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Take Israel to the ICC, Abbas or GET OUT of the WAY


Samuel Dowell for

Abbas does not speak for Palestine. He cannot sign or agree to any “agreement” for the Palestinians. If he agrees to a U.S. Framework Agreement that gives away Palestinian rights, he is a Traitor.

(WASHINGTON, DC) – It is time for Palestine to Sign the Rome Statute and take Israel to the International Criminal Court. If it is necessary to be a member state at the U.N. in order to sign the Rome Statute, the UNGA will approve that.


These bogus “Peace Talks” are only used by Israel for propaganda purposes and used to further the occupation. The people must demand that the “Peace Talks” end.

Abbas needs to stop standing in the way and allow Palestine to proceed:

The Palestinian Authority MUST be informed that if they do not take Israel to the International Criminal Court that they will be removed.

Abbas does not speak for Palestine. He cannot sign or agree to any “agreement” for the Palestinians. If he agrees to a U.S. Framework Agreement that gives away Palestinian rights, he is a Traitor.

      In May 2012, Abbas told a pro-Israel J-Street delegation that he was afraid that one of the prisoners on a hunger strike might die.


    He said, “I am afraid, God forbid, that the security system here will collapse.”
    He added: “I told the Israelis: ‘Please, please, please. They have some demands. If you do not respond to them and somebody today or tomorrow dies, it will be very, very disastrous for us.”
      “If they help me to get weapons, I’m helping them because I’m promoting security,” Mr. Abbas said of the Israelis.

Mr. Abbas needs to know that if he signs any deal giving Palestinian rights away, his people will eventually put him in prison.

The world must put an end to the Criminal Zionist Occupation. Zionist-controlled Washington’s influence is over.

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The Case of John Kiriakou

Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness Against Thy Government

To date, only one person has been jailed in connection to the US torture program. One man has been put behind bars for the part that the United States has played in torturing prisoners of war around the globe. On January 25th, 2013, John Kiriakou was sentenced to 30 months in prison. He reported to a Federal correction facility in Loretto, Pennsylvania in late February, 2013. Kiriakou was the only person jailed in connection to the US torture program, but ironically, John has never tortured anyone. His crime: he revealed classified information to a reporter confirming the use of torture as an official US government policy, specifically, the CIA use of waterboarding in interrogations.

In 2007, John, a former CIA analyst, was being interviewed on ABC news when he disclosed the use of waterboarding and torture as official US government policy. John had also been in contact with a New York Times reporter who was working on a story about rendition when he gave the reporter a business card of a former CIA colleague who had never been undercover. He later gave the same card to a reporter for ABC News. For this, John was investigated for years and later charged with three counts of espionage, one count of violating the Intelligence Identities Protection Act, and one count of making false statements in his ABC interview regarding his comments on torture.

John’s espionage charge would make him only the tenth person in US history to be charged with espionage. Of those ten, seven were under Barack Obama – including John’s. The espionage charges were later dropped and John agreed to plead guilty to violating the Intelligence Identities Protection Act for revealing classified information to the media regarding CIA agents.

This is the state of our foreign policy and our government’s policy toward whistleblowers and truth-tellers. Torture, which is illegal, is not prosecuted. However, exposing torture and war crimes is a high offense and prosecuted eagerly with vigor. A whistleblower is any person who exposes and brings to light evidence of waste, fraud and abuse – any type of illegal activity. What Kiriakou exposed was illegal activity on the part of the CIA – and not just illegal activity, but officially sanctioned legal activity. Whistleblowers represent the perfect scapegoat for the war-hungry administration. When a whistleblower exposes an embarrassing or scandalous action or policy on the part of the US government, the easiest and most effective response is to silence them, and one of the most effective ways to silence a person is to turn the people against them. We’ve seen it over and over with each of the espionage and whistleblower cases during the Obama administration. During the trial of Chelsea Manning (formerly Bradley), she was tried (among a number of other charges) for aiding the enemy, a charge for which she was later found not guilty (though she still received 35 years for a number of other charges, including espionage). In the Edward Snowden case, another whistleblower who revealed documents regarding the NSA’s massive surveillance program, many high officials, including Former Vice President Dick Cheney, have called him, a traitor. Jeremy Bash, the former chief of staff for then-CIA Director Leon Panetta, said that Snowden may have “aided the enemy” when he released the documents, calling him “very dangerous” and even “delusional.” President Obama, when questioned on Snowden, said, “No, I don’t think Mr. Snowden was a patriot,” and even tried to dismiss him as a “29-year-old hacker” in order to try and make his actions look less like the heroic truth-teller he is and more like some pimply kid in his parent’s basement.

