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Celebrating International Women’s Day


A day of working women’s solidarity

By Alexandra Kollontai

Alexandra Kollontai

Alexandra Kollontai (1872-1952) was a Russian communist organizer. She was exiled for conducting underground political work in 1908, but returned to Russia after the February 1917 revolution.

To commemorate International Women’s Day, celebrated on March 8, Liberation News publishes excerpts from Kollontai’s 1920 article, “International Women’s Day,” written just over two years after the October 1917 socialist revolution in Russia. The entire article can be found at

Women’s Day, or Working Women’s Day, is a day of international solidarity, and a day for reviewing the strength and organization of proletarian women.

But this is not a special day for women alone. The 8th of March is a historic and memorable day for the workers and peasants, for all the Russian workers and for the workers of the whole world. In 1917, on this day, the great February revolution broke out. It was the working women of Petersburg who began this revolution; it was they who first decided to raise the banner of opposition to the Tsar and his associates. And so, working women’s day is a double celebration for us.

Purpose of Women’s Day

[Women’s Day] turned out above all to be an excellent method of agitation among the less political of our proletarian sisters. They could not help but turn their attention to the meetings, demonstrations, posters, pamphlets and newspapers that were devoted to Women’s Day. Even the politically backward working woman thought to herself: “This is our day, the festival for working women,” and she hurried to the meetings and demonstrations. After each Working Women’s Day, more women joined the socialist parties and the trade unions grew. Organizations improved and political consciousness developed.

These are the results of working women’s day of militancy. The day of working women’s militancy helps increase the consciousness and organization of proletarian women. And this means that its contribution is essential to the success of those fighting for a better future for the working class.

“Working Women’s Day” was first organized ten years ago in the campaign for the political equality of women and the struggle for socialism. This aim has been achieved by the working class women in Russia. In the Soviet Republic the working women and peasants don’t need to fight for the franchise and for civil rights.

Rights alone are not enough

But rights alone are not enough. We have to learn to make use of them. The right to vote is a weapon which we have to learn to master for our own benefit, and for the good of the workers’ republic. In the two years of Soviet power, life itself has not been absolutely changed. We are only in the process of struggling for communism and we are surrounded by the world we have inherited from the dark and repressive past. Working women and peasant women can only rid themselves of this situation and achieve equality in life itself, and not just in law, if they put all their energies into making Russia a truly communist society.

After the experience of the Russian October revolution, it is clear to every working woman in France, in England and in other countries that only the dictatorship of the working class, only the power of the soviets can guarantee complete and absolute equality, the ultimate victory of communism will tear down the century-old chains of repression and lack of rights.

Only the overthrow of capitalism and the establishment of Soviet power will save them from the world of suffering, humiliations and inequality that makes the life of the working woman in the capitalist countries so hard. The Working Woman’s Day turns from a day of struggle for the franchise into an international day of struggle for the full and absolute liberation of women, which means a struggle for the victory of the soviets and for communism!

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WORD Organizers Lead Workshop at Raza Youth Conference


Report submitted by WORD – Los Angeles

The ANSWER Coalition actively supports the work of Women Organized to Resist and Defend (WORD)

WORD: Women Organized to Resist and Defend

WORD (Women Organized to Resist and Defend) organizers from Los Angeles participated in the Raza Youth Conference held by M.E.Ch.A (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan) at the University of California – Irvine. The mission of the conference was to empower high school students who will one day be the leaders of their communities. WORD – LA organizers led a workshop to empower girls titled: “What Do You Know About the Revolutionary Woman?”

Eman Khaleq discussed the history of women’s militant struggle and how women have fought to gain rights. Eman presented on the importance of women during the labor movement of the industrial revolution, coving how it was women who went on strike at the historic Triangle Shirtwaist Factory. It was these women who were successful in their strike, which led to the 8-hour work day, and safety and labor laws we have today. In addition, Eman discussed the importance of other female organizers, such as Dolores Huerta, who was a leader in the farm workers’ movement, Alice Paul, who fought for a women’s right to vote, and Ella Baker and Fannie Lou Hamer, who fought for civil rights but are rarely mentioned in high school history books. The presentation reminded everyone attending the workshop that the rights we have today were not handed to us by politicians, but were a result of women organizing and demanding those rights.

Gisela Santiago presented on the issues women are still facing today. Women are still getting underpaid. There is an estimated $12,000 wage gap between what women working full-time year round earn compared to men. Not only are women being underpaid, but they continue to be victims of violence from domestic violence, rape, hate crimes against the LGBT community and police brutality. Gisela also spoke about how cuts to social services affect working-class women the most and how we have to stand up and continue fighting for equality.

Sarah Lee Samonte discussed tools in organizing and how everyone can become involved to fight back. Sarah urged all those in attendance to participate in a group like WORD and shared her personal experience of being motivated to organize with a feminist organization to win struggles for her daughter.

Pictures showing different actions WORD has led and participated in were shown throughout the workshop. Organizing tools like outreach, banner making and marches were discussed.

Sarah ended the workshop by covering with students a list of revolutionary women like Celia Sanchez, Leila Khaled, Assata Shakur, Angela Davis and Frida Kahlo, and asking if students recognized any names. A student raised her hand and stated she knew Angela Davis was an advocate against the school-to-prison pipeline and a political activist during the civil rights movement. Another student raised her hand and mentioned recognizing the name of Frida Kahlo and her artwork, which redefined expected female gender roles.

The workshop was attended by high school students ranging from ages 14-17. In addition, M.E.Ch.A organizers were also present and participated. Students spoke about women who have inspired them in their lives as well as issues affecting women today. One 14-year-old girl spoke about being raised by a single mother whose strength and hard work has fed her and taken care of her throughout her life. All those in attendance walked away with a packet with information on WORD and how to participate.

