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Is it Iran Being Sanctioned or America?



 by  Gordon Duff , 

Press TV

The American people and the people of the world are being told that two bills are moving through congress, one to destroy the nuclear deal with Iran and another to force the American government to help Israel destroy Iran militarily. Both bills exist but they are, in reality hoaxes.  One would be vetoed and the other could never be binding.

Both exist to destroy faith in the United States and push forward an agenda that will lead to a wide redistribution of power in the world through exploiting sectarian divides, racial fears and class hatreds.

Bush Wars II, the Flank Attack

What we are seeing is another attempt at the Bush wars, two wars on Iraq, the second an attack on Islam itself, both, however, little more than oil and drug wars.

With America out of Iraq and Afghanistan and resistance stiffening in Africa against the Bush wars colonial wars there, the real focus comes back on America.

A Totally American Surrogate War, America Fights America

Anyone who believes that so many concurrent struggles around the world aren’t related is simply not paying attention.  The questions that aren’t so clear, however, is “who is the target” and “who is pulling the strings.” The reality is that America factions, one heavily backed by Zionist groups tied to worldwide organized crime, (McCain, Cruz, Graham and the Tea Party), are fighting, not just in America, but with real guns and real dead, no Americans though, around the world.

When Al Qaeda pulled into Fallujah, they did so on behalf of a coalition, political extremists in America, not just the Tea Party, AIPAC certainly, all financed with Saudi money, Turks helping with logistics and others inside Iraq who stand to benefit from civil war and chaos.

The true leadership of the military, Secretary Hagel, General Dempsey and others, along with Obama and Secretary of State Kerry have finally gotten it right and, in doing so, started a civil war in America too, one being fought in Iraq and eventually around the world.


One contingency is to try to force Iran into supporting the… government in Iraq.  If al-Qaeda takes Iraq, that nation will be used, as Bush intended, as a “jumping off point” for attacks on Iran.  They tried it in 2005 and 2007. What you are seeing now is their next attempt.

Thus, the AIPAC moves against the US government, showing the world that they are able to overrule even the President and military commanders.

With a 6-month settlement between Iran and the P5+1 to come online in a matter of days, the Israel lobby is pushing the American legislature toward imposing sanctions on Iran, their way of showing their power over Iran and punishing that nation.  But why, what is the issue between Iran and Israel? Nobody knows.

Moreover, by demonstrating that America’s legislative bodies, with public approval rates of as low as 6%, can be easily controlled, even in this issue which is backed by the President and 70% of the American people, why is any of this going on at all?

Is it Iran being “sanctioned” or America?

Here is a hypothesis:  Israel has been chosen to take on the mantle of “prime mover,” a rogue nation that will increasingly garner the hatred of the world and yet act as catalyst toward destroying anything and everything decent and progressive that mankind attempts.

The G5+1 cares nothing for either pleading or threats from Israel, in fact the European Union is planning a new round of sanctions against Israel to add to the ones passed in August, restricting commercial contact with nearly half of Israel.

If I am right, Israel will increasingly be seen as a rogue…[entity] and the 3rd Reich mythology, that all Jews are thieves, bankers and money lenders, will sweep the world, not for the first time.  Israel will come under siege, threatened not by her Arab neighbors but by those weak minded and easily swayed.

Israel’s own friends, the “Christian right,” the uneducated of the west, the racially bigoted, those who choose to scapegoat others for their own failures will, again, look to the “Christ killers” as in the past.  After all, haven’t Zionist leaders for the past 70 years been touting Jews as a “Middle Eastern” people, “Semites,” despite conclusive proof (John’s Hopkins “Jewish Genome Study) to the contrary.

Is there a plan?  Is a “siege of Israel” being manufactured while some invisible force trains armies of terrorists that move across Africa like ghosts or even show up at the gates of Fallujah, only miles outside Baghdad, miles of new Toyota trucks loaded with modern weapons as their vanguard?

Who moves a thousand trucks by sea, moves then across either Jordan or Syria, more likely Turkey and the KRG region of Iraq, moves them while satellites look on, al-Qaeda symbols on every vehicle?

Again we step back to Washington, a new law, this one supposedly to force America to join Israel in any war Israel chooses to fight. This “bill” is even stranger than the one trying to derail the nuclear settlement with Iran and far more hopeless.

Those unfamiliar with the US constitution, a much abused set of legal tenets, may not realize that the American legislature cannot move a single soldier, no matter what they vote.

Were such a bill to pass, and I assure you President Obama could care less, were Israel to attack Iran and reap the whirlwind, full and legal American support could well be no more than a call from Obama to Netanyahu:  “Bibi, we’re behind you all the way.  Let us know how it turns out.” America could even send ships to the Mediterranean to pick up refugees fleeing Israel, the new “boat people.”

Were it not for Israel’s nuclear arsenal, those acts we are told that Israel is responsible for, obviously pushing the world to war against itself and destroying the credibility of the US in the process, would be considered suicidal….


Eight thousands civilians were killed in Iraq in 2013.  Was it real sectarian violence or cynical attempts to sink Iraq into civil war taking advantage of the sectarian divides and carloads of Saudi cash available to fund such violence?

There are many “established facts” in the Middle East.  One is that Iraq, if they build a stable democracy, Sunni and Shiite, will end all hopes of pushing forward a program of destabilization through Iran and into Afghanistan and Pakistan and then north into the Steppes. All of this was carefully outlined during the 1990s by Wolfowitz, Bolton, Woolsley and Rumsfeld.

Too many “activists” fail to remember that the accused planners of 9/11 at Project for a New American Century included John Bolton, James Woosley and Donald Rumsfeld.  Why are those names always “removed?” What we are seeing now is their plan though PNAC is just another vehicle, as is the Potomac Institute or the Heritage Foundation, the Tea Party and ADL.

What a more careful examination reveals is ties to quasi-national secret societies and a long history of activities, ostensibly on behalf of Zionist extremists in Israel or American oligarchs. A more careful examination, however, reveals something far more sinister, a purposeful targeting of Israel, exposing that nation’s apartheid policies to widespread public for the first time, that and an attempt to bring the American people to the point of giving up on their own political system and accepting something else.