But this is all a very well-orchestrated part of the plan. First, government officials either dismiss the leaks and their importance in exposing illegal activities or over-hype the effect they may have on national security. Once that has been done, the next step is to discount the heroic efforts of the leakers and turn them into 1) crazed homosexuals who are not in control of their emotions because they are confused about their sexuality (Chelsea Manning), 2) a hacker without a cause (Edward Snowden), or 3) a tool for the enemy (every government whistleblower). The last is most effective of all because it taps into the fears of the average citizen. If torture and surveillance keep us safe, then many citizens will happily ignore evidence of these illegal actions and war crimes on the part of the US government in exchange for peace of mind. And if, when these things are exposed, the government asserts that these have aided our enemies and put us in peril, then many people will fall in line and cry traitor. Perhaps even worse, many others will ignore the leaks entirely, happy to remain ignorant and blissful.

William Saletan writes about this in Slate, highlighting that Manning, David Miranda (the domestic partner of journalist Glenn Greenwald who helped publish the Snowden leaks), and Snowden were all accused – formerly or informally – of somehow aiding the enemy or putting the country in danger.

“In Manning’s case, the indictment hinged on the sheer fact that the global public “included” our enemies. In Miranda’s case, the British government argued that disclosure of surveillance programs would help terrorists evade them and thereby “endanger people’s lives.” In Snowden’s case, the suggestion is that because his leaks exposed U.S. hypocrisy about espionage, they served China’s nefarious interests deliberately or—wink, wink—in a remarkable coincidence.”

What Saletan is highlighting is that the US government will go to extreme lengths to scare us into keeping quiet. If you talk, it aids the enemy, and if you expose crimes of the US government, we will not only prosecute you harshly (as they did when Manning was sentenced to 35 years in prison) but will also ruin your life financially, professionally, and personally. In a piece published by The Guardian, Kiriakou wrote that the effects that the charge of the espionage act have far-reaching consequences by design:

“The effect of the charge on a person’s life – being viewed as a traitor, being shunned by family and friends, incurring massive legal bills – is all a part of the plan to force the whistleblower into personal ruin, to weaken him to the point where he will plead guilty to just about anything to make the case go away.”

In a letter published by Firedoglake, Kiriakou expanded on this:

“In addition to having to spend 30 months in prison, I will have to meet a probation officer monthly for three years after my release. I also lost my pension after 19 years of proud federal service. My legal bills totaled nearly $1 million, and I sold most of my personal possessions to pay at least some of that million dollars.”

What’s more, his family is being punished as if they are guilty of some crime. Kiriakou explained that his wife received a letter from their insurance company, USAA, where they have had their homeowners and auto insurance for decades, saying that they do not insure felons and they were canceling their plan immediately. When she called to have the plan switched to her name, they responded that they do not insure “felonious families.”

Take note, all ye who believe in truth and justice. If you try to expose Big Brother, expect to be imprisoned, expect to be vilified, expect to lose your friends, family, connections, country, expect to lose your job, your pension, your savings, expect to see your family drug through the mud. Expect, in short, to be broken.

