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Passport Theft Adds to Mystery of Missing Malaysia Airlines Jet



Six MORE British passports used in ‘Mossad’ assassination of Hamas commander in Dubai


Six more innocent Britons were thrust into the international murder plot of a Hamas leader after it emerged yesterday that their identities had also been stolen.

The revelation means at least 12 British identities were cloned to carry out the audacious hit on Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai.

Dubai police yesterday identified 15 new suspects over the attack at a luxury hotel, bringing the total number to 26.

The assassination, which bears all the hallmarks of a spy novel, is widely believed to be the work of Israel’s feared secret service Mossad.

Among the six new Britons named yesterday is Gabriella Barney, 23 – whose father Michael was among the first group of ‘suspects’ to be named.

The father and daughter live in Israel on dual passports.

Relatives of those named yesterday expressed their fear and worry over the development.

The other British passport owners were named as Daniel Marc Schnur, 32, Roy Allan Cannon, 62, Stephen Keith Drake, 54, Mark Daniel Sklar, 30, and Philip Carr, 35. Three Irish passport holders, three Australians and three French were also on the list.

Al-Mabhouh was electrocuted and suffocated in his hotel room on January 20.

At one point last year no fewer than nine of the suspects were in Dubai at the same time, flying in from November 6 to 8 and leaving between November 8 and 10.

Israel has repeatedly refused to confirm or deny its involvement, but Danny Danon, a leading Israeli politician, last night applauded the killing, describing as a ‘very successful mission’.

Earlier this month, Dubai authorities released the names and photographs of 11 ‘agents with European passports’ – six from the UK, three Irish, one French and one German. All four countries say the documents are fraudulent.

Within hours of the release of the second batch of names, it became clear that none of them were who they claimed to be.

philp carr

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The other ‘Britons’ named today: Above, left to right, Philip Carr, Mark Sklur, Daniel Schnur

Left to right: Stephen Drake and Roy Cannon, both also named as suspects today. Right, the man posing as Michael Barney who was named as one of the original suspects by Dubai last week. The alleged British woman named today, Gabriella Barney, appears to have been posing as his daughter

Miss Barney’s uncle Philip expressed his shock that his family had been caught up in the saga for a second time.

He said: ‘I’ve just come from Gaby’s house and she has no idea yet. We’re all a bit worried.’

Mr Sklar’s mother, Rachel, speaking from her home in Staines, West London, said her son lived and worked in Israel.

‘It’s a major concern for us’, she said, adding that neither she nor her son had been contacted by the Foreign Office.

She spoke to him yesterday after being contacted by journalists. ‘He was very shocked,’ she said. ‘It’s a bit worrying.’

Shadow Foreign Secretary William Hague called on the Government to pressure Israel for answers.

He said: ‘The Government has avoided addressing the crucial issue of whether they have sought specific assurance from Israel that it will not sanction, for whatever reason, the misuse of British passports.’

This week Mr Miliband sought answers in a 45-minute private meeting with his Israeli counterpart Avigdor Lieberman.

The Green Prince: Son of Hamas founder ‘was top Israeli agent’

The son of one of Hamas’ founders served as a top informant for Israel for more than a decade, a newspaper has claimed.

Mosab Hassan Yousef, dubbed ‘the Green Prince’ by his handlers, allegedly provided top-secret intelligence that helped prevent dozens of suicide bombings and other attacks against Israelis, Haaretz claimed.

He was one of the Shin Bet security service’s most valuable sources. His reports led to the arrests of several high-ranking Palestinian figures during the violent Palestinian uprising that began in 2000, according to the newspaper.


Yousef’s father – Sheik Hassan Yousef – was a founding member of the Islamic militant group Hamas in the 1980s. He is currently serving a six-year sentence in an Israeli prison for his political activities.

The younger Yousef converted to Christianity and moved to California in 2007.

If the Haaretz report is true, the revelation would deal another setback to Hamas, which is reeling from the assassination of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai last month.

Hamas accused Haaretz of ‘fabrications and lies’.

Yousef’s memoir, ‘Son of Hamas’, is being published next week in the United States by Tyndale House Publishers.


