said, I had not been able to find one “analyst” – even one – who had the guts to outline the probable outcome and general hopelessness of the situation and to offer any meaningful prescription for investors to survive this coming catastrophe – until now. Words: 710

8. Economics of Gov’t Are No Different Than Those of Typical American Family – Here’s Why

If Congress does not raise the debt ceiling, the result will be no different than the Jones family deciding that they have maxed out their credit cards and that, if they continue borrowing and spending over their means, there will be significant pain to the family at best and bankruptcy at worst. Any attempt to prove otherwise is futile because it’s just not true! [To further make his point the author provides below 7 other examples of why the economics of government are no different than those of the typical American household.] Words: 585

9. U.S. Debt 101: If the U.S. Were A Stock Few Investors Would Own It – Here’s Why

There has been a lot of media coverage about the United States’ debt issue these days. Why should we care? Because as U.S. citizens, we all own stock in this “company” called the United States of America (let’s say the ticker symbol is USA). We purchased this stock through the various taxes we pay every year (income tax, payroll tax, corporate tax) and we receive dividends through the various benefits we receive every year (security provided by defense budget, Medicare/Medicaid benefits, Social Security benefits, etc.). This article attempts to explain the U.S. national debt in simple layman’s terms by analyzing the United States and its debt issue as if it were a stock investment. Words: 1929; Charts: 5; Tables: 1

10. U.S.’s Runaway Financial Train is About to Destroy the Status Quo

People riding a runaway train can party and remain oblivious to the fact that the train is about to crash into a huge obstacle. Our runaway financial train is about to destroy the status quo as it crashes into the obstacle of mathematical consequences – the inevitable financial train wreck. “If something cannot go on forever, it will stop.” [Let me explain.] Words: 974

11. Take Note: Don’t Say You Weren’t Forewarned!

It is relatively easy to predict further commodity price inflation as a result of the massive money printing going on worldwide and that hard assets, not paper assets, will help protect purchasing power but it is much more difficult to project where else this money printing leads and to what extent a crash is inevitable. What is the endgame? Will it be another financial crash such as in 2008 or will it be a more destructive financial and economic crash that causes a severe but temporary disruption in the delivery of goods and services? Words: 1470

12. A Must Watch Video On Why America Is In A “Death Spiral”

The video below is one of the best overviews of what is going on and one of the best explanations of what lies ahead that I have heard. As such, in my opinion, it is A Must Watch!

13. Over 3 Million Views! Why U.S. Debt & Budget Will NEVER Balance

This short video – on the sustainability of government spending – should be watched by everyone, including those not yet old enough to vote. It should be shown in every high school and college classroom.

14. The U.S. Economy is Going to Collapse…It is Unavoidable…It’s a Mathematical Certainty…Here’s Why

The level of debt has surpassed the possibilities of being serviced. Mathematically, the debt problem cannot be solved, regardless of economic policies. That, unfortunately, is written. For it to be serviceable would be to violate the laws of mathematics and that cannot happen. [As such, America is quickly approaching a catastrophic economic collapse. As repelling as that sounds, it’s in your own best interest to learn just how bad the situation is. This article is an attempt to do just that.] Words: 310

15. A Disaster of Unprecedented Proportions (The End Of The World As We Know It) Is Coming Sometime This Decade and It Will Be Irreversible!

“The end of the world as we know it” is what David Korowicz predicts is coming sometime this decade – an “ultimate” crash that will be irreversible – TEOTWAWKI! Words: 1395

16. The Average U.S. Citizen Is Clueless Regarding the Desperate Shape the Country Is In! Are You?

The corrosive nature of politics and government has destroyed the economy and the moral fiber of citizens. These issues are not insurmountable, but they are very close to being so. Their ramifications are potentially existential in nature: the average length of life, the very time span or cycle of a nation has been proven in history to be approximately 250 years.  Since the USA was born in 1776 this says we have about 14 years of life remaining for America. The way things are going we don’t doubt it. [Let me explain.] Words: 768

17. If You Are Not Preparing For a US Debt Collapse, NOW Is the Time to Do So! Here’s Why

Timing the U.S. debt implosion in advance is virtually impossible. Thus far, we’ve managed to [avoid such an event], however, this will not always be the case. If the U.S. does not deal with its debt problems now, we’re guaranteed to go the way of the PIIGS, along with an episode of hyperinflation. That is THE issue for the U.S., as this situation would affect every man woman and child living in this country. [Let me explain further.] Words: 495

18. This Will NOT End Well – Enjoy It While It Lasts – Here’s Why

…The U.S. Government and its catastrophic fiscal morass are now viewed by the world as a ‘safe haven’. This would easily qualify for a comedy shtick if it weren’t so serious….[but] the establishment is thrilled with these developments because it helps maintain the status quo of the dollar standard era. However, there are some serious ramifications that few are paying attention to and are getting almost zero coverage from traditional media. [Let me explain what they are.] Words: 1150

19. U.S. Between a Rock & a Hard Place: A Recession Now or a Financial Collapse Later! Here’s How to Invest in Such Precarious Times