Kiriakou exposed that the official policy of the US government under the Bush administration includes torture – namely waterboarding. “Many of us believed that the torture policy was solely a Bush-era perversion. But many of these perversions, or at least efforts to cover them up or justify them, have continued under President Obama.” When Kiriakou exposed this “business of torture” on ABC News in 2007, he referred to the capture and subsequent water boarding of al Qaeda figure, Abu Zubaydah. In The Torture Report, an initiative of the ACLU’s National Security Project which seeks to bring together a comprehensive review of Bush-era torture program, a transcript from an interview that the Red Cross had with Zubaydah in late 2006, four and a half years after he was taken into a secret CIA prison, he describes his treatment while detained by the US. He chained down to a bed or chair for weeks straight, deprived of solid food, deprived of sleep for two or three weeks (“If I started to fall asleep one of the guards would come and spray water in my face.”), and kept naked. Music or the sound of cracking and hissing played endlessly. He was repeatedly beaten and at times stuffed in one of two boxes for hours straight – one slightly taller than him but narrow, and one box so short he had to crouch down while seated. “After the beating I was then placed in the small box. They placed a cloth or cover over the box to cut out all light and restrict my air supply. As it was not high enough even to sit upright, I had to crouch down. It was very difficult because of my wounds.” It was then that the waterboarding began:

“I was then dragged from the small box, unable to walk properly and put on what looked like a hospital bed, and strapped down very tightly with belts. A black cloth was then placed over my face and the interrogators used a mineral water bottle to pour water on the cloth so that I could not breathe. After a few minutes the cloth was removed and the bed was rotated into an upright position. The pressure of the straps on my wounds was very painful. I vomited. The bed was then again lowered to a horizontal position and the same torture carried out again with the black cloth over my face and water poured on from a bottle. On this occasion my head was in a more backward, downwards position and the water was poured on for a longer time. I struggled against the straps, trying to breathe, but it was hopeless. I thought I was going to die. I lost control of my urine. Since then I still lose control of my urine when under stress.”

Kiriakou exposed waterboarding, and for that, he will spend 30 months in jail while his wife and five children try to make a living without his salary or his pension, and while their life savings is poured into legal fees. Bruce Riedel, a former intelligence advisor to Obama, has sent a letter to the President signed by himself and eighteen other CIA veterans asking that Kiriakou’s sentence be commuted. The commutation of his sentence, a full refund of his legal fees and losses incurred, and an apology from the President would be a true start to rectifying this situation. However, given that Obama has been waging a war on whistleblowers from the moment he took office, this is unlikely. At the very least, we can thank Kiriakou for exposing these crimes. As he said himself, “At the CIA, employees are trained to believe that nearly every moral issue is a shade of grey. But this is simply not true. Some issues are black-and-white – and torture is one of them.”

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Terror, Surveillance and the Winter Olympics

The Sochi Olympic Games

Another Olympics is around the corner, this time of the winter variety. The location is the Russian town of Sochi.  The object of this event, it would seem, is less medals than stifling security.  In other words, the time has come for another round of bashing and bullying, scented by a good deal of disingenuousness.

The problems are already been tallied for the coming games.  The overarching issue is safety, which, in the Olympic canon, usually means suspecting everybody and everything of targeting the spirit of a sacred sporting event.  Sport, notably of the Olympic character, is big business for the security state.  Suggesting that Sochi is an attractive target to begin with, the Russian authorities are wanting to make it even more inviting.  Hit us if you can, and we shall make everybody pay.

With last week’s suicide bombings in Volgograd, 400 miles northeast of Sochi, which killed 34 people and injured over a hundred, the security services are beginning to sing for their heavy supper.  “We will strongly and decisively continue the battle against terrorists until their total annihilation,” claimed President Vladimir Putin in his New Year’s Eve address.

The preparation for the Games has been extreme and extensive, employing a robotic and security army to target any threat against the athletes and visitors. It is one comprising a massive cyber surveillance system that shows why security officials love the Olympics.  Attempts to earn medals tend to be decrepit side shows of show ponies. The real business is taking place offstage.

A few points in this hysterical bonanza of protection are worth noting. More than 5,500 video cameras will be in operation as part of the “Safe Sochi” policy. Of those, 309 will be manned by the Russian intelligence services, the FSB.  The FSB has also had an outlay for their Plastun scout robots.  The devices are heavy with surveillance equipment: thermal imaging, cameras and devices that can detect a sniper’s scope (National Post, Jan 4).