But he told the Foreign Secretary he had ‘no information to give’ at this stage.

At Prime Minister’s Questions Mr Durkan (Foyle) asked Mr Brown: ‘Can you confirm that you condemn not only the use of false UK passports in a criminal operation but any act of state-sponsored assassination anywhere?’

Mr Brown told him: ‘I can assure you that where there are questions about the misuse of British passports they have to be answered.

‘We have set up and there is an investigation ongoing into the very incidents you have raised.

‘I would not draw immediate conclusions without seeing the evidence and I think it is important to see the evidence on this before any further conclusions are made.

‘But I do agree with you we do not support state-sponsored terrorism in any country.’

The laws on universal jurisdiction apply to all nations ‘and not just one country,’ Mr Brown added.

Israel has come under withering criticism from some quarters in Europe and elsewhere in the wake of the killing of al-Mabhouh, who was found dead in his Dubai hotel room on January 20.

Dubai security cameras picked up 18 members of what the country’s police commander said was a hit team, adding that he was virtually certain Mossad was to blame.

The suspects were seen on CCTV disguised as tourists, following al-Mabhouh to his hotel room in Dubai on January 20.

An assassination team was then seen going to his room while a surveillance team, including a blonde woman posing as an Irish citizen named Gail Folliard, kept lookout.

After just ten minutes, the team were seen walking out of the hotel. They fled the country within two hours, having spent less than 19 hours in Dubai overall.

Al-Mabhouh was believed to have been suffocated.

Some reports have claimed that a Hamas insider was part of the hit.

Israel has not confirmed or denied that Mossad was behind the hit, hiding behind a ‘policy of ambiguity’.



A Dubai police handout shows all 26 of the alleged hit squad, with the names and nationalities they were travelling under




A ‘family tree’ from the Dubai police helps chart the role each suspect played in the assassination


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AIPAC, the Kremlin of U.S. Jewry



If AIPAC wants to show true friendship, it should stop cheering long and start whispering in the PM’s ear that people in the U.S. are fed up with Israel.


It’s the biggest convention of Israel-haters, attended yearly by some 15,000 representatives, and the damage, historically speaking, that it has done to Israel is perhaps graver than any done by Iran. The convention is held once a year, and time seems to stop. It’s always the same wheeler-dealers, the same kitsch, the same hollow applause, and the same standing ovation for every Israeli prime minister, no matter his policy. The world turns round and round, but this never changes. Even Israel changes, but not in their eyes. Here, Israel is worthy only of applause, blind and automatic applause, now and forever.

Like at similar conventions held in Romania by Nicolae Ceausescu, all they do is praise the great leader. Welcome to Bucharest in Washington, to the Kremlin of American Jewry, behold the yearly AIPAC conference. Only here can Netanyahu use his old tricks and gimmicks and be met with a full auditorium on its feet. “I bring you a message from the unified Jerusalem” – applause; Israel built a hospital for victims of the Syrian war, which Netanyahu visited, and he even spoke to a Syrian – cheers; the whole world is knocking down Israel’s door – applause; we will never abandon Israel’s security – the hall rumbles. “BDS is BS,” and this bullshit was praised as well, even though Netanyahu devoted a large portion of his speech to BDS, which was a bigger gift than the organization could have dreamt of.

Behind Netanyahu sat a young American woman who rose to cheer him when everyone else did. I said to myself, Why exactly did she get up and cheer? For the ongoing occupation? For the undermining of Israeli democracy? For the ever prevalent racism in Israel?

“I’m pro-Israel, I’m AIPAC,” says the organization’s slogan. Pro-Israel? The organization’s critics claim that it sometimes acts against U.S. interests; that it also acts against Israeli interests. Yes, it has caused Congress to pass resolutions congratulating Israel on the 40th anniversary of the Six Day War. AIPAC also prevented the sale of air defense systems to Saudi Arabia, as well as any weapon to any Arab state. No fewer than 259 Congress members and 79 senators signed the organization’s petition condemning aid for the Palestinian Authority.

