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Khalil Hawi (1919 – 1982) A trip of depression and suicide

Hawi was born and reared in a rural town known for its distinctive natural beauty
and its importance as a center of education and economy to the surroundings. This
environment influenced his sensibility to beauty and creativity and broadened his mind
by allowing him the opportunity to contact different cultures, since the town hosted
different missionary institutions (Protestants, Catholics…) that offered education to all
interested scholars in the nearby villages and towns. Hawi first contact with public life
was through the “National and Social Syrian Party”
. A party that was the first to
cultivate the poet and open his heart and mind to political, cultural and social issues. In
time Hawi sensed that the political vision of this party doesn’t suit this region of the
world. He viewed that Arabic Nationalism
is more suitable. He found in its values and
decrees the ideal to unite all Arabs, from the Gulf to the Ocean. Hawi dedicated most of
his literature to the evolution and promotion of these values and also to express his
beliefs in the possibility of the resurrection of an Arabic democratic unity

On a personal level, Hawi was urged to face the difficulties of life at an early age. At
twelve, his father fell sick incapable of supporting the family, Hawi left school to work in
the building industry filling the gap left by the sickness of the father. When the
economical situation of the family was restored he returned to school, summed his high
school education in one condensed year and continued his academic education at the
American University of Beirut, received his BA in 1951 and his Masters in 1955. He was
granted a scholarship to Cambridge University and got his Ph.D. in 1959. Since that date,
Hawi worked as a professor in the same university, lecturing and researching in literary
criticism, until his suicide in June 1982, which was a reaction to the Israeli invasion of
The Lebanon “

Hawi had introduced to the Arabic library many volumes of poetry:
The River of Ashes, 1957

A political party sees in natural Syria ( Lebanon, Syria, Jordon, Palestine, Iraq and Cyprus) a unity tied in
land and history and common interests,

Arabic nationalism is a movement more than a party, it sees in all Arab countries as a unity, if united will
be an effective powerful force playing a great roll in the world. Of its beliefs merged many political parties
such as Al Ba’Th, Arab national party, An Nasserieen. Jamal Abed En Nasser was the most prominent
figure of this movement, and his dream in a great Arabic nation is still alive in the hearts of many Arabs
from the ocean to the Gulf

Ritta Awad, “Khalil Hawi”, The Arab institution for Researches and Studies, 1983, Beirut, Lebanon, PP:
19 – 23

Khalil Hawi selections from his verse and prose, Illya Hawi, The Arabic Institution for publishing and
distributing, Beirut-Lebanon, 1983, diff. PP,
The Flute and the Wind, 1961
The Fields of Hunger, 1965
The Injured Thunder, 1979
The Comedy of Hell, 1979

In prose Hawi wrote some books in literary criticism and philosophy. “ Mind and Faith in
between Alghazaly and Ibn Rushd”, Gebran Khalil Gebran: his influence and his works”
was first in English, then translated to Arabic in 1962. Besides he contributed literary and
critical essays to different literary magazine especially Al-Adaab. He had monitored and
supervised the foundation of the encyclopedia of Arabic poetry, which published the
forth of its parts in 1974.

A journey of despair

Hawi’s suicide created a controversy among intellectuals in the Arab world. What kind of
disappointment had he suffered to lead him to a decision not familiar in that culture?
…Following his poetic impulse might give us an answer to that question.

Searching Hawi’s poetical journey one can finds that he stopped writing after his poem
“Lazarus” which was a reflection of the state of depression and disappointment that
overcame the Arab world after the fall of the Arab union in 1961“
”. The poet broke his
silence after the 1967 Arab Israeli war and the bitter defeat he sensed pushed him to write
“The Mourning Mother”, which was a depiction of the impotence and nothingness where
the face of the creator turned to a deadly desert, the whole world had died by the death of
its creator. The poem does not see, in the June defeat, a mere martial or political or
cultural downfall, but a complete death and an end of life. He compared the mourning of
Virgin Mary to the Arab situation and declared that the Arabic State is worse. The Virgin
had sent one, and only one son to the grave while the Arab nation sent thousands and
thousands of Messiah…darkness, despair, depression, smears the poem from the very
beginning to the last word: “ nothing in the horizon, but a coal soot/ from ocean to gulf”

After this sardonic poem, Hawi submerged again in silence. In 1971 he broke his silence
and wrote “Lighting and Fogs”. The deep sadness that characterized his previous works
had been replaced by sarcasm towards him self and the surroundings. He also predicted
that a new enlightenment is about to shine from within the deep heart of darkness and
fog, but due to consecutive disappointments he had experienced before, he was cautious
not to attain high expectations.

Time after time I closed my eyes
Denying these lightning, dropping all curtains
Leaving night falls over the remains of a dying lantern
Coated in silence

Syria and Egypt were united as one Arab country in 1958. It was the pride and the hope of many in the
Arab world. The separation movement that occurred in 1961 caused disappointment and bitterness to them.
Hawi was one of them

The frustrations he had suffered in the past stood as nightmares between him and his
vision of that strong vital cavalier, but that cavalier impresses himself brightly shinning
from the deep heart of darkness and ruin and blackness

In mountains of nightmare of detachment and agitation
Where a mute owl
Is masticating blackness
Strolls a bright youthful cavalier
A cavalier wiping the tears of the hungry and the sad
Stripping the “verb”
Of the “noun”, the “adverb” and the “veil”

The hesitant optimism that enlightened this poem, developed to become more confident
in a poem called “A Letter from Saleh to Thamoud”
. Through it, the poet had viewed
the resurrection of the Arabic civilization reborn on the hands of a new hero, a hero
coming to salvage the nation from its misery, to fix with strikes of his strong hammer
new legislation and new rules and to change the caves of darkness to rooms of bright
mirrors. He is the promise that the earth is waiting to resurrect her from its death. He is
the God who blesses the “mercy death” and “grants the two celestials” (the sun and the
moon), He carries the idiosyncrasy of the Messiah that lightens in his eyes tears of love
and anger (A sign to Jesus revolt in the temple). Hawi cognates his Hero with the Arabic
profit Muhammad who conquered his enemies in their own fortified shelter the desert. In
this poem Hawi raised a similarity between the migration of the Arabic Profit from
Mecca to Al-Madina and the exodus of the Palestinians off their homeland in 1948. A
comparison predicts the inevitable Palestinian return to their homeland.

And tomorrow the green paradise will flourish
In a sun shining over the edge of the sword
Didn’t shine once over Poets
In their daydreams
The only thing to be born
Only brass and the desert brownies
In a migrant hero
Only the assured springs bright for the migrant
Spreads in the exile a shadow of a cloud
Oil and a lantern
A guide for the returnees

In the middle of this promising faith, the unexpected had happened. The Israeli invasion
to Lebanon, disaster had struck to devastate the poet and all his promising dreams.
Amidst fatal despair and disappointment, Hawi decided to put an end to his life. While
his response to the defeat of June 1967 was a sardonic poem “The Mourning Virgin”, the
unbearable harsh situation of June1982 led him to a bullet to the head in order to relief
the heart of all its sufferings and disappointments.

Saleh : An Arabic prophet had sent by God to his people Thamoud to guide them to God ,but they denied
his message, and because of their arrogance they were swallowed by an earthquake
The Missionary Poet

Hawi was one of few poets who adventured a new Arabic poetic scene, a scene that
started with As- Sayab in Iraq, Appollo group in Egypt and Shi’r magazine in Lebanon
and flourished and introduced a new modernized image at the hands of poets like Saleh
Abd-Essabour, Adonis, Mahmmoud Darwish and others. This new Adventure aimed at
the unfamiliar in the poetic image, which shock traditional values and conventions, thus
paving the way to a new modern outlook in poetry. Poets became more interested in
exploring language and its capacities; the image became an aim by itself. A new era
began to dawn in Arabic poetry. This modern revolution was threatened by the dramatic
political and social changes that were invading the Arabic world, a fear that political
values would overcome aesthetic values, a condition that might lead the poets to fall into
repetitive uses of symbols and meanings such as resistance, self sacrifice, heroism and so
on, but the talented poets resisted this seduction instinctively and instead of drowning on
what was feared, they endeavored to create rich metaphors where the nature in all its
landscape and the history in all its treasures and figures, and the human feeling by all its
contrariety, worked together to give the poetic image its genuinity and its originality.
Hawi was among those talented ones. Since the very beginnings of his poetic journey,
Hawi revolted against the traditional rhyme and employed the single meter in his
measures. His poetic expressions and images were original and creative far from the
traditional and thus exhausted ones. A new notion for the role of the poet is shown in his
verses. This doesn’t mean that Hawi turned his back on the issues of his generation. On
the contrary, a poem, to Hawi, was not a place to sing personal emotions or express day
to day needs, it was, an interaction between the poet and his surroundings, an expression
of all human concerns: anxiety, existence, worthwhileness, wisdom beyond birth and
death…. The mission of a profit reads to the present and predicts the future. Hawi called
for the toppling of all old values and bringing back to the earth its very early chastity in
order to build a vital evolved world. Hawi did not stop at the brink of toppling, he
believed that a poet who launched rejection and stopped there would end in impotence
and futility. The poet should be able to create new values
. To reveal these values that
Hawi devoted his creativity to, I will discuss three different pieces from three different
stages of his life

In his first collection “The River of Ashes” 1957, Hawi raised the issue of existence, the
puzzlement of the human being and his/her confusion toward civilization and
primitivism, the intellectual and the intuitive. Some studies saw in his poem “The Sailor
and the Darwish”(The first and the longest in the collection), a comparison between
materialistic western civilization and the eastern spiritual one; others saw in it an
existentialist dilemma; possibly, it is a reflection of the poet’s perplexity after his contact .