Such a survey is only the start. More than 40,000 police will be on duty.  There will be drones, including the FSB’s Gorisont-Air S100, which is easily weaponised. Not to be outdone, the Interior Ministry has 421 Zala drones at its disposal.  With somewhat chilling language, Nikita Zakharov, the deputy director of Zala Aero, explained that, “The main thing is that you cannot see or hear a drone.”  There will be zones of population control – checking of people’s belongings, movements and credentials.  All visitors will need a Spectator Pass, which needs registering on the Sochi 2014 site.

There will be monitoring of spectators and athletes alike – the System of Operative-Investigative Measures system, or SORM, will (and at this, the US NSA must be sighing with envy) be able to track and monitor all electronic utterances. SORM is the bastard child of previous intelligence couplings – notably under the auspices of the Soviet-era KGB.  SORM-1 captures telephone and mobile phone telecommunications; SORM-2 intercepts Internet traffic; SORM-3 gathers information from all forms of communication and has a storage facility (World Policy Journal, Fall, 2013).

With a good deal of hypocrisy, US authorities have issued their own warnings about the potential for privacy violations, suggesting that what the Russians do is not something they would encourage.  The briefing in the “Travel Cyber Security Best Practices” reads, as Andrei Soldatov and Irina Borogan claim in the World Policy Journal (Fall, 2013), like “briefing instructions for a Cold War-era spy.”  Among the bits of advice is travelling with “clean” electronic devices.  “Otherwise, essential devices should have all personal identifying information and sensitive files removed or ‘sanitised.’”

The directions get even more dramatic.  “Do not connect to local ISPs at cafes, coffee shops, hotels, airports, or other local venues.”  Passwords should be changed before and after the trip.  “Assume any electronic device you take can be exploited.”  The list of recommendations, it is interesting to note, might just as well be used by US citizens regarding the surveillance of their own communications by the security services.  But the Russians already know that.

The Russian state has gone further than its counterparts in granting seven investigative and security agencies the right to intercept and examine phone calls and emails.  It is true that FSB officers are required by law to obtain a court order to eavesdrop, but the grant is not one that will be questioned.  It is incumbent on those officers to show what they find to their superiors.

The Russian surveillance and security state has bloomed under the watchful Putin.  The mendacious International Olympic Committee is satisfied with the potential of what it might be able to do, and has accepted the astonishing line from Moscow that the authorities will “guarantee freedom of speech despite the high security during the Games.”  Seeing as the IOC and freedom of speech tend to be extra-terrestrial to each other, the statement is without merit.  Various Olympic authorities have issued guidelines banning athletes from using social media.

The enormous, near paramilitary response to the Sochi Games merely affirms the fact that nothing in terms of public entertainment or recreation can be entirely excluded from the security gaze.  The narrative of sport here is the narrative of violence, existing or contingent.  What will be interesting to note is whether this heavy-handed state formula succeeds in repelling the very threats it claims is protecting both spectator and athlete alike.  The power of incompetence may be more telling than the depravity of malice.  The Russian forces may have nothing to protect themselves from that.

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The Harm Before the Storm in Iraq


Army Battles to Expel Resurgent al-Qa’ida


The Iraqi army is planning to storm the city of Fallujah 40 miles west of Baghdad that has been taken over by fighters from al-Qa’ida in Iraq, which is part of the umbrella organisation, the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS). They have torn down Iraqi national flags and raised the black al-Qa’ida flag over captured police stations, set fire to military vehicles on the road to Baghdad and captured 75 government soldiers.

The Iraqi government’s control in overwhelmingly Sunni Anbar province, which covers much of western Iraq, is in the balance.

Al-Qa’ida in Iraq, which was seen as largely defeated three years ago, has staged a dramatic resurgence thanks to Isis, seizing significant parts of northern and eastern Syria. Some of the fighters now holding central Fallujah are reported to be Syrians who have come across the 373-mile long border. The wars in Syria and Iraq are increasingly turning into a single conflict.

The decline in the Iraqi government’s position began in December as Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki stepped up the pressure on Sunni protesters in Anbar who have been demonstrating for a year against persecution. The government is under pressure from its supporters to stem a wave of devastating bombing attacks by a rejuvenated Isis in 2013 that killed 8,000 civilians and 1,000 police and army. A further 15 people were killed in Baghdad on Sunday.

