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NATO and Turkey’s Genocidal War on Syria



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“President [Obama] has been clear: Any [military] action that he might decide to take will be a limited and tailored response to ensure that a despot’s brutal and flagrant use of chemical weapons is held accountable.” [U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, speech at the U.S. State Department, Washington D.C., 30 August 2013] 1

“What matters is to weaken the regime to the point where it gives up power. […] What matters is to repeat here the Kosovo [War] precedent. Otherwise, [just] a 24 hours hit-and-run wouldn’t work.”[Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, press remarks at the Victory Day reception, Cankaya presidential residence, Ankara, 30 August 2013]2

On March 16, the third anniversary of the NATO-led covert war on Syria, the Syrian army won a landmark victory by taking back the Yabroud town on the Lebanese border.3 Hours later, NATO-backed ‘Al-Nusra Front in Lebanon’ retaliated by launching a false-flag bombing attack in Lebanon.4

On March 18-19, the Israeli army bombarded Syrian Army positions by tank and artillery fire and airstrikes.5

On March 21, NATO-backed mercenary forces and Turkish Armed Forces launched a massive offensive on the Syrian border town of Kasab in the Latakia province. The unprecedented overt military aggression by Turkey and its NATO allies is the clearest indication of their desperation in the face of Syria’s steady progress towards a decisive victory on all fronts.

This article details the flagrant war crimes committed by Turkey and NATO during the ongoing offensive on Kasab and puts them in a context.

The offensive on Kasab

Turkey’s Yayladagi-Kasab border crossing with Syria was unilaterally closed by Erdogan’s government in the aftermath of the May 2013 false-flag attacks in the border town of Reyhanli “to prevent the suspects from fleeing”.1 At the time, this was the only border gate along the border with Turkey which was controlled by the Syrian government and therefore the only legal and safe transit point for the civilians.7 Thanks to Turkey’s full support, NATO-backed mercenary forces are currently occupying nine out of twelve border gates between Syria and Turkey.8

In the early stages of the covert war on Syria, Erdogan’s government rendered the entire 877 kilometres-long border with Syria porous for the NATO-backed mercenaries who have been using it as a highway. In many areas along the Syrian border, fences and concrete barriers were removed and roads were stabilized to allow the passage of all sorts of vehicles, including those rigged with bombs.1

Furthermore, with hindsight, the motive behind the removal of some 615,000 landmines on the Syrian border was to ease the passage of mercenaries as well as military and intelligence officials of Turkey’s and allied NATO countries’ security forces. Planted with NATO’s support between 1957-1959, the activities to remove these landmines began in 2007, for which the help of NATO’s Maintenance and Supply Agency (NAMSA) was sought in 2009.10,11,12 Likewise, lifting mutual visa requirements with Syria in 2009 allowed Turkey to prepare the ground for destabilizing its neighbour.13 In November 2013, Syria’s Deputy Foreign Minister Fayssal Mikdad accused Turkey of letting terrorists from 83 countries to enter Syria to topple the government.14

Over the few months, mercenaries from Kosovo, the Balkans and other European countries had been deployed in Yayladagi and Samandag countryside in preparation for a cross-border offensive on the predominantly Armenian town of Kasab.15 Seven villages on Turkey’s border with Syria were evacuated and allocated to the mercenaries.16 Just before the offensive, power outages occurred along the route through which military vehicles moved towards the Syrian border.17

According to the local villagers, on March 21, backed up by the heavy artillery fire of the Turkish Armed Forces, over 1500 mercenaries launched a coordinated assault from at least five separate points across Turkey’s border with Syria. They were directly commanded by NATO’s radar base on Keldagi (Mount Aqraa) on the border and supported by the Turkish Armed Forces. 18,19,15 The mercenaries used pick-up trucks fitted with anti-aircraft weapons, tanks belonging to the Turkish Armed Forces, vehicles loaded with heavy weaponry and lorries.19,20 The primary and initial assault was the one launched from the Yayladagi border gate to the opposite Kasab border gate, during which masked Turkish special forces troops killed 15 Syrian border guards.20,21

Turkish Armed Forces are giving cover to the mercenaries through mortar, artillery and rocket shelling across the border by armored vehicles and coordinated heavy machine-gun fire by helicopters. They are also using long-range assassination weapons and intercepting the communication of the Syrian Army.22,23,24,15 This report by Alalam describes how Turkish Armed Forces’ tanks pounded Syria’s military bases in Kasab:

“[A] huge explosion was heard at a Syrian army base near Kasab after Turkish military targeted the area. The explosion has been followed with Turkish military firing several other rockets at Syrian army bases […] Al-Qaeda’s al-Nusra Front have raised their flags over several Turkish military tanks near Kasab, as a sign of having the area under their control.”25

The ‘huge explosion’, whose impact was felt from 15 kilometres, was caused by a missile fired from Turkey.20 Furthermore, according to a Syrian general taking part in this battle, Turkish Armed Forces were among the mercenary forces attacking the strategic hilltop ‘Observatory 45’ in Kasab.26

The majority of the mercenaries fighting in Kasab are of Chetchen, Albanian, Saudi and Turkish origin.18 Ambulances are regularly crossing Turkey’s border with Syria to collect the wounded mercenaries and transport them to hospitals across Turkey’s Hatay province.17 In fact, local protestors in Hatay’s Harbiye district blocked the paths of those ambulances.27

On the other hand, by refusing entry to the mercenaries fleeing the attacks of the Syrian army, Turkey’s border guards are forcing them to continue the fighting.17On the fifth day of the offensive on Kasab, mercenaries based in the towns of Yayladagi, Altinozu, Antakya, Reyhanli, Osmaniye and other areas were still being deployed to Turkey’s border with Syria.18

The Syrian army was caught off guard as they were not expecting such an overt and extreme military aggression from Turkey.19 Nevertheless, Syria’s government still exhibits utmost restraint:

[Syrian] Foreign and Expatriates Ministry called on Wednesday26 [26 March] in two identical letters to the UN Secretary-General and Chairman of the UN Security Council to take all measures required to condemn the Turkish involvement in supporting the armed terrorist groups which attacked Kasab district from Liwa Iskenderun [i.e. Hatay province] and to compel the Turkish government to stop its aggression.

“Syrian government has drawn the attention of the UN Secretary-General [Ban Ki-moon] and chairmen of the UN Security Council during the past three years to the acts and violations committed by the Turkish government against Syria’s security and stability through the Turkish involvement in organizing, receiving, funding and hosting tens of thousands of terrorists from various takfiri movements and facilitating their entry into the Syrian territories and giving them background bases on the Turkish territories.

“After the failure of the attempts of the Turkish regime to undermine Syria, the Turkish army moved by Turkish prime minister [Erdogan]‘s instructions to launch flagrant aggression on Syria as the Turkish army’s tanks and artillery took part directly in the attack on Kasab, north of Syria, and its surrounding “[said Syrian Foreign Ministry]”28

The Syrian government said that Turkish Armed Forces’ overt military participation for the first time represents a dangerous escalation”29:

“Syrian Ambassador to the UN Bashar al-Ja’afari told reporters outside the UN Security Council on Wednesday [26 March] that Turkey was facilitating attacks against Syrian forces by al-Qaeda-linked terrorist groups through the country’s northern borders and the Israeli regime was doing the same in the occupied Golan Heights.

“Ja’afari added that Syria has been the target of an orchestrated joint military operation conducted by the Turkish government and the Israeli regime as well as the terrorist groups operating both along Syria’s northern border and its southern border.” 30

As the offensive on Kasab entered its fourth week, Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mikdad has strongly condemned the United Nations’ deliberate and consistent policy of ignoring the existence of terrorism in Syria since Spring 2011 and made the following remark about the ongoing offensive: “The massacres of Erdogan government-backed terrorist groups against the residents of Kassab town are still a living example that appeals to every UN official to feel ashamed of having turned into a tool for supporting terrorism”31

The downing of the Syrian military jet

On the second day of the offensive on Kasab, a drone belonging to the Turkish Armed Forces was shot down by the Syrian army as it was flying over Kasab. This was one was among the drones and fighter jets used by the Turkish Air Force to collect intelligence for the mercenaries on the ground and intercept the communication of the Syrian army. Turkey’s politicians and media remained silent over this incident as the location where the drone crashed was 1,5 kilometres inside Syrian territory.18

On March 23, NATO radar base in Keldagi (Mount Aqraa) blocked a Syrian MIG-23 military jet’s contact with the air control tower. While flying over Kasab, the jet was hit by a missile fired from Turkey. Having survived the attack, the pilot of the Syrian jet gave a statement: “The Syrian pilot whose aircraft was shot down in Kasab area on Saturday said that a Turkish aircraft fired a missile at him while he was pursuing terrorists within Syrian territories. The pilot told Syrian TV that he was carrying out a mission of pursuing terrorists within Syrian territories, more than 7 kilometers away from the borders, and after arriving at the target’s location, establishing visual contact, and carrying out his mission, he turned around to return to base when a rocket fired by a Turkish aircraft hit his aircraft, so he left it using the ejector seat. He asserted his target was within Syrian territories and he parachuted inside Syrian territories”32

The downing of the Syrian military jet was broadcast live by Turkey’s private TV channel Habertürk from the border area which is forbidden military zone.20 This reveals the pre-meditated nature of this specific act of war. During his speech at a local election rally, Prime Minister Erdogan blatantly lied by claiming that Turkey’s airspace had been violated:

“Around 12:15pm today yet another Hashasi [assassin], a Syrian plane has violated our borders, our airspace. Our F-16 [jets] took off and hit this plane. Why? Because if you violate my airspace, our slap will be hard after that. So, I would like to congratulate the head of the Turkish Armed Forces [Necdet Ozel] in particular, our Armed Forces, those honourable pilots of ours and our Air Force in your presence.”33

By making a historical reference to the ‘Hashasi’ sect, Mr Erdogan tried to demonize both Syria and Iran.