– Commitment in Arabic poetry, Ahmad Abu Hakah, Dar al ilm llmalayen , Beirut, Lebanon, 1979, p. 563
taken from a broadcast interview with the poet and mentioned in: “Books and Authors”, by Adib Elian and
William Elkhazen, The Modern Publishement, Sayda Lebanon,1970, p. 67
with the modern western civilization, intellectually through his academic life, then
physically when he went to Cambridge to fulfil his education

“The Sailor” in the poem is a bewildered man who sails after knowledge, tolerates the
difficulties of tramping and seasickness and alienation to discover and investigate, hoping
to find a solution to his tormented soul. It’s the ultimate human soul facing the quest of
existence and the search for happiness. Ad-darwish is the other face of this soul who
prefers slackness and reliance on the supernatural in solving problems. The sailor in his
travels ends to the land of Ad-darwish, hoping to find an answer to his puzzlement.

After suffering seasickness
And facing the unknown and the darkness of the road
After seeing waves spread their blue shroud over him
After exposing to real death
After stricken by wild wind
The wind threw him to the old east

Reaching his destination did not mean reaching his peace of mind. This imaginary land
where Ad-darwish lives is a land of stagnation and nothingness. His being is limited in
prayers and praising God, as if he is there for thousands of years, as if no other life or
concerns exist outside his door

When meeting with Ad-darwish the sailor discovers that there is no relieving answer to
his quest. Ad-darwish from his side is convinced that this materialistic civilization is
nothing but illusion and confusion to the harmony of live. He figures that the peak of the
human civilization (the Greek and the Roman) is nothing but a mere outburst of mud,
carrying in its birth its own death, “A child born for few moments”, because its concerns
are only materialistic, while the Eastern civilization is eternal because it is related to the
unknown and the supernatural. The sailor though agreeing with the idea that the Western
civilization is nothing but “a heated mud” refuses the eastern one for its deep reliance on
the supernatural and its complete surrender to the wills of the unknown, neglecting
human urge to seek knowledge and investigate reality, so he ended up saying:

Leave me alone! All lanterns died in my eyes
Let me go to where I don’t know
I will not be seduced by the far harbors
Most of them are but heated mud
Oh! How many times I was burnt in the heated mud
I will not be seduced by the far harbors
Leave me for the sea, for the wind, for death
Spreading blue shrouds over the drowned
Sailing, died in his eye, lantern of the road
Died that light in his eyes, died
Neither heroism saves him, nor the humble prayers

“Lazarus” is another long poem that could be set as an example of Hawi’s creativity and
his ability to express his vision in an innovative and perceptive style
. Some studies see in

Of his collection ‘Threshing floor of Thunder” 1965
this poem a masterpiece that reaches the top of creativity, not on the Arabic level only,
but universally. As mentioned before, this poem was a reflection of the failure of the
Arabic unity between Egypt and Syria in 1961. In this poem Hawi announced the death
of his prophecy and his bright vision towards the future, he was devastated and saw in
himself a fake profit with a fake vision.

Hawi introduced his poem by an introduction explaining the circumstances and the
feelings that led to the creation of the poem. The following is a loose translation of this

You were the echo of Falling at the beginning of the strife, and then you became the rattle
of many falls stretched in many stages…Your features started to buildup themselves in
me and squeezing out of every striver, who falls, his best and most popular
characteristics. Then the noises started to settle on an image clearly rhythmed, revealing
its innermost turbidity (muddiness)…When I finished creating you, when you raised up
from the steam of womb and the soot of the smelter, you were a pain and a fear to my
eyes. I had tried to demolish and reconstruct you; I suffered plenty of bitterness before I
decided not to shape you in a better feature and a stronger faith and for a greater destiny.
You are the character of this generation and the many generations where goodness and
generosity are stricken by the impossible and transformed to their contrasts. In it the
transmigrate to the nature of the “Dragon” who kills and dissipates, where
humiliation is the source of its growth:

“A giant I have seen, raising of the pocket of an intercessor”

And then, within something like intuition, the present united with all times, and the real
with the legend and you gained a name and the name was the essence of your being.
Lazarus, the life and the death in life. The values die within the striver and the vitality
immerges, and then the tyrant will be.

What does it mean to me if the caring Nazarene denies your death since you are the tragic
hero who glows in a splendid sacrifice and its rapt wounds?

“Sailing, exuberant, wrapped in glory of purple”

Why be resurrected, when you are ”dead, fossilized by the lust of death”? While the
resurrection is a spring from within the inner soul

Here is your wife meets you returning from the hole, gets frightened

“Why did he come from his hole bleak dead
Nothing but a stem bleeds sulfuric black blaze?”

– Alkhoder is the hero of a popular biblical tale that tells the story of a city was threatened by the dragon,
and Alkhoder was the hero who killed the dragon and saved the city of its fatal destiny

She is a symbol of life, are you coming to avenge her for the lost good past, and to make
her like yourself, and to draw her to the same destiny you had? She kept falling till she
reached your deep hell and hole. You pumped the sulfur in her blood, and she, in return,
turned to you biting and scratching…She was aiming towards perfection that fulfils her
body and soul, you disappointed her, you, her dead malignant husband. You were helped
by the Nazarene, who by his heavenly perfection is leveled over the materialistic
experience. She refused to pray to a God who knows no hunger and didn’t suffer the
poison left by the snakes of urging congested lust.

What is the benefit of praying?
To a heavenly God and a heavenly ghost
Hides in the blue clouds, in the smooth light
Where there is no thundering hunger roars in pain

It is obvious that the evolution of life will be stopped when it is merely spiritual,
idealistic, divine or low materialistic, when the vitality disappears and the illusion spreads
its anaesthetic shadow over the real existence.

After all, you aren’t related to any group or another
I was witnessing and I have seen you in all their groups

Different analysis and explanations were given to this poem. Some said it is an
expression of bitterness and depression after the fall of Arab unity in 1961, others said,
it’s a rejection of the idea of resurrection, and some saw in it a prediction of the Arab
defeat in June1967. Perhaps, Lazarus is a message to Arab generations that are simulating
the old glorious days of The Arabic Empire. Possibly it implies a revolt over the
mainstreamed notion of Arab Unity, that meant to say there will be no real successful
unity if you want it a mere resurrection of what was known in the past, you should create
a new unity that has new measures and new perception and a new criteria, not a copy of
the past.

“Sindbad in his Eighth Journey” is the last poem in the poet collection “The Flute and the
Wind” 1961. About his intentions in this poem Hawi says: I tried to reach the deep roots
of our complicated problems that make our destiny: politically, economically and
culturally. My aim was to strip the inner national soul and burst the rich vital potential in
it. To do that I started at the beginning of my experience by objecting and revolting
against all elements of degradation in our life, then I realized that the best way to evolve
is to have every individual goes back to his/her inner self, discover it, judge it, and
condemn it strictly, then deconstruct it and rebuild it with vital values. It’s within my
beliefs that the inner self of an individual carries the seeds of his/her nation. So he/she
potentially carries the characteristics of a whole civilization and a complete generation. In
doing so there will be an interaction between the inside and the outside.

– Khalil Hawi selections from his verse and prose, PP: 80 – 82
– ibid., Commitment in Arabic poetry, p. 562 Hawi in his revolt does not meet half way nor does he come around, he sees that
corruption is striking deeply in his people’s life, and it is of the kind that could not be
mended by normal pain killers, imputation is the ideal solution. Hawi in his revolt doesn’t
exempt any axiom whether it is religious, social or political. He denies the concept of
obedience and submission found in the religious speech, and sees in its rituals an
assassination of the purity in the virgin intuition.

And Moses sees,
A hammer of blazing fire
Digs in rocks
The Ten Commandments of his God
The Tar, the Sulfur, the salt over Sodom

Hawi refuses the fake relations among people that defect the purity of the woman and
enlarge the temperament of the blind tiger within the male, which lead the woman to
adopt the nature of the snake (hypocrisy, deception and artifice) and the man to nourish
his selfishness and irrational jealousy. Hawi sees that who has given the authority to
forbid and allow woman-man relationships a bastard implant poison and distortion
among human relationships.

