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New Federal Reserve Vice-Chair May Be Former Bank of I$raHell Chief


Former Bank of Israel Governor Stanley Fischer may soon become the number two in command of the American economy via the Federal Reserve.

Former Bank of Israel Governor Stanley Fischer may soon become the number two in command of the American economy via the Federal Reserve.

by Bob Johnson

It’s being reported that after the Jewess Janet Yellen is made the leader of the Federal Reserve, Stanley Fischer will be put in Yellen’s former position as number two of the Federal Reserve. Fischer was the Bank of Israel Governor from 2005 – 2013.

Fischer, obviously, is Jewish and is a Zionist. It’s amazing that the second in command of the US economy would be someone with such deep and

strong ties to a foreign power.  Fischer holds duel citizenship of the US and Israel.

Fischer was also the First Deputy Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund and the Vice Chairman of Citigroup and the President of Citigroup International (here’s an interesting article of how Citigroup officials worked with their buddies in the Federal Reserve to steal from the American tax payers during the last crash in 2008). Fischer also was the thesis adviser for the current Jewish Chairman of the Federal Reserve, BenjaminShalom Bernanke, and for an economist who believes outsourcing American jobs to Communist China and other places is a great idea, Greg Mankiw (I’m not sure if Mankiw is also a member of the “chosen tribe” or not).

With Jews running the US economy through the Federal Reserve from 1987 through today and into the future, it’s a good idea to know something about what Judaism teaches them. Especially in relation of how they should deal with Gentiles.

The Hebrew Bible/Old Testament makes it clear that Hebrews/Jews should show mercy to fellow tribesmen and not show mercy to Gentile people. Deuteronomy 15 deals with finances directly. Verses 1 and 2 have the Hebrew/Jewish god instructing the Hebrews/Jews that are creditors that every seven years they shall release the debt fellow Hebrews/Jews owe to them. However, verse 3 instructs, “Of a foreigner thou mayest exact it again: but that which is thine with thy brother thine hand shall release.” It doesn’t bode well for a Gentile nation to have Jews who are taught these anti-Gentile teachings to be in authority positions in Gentile nations. It’s just common sense that tells us this is a horrible idea with catastrophic consequences.

Even the Hebrew/Jewish jubilee is tinged with anti-Gentile hatred. The first part of Leviticus 25 is all about freeing slaves and forgiving debt. However, the too often overlooked anti-Gentile teachings in verses 44-46 make it very clear Gentile people are here strictly to serve Hebrews/Jews. These important verses read, “Both thy bondmen, and thy bondmaids, which thou shalt have, shall be of the heathen that are round about you; of them shall ye buy bondmen and bondmaids. Moreover of the children of the strangers that do sojourn among you, of them shall ye buy, and of their families that are with you, which they begat in your land: and they shall be your possession.  And ye shall take them as an inheritance for your children after you, to inherit them for a possession; they shall be your bondmen for ever: but over your brethren the children of Israel, ye shall not rule one over another with rigour.”

Do we really want people whose religion teaches them such open and cruel hatred for Gentiles that owning Gentiles and our children as slaves is a God-given right of the Hebrews/Jews running our economic system? Israel and Judaism are real threats to all Gentile people and to all people of goodwill (read the eBooklet The Danger of Israel for documented evidence that makes it clear what a profound and real threat they are to the world). The more power they have, the more danger we and our children are in.

A powerful weapon to dismantle the threat we face in Judaism and Israel, as well as in all “revealed”/hearsay religions, is Deism. The American founder and Deist, Thomas Paine, wrote in his powerful and enlightening book,The Age of Reason, The Complete Edition (for Kindle click here) that we need a revolution in religion based on our innate God-given reason and Deism. This will break the backs of Judaism and its offshoots and allow us to free ourselves and our children and grandchildren of the threat they hold over us.

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Will Les Clintons Scuttle Us/Iran Rapprochement?



Late this week, according to a former aide who claims that she has given up politics, word from the Clinton camp is that Bill has apparently concluded that La Clinton can’t secure the Oval Office without the green (as in the color of US currency) light from Tel Aviv.


By Franklin Lamb


They will if they can, and in league with the US Zionist lobby they well might. The latter is currently eager to fund and promote the Clintons’ new project, according to New Orleans sources close to political operative James Carville, a veteran of three Clinton and two Obama presidential campaigns. Carville has publicly sworn recently, while out late with drinking buddies in his favorite French Quarter bar, that he was finished “pimping for the Clintons.” Plus he has come to “really admire the current President”.

But Bill is not and does not.

Despite the Clinton estate, by now valued at tens of millions of dollars which continues its rapid expansion since the White House days, the former President is reportedly often short-tempered and grouchy these days.

Is it any wonder why President Bill Clinton would grovel before a Jewish audience at a $350 a plate dinner, and butter something as ridiculously pathetic as the following statement — The Israelis know that if the Iraqi or the Iranian army came across the Jordan River, I would personally grab a rifle, get in a ditch, and fight and die.

Is it any wonder why President Bill Clinton would grovel before a Jewish audience at a $350 a plate dinner, and butter something as ridiculously pathetic as the following statement — The Israelis know that if the Iraqi or the Iranian army came across the Jordan River, I would personally grab a rifle, get in a ditch, and fight and die.

Put very simply, Bill’s problem has to do with his planned “third act” in life.

Le Clinton needs La Clinton to return the Oval Office to where Le claims he belongs.

But La is tired and laments that she does not really want to go through another grueling and humiliating (her word) Presidential campaign season. Adding, one imagines, to domestic pressure at home is the fact that the 2016 Presidential campaign is already starting, as White House aspirants move around Iowa and New Hampshire and to myriad venues launching their ‘trial balloons.’

Mrs. Clinton is reportedly hearing from her husband sweet entreaties and whispers to the effect that all she needs to focus on is getting elected in November of 2016 and he will help her campaign a lot. If things work out as hoped, La Clinton’s name will be on the White House stationery, but Le will run the show through 2024 from “behind the curtains and do the yeoman labor in the vineyards for America,” according to one former Member of the Democratic National Committee with whom this observer served as DNC member from Oregon years ago.

There are several surfacing problems, some apparently not anticipated, with the former President’s reportedly carefully crafted plan. An increasingly major one is perceived to be President Obama. “Barack appears to be threatening to break out of the Uncle Tom mold and get all uppity and radical and do things he claims to have believed in from childhood but put off until his last term,” according to the same source. American history reveals many similar transformations of lame duck Presidents with many falling short of their last term goals. Obama appears ready to fight for his.

As he increasingly discusses privately with friends in Congress, Barack Obama wants to extricate the US at least to some extent from the Middle East quagmire, end more than a decade of criminal wars, get real about the phony ‘war on terror’ and lessen US funding and even lighten US and UN political cover for the Zionist regime still illegally occupying Palestine. He is equally passionate about wanting to “re-build America-its schools, medical system and infrastructure” as he stressed during his joint appearances with the Republican nominee Mitt Romney, shortly before Obama’s stronger than expected showing on election night.

Moreover, Republicans don’t appear to have connected much with the voters and they have yet to capitalize on Obama’s shortcomings. The Clinton camp sees Obama’s hoped for legacy as fatal to their chances, not least for the reason that he makes no bones about being livid over Tel Aviv’s obstructionism during “peace negotiations” which he has reportedly come to believe are a ploy to steal more Palestinian land and undermine any realistic prospect for a viable Palestinian state.

The Clintons are said to believe that if Obama breaks loose from the Washington establishment and returns to the ideas his unconventional mother, who was an activist, liberal multicultural student who not only advocated full racial and gender equality, but married an African that the US right wingers and the Zionist lobby will combine to put a Republican in the White House.

One political operative on Capitol Hill who follows Presidential politics closely claims that over the past few weeks one issue has come to symbolize the Obama Administrations goals and Obama’s potential legacy, and that is restoring some modicum of normalization of US-Iranian relations. John Kerry, a potential 2016 White House candidate himself, and one who stands to gain substantially at the ballot box for his role, since his and Obama’s views are increasingly in synch with the American public, which according to a recent poll favors improved relations with Iran by more than 80%.