That something else will be dictatorship, sold either after a new 9/11 or an orchestrated threat against the United States involving a coalition of China and other states. Israel, as with the moves against Iraq, seems to be guiding this, but are they?


What do Americans do when they lose all faith in their electoral process yet face a new election?  Key Republic frontrunner, Governor Christie of New Jersey, now faces prison for a bizarre act. He stands accused of closing some of the nation’s largest highways, snarling traffic for tens of millions and violation numerous laws, as part of a political blackmail scheme.

Other political leaders such as Senator Ted Cruz appear to many as dangerous sociopathic types, unfeeling and bloated with narcissistic tendencies.  Most other leaders are much the same and are perceived so. This is no accident.  The American people are being shown how hopeless trying to vote in change is, they are being prestaged for a coup.

America is going to be burned to the ground.  Last attempt was begun inside the US, 9/11.  This time the same group just hit Iraq. Yes, Israel and AIPAC are much a part of it as are others.  A big part of it is Americans we call “Tea Party” or Neocons.

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The Anglo – European Crisis



The Anglo – European Crisis

 ….by  Michael Shrimpton, London

When could 'strains' become adversarial?

When could ‘strains’ become adversarial?

There have been two major developments on the EU this week. Firstly the Tory Party consensus on Europe has broken down.

Half of my party’s backbench MPs have demanded the implementation of the promise, given in bad faith when we joined, that the UK have a veto over European laws and policies which are harmful to our interests.

Secondly, Steve Odell, Ford’s European CEO, has publicly revealed Ford’s panic about the UK’s impending departure from the EU.

Before I turn to them let me respond to comments on Kennedy Conspiracy (8). One commenter went so far as to ask that I write coherent articles, in the sense of linking one topic to another. He doesn’t want much!

Pace Lenin, not everything is connected to everything else, and this is a topical column. There is usually more than one event per week worth a comment. By the way, if you notice a deterioration in the quality of the graphics that is because I have taken them over from Jim Dean. Lazily I’ve been delegating that task to him!

[Editors Note: He has not taken over his layout work yet, but when he does, he will still have polishing up support as more of our writers assist us in the ‘magazine’ styly layouts which our readers like so much. By sharing that word load we can keep the content pace up, which is a chore doing it 365 days a year…Jim W. Dean]

Can anyone tell me what the heck is going on in Florida? It’s supposed to be part of the South! Curtis Reeves, a police retiree aged 71, has been arrested and charged (for heaven’s sake!), just for shooting dead Chad Oulson, aged 43, in a movie theater, after he had been warned. The man was text messaging during the movie!

Admittedly the sound of gunfire and the dying man’s screams would have interfered with patrons’ enjoyment of the movie even more than the text messaging, but come on guys! They seem to be arresting folk down there for the most trivial things. They’re getting almost as bad as Thames Valley Police, who’ll be arresting me for sneezing next.

Response to Comments

I’m glad my comments on Alice Springs beer went down well, almost as smoothly as the amber nectar itself. Why shouldn’t the NSA boys have a tinny of West End at the end of a long shift at Pine Gap? Intelligence is thirsty work. It is not a profession for teetotallers, nor cranks of any sort, for that matter.

The ‘Jew thing’ seems to have got some commenters obsessed. Neither the DVD nor the Illuminati were anything to do with the Jews, save that the DVD has made use of Jewish assets. The European Rothschilds have long had connections to Prussian, then German intelligence, but strictly they’re of Cathar descent, not Jewish. They only pretend to be Jewish.

I don’t debate with anti-semites because anti-semitism isn’t rational. I have to spend enough time as it is dealing with non-rational actors, like Thames Valley Police, or global warming nutters. At least some of them have been trapped in one of Antarctica’s growing ice-sheets for a couple of weeks.

The Rolls-Royce Vulture was indeed a huge engine. Effectively two Peregrines added together, it had a swept volume of 2,591 cubic inches (42.47 liters). It eventually reached 3,000 HP, I think on only single-staged supercharging. It was a pretty staggering engine and the Ministry of Aircraft Production and Cabinet Office (headed by the German spies Beaverbrook and Bridges respectively) waged a bitter war against it, using standard German methods such as deception, which we are seeing so much of in the immigration debate here in the UK.

As I commented last week the problem with the Manchester was largely with the installation, and that was pretty easily fixed. Yes, there were developmental problems with the Vulture itself, but nothing that Rolls-Royce couldn’t overcome. The success of the German campaign against the Vulture left the Lancaster underpowered, relying as it did on the smaller, 1,650 cubic inch Merlin, which was not really up to the job.

The B-17 suffered from the same problem. As I comment in Spyhunter the G model should really have been re-engined with the excellent Wright R-2600 radial. The only re-engining which Boeing were allowed by Germany’s General Marshall to carry out was to substitute the Allison V-1710 (the XB-38). That was slightly odd, with respect, since the Allison motor was smaller than the Wright R-1820 it replaced, taking away most of the benefit of the lower drag. Don’t blame Boeing however, blame ‘von’ Marshall.

Crisis with the EU

Power...once surrendered, is had to get back

Power…once surrendered, is had to get back

The Anglo-European crisis is of geo-political significance. EU withdrawal would save the UK economy some $325 billion a year, permitting us to be a major player again.

We could treble our defense budget for the vast sums of cash UK plc throws down the European drain.

Cameron bought off his backbenchers for a period with a bogus promise to re-negotiate the terms of UK membership, but in a dramatic speech to the European Parliament EU Commissioner Viviane Redding ruled renegotiation out. The idea was always a non-starter anyway. The EU takes powers, it does not return them.

Redding’s with respect maniacal speech was a game-changer. By spelling it out she increased the number of Tory MPs able to grasp the point. Word is also spreading that Cameron has privately agreed with the Cabinet Secretary, Sir Jeremy Heywood, to renege on the referendum promise. It was already known that ‘von’ Clegg, the EU-loving führer, sorry, leader, of the Lib Dems, would veto a referendum if his party were still in government.