And a priest in the temple of God
Rears a dissipated python and an owl
Rapes the secret of fertility within the virgins
The Drunkards hail
The wombs and the vineyards fruitile

Socially Hawi revolts against the connotations that consider the woman inferior to man
being and a source of evil. He opposes the duality we have in every day life, especially
our perception about sexual relationships where people exercise secret relationships and
pretend that they despise and deny it in public. He used a very effective metaphor from
Arabic literature, a great poet who is known through over generations for his animosity
towards woman, “Abu Al ala’ Alma’ari”
who sees in her a sinful deceitful trivial
human being, while in his dreams he craves her fruits

Here is “Alma’ari”
In his deep blindness
All his life is but, a woman’s deceit
Not bathed of her blood
Smells her thighs, couldn’t bear
The two edges of the sin river, painted with perfume
The rounded breasts
The brightened face
The old criminal
The bitter fruits he craved for

– A great poet of the Al Abbassy period, (973 – 1057) tends toward nihilism in his literature. Lived his
life isolated disgusting people and company. The most important of his work is “The letter of Forgiveness”
which is an advanced work in idea and perception to Dante’s ‘ The Divine Comedy

These are some of the diseases that Hawi was seriously concerned about, Why? Because
out of them fumes a vapor full of poison that increases the fever of hypocrisy in the
female and the fierceness of the tiger and Deek el Jin
blindness within the male.

In spite of all these dark images that depress the poet, he still keeping faith in his nation
hoping its collective soul would raise out of its stumble and flourishes with flowers and
fruits. This sunrise will not be due to outside circumstances but due to the potentials that
she carries in within

I don’t allege that a God’s angel
Poured virgin wine and green ember
Within my body filled with ice
It could be the wounds
It could be the sea, the scratches of waves and winds
Or the white coma and the frostbite
Drew my veins to the earth veins
The white shroud was a shield
Under it, fermented the spring

At the end, after this long exhausted journey the poet reaches the truth. After purifying
himself of all false values, he returns to mere purity, the instinct that is similar to the
bird’s instinct that knows what is in the womb of nature before the season’s birth. He had
seen his people bathing and clearing of all false values and scars of sin, in The Nile and
The Jordan and Euphrates.

To conclude, we might say: Hawi was a poet of independence in self and soul, a poet of
modern enlightenment and originality, a poet with a mission delivered in creativity and
dignity far away from directness and repetition

Nejmeh Habib

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Khalil Hawi: Lebanon’s Tragic Poet


Hawi wrote poems with an organic unity and avoided digression and narration.

When the name Khalil Hawi is mentioned, we are instantly reminded of the poet’s melancholy, even apocalyptic, voice. Hawi (1919-1982) was one of the most eminent pioneers of modern Arabic poetry. Everyone agrees that his work was unique, but their opinions differ on the significance of his poetry which became an intellectual search for the Arab nation’s salvation. Hawi was a member of the Syrian National Social Party and this remained the backdrop for his work. He even used ancient Syrian symbols at the behest of Antoun Saadeh, the party’s founder, in his well-known book, The Intellectual Conflict in Syrian Literature.

His poetry was distinguished by an intuitive and tragic lexicon, good craftsmanship and reassessment. Perhaps this is what explains the paucity of his output. Hawi only produced five slim volumes of poetry. For him, annotation and deletion were intrinsic to writing. He believed that the poet should be the “better craftsman,” a term coined by TS Eliot when referring to Ezra Pound. Eliot himself and the ambiance of The Waste Land can be detected in Hawi’s poetry. Hawi also possessed a remarkable critical instinct, seen clearly in his writings and lectures, edited by the critic, Rita Awad, and published after his death in Khalil Hawi: the Philosophy of Poetry and Civilization.


The poet was preoccupied with the idea of existence and the rebirth of civilization. Hawi worked on “the symbol as a basis of poetic construction,” because using symbolism allows poetry to avoid the “curse of reporting and narrating,” he said in an interview. Symbolism evokes myth, but Hawi restricted his poetry to local myths, while other poets, such as al-Sayyab, Adonis and Jabra opened themselves up to world mythology. The disparity between the ash and the river in Hawi’s first work sums up his vision of his people’s decline and his call for them to rise up and redeem themselves. This can be clearly seen in his poem The Bridge, in which he calls on the nation to rise from its sterile existence: “They cross the bridge in the morning, light of foot/ my limbs spread before them, a solid bridge/ from the caves of the East/ from the swamps of the East/ to a new Orient.” 

The poet dreamed of a rebirth, but in The Cave he seems to have abandoned that dream: “The hands of the clock do not move/ My God, how the minutes are making them look longer/ look frozen/ impossible for ages.” The linguistic and existential contrast continues in his later works, titled: The Threshing Floors of HungerThe Nai and the WindThe Wounded Thunder and From the Inferno of Comedy. The tense and violent language in the titles filters into the poems. In Sindbad’s Eighth Voyage, violent words such as “blood, poison, rattling, terror, curse, fever …” appear one after the other. In other poems, such as Sodom, Lazarus and al-Khader, Hawi uses symbols of catastrophe and miracles.


His suicide in protest against the Israeli invasion of Lebanon was perhaps his greatest metaphor, completing the circle of his life and his poetry. It is as if his end was the direct translation of the symbols of rebirth that he so often used in his poetry. His symbols had failed him, just like his nation had done. He was forced to become a symbol himself “to die for himself and everyone,” in the words of the Syrian critic, Muhammad Jamal Barout. 

Hawi wrote poems with an organic unity and avoided digression and narration. Hawi wanted his poetry to be able to raise the wings of poetry and thought together, but burdening the poem with religious and mythical baggage intensified the level of theory and thoughts in his work. It is as if the poet who sought to revive the nation with his poetry, fell short of providing an eternal life for that poetry.

This shortcoming is not unique to Hawi. Meter poetry in Arabic receded into the shadows when most of its prominent advocates died and hardly anyone from the new generation took it up. It may be that Hawi’s poetry paid the price for the death of meter or prosodic poetry, and the price for his elitist prosody, which could not compete with the flexible prosody practiced by other poets whose poems live on and are still read today. Perhaps it is this detached uniqueness that drove Mahmoud Darwish to place Hawi’s name on the list of poets he never read again.

Most young poets look upon Hawi (and his contemporaries) as a feature of the past, while they eagerly write prose. Perhaps some of them do read his works, but his style does not influence their texts, which seem to be weary of intuitive language and comprehensive themes, and celebrate the marginal details.

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Chilean senator accuses Nazi soldiers of mapping out country



Eugenio Tuma, of Palestinian descent, says undercover troops operating in the South American republic


Eugenio Tuma, a senator of Palestinian descent who has been accused before of anti-Semitic speech, said earlier this month on television that the soldiers were “dressed as civilians” and “mapping out the southern Chile region.”

Tuma, who chairs the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, added during his interview for the television show Controversia that the Chilean government “decided to do nothing given the power exerted by Israel and the US.”

Reacting to Tuma’s allegations, Dina Siegel Vann, director of the American Jewish Committee’s Latino and Latin American Institute, said: “Senator Tuma’s baseless accusations are extremely dangerous, all the more so in a country that has experienced an uptick in anti-Semitism and other forms of racism in recent years.”

In 2010, AJC called on Chilean government and civil society leaders to publicly condemn Tuma for earlier remarks, including the labeling of Chilean Jews as “agents” serving Israel.

“The real danger to Chilean society is ignoring Tuma’s campaign of hate against Israel and Chilean Jews,” said Siegel Vann, adding that the anti-discrimination law adopted last year by the Chilean Congress should be used to take action against Tuma.

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Eating our Young – Comprehensive Amnesty Threat



Corporate Layoffs Precede Call for More Foreign Workers, Amnesty

via  Numbers USA

Whose Congress is it?

Whose Congress is it?

[ Editors Note: No surprise here.  Paul Craig Roberts writes in Press TV today that America is becoming a third world country, and American companies seem to be in a rush to the bottom, while in denial that they are killing their own futures.

But this grouping up to give amnesty a big push so they have a large pool of cheaper foreign workers to replace those laid off is being done right out in the open with their public letters to Congress.

All one hundred of these companies need to hear from American what we think about their business sense. If they don’t hear from you, it will confirm in their minds that what you think does not matter.

We have an opportunity to rib a pound of flesh of their hides on the display they have made, closing ranks against the rest of us mind you, and their own country. The links in this are worth going to see. These corporations are putting it right out into the open, and sticking use where ‘the sun don’t shine…Jim W. Dean ]


Can you say, " Worker Substitution? "

Can you say, ” Worker Substitution? “

A large number of corporations that recently laid off American workers are now urging House leaders to import more foreign workers and legalize illegal aliens, according to the Washington Examiner.

Jon Feere of the Center for Immigration Studies notes, “The companies claim (immigration reform) is an ‘opportunity to level the playing field for U.S. employers’ but it is more of an effort to level the wages of American citizens.”

The human resource officers of over 100 major corporations sent House Speaker John Boehner and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi a letter urging passage of “comprehensive immigration reform.”

Officials from companies like General Electric, Marriott International, Coca-Cola, and Hewlett-Packard say businesses need more low-skill and high-skill foreign workers to help grow the economy and compete in the “global war for talent.” In a related move, 450 business groups ran a newspaper ad calling on House leaders to enact immigration reform this year.

But as Byron York of the Washington Examiner notes, it is incongruous for these corporate officials to cite labor shortages when millions of Americans, at all skill levels, want employment and the corporations themselves recently fired thousands of workers.

“Hewlett-Packard, whose Executive Vice President for Human Resources Tracy Keogh signed the letter, laid off 29,000 employees in 2012,” York wrote. “In August of this year, Cisco Systems, whose Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer Kathleen Weslock signed the letter, announced plans to lay off 4,000 — in addition to 8,000 cut in the last two years.