True to form, the U.S. State Department declared its overt support for this act of war by Turkey:

“We are committed to Turkey’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. We note that the Turkish Government has been fully transparent about the rules of engagement it is operating under”34

Local elections in Turkey

On the eve of the March 21 offensive on Kasab, Turkey’s Deputy Prime Minister Besir Atalay implicated the Syrian state in a shooting attack in Nigde, which is located some 400 kilometres from the Syrian border:

“The word Syrian was mentioned in the briefing [note] I was given. The martyrdom of a soldier and a police officer of ours in the run up to the [local] elections is a very grave incident. It may be that some are trying to spoil the election atmosphere.”35

The next day, it turned out that, the perpetrators were two Albanians and a Kosovar mercenaries who were on their way back from fighting in the ranks of the ‘Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant’ against the Syrian state.36

On March 14, Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu rehashed Turkey’s threat of launching a 25-kilometres border incursion of into Syria to defend a 10,000 square metres enclave that belongs to Turkey37:

“Any kind of attack towards there [i.e. the Suleiman Shah Tomb] which might come from the [Syrian] regime, the radical groups or another place would be equally retaliated and Turkey would take all sorts of precautions, without any hesitation, for the defense of that national territory.”38

Actually, as early as May 2011, a somewhat similar scenario was disclosed by the relentless propagandist Robert Fisk39 :

“Turkish generals have thus prepared an operation that would send several battalions of Turkish troops into Syria itself to carve out a “safe area” for Syrian refugees inside Assad’s caliphate. The Turks are prepared to advance well beyond the Syrian border town of Al Qamishli – perhaps half way to Deir el-Zour […] to provide a “safe haven” for those fleeing the slaughter in Syria’s cities.”40

Three days before the March 30 local elections, the audiotapes of a meeting between Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, National Intelligence Organization (MIT) director Hakan Fidan and the deputy head of the Turkish Armed Forces Yasar Güler was ‘leaked’ on YouTube.41 According to the transcript of the YouTube video, MIT director Fidan suggested staging a false flag attack on the aforementioned Tomb of Suleiman Shah to provide a justification for a possible war with Syria.42

Mr Erdogan implied that the leak was a U.S.-hatched conspiracy against his government and Turkey’s sovereignty. In a speech delivered after winning the local elections, he referred to those whom he accuses of collaborating:

“How [dare] you threaten our national security? Turkey is currently in a state of war with Syria. They are harassing our airplanes. The 10,000 square metres [land] of the Tomb of Suleiman Shah is our territory, [so] any attack on it is an attack on the 780,000 square metres [territory of Turkey]. Can we remain silent to this? The traitors eavesdropped this meeting and then leaked it to the world. They are even worse than the Hashasis.”43

Mr Erdogan’s insinuation of a U.S.-hatched conspiracy is lent credence by the leading global media corporation’s depiction of Erdogan, since the beginning of the anti-government protests in May 2013, as a leader who is deeply hostile to Western values and liberties. The motive behind this domestic and global disinformation campaign is to obfuscate the Erdogan government’s utmost complicity in the NATO-led genocidal war on Syria, not to mention the war crimes against Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan.

It is also worth noting that YouTube is notorious for censoring material that exposes the crimes against the people and government of Syria, whilst systematically promoting anti-Syria propaganda.44

Actually, this “leak” is a highly sophisticated WikiLeaks-style psy-ops which seeks to divert attention away from the utterly criminal cross-border offensive on Kasab by NATO-backed mercenary forces and the Turkish Armed Forces. Furthermore, on April 1 the Syrian government has revealed that the aim of the offensive on Kasab is to keep the Syrian army busy so that the mercenary forces in Damascus could carry out a false-flag chemical attack45 :

“Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari said that terrorist groups are planning to launch attacks using chemical weapons in Jobar area to accuse the Syrian government of it , as indicated by a phone call between terrorists monitored by the authorities. […]

“There’s nothing called international community, unfortunately,” al-Jaafari said, “we directed two letters to the Security Council to have the countries that keep talking about the threats of chemical weapons to pressure the countries sponsoring and funding these terrorist groups – specifically the Turkish, Saudi, and Qatari governments – to prevent such terrorist acts by pressuring these gangs and terrorist gangs,” adding that now this matter is in the hands of the [U.N.] Security Council. […]

“These terrorist groups came from Turkish territories and were covered by Turkish artillery, tanks and aircrafts so that they aren’t engaged by the Syrian Army in that area, with the purpose of the Turkish military involvement being an attempt to distract the Syrian Army form these terrorist groups so that they may commit their heinous acts,” he said.46

Over the last three years, Turkey and its NATO-led allies have totally exposed themselves and exhausted their credibility by blatantly resorting to all sorts of false-flag attacks imaginable against Syria in order to topple President Bashar al-Assad and/or instigate a war.

In fact, Turkey has a long history of false flag attacks on Syria, including a failed assassination attempt on the then-President Hafez al-Assad in 1996.47 A selection of news reports from 2011 and 2013 below offer a glimpse of Turkey’s utmost criminality.

Flashback to 2011

In late March 2011, only two weeks after the launch of the NATO-led covert war on Syria, CIA director Leon Panetta secretly visited Turkey’s border with Syria.48 A month later, Turkish newspaper Sabah announced Panetta’s visit and CIA’s cooperation with Turkey over Syria:

“CIA Director Leon Panetta made a surprise visit to Turkey at the end of March [2011]. Panetta’s 5 day visit to Ankara was hidden from the public opinion as a top secret. […] Panetta met with Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization (MIT) Hakan Fidan, as well as officials from the government and the General Staff of Turkish Armed Forces. […] During the consultations, it was pointed out that Syria is at a “critical threshold” […] that the country would be dragged into chaos if Assad doesn’t take urgent steps. Details of what was described as Turkey’s “classified” [plan] concerning Syria were also discussed. It has been pointed out that the “classified” [plan] entails regime change in Syria”49

The following day, Sabah revealed Turkey’s plan for toppling Syrian President Bashar al-Assad:

“In the face of the escalation of events in Syria, Turkey [has decided] to launch its classified “Plan B” instead of its Plan A which envisaged Assad to remain in power. “Plan B” covers the possibilities of chaos, civil war and migration. […] [The border provinces of] Hatay, Sanliurfa, Kilis and Mardin have been designated for [setting up] reception camps and field hospitals.”50

What is particularly striking is that this plan of setting up five refugee camps (including two in Hatay) along some 600 kilometres-long segment of the Syrian border was conceived before any violent incident occurred in north Syria.

On May 31st, 2011 Turkey hosted a three-day ‘regime change’ conference in a five-star hotel in Antalya with the participation of some 300 members of the Syrian opposition.51,52

The first major false flag attack of the NATO-led covert war on Syria was orchestrated through the military and intelligence cooperation of the U.S. and Turkey. On June 6, 2011, 120 Syrian soldiers were brutally massacred by the Muslim Brotherhood mercenaries in the town of Jisr al-Shughour, located 10 kilometres from the border with Turkey.53 At the time, this report by SANA was largely ignored by the mainstream and alternative media alike:

“The Syrian TV broadcast photos of the brutal massacres perpetrated by organized armed terrorist groups against the civilians and the army, police and security forces groups in Jisr al-Shughour in the province of Idleb.

“Members of the terrorist groups used government cars and military uniform to commit their crimes of killing, terrifying people and sabotaging. They filmed themselves committing vandalism acts to manipulate the photos and videos and distort the reputation of the [Syrian] army.

“The terrorists attacked police and security centers as well as other governmental and private institutions, violated the streets, neighborhoods and houses and used rooftops to sniper and shoot at citizens and security forces. […]

“They also set up ambushes for police and security forces, mutilated the bodies of some martyrs and threw the bodies of others into the Orontes River, in addition to putting barriers on the roads and terrifying people.

“The groups members also kidnapped a number of the martyrs’ bodies and buried them in the ground to later promote them as if they are mass graves with the help of the channels they are working with in inciting against Syria. […]

“The number of the martyrs of police and security members exceeded 120 until Monday evening, who were killed at the hands of the armed terrorist groups in Jisr al-Shughour.”54

These two reports by Press TV provide details of Turkey’s complicity in the Jisr al-Shughour massacre:

“According to informed sources in Damascus that cited an unspecific classified report, the “unprecedented intensification” of unrest in Syria stems from deals between Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and some unknown groups in the region.55

“The Syrian government says the weapons used during clashes in Jisr al-Shughour were smuggled into the country from Turkey and that some members of the terrorist groups behind days of deadly clashes in the town have escaped to Turkey.