The British public were told when we joined what was then the Common Market that we had a veto. Sadly, that was simply an exercise in deception. There was a temporary national veto, the so-called Luxembourg Compromise, but it was a political agreement only, to appease De Gaulle and keep the French in the EEC. It was never incorporated into the Treaty of Rome (the EEC Treaty) and was deliberately left out of the British Treaty of Accession.

The issue is the same as that which confronted the United States after 1789 – federation, or confederation? The EU sees itself as a federation. The UK sees the EU as a confederation. Tory MPs are demanding nothing less than the submission of the EU’s political and judicial authorities to the British imperial will. The EU demands nothing less than total British subjugation to European domination.

Ironically it wasn’t until Romanians and Bulgarians started to flood across our national frontier last year, in anticipation of the complete lifting of border controls on January 1st (immigration control collapsed as visas were handed out in Bucharest and Sofia virtually on demand), that the majority of the public realised that there was no veto.

The lies about the veto and the EU generally have of course done enormous damage to the reputation of the political class and the Civil Service, both of which are now seen as sleazy and dishonest, prepared to lie at will.

Steve Odell

Steve Odell - Ford

Steve Odell – Ford

Ford Motor Company never saw the crisis coming, any more than they saw World War II coming.

Their factory in Cologne, even though it was a key component of Nazi Germany’s military-industrial complex, was never hardened. Astonishingly, Ford executives bought into Goering’s assurances that Germany would never be bombed.

They never even advised their workforce to harden their homes or make emergency preparations, even though the presence of the Ford of Germany works made the destruction of Cologne a strategic priority.

The inevitable happened. RAF Bomber Command blasted through the Kammhuber Line with just under 1,000 bombers on the night of May 30th/31st 1942, in Operation Millennium. Their 3,000 plus highly supercharged engines generated around 4,500,000 combined horsepower, creating the largest sound footprint ever heard in Europe.

Ford were almost totally unprepared. Desperate managers racing to the plant that night didn’t need to switch on their lights to avoid running over terrified members of their workforce who had run into the street with their clothing alight. The fires were so fierce that night was turned into day. For Ford it was Götterdämerung time.

Steve Odell and his predecessors with respect have repeated the mistakes of Robert Schmidt after 1939. They have bought into ‘Jerry’s’ assurances that Britain would always remain in the German Sphere of Influence, aka the EU. They have shut down every Ford vehicle assembly line in the UK.

As Steve Odell’s disgraceful comments on Tuesday reveal Ford are now in a panic, as they contemplate having to import vehicles through the tariff barrier we will inevitably erect when we leave, probably 10%. It doesn’t sound much, but that’s Ford’s profit margin – and the UK is now the most dynamic economy on this side of the pond, with car sales heading north of two million. We are not as dynamic as you guys. We can’t be – we’re still in the EU – but we are pulling ahead of the sclerotic European economies.

Odell’s economic arguments were the usual recycled, asinine nonsense trotted out by supporters of EU membership for the last 40 years. He said we would be subject to EU rules if we left. No we won’t, Steve. Nobody serious is arguing that we should remain in the so-called single market. We want a clean break, and that means an end to European imports, including Ford Mondeos, flooding for free across our frontiers, with only a handful of Jags going the other way.

Our trade deficit with the EU is a staggering $50 billion a year plus, so huge Whitehall has to lie about the figures, like pretending that exports to South Korea through Rotterdam are exports to Holland! Did you know that Holland is a major oil producer? That’s what the figures say. How many nodding donkeys have you seen in the Dutch countryside? (At Cabinet Office insistence Whitehall counts crude oil trans-shipped at Rotterdam as a Dutch export).

The Oradour Prosecution

I am totally opposed to this nonsense. To give you the background, it has been announced that an SS trooper, ‘Werner C’, who is now aged 88, is to be prosecuted in Germany over his alleged involvement in the awful massacre at Oradour-sur-Glane, France, on June 10th 1944. He was 19 at the time, barely more than a kid, and clearly not in command.

As a lawyer I have two fundamental objections to these musical comedy proceedings. Firstly it is too late. Justice delayed is justice denied. If he was to be tried at all it should have been in 1945. Secondly, if he shot any civilians at all, which he denies, he was clearly obeying orders issued by a superior.

Under German military law at the time an SS trooper was duty bound to obey the orders of the SS chain of command, without question. The Nuremberg Defense, of obeisance to the orders of a superior, should be allowed. As an eager young law student I was strongly in favour of the Nuremberg War Trials, but one of the prosecutors – Lord Elwyn-Jones – told me they were a mistake.

I now respectfully agree. The charges against Werner C should be dropped. Let the blame fall where it lies – with those who gave the dreadful order. Werner should be allowed to live out the evening of his life in peace. If this legal farce is to continue I hope the judge addresses him by his SS rank, as a military courtesy.

Lt-Cdr Steven Mackenzie CBE DSC RN

Honoring those who have passed is a feature of my column which will be familiar to regular readers. The Telegraph on Wednesday carried the obituary of Lt-Cdr Mackenize, late of MI6 and MI18. A brilliant intelligence officer, he was a colleague in MI18 of the great Ian Fleming and Commander Frank Slocum. For most of the war he was Deputy Director, Operations Division (Irregular) at the Admiralty.

He should have been DDOD(HI) of course (Highly Irregular!). He was a great spook-runner into Occupied Europe and once bailed out King Zog. He also penetrated MI6 on behalf of British Intelligence.

He was a fine man and I wish I’d known him, although we had mutual friends, including the late Vice-Admiral Sir Louis Le Bailly. My condolences to his widow, Dolores.


Movie of the Week – Where Eagles Dare (1968)

With another cracking plot based on an Alistair Maclean novel, this famous movie, with its wonderful score by Ron Goodwin, is still one of the best intelligence movies ever made. Most readers will be familiar with it, but some will not. Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood were the leads, but the supporting cast was very strong, with Sir Michael Hordern, Peter Barkworth, Patrick Wymark (as the British traitor Colonel Turner) and Robert Beatty. The scenery is great, the cable car battles are pretty impressive for 1968 and the ‘Jerries’ are played superbly.