Over the past few years, policy leaders worldwide have grown accustomed to kicking the can down the road with each step in this ongoing financial crisis making incremental moves rather than cultivating viable long term solutions. More recent attempts seem to have evolved into simply just trying to kick the can out of the driveway. Now we fear there may not be enough firepower left to simply kick the can over. [Having done so, we are left between the proverbial rock and a hard place.] If lawmakers do nothing, by all accounts we are likely to see a recession. Should lawmakers extend the Bush-era tax cuts, you make no progress towards long term deficit reduction, potentially raising the risk and magnitude of a future financial crisis. [Let me discuss this predicament further and how best to invest in such precarious times.] Words: 1602

20. John Mauldin: The Next Few Years Are Not Going To Be Pretty – Here’s Why

The next few years are not going to be pretty. We’re looking right into the teeth of a rolling global deleveraging recession—the End Game, I’ve called it – and the decisions we make in the next couple years about how to handle our debts and budget deficits here in the U.S., in Europe, in China, in Japan, and elsewhere, are going to be absolutely crucial. Words: 507

21. U.S Likely to Hit the Financial Wall by 2017! Here’s Why

The deficits aren’t going to stop anytime soon. The debt mountain will keep growing…Obviously, the debt can’t keep growing faster than the economy forever, but the people in charge do seem determined to find out just how far they can push things….The only way for the politicians to buy time will be through price inflation, to reduce the real burden of the debt, and whether they admit it or not, inflation is what they will be praying for….[and] the Federal Reserve will hear their prayer. When will the economy reach the wall toward which it is headed? Not soon, I believe, but in the meantime there will be plenty of excitement. [Let me explain what I expect to unfold.] Words: 1833

22.  Why The Government and The Economy Will Collapse

The problems of the U.S. government are insoluble. They will result in the sovereign default of the federal government and the collapse of the US economy. Monty Pelerin explains why: “The claimed debt of the Federal Government of $16 Trillion is enough to threaten its viability and that of the U.S. economy. The current glide path of spending and revenues ensures that debt will increase. Explicit and implicit Treasury guarantees will be required to bail out failing public and private agencies. The situation becomes hopeless when the unfunded liabilities are taken into account.”

23. Eric Sprott: More Government Spending Is NOT the Answer to Our Economic Woes – Here’s Why

In today’s over-leveraged world, greater deficits and government spending, financed by an expansion of public debt and the monetary base (“the printing press”), are not the answer to our economic woes. In fact, these policies have been proven to have a negative impact on growth. [Therefore] as long as we continue down this path, the “solution” will continue to be the problem. There is no miracle cure to our current woes and recent proposals by central planners risk worsening the economic outlook for decades to come. [Let us explain.] Words: 1510

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US Losing the World’s Respect Due to its Hypocrisy in the Middle East


“Only the world’s international pressure is going to bring about a resolution, which would have to be favorable to Iran since Iran has done nothing wrong.”–James Fetzer


by James Fetzer and Press TV

Press TV has conducted an interview with James Fetzer, professor at University of Minnesota, about talks over Iran’s nuclear program and the statement made by US Secretary of State John Kerry that Israel’s interests will always be kept in mind in this regard.


US hypocrisy

To view, click here: “US losing the world’s respect due to its hypocrisy in Middle East”

The following is an approximate transcript of the interview.

Press TV: What do you make of Kerry’s remarks in the sense of how will it be translated when the time for talks come? He is making these comments to AIPAC, as we mentioned the most powerful pro-Israel lobby in the US – and also trying to placate Israel’s fears. What do you make of that? Fetzer: John F. Kennedy thought that AIPAC should be qualified as a foreign agent – that it should be registered as a foreign agent.I’m afraid that all the NSA information this massive surveillance is acquiring is being sent directly to Israel, which means Israel knows exactly what weaknesses it can use to exploit, to extort, to blackmail members of the American Congress up to and including the president, alas.John Kerry’s remarks clearly appear to be intended to dissuade Israeli concerns, but they’re ill-founded in the first place. Benjamin Netanyahu has been claiming that Iran was about to get the bomb for the last 30 years.American intelligence agencies concluded in 2007 that Iran was not pursuing a nuclear weapons program, a conclusion it reaffirmed in 2011.

So it is ridiculous for America to be pursuing policies that are based on the presumption that Iran is pursuing a program it is not pursuing and that its own intelligence agencies have confirmed.

Press TV: What do you see in the coming days when the talks do happen? The Iranian side has said that they don’t want to hold talks for just talk’s sake – they want a win-win solution to this stand-off between Iran and the five permanent members of UN Security Council plus Germany? Fetzer: Well, Iran could agree to sign the Non-Proliferation Treaty and to allow inspectors, except it’s already done that. It would be very appropriate to have Israel sign the Non-Proliferation Treaty and to allow inspectors, which it has not done. Iran has no nuclear weapons. The policy of the nation is ‘nuclear energy for all, nuclear weapons for none’.

Israel, however, has a massive stockpile of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons it has never declared. American hypocrisy in the Middle East has never been more conspicuous and it is causing the United States to lose the respect of the world.

Press TV: So you would say that the US doesn’t really intend to have this stand-off resolved? Fetzer: Well, it would be very desirable. I certainly do believe that the phone call between Obama and Rouhani was a move in the right direction. But what could they expect to have from Iran that Iran hasn’t already given. It seems to me this is window dressing – a staged performance. It would be very nice if something were to come out of it, but I myself have no confidence in either John Kerry or Barack Obama at this point in time. Only the world’s international pressure is going to bring about a resolution, which would have to be favorable to Iran since Iran has done nothing wrong.

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