Are corporations emerging now as independent states, forming their own union - against us?

Are corporations emerging now as independent states, forming their own union – against us?

United Technologies, whose Senior Vice President of Human Resources and Organization Elizabeth B. Amato signed the letter, announced layoffs of 3,000 this year.

American Express, whose Chief Human Resources Officer L. Kevin Cox signed the letter, cut 5,400 jobs this year.

Procter & Gamble, whose Chief Human Resources Officer Mark F. Biegger signed the letter, announced plans to cut 5,700 jobs in 2012.”

Feere writes, “It is difficult to understand how these companies can feel justified in demanding the importation of cheap labor with a straight face at a time when tens of millions of Americans are unemployed.

The number of working-age (16 to 65) native-born Americans who are not working — unemployed or out of the labor market — stood at 57.5 million in the second quarter of 2013. The unemployed population is spread throughout the labor market and includes 25 million with no more than a high school education, 16 million with some education beyond high school, and nine million with at least a bachelor’s degree.”


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To regain respect, US must dump I$raHell



Press TV

The US government has lost the world’s respect. When Obama calls on the world to wage war on Syria,  the world says “no thank you.” When the US orders its Syrian rebel mercenaries to go to Geneva,  the mercenaries refuse.

When the US orders its “good mercenaries” (the Free Syrian Army) to disavow the “bad mercenaries” (the al-Qaeda Takfiris) neither pays any attention. And when it orders the “good mercenaries” to join the so-called Syrian National Coalition, they laugh in America’s face.

When mercenaries flout the orders of their paymasters, the paymasters are being disrespected.

Another band of mercenaries that has lost respect for its American paymasters is the Egyptian army. The new Pharaoh of Egypt, General al-Sisi, is ignoring pathetic whimpers about human rights and democracy emanating from Washington, DC. Al-Sisi, who hails from a Moroccan Jewish background and is rumored to be an Israeli agent, continues to butcher peaceful protestors as he establishes a dictatorship whose viciousness and autocracy are far beyond anything Mubarak ever dreamed of.

Al-Sisi’s coup was approved in Tel Aviv, not Washington DC. The Israelis assured al-Sisi that they own Washington, DC, so he shouldn’t worry about the Americans cutting off the billions of dollars al-Sisi is getting from the US taxpayer. During and since the coup, al-Sisi has been in non-stop contact with his Israeli handlers, who appear to be the real power governing Egypt … just as they are the real power in Washington, DC.

Might the Israeli occupation of Washington, DC have something to do with America’s loss of respect throughout the world?

[Listen to leading American academicians Paul Craig Roberts and James Petras speak out against US subservience to Israel on my radio show.]

A disastrous series of wars in the Middle East has bankrupted America. The real cost of these wars is in the trillions of dollars. The American economy is a shambles. The government went into shutdown mode, then emerged on life-support. The whole world is astonished by the pathetic spectacle of the world’s supposed sole superpower on the verge of collapse.

Were the wars that have bankrupted the US fought for Israel – not for any conceivable US interest?

If we ask “who gains” from America’s 9/11 wars, the answer is obvious: The real beneficiary is Israel, not the United States.

The US has seen its geo-strategic position eroded around the globe – especially in the Middle East, where it has lost its wars of aggression against Iraq and Afghanistan.

Today, all the Americans can do in Iraq is hide in their fortified compound in the Green Zone and wonder why they launched their ill-conceived invasion in the first place. The Iraqi government is too busy fighting Takfiri terrorists, in Syria as well as in Iraq itself, to pay much attention to the advice of American war criminals who seem to be in cahoots with the very Takfiri terrorists they pretend to oppose. And since everyone now knows Bush’s tales of Iraqi WMD were lies, “Operation Iraqi Freedom” now appears to have been – at least from the American perspective – worse than pointless.

In Afghanistan, America’s situation is calamitous. A re-energized Taliban is poised to take over as soon as the US withdraws. A flood of heroin is pouring from Afghanistan into the US and Europe with the complicity of corrupt US military and intelligence officers. And the whole bogus rationale for the US invasion – an alleged revenge mission against Osama Bin Laden – has been exposed as a “big lie – there’s not a word of truth in it” by America’s leading investigative journalist, Seymour Hersh.

Syria, too, is in chaos. As always, America is on the losing side – which happens to be the side of al-Qaeda, America’s ostensible civilizational enemy.

The whole world is amazed that the US has managed to make such a mess of the Middle East.
Viewing things charitably, the Americans look like buffoons. Viewing them less charitably, they look like some of the worst war criminals in the history of humanity. The entire top level of the US government appears fit for the scaffold, or maybe an insane asylum.

Among American leaders’ many excruciatingly idiotic war crimes, two stand out: The poisoning of Iraq and Afghanistan with depleted uranium, and the mass slaughter of both targets and bystanders in drone attacks.

The drone attacks have little military value. But they do succeed in making enemies. The families of the victims will be finding ways to take revenge on America and Americans for many decades.

And as DU babies with hideous birth defects continue to be born, and children and adults succumb to cancers in increasing numbers, the people of Iraq and Afghanistan will understandably nurse undying hatred for the US for generations … maybe even centuries.

From an American perspective, being hated by tens of millions of people for decades or centuries cannot be good. But it isn’t just the tens of millions of Iraqis and Afghanis who despise and will continue to despise America for its war crimes. It is billions of people all over the world.

When an empire has squandered its legitimacy, the Chinese say it has lost the mandate of heaven. From that point on, its days are numbered – because it can no longer command respect.

Since the Syria and budget debacles, the Chinese have begun openly disrespecting America for the first time since the days of Mao Zedong. After decades of following a “speak softly while building up strength” policy, the Chinese, whose GDP will soon eclipse that of the US, are now assertively calling for a “de-Americanized world.”

What can the US can do to earn back at least some of the respect it formerly enjoyed?

It can admit its mistakes and correct them.

America’s biggest mistake was letting Israel take over the US government on September 11th, 2001. (If you are not yet aware that 9/11 was a Zionist coup d’état, read Christopher Bollyn’s Solving 9/11 and Stephen Sniegoski’s The Transparent Cabal.)

The USA must prosecute the Israeli assets and traitors who orchestrated 9/11 and the 9/11 wars. Those wars were not designed to bring democracy to the Middle East, or oil to America. They were designed to destroy the Middle East on behalf of Greater Israel.

After prosecuting the war criminals who demolished America’s economy and reputation, the US must – if it wants to earn back the world’s respect – throw apartheid Israel on the proverbial scrapheap of history. By committing the full weight of remaining US military, economic, and diplomatic power to the liberation of Palestine and the termination of the world’s last racist settler colony, the US can atone for its war crimes against the people of the Middle East.

Seizing the assets of the Zionist international banking elite, ending the Federal Reserve, and printing honest currency would also win respect and put the US and global economies back on track.

The US will never again dominate the world as a sole superpower; it has lost the mandate of heaven, and nothing will bring it back. But it can still become the first-among-equals in a multi-polar world – and an inspiration to all who value freedom, democracy, and transparency – by prosecuting the war crimes of the past twelve years, and shaking off the Zionist yoke that enabled them.

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Saudi-US Row: Prince Bandar bin ‘Sulking’


Bandar Tries Old Bribe and Threat Trick Again

The explosive danger for the Middle East region from a turbo-charged Saudi sulk with Washington over Syria, including more false flag terror attacks, could result in the kind of all-out war that the US so recklessly dallied with but pulled back from last month, writes Cunningham.

by Finian Cunningham

Bandar, Rice, Bush, King Abdullah

Prince Bandar bin Sultan was or still is more than somewhat friendly with outright extremists of the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) — Glenn Greenwald

Historic allies, the United States and Saudi Arabia, are in the midst of a full-blown row, after the kingdom’s spy chief Prince Bandar bin Sultan threatened that their strategic liaison was on the rocks. 

The sulking sultan is no stranger to maverick mood swings. But there is good reason to believe that the senior Saudi is not merely acting alone, and that this is the obscurantist kingdom’s way of expressing strategic frustrations…

Rumbling tensions over various geopolitical issues have now erupted into full public glare when Prince Bandar briefed invited unnamed Western diplomats to his majlis at the Red Sea city of Jeddah last weekend. The purpose was for the Saudi royal to vent his anger over recent “disappointments” caused by Washington’s policies in the Middle East.

“This message is for the US,” said Bandar, who was formerly Saudi ambassador in Washington.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Saudi intelligence chief told diplomats that the kingdom was now seeking other strategic allies, without specifying just who these new partners might be. Whether a full break with Washington will come to pass is moot, but the fact that the more than eight decades of staunch alliance between the US and Saudi Arabia is being dangled in the wind shows that there are deep misgivings and high stakes over recent geopolitical developments.

Bandar. The Spy who scaled the Kremlin Wall

Arm-twisting tactics by Prince Bandar are nothing new. Earlier this summer the Saudi spymaster tried to cajole Russian President Vladimir Putin to ditch Moscow’s historic alliance with Syria. Bandar, who is also known as “Bandar Bush” owing to close ties to the Washington establishment, attempted to inveigle Putin then with a mixture of bribes and threats.