“Meanwhile, [Syrian] state TV broadcast a phone call between two members of the armed groups who committed terrorist acts in Jisr al-Shughour region, revealing that the armed men are planning to leave the area for Turkey as displaced local citizens.”56

Turkish Armed Forces troops crossed into Syria through the border under the guise of helping the fleeing civilians.53 The Jisr al-Shughour massacre occurred six days before the 2011 general elections in Turkey. Prime Minister Erdogan has fully capitalised in the ensuing migration to Turkey:

“Syria is practically a domestic issue for us, I have said this many times. […] Currently there are [people] entering Turkey through the Altinozu [district]. […] We really cannot close our gates to people fleeing for their lives and seeking refuge in Turkey. We have to let them in. […] [Assad’s brother Maher] is chasing after savagery. This [situation] is inevitably leading to the United Nations Security Council’s involvement”57

Flashback to 2013

The NATO-led coalition of countries had nearly succeeded instigating a war with Syria after NATO-backed mercenaries massacred civilians by launching a chemical false flag attack in East Ghouta on August 21, 2013.58 Editor Yossef Bodansky sheds some light on Turkey’s role in this mind-boggling conspiracy:

“On August 13-14, 2013, Western-sponsored opposition forces in Turkey started advance preparations for a major and irregular military surge. Initial meetings between senior opposition military commanders and representatives of Qatari, Turkish, and US Intelligence [“Mukhabarat Amriki”] took place at the converted Turkish military garrison in Antakya, Hatay Province, used as the command center and headquarters of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and their foreign sponsors. Very senior opposition commanders who had arrived from Istanbul briefed the regional commanders of an imminent escalation in the fighting due to “a war-changing development” which would, in turn, lead to a US-led bombing of Syria.

“The opposition forces had to quickly prepare their forces for exploiting the US-led bombing in order to march on Damascus and topple the Bashar al-Assad Government, the senior commanders explained. […] [U]nprecedented weapons distribution started in all opposition camps in Hatay Province on August 21-23, 2013. In the Reyhanli area alone, opposition forces received well in excess of 400 tons of weapons […] which were distributed from store-houses controlled by Qatari and Turkish Intelligence under the tight supervision of US Intelligence.”59

According to Mihrac Ural, the leader of the Latakia-based popular anti-imperialist militia force ‘Syrian Resistance’ (Muqawamat al-Suriyah), shortly before the false-flag chemical attack in East Ghouta, a similar plot had been foiled. Mr Ural sums up the testimony of a Dutch-Kurdish mercenary who is originally from Turkey and who was captured by the Syrian Resistance on August 16, 2013 whilst fighting in the Latakia countryside:

“[Turgay Yasar] explained that he brought the sarin gas from the Netherlands [to Turkey] via the VIP section [under the auspices of] the authorities from [Turkey’s ruling] Justice and Development Party (AKP) and handed them over to the al-Nusra Front. [He also disclosed that although the NATO-backed mercenaries] had made preparations to deploy the sarin gas on the Alawite [civilians] during the ongoing battles in the Latakia countryside, they haven’t had the opportunity in the face of a series of resounding victories by [the Syrian Resistance and the Syrian army]”60


All the available evidence indicates that U.S., U.K., Israel, Turkey, France and Saudi Arabia meticulously planned the genocidal covert war on Syria for years before actually launching it in 2011. Right from the beginning, Turkey has been at the epicenter of this war in every possible respect. In the face of the increasingly brutal and reckless attacks across all of its land borders, the Syrian state, army and people have been displaying an outstanding resistance, courage and solidarity.

As the prospect of a decisive victory by the Syrian army becomes ever more certain, the orchestrators of this genocide are disseminating all sorts of propaganda on a global scale to obfuscate and cover up their monumental war crimes. However, Turkey and NATO’s overt participation in the ongoing cross-border offensive on Kasab provides an incontrovertible evidence of these crimes for those who seek peace and justice for Syria and the entire humanity.

Cem Ertür is an independent researcher and peace activist, currently based in Istanbul. Some of his work is published at Global Research and all his Propaganda Alerts since November 2011 are published on Indybay.


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Editorial: The BBC lies

Proletarian issue 59 (April 2014)
The BBC lies and it knows it lies. There is no accident or confusion about this, just a concerted attempt to create a propaganda picture that fits with the imperialist agenda – whether that be of destroying independent Syria, bringing down the elected government in Ukraine or destroying the gains of the Venezuelan revolution. It is what the military refer to as ‘psyops’ – psychological operations – and it’s a crucial and criminal part of every imperialist war effort.

Unfortunately for the BBC and the rest of the corporate media, their near-monopoly on communications, although in many ways stronger than ever, is at the same time not quite complete. The holes where real information can get through may be tiny in the grand scheme of things, but once you know where to look they are everywhere – and modern communications are making them more widely accessible than ever before.

Back when Nato planes were carpet-bombing Libya into submission, laying waste to the country’s civilisation and infrastructure, the BBC was exposed as having used fake footage of crowds in what it claimed was a “live link-up” with the popular masses who were supposed to be out celebrating the “liberation” of Green Square from Gaddafi and the Jamahiryan state. But the footage actually (and quite obviously to more observant members of the audience) featured Indians in India, not Arabs in Libya.

This followed hot on the heels of the infamous fabrication by Al Jazeera of another report that claimed to show cheering crowds in Green Square, and which had been splashed across the world by the obliging imperialist media before it was exposed as a complete fabrication – filmed with actors on a movie set in a cynical attempt to fool the Libyans and their supporters into giving up their resistance to Nato’s hired guns.

Now the BBC has been caught out again – not that you’d know that if you’re relying on other corporate media sources for your news. RT’s Truthseeker reported on 22 March that the BBC had been spotted last autumn re-using fabricated footage in a ‘report’ of a “chemical attack” that had previously been presented as a “napalm attack” (although strangely lacking in any of the symptoms of napalm exposure), and which was supposed to have fortuitously occurred just as the BBC arrived to film a remote rural hospital in Syria.

Complete with a ‘doctor’ who had more concern for the camera than for her ‘patients’ and with some (extremely unconvincing) actors playing the role of ‘victims’, the first airing of the ‘news’ item in August just happened to coincide with the attempt to push the war vote through parliament.

The doctor, who spoke excellent English (and was apparently available for redubbing her own voiceover) also appeared on Radio 4’s influential Today programme, and the BBC’s flagship current-affairs Newsnight show. On closer examination, it transpires that ‘Dr Rola’ (not her real name) actually lives in Britain and works for the NHS, travelling to Uganda and Syria for ‘charity work’.

The day after the report was first aired, she gave an interview in a London news studio in which she was given plenty of uninterrupted air time to describe the dreadful scenes she had ‘witnessed’ in Syria before being sympathetically encouraged to criticise Ed Miliband for failing to support the war vote by her ‘impartial’ BBC news host.

The ‘anti-war’ side of the debate was given to ‘left’ Labour darling Dianne Abbot, who did nothing to expose the lies of her opponent. Indeed, she implicitly endorsed them: “To say that MPs … refused to give Cameron a mandate for bombing this weekend means that we don’t care; that we don’t think the scenes are horrific, is to misunderstand … there was a consensus that bombing the Syrians this weekend would not help.”

The presenter stated accusingly: “Many Labour party people fought in the Spanish civil war when there was a great slogan that said ‘If you tolerate this, your children will be next’, and some people think that a line has been crossed here [referring of course, to Obama’s ‘red line’ on ‘chemical attacks’ by the Syrian government ‘against its own people’]. Clearly you don’t.” Abbott’s reply about the lack of public support for “getting involved in a civil war” was cut short by the programme’s editors.

Unfortunately for the BBC, their fakery has been spotted, and complaints have led to an investigation (not reported by themselves or by most of the rest of the British media, naturally). As one complainant wrote to the BBC after the ‘hospital’ clip was redubbed in September: “This is the total fabrication, from beginning to end, of an atrocity, with BBC ‘reporter’ Ian Pannell standing amidst a tableau of very bad actors. This is completely beyond the pale.”

Or as a commenter on former ambassador Craig Murray’s blog put it: “Ian Pannell is clearly doing the spooks’ bidding. If he doesn’t realise it, he’s just another ambitious young idiot.”

And, on the subject of burying news that by rights ought to be making front-page headlines for weeks, that’s just what the BBC and almost all the other corporate news outlets have been spotted doing just as we go to press.

Senior Turkish military and political officials – including the foreign minister and deputy chief of staff – have been caught red-handed on tape plotting a false-flag operation against an important historical site (Suleyman Shah’s Tomb – a small enclave some 35km over the Syrian border that is owned by Turkey and protected by a small military guard of honour) that could be used to ‘justify’ all-out war on Syria.

How did the BBC and other news outlets report the audio leak that revealed this plot? ‘Turkey blocks YouTube’ was the headline they all went with – referring to Prime Minister Erdogan’s attempts to stifle the story – while the crucial subject matter of the leaked audiotape under discussion was referred to in passing (and extremely obliquely) as a “discussion about possible military operations”!

In Britain, it was left to a small website,, to point out what a bombshell the leak really was – and to demonstrate just how coordinated and uniform had been the imperialist media’s response. If our readers need any convincing of the complete lack of independence of our ‘free’ press from the imperialist ruling class, the video report posted on Propaganda Matrix makes for extremely instructive viewing.