Bravo, AIPAC. Seek out the conservative right among American Jewry. But long ago, Israel should have said, “No, thanks.” Not every show of loud and pushy, even crazed support is a display of friendship. Sometimes caring and friendship mean criticism. But that is not in AIPAC’s playbook.

The word is that the organization’s power is waning, but it doesn’t look that way on the ground. We see what happens to Congress members who dare to criticize Israel. AIPAC is still in the field with its army of lobbyists, and it is the second most effective lobby in Washington, after the gun lobby – and this should cause Israel to worry. Just like the gun lobby, the Israel lobby is not a good partner. It has affected U.S. policy in the past, as one of the factors that led to continued American support for the occupation, as well as Israeli violence and expansion.

If AIPAC wanted to show true friendship for Israel, it would have stopped cheering long ago and started whispering. Whisper in the prime minister’s ear, that something bad is happening to the state that AIPAC loves so much. Whisper that something bad is happening in America, too, that people are becoming fed up with Israel’s refusals. A false friend would give a drug addict more and more money, and the addict would thank him for it. A true friend would send him to rehab, and the addict would be angry. The occupation addict is in need of a true friend, one that would send her to rehab. AIPAC, and the United States along with it, has opted to be the false friend – and that’s as anti-Israel as it gets.

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Irish student union endorses I$raHell boycott




A motion supporting a blanket boycott of Israel was passed by students of the National University of Ireland on Thursday .

The referendum results at the NUI Galway Students Union make it the first student body in Ireland to endorse the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions, or BDS, campaign against Israel, according to the local news site

A number of student societies submitted the motion, which is nonbinding on the university.

Out of 3,013 valid votes of students who participated in the referendum on Israel, 1,954 — or 64 percent — voted in favor of boycotting Israel, the voting committee announced Friday.

Students were asked to answer with “yes” or “no” to express their support or disapproval of the assertion that, “NUI Galway Students’ Union actively supports the campaign of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against the State of Israel.”

In April, the Teachers’ Union of Ireland became the first educational trade union in Europe to adopt a boycott of Israeli academia.

Last month, the Young Men and Women’s Christian Association in Norway aligned itself with the BDS movement.

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Rome welcomes 15 MKO terrorists

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) thanked Italy for welcoming 15 members of Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO, a.k.a. MEK and NCRI).


“UNHCR welcomed the Italian government’s decision to let into the country a total of 15 Iranian refugees from Iraq, including the seven latest arrivals,” Gazzetta del Sud quoted UNHCR Italia as saying.

The UN’s refugee agency has repetitively called on the international community to accept some 3000 members of the terrorist MKO grouplet.

Earlier in December 2013, UNHCR said in a press release that it urgently “reiterates the need to find solutions for the camp’s residents, and is appealing to countries to act urgently on 1,400 cases from Camp Hurriya that have already been submitted for relocation.”

The press release added that since 2011, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) have been “engaged in an effort to find relocation opportunities outside Iraq” for some 3,200 members of MKO now residing temporarily inside Camp Liberty, a former US military base near Baghdad International Airport.

“So far, the international community has managed to secure the relocation to third countries of 311 residents, clearly demonstrating that more relocation places are urgently needed,” UNHCR added.

The relocations are in line with a memorandum of understanding signed between United nations and GOI on December 25, 2011 for a humanitarian and peaceful resolution of the situation of MKO members in Iraq.

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) thanked Italy for welcoming 15 members of Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO, a.k.a. MEK and NCRI).


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US warship in Black Sea as Ukraine’s Crimea readies for referendum

The "USS Truxtun" destroyer (AFP Photo / Bulent Kilic)The “USS Truxtun” destroyer (AFP Photo / Bulent Kilic).

US Navy destroyer, the USS Truxtun, has crossed Turkey’s Bosphorus and entered the Black Sea. With the Crimea Peninsula getting ready to hold a referendum on independence from Ukraine in a week, the US is ramping up its military presence in the region.

USS Truxton is heading to “previously planned” training exercises with the Bulgarian and Romanian navies, AFP reported earlier. At the same time, Fox News declared that NATO’s bolstering presence in the Black Sea is a “defensive” measure to counter “Russian military aggression” in Ukraine.