WORD – LA is holding a weekly Feminist Study Group through the month of February. Click here for details!

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International Women’s Day | 22 Palestinian women held in Israeli jails:

On the International Women’s Day, Palestinian Prisoner Society (PPS) revealed that 22 Palestinian female detainees are currently held in Israeli jails including 17 detained in Hasharon prison.
Five female detainees were recently detained including Shereen Issawi, held in Maskoubiya detention centre, Maisoon Sweiti and the human rights activist Nermin Salem, in addition to Ahlem Issa, held in Ashkelon detention centre and Rim Hamarsheh who is detained in Salem investigation centre.
Lena Jarboni, 34, from Buttof village inside Palestine 1948, is the longest serving Palestinian female prisoner inside Israeli jails. She was arrested in 2002 and sentenced to 17 years. She spent 11 years behind Israeli bars. The youngest female detainee held in Israeli jails is the 18 years old Maram Hassouna.
Six Palestinian female detainees suffer from different diseases including high blood pressure, diabetes, inflammation, migraine, and Rheumatism.
During their imprisonment, two Palestinian female detainees were engaged to another two male detainees whilst in Israeli jails, including Mona Ka’adan who was arrested in November 2012 and engaged to Ibrahim Aghbarieh, sentenced to 3 life-terms in prison plus 10 years and Donia Waqed who is arrested in May 2013 and engaged to Mohammed Waqed, who is in turn sentenced to 29 years.
Two female detainees are from occupied Jerusalem including Shereen Issawi and Intissar Sayad.
Palestinian female political and detainees suffer harsh detention conditions due to the Israeli prison administration’s deliberate medical negligence, ill-treatment, humiliating strip search, and ban on family visits in a clear violation of basic human rights and international law.
Since the occupation of Palestine in 1948, more than 800,000 Palestinians have been imprisoned. Different groups of the Palestinian society are exposed to Israeli arrest campaigns, including children, women and the elderly. For decades, Palestinian female prisoners and detainees have been jailed by Israel and exposed to physical and psychological torture, in violation of humanitarian law. Mothers are disconnected from their families and young female prisoners grow up within jails. The result: a humanitarian crisis storming in a large number of Palestinian families.
International law:
The treatment of female Palestinian prisoners is a violation of Articles 32, 49 and 76 of the Fourth Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War. Article 27 of this convention asserts that women should enjoy special protection, a right ignored by Israel.
Since 1967, it is estimated that more than 15,000 Palestinian women were arrested by Israel. No accurate data is available for the period since the establishment of Israel in 1948 up to 1967. According to human rights organisations, the number of female political prisoners and detainees was 110 at the beginning of 2011. About 35 of them were released in a prisoner swap deal conducted between Hamas and Israel. In February 2013, there were twelve female political prisoners and detainees. The Israeli authorities continue to arrest women on a regular basis.
Causes of Arrests:
Women are arrested and jailed for different periods of time, ranging from a couple of hours to several years. The main cause for arresting them is to put pressure on their imprisoned partners or relatives. In order to obtain confessions from prisoners, the male prisoners are being threatened that their imprisoned partner or relative will be harmed.
The majority of male Palestinian political prisoners and detainees are accused of ‘resisting’ Israel’s occupation or supporting ‘resistance’.
Often, the political prisoners and detainees are public figures including political personalities, intellectuals and members of religious groups.
Intimidation and Torture:
In order to obtain information, that in many cases does not exist, physical and psychological torture is exerted by Israeli prison authorities. Furthermore, religious freedom is often restricted, exemplified by the confiscation of the Holy book of the Qur’an and other religious books. Examples of violent torture are beating, prolonged handcuffing and plucking locks of hair. Given their gender, female prisoners are extremely vulnerable to sexual harassment. Some female prisoners were stripped searched and obliged to get naked and to set in squat position for a long period of time.

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Senator Ted Cruz: Obama is most hostile U.S. president to I$raHell in modern times



In interview with Haaretz, the controversial Texas Republican lambasts the president’s ‘appeasement’ of Iran and Vladimir Putin, tears his Israel policies to shreds and even has an unkind word for AIPAC.


“President Obama has been the president most hostile to the nation of Israel in modern times” – this is the harsh if somewhat unsurprising verdict of firebrand Republican Senator Ted Cruz.

In an interview with Haaretz on the sidelines of the AIPAC Policy Conference this week, the former Texas solicitor general laid out the various counts of his indictment of Obama. The U.S. President, Cruz said, has undermined Israel’s national security as well as the “special relationship” between Israel and the United States. And Obama’s talks with Iran and relaxation of sanctions against Tehran “may well be setting the stage for the slaughter of millions of Israelis – or millions of Americans.”

Cruz says the U.S. has no business pressuring or criticizing Israel and he denounced Obama’s “hectoring” interview with Jeffrey Goldberg in Bloomberg this week. By publicly pressuring Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu while “praising” Iranian President Rohani and “moderating his tone” towards Vladimir Putin, Cruz says, Obama has U.S. foreign policy “exactly backwards.”

“For the president of the United States to threaten Israel with international isolation and to not-too-subtly threaten a withdrawal of American support for Israel is profoundly misguided and dangerous both the nation of Israel and to the United States.”

And it’s not only Obama who is at fault, but the entire Democratic leadership. Citing his sponsorship of the now-stalled Iran sanctions bill submitted by Senators Mark Kirk and Robert Menendez, Cruz said by blocking the vote on the bill “President Obama and Hillary Clinton and [Senate Majority Leader] Harry Reid have abandoned their support for Israel and have paved the way for Iran to potentially acquire nuclear weapons.”