The constant barrage of lies and war propaganda to which we are daily subjected is a vital cornerstone of the imperialist fortress that keeps our rulers protected and their system in place. The day that workers en masse wake up and realise the extent of the lies that they have been told will be a very dangerous day indeed for the world’s super-exploiters. It is the job of communists and progressives everywhere to do all in their power to bring that day forward by using every opportunity to expose and challenge these psychological operations, and to replace lies with the truth.

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America, Murder, and Assassination in the Georgia Republic



 Pattern of Blatant Murder and Torture in Georgia Exposed

… by  Henry Kamens,  with New Eastern Outlook,  Moscow

St. Petersbury - at dusk - Count the golden domes.

St. Petersbury – at dusk – Count the golden domes.

[ Editors note:  American foreign intrigue in Georgia, a flanking move into the former Soviet satellite states, was all part of the New Cold War being advocated by the Bush (43) hoodlums, the turncoat NeoConservatives, and their Israeli Intel and  Jewish Lobby friends here.

It was a disaster, like everything else they touched and destroyed, which included a generation of American wealth that went up in smoke.

Not a one of them have been prosecuted, or even brought in for questioning. Politics has become the Olympics for the elite criminal crowd. They love that immunity.

VT has published the plans to establish bases there which would have faciliated the desired and anticipated attack on Iran which the Bush crowd was determined to accomplish prior to his leaving office.

The Georgian people have thrown off America’s puppet regime and begun prosecuting the gangsters that tortured, murdered and raped their country under the tutelage of our own American Ambassador (and others), as Henry describes below.

But the big time gangsters take care of their own. Those whom Mikheil Saakashvili left behind now find themselves facing well deserved charges of murder and mayhem, Mr. Saak got a soft landing at Tufts University where an attempt will be made to bleach the blood from his hands and whitewash his crimes in Georgia.

We would not know nearly as much about this if it were not for one man, Henry Kamens, who has been doing fabulous investigative journalism work there through his NEO articles, which we are happy to republish on VT. There used to be a lot of people in the business doing work like this. Now they are a rare breed.

All of the Bush (43) crowd involved in the Georgian misadventure are indictable on the Nuremberg precedent of ‘waging an offensive war’. Immunity was not given to the Germans there, but a victorious army saw to it that only one side had convictions for war crimes, when they all had their hands dirty.

I am not holding my breath to see war crimes prosecutions any time soon in the US, but the international community owes all the help it can give to the new Georgia government to see justice done for its people. And we are looking forward to learning more about American individuals involved in crimes against humanity to the Georgian people… Jim W. Dean ]

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US to use ‘suffering’ as terrorist weapon in Syria



… by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor   …with  Press TV, Tehran

Press TV has conducted an interview with Jim W. Dean, managing editor of Veteran’s Today, Atlanta about the Geneva II talks over Syria and the true intentions of the West in the talks.

The following is an approximate transcript of the interview.

The 4:20 audio interview is here.

Syrian Geneva II talks were dead on arrival

Syrian Geneva II talks were dead on arrival

Press TV: The conference in Geneva called Geneva II proved one thing and that was how far apart the two sides are on the major issues.

One of the things discussed here is a review of the Geneva communique and of course the red line it seems like the so-called divided opposition is pushing for and that is Assad’s departure.

Do you think that that is a viable solution for either side to come for the second round of the talks?

Dean: Absolutely not. The strategy here was they pulled a hoax on the entire world. They went ahead to have this conference just to have it. They had no intention of resolving anything. They knew that pre-conditions of having Assad step down… when obviously they’ve stabilized the situation.

Everybody knows that the insurgents don’t have the power to take over. And they haven’t been able to collapse the Syrian army by basically having them change sides.

So, it’s a dead end.

The US lost some esteem here because they went into this typically like the Israelis had been doing with the Palestinian peace talks; they have absolutely no intentions of resolving anything.

They want the talks to go on forever and we’ll be here a hundred years from now talking about Palestinian peace talks.

So I think now what their strategy is, the millions of Syrian people who are suffering living as refugees, particularly the traumatizing that’s happening with the children, they think that after time that is just going to collapse the Syrian people’s will to support Assad and they will be willing to do anything to get anybody in there just to stop it.

I think it’s a new type of terrorism where, not the guys running around on the ground, but you have governments decided that they’re going to hold millions of people hostage under horrible conditions and that that’s going to work to their advantage.

It’s just a horrible situation and makes someone embarrassed to be an American and see their government actually doing this.

Press TV: This might be a tough one, but what would you do in order to solve this crisis regarding any type of talks to be held between the so-called divided opposition at this point and the Syrian government?

Dean: It’s very simple. Assad has always posed the correct decision is that if the people want a change in government, let’s have a vote and let’s let the people change the government.

And we have this crazy situation where the Western democracies are going oh no, we can’t do that. We want to impose a puppet regime because that’s our whole new game plan to go around and replace regimes that we don’t like and we’re able to use this terrorist weapon.

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Good News and Bad from Palestine

by Stephen Lendman


First the good news. There’s much to report. On November 29, 2013, the UN General Assembly designated 2014 as the International Year of Solidarity with the Palestinian people.

A previous article asked why this year? Why not every year? Why not action, not words. Hope springs eternal. Maybe policy changes will follow.

Good things are happening. Global BDS successes highlight them. They’re impressive. They’re essential. They suggest more ahead. More on this below.

BDS co-founder Omar Barghouti asked “why BDS?” It defines three fundamental Palestinian rights. It supports them uncompromisingly. They include ending:

  • Israel’s lawless West Bank, Gaza, Golan, and Lebanese territory occupation;
  • institutionalized discrimination against Israeli Arab citizens; and
  • permitting diaspora Palestinians right of return.

BDS supports Palestinian sovereignty. It wants East Jerusalem as Palestine’s exclusive capital.

It wants Palestinians controlling their borders, air space, coastal waters and resources.

It wants no Israeli soldiers or settlers on their lands. It wants Israel’s Apartheid Wall demolished.

The International Court of Justice ruled it illegal. It breaches international law. It must be torn down, it said.

BDS wants reparations for destroyed Palestinian homes and property. It wants Israeli lawlessness ended.

It wants international law enforced. It wants long denied peace, security and stability. It wants Palestinians free at last.

Barghouti calls Israel “exclusivist, ethnocentric” and unjust. It’s morally, ethically and legally reprehensible. It’s repressive. It’s undemocratic. It’s lawlessly out-of-control.

BDS is a vital initiative for change. It’s effective. It’s working. It punishes Israel politically and economically. It demands worldwide support.

In early January, Norwegian singer Moddi cancelled his planned Tel Aviv performance. He did so following calls for a cultural boycott. Gazan activists urged him not to come.

Veolia was one of three companies comprising the Massachusetts Bay Commuter Railroad (MBCR). It holds a 60% share.

On January 8, it lost a $4.26 billion contract. Boston BDS “Derail Veolia” to be “on the right side of history” prevailed. It’s complicit in numerous West Bank human rights violations.

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) and Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) awarded its contract to MBCR’s sole competitor, Keolis America.

On January 13, Dutch pension fund PGGM announced it’s divesting from five large Israeli banks. It cited serious international law violations.

Media reports suggest other European banks may follow. ABP and two other major European investors raised concerns about Israeli banks financing illegal settlements.

On January 17, Villar Focchiardo became Italy’s 6th local council to condemn Pizzarotti & Co.’s involvement in building a high-speed Jews-only West Bank railway on stolen Palestinian land.

Last summer, Al Haq published a legal opinion. It found “substantial grounds” to hold Pizzarotti responsible for “serious violations of international law such as war crimes of pillage and destruction and appropriation of property.”

In 2011, Beutsche Bahn withdrew from the project for this reason. Villar Focchiardo’s decision came when other European governments and companies are taking greater care to avoid complicity with Israeli lawlessness.

In December, Britain published new guidelines. They warn about “clear risks related to economic and financial activities in the settlements.” They neither encourage or support them.

Romania banned its construction workers from settlement expansion activities. It said doing so violates international law.

New 2014 EU guidelines prohibit awarding grants or loans to entities involved in illegal settlement projects. Israeli Justice Minister Tzipi Livni expressed concern about BDS successes.

They “won’t end,” she said. “The boycott is advancing uniformly and exponentially. Those who don’t want to see it will end up feeling it.”

Israel is a pariah state. It’s incrementally becoming “a lone settlement in the world,” Livni added.

Other Israeli politicians voice similar concerns. At the same time, they support business as usual policy. They endorse so-called peace based on unconditional Palestinian surrender.

BDS successes suggest hope. Jordan Valley Israeli settlers complained about European retailers increasingly spurning their products.

G4S provides security-related services and equipment. It’s a UK/Danish company. It supplies Israeli prisons, police, checkpoints, and Apartheid Wall operations.

In April 2012, Palestinian civil society and human rights organizations called for action to hold it accountable. They accused G4S of complicity with Israeli international law violations.

A panel of legal experts said it’s potentially criminally liable. Oslo University students pressured administration officials to terminate its G4S contract.

Similar pressure got EU nations to decline renewing their own. It involves security services at some of their Brussels premises.