Facts you need to know about Crimea and why it’s in turmoil

Russia’s 25,000-troop allowance & other facts you may not know about Crimea

The situation in Ukraine is close to financial and humanitarian catastrophe, urging mass protests in eastern regional centers against self-proclaimed government in Kiev. The autonomous Crimea region is preparing to hold a March-16 referendum on whether it wants to remain part of Ukraine or join Russia, after ousted President Viktor Yanukovich fled the country and the opposition imposed a central government.

Subsequently, Russia’s upper chamber of the parliament approved the possibility of Moscow deploying troops to Ukraine and particularly to Crimea – but only to protect ethnic Russians in Crimea.

On Friday night, Vladimir Putin’s Press Secretary, Dmitry Peskov, warned of possible ethnic cleansing of the Russians in Crimea if the people who seized power in Kiev also grasp autonomy.

Peskov stressed that Russians in Crimea and eastern Ukraine are “scared and are asking for help from Russia”.

“We fully understand the fears that now prevail in the East [of Ukraine],” Peskov acknowledged.

However, the US State Department doesn’t see any possible danger to millions of ethnic Russians.

Russians make up well over 17 percent of Ukraine’s 45 million population, whereas in Crimea Russians are over 58 percent of the autonomy’s nearly two million population.

“There are no confirmed reports of threats to ethnic Russians,” Eric Rubin said, testifying before the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Mr Rubin is a Deputy Assistant Secretary of State in the Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs.

USS Truxton, with a crew of about 300, is an Arleigh Burke class destroyer equipped with the Aegis combat system, which integrates the ship’s radar, sensors and missile weapons to engage anti-ship missile threats. The warship is part of the USS George W. Bush Carrier Strike Group currently stationed in Greece. The carrier is not expected to move into the Black Sea in respect of the Montreux Convention of 1936, which closed Turkish Bosphorus and Dardanelles for ships with deadweight over 45,000 tons. With its 97,000 tons, the USS George W. Bush is the world’s largest warship.

USS Truxton has taken up the baton of American military presence in the region from frigate USS Taylor, which ran aground in the Turkish port of Samsun in the Black Sea last month, with a broken propeller hub and blades. On Friday, a tugboat began to tow the damaged warship to Greece’s island of Crete, where it will be repaired at the US Navy base in Souda Bay.

USS Truxton will reportedly stay in the Black Sea till mid-March. The Montreux Convention allows a warship of any non-Black Sea country to stay in the region for 21 day only.

During the military conflict between Russia and Georgia in August 2008, an American ship was also present in the Black Sea with reconnaissance and an officially proclaimed humanitarian mission. In September 2008, the US costal guard ship, Dallas, docked at Sevastopol harbor with a secret mission and had to leave in haste because of mass local protest.

Given the present conditions, an American battleship is highly unlikely to get anywhere near the Crimea shores, let alone Sevastopol, without a risk of repeating a hasty exit from the past.

On February 12, 1988, a Ticonderoga-class cruiser, the USS Yorktown, and a Spruance-class destroyer, the USS Caron, had to flee from Soviet territorial waters off the Crimean Peninsula. After the two American warships ignored the Soviet Navy’s demands to leave country’s territorial waters immediately, the Soviet frigate, Bezzavetny, simply rammed both American ships, forcing them to comply with international maritime rules.

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The America that Naziyahu ignores



The PM hasn’t been paying attention: outside the AIPAC conference very few people were listening.



Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered another great AIPAC speech this week: yet again Iran, yet again the Jewish state, yet again how righteous we are. Unlike others, I think Netanyahu spoke the truth. Indeed, Iran. Indeed, the Jewish state. Indeed, we are right.

But I have news for Netanyahu: Outside the giant conference hall on Mount Vernon Street, very few people listened to him. And even within the conference hall, many were tired of him. His justified message sounded like yesterday’s message. He is no longer convincing and no longer exciting; he’s no longer even Churchillian. Netanyahu’s unseen cigar is no longer understood as the cigar of heroism, but as the cigar of an anachronistic white conservatism whose time has passed.