Mr Maliki was eager to show political and military strength by a more assertive policy in Anbar and other Sunni-majority provinces in the lead up to the parliamentary elections in April, when he hopes to win a third term. Little has gone well for Mr Maliki in the last two weeks, however. On 21 December, an Isis ambush in Anbar killed 24 Iraqi army officers and tension increased a week later when the government arrested a powerful Sunni MP, Ahmed al-Alwani, whose brother was killed by security forces.

On 30 December, the long-standing encampment of Sunni protesters in Ramadi was closed but the following day Mr Maliki reversed course in the face of an outcry from Sunni leaders and withdrew the army from the cities of Anbar, notably Ramadi and Fallujah. These were occupied by Isis fighters, though they have not been able to hold Ramadi in the face of counter-attack by government-allied tribal militiamen.

A problem for the government is that Mr Maliki is engaged in a three-cornered struggle in which he faces, as well as Isis, Sunni tribal leaders who were part of the Sahwa (Awakening) movement which turned on al-Qa’ida with support from the US army in 2006. These Sunni notables have supported the protest movement, but Mr Maliki has made few concessions to the Sunnis, whom many Shias see as ultimately aiming to over-turn the post-Saddam Hussein political settlement that gave power for the first time to Iraq’s Shia majority allied to the Kurds.

The government’s intransigence has led a peaceful protest movement to mutate into armed resistance led by al-Qa’ida in Iraq. The latter, badly battered in 2010, has enjoyed a swift resurgence launching devastating bombings mostly targeting Shia civilians. The response to the Sunni protests and the return of al-Qa’ida has been a self-defeating mix of harshness and conciliation.

Mr Maliki promised reforms but in April his forces stormed a protest camp in Hawija, south-west of Kirkuk, killing 53 people. Sunni people in and around Kirkuk, who had previously looked to Mr Maliki as an ally against the Kurds, demanded that Iraqi army units be withdrawn from their areas. Politically, the rise of Isis, with its hatred of the Shia as heretics deserving death, is not against Mr Maliki’s interests since it solidifies the Shia vote behind him. The threat of al-Qa’ida also brings more US support in the shape of helicopters, Hellfire missiles and  intelligence.

The Iraqi government may be deeply unpopular in Sunni areas but this does not mean that al-Qa’ida is liked. When it was last at the peak of its power in 2006, its violence and bigotry made it even more unpopular among Sunni than the Americans. Sheikh Abdul Malik al-Saadi, an influential Sunni cleric in Iraq previously known for counselling moderation, now says that Mr Maliki has “brought Iraq nothing but war, poverty and sectarianism. Oh people of Anbar, especially the sheikhs of Anbar, defend yourselves and your people!”

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EGYPT: عثمان: مصر ترغب بإرجاع غزة للوضع السابق


ردًا على تصريحات حماس

ياسر عثمان السفير المصري لدى السلطة (الأرشيف)

ياسر عثمان السفير المصري لدى السلطة (الأرشيف)


الرسالة نت- محمود هنية

قال ياسر عثمان السفير المصري لدى السلطة، إن بلاده ترغب بإرجاع قطاع غزة إلى الوضع السابق، الذي كان يشكل فيه بعدًا وضمانًا استراتيجيًا للأمن القومي المصري.

وأوضح عثمان في تصريح خاص بـ”الرسالة نت” الأحد، أن العلاقات المتوترة الآن مع حماس؛ لأن مصر تريد الرجوع بالوضع للمربع الذي يكون فيه غزة بالفعل ضمانة للأمن القومي المصري، على أن تكون نظرة حماس للأوضاع المصرية كمصر وليس جماعة. وفق قوله.

واعتبر عثمان تصريحاته حول حماس في صحيفة “الوطن” المصرية، بأنها ردٌ لمضمون تصريحات قيادة حماس انتقدت فيها الاتهامات المصرية لها بالتورط في أحداث العنف بمصر، وهو ما وصفها بـ”تصريحات غير مقبولة من حماس تجاه القيادة المصرية”.