During the private meeting with the Russian leader Bandar reportedly offered Russia lucrative oil and gas contracts in the Middle East and hinted that he could ensure security for the forthcoming Sochi Winter Olympic Games by exerting his influence on Al-Qaeda-linked terror groups. To his credit, the Russian president gave his Saudi guest short shrift over the unseemly proposal.

The recent weekend confab in Jeddah between Prince Bandar and Western diplomats followed the extraordinary move by Saudi Arabia to reject a non-permanent seat on the UN Security Council. That seat had been much coveted by the Saudis and had been offered after lobbying from Washington. The Saudi snap rejection was therefore a calculated snub to Washington.

Officially, the Saudis endeavored to cloak that decision with high-minded principle, claiming that it was a protest over the Security Council’s inability to defend the rights of Palestinians, create a Middle East free of weapons of mass destruction, and failure to sanction the “Damascus regime” of Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

Nobody is buying that self-righteous, stilted rhetoric. Saudi Arabia has shown little interest in defending the historic rights of the Palestinians under relentless Israeli expansionism, and the kingdom is one of the main purveyors of (non-nuclear) weapons of mass destruction in the Mid-East, if not the entire world.

The real reason for the Saudi chagrin with its American patron is the latter’s failure to launch an all-out military assault on Syria last month, when Russian diplomacy secured a chemical weapons decommissioning deal to avert American aggression. The other major related factor for the Saudi spat with Washington is the latter’s new diplomatic overture to Iran in their ongoing nuclear dispute.

This pressing connection was alluded to by Khalid al-Dakhil, a political science professor at King Saud University in Riyadh. He told Bloomberg news: “We don’t know what the Americans are trying to do with Syria,” he said. “They seem to be using Syria as a bargaining chip with Iran.”

US Secretary of State John Kerry also let the cat out of the bag after a damage-limitation meeting earlier this week in Paris with the Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal. Kerry was speaking ahead of the so-called Friends of Syria conference in London.

“We know that the Saudis were obviously disappointed that the [Syria] strike didn’t take place,” said Kerry, adding: “and [they] have questions about some of the other things that may be happening in the region.” Those Saudi questions are obviously over US overtures to Iran.

Obama King Abdullah 650x365

Saudi Arabia stamps feet at lack of US backing on Syria, Israel — RT

The Western regime-change covert war in Syria, which has been raging since March 2011, is all about pursuing a geopolitical pincer on the bigger prize, Syria’s main regional ally, Iran. The Western agenda has of course been fully signed up to by regional proxies, such as Turkey, Israel, Jordan, Qatar and perhaps most fervently by Saudi Arabia. 

The Wahhabi House of Saud perceives the Shia Islamic Republic of Iran as its nemesis for regional influence because of the Iran’s more progressive policies in terms of both domestic and foreign policy. The truth is that Saudi Arabia – the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques of Islam – views Iran more an existential threat than it does Israel even as the Israeli regime continues to desecrate Islam’s third holiest site in East Al Quds (Jerusalem).

Consistent with this Saudi obsession to thwart Iran is its position as the main sponsor of the various mercenary groups fighting in Syria for the Western regime-change objective. The barbarous extremism of the mercenaries is also consistent with Saudi Arabia’s long-held logistical and ideological links with Islamic extremists.

The problem for the Western powers is that the military tactic of ousting Syria’s Assad government is proving an abject failure. This was tacitly admitted by the US, Britain and France in London this week when the UK’s Foreign Minister William Hague said that the military situation had reached “a stalemate.” That is not correct. The Syrian armed forces are making steady gains at wiping out the remaining foreign-backed insurgents. What Hague really meant was the Western covert war had reached exhaustion. 

That is why the US, Britain and France are belatedly pushing for a political path at the planned Geneva II conference – a path that would extricate them from the quagmire that these powers have largely created in Syria through fomenting the mercenary networks with their Saudi point man, Prince Bandar.

Out of the Western-led axis only Saudi Arabia appears to remain wedded to the futile bloodletting in Syria, which some estimates put at over 100,000 total deaths, and which has given rise to a burgeoning humanitarian crisis that is destabilizing neighboring countries.

The rejection of Western calls to attend the proposed Geneva II talks by the exile opposition group, the Syrian National Council, is a reflection of this Saudi recalcitrance. SNC leader Ahmad Jarba is close to Riyadh’s thinking.

The apparent rapprochement between Washington, London and Paris with Iran also signal the West’s keenness to shift tactics over Syria to the political field, given the losses on the battlefield. The engagement with Tehran and the incentive of up to $50 billion in unfrozen Iranian assets has the whiff of horse-trading to induce political concessions over Syria.

But the reactionary House of Saud seems unwilling to countenance any such move that would inevitably make concessions to Iran. Western political maneuvering may be able to afford some space to Tehran for short-term tactical reasons, but not so the Saudis whose self-preservation instincts and outright ideological confrontation with Iran are implacably hostile.

Such internal contradictions within the Western axis are straining the historic alliance between Washington and the House of Saud.

Since its formation as a modern state in 1932, Saudi Arabia and the US have been tightly aligned, primarily over oil interests. The relationship was cemented at the end of World War II when US President Franklin D Roosevelt formed a pact with Abdulaziz Ibn Saud, the kingdom’s founding ruler. The essence of that deal was that the House of Saud would guarantee Washington its oil supplies in exchange for military protection.

If anything, the strategic US-Saudi arrangement has become even more entrenched since then as Saudi petrodollars shore up the US Treasury and the primacy of the American dollar as the world’s trading currency. This allows the American Federal Reserve to keep printing money – even though the fundamentals of the US economy do not merit the country maintaining this privilege of racking up endless debt.

As the world’s biggest exporter of oil and the pivotal force in the OPEC club of producing nations, Saudi commitment to the US dollar as the global means of conducting commerce is therefore a lifeline for Washington’s moribund economy.

Saudi Arabia’s extravagant purchase of US armaments is also part of this recycling of petrodollars. Last week, it was reported that Washington was selling some $11 billion-worth of cruise missiles and other advanced ordnance to Saudi Arabia and its smaller Persian Gulf client, the United Arab Emirates.

Only a year ago, the US and Saudi Arabia announced a weapons contract worth some $60 billion. The American arms industry is an integral part of the Saudi petrodollar strategic relationship.

It is not clear what the latest Saudi threats against its traditional American patron entail.

The Wall Street Journal reported Prince Bandar telling Western diplomats that the kingdom “plans to scale back cooperating with the US to arm and train Syrian rebels.” That could mean an even more protracted bloody quagmire in Syria as the Saudis go for broke and escalate their supply of American-made weapons to the Al Qaeda extremists of Al Nusra and Islamic State of Iraq and Levant.

The explosive danger for the Middle East region from a turbo-charged Saudi sulk with Washington over Syria, including more false flag terror attacks, could result in the kind of all-out war that the US so recklessly dallied with but pulled back from last month.

Perhaps even more worrying for Washington would be if the Saudis started tampering with the petrodollar life-support system. Never mind that that would also probably spell the downfall of the House of Saud. When a kingdom is ruled by temper-tantrum despots the danger of irrationality is always a contingency.

Source : Strategic Culture Foundation

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Ed. note: Nobel Peace Prize laureate Mairead Maguire speaks of her visit to Syria.She says people organized and supported by Washington are violent groups, which have no mercy for the innocents and are not after peace in Syria.

Mairead Maguire believes that Syria is being used as a proxy war by Britain, the U.S. and their regional allies both totalitarian dictatorships of Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

“Both Arab regimes in Qatar and Saudi Arabia will pay for a possible US-led military invasion of Syria with their petrodollars. The two do not only meddle in the internal affairs of Syria and in the conflict in the Arab country, but they are also responsible for a lot of violence and bloodshed that has taken place and is still happening in Syria since [more than] two years”, Mairead states.

“This is a proxy war by outside forces and the world must stand up against it.”


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Pope Francis will not meet with Naziyahu


Pope Francis met with the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas during his recent visit to Rome


A “diplomatic embarrassment” has arisen following the refusal of Pope Francis I to meet with Israel’s prime minister at short notice. Benjamin Netanyahu’s office had already announced that a meeting would take place during his visit to Italy, reported Haaretz, but the pope has no plans in this regard.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas met the Pope during his recent visit to Rome where he received a pen as a gift, with the wish that he will use it to sign a peace agreement with Israel.

According to Haaretz, the Vatican became aware of Netanyahu’s visit to Rome and his supposed meeting with Pope Francis through the media. “The Prime Minister’s Office worked hard to hold the meeting and to avoid any embarrassment but to no avail,” claimed the newspaper.

The Vatican informed Israel’s ambassador to Italy, Naor Gilon, on Sunday that the prime minister will not meet the Pope; Netanyahu’s advisors are said to be “outraged”. Gilon said that the Vatican protocol for meetings is very complex. “To arrange for such a meeting within a week is regarded as an insult, so it has never happened,” he explained.

Israel Radio reported that a new date for a meeting is to be set “as soon as possible”.

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U.S. Can Not Avoid Economic Armageddon – It’s Coming!


Those dependent on the welfare state are unaware that their benefits are not


sustainable. Most believe tomorrow will be like today and the checks will keep coming from Mother Government. Political power was gained based on promising these benefits.