Over the last few months, I’ve visited about a dozen leading American universities. I’ve spoken to thousands of people, and listened to hundreds. The situation is unambiguous: We’re losing the future. The younger generation of American Jews is much more Barack Obama than it is Netanyahu. Its world of values is the liberal world. Its perception of reality is a pacifist perception. It utterly rejects the occupation, the use of force and human rights violations.

Many of them still have a deep emotional affinity to Israel, but even they are perplexed and perturbed. It’s hard for them to reconcile the contradiction between the Israel of Taglit-Birthright, which injects hormones into the arteries of the Jewish people, and the Israel of the settlers and the ultra-Orthodox.

But Netanyahu, instead of extending a hand to these young people, is turning his back on them. He hasn’t been paying attention to the fact that even inside AIPAC’s giant and important conference hall, new winds are blowing nowadays. The hunger is for a new message. The thirst is for a different Israel. The demand is for a turnabout.

What slices American Jewry into segments is age. Anyone over 70 remembers the Holocaust and is religiously committed to Israel. Anyone over 50 remembers the younger Israel and finds it hard to free himself of its charm. But anyone under 30 experiences a duality: On one hand, he is drawn to the Israel of high-tech and Tel Aviv and night life, but on the other hand, he is horrified by the Israel of the “price-tag” attacks and the exclusion of women. When this duality comes into contact with a hostile left-wing atmosphere, the results are devastating. Many students at Harvard and Columbia and Stanford feel that current Israeli politics makes it hard for them to love Israel.

Thus when Netanyahu is getting high on the sweeping support of the American Jewish establishment, he is disconnected from reality. He has no idea where the new America stands, and he has no idea where young Jews stand. He doesn’t understand what’s happening at the universities where he himself studied. The first Israeli prime minister to speak perfect English speaks 1970s- and 1980s-era American.

American Jews in their 70s deserve great admiration. As a rule, their personal life stories are incredibly impressive. Their community’s success story is a tremendous one. Over the last half century, they have created and consolidated a Diaspora Jewry the likes of which has never been seen before. They deserve a medal of honor. Seriously, a medal of honor.

But today, the front lies elsewhere. Today, the battle for the Jewish future isn’t being waged in the luxury penthouses but on the lower floors of the house. Blue and white? If blue and white wants to be relevant in the land of the red, white and blue, it must redefine itself.

The Zionism of the 21st century must be open and liberal, as it was in the days of David Ben-Gurion, Abba Eban, Abba Hillel Silver and Stephen Wise. Only that kind of Zionism is one that American Jews in their 20s, like those in their 50s and 70s, could be proud of. Only a progressive, determined, patriotic and energetic Zionism can go out to the real America and the real Judaism and win their hearts once again,

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Putin’s Ukraine adventure a gift to Naziyahu

Putin and Netanyahu

By Uri Avnery

Binyamin Netanyahu is very good at making speeches, especially to Jews, neocons and such, who jump up and applaud wildly at everything he says, including that tomorrow the sun will rise in the west.

The question is: is he good at anything else?

His father, an ultra-ultra-rightist, once said about him that he is quite unfit to be prime minister, but that he could be a good foreign minister. What he meant was that Binyamin does not have the depth of understanding needed to guide the nation, but that he is good at selling any policy decided upon by a real leader…

This week Netanyahu was summoned to Washington. He was supposed to approve John Kerry’s new “framework” agreement, which would serve as a basis for restarting the peace negotiations, which so far have come to naught.

On the eve of the event, President Barack Obama gave an interview to a Jewish journalist, blaming Netanyahu for the stalling of the “peace process” – as if there had ever been a peace process.

In the US with a bag of empty slogans

Netanyahu arrived with an empty bag – meaning a bag full of empty slogans. The Israeli leadership had striven mightily for peace, but could not progress at all because of the Palestinians. It is Mahmoud Abbas who is to blame, because he refuses to recognize Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people.

What about the settlements, which have been expanding during the last year at a hectic pace? Why should the Palestinians negotiate endlessly, while at the same time the Israeli government takes more and more of the land which is the substance of the negotiations? (As the classic Palestinian argument goes: “We negotiate about dividing a pizza, and in the meantime Israel is eating the pizza.”)