European parliamentarians raised concerns about serious international law violations. UK broadsheets featured a demonstration outside G4S’s annual meeting.

Britain’s Good Energy announced its termination of business with G4S. It issued a statement saying it felt feedback pressure from customers.

Several Danish charities and a bank terminated G4S contracts. Months earlier, it lost its Danish Merkur Bank business.

Its spokesman, Karl Johnsen said it was “because of G4S’s involvement in the Israeli occupation of Palestine.”

Earlier, Amnesty International Denmark terminated its G4S contract saying:

“We do not want to work with G4S because the company’s global activities do not live up to Amnesty International’s requirements for corporate action in relation to human rights.”

In December, the Netherlands trade union Abvakabo ended its relationship with G4S. It provided security for its Utrecht office.

Spokesman Marion Nordemeule said action was taken because of G4S’s “role in Israel’s violations of international law.”

Last September, the Dutch Green Left party (GroenLinks) said it’ll no longer use G4S because of its “activities in the Palestinian territory occupied by Israel.”

In mid-January, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s (OECD) UK staff said G4S’ Israeli security services will be investigated.

At issue is international law violations. Britain warned about doing business in Occupied Palestine.

The UK Trade and Investment web site says operating in illegal settlements is risky.

It warned against conducting financial transactions, investments, purchases, procurement and tourism.

It said EU citizens and businesses should “be aware of the potential reputational implications of getting involved in economic and financial activities in settlements, as well as possible rights abuses of individuals.”

“Those contemplating any economic or financial involvement in settlements should seek appropriate legal advice.”

Under 2013 UK guidelines, G4S and other companies must provide evidence of concern for protecting human rights.

On February 1, Denmark’s Danske Bank (its largest one) divested from Israel’s Hapoalim. It did so for its involvement with illegal settlement construction.

It earlier terminated investments with two other Israeli companies. It cited international humanitarian law violations.

Days earlier, the Norwegian Ministry of Finance said it’ll exclude Israeli firms Africa Israel Investments and Danya Cebus from its Government Pension Fund Global.

It cited “serious violations of individual rights in war or conflict through the construction of settlements in East Jerusalem.”

Momentum shows signs of building. Doing so is encouraging. BDS successes suggest more to follow. Slapping Israel down hard is long overdue. So is holding its war criminals accountable.

On February 1, Tunisians rallied in Tunis. Dozens of associations demonstrated against Zionism. They demanded criminalizing Tunisian/Israeli ties.

They cited longstanding Israeli crimes. One protester perhaps spoke for others, saying:

“Zionists are funding and arming terrorists and the media are targeting the Syrian government.”

“Three years on, Syria is still resisting global hegemony.”

“The Syrian Arab army will win against the fierce imperialist attacks of Zionists and the terrorist Wahhabi and Takfiri allies.”

Demonstrators burned Israeli flags. They chanted anti-Zionist slogans. They called for national protests.

Maybe similar regional ones will follow. Israel threatens Middle East peace and stability.

It’s nuclear armed and dangerous. It maintains formidable chemical and biological weapons arsenals.

It uses them in waging wars. It uses radiological weapons. It maintains occupation harshness.

In the week ending January 29, it conducted 73 lawless Palestinian West Bank community incursions (over 10 a day).

It conducted two more in Gaza. At least 42 Palestinian civilians were arrested. They included six children.

Ten Palestinians were arrested at checkpoints. Four children were targeted.

Israeli naval forces attacked two Palestinian fishermen. One boat sustained damage.

Israeli crimes against humanity repeat multiple times daily. Rogue states operate this way.

America and Israel are by far the worst. They threaten humanity’s survival.

On February 1, the Ahrar Center for Detainees’ Studies and Human Rights reported Israeli forces killing six Palestinians and kidnapping 383 others in January alone.

Air and ground attacks were involved. So were dozens of weekly community incursions.

Nine Palestinians kidnapped in Gaza are patients. They were seized at Erez crossing.

They had Israeli permits to seek medical attention. Imagine requiring them for vitally needed healthcare.

Imagine them for any reason. Militarized occupation mandates are merciless. Palestinians are denied virtually all rights.

Children are treated as ruthlessly as adults. Ahrar said soldiers and settlers conducted over 30 lawless violations against Palestinian lands, property and holy sites.

A mosque was burned. Farmland and orchards were uprooted. Produce was stolen. Excessive force is longstanding Israeli practice.

On February 1, Israeli soldiers shot two Palestinian youths. They were wounded.

Israeli dogs mauled them. Soldiers beat them with batons and rifle butts. They kicked and punched them.

They dragged them on the ground over 300 meters. They caused multiple fractures and other injuries.

Tareq Barghouth is Palestinian Ministry of Detainees legal counsel. He called what happened “immoral.”

It constitutes “very serious violations and escalation.” Neither youth was threatening. They were visiting a friend.

They were attacked provocatively. Barghouth accused Israeli soldiers of “criminal acts.” They barely stopped short of cold-blooded murder.

What happened wasn’t an isolated incident. Similar ones occur regularly.

On January 31, Israeli soldiers lawless invaded al-Jalazoun refugee camp. It’s north of Ramallah.

Clashes followed. At least 14 Palestinians were injured. Eyewitnesses said soldiers acted provocatively.

They used rubber-coated bullets, tear gas and live ammunition. They did so against Palestinians protesting Mohammad Mubarak’s death.

Israeli soldiers murdered him in cold-blood. He was working at the time. He was involved in road repairs.

He was a flagger. He helped direct traffic. He was unarmed. He threatened no one. He was shot and killed anyway. It was preemptive murder.

On February 1, Israeli soldiers invaded Hebron. Five Palestinians were arrested. They included two young children.

Concussion grenades were fired at Palestinian homes. Nearby towns and villages were attacked the same way. So was al-Fawwar refugee camp.

On January 31, Israeli soldiers kidnapped seven children in Bethlehem. They fired rubber-coated bullets and tear gas.

Local youths hurled rocks and empty bottles in response. Ahmad Breijiyya was lawlessly abducted.

He’s Popular Committee Against the Wall and Settlements coordinator. His whereabouts is unknown.

On January 31, Israeli soldiers shot and injured two Palestinian youths. They did so at a checkpoint east of Jerusalem.

They abducted them. They’re held incommunicado. It’s unknown how seriously they were injured. Or if their wounds are being properly treated.

On January 31, dozens of Israeli soldiers invaded Jenin. They broke into homes lawlessly.

They ransacked them. They terrorized local families. They rampage across Palestine daily the same way.

They operate with impunity. They claim sovereignty over Occupied Palestine.

Community incursions occur multiple times daily. Ransacking homes follows. It’s for training purposes.

It’s about terrorizing Palestinians into submission. Crimes against humanity explain what threatens all Palestinians. They’re lawlessly occupied.

Israel’s military Advocate General lied claiming “no legal obstacle to holding training in inhabited areas as part of maintaining security in the area.”

“The orders issued for the drills that take place in populated urban areas include a statute requiring coordination with the ones doing the drill.”

“It will also be made clear that as part of the training exercises, the soldiers must avoid putting the population at risk, damaging their property or causing unreasonable disturbance to their daily routine.”

Fact check

It bears repeating. Israel’s occupation is lawless. Collective punishment defines it. So does institutionalized racism.

Ruthlessness is longstanding Israeli policy. International humanitarian law is clear.

Occupied people are protected persons. Occupiers are responsible for their well-being.

No physical, psychological or moral coercion is permitted. No intimidation, reprisals, pillage or hostage-taking.

No holding people against their will. No restricted freedom of movement. Nothing comprising public safety and security.

No collective punishment. No denial of food, healthcare, shelter, clothing, education, transport or other essential services.

No denying the right of paid employment. No forced labor. No guilt by accusation.

No forcible transfers. No ethnic cleansing. No gulag prisons. No compromising all other universally declared human rights.

Settlements are illegal. Occupiers are prohibited from transferring portions of its population to occupied territory.

Nor may occupied people be deported to an occupying power’s land – or any other country, for any reason with no exceptions.

Displacing Palestinians, destroying their homes, other property and personal possessions, stealing their land, as well as letting settlers occupy it directly contravenes fundamental international law.

Geneva’s Common Article 3 requires “humane treatment for all persons in enemy hands, specifically prohibit(ing) murder, mutilation, torture, cruel, humiliating and degrading treatment (and) unfair trial(s).”

On January 31, Maan News contributor Abdulrahman Murad headlined “Is Israel building up for an offensive against Gaza?”

Palestinians fear the worst. Murad “received two inquiries from oversees friends during the past few days regarding the high-pitch Israeli threats against Gaza, and Hamas in particular,” he said.

“The last one was asking for a confirmation of Israeli TV channels warning foreigners in Gaza to immediately leave, in anticipation for military action.”

Netanyahu threatened to “teach Hamas a lesson very soon.” Does he have Cast Lead 2.0 in mind?

Israeli drones overfly Gaza daily. They’re “a permanent source of fear,” said Murad.

In December, Israel deployed three missile batteries near Beersheba, Sderot and Ashdod.

Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon is militantly hardline. He suggested “preparation for possible escalation.”

Doing so would be lawless aggression. It’s longstanding Israeli policy. Pretexts are invented. Palestinians are blamed for Israeli crimes.