And AIPAC, Cruz states unequivocally, erred when it agreed to postpone the Senate vote on the Kirk-Menendez bill. “Everyone who stands with the nation of Israel should insist upon a vote and if President Obama wants to follow through with his threat to veto such legislation, he should be forced to do so.” Asked if he has made his position known to AIPAC leaders, Cruz said: “I have many faults, but an unwillingness to speak my mind is not one of them.”

Indeed, the 43-year-old graduate of Princeton and Harvard minces no words, though he speaks slowly and deliberately, dictation-style, formulating his thoughts in precise sentences that require almost no editing before publication. He is merciless in lambasting Obama and his Administration in apocalyptic terms that have made him a darling of the conservative and Jewish right while earning him ridicule, scorn but also fear on the Democratic left.

The Canada-born Texas senator, whose Cuban father opposed Castro, has a structured explanation for the current crisis in the Ukraine and he knows exactly where to pin the blame. “For five years under President Obama, America’s leadership in the world has consistently receded. As a direct consequence we’ve seen the spheres of influence of Russia and Iran and China expanding. For five years President Obama has alienated and abandoned our friends and allies and has pursued appeasement in negotiations with our enemies.

“Putin’s aggressiveness and act of war against Ukraine was eminently predictable, because Putin has worked systematically to reassemble the old Soviet Union, to expand Russia’s dominance, and to subjugate peoples who had been freed by the end of the Cold War. Putin acts with impunity because he fears no meaningful reprisals from President Obama.”

Cruz says Obama erred by failing to “embrace” the Ukrainian revolution from the outset. The president should have offered an immediate free trade agreement and economic incentives as well as “assisting with energy infrastructure so that America could begin exporting liquid natural gas to the Ukraine. The US, Cruz says, “could benefit American interests and at the same time help free Ukraine from the economic blackmail that it’s been subjected to by Russia.”

Cruz says that Obama’s pledge to “stand with the world community in ensuring there is a cost” to Russian’s invasion of Ukraine “are certain to produce no more than guffaws from Putin.” The US, he says, should move to expel Russia from the G-8, review existing treaties with Moscow, return to “previously agreed anti-missile facilities in Eastern Europe that President Obama cancelled in order to appease Putin” and implement the Magnitzky act, which allows the US to target individual Russian human rights offenders.

“The only language Mr. Putin understands is strength,” Cruz says, “but this is something the Administration seems incapable of providing.”

In words that will undoubtedly please right wingers in both Israel and the United States, Cruz states his opposition to any U.S. pressure on while refusing to get pinned down on his own attitude towards settlements or a two-state solution. “The US should not be pressuring or hectoring or blackmailing Israel to accept terms that in Israel’s judgment are inconsistent with protecting its national security,” he says. He accuses the Administration of “embracing a false moral equivalence between the Israelis and Palestinians” adding that “so long as Palestinians continue to embrace terrorism and refuse to acknowledge Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish nation, there will be no peace.”

He describes both settlements and the establishments of a Palestinian state as “issues that should be decided between the two sides.” The US, he adds, “should not be imposing its views on Israel any more than foreign nations should be imposing their views on US national security within our borders.”

He has no regrets over his outspoken opposition to the appointment of Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense at the hearings held by the Senate Armed Services committee last year, which earned him much media attention as well as criticism from some of his Republican colleagues. “I wish the Senate had heeded the warnings so many of us raised about Secretary Hagel’s extreme foreign policy record and about what it augured for President Obama’s foreign policy direction. Unfortunately, Harry Reid and the Senate Democrats demonstrated that partisan loyalty mattered more than standing with the nation of Israel. Every Senate Democrat in straight party line vote voted to confirm Secretary Hagel despite his extreme foreign policy views and publicly absolved him of the false moral equivalence that he had espoused just like President Obama between Israelis acting to defend themselves and their right to exist as a nation and Palestinian terrorists murdering innocent men, women and children.”

He also refuses to get drawn into the question of why American Jews persistently vote for Democratic Presidential candidates, despite his portrayals of their perfidy towards Israel. “That’s a decision for every Jewish voter to make, for every American to make,” he says, but adds: “I do not think any fair minded observer in the United States who is concerned about maintaining and strengthening our friendship with Israel can conclude anything other than that the President Obama and the Democrats are pursuing a course of action that grievously undermines the national security of Israel.”

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Crimea: 11,000 pro-Russian troops in control


EU leaders set to meet Thursday to mull possible sanctions for Russia over actions in Ukraine

Times of Israel

Pro-Russian forces numbering more than 11,000 controlled all access to Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula and have blockaded all military bases that have not yet surrendered, Crimea’s new leader said.

The West has joined the new Ukrainian leadership in Kiev in demanding that Russia pull its forces from Crimea, but little progress was reported after a flurry of diplomatic activity in Paris on Wednesday involving US Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

The European Union leaders will meet for an emergency session in Brussels on Thursday to decide what sorts of sanctions they can impose on Russia over its actions in Ukraine. Moscow has threatened to retaliate if any punitive measures are put in place.

A UN special envoy sent to Crimea came under threat from armed men who forced him to leave the region.

Concern that the turmoil could engulf eastern Ukraine grew after hundreds of demonstrators — many chanting “Russia! Russia! — stormed a government building on Wednesday in Donetsk, a major industrial center near the Russian border.

Clashes between protesters and police broke out early Thursday in Donetsk as police cleared demonstrators from the building. Dozens were detained.

The European Union on Wednesday extended $15 billion in aid to help support the new Ukrainian government, which took over in late February after months of protests drove out the Moscow-supported president, Viktor Yanukovych.

The EU also imposed asset freezes against 18 people held responsible for embezzling state funds in Ukraine, including Yanukovych, his son and some of his closest allies.

Crimea’s new leader, Sergei Aksyonov, said his government was in regular contact with the Russian officials, including those in a large Russian delegation now in Crimea.