Obama steeled himself to confront Netanyahu, AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) and its congressional stooges. He was about to twist the arms of Netanyahu until he cried “uncle” – the uncle being Kerry’s “framework”, which by now has been watered down to look almost like a Zionist manifesto. Kerry is frantic for an achievement, whatever its contents and discontents.

Netanyahu, looking for an instrument to rebuff the onslaught, was ready to cry as usual “Iran! Iran! Iran!” – when something unforeseen happened.

Napoleon famously exclaimed: ”Give me generals who are lucky!” He would have loved General Bibi.

Because, on the way to confront a newly invigorated Obama, there was an explosion that shook the world: Ukraine.

Enter Ukraine

It was like the shots that rang out in Sarajevo a hundred years ago.

The international tranquility was suddenly shattered. The possibility of a major war was in the air.

Netanyahu’s visit disappeared from the news. Obama, occupied with a historic crisis, just wanted to get rid of him as quickly as possible. Instead of the severe admonition of the Israeli leader, he got away with some hollow compliments. All the wonderful speeches Netanyahu had prepared were left unspeeched. Even his usual triumphant speech at AIPAC evoked no interest.

All because of the upheaval in Kiev.

By now, innumerable articles have been written about the crisis. Historical associations abound.

Though Ukraine means “borderland”, it was often at the centre of European events. One must pity Ukrainian schoolchildren. The changes in the history of their country were constant and extreme. At different times Ukraine was a European power and a poor downtrodden territory, extremely rich (“the breadbasket of Europe”) or abjectly poor, attacked by neighbours who captured its people to sell them as slaves or attacking its neighbours to enlarge its country.

Ukraine’s relationship with Russia is even more complex. In a way, Ukraine is the heartland of Russian culture, religion and orthography. Kiev was far more important than Moscow, before becoming the centrepiece of Muscovite imperialism.

In the Crimean War of the 1850s, Russia fought valiantly against a coalition of Great Britain, France, the Ottoman Empire and Sardinia, and eventually lost. The war broke out over Christian rights in Jerusalem, and included a long siege of Sevastopol. The world remembers the charge of the Light Brigade. A British woman called Florence Nightingale established the first organization to tend the wounded on the battlefield.

In my lifetime, Stalin murdered millions of Ukrainians by deliberate starvation. As a result, most Ukrainians welcomed the German Wehrmacht in 1941 as liberators. It could have been the beginning of a beautiful friendship, but unfortunately Hitler was determined to eradicate the Ukrainian Untermenschen in order to integrate Ukraine into the German Lebensraum.

The Crimea suffered terribly. The Tatar people, who had ruled the peninsula in the past, were deported to Central Asia, then allowed to return decades later. Now they are a small minority, seemingly unsure of where their loyalties lie…

Netanyahu’s prayers answered

The relationship between Ukraine and the Jews is no less complicated.

Some Jewish writers, like Arthur Koestler and Shlomo Sand, believe that the Khazar empire that ruled the Crimea and neighbouring territory a thousand years ago, converted to Judaism, and that most Ashkenazi Jews are descended from them. This would turn us all into Ukrainians. (Many early Zionist leaders indeed came from Ukraine.)…

Where will this leave Netanyahu?

He has gained some months or years without any movement toward peace, and in the meantime can continue with the occupation and build settlements at a frantic pace.

That is the traditional Zionist strategy. Time is everything. Every postponement provides opportunities to create more facts on the ground.

Netanyahu’s prayers have been answered. God bless Putin.

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Nine wounded Ukrainian protesters arrive in I$raHell


Receive medical treatment for gunshot wounds at Rehovot hospital.


Nine Ukrainians shot during recent riots in Kiev arrived in Israel Friday for medical treatment at the Kaplan Hospital in Rehovot, Israel Radio reported Friday.

The Ukrainian patients were flown in in a special flight organized in collaboration with the Jewish community of Kiev, Israel Radio reported. The operation was coordinated from the Ukrainian capital’s central synagogue, which served as an impromptu operation headquarters, Alexander Levin, founding president of the World Forum of Russian-Speaking Jewry, told Israel Radio.