Besieged Gazans suffer most. Will more Israeli aggression follow? It’s hard imagining how much more suffering Gazans can take.

World leaders able to make a difference turn a blind eye. Israel gets away with murder unaccountably.

Occupation harshness is merciless. Ruthlessness defines longstanding Israeli policy. Its deplorable record speaks for itself.

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9/11 truth Super Bowl blowout!

  by Dr. Kevin BarrettVT Editor

Matthew Mills of We Are Change speaks 9/11 truth during the MVP interview

Matthew Mills of We Are Change speaks 9/11 truth during the MVP interview


I’m happy to report that my Super Bowl predictions turned out to be correct. (For a full Super Bowl report, see my new Press TV article 9/11 truth coach wins Super Bowl.)

No, I didn’t predict the Seattle Seahawks’ victory. But I did correctly prognosticate that there would be no big false flag event at this year’s Super Bowl. You can see that prediction in this week’s Dynamic Duo Weekly News broadcast.

Two weeks before the game, I also predicted that it might be “a 9/11 truth Super Bowl.” This one came true in spades, as 9/11 truth supporter Pete Carroll’s Seahawks upset the favored Denver Broncos in one of the most definitive Super Bowl blow-outs of all time…and then, during the MVP interview, 9/11 truth-seeker Matthew Mills of We Are Change commandeered the microphone!
YouTube – Veterans Today –

I warmed up for the Super Bowl by debating Zionist think-tanker Lawrence J. Korb on Press TV. Here is the video and transcript:
YouTube – Veterans Today –
YouTube – Veterans Today –

 US playing double game on Syria 

Press TV has conducted an interview with Kevin Barrett, from American Freedom Radio, in Madison, to shed more light on the new developments regarding Syria.

What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Dr. Barrett, your take on this? Exactly what does it all mean? Is it once again that war or attacks by the United States is back on the table or… Expand on it. In your perspective, what does it mean?

Barrett: Well, [US Secretary of State] John Kerry says, ‘All options are on the table; we may just bomb you’ to pretty much everybody he meets; every other day we hear Kerry quoted as saying that, but let’s look a little closer at what this chemical weapons issue is really all about.

The agreement by the Syrians to get rid of the chemical weapons came in August as a result of what we now know was a false flag chemical weapons incident, staged in al-Ghouta. We know now for virtual certainty that this was not an attack by the government of Syria, as we were told; it was an attack by the opposition, the rebels, presumably orchestrated by Bandar Bin Sultan, the head of Saudi intelligence, in collaboration with the United States of America, his backers.

We had a study just come out now that corroborated everything we learned from Seymour Hersh recently; Hersh quoted all sorts of US intelligence officials that saying that they knew that this was not a Syrian government chemical weapons attack from almost the moment it happened. And now we have this new study out that was put out by Postol and Lloyd. [Richard] Lloyd is a former UN chemical weapons inspector and [Theodore] Postol is a professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. And these guys did a very, very detailed study – in collaboration with many other American scientists – of the rocket that carried the chemical weapons into al-Ghouta and what they found was that rocket had only a two-kilometer range; yet the territory control by the Syrian government was four kilometers away.

They were shocked; these guys, Lloyd and Postol said that when they commenced the study, they expected that it was going to corroborate that the Syrian government was responsible, which shows how politically naïve they are, but as it turned out quite the opposite, they discovered and were shocked to discover that this was… proof that this could not have been fired by the Syrian government from its territory as [US President Barack] Obama was claiming.

So, we now know that it is not Syria that should be getting rid of its chemical weapons; it is the United States of America and its terrorist allies.

Press TV: Dr. Barrett, you are shaking your head (in reaction to what the other guest Lawrence J. Korb says), go ahead.

Barrett: They agreed to get rid of them as the result of mass murder by the United States of America and its Saudi allies; you are saying that it does not matter that the United States of America and Saudi intelligence murdered hundreds of people in al-Ghouta and tried to blame the Syrian government? You are apologizing for that murder and you are saying that it is Syria that should get rid of its chemical weapons, when they were the victims of this? Are you out of your mind, sir?

Press TV:  Let me turn to you and look at some of our [Facebook] comments in general; this time around, it seems that most of the viewers are in coordination with each other, agree with each other basically that when the US labels an entity a terrorist, it is usually something that is against their interest, but when they call them a moderate element, then it seems to be working on their behalf.

Let us look at the situation on the ground in Syria, how can they differentiate who is who on the ground? We have seen time and time again brutal and inhumane situations on the ground. Even today we have just been exposed to another beheading by these insurgents that they filmed and at the same time clapped and laughed. So, how can it be justified by Washington to support this type of entities?

Barrett: Well, of course what we are hearing from Mr. Korb is the official US propaganda line that the US is only supporting the so-called moderate terrorists or moderate insurgents, the good guys.

As the viewers suggest, that means basically those who listen to the US, but in fact it is not true that the US is only supporting these so-called non-al-Qaeda linked terrorists in Syria; they are also propping up the al-Qaeda terrorists and this has been made very clear in many ways.

Well, for one thing the military situation on the ground is such that the main military opposition to President [Bashar al-] Assad’s government is coming from these al-Qaeda linked groups and they are being armed with the full cooperation of the US in Turkey, which is a close US ally, through Qatar, which is basically one big US military base in the [Persian] Gulf.

And we know that the Benghazi incident involved a secret CIA station in Libya that was funneling weapons from the al-Qaeda forces in Libya that the US helped seize power there to the al-Qaeda forces in Syria.

So, the US is playing a double game; it is pretending that there are good insurgents that it is supporting, when in fact there is a negligible military presence by any of these non al-Qaeda people in Syria, but that is the puppet that is being waved around by Washington; while it secretly and covertly arms the al-Qaeda brigades, which are working with its very close allies, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar.

So, it is a very hypocritical, double game; I hope Mr. Korb is not naïve and ignorant enough to actually believe the lies that he is telling us.

Press TV: However, we know that the new Middle East plan that former US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton had mentioned, also we have other reports from some experts, talking about a greater Israel plan that basically fits into the Zionist plan of a greater Israel, which includes parts of Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, parts of Iraq, Saudi Arabia and the Sinai. I’d like your take on that particular perspective.

Barrett: Absolutely, Israel has been devoted to this greater Israel plan for decades and the plan after 9/11, we have been told by General Wesley Clark, was to overthrow seven countries in five years – and Syria was on that list.

So, Mr. Korb is being disingenuous at best when he tells us that we are getting along fine with Syria. Syria was on the 9/11 hit-list. Nine elven was a coup d’etat by the hardline Zionist forces in the US government and its purpose was to implement this plan of making the Middle East safe for greater Israel. And that is why they invaded Iraq and destabilized, overthrew these various governments, destroyed Sudan, destroyed Libya, trying to destroy Syria, Iran is the last county on their list and God willing, they will not get that far. But yeah, this is all about a destabilized Middle East on behalf of Israel.

Mr. Korb is right; the US does not have any beef with Syria or with any other country in the region, except maybe Israel, which attacked us on 9/11 and murdered 3,000 of our citizens. Unfortunately, our foreign policy has been taken over by these Zionist traitors and they are running our foreign policy to destabilize the Middle East. This is not in the US’s interest.

And when he denies that the US is supporting al-Qaeda and of course in the Zionists’ interest, you know, he should talk to Michael Scheuer, who was the head of the CIA bin Laden unit.

I just had him on my radio show; we had a great interview; Michael Scheuer flat-out said that the US is propping up and supporting al-Qaeda in both Libya and Syria, and he said that the US policy to support al-Qaeda in Syria seems to be aimed at creating a genocide of a million Alawites; I mean these are quotes from him and if you would like to listen Mr. Korb, you can go to No Lies Radio and find the broadcast of that show and see what you think.

Press TV: What about that? Because he [Mr. Korb] is saying that we have not heard… the president has not said that he must step down, President Obama, but we now that the secretary of state and we also know Brussels officials have continually said that he must step down. What do you make of this?

Barrett: It is just more of the contradictions that we are hearing from that side; Mr. Korb does not really sound sure of himself when he says he does not think Assad would win in the elections. Well, let us find out! I mean let us have a very, very carefully, internationally monitored elections in Syria and see what happens. The polls I have seen show that in the lowest point of Assad’s popularity, he is still at 60 percent.


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Naziyahu: Kerry’s Boycott Threats ‘Immoral and Unjust’


Netanyahu sharply criticized US Secretary of State John Kerry Sunday for threatening I$raHell with boycotts if peace talks fail.
by Tova Dvorin of I$raHell National News

“Attempts to impose a boycott on the State of Israel are immoral and unjust,” Netanyahu stated, at the opening of his weekly cabinet meeting. “Moreover, they will not achieve their goal. First, they cause the Palestinians to adhere to their intransigent positions and thus push peace further away. Second, no pressure will cause me to concede the vital interests of the State of Israel, especially the security of Israel’s citizens.”

“For both of these reasons, threats to boycott the State of Israel will not achieve their goal,” Netanyahu concluded.

Last Wednesday, Thomas Friedman of the New York Times published some details of Kerry’s plan which, he said, will call for a phased Israeli withdrawal from Judea and Samaria based on the 1949 lines, with “unprecedented” security arrangements in the strategic Jordan Valley.