There are still useful tips to be had, such as how to walk through a German checkpoint. Do it the way Richard Burton did. Just saunter through and give a little upwards wave whilst talking about your last leave in Berlin. Don’t try to sneak through, or speak English.

One of MII8’s favorite methods of disposing of German spies features at the end. No need for a trial – just invite them to step out the plane door at altitude and hang on to their parachute. Sadly the advent of pressurized airplanes has taken all the fun out of this time-honored procedure.

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US policy on Assad removal ‘nonsensical’ – Press TV


head chopping banner_crop


by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor

with  Press TV, Tehran


"Hell no...I won't go", does not extend to the State Dept. it seems

“Hell no…I won’t go”, does not extend to the State Dept. it seems

The phone rang early this morning, but it is always nice to get a call from Press TV for a quick news interview, especially one so dear to my heart as America’s regime change foreign policy.

I must have been in a comma when the 12 months of town hall meetings were held all around the country before we voted on the refferendum to have an offensive foreign policy during peace time.

And to that you can add converting our military over to what Marine General Smedley Butler called being the muscle for American business interests.

This holding peace conferenc to declare victory and demand a rigged election to put an Ameican puppet one in as part of the Balkanization of Syria…excuse me but I don’t see any Founding Fatherism in any of that.

Yes, I know…I just invented that word, ‘fatherism’. It was a cute joke to compare that to the big joke of an official foreign policy of spreading freedom and democracy around the world. It has become THE big bad joke, if not for the growing pile of bodies that never voted to be killed by America’s new proxy terror forces.

Whereas Obama made some fortunate moves by stopping a military assualt on Syrian over a totally orchestrated mass killing, done purely as a set up for such an attack. And he has had the wisdom to end the bogus Iran nuclear threat silliness before that killed a million people and made tens of millions homeless.

But the Obamites seem to be going for broke trying to snatch victory from defeat. I can’t help but feel that all of those dual Israeli citizens in the upper rankes of the State Dept. have had their finger in the big regime change pie. The Manchurian candidates all turned out to be Israelis.

The two minute audio interview can be seen here.

How many of these guys will want refugee visas to the US?

How many of these guys will want refugee visas to the US?

The Obama administration’s regime change policy for Syria is another example of the failed American strategy in the Middle East, Veterans Today columnist Jim W. Dean says.

“It’s another example of nonsensical American strategy, and while it’s going on, more and more Syrians are dying and suffering,” Dean told Press TV on Wednesday.

“Totally there’re some idiots thinking that they want to play a colonialist empire in the Middle East in 2014,” he added.

During his opening statement Wednesday at a conference about the Syria crisis, US Secretary of State John Kerry insisted that President Bashar al-Assad should not be part of a transitional government.

“We see only one option, negotiating a transition government born by mutual consent,” Kerry said. “That means that Bashar Assad will not be part of that transition government.”

The Syrian government and members of the opposition gathered in Montreux, Switzerland, for negotiations aimed at ending the country’s three-year unrest.

Dean said, “It really hasn’t come as a surprise to see the US still going for broke now on having Assad removed as part of any type of ‘settlement’.”

“What the Obama administration is trying to do now is although [its strategy] has been a disaster- they’ve basically lost- they’re continuing the war in terms of having a settlement by basically saying that anybody that wants to come [to the talks] like Iran, you’d have to agree that we win,” he stated.

“Why should Assad step down when all he said is if we have an election and I don’t win, the people reject me, I’m gone. And for Western countries that promote democracy it’s an absolute astonishment to say that oh no we can’t wait and have an election, we want you out now,” the columnist argued.

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The boycott is our Palestinian non-violent resistance


BDS is gaining global traction as an effective and responsible protest against Israel’s settlements – in contrast to Scarlett Johansson’s endorsement.

By Hanan Ashrawi

The SodaStream controversy, which recently caught the attention of media worldwide, has highlighted Israel’s ongoing military occupation and contributed to the growing awareness of global consciousness and social responsibility towards Palestine. It has laid wide open the whole issue of Israeli impunity and the imperative of multifaceted intervention and accountability.

Scarlett Johansson’s choice to be the face of SodaStream, a company that operates a factory in the illegal settlement of Ma’ale Adumim, has brought to the forefront the debate on continued Israeli settlement activity and the real cost of such a dangerous and irresponsible policy. Ms. Johansson, who was also an ambassador of the human rights organization Oxfam, suddenly faced a conflict of interest and the challenge of individual responsibility and choice. The fact that Ms. Johansson decided to cast her lot with SodaStream, is, at best, naïve, and, at worst, an expression of a total lack of regard for justice and human rights.

Various complementary forms of nonviolent resistance, which share their respect for international law, universal values and principles, and the requirements of a just peace, have begun to gain momentum in the international arena. The aims of this resistance are firstly, that Israel’s exceptionalism and sense of entitlement must be brought to an end; and secondly, the consequences of its continued occupation must be brought home, including the moral, economic and political costs.

Initiated by Palestinian civil society and sustained by solidarity groups and people of conscience worldwide, including within Israel itself, the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement is, in several respects, modelled after the long but efficacious struggle to end apartheid and institutional racism in South Africa. Its success in raising global awareness and prompting action within economic, cultural and academic spheres has gained traction incrementally.

This global movement represents an effective and responsible way of dealing with the escalation of Israeli violations, particularly its settlement activities, the confiscation of Palestinian land, the demolition of Palestinian homes, the military blockade of the Gaza Strip, and the annexation and isolation of Jerusalem. It also constitutes a proactive method of nonviolent resistance that is essential to the Palestinian struggle for equality and freedom. It provides individuals, groups and networks all over the world with an opportunity to engage effectively and to make a difference by means of individual and collective acts of social responsibility.

Such a solidarity movement empowers both Palestinians and their supporters and enables them to withstand the Israeli occupation’s oppressive measures and to resist in a responsible and nonviolent manner. It further demonstrates that the occupation is costly and creates an incentive for members of Israeli civil society to hold their government accountable and to call it to end such policies that are undermining their own national interests and destroying the two-state solution.