Speaking at Crimea’s government meeting late Wednesday, Aksyonov said the strategic peninsula is fully under the control of riot police and security forces joined by about 11,000 “self-defense” troops. All or most of these troops are believed to be Russian, even though the Russian president and defense minister have denied sending in the military other than those stationed at the home port of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet.

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Are I$raHell spies being denied entry to the US?


Things are not the same anymore between Israel and the United States, it seems.

The US is apparently refusing to grant visas to Israeli security service agents, the ultra-right-wing Israeli news website Arutz Shiva 7 reports.

“Senior security personnel… said that over the past year there have seen hundreds of cases in which members of the Shin Bet [the internal security service] and Mossad [the foreign spy agency], and workers in Israel’s defence industries, have been told they cannot visit America,” the report said, citing the Israeli newspaper Maariv.

The paper quoted a senior Israeli security expert as saying that he was denied a visa to the US this year despite having visited the country many times in the past without incident. “I’ve been in the US dozens of times as part of my job, and I never had any problem getting a visa,” he moaned.

And that’s not all. According to Arutz Shiva, Israeli spies already in the US are being given only short-term visas, and being made to leave for Canada and wait weeks for their visas to be renewed.

This, Arutz Shiva says,

follows the revelation in February that the US State Department is increasingly rejecting visa requests from Israeli citizens. Data released by the State Department showed an 80 per cent increase in the number of visa request rejections in 2013.

In total, 9.7 per cent of tourist visa requests from Israelis were rejected in 2013, up from 5.4 per cent in 2012. As recently as 2007, just 2.5 per cent of requests were denied.

Perhaps, belatedly, the US is beginning to understand that Israel is bad for its health.

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In I$raHell, ‘Having an old friend for dinner’


“Tell me, do the evil men of this world have a bad time? They hunt and catch whatever they feel like eating. They don’t suffer from indigestion and are not punished by Heaven. I want Israel to join that club. Maybe the world will then at last begin to fear us instead of feeling sorry. Maybe they will start to tremble, to fear our madness instead of admiring our nobility. Let them tremble; let them call us a mad state. Let them understand that we are a savage country, dangerous to our surroundings, not normal, that we might go wild, that we might start World War Three just like that, or that we might one day go crazy and burn all the oil fields in the Middle East. Personally, I don’t want to be any better than Harry Truman who snuffed out half a million Japanese with two fine bombs.”

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, 1982

2012 Mark Glenn


Doubtful that anyone can forget that infamous scene in Silence of the Lambs, where FBI agent Clarice Starling (Jodie Foster) listens in horror as convicted serial killer Hannibal Lecter (Anthony Hopkins) describes having eaten someone’s liver ‘with fava beans and a nice chianti’…

Disquieting, for sure, but not nearly as much as what followed, when the soft-spoken Lecter switched from merely talking about that particular meal to affecting a series of slurping sounds, intimating how much he’d enjoyed it.

What made this particular scene (and indeed Lecter’s character in general) so unnerving was the clashing of polar opposites. He was not a frothing-at-the-mouth, wild-eyed, screeching, barely-human madman whose mental illness you could spot from a mile away.

Rather, he was everything you’d never expect a serial killer to be–gentle, genteel, highly-educated, polished in manners, refined in his demeanor and in total control of himself at all times. His bearing, education and position in society–serving as a veneer of sorts–cloaked the fact that he was for all intents and purposes a monster every bit as dangerous to innocent human life as any mad dog or a lion that had escaped from the local zoo.

Of course, given the ‘it can’t happen here’ attitude prevailing in the American mindset, Lecter’s disturbed and disturbing character had little lasting effect on the mental peace of the viewing audience after that 2 hour sojourn. Slightly shaken but not stirred, moviegoers were well on the road to recovery a mere few moments after the credits began rolling as they simply reminded themselves that the cannibalism they’d just seen was the product of the same Hollywood that has produced other monsters such as King Kong and the Terminator, and that no such nightmares existed in the real world…

…or so they thought.

Reality is another animal altogether however. Cannibalism—i.e. the consuming of other human beings–is very much alive and well in the 21st century, despite the fact it’s not recognized as such.

Remember—there are all sorts of ways of ‘consuming’ and ‘devouring’ others. It doesn’t necessarily have to feature a platoon of barely-clad, highly-muscular, bone-in-nose head hunters with spears and painted faces chasing a lone, terrified 2-legged meal through the jungles or forests of wherever. Mel Gibson certainly did justice to this topic in his brilliant must-see Apocalypto but so did Oliver Stone with Wall Street.

No, in the 21st century, the theme of ‘consumption’ has been subjected to all sorts of nose jobs, face lifts and tummy tucks, making it virtually unrecognizable from the raw, unbridled evil featured in Silence of the Lambs. Keeping a watchful eye on evolving trends, the practitioners of this ages-old rite in human sacrifice realized some time ago that the days of them openly engaging in their ritualistic, out-in-the-open-making-a-meal-outta-Mikey shenanigans were at an end, given the fact that schtick like this just won’t fly in today’s modern, enlightened world.


–In which case cannibalism–in ALL its forms–is not just perfectly acceptable, but made fashionable and even co-celebrated by curious Jewish-wannabe others, most notably those proudly calling themselves Christian Zionists.

It’s true that sometimes this voracious Judaic appetite to destroy and devour innocent others–historically-documented from Biblical Egypt to modern day Iraq–gets the kind of play it deserves. After all, who can forget the video footage of the ‘made men’ of La Kosher Nostra, the infamous rabbis of the ‘Kidney Mafia’ being hauled away by the FBI in cuffs a few years back for their role in the ghoulish business of organ harvesting/trafficking? And yes, once in a while a Hannibal Lecter such as Bernie Madoff gets caught and must contend with Johnny Law.

