Syrian army and its Hizbullah allies are regaining strategic towns one after another. This has put Washington and pro-Israel lobby groups in panic. Last week, French Jewish president Francois Hollande arrived in Washington to discuss Syria and Iran. Both pledged to bring a regime change in Damascus and not to allow Tehran to develop nuclear deterrent.

Senator John McCain, an Israel First Zionist Christian, slammed Syrian Christian leaders for exposing atrocities committed by US-Israel supported rebels. The US Congress secretly approved Washington’s arming its favorite rebel groups. In the meantime, the retreating rebel groups have started killing each other.

Michael Collins posted an article, entitled ‘Aleppo, Yabrud, and the end of war in Syria’, on February 15, 2014. He claims that Syrian government is going to come out victorious in this foreign-funded war.

This was unthinkable at the onset of hostilities between the Syrian government and rebel forces aided by outside funding and fighters?  Taking back all or a substantial part of the rebel held area in Aleppo would place Syria’s two largest urban areas under government control (Damascus is the second largest city).  Controlling Yabrud would cut off supplies to rebel forces from one of the most productive routes.  Both areas are key to the control of northern Syria.   The remaining source of rebel weapons for the north, the Turkish government of embattled prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is drying up as greater scrutiny is placed on prime minister’s aid to Sunni rebels fighting Syrian army,” says Collins.

Far from the cries of “Assad must go” heard from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the realpolitik of today’s situation in Syria is grim for the United States, Turkey, the Gulf oil states, and other NATO supporters of regime change. The sovereign state of Syria may remain that way. The costs to the Syrian people are enormous. Millions have fled, the nation is largely gutted due to the choice by rebels to focus their fight in urban areas, and over 100,000 died (mostly soldiers and pro-Assad civilians) in the conflict to date,” adds Collins.

The only outright winners in the tragic conflict are Syria’s allies, Iran and the Soviet Union. Iran’s billions of dollars in aid to the government and Russia’s diplomatic skills and weapons supply have allowed the Syrian government to fight the combined resources and personnel of the major NATO players (with the exception of Germany), Saudi Arabia, Qatar, plus jihadist volunteers from Moslem countries from Libya to Indonesia,” says Collins.

A final resolution of this conflict will allow broader global efforts to move forward, efforts that involve increased US oil activity in Iran, and lobbying for Syrian reconstruction efforts by the original supporters of the carnage, the Western powers,” concludes Collins. Read the article in full here.

Last year, Jewish-owned The Washington Post reported that the push for war in Syria is becoming a Jewish-American/Israel lobby effort. And they’re right. Jews comprise just 2% of population, but yet account for 23% percent of America’s pro-war congressmen. At least 11 of 48 congressmen strongly in favor of military action are Jewish, including: Frankin, Boxer, Cardin, Feinstein, Sherman, Wasserman-Schultz, Engel, Levin, Deutch, Cantor, King.* Almost all of the rest of the gentile pro-war congressmen are closely linked to the Israel lobby. Read more here.