For Le Clinton and his team, this is not good news, less so for the Zionist Congressional lobby which reliably and consistently votes for Israel’s interests over their own constituents’ needs and wishes. For this reason Tel Aviv has gone all out to force Congress to impose more sanctions on the people of Iran and to raise barriers to the Obama-Kerrey initiative. This week they failed again to scuttle hopes for improved US-Iran relations, try as they might, to impose threats that would force the Rouhani government in Tehran to retreat from their gamble that the American side was serious about resolving the nuclear file and improving relations while scrapping some of the US political sanctions that having increasingly been targeting the civilian population of the Islamic Republic with the hope of igniting a street movement for regime change given the inflating cost of food and consumer, and unavailability of certain chronic care drugs.

Summoned by AIPAC 1

Some of the regular cast of characters, who appear as if for a Broadway curtain call when summoned by AIPAC, Congressmen Eric Cantor, Mark Kirk, Ed Royce, Elliot Engel, Robert Menendez, Michael McCaul, Rep. Brad Sherman among others, failed to parry John Kerry’s arguments late this week before Congress as he argued for more time to see what will happen over the next six months. This observer’s Congressman in Maryland’s 5th District, whose staff swear they read CounterPunch and my 2-cents worth of rants, actually balked and left the lobby high and dry on the efforts to abort the While House initiative. Times they may be changing–however, late on the game clock.

Kerry teamed with Obama in the White House decision to crack down on oil and shipping companies accused of helping Iran evade economic sanctions, a move that came as the White House appeared to gain ground in its fight to keep Congress from enacting even tougher restrictions that threaten to derail nuclear talks with the Islamic republic. “We will continue to take action against those who evade, or attempt to evade, our manifold sanctions on Iran,” David S. Cohen, the Treasury Department’s undersecretary for terrorism and financial intelligence, to Congress this week. “Make no mistake about it, Iran is still off-limits “for most oil and banking transactions,” Cohen said.

The enforcement actions against Asian, European and Iranian firms were announced moments before two of the administration’s top experts on Iran appeared before a Senate panel to warn again that the imposition of further sanctions could doom any chance of a final agreement with Iran on permanent limits to the country’s nuclear program. The White House is reported to have loved the timing which helped deflate the Zionist project.

Late this week, according to a former aide who claims that she has given up politics, word from the Clinton camp is that Bill has apparently concluded that La Clinton can’t secure the Oval Office without the green (as in the color of US currency) light from Tel Aviv.

Even though this observer was a Jerry Brown supporter at the 1992 Democratic Convention in New York and stuck with my guy despite heavy lobbying from William Jefferson Clinton, I sort of like the fellow and think the charitable work he is doing is helping many and he should stick with it. As for Hilary, as she told Katie Couric recently, what she really wants most is a grandchild to love and spoil. Let it be so…

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I$raHell-American judge “settles” ludicrous 9/11 lawsuit


by Kevin Barrett



The latest shoddy parody of a 9/11 lawsuit was “settled” yesterday in New York, where Judge Alvin Hellerstein ordered American Airlines to pay Cantor Fitzgerald half a billion dollars. The upshot: The right hand of the financial forces behind 9/11 will slip the left hand some chump change with a nod and a wink.

The New World Order financial elite’s death-grip on American government and media is exemplified by its total control of all 9/11 litigation – and of all mainstream news stories “reporting” that litigation.

Virtually all 9/11 litigation has been funneled into the courtroom of Judge Hellerstein, whose many ties to Israel were exposed by Ellen Mariani’s lawsuit last year. (Hellerstein slapped sanctions on Mariani’s attorneys for pointing out the obvious conflict of interest.)

A few of the cases, like Mariani’s, were genuine attempts to get 9/11 justice. But almost all honest cases were weeded out by Hellerstein and his team of coverup criminals before they could be litigated. The vast majority of 9/11 family members were bought off, and the few who resisted, with a few notable exceptions like Mariani, were coerced into silence.

Yesterday Hellerstein ruled that American Airlines was negligent when it allowed boozing, coke-snorting, lap-dancer-dating, pork-chop-relishing “radical Muslim suicide hijackers” commanded by a terminal kidney patient in a cave in Afghanistan to seize planes and use two airliners to conduct high-tech controlled demolitions of three skyscrapers.

Hellerstein failed to insist that Cantor Fitzgerald produce evidence that Arab hijackers boarded the planes. Had he done so, the court would have learned that no such evidence exists. On the contrary, overwhelming evidence proves that there were no Arabs on the flights that were allegedly hijacked on 9/11.

Passenger lists released to the media have no Arab names; not one genuine security video shows any of the alleged hijackers boarding any of the alleged attack planes; and no ticket stubs, airline employee testimony, officially-authenticated passenger lists, or any other actual evidence places any of the alleged 19 hijackers on any of the planes.

DNA evidence supposedly collected from crash sites (but without a legal chain of custody) identifies alleged 9/11 passengers – but pointedly fails to identify even one alleged hijacker!  Additionally, a scholarly article published by Europe’s leading academic publishing house cites convincing evidence that at least ten of the alleged hijackers were shown to be alive shortly after 9/11.

Was American Airlines negligent when it allowed imaginary hijackers to perform imaginary hijackings…with imaginary airliners? That’s right: The airliners that supposedly hit the Towers also appear to have been illusory.

A detailed study by Pilots for 9/11 Truth shows that alleged Flight 175, which was clocked at 510 knots when it hit the South Tower, could not realistically have flown even close to that speed near sea level.

Since those who had pre-arranged controlled demolitions of almost unimaginable complexity and technological sophistication could not afford to allow an even 1% chance of an “airliner failing to hit a Tower” thereby ruining the pretext for demolition, they obviously would not have used an actual, fallible airliner with fallible would-be hijackers – especially not an airliner flown at a speed that would have torn it apart.

Some other means of creating the visual images of “crashing airliners exploding into fireballs” must have been used. Yes, it sounds incredible – almost as incredible as the official story. But as Sherlock Holmes reminds us, when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.

Can a “judge” who is an agent of the state of Israel really control all 9/11 litigation – with nary a peep from the mainstream media?

How long can he get away with covering up an attack on America, presiding over phony show-trial “lawsuits,” and sanctioning lawyers who challenge his obvious conflict of interest?

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Fox’s Megyn Kelly was right about Christ, but wrong about Jesus



By Travis Gettys, 

Raw Story

Religious scholar Reza Aslan said Fox News host Megyn Kelly was partially right when she said Jesus Christ was white.

Kelly has been criticized and mocked for her insistence that Jesus and Santa Claus were white during Wednesday night’s “Kelly File” program on the conservative news channel, and she’s expected to address her remarks on Friday’s program.

Aslan, author of Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth — which has just been optioned as a possible feature film — said historical Jesus was born in Galilee, which would have made him a Palestinian Jew.

“He would look the way that the average Palestinian would look today, so that would mean dark features, hairy, probably a longer nose, black hair. To put it in the simplest way possible, he would’ve looked like me,” said Aslan, an Iranian-American Muslim.

But he told the Washington Post’s Max Fisher in an interview published Thursday that the historic Jesus had become a separate entity from the religious Christ.
YouTube – Veterans Today –

“What I just described is Jesus. What Megan Kelly described is the Christ — and they’re different people,” Aslan said. “In other words, the Christ can be whatever you want him to be.”


The distinction between the historical Jesus and the Christ of faith may be strange to consider, he said, and makes some Christians uncomfortable, but he insists they’ve become separate characters.

“Religions are man-made – literally – man-made institutions that are built long after the death of the prophet for which they are named,” Aslan said. “So the reason that I, as a scholar, don’t have a problem with that differentiation between Jesus and Christ – these are two different things, and you can go back and forth between them – is based precisely on that one fundamental fact. Which is that Jesus didn’t create Christianity — his followers created Christianity, and so, of course, Christ of Christianity is different from the Jesus of history. And that’s okay.”

Aslan said depictions of Jesus Christ typically reflect the values and characteristics of each culture that worships him.