But sadly, these instances are—proportionally-speaking—too few and far between. Like a farmer whose crops are being devoured by millions of locusts, he does manage to swat a few of them to their deaths, but the millions of others simply continue on with their meal to his own personal devastation.

Likewise, today there are millions of instances where innocent people are having their livers (and just about everything else their maker saw fit to give them) ripped out of them and carved up in satisfying this peculiar cult’s ‘call of the wild’ and no one gets called to the principal’s office over it. One need look no further than what’s been done to the people of Gaza, the West Bank, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan and everywhere else that’s become the great buffet table of Israel’s bloodfeast as proof that what mass murderer Stalin said was right—

“One death is a tragedy, one million deaths is a statistic.”

And those responsible for all this devouring and digesting of innocent people in the various countries destroyed for Israel’s benefit–individuals with names such as Perle, Wolfowitz, Abrams, Podhoretz, Kristol et al—do they feature as characters like Lecter in Silence of the Lambs, meaning recognized as the menace to society they are and put behind strong, steely bars?

Heaven forbid. They’re as free and unstoppable as some biblical hurricane sent by some angry god who really wants a lot of people to die for reasons inexplicable to the rest of the sane world. And showing that indeed they are the remorseless, Lecteresque gluttons for human flesh and its accompanying suffering that they are, after having finished a meal such as Iraq, Gaza, Libya, or wherever, they simply belch out loud, wipe the corners of their mouths, toss the napkin on the table and walk away from it all, thinking of nothing more than who their next meal is going to be.

Those residing in the civilized world can just plain fughettabout the foolish notion that those within Mundus Judaicus will eventually come to grips en masse with the fact that theirs is a barbaric culture with strong cannibalistic trends, traditions and trajectories. Yes, we see a few wayward fish leaving the school here and there as it were, having decided they would rather live as angelfish than as piranhas, but in general, the members of the school remain united, swimming obediently in the direction that the lead shark takes them.

Yes, in general, things will remain as they are and as they have been for (literally) milleniae. When ordered to attack and devour innocent people, they will do so. When ordered to devour and despoil as their forefathers of old did, they will do so.

‘Why?’ one may ask… ‘How do we say such things with such certainty?’

Because at the end of the day, it is the nature of the beast that dictates the actions of the beast…Organized Jewish interests, which we can accurately characterize as Cannibalism, Inc., will continue to invade, destroy, despoil, and devour and will not think twice about doing it because, when all is said and done, ‘they know not what they do…’

The past is always a good indicator as to what will happen in the future, and on that note let us consider then what just recently took place in virtually every Jewish family and community throughout the world, and particularly in Israel.

The yearly celebration of Purim…

A particularly good case study of the Judaic tendency for devouring others, for sure. It—like many Old Testament-oriented feasts celebrating the death and destruction of others–is the religious version of the daily ‘2 minute’s hate’ found in George Orwell’s 1984, in which all slaves to Big Brother are forced to come together as a mentally-enslaved people and ‘lose themselves in the moment’ while cursing Goldstein, declared an enemy of the state years before—

‘In its second minute the Hate rose to a frenzy. People were leaping up and down in their places and shouting at the tops of their voices…The little sandy-haired woman had turned bright pink, and her mouth was opening and shutting like that of a landed fish. Even O’Brien’s heavy face was flushed. He was sitting very straight in his chair, his powerful chest swelling and quivering as though he were standing up to the assault of a wave. The dark-haired girl behind Winston had begun crying out ‘Swine! Swine! Swine!’ and suddenly she picked up a heavy Newspeak dictionary and flung it at the screen…’

What makes this particular festival of Purim so disturbing are the overt cannibalistic overtones dominating the festivities. Besides the religiously-mandated drunkenness, Jews gather at homes and eat prepared foods made to resemble the body parts (ears, eyes, feet, internal organs–you name it, they make it) of Haman, the Persian ruler described in the book of Esther who conspired against them.

Compare and contrast this with what Judaism’s 2 main competitors—Christianity and Islam–do at their various religious feasts. At Christmas time, Christians eat Gingerbread cookies. At Eid al Fitr, Muslims eat Kahka, cookies filled with nuts and covered with powdered sugar. They have no equivalent where they devour the symbolic body parts and organs of their enemies, because, quite simply, they—unlike their Judaic counterparts– have no tendencies or motivations celebrating revenge, despoilment and gloating over the suffering of others.

In fact, no other religion of any civilized people on the planet engages in something like this. The closest we could possibly come to finding something like this would be some of the voodoo practices found in the Caribbean or West Africa.

What’s worse about all this is that no one from within the Jewish community sees anything, well, abnormal or disturbing about it. Vered Guttman, writing for Haaretz during the week of Purim, lists her favorite recipes for that celebration and gaily writes of the “great Jewish sense of humor” in that “many of the dishes served in Purim have to do with Haman’s body parts and organs”.

And while we are on the topic of the ‘great Jewish sense of humor’, who can forget that semi-recent issue of Heeb Magazine (‘The Goy Issue’) where a cartoon strip entitled ‘How to Cook a Gentile’ featured prominently in that magazine’s issue, where two Jews are extolling the various recipes handed down generation after generation in preparing, cooking and eating non-Jews?

Again, an important exercise in sizing up the plusses and minuses of any topic is to compare and contrast.

We have already tried comparing and have had no success, as there is no equal to be found. Other religions trying to bring mankind closer to the better side of his nature simply DO NOT gloat over the death and destruction of ‘the other’, nor do they engage in eating their wheat-based facsimiles.

Let us then contrast…

We can JUST IMAGINE what the result would be IF anyone—as individuals, as followers of a religion or, as in the case of Israel—as a NATION—were to engage in some similar business of ‘eating Jews’.