  • No politician will risk his position by trying to reduce them.
  • No democratic society has ever rolled them back via peaceful political means.
  • At worst, the economy and society could end up in ashes.
  • At best, the world is in for a long period of stagnation, retrogression and conflict.

Let me explain more fully. Read More »

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Monty Pelerin: Economic Collapse Coming to U.S. & Other Industrialized Nations of the World!  Here’s Why

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The developed economies of the world have opened the money spigots…[and this] massive money and credit creation is sitting in the banking system like dry tinder just waiting for a spark to set it ablaze. How quickly it happens is anyone’s guess, but once it does we are likely to be enveloped in a worldwide inflation unlike anything before ever witnessed. [Let me explain further.] Words: 625

29. Oh My GAWD! This Infographic on US Debt Is Frightening

LOOK! Everyone needs to see this. United States owes a lot of money. As of 2012, US debt is larger than the size of the economy. The debt ceiling is currently set at $16.394 Trillion, estimated to be hit around Sep 14, 2012. In the infographic below that enormous amount is illustrated in $100 bills. It’s frightening! Words: 605

30. The U.S. Debt Spiral: When Will it End? More Importantly, HOW Will it End?

The U.S. already has more government debt per capita than the PIIGS (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain) do and it just keeps getting worse and worse thanks to both political parties. We are on the road to national financial oblivion yet most Americans don’t seem to care. They don’t realize that we have enjoyed the greatest prosperity we will ever see…and that when the debt bubble bursts there is going to be an immense amount of pain. That is a very painful truth, but it is better to come to grips with it now than be blindsided by it later. [Let me explain.] Words: 1140

31. Government Can’t Prevent the Next Financial Disaster – Here’s Why

Even as I write these words, the world’s largest economy — the E.U. — is coming unglued at the seams, the world’s second largest — the U.S. — is careening headlong toward a fiscal cliff that promises to gut its GDP, nearly all of Asia — including Japan, China and India — is slowing…and yet most investors still don’t get the message. [Let me go on to explain just what that message is.] Words: 1357

32. Martin Weiss: You Are Being Forewarned – Again – About an Imminent Financial Megashock!

[You are being forewarned – again – that Europe and the U.S. are now on a collision course with a second Lehman-type mega shock….A snowball of events – bank runs spreading across Europe – are bringing us a few steps closer. What [can we expect] next? Let me explain. Words: 1795

33. 3.6 Million Views – and Counting! Why U.S. Debt & Budget Will NEVER Balance

This short video – on the sustainability of government spending – should be watched by everyone, including those not yet old enough to vote. It should be shown in every high school and college classroom.

34. Be Careful! Former Investment “Rules” Nolonger Work – Here’s Why

Investment “rules” that were relevant for a century are obsolete. They were based on a world where economies grew, people’s standard of living increased and outcomes tomorrow better than today. Arguably each of these conditions will not hold in the future but if they don’t, neither do the rules of thumb that guided investing last century.  These guiding principles developed and worked in a world that that no longer exists but applying them in the future will result in devastating financial outcomes. [Let me explain.] Words: 1261

35. Today’s Investment Approach Must Change to Survive Tomorrow’s Major Economic Changes – Here’s How

The world is hurdling toward what seems to be certain economic collapse so, if your expectations are similar to mine, then you should be exploring ways to prepare for something that eventually will become an economic dark age. Investment performance is always relevant and it has never been more important than in these difficult economic times – nor has it ever been more difficult. Markets have already changed and are getting worse…As the economy worsens, market movements [like the two 50% declines we have seen since 2000] are likely to become more pronounced [and, as such,] it behooves anyone with exposure to the stock market to understand what is happening and [take action to] protect themselves against further 50%, and possibly larger, downsides. [This article outlines how best to do just that.] Words: 1491; Charts: 2; Tables: 1

36. “Financial Repression” May Soon Become Our Worst Nightmare! Here’s Why

A new financial policy initiative known by the label “Financial Repression” may soon become our worst nightmare. ‘Repression’ rhymes with ‘depression’ which could be what we have to look forward to as rampant price inflation and permanently lower living standards take hold. Get ready to be conscripted into a citizen army assembled for the greater cause of saving the nation from being swamped by a tsunami of debt. Let me explain. Words: 1585

37. Taxmageddon: 2013 Will be a Disaster Regardless of Who Wins! Here’s Why

“Regardless of whether or not you feel taxes need to be raised, a big set of tax hikes is scheduled to happen. To be sure, some of those hikes will be undone in compromises, but many if not most will sneak through.” [Let me explain.]

38.  Financial Repression: How Sneaky Governments Steal Your Money

One of the things that’s being lost in the welter of rhetoric around the debt crises of sovereign nations is that these are not normal debtors, and government debt is not the same as personal debt. If you or I are in debt we are obliged to fulfil the terms of our repayment obligations or to go bankrupt or to pretend to die and go off and live on the life insurance. A country in the same situation has a range of other measures available to it…[Let’s explore their options and what their implications would be for the country and its citizens.] Words: 1145

39. Stealth Taxation in the Form of Financial Repression is Coming! Here’s Why – and How

Financial Repression is a form of wealth confiscation and redistribution that is in some ways as effective as taxation – but the government never directly calls it that. It never appears in the budget (directly), and while it is dependent on a comprehensive network of laws and regulations – none of those go through the legislature with a stated intention of creating Financial Repression. So while the economic net effects are similar to a huge and comprehensive set of investor taxes being used to pay down the national debt, the “taxes” are never a campaign issue because voters and investors don’t understand what is happening – they only feel the results. [In this article I lay out for you what is slowly developing and expected to escalate dramatically in the next few years.] Words: 5800

40. The U.S. and Greece are Frighteningly Similar! Here’s Why

The inability [of Congress] to reduce spending and tax its citizenry represents a competitive disadvantage for the U.S.. It is the mark of a country that cannot keep its fiscal house in order, does not care about repaying its debts and, [as such, it] may well be heading for collapse. Words: 978

41. The Zombification of the Financial System: Debt is NOT a Free Lunch, Debt is NOT Wealth!

Why are both debtors and creditors willing to build a status quo of massive unprecedented debt? [After all, the delusions of] creditors that debt is wealth and should never be liquidated, and of debtors that debt is an easy or free lunch have been smashed by the juggernaut of history many times before…[and] I think they will soon be smashed again. [Let me explain.] Words: 1150

42.  U.S. “Deficit Disorder” Means Broken Promises + Even More QE! Here’s Why

One of the problems with the debate over the “national debt” is that there’s no generally agreed upon definition of that term. Is it what the federal government owes, or what it owes foreigners, or what the whole country, private and public sector together, owes? Does it include off-balance-sheet items and contingent liabilities? There’s a hundred-trillion dollar gap between lowest and highest on this spectrum, which allows each commentator to confuse the rest of us by picking the measure that best suits their point of view. [Let’s try to decipher the true state of the nation.] Words: 1468

43. Monumental Change is Coming for Most Americans – Here’s Why

A monumental change is coming, and for most Americans, it will be painful—especially for the unprepared. [Let me explain just what is happening, why it can not go on as is and what we can likely expect in the future.] Words: 1144

44. Attention America! Your Surging Debt Will Eventually Suffocate You

Our empirical research ( Growth in a Time of Debt) on the history of financial crises and the relationship between growth and public liabilities shows that burdens above 90% are associated with 1% lower median growth – and the United States’ debt level is currently hovering around 90% on a gross basis and 60% netting out assets. Politicians like to argue that their country will expand its way out of debt but our historical research suggests that growth alone is rarely enough to achieve that…[given] the debt levels we are experiencing today…[As such,] we need to be cautious about surrendering to the “this-time-is-different” syndrome and decreeing that surging government debt isn’t as significant a problem in the present as it was in the past. [Let us explain why.] Words: 1175

45. Bernanke’s Actions – or Inactions – Won’t Prevent Coming Collapse! Here’s Why

By threatening to drop money out of helicopters to fight deflation – to  leave a paperweight on the “print” button if you will – Bernanke convinced the market and all of Wall Street that the Fed would always be there to step in and save the day. [In fact, however,] the whole thing was a bluff meant to prop up the markets – the famed Bernanke Put – and it was a lie. The markets will be realizing this in the coming months, if not sooner, and when they do, we’ll see the REAL Collapse: the one to which 2008 was just a warm-up. [Let me explain.] Words: 444

46. The $64 Trillion Question Is: “When and How Does the Debt Death Spiral End?”

We are in the latter stages of the debt death spiral where debt and interest payments can only be made by adding more debt. This process has a sure ending. Like the flush of a toilet, the spiral goes faster and faster until it finally ends. [Let me put forth just how serious the problem is.] Words: 431

47. What Will the Outcome of All the QE Mean for the U.S. (and the World)?

At the risk of looking/sounding like some crazed religious fanatic usually seen carrying a sign or proclaiming: “Repent, the end is near,” I shall avoid the word “repent”. To me, the rest of that proclamation appears accurate and reasonable, at least with regard to our economic condition. [Let me explain:] Words: 1896

48. Richard Duncan: IF Credit Bubble Pops Civilization Won’t Survive the Depression that Follows

Our civilization would not be able to handle such a transition from an expansionary credit based economy where goods and services were readily available into a paradigm of credit contraction, supply shortages and destitution and this is what is coming. There is no way to prevent it – only to defer it until a later date – and that day will soon be upon us. Words: 590

49. Facts Show U.S. Gov’t Expecting Civil Unrest Should Economy Collapse

I think the U.S. government and our central bank has a tremendously transparent view of what is coming down the road in terms of financial distress….I believe the evidence [I present below] shows that they are preparing for this eventual crisis in a command and control fashion, without alerting the public to the coming implosion. The most immediate trigger event is the looming peril of a collapsing economy followed by inevitable civil unrest. I believe they will use the despair that flows forth from the fiscal wreckage as an excuse to institute martial law. Call it “crazy”. Call it “conspiracy theory”. Call it “coincidence”. Call it “fear mongering”. Call it whatever you like but I find it far more insane to shrug off the strange behavior of our power structure, and simply hope that it’s all irrelevant to the future. [Once I have put forth my evidence and explained its implications in this article I think you will agree.]