Increasingly, individual states are delinking from the settlement colonial enterprise, whether at the bilateral and multilateral levels or in the public and private spheres. These steps are an implementation of policies and principles, as well as domestic and international law, and are intended to rescue the two-state solution in the face of Israel’s profoundly damaging policy of settlement expansion.

With this paradigm shift, the rules of engagement have changed. The citizens, states and governments of the world are no longer prepared to tolerate the Israeli government’s mad rush to create a “Greater Israel” or an apartheid system of occupation and discrimination. When U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry alluded to this reality, rather than heeding the message, Israeli officials launched a hysterical campaign against the messenger.

No amount of spin or “hasbara” (however well-funded) will be able to counter such an expanding global movement. The overuse of the tired old mantra of “delegitimization” and anti-Israeli bias are disingenuous given the Israeli government’s persistent and systematic violations and flouting of international law and international humanitarian law. If Israel chooses to define itself solely through its occupation project of colonization and ethnic cleansing, then it alone bears the sole responsibility of its own “delegitimization.”

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Russia denies leaking tape of US official’s ‘f*ck the EU’ comments


US Assistant Secretary of State for Europe Victoria Nuland (photo credit: US Department of State)

Germany’s Merkel calls American diplomat’s disparaging remarks ‘absolutely unacceptable’

Times of Israel

An aide to Russia’s deputy prime minister, who was among the first people to post a video online containing a bugged phone call between two US diplomats, says neither he nor the Russian government played a role in leaking the tape.

Dmitry Loskutov told The Associated Press by phone on Friday that he was surfing a social networking website on when he came across the video, in which the top US diplomat for Europe, Victoria Nuland, disparages the European Union. He said his decision to repost the video had no connection to his work for the Russian government.

US State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said Moscow’s apparent role in publicizing the video was “a new low in Russian tradecraft.”

The suspicions were aired Thursday after an audio of the call was posted to the Internet and amid continuing criticism of the United States in Europe and elsewhere over NSA spying on foreign leaders and the US. They also came as the Russia-hosted Winter Olympics opened under tight security to prevent possible terrorist attacks and highlighted distrust between Washington and Moscow that has thrived despite the Obama administration’s attempt to “reset” relations with the Kremlin. 

In the audio, voices said to be those of Nuland and Pyatt discuss international efforts to resolve Ukraine’s ongoing political crisis. At one point, the Nuland voice colorfully suggests that the EU’s position should be ignored. “F*ck the EU,” she says.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel strongly criticized the comments, calling them “absolutely unacceptable,” according to her spokesperson.

The spokesperson told reporters in Berlin on Friday that Germany believes EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton “is doing a marvelous job” trying to mediate between the government and opposition in Ukraine.

The White House and State Department stopped just short of directly accusing Russia of surreptitiously recording the call between Nuland, and the US ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt. But both took pains to point out that a Russian government official was the first or among the first to call attention to the audio of the conversation that was posted on YouTube.

White House spokesman Jay Carney pointed to the Russian official’s tweet and Russia’s clear interest in what has become a struggle between pro-Moscow and pro-Western camps in the former Soviet Republic.

“I would say that since the video was first noted and tweeted out by the Russian government, I think it says something about Russia’s role,” Carney told reporters. He would not comment on the substance of the conversation, in which the Nuland and Pyatt voices also discuss their opinion of various Ukrainian opposition figures.

An aide to Russian deputy prime minister, Dmitry Rogozin, was among the first to tweet about the YouTube video, which shows photos of Nuland and Pyatt and is subtitled in Russian.

In the tweet, posted some seven hours before existence of the video became widely known on Thursday, the Rogozin aide, Loskutov, opined: “Sort of controversial judgment from Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland speaking about the EU.”

State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki did not dispute the authenticity of the recording and said that Nuland had apologized to European Union officials for her remarks.

The YouTube video was posted on February 4 and is titled the “Marionettes of Maidan” in Russian. Maidan is the name of the main square in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev, which has become the center of opposition protests.

The US has repeatedly denied allegations, many of them from Russian officials, that it is taking sides in the Ukraine crisis and Psaki repeated that stance on Thursday.

“It is no secret that Ambassador Pyatt and Assistant Secretary Nuland have been working with the government of Ukraine, with the opposition, with business and civil society leaders to support their efforts,” Psaki said. “It shouldn’t be a surprise that at any points there have been discussions about recent events and offers and what is happening on the ground.”

“Of course these things are being discussed,” she said. “It doesn’t change the fact that it’s up to the people on the ground. It is up to the people of Ukraine to determine what the path forward it.”

The practice of eavesdropping on the phone calls of other governments — even between allies — was the first diplomatic fallout from the publication of documents taken by former National Security Agency analyst Edward Snowden. The documents he took and that were published in such newspapers as The Washington Post, the New York Times and The Guardian showed that the United States listened in to the phone calls of allies such as German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Merkel was outraged, and part of the US response was that such practice is common on both sides around the world.

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Neo-Lib Zionists VS Neo-Con Zionists


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French court acquits Dieudonne over anti-Semitic


Anti-Semitic French comic Dieudonne M'Bala M'Bala, in 2009 (photo credit: AP/Remy de la Mauviniere)

Times of Israel

A court in France acquitted anti-Semitic French comedian Dieudonne M’Bala M’Bala of charges over a video in which he called for the release of a man who tortured and murdered a French Jew in 2006.

The court held that it could not prove Dieudonne was behind the publication of the video, according to the BBC. The accused had faced a fine of 20,000 euros (approximately NIS 95,910) or 200 days in jail.

In other troubles, Dieudonne was banned from the UK earlier this week after stating his intention to travel there to support a soccer star who performed a quenelle salute during a match.

The UK Home Office announced on Monday afternoon that Dieudonne, who is now facing an eighth trial for inciting hatred against Jews, was an “excluded” individual who would not be allowed into Britain.

Warnings were sent to airlines, transport companies and border officials that Dieudonne was a persona non grata.