Let us imagine for a moment a Christian religious feast celebrated yearly commemorating the destruction of the Jewish temple in 70 AD by the Roman army. Imagine Christians getting together, drinking themselves silly and then eating sweets and other delicacies made to appear as the body parts of the same Judaic elements responsible for their leader being killed and who then used every method available to destroy them as a religion and as a people. Absent that, imagine the hurricane of howling and the tsunami of screeching that would result if these Christians engaged in some sort of ritualistic celebration such as beating a piñata resembling Caiaphas, (the Jewish equivalent of Haman) who was (is) primarily responsible for sentencing Jesus Christ to death?

Or the Iranians, for that matter, who happen to be the subject of singular hatred during Purim. Imagine that today’s Iranians (the progeny of the ancient Persians) had their own version of Purim, but instead of the Jews killing 75,000 Persians (as the Judaic festival celebrates) the Persians grew tired of Jewish control of their economic and political matters and thus rose up and kicked the Jews out of their country. Let us then imagine that this event is celebrated by today’s Iranians making sweets—not resembling body parts of Jews, but rather, the boats and carriages used in expelling them somewhere else.

There simply would be no end to the quality or quantity of noise resulting from such a situation…

However, typical with anything involving a people such as the Jews who have perfected the character flaw of hypocrisy to a baseness that even Satan himself can look upon with awe and amazement, when they celebrate the destruction of their enemies by eating them, no one is supposed to be bothered, no one is supposed to be concerned for what it portends and intimates. Fun & games, grins and giggles.

Now, some will doubtless say that worrying over all this is tantamount to the proverbial mountain from a molehill business. ‘Harmless fun, nothing more, don’t read too much into it’…

And this would certainly be the case except for the particular and peculiar personality quirks making Israel what she is and the Jewish people what they are.

By her history, the Jewish state has more than proven her penchant for violence, revenge, provocation, manipulation and a whole host of other unsavory qualities that make her such a danger to world peace.

She is the ONLY country in the world to have developed biological weapons that target specific races of people…She is the only one who has threatened to launch nuclear weapons against the entire planet should her precious little experiment in Jewish self-rule in the Middle East prove to be a failure.

So, in this age, where apocalyptically-minded individuals with psychopathic personalities like Hannibal Lecter have managed to amass an incalculable amount of power in terms of money, military, media and political influence and whose identity is rooted in the destruction and devouring of innocent others, you’ll forgive some of us for seeing ourselves as real life characters in an extended version of Silence of the Lambs, where Lecter has just escaped and where each of us is considered fair game in his eyes.

And on that note, let us then consider probably the most frightening theme to be touched upon in that art-imitating-life film—the ending.

Lecter has traced his nemeis, the same Dr. Chilton who ran the mental institution where he was confined to some Caribbean country…Lecter, having a last phone chat with FBI agent Clarice Starling, eyes Dr. Chilton as he steps off the plane that brought him and ends their conversation by saying–

‘I do wish we could chat longer but I’m having an old friend for dinner…’

The lesson of course being that serial killers with a mind to eating their victims will never stop. They will watch, they will plan, they will follow, and then they will execute. And they will do this while maintaining their place of importance in society, using everything that their demeanor, education, money, influence and affluence provides them.

And likewise with today’s version of Cannibalism, Inc, meaning organized Jewish interests. Like a swarm of locusts out of the Old Testament or a platoon of barely-clad, highly-muscular, bone-in-nose head hunters with spears and painted faces chasing a lone, terrified 2-legged meal through the jungles or forests of wherever, they will capture, they will kill and they will devour according to the spiritual nature that was infused into them by their mentors and minders.

And the rest of us will be the ‘old friends’ they are having for dinner…

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AIPAC and Friends Explain Themselves



Phil Giraldi

It is perhaps a sign of the weakening of the Israel Lobby after three significant defeats over the Chuck Hagel confirmation, bombing Syria and imposing new sanctions on Iran that the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) should be willing to crawl out from the shadows on and around Capitol Hill where it usually operates in an attempt to convince the public of the need to confront the Mullahs. And it is perhaps a reminder of its still considerable clout that the forum that it chose to argue its case was The New York Times, the “Gray Lady” of Times Square, America’s self-described “newspaper of record.”

I can’t recall the last time I saw an AIPAC op-ed in the Times, but I rather suspect it was some years ago. Far more common are the opinion pieces produced by those who are of a like mind but not directly associated with the organization, people like Joe Lieberman, John McCain, Bill Kristol, James Woolsey and John Bolton.

Bolton even has a website and a super PAC, which he describes grandiloquently as founded “…for one purpose: to send leaders to Washington who aren’t afraid to fight for the security and prosperity of our country both at home and abroad.” He is currently completely on message with AIPAC, soliciting funds because ”Iran is taking America to the cleaners. As Iranian warships steam through the Suez Canal heading for open waters of the Atlantic Ocean near the United States, we should be reminded of an important fact: Iran doesn’t fear the United States, our allies, or international sanctions. It fears no one. Iran’s recent actions are a clear message that they are feeling quite pleased with themselves and that they have broken through the West’s regime of sanctions and feel secure enough to project their power on a global scale… Friend, are you comfortable with the fact that Iran’s power is growing and America’s power is declining? I’m certainly not… Imagine this – if Iran completes its nuclear weapons program those ships in the Atlantic could be carrying nuclear tipped missiles. Its radical Islamic regime could park them off of New York, Boston or Washington and directly threaten American power and security.”

Bolton, who ignores the fact that Iran has a minuscule defense budget and third rate military capabilities, also includes a little survey for his supporters on the email version of his message denouncing Iran. One question/comment is priceless. It goes: “Negotiations over the future of Iran’s nuclear weapons program will either be futile, or, worse, will legitimize Iran’s drive for nuclear weapons. Either way, Iran will be just months away from making a deliverable nuclear weapon, or many more at a time of its choosing. Do you believe the United States should support Israel in preventing a nuclear Iran?” The correct response is “Sure John, let’s go kick some butt. Here’s my $100 contribution.” If you answer “no” it is undoubtedly regarded as a statistical anomaly. If you look for a question posing the real stumper, which is why and how a buffoon like Bolton was appointed United Nations Ambassador for the United States of America you will not find it. The correct answer is that it occurred during the administration of George W. Bush, which is also a statistical anomaly.