“When you look at, for instance, the painting from the United States, what you see is a blonde and blue-eyed Jesus,” he said. “When you look at the painting from Guatemala, what you see are Jesus and Mary as migrant farm workers. I don’t mean they look like migrant farm workers; I mean they are migrant farm workers. When you look at the painting from China, Jesus and Mary are Chinese, literally Chinese. When you look at the painting from Thailand, Jesus and Mary are blue, as though they are Hindu gods.”

He said the teachings of Jesus were so malleable that they could be adapted by most any culture, and he said that’s what aided its rapid spread before the Romans adopted Christianity.

“As everybody knows, before Roman Orthodoxy, there were a thousand different kinds of Christianity,” Aslan said. “It could mean whatever you wanted it to mean. And that is precisely why it is now the largest religion in the world, because it has the ability to be whatever a worshipful community wants it to be.”

Read Full Article at The Raw Story >>>>

Watch Kelly’s remarks on Santa Claus and Jesus Christ:

ABOUT REZA ASLAN:  Dr. Reza Aslan’s bachelor’s degree is in religious studies, with an emphasis on scripture and traditions (which at Santa Clara University means the New Testament). His minor was in biblical Greek. He has a master of theological studies degree from Harvard University, in world religions, and a Ph.D. from the University of California, Santa Barbara, in the sociology of religions. UCSB’s doctoral program is an interdisciplinary one that draws from religion, history, philosophy, and sociology, among other fields. Aslan’s doctorate in the sociology of religions encompasses expertise in the history of religion. Reza also has a master of fine arts degree from the University of Iowa.

Dr. Aslan is currently professor of creative writing at the University of California, Riverside, with a joint appointment in the department of religion, and he teaches in both disciplines. He was previously Wallerstein Distinguished Visiting Professor at Drew University, where he taught from 2012 to 2013, and assistant visiting professor of religion at the University of Iowa, where he taught from 2000 to 2003. He has written three books on religion.

Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth

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Venezuelan v. US Budget Priorities

by Stephen Lendman


Both countries are polar opposites. Bolivarian fairness defines Venezuela. Government of, by and for wealth, power and privilege describes America.

Venezuela treats all its people equitably. America exploits millions of ordinary ones callously. Conditions today are worse than ever in modern times.

Force-fed austerity when vital aid is needed defines the United States of I Don’t Care! Wealth and poverty extremes are unprecedented. So are deprivation levels.

US Conference of Mayors (USCM) survey showed emergency food aid requests in 25 large cities plus Washington increased on average by 7% year-over-year.

The time frame studied was from August 2012 through September 2013.

According to USCM executive director Tom Cochran:

“(T)here’s no question that the slow pace of recovery is making it difficult – and, for many, impossible – to respond to the growing needs of the hungry and the homeless.”

Around 43% of emergency food requests came from employed people. Another 9% were homeless. Over 20% were elderly. Imagine letting millions of children go hungry.

Reasons for hunger were unemployment, low pay, poverty, and high housing costs.

Homelessness in surveyed cities rose 4%. Growing hunger in America comes at a time Congress cut vital food stamp benefits.

An initial $11 billion is gone over the next three years. Eligible recipients will receive less than $1.40 per meal in 2014.

Much larger cuts are planned going forward. Tens of millions of Americans rely on vital Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) aid to get by.

It’s woefully inadequate. It’ll be less so ahead. SNAP recipients and other needy Americans need emergency food pantries to survive.

They’re the sustenance safety net of last resort. They’re struggling more than ever to keep up with growing demand. There isn’t enough contributed food to feed everyone needing it.

A previous article discussed a congressional budget deal no responsible government would accept.

It reflects social injustice. It’s the latest initiative doing so. Numerous others preceded it. Many more will follow.

At issue is waging war on vital safety net protections. Just societies prioritize them. Government resources are used responsibly.

Not in America. Federal revenues increasingly go for militarism, homeland repression, and generous corporate handouts.

Monied interests alone benefit. Popular needs go begging. Ordinary people are left high and dry. They’re increasingly on their own. Neoliberal harshness is official US policy.

What kind of nation ignores vital needs? What kind lets millions of its people go hungry and homeless?

What kind prioritizes global dominance? What kind serves monied interests at the expense of public ones?

What kind ignores its constitution’s general welfare clause? It states “The Congress shall have the power…to provide for the general welfare of the United States.”

Having power means using it responsibly. It’s about treating its people equitably. It’s doing so when most needed. Not in America. Now now. Not ever.

Things today are nightmarish for growing millions. Social America is on the chopping block for elimination.

Major safety net programs are targeted. Death by a thousand cuts is planned. Millions are increasingly on their own.

America is a let ‘em eat cake society. Sink or swim defines policy. Republicans, most Democrats and Obama are in lockstep.

Gutting vital New Deal/Great Society programs is planned. Imagine any country eliminating vital social justice benefits. Imagine the world’s richest one doing it.

Imagine a president calling it “shared sacrifice.” Ordinary people sacrifice so rich ones can share.

Imagine him saying we’re broke. We have no choice. Imagine one lie after another ad nauseam.

Imagine him prioritizing imperial ruthlessness. Imagine him devastating the lives of millions doing so.

Previous articles discussed social safety net cuts. They targeted Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. More major cuts ahead are planned.

Others reduced spending on:

  • Head Start for comprehensive education, health, nutrition, and parent involvement services to low-income families with children;
  • earlier SNAP cuts;
  • Pell Grants for higher education;
  • federal wages, pensions and other benefits;
  • low-income heating assistance;
  • children’s health;
  • community health centers;
  • disease prevention programs;
  • medical research;
  • community development block grants for housing;
  • FEMA first responder funding;
  • WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) grants to states for supplemental foods, healthcare, and nutrition education for low-income families;
  • vital infrastructure and transportation needs;
  • environmental projects;
  • job training;
  • longterm unemployment insurance;
  • energy efficiency and renewable energy programs; and
  • other across-the-board sequester cuts hitting important domestic programs hardest.

What’s more important than nourishing food, shelter, clothing, healthcare when most needed, and education to the highest levels?

What kind of nation increasingly ignores them? What kind reflects I don’t care? Venezuela is polar opposite.

It mandates free universal healthcare, education to the highest levels, subsidized housing and food, as well as much more.

Its 2014 budget prioritizes serving public needs. In 2013, 37% of budgetary spending went for social services. In 2014, 62% is planned.

National Assembly finance committee member Jose Avila said:

“Our political orientation is to include those most in need. We must address the social sector and ensure access to food, housing, education, health and sport.”

He stressed how Chavez initiatives cut poverty in half. Extreme poverty fell over 70%. In 1998, it was 20.3%. It’ now 7%.

“Our economy is at the service of the Venezuelan people,” Avila added.

On November 5, Venezuela’s National Assembly approved its first round of discussions on its Draft Law on the Budget for the Fiscal Year 2014.

Committee on Finance and Economic Development president Ricardo Sanguino presented it.

It projects 4% 2014 economic growth. It exceeds previous year spending by 39%.

Sanguino said the draft law relates directly to the 2013 – 2019 National Plan for the Bolivarian Socialist Management, the Annual Operative Plan, and various 2014 Institutional Operative Plans.

Budget priorities reflect a strong commitment to Bolivarian principles. Since 2003, health, education, housing and nutrition spending grew from 39% to 48.8% of budgeted priorities.

Venezuela’s population numbers 30.5 million. “Mission Food” helps 17.5 million. It does so through nationwide subsidized supermarkets (Mercal, Pdval and Abastos Bicentenarios).

“Children of Venezuela” helped over 736,500 needy ones. The 2011 established “Great Housing Mission” provided homes for over half a million families.

Elderly Venezuelans receiving pensions increased from around 627,000 in 2003 to 2.5 million in 2013.

Venezuela is a social justice success story. It’s constitutionally mandated. Its Preamble states:

Constitutional provisions “establish a democratic, participatory and self-reliant, multiethnic and multicultural society in a just, federal and decentralized State that embodies the values of freedom, independence, peace, solidarity, the common good, the nation’s territorial integrity, comity and the rule of law for this and future generations.”