Dieudonne is the originator of the quenelle, the increasingly popular gesture in France and Europe that has been called anti-Semitic and a quasi-Nazi salute

The comedian planned to travel to the UK to show support for his friend, West Bromwich Albion striker Nicolas Anelka, a French national and convert to Islam who is facing a disciplinary hearing after performing a quenelle during a Premier League game.

“We can confirm that Mr Dieudonne is subject to an exclusion order. The home secretary will seek to exclude an individual from the UK if she considers that there are public policy or public security reasons to do so,” the Home Office said in a statement Monday.

Dieudonne has several convictions for inciting anti-Semitism. He is currently under investigation for alleged money-laundering and fraudulent organization of his own bankruptcy, according to The Independent. He has also failed to pay several thousand euros in fines for anti-Semitic remarks.

Dieudonne is now facing an eighth trial for inciting hatred against Jews by suggesting during a show that the French Jewish journalist Patrick Cohen belonged in a gas chamber.

The quenelle, described by French Interior Minister Manuel Valls as “an inverted Nazi salute,” involves placing one’s outstretched left palm on one’s right shoulder while pointing downward with one’s right arm.

Like the Nazi salute, the quenelle is seen as a variant of the Roman salute and, considering its inventor’s penchant for defiance of France’s anti-Nazi laws, is understood to challenge the prohibition on performing the Nazi salute.

Last month, a French court banned Dieudonne from performing in Nantes in what was to be the debut of his new show, “The Wall.” His shows were banned by mayors in Marseille, Bordeaux and Tours as well.

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“What cannot be achieved by proxy war, and what Obama dare not attempt by direct intervention, some still dream of securing via the ‘humanitarian’ back door – prolonging the agony of the Syrian people under the guise of charitable good works.

“The UN official charged with dealing with Syria’s massive humanitarian crisis, Labour peer Valerie Amos, says she is worried about people cut off by months of fighting by government and rebel forces in Syria, and has talked to the government in Damascus about getting humanitarian aid through front lines …

“Of course, if the UN were serious about mitigating the sufferings of the Syrian people, it could take the novel step of upholding international law, demanding the immediate withdrawal of all foreign forces from Syria and supporting the elected government in its efforts to defend Syria’s sovereignty from external aggression. Having signally failed to do any such thing, the UN now contemplates the resultant plight of thousands of starving and freezing Syrians – and points the finger of blame ‘even-handedly’ at the Syrian government and the ‘opposition’.

“Yet it is the proxy war that is jeopardising the welfare of millions – and the support afforded to that war by imperialism, the Gulf States, Israel and Turkey which is needlessly prolonging that war. It is the insistence of the West-backed Syrian National Council to put every obstacle in the path of a political solution to the crisis, doing all it can to sabotage the Geneva II stage of the peace process – for example triggering the exclusion of Iran – which needlessly prolongs the people’s suffering.”

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Syria Misses Interim Chemical Weapons Deadline


AMSTERDAM (AP) — Syria’s government has missed another deadline for destroying its chemical weapons stockpile but still says it will meet a final deadline of June 30.

Under a timetable set up by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, Syria was to have given up its entire stockpile of chemical weapons by Wednesday.

Last week, a U.S. diplomat said Syria had only removed 4 percent of its most toxic chemicals so far. All should have been removed by Dec. 31 under the framework.

Russia said Tuesday that Syria is preparing a new schedule and will make further shipments soon. OPCW spokesman Michael Luhan said his organization is awaiting news from Syria.

Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal al-Mikdad said Syria is still cooperating and plans to meet the June 30 deadline.

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There is no Palestinian issue for Syrian rebels


A handout picture released by the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) on May 15, 2013, shows protestors crying after unidentified armed groups opened fire on demonstrators as they marched in the Syrian capital Damascus in support of the right to return of Palestinian refugees who fled their homes or were expelled during various conflicts. (AFP/SANA)

A handout picture released by the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) on May 15, 2013, shows protestors crying after unidentified armed groups opened fire on demonstrators as they marched in the Syrian capital Damascus in support of the right to return of Palestinian refugees who fled their homes or were expelled during various conflicts. (AFP/SANA)

Nov 10, 2013, Nadezhda Kevorkova

The Palestinian issue has been uniting all Muslims for 65 years. Syrian rebels succeeded in their mission – they made the world forget about the Palestinian issue.

The militants pulled Palestinians out of refugee camps; they are killing them or using these people as human shields. And the media are silent about it, while the Syrian opposition keeps screaming about the “oppressive Assad regime.”

It’s been a year since Syrian rebels raided the largest Palestinian refugee camp in Syria – Yarmouk, near Damascus. Up until recently it was the duty of Israeli soldiers to persecute Palestinians, now this is done by Syrian rebels with their Muslim slogans. The media are not saying anything about it.

What is the life of Palestinians like, now that the Syrian conflict made them refugees again?

Nobody is helping us – neither Europe, nor the UN’

Abu-Badr, head of Beirut’s Bourj al-Barajneh refugee camp People’s Committee, gathered representatives of all Palestinian parties. They all keep regular contacts with camps in Syria.

A year after Palestinian camps and Palestinians were attacked, the heads of these organizations are saying that the Syrian war is a staged conflict, and its goal is to distract everybody from the Palestinian problem.

A total of 760,000 Palestinian refugees lived in Syria before the war, and about 550,000 in Lebanon. Palestinians had equal rights in Syria, and virtually no rights in Lebanon. For example, they were not allowed to work in 72 professional capacities.

Abu-Badr says, “There are over 1,000 Palestinian families from Syria in our camp. Nobody is helping us – not Europe, not the UN. The Red Cross came twice. The refugees are renting housing on their own.”

To rent a place to live is a big problem for a Palestinian, especially at the camp. And to pay rent, they have to find a job, which is extremely difficult in Lebanon.

He says that according to the authorities, there are about 120,000 Palestinian refugees from Syria living south of Tripoli. So every tenth refugee is a Palestinian.

Turkey and Jordan don’t accept Palestinians.

Kafar is a young mother of two. She used to live in Syria’s Yarmouk with her family. Now she is struggling to survive in Bourj al-Barajneh in Lebanon.