50. George Soros Predicts Economic Chaos/Conflict in Europe and Riots in the U.S.!

George Soros…is more concerned with surviving than staying rich…He doesn’t just mean it’s time to protect your assets. He means it’s time to stave off disaster. As he sees it, the world faces one of the most dangerous periods of modern history—a period of “evil.” Europe is confronting a descent into chaos and conflict. In America he predicts riots on the streets that will lead to a brutal clampdown that will dramatically curtail civil liberties. The global economic system could even collapse altogether. [Perhaps] we should be, too, [but as] we have often explained, [such comments ar nothing more than] the fear-based promotions of the power elite to frighten the middle classes into giving up power and wealth to globalist institutions. Let us explain.

51. Do You Really Want the Truth? OK, Here It Is – But You Won’t Like the Conclusion

Damn it, how long do we have put up with this crap? Will we ever have an honest conversation on the facts of the matter related to what’s going on in the banking system — and has been since 2007 and indeed for the last 30 years? …That’s [unlikely] because there has been no recognition of the truth, not in Greece, not in Portugal, not in Ireland and not in the United States and here’s truth: Government cannot spend more than it taxes. Period! There is no “if”, there is no “and”, and there is no “but.” All the games played over the last 30 years, were, [and still] are, in fact, scams. Let me explain why. Words: 1700

52. Are You A Sucker? If Not, Here’s The Reality About America’s “Recovery”!

What passes for journalism at CNBC and the rest of the mainstream print and TV media is beyond laughable. Their America is all about feelings. Are we confident? Are we bullish? Are we optimistic about the future? America has turned into a giant confidence game. The governing elite spend their time spinning stories about recovery and manipulating public opinion so people will feel good and spend money. Facts are inconvenient to their storyline. The truth is for suckers. They know what is best for us and will tell us what to do and when to do it. [Let me give you some examples.] Words: 1130

53. Ayurveda: The Cure for the Virus that Plagues Our Financial System

Today’s western financial world operates much like government-sponsored medical systems. Mask the problem and give the bankers the pharmaceutical drugs (bail out money) to help them dull the pain and keep them on life support. Letting the free markets work in curing the ailment is not an option because then there would be little need for doctors (governments) or the manufacturers of these drugs (central banks). The banks are sick and should be allowed to pass on…so the virus known as debt does not affect the rest of the population. Unfortunately, the governments and central bankers have only one prescription drug of choice to keep them alive [and that seems to be the supposed cure-all of] printing money… [Let me explain further.] Words: 970

54. Debt and the Santa Claus Principle

“An essential point in the social philosophy of interventionism is the existence of an inexhaustible fund which can be squeezed forever. The whole system of interventionism collapses when this fountain is drained off: The Santa Claus principle liquidates itself.” [This article discusses the reality of the current economic crisis and] what is required to revive the economy. Words: 1666

55. Alf Field’s 7 “D’s” of the Developing Disaster Revisited

When the supply of something is increased sharply relative to demand, the value of that commodity will decline. If the supply continues to increase rapidly and indefinitely, then that item will become worth less and less, with the potential to finally become nearly worthless. This is the Developing Disaster facing the US Dollar and the world. This is the factor that could become the single most important criterion in investment allocation decisions and possibly even for individual financial survival…[Let me explain this further by reviewing the 7 major problems facing the U.S. (and thus the world) and how they all will lead to problem #7 – devolution.] Words: 1520

56.  Where Is This Unprecedented Global Financial Crisis Headed? A Retrospective from Alf Field

Everyone must be wondering where this “unprecedented global financial crisis”, (the World Bank’s words), is heading. What follows, for what they are worth, are my cogitations on this crisis. Words: 1641

57. The U.S. is Headed Toward a Complete and Utter Collapse of its Financial System

The U.S. is headed inexorably toward a systemic failure, a complete and utter collapse of the financial system. TARP and all the other machinations have not improved the underlying insolvency of the banking system. They have, however, deferred a collapse and ensured that it will ultimately be worse. [Let me explain.] Words: 1385

58. Williams: U.S. Can Not Avoid Coming Financial Armageddon

The U.S. economy is in an intensifying inflationary recession that eventually will evolve into a hyperinflationary great depression… [at which time] a $100 bill in the United States will become worth more as functional toilet paper/tissue than as currency. The U.S. government and Federal Reserve already have committed the system to this course through the easy politics of a bottomless pocketbook, the servicing of big-moneyed special interests, and gross mismanagement. The article is long but well worth the read. Words: 3565

59. Don’t Believe the Lies – THIS Is the Economic Reality – Take a Look… Then Get Prepared

Don’t believe these big lies – the following charts illustrate just what IS reality. Take a look and then get prepared for when the —- hits the fan! Read More »

60. 5 Red Flags of Imminent Economic Collapse

These 5 red flags will give you anywhere from a few days to a few months of warning that things are about to change drastically…and well before those around you grasp the full extent of what is going on. This is hopefully a scenario that never happens as this will truly be the end of the world as you knew it. Read More »

61. We’re Heading Toward Another Nightmarish Financial Crisis! Here’s Why

We have not seen so many financial trouble signs all come together at one time like this since just prior to the last major financial crisis in 2008.  It is almost as if a “perfect storm” is brewing, and a lot of the “smart money” has already gotten out of stocks and bonds.  Could it be possible that we are heading toward another nightmarish financial crisis? Read More » 

The madmen who are responsible for the coming economic disaster continue to behave as if they can manage to avoid it.  Violating Einstein’s definition of insanity, they continue to apply the same poison that caused the problem. These fools believe they can manage complexities they do not understand. The end is certain, only its timing is unknown, and, once interest rates begin to rise, and they will, it’s game over so it begs the questions “How much longer this can possibly go on?” and “What will happen to the U.S. and the world when it does?Read More » 

63. Rapid Rise In Interest Rates Will Collapse U.S. Financial System – Here’s Why

There is one vitally important number that everyone needs to be watching right now, and it doesn’t have anything to do with unemployment, inflation or housing.  If this number gets too high, it will collapse the entire U.S. financial system.  The number that I am talking about is the yield on 10 year U.S. Treasuries. Here’s why. Words: 1161; Charts: 2 Read More » 

64. Economics Can’t Trump Mathematics & the Math Says US In a Debt Death Spiral 

The madmen who are responsible for the coming economic disaster continue to behave as if they can manage to avoid it.  Violating Einstein’s definition of insanity, they continue to apply the same poison that caused the problem. These fools believe they can manage complexities they do not understand. We are bigger fools for providing them the authority to indulge their hubris and wreak such damage. Read More »

65. U.S. in Terminal Phase of Unprecedented Debt Spiral

Anyone that thinks that the U.S. economy can keep going along like this is absolutely crazy.  We are in the terminal phase of an unprecedented debt spiral which has allowed us to live far, far beyond our means for the last several decades.  Unfortunately, all debt spirals eventually end, and they usually do so in a very disorderly manner. Read More »

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PTSD is Really Post Traumatic Heart Disorder ~ Only Love Heals



It is obvious that the symptoms of PTSD are very similar to the symptoms of people being seemingly separated from love whereas deep psychic pain as well as feelings of guilt and unworthiness override the ability to give and receive love ~ thus supporting a heart centered approach to recovery:

by Allen L Roland, PhD.

In March 2005, PBS aired A SOLDIERS HEART where a physician on that show reported that every soldier in Iraq is forever emotionally changed after serving in combat. This can actually become a hardening of the heart whereas the soldier eventually becomes seemingly incapable of giving and receiving love and retreats into a lonely and impenetrable shell.

I have proved this in my work as a heart centered counselor for 38 years and working with combat veterans with PTSD for the past four years.

I’m proud of being a Navy veteran and serving five years on active duty as well as two additional years as a weekend warrior. I believed in what I was doing at that time and I served in the lull between the Korean conflict and Vietnam War 1957 – 1964. Although I was trained to kill with my sidewinder and Sparrow missiles ~ I never had to fire them in anger although I most certainly would have fired if directed.