ورأى أن رده يأتي من صميم عمله الدبلوماسي، نافيًا أن يكون قد تدخل خلال حواره في شأن حماس الداخلي أو في علاقتها مع الفصائل الفلسطينية الأخرى.

وانتقد عثمان خط حماس السياسي إزاء تعاملها مع الأحداث الجارية بمصر، بعد ما سميت بثورة ” الثلاثين من يونيو”.

ورأى أنه من حق الفلسطينيين انتقاد ما يجري بغزة، مضيفًا ” هذا الأمر الذي لا يجوز أن يكون خلافًا بيننا فيه”.

وأضاف السفير المصري إن ما يحدد علاقة بلاده مع أي طرف، يكمن في الاحترام المتبادل وصيانة المصالح المشتركة، وعدم التدخل في الشئون الداخلية، داعيًا حماس بالتوقف عما أسماه “التدخل في الشأن المصري”.

ونفى أن تكون مصر قد تدخلت بأي شأن فلسطيني داخلي، “وإن شهدته في مراحل تاريخية”، مشددًا على أن القاهرة لن توظف طرفًا فلسطينيًا ضد طرف آخر.

وكانت حركة حماس، قد طالبت السفير المصري في رام الله ياسر عثمان، بأن يتوقف عن أي تحرض ضدها في الساحة الفلسطينية.

ورفض الدكتور سامي أبو زهري المتحدث باسم حماس في بيان وصل “الرسالة نت”، الأحد، اتهامات عثمان في تصريحاته لصحيفة الوطن المصرية، بالتدخل في شؤون بلاده.

وفي سياق متصل، وصف عثمان التهديد بشنّ ضربات من الجيش المصري ضد حماس بغزة، بأنه “ضرب من الخيال”، معتبرًا اجراءات الجيش على الحدود هو لضمان حماية الأمن القومي، وليس استفزازًا لأحد.

وقال إن مصر ترفض بشدة أي اعتداء على غزة أو حماس، وهو ما يفسر دور القاهرة بالقيام في دور التهدئة مع الاحتلال، مؤكدًا أن استقرار غزة هو استقرار لمصر وحدودها الشمالية.

وأشار إلى تواصل القناة الأمنية بين القاهرة وحماس، على الرغم مما تشهده العلاقة من توتر في الآونة الأخيرة.

ورفض عثمان اتهام مصر بمحاصرة المقاومة والعمل استهدافها، أو المزايدة على دور القاهرة، معتبرًا أن اجراءات الجيش على حدود غزة، من أجل تأمين الأمن المصري وحمايته، وليس عدوان على أحد أو استفزازه، وفق تعبيره.

وبين أن مصر تنظر إلى القضية الفلسطينية بمنظور شامل وتتعامل مع الشعب بكامله، مضيفًا “أمن واستقرار الفلسطينيين ونموهم، هو مصلحة مصرية”.

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EGYPT: صحيفة: عباس قدم لمصر تقارير تتهم حماس بالإرهاب


اتهمت الحركة بوجود نشاط لها بسينا

 ذكرت صحيفة الدستور المصرية أن مصدر سيادي ذكر في تصريح، لها أن السلطة الفلسطينية برئاسة محمود عباس قامت بتسليم أدلة وتقارير ورقية مكتوبة حول نشاط حركة حماس وذراعها العسكري كتائب عز الدين القسام فى شبه جزيرة سيناء.

 وأوضحت الصحيفة على لسان المصدر قوله: “إن هذه التقارير تشير إلى أن كتائب القسام قدمت دعمًا للرئيس محمد مرسي وأنصاره المعتصمين في رابعة العدوية، كما شملت أسماء بعض قادة القسام المتورطين بألاعمال الإرهابية مع الجهاديين بسيناء لضرب الأمن القومى المصرى”.

وأفاد المصدر أن الرئيس أبو مازن يهمه مصلحة الأمن القومى المصرى ولن يتوانى عن إبلاغ الجهات المختصة بأي معلومات تهم الأمن القومي المصري.