She fled Yarmouk at the end of 2012, when the rebels took over the camp and made it their foothold to carry out attacks on Damascus.

Palestinian refugee women from Syria plays are seen outside their tents at Ain al-Helweh Palestinian refugee camp near the port-city of Sidon, southern Lebanon (Reuters/Ali Hashisho)
Palestinian refugee women from Syria plays are seen outside their tents at Ain al-Helweh Palestinian refugee camp near the port-city of Sidon, southern Lebanon (Reuters/Ali Hashisho)

Yarmouk is one of the largest Palestinian camps in Syria. Before the war it had 150,000 residents, which was almost one-quarter of all Palestinian refugees in Syria. The camp is very close to the Damascus city limits, and there were subdivisions where regular Syrians lived.

Refugee camps are extraterritorial places. Police and army are not allowed there, the residents don’t have citizenship, they don’t vote and don’t serve in the army. Camps are self-governed by representatives of all Palestinian political parties. Unlike all other countries, Syria allowed refugees to leave camps and enjoy all rights and freedoms.

A Syrian family named Lakud brought the fighters to Yarmouk. Palestinians didn’t support the rebels then, and they are not supporting them now. Some parts of the camp are still controlled by the opposition.

A human shield for militants

Kafar recalls: “The entire camp left in a snap back then, when armed militants entered it. They were inside, shooting bullets into the air – they always act the same way. They ordered the residents to leave having placed their orders on different websites and having sent emails. Nobody stayed there.”

In December 2012, some started trying to come back. There are even a few families that decided to stay in the camp, hoping it would get better soon. Kafar says all the houses have been looted – they have taken everything, including electrical wires.

She says the militants were shooting those Palestinians who went out to take part in demonstrations. They wouldn’t let people return to their homes, but in case they did come back home, they couldn’t leave their houses again.

“If the militants went away, we would come back. Sometimes we can contact those inside the camp. They tell us about the blockade – they feel like they live in a cage, they lack food. There is no escape – they are kept as a human shield for the militants,” Kafar says.

Syrian rebels (AFP Photo)
Syrian rebels (AFP Photo)

She tells us about her relative who went to find her children, but ended up as a hostage in the camp.

“The militants won’t let you come in, but if one has entered – he would be kept there by force. They have established checkpoints. They deprive the people of food and beat the women who try to sneak inside, bringing something to their relatives to eat,” Kafar says.

Hitting a woman in public is considered absolutely unlawful among Muslims. But Kafar says that the militants in Yarmouk have their own vision of everything.

“We are not afraid of war, but they won’t even feed the people. The al-Nusra militants are tall, wear long beards and look like foreigners. Probably, there are Syrians among them but none of my relatives have ever seen one,” Kafar says.

One blanket for five

Palestinians from Syria in Lebanon are in even more dire straits.

“They humiliate us – we are constantly being insulted,” the woman tells us.

She is showing us around her tiny apartment with two rooms and a kitchen. The ceiling leaks when it rains.

“The rent is $300. If I don’t find money by Sunday, we’ll have to leave for Syria.”

Apart from the rent, they pay $70 for water.

Her father-in-law was killed. Her mother-in-law returned to Syria and now lives with their relatives there.

“I’ll go to Syria and wait there until I can come back home. Staying here is humiliating,” Kafar says.

Her husband takes up any job he can, be it a laborer, carrier or loader.

They have no warm clothes – all their belongings were stolen in Yarmouk. This family doesn’t belong to any group. They got help from different organizations such as Hamas, the Popular Front or some voluntary organizations. But it can hardly be called help – it is more like a mere pittance.

“They gave us one blanket for five people. But we are living creatures,” Kafar says, showing us a thin grey synthetic blanket. She thinks it looks like a cloth that is used to wrap a dead body when burying it.

The family has no money to buy food. They sometimes receive help from neighbors, who share their food with them. I saw them bring some bread and crisps.

‘In Syria, Palestinians are treated better than brothers’

Kafar complains about how the refugee work is organized.

“They distribute some humanitarian aid, but the process is humiliating to us every step of the way. There is fighting in Syria, but Palestinians are respected there. And here they call us Syrian dogs.”

“We had a good life under Assad, not lacking anything. We will go back and live in Syria, even if we have to live in tents. Syrians treat us as equal, they help us,” says Kafar.

In the last year they received help twice – from Hamas and from people from Qatar – about $300 per family, which is less than one dollar a day. But not everybody gets even these payments. There are lists of those who suffer the most in these camps.

She tells us how the process of distributing this aid works.

“A family gets a check for $150 from Qatar. But there wasn’t enough for everybody on the list. So people are humiliated even more. The place where these checks are given is near Beirut, you have to take a taxi to get there and spend half of the money on the ride. They give food stamps for certain food items, which can only be bought in one supermarket. And this store is also far away.”

A Palestinian refugee boy from Syria plays with a tyre as another boy walks past tents at Ain al-Helweh Palestinian refugee camp near the port-city of Sidon, southern Lebanon (Reuters/Ali Hashisho)
A Palestinian refugee boy from Syria plays with a tyre as another boy walks past tents at Ain al-Helweh Palestinian refugee camp near the port-city of Sidon, southern Lebanon (Reuters/Ali Hashisho)

“You can’t buy meat with these food stamps. Do they think children can go for a year without meat?” the woman asks.

 “We are convinced that Syria will welcome us back. They loved us there, treated us like brothers, even better than brothers. We lived better than Syrians themselves,” Kafar says.

She knows that the Lebanese have closed the border for Palestinian refugees. So they can’t go anywhere.

“They accepted us in Syria. When we lost everything, they took care of us. They asked us what we needed. Six blankets? Food? They gave us everything. They didn’t blame us, even though life was difficult for everyone.”

She thinks her family made a mistake when it moved to Lebanon. “We were told life would be good here. Now we regret the decision.”

Her husband came six months earlier, he thought they would be safe here while there is fighting.

‘There is no Palestinian issue for Syrian rebels’

“We Palestinians have played no part in Syria’s distress. We didn’t participate in street protests, and our people did not join the rebels,” says Kafar. She admits to having heard that some Palestinians have, in fact, taken up arms against the Syrian government. But she is certain that is a rare exception.