Hundreds of Ukrainian protesters were wounded in clashes with the police in the capital, at the end of February; dozens were killed, in what ended up being a revolution ousting President Viktor Yanokovich.

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Jewish state envoy opens ‘hotline’ with Ukrainian ultra-nationalists


Agreement aims to ‘prevent provocation’ and denounce the anti-Semitic tendencies of Ukraine’s nationalist camp.


Israel’s ambassador in Kiev, Reuven Din El, opened a hotline with a Ukrainian ultra-nationalist movement to “prevent provocations,” according to an agreement reached last week.

The agreement came at the end of a meeting between Din El and Dmitry Yarosh, the leader of the Right Sector paramilitary group, which participated in the overthrow of the government of President Viktor Yanukovych.

In the meeting, “Dmitry Yarosh stressed that Right Sector will oppose all [racist] phenomena, especially anti-Semitism, with all legitimate means,” the embassy wrote on its website.

“The parties agreed to establish a ‘hotline’ to prevent provocations and coordinate on issues as they arise,” it said.

Yarosh’s troops had a decisive role in the revolution that forced Yanukovych to flee to Russia.

Last month he told the Ukrainian Pravda newspaper that his outfit shares many beliefs with the xenophobic Svoboda party and cooperates with it, but rejects the xenophobia displayed by Svoboda members and leaders.

“We have a lot of common positions on ideological issues, but there are big differences. For example, I do not understand racist elements and I do not adopt them,” he said.

Yarosh said that “non-Ukrainians” should be treated according to principles set forth by Ukrainian nationalist leader Stepan Bandera.

A one-time ally of Nazi Germany who later turned against the Nazis, Bandera said non-Ukrainian allies should be treated as brothers and neutral parties should be respected.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center and other Jewish organizations have condemned the glorification in Ukraine of Bandera, whose troops are believed to have killed thousands of Jews when they were allies of the Nazis in 1941.

Svoboda lawmakers have regularly used the pejorative “zhyd,” which is equivalent to “kike,” to describe Jews.

In response to protests from Jewish leaders, Svoboda argued “zhyd” was a correct and neutral, albeit archaic term. Svoboda’s leader, Oleh Tyahnybok, has in the past referred to a “Moscow-Jewish mafia” which he said ruled Ukraine.

Din El and Tyahnybok spoke in March 2013 in a meeting which the Israeli foreign ministry said was not coordinated with Jerusalem.

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Ukrainian computers infected by powerful virus


Stuxnet-like malware attacking systems in embroiled state; experts suspect Russian involvement

ed note—a shot across the bow by Russia in warning the US, NATO and Israel that there are many forms of warfare Russia can wage if things turn nasty?

Times of Israel

Dozens of computer networks in Ukraine have been infected by an aggressive new cyber weapon called Snake, according to expert analysis.

The cyber weapon has been increasingly used since the start of this year, even before protests that led to the overthrow of president Viktor Yanukovych, British-based BAE Systems said in a report published Friday.

The complex composition of Snake bears similarities with Stuxnet, the malware that disrupted Iran’s nuclear facilities in 2010.

Snake — also known as Ouroboros after the serpent in Greek mythology — gives remote attackers “full remote access to the compromised system”, BAE said.

Because it can stay inactive for a number of days, it is extremely hard to detect.

Although its origins are unclear, its developers appear to operate it in the same timezone as Moscow — GMT plus four hours — and some Russian text is embedded into the code, BAE says.

BAE has identified 14 cases of Snake in Ukraine since the start of 2014, compared to eight cases in the whole of 2013. In all there have been 32 reported cases in Ukraine since 2010, out of 56 worldwide.

Nigel Inkster, who until 2006 was the head of operations and intelligence at Britain’s MI6 foreign intelligence agency, said Russia was most likely behind the cyber-attacks on Ukraine.

“If you look at it in probabilistic terms… then the list of suspects boils down to one, he told the Financial Times.

“Until recently the Russians have kept a low profile, but there’s no doubt in my mind that they can do the full scope of cyber attacks, from denial of service to the very, very sophisticated.”

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