 يذكر أن حركة حماس نشرت الأحد عدد من الوثائق التي قالت أنها تثبت الدور التآمري لقيادة حركة فتح في عملية شيطنة وتشويه حركة حماس والمقاومة الفلسطينية، من خلال تلفيق الأخبار الكاذبة بهدف تحريض الشعب المصري وقيادته على حماس.

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By Ariadna Theokopoulos

France is the middle of a sweeping popular movement sparked by Dieudonné and symbolized by la Quennelle, a movement that has united young and old, white and black, men and women, the middle class and the unemployed, extreme Left, center and Right, Christians and Muslims and even a few Jews.

It is an anti-establishment revolt but also one specifically directed at the Jewish power that rules the French establishment and has destroyed individual freedoms long cherished by the French, like freedom of speech. The French appear to have had enough of forced indoctrination into the worship of the Holocaust (a topic Dieudonné has dared to ridicule in his comedy sketches), of laws throwing historians in prison for daring to question the official Holocaust narrative, of the foreign policy of France being conducted according to the dictates of CRIF (the French equivalent of AIPAC).

It is a peaceful revolt, employing a gesture, not words, in a state muzzled by anti-free speech laws, one that mocks Power and says, “We are no longer afraid of you.” It is precisely that message that has sent the French Israeli Firsters into a hysterical panic: that “they” are no longer afraid and that a single spark was sufficient to unite all segments of society that JP had worked for so long to atomize and set against each other.

The measure of their panic is given by the preposterous, Orwellian ways in which they propose to silence and punish Dieudonné. The French Interior Minister, Mon. Valls (the same one who declared that through his wife he is eternally tied to Israel) has instructed (he prefers the word “advised”) the mayors of all French towns to forbid any performances of Dieudonné anywhere, in any venue. “You will never work in this country again!” Another contemplated measure is to form a joint commission of no less than three ministeries: Interior, Justice and Economy, to find modalities of punishing Dieudonné in all possible ways: depriving him of liberty, ruining him finnacially. He already owes close to 100,00 Euros in fines for offending speech.

Now in the middle of all this popular revolt, a progressive voice that despite its French accent sounds so very familiar, speaks out… against Dieudonné! It is Jean-Claude LeFort, President of the Association France Palestine Solidarité (AFPS):

“Pour qui­conque suit objec­ti­vement les faits, les gestes et les propos de Dieu­donné, la chose ne peut prêter à aucun doute pos­sible : son anti­sé­mi­tisme est patent. Il n’est pas accep­table. Le racisme, redisons-​​le avec force, n’est pas une opinion mais un délit. Nous le condamnons par principe, absolu et non dis­cu­table, mais aussi par nécessité poli­tique : il nuit ter­ri­blement à la cause du peuple pales­tinien dont Dieu­donné fait mine de se réclamer.

Ses propos ont été condamnés par la justice à de nom­breuses reprises. Et la loi doit s’appliquer sans la moindre mansuétude.”

French is a beautiful language but abject groveling sounds as foul as it does in English.

In free translation, with emphasis added:

“To those who follow events objectively, the gestures and statements of Dieudonné leave no doubt: they are patently anti-semitic. It is unacceptable. Racism, let is restate it strongly, is not an opinion but a felony. We condemn it by principle, absolute and undebatable, but also by political necessity: it harms terribly the cause of the Palestinian people which Dieudonné claims to support.”
His statements have been condemned by judicial authorities many times. And the law must be applied in full force.”

Not making the “fight against anti-semitism” a priority of the Palestinian solidarity, I am sure, would “harm terribly the cause” of their funding. Who’s your daddy, Jean-Claude?
AFPS, like their English-speaking brethren “give no quarter” to “anti-semites,”  and they support punishing them “sans la moindre mansuétude!”

AFPS, this quennelle is for you:






If the quenelle is loosely defined as an anti establishment salute,  one may wonder why Jews are offended by it and regard it as an ‘anti-Semitic’ gesture?  Is it because many Jews actually identify with ‘the establishment’? And how do we explain the fact that the French government is happy to compromise the most elementary liberties just to appease the French Jewish Lobby (Crif)?