They’re “guarantee(d) the right to life, work, learning, education, social justice and equality, without discrimination or subordination of any kind…”

Bolivarianism “promotes peaceful cooperation among nations and further strengthens Latin American integration in accordance with the principle of nonintervention and national self-determination of the people, the universal and indivisible guarantee of human rights, the democratization of imitational society, nuclear disarmament, ecological balance and environmental resources as the common and inalienable heritage of humanity…”

America’s Constitution has no such language. It shows in official policies. It’s reflected in today’s budget priorities. In Venezuela, constitutional provisions are more than just words.

They reflect reality. Significant amounts of state revenues go for social safety net programs. In America, increasingly less spending does so en route to eliminating it altogether.

Venezuela remains a work in progress toward improving social conditions equitably. America reflects a bipartisan commitment to wrecking them.

Both countries are social justice worlds apart. Which one matters most? Which is more equitable, fair and just?

Which assures a better future for all its people? Which backs its promises with governance of, by and for everyone?

Which cares only about wealth, power and privilege? Which threatens humanity’s survival? Which prioritizes a better future? Which wants it for everyone?

What’s more important than public welfare? Which system do you favor?

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SANTIAGO, Chile – A federal judge in Chile has found eight former members of the military death squad guilty of murdering political opponents during the General Augusto Pinochet dictatorship (1973-1990).


Santiago Metropolitan Region - Photo: Wikipedia

Santiago Metropolitan Region – Photo: Wikipedia

Judge Leopoldo Llanos of the Appellate Court of Santiago sentenced the eight men to sentences ranging from 3 to 15 years, depending on the degree to which they participated in the crimes.

Altogether, the eight men were convicted for being responsible to varying degrees of the murders of 14 people in the northern Chilean port city of Antofagasta, some 1,100 kilometers (700 miles) north of the capital Santiago, in the weeks following the coup that that brought the military junta, headed by Pinochet, to power.

The suspects sentenced in this case carried out their crimes on October 19, 1973, just over a month after the military deposed democratically-elected Salvador Allende and took power on September 11, 1973.

The 14 victims, all political prisoners who had not been sentenced yet, were taken from the Public Jail of Antofagasta and taken to a desert ravine in the south of the city called the Quebrada Del Way where they were executed by firing squad.

The Caravana de la Muerte, or the Caravan of Death, both refers to a military operation and the group that carried the operation out. It is thought to have killed more than 100 opponents of the 1973 coup, consisting of several army officers that traveled the length of Chile, personally selecting detainees for execution and carrying out the act themselves in most instances.

The Caravan of Death got its name because the death squad would travel through Chile in a black army helicopter, visiting prisons and military bases where detainees were held. The crimes committed by this unit were considered especially heinous because the victims had turned themselves in to army officials upon learning they were wanted, and had no histories of crime or violence.

Most were also beaten, tortured, and specifically shot in areas that caused great pain but were not lethal, leaving the victims to languish until they were finally given the coup de grace. Following the executions, the victims’ bodies were buried in mass graves in rural, isolated locations across the South American country.

The men sentenced to 15 years in prison include Sergio Arredondo González, Marcelo Moren Brito, Juan Chiminelli Fullerton and Patricio Ferrer Ducaud. Pablo Martínez Latorre received a five-year sentence while Pedro Espinoza Bravo, Luis Felipe Planco Gallardo and Emilio de la Mahotiere González were all given three-year prison terms.

In addition, Judge Llanos ordered the Chilean government to compensate the widows and mothers of the victims up to 100,000,000 Chilean Pesos ($200,000) and 50,000,000 Chilean Pesos ($100,000) to each child of the victims for their pain and suffering.

The 14 victims’ names were listed, as well: Luis Eduardo Alaniz Álvarez, Dinator Segundo Ávila Rocco, Mario del Carmen Arqueros Silva, Guillermo Nelson Cuello Álvarez, Segundo Norton Flores Antivilo, José Boeslindo García Berríos, Mario Armando Darío Godoy Mansilla, Miguel Hernán Manríquez Díaz, Danilo Daniel Alberto Moreno Acevedo, Washington Redomil Muñoz Donoso, Eugenio Ruiz-Tagle Orrego, Héctor Mario Silva Iriarte, Alexis Alberto Valenzuela Flores and Marco Felipe de la Vega Rivera.

The Caravan of Death was mostly led by General Sergio Arellano Stark, the man assigned to the position by Pinochet after the latter had heard of some “soft” treatment of political prisoners by provincial garrison commanders. Since Pinochet said there will be “no mercy for extremists,” the group was tasked with visiting prisons and military bases holding political opponents not located in Santiago and Chile’s 2nd largest city, Valparaíso.

Arellano Stark, whose official title was “Officer Delegate of the Commander-in-Chief of the Army and the President of the Government Junta,” faced trial in 2008 for his role in the crimes but avoided any prison time after the legal system’s medical authorities said he suffered from progressive and incurable dementia.

Over 40,000 people were victims of grave human rights abuses in the South American country during its 1973-1990 dictatorship, including kidnapping, torture, rape, ‘disappearance,’ and murder.

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Is America the Mother of Al Qaeda?


‘Real’ US-trained al-Qaeda ‘to wage war on US’

The “real” al-Qaeda, trained by the US to fight in Syria, will return to the US – to wreak havoc, writes <b>Duff</b>. Above, several militants are seen in the town of Ras al-Ain near Syria’s border with Turkey, November 16, 2012.

By Gordon Duff and Press TV
In the lead up to the Geneva peace conference, the world is now hearing of terrorist armies dedicated to turning Syria into an al-Qaeda state.

The European Union is in panic; Jihadists returning from Syria are setting up terror cells in nation after nation, and those who now claim to have been “duped” into supplying and training al-Qaeda are throwing their hands in the air and screaming out, “How did this happen?”

What they should be screaming out is, “How did we get caught?”

Will the real “mother of al-Qaeda” please stand up?

Intelligence sources in the region report that al-Qaeda terror groups are, in fact, not just getting weapons and support from the same sources as the Free Syrian Army but far more dangerous weapons.

Al-Qaeda can now shoot down airliners anywhere in the world, use mini-guns on crowds, killing thousands or deploy poison gas or bio-toxins.

Americans have supplied all of that and more to al-Qaeda.

Weapons transfers to al-Qaeda are tied to not just American political leaders and members of the Israel lobby, but powerful defense groups in the US that, during “Sequestration” cut backs, have “gone rogue.”

Investigations prove conclusively that the “al-Qaeda” Europe is cowering in fear of being armed by American contractors.

From a Henry Kamen article published in New Eastern Outlook:

“A Georgian film studio house is now producing an independent documentary film which will explore the role of the United States in the Caucasus region, the plot being based on documents which are now part of criminal investigations. It will also investigate serious allegations of weapons trafficking which are supported both by documentation and a leak which originated from the US Department of Homeland Security.”

Georgia has long been recognized as a transit point for illegal trade, not only in arms but in drugs and other contraband, a transit hub for criminals who wish to move goods between Asia and Europe, and more recently the rest of the world. Investigating the people involved can provide us with deeply important information regarding the links between certain “interest groups,” including terrorist networks and al-Qaeda fighting in Syria, and the Georgian special services – for example, the head of al-Qaeda in Syria happens to come from Georgia, and was recruited and trained there, with the help of Georgian and American special services.

Our own investigation discovered an American firm, one paid by the Department of Defense to supply both the Iraqi and Afghan forces with Russian weapons (assembled with several minor American parts), to be the primary source of al-Qaeda’s arsenal in Syria, that and biological and chemical weapons sourced from Georgia.

Kamen’s continues:

“Much of the information cited here was shared with Georgian investigative bodies approximately 6 months ago. It includes a two-hour long film which shows a US weapons manufacturer, Dillon Aero, (“allegedly” author’s note) negotiating to illegally ship a cache of weapons from Arizona to Turkmenistan via Georgia and Azerbaijan by means of various ruses and fake documents.