“Those people must have been seduced by money, or befuddled with drugs, and with false promises. Only the poorest and the most destitute of the Palestinians have gone to fight for money, and it took them 18 months to get that desperate.

“Such people have nothing to eat, so they join the rebels hoping to make some money to sustain their families, and then desert at the first opportunity.”

“We cannot admit to supporting the regime, for fear of being killed on the spot. Those rebels do not consider the Palestinian issue to be of primary importance. There is no Palestinian issue for the rebels at all,” says Kafar.

Every night, the inhabitants of Bourj al-Barajneh go to sleep fearing that al-Nusra militants may descend on the Palestinian refugee camp and start asserting their rule, the way they did at Yarmouk. There is talk that al-Nusra men were spotted recently inside Nahr al-Barrid, another Palestinian camp. Since then, the People’s Committee instituted vigilante patrols across the entire camp.

“Our people control every in and out,” Kafar tells us. “They keep watch at night to make sure no strangers come upon us as we sleep. That’s how it happened in Yarmouk.”

The Syrian army has also set up checkpoints guarding the entrance to each camp.

‘They butchered a family to make the others serve as a human shield’

Yarmouk was not the only Palestinian camp captured and cleared of refugees by insurgents. Moreover, no one can assess the number of Palestinians killed in the process.

A Palestinian woman named Gusun was forced to flee camp Duma near Damascus on September 23, 2012, together with her husband, their three kids, and her husband’s brother.

“There were plenty of olive groves next to our camp. We lived in peace for a long time, until the fighting drew close to our camp. Then, rebels started taking shelter in our camp, hiding in our houses during firefights, and shooting through our windows. And we found ourselves between the hammer and the anvil. So one day, we slipped out at five in the morning and ran away through the olive grove,” Gursun tells me.

Free Syrian Army fighter (Reuters/Muzaffar Salman)
Free Syrian Army fighter (Reuters/Muzaffar Salman)

“The rebels had killed many people in our camp unflinchingly. They butchered a married couple who were my husband’s kin – they cut their throats, so that the other Palestinians would stay in the camp and serve as their human shield, while the government was commanding us to flee.”

Gusun went back to check on Duma some four months ago.

“I found my home thoroughly looted, its roof smashed,” she recalls. “And the FSA and al-Nusra are still entrenched in the camp.”

“Once their men spotted me at Duma, they came up and questioned me to make sure I was from that camp. They let me go, but they kept watching me. Later, when I went out to a grocery store, I noticed a car tailing me. Then I got scared and ran away from the camp,” says Gusun.

“The rebels I saw were tall and fair-skinned. There are some who don’t speak Arabic, and there are some who do. People have also told me there are black rebels, but I have never seen one. Some rebels wear black vests, some wear masks, some wear short pants, and others wear normal trousers. There are many fair-skinned men among them, those are foreigners.

“When we walked around the camp, we would try not to look them in the face, for fear that they might do us harm,”Gusun says.

‘Palestinians, get out of Syria’

The world’s mainstream media, who have closely followed the insurgency and its war on Assad, have proven squeamish when it comes to covering the way rebels treat Palestinians. In the spring of 2011, they would refute news reports that opposition activists wave Israeli flags and chant anti-Palestinian slogans at their rallies.

This stands to reason: two years ago, the Palestinian issue was still the No. 1 concern for the Muslim world, and an anti-Palestinian stance would have done serious harm to the rebels’ reputation. All the more so as Egyptian revolutionaries at Tahrir Square had been pronouncedly pro-Palestinian, despising Hosni Mubarak for his support for the Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip.

The women at Bourj al-Barajneh are perplexed at the world’s ignorance of how Syrian insurgents really feel about Palestinians.

“At the onset of the revolution, slogans were like, ‘Carrots belong with carrots and cabbage with cabbage, and this is no land for Palestinians’,” says Gusun, who is shocked that no media have ever reported that the Syrian rebels had initially been against the Palestinians.

“Under these slogans, the armed rebels marched along the streets, angered by the local Palestinians’ reluctance to turn against the regime,” says Gusun.

“In about a year and a half, some Palestinians were in this way or another made to join the rebels. But that didn’t change much the rebels’ opinion of the Palestinians,” remarks Gusun, adding that even now the Palestinians on the side of the rebels are few and far between.

Palestinian refugee children from Syria stands outside tents at Ain al-Helweh Palestinian refugee camp near the port-city of Sidon, southern Lebanon (Reuters/Ali Hashisho)
Palestinian refugee children from Syria stands outside tents at Ain al-Helweh Palestinian refugee camp near the port-city of Sidon, southern Lebanon (Reuters/Ali Hashisho)

She can’t understand the reason why the Lebanese are treating Palestinians like that. After all, Syria did give shelter to 1 million Lebanese and Palestinian refugees after the 2006 Israeli attack.

“During the 2006 war we welcomed the Palestinians like family. But now we are being treated as outsiders.”

At that time, all the refugees from Lebanon found home, food and clothes straight on arrival.

Gusun was lucky to have found a job, and so was her husband. “I had to work as a cleaning lady. I’d never done anything like that before. But we had to survive somehow. The UN gives only $30 once every four months.’

It was crucial for the sponsors of the anti-Syrian campaign to shift the focus of one and a half billion Muslims from Palestine to the war against Assad. And their mission almost succeeded.

The issue of Palestine used to bring everyone together: Communists and atheists, the Sunni and the Shia, Christians and Muslims, left- and right-wingers, anti-globalists and nationalists. Now the war in Syria has torn them all apart.

Fast forward two years, there are no more rallies against the occupation of Jerusalem, no ships trying to break through the Gaza Strip and the West Bank blockade. In the meantime, this blockade has grown even tougher after the military coup in Egypt, with the abuse of Palestinians in the West Bank escalating into ethnic cleansing.

The sponsors of the war repeatedly tried to get Palestinians to back intervention into Syria. But their efforts failed: from Hamas to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad to the Popular Front to Fatah, not a single Palestinian organization has ever supported the campaign.

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