The truth is devastating – Palestine is here and the French people are the Palestinians Du Jour…

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Friends of the Congo in collaboration with Maysles Cinema will screen “Lumumba” by Raoul Peck on Friday, January 17, 2014 in New York City. A post Film Discussion on the current situation in the Congo and the global movement in support of the Congo will follow the screening. A special focus will be placed on the recently published declassified documents by the U.S. State Department on U.S. covert action in the Congo from 1960 to 1968.

The film “Lumumba” documents the true story of the rise to power and brutal assassination of the legendary leader of independent Congo, Patrice Lumumba. Made in the tradition of such true-life political thrillers as Malcolm X and JFK, Raoul Peck’s award-winning Lumumba is a gripping epic that dramatizes for the first time Lumumba’s life. When the Congo declared its independence from Belgium in 1960, the 36-year-old, self-educated Lumumba became the first democratically elected Prime Minister of the newly independent state.

Friday, January 17, 2014
Lumumba: A Commemoration
Time: 7:30 PM – 12:00 Midnight
Maysles Cinema
343 Lenox Ave
New York, NY 10027

Cost: $10 – Click here to purchase tickets! 
In addition to the screening and discussion, there will be music, food, beverages and entertainment.

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Watch: BBC and Swiss TV comedy sketches skewer I$raHell colonization

Submitted by Ali Abunimah


BBC Three and the Swiss public broadcaster RTS have both put out comedy sketches skewering Israel’s relentless theft of Palestinian land.

In some ways, these comedians have shown more courage and truth than many mainstream journalists.

The BBC Three sketch, “The Israeli Embassy’s extension,” below, applies Israel’s logic of colonization in the West Bank to central London. But first …

Palestinian Monopoly – the game where the rules always change!

The video above is a sketch called “Hurry up and wait: Palestinian Monopoly” from the RTS show L’Agence..

It was broadcast in September, but only brought to my attention today. It’s in French, so here’s my translation of the dialogue:

Player 1: Hey, you want to play a game?

Player 2: Sure, what is it?

Player 1: It’s called Palestinian Monopoly!

Player 2: I don’t know it.

Player 1: It’s easy, I’ll teach you. First we divide the territory cards equitably: 15 for me and 2 for you.

Player 2: But I don’t feel like playing…

Player 1: But you have no choice. [rolls dice] Eight! I’m going to build on this land in East Jerusalem.

Player 2: But you don’t have the right to build, it’s not your land!

Player 1: Ah yes, sorry, well, it’s too late. I already built.

Player 2: Ok, well my turn [rolls dice] Three! Take a “Chance” card: “The United Nations passes a resolution giving you back one territory and you get to draw another card.” [pulls card] Bad luck. It says “The United States vetoes the resolution. Give back 8 more territories.”

Player 1: My turn! [rolls dice] Double 6! I buy the electricity company and now I can annoy Gaza by constantly turning the power on and off.

Player 2: Ok, my turn [rolls] – a two – Nablus. I buy and build a little village.

Player 1: My turn! Twelve!

Player 2: But you didn’t even roll the dice!

Player 1: No need! I bulldoze your village and build a colony of 17 houses.

Player 2: But you don’t have the right! It’s in the rules!

Player 1: But who cares about the rules? I roll a seven, pass Go and collect four million dollars.

Player 2: But it’s normally just two thousand shekels.

Player 1: Yeah, for you.

Player 2: Ok, my turn [rolls]. Seven [begins moving piece] … one .. two… what the? What’s this wall?

Player 1: You can’t go any further.

Player 2: I have no chance. When does this game finish?

Player 1: Never!

“The Israeli Embassy’s extension”

This sketch is from the BBC Three program The Revolution Will Be Televised, which describes itself as a series “bringing corruption, greed and hypocrisy to the fore. Politicians, multinationals and tax-shy corporations who have been taking the public for a ride for years are now on the receiving end.”

The Guardian says that the “joy” of the series is “its utter chutzpah.”

That’s certainly a contrast to the timidity of BBC news programs, which, as Amena Saleem has thoroughly documented, consistently whitewash Israel’s violations of Palestinian rights.

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