Legal counsel Mark Barnes and Associates wrote last year, November 27, 2012,

‘We realize that you are interested in an evidently sensationalist Youtube video… In light of the fact that a Federal Investigation is still ongoing, that is Dillon’s only comment on the matter.’

Strangely, the attorney failed to note in this threatening letter his own involvement in arms imports.”


As we are being told, the al-Qaeda-backed forces, the ones kidnapping nuns, burning churches and raping women, are infiltrating through Turkey, Jordan and Iraq.

Minimally, this means they are receiving weapons, training and tactical support from the same sources that supply General Idris and the Free Syrian Army.

Publicly, this is the CIA, US Army Special Forces under former Vice President Dick Cheney and his Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Also operating in the region is MI6, French groups and, less publicly, a Turkish/Israeli front tasked with luring Kurdistan out of Iraq with the promise of, not just full autonomy but control of the Kirkuk oil fields.

Technically, all of these groups are al-Qaeda “affiliates,” including and especially the US and Israeli groups operating across the region, not just under total secrecy but fully in support of terrorist groups.

In Turkey, this is Israel along with US-based contacting firms, “Google”-based, and suppliers from Georgia, the Ukraine, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan.

Advanced weapons, including mini-guns, a devastating US weapon used in Iraq and Afghanistan, have been supplied using forged “end user certificates” or smuggled by intelligence services.

The mini-guns sent to al-Qaeda were mounted on three US-built Denali SUVs in a deal brokered by close business associates of Senator John McCain.

Other weapons have included Sarin gas and American-built Stinger missiles.

Similarly, US and Israeli forces operating in Jordan, while claiming to support the FSA, have been flying al-Qaeda recruits in from around the world, Saudi-financed, “Wall Street” weapons and Israeli radios and transport.

Some of that armament is being used in Iraq against the government there. Whenever Assad’s forces push back, al-Qaeda heads “home” to Iraq or Kurdistan, using American and Israeli training and weapons to maintain the continuing level of terrorist activity that has kept Iraq at the edge of civil war.

Chickens come home to roost

This “al-Qaeda” will be real. They will be using those mini-guns on crowds at shopping malls or at football games, perhaps even at a political convention.

The war on terror, the Bush-era imaginary war on terror, may well be a reality now with a real nation of “evildoers,” armed and trained by America and Israel, financed by Saudi Arabia, wreaking havoc around the world.

Does America have the national resolve to go to war again, this time against its own monstrous orphans?

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Peace in the Pentagon



By David Swanson

I’m a huge fan of peace studies as an academic discipline that should be spread into every corner of what we call, with sometimes unclear justification, our education system.  But often peace studies, like other disciplines, manages to study only those far from home, and to study them with a certain bias. 

I recently read a book promoting the sophisticated skills of trained negotiators and suggesting that if such people, conversant in the ways of emotional understanding, would take over the Palestine “peace process” from the aging politicians, then … well, basically, then Palestinians would agree to surrender their land and rights without so much fuss.  Great truths about negotiation skills only go so far if the goal of the negotiation is injustice based on misunderstanding of the facts on the ground.

I recently read another book discussing nonviolent resistance to injustice and brutality. It focused on a handful of stories of how peace was brought to various poor tribes and nations, usually through careful, respectful, and personal approaches, that appeased some tyrant’s ego while moving him toward empathy.  These books are valuable, and it is good that they are proliferating.  But they always leave me wondering whether the biggest war-maker on earth is left out because war isn’t war when Westerners do it, or is it, rather, because the military industrial complex requires a different approach.  How many decades has it been since a U.S. president sat down and listened to opponents of militarism?  Does the impossibility of such a thing remove it from our professors’ consideration?

Here in Virginia’s Fifth District, a bunch of us met with our then-Congressman Tom Perriello a few years back and sought respectfully and persuasively to bring him to oppose and stop funding the war on Afghanistan.  Perriello was and is, in some quarters, considered some sort of “progressive” hero. I’ve never understood why.  He did not listen.  Why?  We had majority opinion with us.  Was it because we lacked the skills?  Was it because of his sincere belief in so-called humanitarian wars?  Or was it something else?  The New York Timeson Friday reported on the corruption of the organization where Perriello was hired immediately upon his electoral defeat.  The Center for American Progress takes funding from weapons companies and supports greater public funding of weapons companies.  The Democratic National Committee gave Perriello’s reelection campaign a bunch of money just after one of his votes for a bill containing war money and a bank bailout (he seemed to oppose the latter).  White House officials and cabinet secretaries did public events with Perriello in his district just after his vote.

I know another member of Congress who wants to end wars and cut military spending, but when I ask this member’s staff to stop talking about social safety net cuts as if they only hurt veterans rather than all people I can’t even make my concern — that of glorifying veterans as more valuable — understood.  It’s like talking to a brick military base.

My friend David Hartsough was one, among others, who spoke with President John Kennedy when he was President, urged him toward peace and believed he listened.  That didn’t work out well for President Kennedy, or for peace.  When Gorbachev was ready to move the Soviet Union toward peace, President Ronald Reagan wasn’t.  Was that because of sincere, well-meaning, if misguided notions of security?  Or was it senility, stupidity, and stubbornness?  Or was it something else?  Was it a system that wouldn’t allow it?  Was something more than personal persuasion on the substance of the matter needed?  Was a new way of funding elections and communicating campaign slogans required first?  Would peace studies have to revise its approach if it noticed the existence of the Pentagon?

Of course, I think the answer is some of each.  I think reducing military spending a little will allow us to be heard a little more clearly, which will allow us to reduce military spending a little further, and so on.  And part of the reason why I think it’s both and not purely “structural” is the opposition to war that brews up within the U.S. military — as it did on missile strikes for Syria this past summer.  Sometimes members of the military oppose, protest, or even resist wars.

Another type of book that has proliferated madly is the account of military veterans’ activism in the peace movement during the Bush presidency — with always a bit on what survived of that movement into the reign of the Nobel Peace Laureate Constitutional Law Professor President.  I’ve just read a good one of these books called Fighting For Peace: Veterans and Military Families in the Anti-Iraq War Movement by Lisa Leitz.  This book, as well as any of them, provides insights into the difficulties faced by military and veteran peace activists, and military family member peace activists, as well as the contributions they’ve made.  I’ve become an associate (non-veteran) member of Veterans For Peace and worked for that group and with other groups like Iraq Veterans Against the War and Military Families Speak Out because of the tremendous job they’ve done.  The non-military peace movement needs to work ever harder at welcoming and encouraging and supporting military and veteran peace activism.  And vice versa.

Different risks are involved.  Different emotions are involved.  Would you march against a war if it might ruin your own or a loved one’s career?  To stretch the definition of war-maker a little, would you take a job with Lockheed-Martin if you oppose war?  What if you oppose war but your child is in the military — would you be proud of his or her success and advancement into an elite murder team?  Should you not be proud of your child?

The contributions of military and former military peace activists have been tremendous: the throwing back of medals, the memorials and cemeteries erected in protest and grief, the reenactment of war scenes on the streets, the testimony confessing to crimes no one wants to prosecute.  New people have been reached and opinions changed.  And yet, I want to say there is a downside.

Most peace activists have never been in the military.  Most books about peace activists are about the military ones.  This distorts and diminishes our understanding of what we’re doing.  Most victims in our wars — and I mean statistically almost all of them — are on the other side, but most writing done about victims is about the U.S. military ones (assuming aggressors are victims).  The giant cemeteries representing the dead in Iraq are orders of magnitude too small to be accurate.  This severely distorts our understanding of one-sided slaughters, allowing the continuation of the myth of war as a contest between two armies.

Eliminating war would logically involve eliminating the war-making machine, but veteran and military opponents of war, more often than others, want the military preserved and used for good ends.  Is that because it makes sense or because of personal identification?  Nationalism is driving wars, but military peace activists tend, more than others, to favor “good patriotism” or “true patriotism.”  Must a peace movement that ought to celebrate international law and cooperation follow that lead?