But back to AIPAC. The op-ed ”Don’t let up on Iran,” written by Michael Kassen and Lee Rosenberg, respectively president and chairman of the board of that organization, starts out with two lies in its very first sentence: “Like all Americans, we strongly hope that the Obama administration’s diplomatic efforts lead to the peaceful dismantling of Iran’s nuclear weapons program.” First of all, AIPAC has been dismissing diplomacy while urging the military option against Iran for years and second, even the US and Israeli governments agree that Iran does not in fact have a nuclear weapons program. Besides which, AIPAC on its website says something that is significantly different, demanding steps to “…prevent Iran from achieving a nuclear weapons capability” which is something Tehran already has technically speaking and is therefore a mandate for war. One might also question how Kassen and Rosenberg are quite “like all Americans” in that they work for an organization that is self-described as “America’s Pro-Israel Lobby,” but we’ll give that one a pass as three lies in one sentence would be too much even for the New York Times.

The op-ed proceeds in Boltonesque fashion, though not quite showing the exuberance of Iranian missile ships parked near Boston Harbor, to lay out the phony case for piling more sanctions onto Iran, an argument that goes something like this: sanctions brought Iran to the negotiating table in the first place so more sanctions will make them surrender completely. If that were true it would be the first time that sanctions have ever produced such a result. Far more often they have resulted in war and Iran has already given notice that it will pull out of discussions if it were to be further punished.

Given the AIPAC world view, there is no consideration of any give and take in the process to come up with a solution acceptable to both sides, just a “clear message” to Iran that “it will not achieve its objectives unless it satisfies ours.” And what are “ours?” They are apparently continuously expanding, having started with preventing Iran from having an actual bomb before becoming eliminating the capability to do so. They now also include consideration of Iran’s “long range ballistic missiles that could reach American military bases in the Middle East, as well as our ally Israel,” an assertion that incorporates another lie as Israel is not an American ally. It is a set of demands that is infinitely elastic enabling one to include contentious issues other than the existing nuclear program, designed to produce failure leading to exercise of the military option. And picking up on the Bolton line about imminent threat to the homeland, the authors note that Tehran “…has even dispatched warships to sail close to the maritime borders of the United States in the Atlantic Ocean.”

Kassen and Rosenberg call for the “clarity” provided by threatening Iran with more sanctions and international isolation so that the country will be forced “to recognize the stark implications of intransigence.” They recommend reaching that desired point by having Congress “outline the acceptable terms for a final accord” to include “at a minimum, the dismantling of its nuclear program,” maintenance of existing sanctions and a rigorous inspection scheme along the lines of the harshly punitive Nuclear Weapons Free Iran Act currently sponsored by Senators Mark Kirk and Robert Menendez.

Of course there would be a constitutional problem in having Congress (where AIPAC has nearly total control) run foreign policy, but Kassen and Rosenberg explain that “we must not allow Iran to dictate the appropriate role of Congress.” Much better if AIPAC does it, apparently, with the dynamic duo noting that 14,000 “Americans from all walks of life” will be carrying “this bipartisan message to Capitol Hill” as part of AIPAC’s annual Washington policy conference, which ends today with a speech by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Washington power brokers did indeed turn out in large numbers, together with their media and punditry accomplices. AIPAC still has the power to break politicians who go off message and one can expect that when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu takes the podium there will be a replay of the Stalinist Supreme Soviet gatherings where everyone was afraid to be the first to stop clapping. The message from Netanyahu, from AIPAC, and possibly even from The New York Times will be “Don’t let up on Iran.”

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Jobbik: “The new Ukrainian government is chauvinistic and illegitimate”



Jobbik demands the Hungarian government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to take measures in order to protect the Hungarian ethnic minority in the Lower Carpathian region. Jobbik also points out that the West is using the current cold war-like situation to expand its sphere of influence to the East.

Jobbik is worried to see the Ukrainian crisis, but the party also condemns the hypocritical behaviour and political maneuvering of the Atlantic forces. The corruption of the Yanukovich government and the bad policies of the Party of Regions clearly had a role in the outbreak of the revolution, but the financial, political and intelligence machinations and provocations of the West were equally responsible.

Márton Gyöngyösi says the West is hypocritical to present Russia, who has been holding back in spite of their fears for the Russian minority in Ukraine, as the main culprit while the first action of the new government that enjoys the support of the West was to cancel the language act, giving a foretaste of the chauvinistic Ukrainian politics to come.

Jobbik considers the interim government illegitimate. Márton Gyöngyösi said the current situation was yet another act of the orange revolution of 2004, a new stage of the geopolitical struggle between the Washington-Brussels axis and Russia.

The West aims to expand its sphere of influence further to the East, reaching beyond Central-Eastern Europe, which they already bought up and exploited – pointed out Márton Gyöngyösi. He added that military conscription must be stopped in the Lower Carpathians, and the human rights of the minorities must be ensured, since Ukraine cannot do so on its own. Full regional autonomy must be guaranteed for the Hungarian and the Ruthenian ethnic minority as well – he said.

Jobbik calls upon the Hungarian government to abandon its 25-year-old submissive attitude to the West and stand for the ethnic minorities, focussing on the national interests.

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Yanukovich sent letter to Putin asking for Russian military presence in Ukraine

View image on Twitter

Russian Ambassador to the UN Vitaly Churkin says ousted Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich has sent a letter to Putin asking him to use military force in Ukraine to restore law and order.