The Israeli withdrawal will not include certain settlement blocs, but Israel will compensate the Arab side for this with Israeli territory. The deal will call for “Palestine” to have a capital in Arab East Jerusalem and to recognize Israel as the nation state of the Jewish people. It will not include any right of return for Palestinian refugees into pre-1967 Israel, Friedman said.

Jewish leaders later revealed that mutual recognition is another factor of the plan – with Israel recognizing a Palestinian state and the Palestinian Authority (PA) being forced to recognize Israel as the Jewish homeland – a condition the PA has already publicly refused to accept.

The public’s outcry over the plan has been long and loud, with ongoing protests against the plan’s preconditions – the release of 106 Palestinian Arab terrorists back into public life – and vigils, protests, and even mass prayer calls being held against Israel accepting the Kerry framework.

Outrage has intensified since the new boycott threat, the second time Kerry has been known to orchestrate boycotts against Israel – despite being an ally. Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon responded to Kerry’s threats of boycotts, saying “we respect Secretary of State Kerry but will not hold talks with a gun to our head. Friends don’t put ultimatums on the security of the state of Israel.”

“We will make decisions that guard the interests of the state of Israel,” Danon continued. “If we made choices based on the various forecasts of boycotts, we wouldn’t be here today. In the past we saw that wherever the IDF wasn’t present terror takes root.”

No to boycotts: PM stands strong at Cabinet meeting, 02.02.2014 Flash90

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I$raHeli fantasy on Iran-N Korea ties



348611_Iran-talksRepresentatives of Iran and the six world powers attend first round of talks in Geneva, Switzerland, October 2013.

… Gordon Duff, Sr. Editor,  and  Press TV

News stories released in the press today tell of a US government report stating evidence of North Korea supplying nuclear material to Iran. No such report exists. The stories are a hoax.

The Daily Beast

Is AIPAC a protected Israeli Intelligence Operation?

Is AIPAC a protected Israeli Intelligence Operation?

Now that Iran has opened its doors to unprecedented inspection demands, the press, responding to emailed talking points from AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) is now warning that Iran will be receiving weapons grade uranium from North Korea.

In a story today in the Daily Beast, it was claimed that a “U.S. intelligence report” stated that North Korea could resume exporting nuclear technology and material.

This story, and those like it, all based on misrepresentations and fabrications, have dotted major newspapers and fill the airwaves at CNN and Fox.  This is the flip side to Jim Dean’s “You just can’t make this stuff up.” The can…and they do.

This story, however, is not only egregious but blatantly inane as well. The Newsweek organization, long a front for Israeli intelligence, has again turned to long “burned” assets in an attempt to smear President Obama and bring about a war with Iran.

Nuclear “fraudster”

Their “Axis of Resistance” story’s source, claimed to be an official intelligence assessment begins with wild claims.

However, when we read further, we found there was no such “US” report but rather one from an organization run by David Albright, an Israeli publicist:

“The Institute for Science and International Security, a think tank that closely monitors Iran’s nuclear program, issued a report on Jan. 15 on a possible agreement that would actually preclude Iran from getting a nuclear weapon. The report said that if Iran is allowed to maintain any nuclear-enrichment program, the supply channel for that program should be dictated by the United Nations Security Council and overseen by a panel of international experts, to ensure North Korea is not involved.”

Albright’s group has oft been cited for its outrageous and unsupported statements.

Clinton Bastin, Veterans Today editor, former Marine and chief nuclear weapons designer for the US Department of Energy, who died this week, said this of Albright:

David Albright

David Albright

“David Albright, a physicist, former colleague, president of the non-government Institute for Science and International Security in Washington and a former consultant for IAEA inspectors, is recognized by the US news media as an expert on nuclear weapons but is not. 

I called David several months ago to correct inaccurate information attributed to him by New York Times reporter William J. Broad. I also mentioned that Pakistan probably did not have many nuclear weapons because gun-type weapons require about 100 pounds of highly enriched uranium. 

David said that he had seen drawings of Pakistan’s weapons and they had solid cores but were implosion, not gun-type.  With that statement, I realized that David did not understand basic concepts of nuclear weapons.”

The Daily Beast article quoted Albright, the man Bastin exposed as a media fraud:

“You don’t want North Korea to become Iran’s supplier for critical components for their centrifuge program. Raw materials that Iran needs to go out and buy. If Iran can buy the raw materials they need from North Korea, there’s no way to control that or stop it,” said David Albright, president of ISIS.

What is clear is that Albright’s statements are not just based in his lack of understanding of nuclear physics or his personal “moral flexibility.”

Albright’s “report,” misrepresented as coming from an official US government source, was “broken,” if we can use that term, in an online publication run by the Newsweek organization.

The owner is Jane Harman, former member of congress forced to leave office after being implicated as an Israeli agent during the AIPAC spying scandals.

Petraeus “Set Up” by AIPAC

In a scandal deeply reminiscent to the Monica Lewinsky/Clinton debacle of the 1990s, CIA director General David Petraeus was forced to resign after only one year as CIA director.

We now know that that Petraeus was part of an Israeli “sting” meant to put Jane Harman into the role as CIA director, turning that agency over to an accused Israeli agent.

Alison Weir describes Harman’s pedigree in a Counterpunch article:

Jane Harman

Jane Harman

CNN, Politico, and others have all listed former Congresswoman Jane Harman as a potential new CIA head.

Oddly, however, none have mentioned reports in 2006 and again in 2009 that an NSA wiretap in 2005 had picked up Harman promising a suspected Israeli agent that she would aid people indicted for espionage on behalf of Israel.

According to reports, Harman allegedly told the Israeli agent that she would lobby the Justice Department to reduce espionage-related charges against two top officials for the powerful Israel lobby organization, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).

In return, the suspected Israeli agent (who may have been a dual-citizen American) reportedly pledged to help lobby for Harman to become chair of the House Intelligence Committee. Harman was already the ranking Democrat on the committee.

Where the article falls short is in the fact that Harman was successful in derailing the prosecutions of both Steve Rosen and Keith Weissman who faced life imprisonment.

Gwenyth Todd

Gwenyth Todd

Veterans Today editor, Gwyneth Todd, a long-time associate of Rosen, aided FBI investigators in making hours of recordings that led to the AIPAC arrests.

However, after calls from Harman to friends at the DOJ, including John Ashcroft, then Attorney General of the United States, charges were dropped and the FBI investigation quashed.

Sources indicate that the FBI, which openly recognizes AIPAC as the single greatest security risk to the United States, is no longer allowed to investigate or even accept evidence or testimony we are told ties AIPAC to Chinese spy rings operating inside the Department of Defense.

The real “proliferationists”

While actively accusing Iran of seeking nuclear weapons, Israel has been implicated in supplying, not just weapons grade centrifuges but functioning nuclear weapons to three nations, South Africa, Libya and North Korea.

Were North Korea to supply a weapon to Iran, it would have to buy it from Israel, where it got its only real nuclear weapon; something verified by sensor comparisons by US the US VELA satellite system, capable of identifying any nuclear test and the origin of the fissile material and components.


In 1975, Israel signed a Memorandum of Understanding with then apartheid South Africa to develop several weapons capabilities, all illegal, all in violation of sanctions.

The first program was in bio-chemical warfare, the attempt to develop nerve toxins that would only kill those of African heritage. Variants of VX nerve gas were developed and tested on villages in Angola.  Additionally, genetically modified anthrax and Ebola based biological weapons were developed at the Roodeplaat Research Laboratories and tested by the South African military and Israeli advisors.

At the joint Israeli/South African nuclear facility at Pelindaba, ten nuclear weapons were built, one tested on September 22, 1979 on a barge off Prince Edward Island, south of Cape Town.

The Agreement...

The Agreement…

After the end of apartheid, those weapons were supposed to be destroyed but three disappeared, transferred to Israel in a joint arrangement between the Thatcher government and a Zimbabwean arms dealer.

One of those weapons was exploded in North Korea, their only nuclear test, an 18.2 kiloton gun type nuclear weapon, 80-millisecond flash, with a uranium signature read by US VELA satellites as being of South African origin.

By that standard, North Korea does not have a “successful nuclear program” but rather receives weapons from Israel when needed to back joint geopolitical goals.

As late as 2006, a joint South African/Israeli program to arm Libya with nuclear weapons was discovered. An Israeli businessman was arrested but disappeared from custody. The news media then blamed the delivery of German built weapons grade centrifuges to Libya by an Israeli group on a “Pakistani operation.”


The continued and accelerated use of wild conspiracy theories like this one involving North Korea is a sign of the increasing desperation on the part of groups seeking global destabilization. As to whether Israel is the “prime mover” or not is unclear. What is clear, however, is that Israeli leaders and Israeli assets around the world are taking a leading position in advocating acts that are clearly war crimes.

However, it should be noted that special interest groups who benefit, not only from war and petroleum market instability, but express long-term goals of population reduction are closely aligned.

One needs only to look, not just at Iran or Syria but to Georgia, Kurdistan, the Ukraine and into Africa to begin to see the wider picture.

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Who will finally heal the ‘running sore in the East’?