Leitz quotes Maureen Dowd claiming that veterans have “moral authority” to oppose war, unlike — apparently — those who have opposed war for a longer period of time or more consistently.  Imagine applying that logic to some other offense, such as child abuse.  We don’t suggest that reformed child abusers have the greatest moral authority to oppose child abuse.  What about shoplifting?  Do reformed shoplifters have the greatest authority to oppose shoplifting?  I think that in any such situation, the former participants have a particular type of perspective.  But I think there’s another valuable perspective in those who have opposed a crime.  Some veterans, of course, were in the military before I was born and have worked for the abolition of war longer than I’ve breathed.  I don’t think their past diminishes them in any way.  I also don’t think it does what Dowd thinks it does.

Dowd’s idea may be that some wars are good and some bad, so we should trust those who’ve taken part in wars to make the distinction.  I’d disagree with the conclusion even if I agreed with the premise.  I don’t think it’s a premise the peace movement should accept.  Peace is as incompatible with some wars as it is with all wars.

Accounts like Fighting for Peace bring out the segregation of military from civilian culture in the United States, a product of standing armies and standing foreign bases.  I once spoke on a panel with a Democratic veteran candidate for Congress who thankfully lost but who advocated for everyone joining the military so that everyone would be familiar with what the military was.  I have another proposal: everyone join civilian life, close the bases, dismantle the weapons, disassemble the ships, put solar panels on the runways, and give the Pentagon a new role to play.  I think it would make a fine roller skating rink.

In the meantime, we should try to understand and work with each other to reduce the military, and that requires doing so without promoting it or joining it.

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The Federal Reserve Cartel: Part V: The Solution


By Dean Henderson

(Conclusion of a five-part series.)

Thomas Jefferson opined of the Rothschild-led Eight Families central banking cartel which came to control the United States, “Single acts of tyranny may be ascribed to the accidental opinion of the day, but a series of oppressions begun at a distinguished period, unalterable through every change of ministers, too plainly prove a deliberate, systematic plan of reducing us to slavery”.

Two centuries and a few decades later this same cabal of trillionaire money changers – mysteriously immune from their own calls for “broad sacrifice” – utilizes the debt lever to ring concessions from the people of Ireland, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy and now the United States.

In their never-ending quest to subjugate the planet, the bankers’ IMF enforcer – chronic harasser of Third World governments – has turned its sites on the developed world. To further advance their dizzying concentration of economic power, the whining banksters take a giant wrecking ball to the global middle class as they prepare to eat their young.

No one can argue that the US deficit is not a problem.Much of it accrues paying interest on the $14 trillion debt. Stooped-over Congressional cartel shills with names like Cantor and Boehner argue for slashing entire government departments to satiate the bloodthirsty bond-holders. Liberals argue for higher taxes on the rich and massive Pentagon cuts.

I agree with these latter proposals. The super-rich paid 90% under Eisenhower and 72% under Nixon. Both were Republicans. They now pay 33%. Most corporations and many elites utilize offshore tax havens and pay nothing. argument for progressive taxation is that those who benefit more from government should pay more. Cartel apologists propagate the fiction that the poor soak up middle-class tax dollars, sowing division between the poor and middle class. Meanwhile, the Eight Families financial octopus feeds mightily at the public trough be it the SEC (rich investors), the FCC (Gulfstream jet fliers), the USDA (the richest farmers get the biggest checks), Medicaid (insurance fraud, Big Pharma gouging) or the Pentagon (Lockheed Martin, Halliburton, Blackwater).

Still, $14 trillion is an insurmountable debt. Increasing taxes on the super-rich combined with a global American military withdrawal from its current role asHessianizedmercenary force for the City of London banksters, while welcome, will not be enough to deal with this monster debt, what Jefferson termed, this “deliberate, systematic plan of reducing us to slavery”.

The super-rich paid 90% under Eisenhower and 72% under Nixon. Both were Republicans. They now pay 33%. Most corporations and many elites utilize offshore tax havens and pay nothing.

The belt-way dialogue on the deficit remains locked in a tiny intellectual box created by the corporate media and their Federal Reserve cartel owners. But there is another way.

It is a myth that most of that $14 trillion debt is owed to the Chinese or other “governments”. The vast majority – around $10 trillion – is owed to the Eight Families Federal Reserve crowd.

In a June 9, 2011 article for Marketwatch, Unicredit’s Chief US Economist Harm Bandholz stated that the Federal Reserve is the largest holder of US debt with around 14% of the total. This does not include debt held by Rothschild-controlled central banks of othernations – including China, Japan and the GCC oil fiefdoms. the recent QE2 program, the Fed purchased another $600 billion in Treasury bonds. They claimed it was a last ditch attempt to save the global economy from deflation. Instead, the banksters who got the interest free taxpayer-backed money pushed us further towardsdeflation by refusing to lend their welfare bonanza to potential homeowners or small business.

Conversely and inherent in the printing of zero-interest money, they created inflation – speculating in oil, food and gold futures and rolling this increased US debt on the roulette tables at their various wholly-owned global stock exchanges. Is it any wonder the financial parasite class is now clamoring for QE3?

What follows is a ten-step proposal which President Obama and the Congress could enact to lift the $14 trillion debt from the backs of future generations of Americans. These should be done concurrently as part of a single sweeping financial reform bill. Modeled after last week’s release of strategic petroleum reserves by twenty-seven nations, this measure should be enacted in tandem with as many willing nations as possible. The same Rothschild-led cabal controls the central banks of most every nation and there is power in numbers. If these measures are enacted separately or by only one nation, the Eight Families cartel will use their financial clout to target and destroy the US:

1) Introduce a Treasury Department-administered infrastructure investment fund, which workers should be strongly encouraged to opt into using accrued funds from their private 401K plans. This is important because the banker’s stock market casino willcrash due to the next nine steps and workers must be shielded from this event. This fund can be used to rebuild America’s infrastructure, with American workers acting as lenders and receiving a fair rate of interest in return.

2) The US needs to withdraw from the Bank of International Settlements,the World Trade Organization, the World Bank, the IMF and all Eight Families-controlled multilateral lending facilities. We would save billions funding these banker welfare schemes while freeing ourselves from rules which prevent our financial emancipation.

3) De-link the dollar from all currency baskets and IMF special drawing rights. Ban trade in dollars on all global exchanges. This will create a demand for dollars and strengthen our badly devalued currency. Impose currency controls by fixing the dollar at 1:1 euro, Chinese yuan, Canadian dollar and Swiss franc; 100:1 Japanese yen. During the 1997 Asian financial crisis, Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad fixed the nation’s currency – the ringit. It was the only currency in the region that did not crash when Rothschild front-man George Soros took aim at the region.

4) Nationalize the Federal Reserve.According to a London barrister I have been in contact with, under the Federal Reserve Act there is a provision that allows for the US government to buy back the Fed’s charter for $4 billion. We should pay this fee, revoke the Fed charter and launch a new US dollar issued by the Treasury Department. With the dollar fixed, the vampires cannot crash it.

5) Cancel the $10 trillion debt to the Illuminati bankers.Debt obligations to foreign governments and small bond-holders should be honored at par.

6) Arrest the perpetrators. Prosecute to the fullest extent of the lawall fraudulent transactions involving the Fed cartel. Send the FBI to the New York Fed. Seize all documents. Confiscate the world’s largest gold reserves which are stored there. These were stolen from various governments including from our own Ft. Knox reserves.

7) Forget just repealing the Bush tax cuts on the rich. The top tax rate on people who make more than $1 million/ year should be raised to 75%. People making more than $500,000/year should pay 50%. All tax brackets below $75,000/year should see tax cuts. If you get more from government you need to pay for it, instead of soaking the middle-class and blaming it on the poor.

8) Slash Pentagon spending.Shut down all US military bases on foreign soil, including those in Europe, Japan and South Korea. Withdraw ALL troops from Iraq and Afghanistan immediately. Use the savings to pay off government and small bond-holders.

9) Outlaw offshore banking by US citizens and corporations.Bring your money home and pay taxes on it or surrender your US passport/corporate charter. The dramatic increase in tax revenue would be enough to pay off the remaining debt to sovereign governments and small bond-holders, while keeping our obligations to the Social Security trust fund.