“Under the influence of Western countries, there are open  acts of terror and violence,” Churkin quoted the letter from  Yanukovich to Putin in the third emergency meeting of the UN  Security Council.
People are being persecuted for language and political  reasons,” Churkin read. ”So in this regard I would call  on the President of Russia, Mr. Putin, asking him to use the  armed forces of the Russian Federation to establish legitimacy,  peace, law and order, stability and defending the people of  Ukraine.”

After reading the letter, Churkin held up a copy of the original  letter from Yanukovich to Putin for council members to look at.

Churkin also told the UN Security Council that it is about  protecting the rights of the Russian-speaking population there.

Russia considers it necessary to ensure that the agreement  between Viktor Yanukovich and the opposition on the crisis in  Ukraine is fulfilled, Churkin told the UNSC.

Watch Vitaly Churkin speaking at the UNSC  meeting:

Video:  /files/news/23/14/30/00/1384405_unsc_480p.mp4

Churkin said it is essential that the obligations set forth in  the agreement on February 21 be fulfilled, such as beginning the  process of constitutional reform with full participation and  contributions from all regions of Ukraine for subsequent approval  in a national referendum, and the formation of a legitimate  government of national unity in the interests of all political  forces and regions.

Churkin clarified at the UNSC meeting that Russia’s goal is not  to return ousted leader Viktor Yanukovich to power, but  acknowledged that he is still the legitimate president of Ukraine  and that his fate should be decided by the people of Ukraine.

Military at the boundary of the Sevastopol naval detachment and the Ukrainian state border guard service in Balaklava district near Sevastopol.(RIA Novosti / Andrey Stenin)Military at the boundary of the Sevastopol naval detachment and the Ukrainian state border guard service in Balaklava district near Sevastopol.(RIA Novosti / Andrey Stenin)


He stressed the need to “rein in the radicals” operating  in Ukraine and asked Ukrainian opposition leaders to dissociate  themselves from them.

Churkin added that new information is emerging about more  provocations in the works against the Russian Black Sea Fleet in  Ukraine.

People’s self-defense units were formed in a situation where  threats and forceful actions of ultra-nationalists puts at risk  the lives of Russian citizens and the Russian-speaking  population. The units already managed to prevent the capture of  administrative buildings and the smuggling of large amounts of  firearms and explosives by radicals, Churkin explained.

US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power followed Churkin’s  comments in front of the UN Security Council, saying that  Russia’s actions regarding Ukraine are a “violation of  international law.”

It is a fact that today Russian jets entered Ukrainian  airspace,” Power said. “Russia military action is a  violation of international law. Russian military bases in Ukraine  are secure. Russian mobilization is a response to an imaginary  threat. Military action can not be justified on the basis of  threats that haven’t been made or aren’t being carried out.  Russia needs to engage directly with the government of  Ukraine.”

Powers appealed for human rights monitors to be sent to Ukraine,  while calling on Russia to “immediately pull back” deployed  forces.

“Russia has every right to wish events had turned out  differently. It doesn’t have the right to express that using  military force,” Power said.

Ukraine Ambassador to the United Nations Yuriy Sergeyev said his  country has “not received a compelling answer” on  Russia’s stated reasons for moves into Crimea.

A soldier outside the Sevastopol coastguard unit of the Ukrainian Border-guard Service.(RIA Novosti / Vasiliy Batanov)A soldier outside the Sevastopol coastguard unit of the Ukrainian Border-guard Service.(RIA Novosti / Vasiliy Batanov)


You call it a coup d’etat. We call it a revolution of  dignity,” Sergeyev said, speaking in the direction of  Russia’s Churkin.

We [Ukraine] have a different understanding of human rights  than you [Russia],” Sergeyev added.

Liu Jieyi, China’s permanent representative to the United  Nations, said China condemns the recent extremist violence in  Ukraine.

“We urge all sides to resolve differences through legal  framework” and to protect rights of all people, Jieyi said.

The Ukrainian parliament in Kiev in its first days disturbed  eastern and southern regions of Ukraine, where many Russian  speakers live, by voting to repeal a law which gave regional  status to the Russian language. Seeing this as part of an  anti-Russian discriminatory stance of the government, some of the  regions denounced Kiev and said they would not be taking orders  from the new regime.

Authorities in Crimea requested Moscow’s assistance after  parliament voted to repeal the law.

More than half of the Crimean population are Russian and use only  the Russian language for their communication. The residents have  announced they will hold a referendum on March 30 to determine  the fate of the Ukrainian autonomous region.

Facts  you need to know about Crimea and why it is in turmoil

Crimean authorities denounced the self-proclaimed government in  Kiev and declared that all Ukrainian law enforcement and military  deployed in the peninsula must take orders from them. The  majority of troops in Crimea switched sides in favor of local  authorities.

In the wake of the escalation, the self-imposed president of  Ukraine, Aleksandr Turchinov, spoke out against the language  vote, stating on Monday evening that he will not sign the  decision to repeal the language law. Instead, he will wait until  a working group drafts a new law that will allow the use of all  languages in Ukraine.

In the 1990s, the status of Sevastopol became the subject of  endless debates between Russia and Ukraine. Following  negotiations, the city and surrounding territories were granted a  special “state significance” status within the Ukrainian state,  and some of the naval facilities were leased to Russia for its  Black Sea Fleet until at least 2047. According to the agreement,  Russia can have up to 25,000 personnel in Crimea, according to  Churkin.

Feeling a threat from the self-appointed government, a number of  regions have stood up against it. Thousands of people across  eastern and southern Ukraine are flooding the streets of major  cities, urging local authorities to disobey Kiev’s orders. The  local population has deemed the government in Kiev illegitimate,  demanding that their local governments refuse to take orders from  it.

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