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Excerpts from a letter sent by prisoners in the central prison of Aleppo to his family



Transmission of activists on the pages of social networking a letter addressed to a inmates Aleppo central to his family, which included details of the lives of prisoners, who are “waiting for death, disease and starvation,” according to the letter. said the letter, published by the lawyer Alaa Sayed, on his social networking site (Excerpts from the letter were published without revision or repair of errors grammatical or spelling, after neglecting some personal details relating to the family of the prisoner): – my days became numbered and die in prison, no light not at night and not during the day and cases of disease Wholesale recovered God and more case of tuberculosis and deaths daily violin cases and deaths from hunger. – Mnakl every day Morocco loaf of bread and ten tablespoons rice with a bowl Mai for a second day Morocco and the suffering and pain and hunger and بتمر

We days deceive three days without eating and people Abtamot prison Wholesale Hai hand disease and hunger and Dowa interruption final. – Uige Red Crescent or two days per week and answer Mau eat, we like Bhellergev and ten tablespoons rice but I wish you Uige all day and the rest live on the ability of God Almighty. – Hey Khai I do not know what will be my fate But inevitably die at the hands of either hunger infidel or bombing or the disease, which squeezes my bowels, Hfallkm way Talona them from prison and Khalsona of Haezzab. – O gentle became died Shi 300 prisoners out of 4000 and the dead, what Abkhalohm Italauhm everything that Mato Dvino within Baha Eastern jailed en masse and numbers Abtzad every week, everything that Obeitalaa from prison Amakhals from certain death. – Hfallkm way Khalsona quickly the day before Bakri, oh my family I’m in prison fateful death waza Khalatona Aktar heck of God, the great what بيطلع from prison, but long life . –

Nhna Aychen on the power of God Samao Ôáćä Aychen they’re night shelling over our heads to become and what we become the only waxing and be sentenced to death and injured. – guys hungry? Hunger? Hunger? Every day die people from hunger and tuberculosis Sayer imprisonment. – Ash I want Eshrhalkm to Eshrhalkm imagine that I Aboketb and Srla days what income Jovi Summit eat or Shaqfa bread, I’m tired Khairallah and Bdkm Tcolo semi Abmot ČÓ slitting (now) Welcomed type bill born Ashtrula Yaha and Abatola Yaha with the Red Crescent Llano Obeija Aalsjn answer eat and anti-Semitic prisoners Evacuated released and all Uige answers with him every prisoner loaf of bread and a little rice what ČÚŃÝ if Abjeeb Aktar ČÓ Nhna Haad Obeiouselna and Ya Reit Uige every day. – essential Tbatola Dowa and Ttabau the Llano Red Crescent arrived and led police and important Tbatwa born diarrhea because people Abtamot the diarrhea and اسألو

pharmacist born where food vitamins because lump. – you Alhakona before are die Hfallkm the Shi way Talona and you Rouho Aalkadhi and Cololo prison tired dead and patios filled with dead mass graves important to ye Tkhalsona of the Haloza who I in him. signature: your son Abdel-Moneim, who perhaps Tfkaddonh and be his tomb inside the prison. “ended the message text. referred to as the boxed prison about six months ago months within the so-called battle of the “liberation of prisoners” and exposed the prison building was bombed from the outside by opposition militants, who are trying to break into, spin almost daily clashes in the surroundings.

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