10) Introduce single-payer health care and price controls on prescription drugs.The current corporate for-profit health care bonanza depends upon sickness and ill health for its hefty profits. In 2006 Canada government spent $3,678 per person for free single-payer coverage for all its citizens. The US government spent $6,714 per person covering the insurance, pharmaceutical, hospital and AMA cartels. The savings attained from eliminating insurance/pharmaceutical/hospital chain/doctor-perpetrated Medicare/Medicaid/Social Security fraud will save the US Treasury billions. It is the only solution to skyrocketing and unsustainable health care costs.

Using this methodology the US could wipe out both its deficit and its debt within a year. These measures should be planned in secret and introduced swiftly and in rapid succession. Social security and Medicare will be saved. The middle class will see their tax rates go down, while their retirement fund finances the rebuilding of a 21st Century America. Manufacturing jobs will come home, since the Chinese yuanwill have seen a dramatic appreciation. Our national security will be enhanced by withdrawing from the role of global policeman.

If we keep thinking inside the banker-manufactured beltway box, our children have no future. They will live in a Third World country which produces nothing, lorded over by debt-collector parasites known as the “financial services industry”.

The wealth-destroying Eight Families banker elite are the perpetrators of the US debt crime. Should a woman who is raped serve the sentence of her rapist? That’s absurd. Then why should Americans or any other nation pay a fraudulent debt foisted upon them by con-men? It is time for Obama and the Congress to get a backbone and force the criminal Federal Reserve cartel to make the “broad sacrifices”.

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The Federal Reserve Cartel: Part IV: A Financial Parasite


By Dean Henderson

(Excerpted from Chapter 19: Big Oil & Their Bankers…Part four of a five-part series)

United World Federalists founder James Warburg’s father was Paul Warburg, who financed Hitler with help from Brown Brothers Harriman partner Prescott Bush. [1] 

Colonel Ely Garrison was a close friend of both President Teddy Roosevelt and President Woodrow Wilson.  Garrison wrote in Roosevelt, Wilson and the Federal Reserve, “Paul Warburg was the man who got the Federal Reserve Act together after the Aldrich Plan aroused such nationwide resentment and opposition.  The mastermind of both plans was Baron Alfred Rothschild of London.”

The Aldrich Plan was hatched at a secret 1910 meeting at JP Morgan’s private resort on Jekyll Island, SC, between Rockefeller lieutenant Nelson Aldrich and Paul Warburg of the German Warburg banking dynasty.  Aldrich, a New York congressman, later married into the Rockefeller family.  His son Winthrop Aldrich chaired Chase Manhattan Bank.  While the bankers met, Colonel Edward House, another Rockefeller stooge and close confidant of President Woodrow Wilson, was busy convincing Wilson of the importance of a private central bank and the introduction of a national income tax. A member of House’s staff was British MI6 Permindex insider General Julius Klein. [2]

Wilson didn’t need much convincing, since he was beholden to copper magnate Cleveland Dodge, whose namesake Phelps Dodge became one of the biggest mining companies in the world.  Dodge bankrolled Wilson’s political career. Wilson even wrote his inaugural speech on Dodge’s yacht. [3]

Wilson was a classmate of both Dodge and Cyrus McCormick at Princeton.  Both were directors at Rockefeller’s National City Bank (now Citigroup).  Wilson’s main focus was on overcoming public distrust of the bankers, which New York City Mayor John Hylan echoed in 1911 when he argued, “The real menace to our republic is the invisible government which, like a giant octopus, sprawls its slimy length over our city, state and nation.  At the head is a small group of banking houses, generally referred to as the international bankers”. [4]

But the Eight Families prevailed.  In 1913 the Federal Reserve Bank was born, with Paul Warburg its first Governor.  Four years later the US entered World War I, after a secret society known as the Black Hand assassinated Archduke Ferdinand and his Hapsburg wife.  The Archduke’s friend Count Czerin later said, “A year before the war he informed me that the Masons had resolved upon his death.” [5]

That same year, Bolsheviks overthrew the Hohehzollern monarchy in Russia with help from Max Warburg and Jacob Schiff, while the Balfour Declaration leading to the creation of Israel was penned to Zionist Second Lord Rothschild.

In the 1920’s Baron Edmund de Rothschild founded the Palestine Economics Commission, while Kuhn Loeb’s Manhattan offices helped Rothschild form a network to smuggle weapons to Zionist death squads bent on seizing Palestinian lands.  General Julius Klein oversaw the operation and headed the US Army Counterintelligence Corps, which later produced Henry Kissinger.  Klein diverted Marshall Plan aid to Europe to Zionist terror cells in Palestine after WWII, channeling the funds through the Sonneborn Institute, which was controlled by Baltimore chemical magnate Rudolph Sonneborn.  His wife Dorothy Schiff is related to the Warburgs. [6]

“The real menace to our republic is the invisible government which, like a giant octopus, sprawls its slimy length over our city, state and nation. At the head is a small group of banking houses, generally referred to as the international bankers”. John Hylan, New York City Mayor, 1911

The Kuhn Loebs came to Manhattan with the Warburgs. At the same time the Bronfmans came to Canada as part of the Moses Montefiore Jewish Colonization Committee.  The Montefiores have carried out the dirty work of Genoese nobility since the 13th Century.  The di Spadaforas served that function for the Italian House of Savoy, which was bankrolled by the Israel Moses Seif family for which Israel is named.  Lord Harold Sebag Montefiore is current head of the Jerusalem Foundation, the Zionist wing of the Knights of St. John’s Jerusalem.  The Bronfmans (the name means “liquor man” in Yiddish) tied up with Arnold Rothstein, a product of the Rothschild’s dry goods empire, to found organized crime in New York City.  Rothstein was succeeded by Lucky Luciano, Meyer Lansky, Robert Vesco and Santos Trafficante.  The Bronfmans are intermarried with the Rothschilds, Loebs and Lamberts. [7]

The year 1917 also saw the 16th Amendment added to the US Constitution, levying a national income tax, though it was ratified by only two of the required 36 states.  The IRS is a private corporation registered in Delaware. [8]  Four years earlier the Rockefeller Foundation was launched, to shield family wealth from the new income tax provisions, while steering public opinion through social engineering.  One of its tentacles was the General Education Board.

In Occasional Letter #1, the Board states, “In our dreams we have limitless resources and the people yield themselves with perfect docility to our molding hands. The present education conventions fade from their minds and, unhampered by tradition, we will work our own good will upon a grateful and responsive rural folk.  We shall try not to make these people or any of their children into philosophers or men of learning or men of science…of whom we have ample supply.” [9]

Though most Americans think of the Federal Reserve as a government institution, it is privately held by the Eight Families.  The Secret Service is employed, not by the Executive Branch, but by the Federal Reserve. [10]

An exchange between Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-MA) and Fed Chairman Paul Volcker at Senate hearings in 1982 is instructive.  Kennedy must have thought of his older brother John when he told Volcker that if he were before the committee as a member of US Treasury things would be much different.  Volcker, puffing on a cigar, responded cavalierly, “That’s probably true. But I believe it was intentionally designed this way”. [11]  Rep. Lee Hamilton (D-IN) put it to Volcker that, “People realize that what that board of yours does has a very profound impact on their pocketbooks, and yet it is a group of people basically inaccessible to them and unaccountable to them.”