The highlight of those five years was my 10 month tour on the USS Ranger which was patrolling the South China Sea and the Sea of Japan. I flew an all-weather supersonic single place interceptor (F3H Demon) and most of my 135 carrier landings were at night or in severe weather conditions. There was no room for laxity under those conditions ~ it was all about intention, hand eye coordination and especially focus.

The carrier was my eternal mother who embraced me every night by not only catching me in her three deck wires (often at a low fuel state) but later lulling me to sleep with her gentle rolling and the musical hum of her giant turbines.

Everyone on the carrier was part of a coordinated team and the common effort was to safely launch and land its large complement of fighter and attack planes. I felt blessed and totally supported in my mission from deck hands to landing signal officers. There was a tremendous feeling of being an integral part of something far greater than myself ~ literally a family.

I’ll never forget one early dawn launch on the South China Sea. I was sitting on the number one catapult waiting for the carrier to turn into the wind, my aircraft canopy was open and I began to cry tears of joy. I was living my dream and suddenly I realized it and I also realized that there was nothing I couldn’t accomplish if I set my mind and heart to it ~ as I had in becoming a Navy Carrier pilot.

I have never forgotten that moment but that insight was just a prelude to eventually living my ultimate dream of fully opening my heart, going through my deep fears of loss and personally proving and owning my Unified Field  many years later.

The journey of the heart is much like flying in all weather conditions in that you must conquer fear and your heart centered self-belief is your needle ball instrument ( the one aircraft instrument that tells you if you are straight and level or upside down in a vertigo episode ~ which I harrowingly experienced many times).

Now I’m living my ultimate dream which is sharing my gift of seeing through the heart with all my clients but especially veterans of Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan (with PTSD) and helping them to a place of another choice of behavior by jump starting their hearts and reawakening their desire to love, be loved and to heal themselves in the process. As I watch a light go on within these soul damaged warriors who are living in the grey zone of PTSD ~ I realize I’ve come full circle and once again I’m in service from a place of celebration and joy.

My recent newsletter on band of brothers # 11 summarized my work with five more Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, all with PTSD, who faced their fears and not only opened their hearts but found and began to heal themselves in only eight weeksSee article ~

Every day at least 22 U.S. veterans attempt suicide, more than four times the national average. Of the 30,000 suicides each year in the U.S., 20 percent are committed by veterans, though veterans make up only 7.6 percent of the population. Obviously, there is a deep need for a heart centered approach to these emotionally wounded warriors and the success of my ongoing healing the wounded heart workshops prove that they are more than receptive to it.

In many ways, PTSD is really PTHD (Post Traumatic Heart Disorder) for there is no permanent healing until the heart opens through gratefulness ~ for only then does the desire for true self-healing occur.

So, in essence, PTSD is a form of Post Traumatic Heart Disorder and many people suffer the same symptoms when they have been rejected, abandoned or hurt in a love relationship.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, is a psychiatric disorder that can occur following the experience or witnessing of life-threatening events such as military combat, natural disasters, terrorist incidents, serious accidents, or violent personal assaults like rape. People who suffer from PTSD often relive the experience through nightmares and flashbacks, have difficulty sleeping, and feel detached or estranged, and these symptoms can be severe enough and last long enough to significantly impair the person’s daily life. But, I would argue, people can suffer these very same symptoms when they are seemingly separated from love.

As such, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is actually a Heart Disorder where psychic pain, fear and guilt often override their deepest joy and ability to love.

To many, suicide becomes the only choice, as Dr Gary Kohls wrote ~ It is often said that 200,000 Vietnam vets have committed suicide since they came home from the war, although, with 30% of the huge US homeless population being nameless and homeless Vietnam veterans, the precise number is unknown and actually may be larger!

In my experience as a practicing therapist ~ A person will take their own life only if they feel that the dark loveless tunnel of aloneness they exist in is their ONLY CHOICE. My role, as a therapist, is to help bring them to another life enhancing choice ~ and I maintain that cannot be accomplished without awakening their hearts through gratefulness and love. Only then will they begin to see through clearer eyes and realize that they indeed have ANOTHER CHOICE.

The previously mentioned PBS film, A Soldiers Heart, depicts a Marine Sergeant who opened fire on and killed an Iraqi civilian woman who was reaching onto her bag for a white flag as she approached their checkpoint. When he realized his mistake he broke down crying and was emotionally unable thereafter to carry out his duties. This is not an unusual incident and is a clear indication of spiritual or soul damage.

For too many combat veterans, war is a living hell they can never completely forget, as this 4 minute video of the all too common killing of innocent civilians somberly and musically depicts .

P.T.S.D is occurring now at an alarming rate in Iraq and Afghanistan and the military can no longer sweep it under the rug by not recognizing the validity of soul damage or loss.

There is only one logical explanation for this phenomenon and it is this ~ deepest in our hearts we have a need to love and be loved and it extends to all our brothers and sisters throughout the world. Longfellow called it the thread of all sustaining beauty that runs through all and doth all unite.

I call it a Unified Field of love and soul consciousness that exists not only beyond time and space but also deepest within us all ~ and most certainly beneath our deepest fears and pain.

When we take someone else’s life in combat ~ we destroy a part of our own heart in the process and we may never psychically recover from this incident on a soul level.

The same things happens when we consciously hurt someone we love or consciously withhold love from someone we love. We, in essence, are saying NO to our heart in the process and we can suffer significant psychic damage on a soul level.

But when we kill someone ~ our heart becomes hardened with guilt and it is almost impossible to accept or give love carrying this burden ~ which many of our Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan combat veterans now bear.

When we close our heart we enter a dark prison cell where our own bars of fear and unworthiness keep us from fully experiencing ourselves as well as others. Each of us can free ourselves from that self-imposed lock down of the heart and the magic key is gratitude ~ beginning with the people who have always been there for us and eventually ourselves.

In my work, as a therapist, with clients with PTSD or PTHD ~ I concentrate, with great success, on opening their hearts ~ initially through gratefulness to the people and friends who have been there for them and finally to giving and accepting love themselves. They eventually forgive themselves in the process of opening their hearts. This self-healing can happen rapidly as it did in the eleven Healing the Wounded Heart Band of Brothers 8 week workshops I have facilitated over the past three years ~ with over a 60% average improvement in all symptoms of PTSD and in particular the ability to love and be loved as well as a greatly increased sense of self-worth and gratefulness. See my article ~

I experienced something similar after a nine month cruise as an all-weather Navy fighter pilot on the USS Ranger in the early 1960′s.

I was never in combat but I was trained to kill on command and would have fired my lethal missiles at a Chinese MIG if ordered to ~ probably without hesitation.

When I returned I had lost much of my innocence, my heart had hardened to some degree and my loved ones noted it.

Eventually my heart opened ~ but it may have been much more difficult if I had taken someone’s life.

Perhaps we have reached the point in our evolution where we will begin to see all men as our brothers and realize that nonviolence must be a universal spiritual practice ~ if we are to further evolve.

Martin Luther King Jr said it best;
Nonviolence means avoiding not only external physical violence but also internal violence of the spirit . You not only refuse to shoot a man, but you refuse to hate him .

I am now increasingly concentrating on healing these wounded members of our torn society ~ so please do not hesitate to call or email me if you know of someone who not only needs this help but sincerely wants to find a heart centered choice of behavior and escape the dark prison of fear and guilt based ego consciousness where we often punish the people closest to us by withholding love.


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30 Years Later, Survivors Recall Beirut Blast


Former Marine Ed Ayers of Scranton, Penn., hangs his head and weeps at the Beirut Bombing Memorial in Jacksonville, NC, on Wednesday (photo credit: AP/Allen G. Breed)

Former Marine Ed Ayers of Scranton, Penn., hangs his head and weeps at the Beirut Bombing Memorial in Jacksonville, NC, on Wednesday (photo credit: AP/Allen G. Breed)

Hundreds gather at North Carolina memorial to mark deadliest terrorist attack on Americans before Sept. 11, 2001

By Allen G. Breed and Emery P. Dalesio

JACKSONVILLE, NC (AP) — In a moment of quiet reflection, Ed Ayers sat in front a wall etched with the names of 241 Americans who were slaughtered 30 years ago when a suicide bomber drove a truck into a four-story military barracks in Beirut. He wept as he remembered his own peacekeeping service before his unit was replaced by the troops who were attacked.

“It’s a shame,” said Ayers, who wished the US involvement in Lebanon’s civil war had been handled differently. “I don’t think we’re the world’s police. We should determine what our own values are.”

Marine Corps Commandant Gen. James Amos and hundreds of others gathered Wednesday at the memorial bordering Camp Lejeune. A granite wall with the words “They Came in Peace” honors the bombing victims of Oct. 23, 1983, which was the deadliest terrorist attack on Americans before Sept. 11, 2001.

Amos said the attack helped define the start of America’s war against terrorists.

“The nation was not expecting this. There was a new kind of warfare — the threat of radical extremists being able to target military and civilian personnel with weapons of mass destruction for political, religious and personal gains,” he said. “We will never forgive nor will we ever forget.”

But some worried the 1983 attack and a truck-bombing of the US Embassy in Beirut six months earlier had been forgotten.

Michelle Lucas was 15 when her brother, Lance Cpl. Richard Morrow, died in the barracks bombing. She wished more people knew about the attack.

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