President Wilson spoke of, “a power so organized, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breaths when they speak in condemnation of it.” Rep. Charles Lindberg (D-NY) was more blunt, railing against Wilson’s Federal Reserve Act, which had cleverly been dubbed the “People’s Bill”.  Lindberg declared that the Act would, “…establish the most gigantic trust on earth…When the president signs this act, the invisible government by the money power will be legitimized.  The law will create inflation whenever the trusts want inflation.  From now on, depressions will be scientifically created.  The invisible government by the money power, proven to exist by the Money Trust Investigation, will be legalized.  The whole central bank concept was engineered by the very group it was supposed to strip of power”. [12]

The Fed is made up of most every bank in the US, but the New York Federal Reserve Bank controls the Fed by virtue of its enormous capital resources.  The true center of power within the Fed is the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), on which only the NY Fed President holds a permanent voting seat.  The FOMC issues directives on monetary policy which are implemented from the 8th Floor of the NY Fed, a fortress modeled after the Bank of England. [13]

In the fifth sub-basement of the 14-story stone hulk lie 10,300 tons of mostly non-US gold, 1/3 of the world’s gold reserves and by far the largest gold stock in the world. [14]

“When the president signs this act [the Federal Reserve Act], the invisible government by the money power will be legitimized.” Rep. Charles Lindberg (D-NY)

The world of money is increasingly computerized.  With the introduction by the Eight Families of complicated financial instruments like derivatives, options, puts and futures; the volume of inter-bank transactions took a quantum leap.  To handle this the fed built a superhighway eerily known as CHIPS (Clearing Interbank Payment System), which is based in New York and modeled after Morgan’s Belgium-based Euro-Clear – also known as The Beast.

When the Fed was created five New York banks – Citibank, Chase, Chemical Bank, Manufacturers Hanover and Bankers Trust – held a 43% stake in the New York Fed.  By 1983 these same five banks owned 53% of the NY Fed.  By year 2000, the newly merged Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase and Deutsche Bank combines owned even bigger chunks, as did the European faction of the Eight Families. Collectively they own majority stock in every Fortune 500 corporation and do the bulk of stock and bond trading.  In 1955 the above five banks accounted for 15% of all stock trades.  By 1985 they were involved in 85% of all stock transactions. [15]

Still more powerful are the investment banks which bear the names of many of the Eight Families. In 1982, while Morgan bankers presided over negotiations between Britain and Argentina after the Falklands War, President Reagan pushed through SEC Rule 415, which helped consolidate securities underwriting in the hands of six large investment houses owned by the Eight Families: Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Salomon Brothers, First Boston and Lehman Brothers.  These banks further consolidated their power via the merger mania of 1980s and 1990s.

American Express swallowed up both Lehman Brothers-Kuhn Loeb, which had merged in 1977, and Shearson Lehman-Rhoades.  The Israel Moses Seif’s Banca de la Svizzera Italiana bought a 7% stake in Lehman Brothers. [16]  Salomon Brothers nabbed Philbro from the South African Oppenheimer family, then bought Smith Barney. All three then became part of Traveler’s Group, headed by Sandy Weill of the David-Weill family, which controls Lazard Freres through senior partner Michel David-Weill.  Citibank then bought Travelers to form Citigroup. S.G. Warburg, of which Oppenheimer’s Chartered Consolidated owns a 9% stake, joined the old money Banque Paribas, which merged into Merrill Lynch in 1984.  Union Bank of Switzerland acquired Paine Webber, while Morgan Stanley ate up Dean Witter and purchased Discover credit card operations from Sears.

Kuhn Loeb-controlled First Boston merged with Credit Suisse, which had already absorbed White-Weld, to become CS First Boston – the major player in the dirty London Eurobond market.  Merrill Lynch – merged into Bank of America in 2008 – is the major player on the US side of this trade.  Swiss Banking Corporation merged with London’s biggest investment house S.G. Warburg to create SBC Warburg, while Warburg became more intertwined with Merrill Lynch through their 1998 Mercury Assets tie up.  The Warburg’s formed another venture with Union Bank of Switzerland, creating powerhouse UBS Warburg.  Deutsche Bank bought Banker’s Trust and Alex Brown to briefly become the world’s largest bank with $882 billion in assets.  With repeal of Glass-Steagal, the line between commercial, investment and private banking disappeared.

This handful of investment banks exerts an enormous amount of control over the global economy.  Their activities include advising Third World debt negotiations, handling mergers and breakups, creating companies to fill a perceived economic void through the launching of initial public stock offerings (IPOs), underwriting all stocks, underwriting all corporate and government bond issuance, and pulling the bandwagon down the road of privatization and globalization of the world economy.

A recent president of the World Bank was James Wolfensohn of Salomon Smith Barney.  Merrill Lynch had $435 billion in assets in 1994, before the merger frenzy had really even gotten under way.  The biggest commercial bank at the time, Citibank, could claim only $249 billion in assets.

In 1991 Merrill Lynch handled 26.8% of all global bank mergers.  Morgan Stanley did 16.8%, Goldman Sachs 16.3%, Lehman Brothers 16.1% and Credit Suisse First Boston 14.5%.  Morgan Stanley did $60 billion in corporate mergers in 1989.  By 2007, reflecting the repeal of Glass-Steagel, the top ten NMA advisers in order were: Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase, Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, UBS Warburg, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank and Lazard. In the IPO stock underwriting field for 1991 the top four were Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley and CS First Boston.  In the arena of global privatization for years 1985-1995, Goldman Sachs led the way doing $13.3 billion worth of deals.  UBS Warburg did $8.2 billion, BNP Paribas $6.8 billion, CS First Boston $4.9 billion and Paribas-owner Merrill Lynch $4.4 billion. [17]

In 2006 BNP Paribas bought the notorious Banca Nacionale de Lavoro (BNL), which led the charge in arming Saddam Hussein. According to Global Finance, it is now the world’s largest bank with nearly $3 trillion in assets.

The leading US debt underwriters for the first nine months of 1995 bore the same familiar names.  Merrill Lynch underwrote $74.2 billion in the US debt markets, or 15.3% of the total.  Lehman Brothers handled $52.5 billion, Morgan Stanley $47.4 billion, Salomon Smith Barney $45.6 billion.  CS First Boston, Chase Manhattan and Goldman Sachs rounded out the top seven.  The top three municipal debt underwriters that year were Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch and UBS Paine Webber.  In the euro-market the top four underwriters in 1995 were UBS Warburg, Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank and Goldman Sachs. [18] Deutsche Bank’s Morgan Grenfell branch engineered the corporate takeover binge in Europe.

The dominant players in the oil futures markets at both the New York Mercantile Exchange and the London Petroleum Exchange are Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, Goldman Sachs (through its J. Aron & Company subsidiary), Citigroup (through its Philbro unit) and Deutsche Bank (through its Banker’s Trust acquisition).  In 2002 Enron Online was auctioned off by a bankruptcy court to UBS Warburg for $0.  UBS was to share monopoly Enron Online profits with Lehman Brothers after the first two years of the deal. [19] With Lehman’s 2008 demise, its new owner Barclays will get their cut.

“In our dreams we have limitless resources and the people yield themselves with perfect docility to our molding hands.” Occasional Letter #1, General Education Board, Rockefeller Foundation, 1913

Following the Lehman Brothers fiasco and the ensuing financial meltdown of 2008, the Four Horsemen of Banking got even bigger. For pennies on the dollar, JP Morgan Chase was handed Bear Stearns and Washington Mutual. Bank of America commandeered Merrill Lynch and Countrywide. And Wells Fargo seized control over the reeling #5 US bank Wachovia. Barclays got a sweetheart deal for the remains of Lehman Brothers.

Former House Banking Committee Chairman Wright Patman (D-TX), declared of Federal Reserve Eight Families owners, “The United States today has in effect two governments.  We are the duly constituted government.  Then we have an independent, uncontrolled and uncoordinated government in the Federal Reserve System, operating the money powers which are reserved to Congress by the Constitution”. [20]

Since the creation of the Federal Reserve, US debt (mostly owed to the Eight Families) has skyrocketed from $1 billion to nearly $14 trillion today.  This far surpasses the total of all Third World country debt combined, debt which is mostly owed to these same Eight Families, who own most all the world’s central banks.

As Sen. Barry Goldwater (R-AZ) pointed out, “International bankers make money by extending credit to governments.  The greater the debt of the political state, the larger the interest returned to lenders.  The national banks of Europe are (also) owned and controlled by private interests.  We recognize in a hazy sort of way that the Rothschilds and the Warburgs of Europe and the houses of JP Morgan, Kuhn Loeb & Co., Schiff, Lehman and Rockefeller possess and control vast wealth.  How they acquire this vast financial power and employ it is a mystery to most of us.” [21]


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