Exasperated people across the globe are entitled to say to their leaders: “You’ve had your chance. We demand that you do the right thing, the just thing, the lawful thing, the decent thing, and see to it that the Palestinians are reunited with their lands, property and freedoms, and granted self-determination as guaranteed by the international laws, treaties, charters and codes we hold dear. No more excuses.  Get it done or quit your post.”
by Stuart Littlewood

Do world leaders today even know the underlying causes of the Holy Land’s misery?

Hansard is the official verbatim report of proceedings in the UK Parliament. You’d expect powerful intellectual stimulation, especially from the House of Lords, but too often the record reads like pulp fiction, punctuated as always with antique language, flowery manners and a pinch of pompous poppycock. But from behind it all emerge some uncomfortable truths.

For example, in the House of Lords on 27 January we were presented with this:

Baroness Falkner of Margravine  640 x 360

Baroness Falkner of Margravine

Baroness Falkner of Margravine: To ask Her Majesty’s Government what assistance they have given to the people of Gaza over the last three months.

Baroness Northover (Government Spokesperson in the House of Lords on International Development): My Lords, the humanitarian situation in Gaza is precarious. There is a significant danger that food, water and fuel will run out later this year. The UK is a leading provider of humanitarian support, which includes supporting the UN Relief and Works Agency, UNRWA, to provide basic services, providing food vouchers to vulnerable households, supporting the International Committee of the Red Cross to provide humanitarian assistance and supporting the UN Access Coordination Unit to assist the passage of personnel and humanitarian aid. 

Israel aiming to make Gaza ‘unliveable’ by 2020?

Baroness Falkner of Margravine: My Lords, I am grateful to my noble friend for that response. The humanitarian aid is terribly important, particularly when the 1.7 million people in Gaza are now living life at breaking point, with 11,000 people displaced by last month’s floods. Fuel shortages are such that donkey carts have replaced cars…. the streets are overflowing with raw sewage and, with nearly 50% unemployment, the situation is like a tinderbox. The United Nations has said that Gaza will be unliveable by 2020, so what are Her Majesty’s Government doing…. so that a final settlement can be reached for people to live in civilised form next door to each other?

Baroness Northover: My noble friend is right. The UN has described Gaza as being currently in a state of de-development….  We strongly support the peace process. Meanwhile we are of course asking Israel to ease the blockade immediately, but in supporting the peace process we hope to see a two-state solution. The aim is to achieve a secure Israel alongside a sovereign and viable Palestinian state, with all issues—borders, Jerusalem, refugees, all of them—addressed.

She doesn’t miss the opportunity to recite that same old mantra: a secure Israel alongside a viable Palestine, which peddles the obnoxious idea that Palestinians don’t qualify for security of their own, now or in the future. Lord Warner intervened to point out that the situation in Gaza had been intolerable ever since Operation Cast Lead, five years ago. “In the past six months, how many meetings have this Government had with the Israeli Government about lifting this blockade, which is a cause of great humanitarian suffering to the Gaza population, 50% of whom are children?” Baroness Northover didn’t know; she would write to him with the number.

The Lord Bishop of Wakefield  444 x  310

The Lord Bishop of Wakefield

The Lord Bishop of Wakefield then spoke up: “My Lords, following Egypt’s closure of the tunnels… will the Minister give an assurance that the Department for International Development will adjust its aid package accordingly, to try to address some of the terrible suffering….?”

Baroness Northover said the UK and EU were putting in massive amounts of assistance. “However, the tunnels themselves help to fund Hamas and this is an opportunity to encourage Israel to open the borders there and to support the moderate elements in Gaza…. The international organisations are saying that the underlying causes of the problems need to be addressed. The immediate shortages are being dealt with adequately.”

Baroness Morris of Bolton, who is also president of Medical Aid for Palestinians and the trade envoy, acknowledged that some industrial fuel had reached Gaza but it was not enough and well below demand level. “Hospitals have regular power cuts and some families have only 12 hours of power a day…. What are we doing to ensure that more fuel is going in now? It will take a long time to solve the peace process but we can do something to alleviate the hardship now.”

“Those shortages are being addressed,” replied Baroness Northover. “However, the most important issue here is to address the underlying root causes of these problems.”

So, we’re told the life-threatening shortages are being dealt with “adequately” – an obvious lie – and, anyway, none of that is as important as addressing the underlying root causes. Her rather cruel remark actually touches on the crux of the whole nasty business, though without explaining what the root causes are.  Who in Westminster remembers? They go back nearly 100 years. They came to a murderous head in 1948 and have been a pain in the ass to the entire world, not just the Palestinians, ever since.

And they’ve never been properly addressed…

Lord Sydenham  200 x 260

Lord Sydenham

Lord Sydenham described the main cause when, in 1922, he issued this awful warning in the same House of Lords: “The harm done by dumping down an alien population upon an Arab country… may never be remedied… What we have done is, by concessions, not to the Jewish people but to a Zionist extreme section, to start a running sore in the East, and no one can tell how far that sore will extend.”

What has Her Majesty’s Government been doing since then to heal the sore and reduce the harm? Answer: nothing, except make a spectacle of itself endlessly grovelling to the grasping racist regime in Tel Aviv and pandering to its every whim.  Asking Israel to do this, urging Israel to stop doing that is a waste of time.  Israel simple says, “We’ll do as we please, we’ll steal all we want. Get off our back and sign us up for more trade benefits.” And the buffoons in Westminster, Berlin, Brussels. Madrid and Paris tug their forelock and say, “Yes-sir, Mr Netanyahu, anything you and your hoodlums say!”

The stain on British honour

Lord Hylton  512 x 288

Lord Hylton

Meanwhile, back in the Upper House Lord Hyltonwas asking what assessment HMG had made of the current situation in the Gaza Strip following the recent severe floods; whether UNRWA is now receiving promised construction materials; whether aid is being received from Qatar; and what is HMG’s assessment of the prospects for the full reopening of crossings into Egypt?

Baroness Northover replied that UNRWA was unable to proceed with twenty projects worth over $42 million due to Israel’s continuing block on construction materials into Gaza. “We remain concerned at the frequent closures of the Rafah crossing, and the additional pressure that this puts on the fragile humanitarian situation.”

Lord Hylton, pressing further, asked what recent representations HMG had made to the government of Israel about the blockade of Gaza.

Baroness Warsi (Senior Minister of State, Department for Communities and Local Government & Foreign and Commonwealth Office) said the British Embassy in Tel Aviv had raised the need for a major easing of Israel’s restrictions with the Israeli National Security Council. The Minister of State for International Development, Alan Duncan, had also raised the issue with the Israeli government during his recent visit between 12-15 January. “On both occasions, UK concerns were noted.”

Noted? Only notedHMG is content with that, your ladyship?

Two month earlier The Lord Bishop of Worcester had asked about the confiscation of humanitarian aid and the prevention of access to communities in need of emergency assistance. On that occasionBaroness Northover replied: “Where humanitarian aid is needed, Israel is obliged under international humanitarian law to facilitate the work of humanitarian relief schemes. Our Embassy in Tel Aviv has raised this issue with the Israeli National Security Adviser and the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.”

Why on earth does the UK, which provides considerable funds for humanitarian aid to the Occupied Palestinian Territories, tolerate Israel’s confiscations, import restrictions, bans on essential materials and outright wrecking of infrastructure paid for by British taxpayers? Israel’s repeated breaches of humanitarian law only cause issues to be “raised”. There are never any consequence for the psychopaths and they lose no sleep. Impunity rules. Not only that, Britain regularly rewards Israel for its delinquent behaviour by strengthening trading and technology ties.

Back to basics: remember your manners, say sorry, make amends

Perhaps those noble ladies Northover and Warsi and their ermine-robed colleagues in Government are not au fait with the wisdom of Lord Sydenham. Perhaps they don’t know about the machinations of that arrogant fool, Arthur Balfour, or even the sinister carve-up of the Middle East by Messrs Sykes and Picot. Perhaps they are unaware that the whole episode is a stain on British honour which hasn’t washed off to this day.

The Big Question puzzling all right-minded people remains unanswered… Why is the Holy Land, 66 years after Partition, still under foreign military occupation and total blockade when international law and the United Nations say it shouldn’t be? Or to put it bluntly, how can a bunch of terrorists in this day and age take over a treasured and blessed land by unlawful means, expel or subjugate the rightful inhabitants, and get away with it?

For world leaders who can’t give a sensible answer, this excellent document will help. It’s a report on Israel’s obligations as an occupying power under international law, and its violations, and the implications for EU policy. They should read it and act on it. Other recommended reading for parliamentarians includes Challenges to International Humanitarian Law: Israel’’s Occupation Policy” by Peter Maurer, President of the International Committee of the Red Cross .

Palestine being wiped off the Map -- Peter Lavelle

Palestine being wiped off the map because of the complicity of the zionist-controlled Western governments

Sydenham said the harm done may never be remedied…. Ninety-two years later (and counting) he’s still right. Exasperated people across the globe are now entitled to say to their leaders: “You’ve had your chance. Your grubby allegiances and treacherous pledges to foreign powers disgust us. We demand that you put all corrupt practices aside and do the right thing, the just thing, the lawful thing, the decent thing, and see to it that the Palestinians are reunited with their lands, property and freedoms, and granted self-determination as guaranteed by the international laws, treaties, charters and codes we hold dear. No more excuses. There can be no advance in world peace until it’s resolved. Get it done or quit your post.”

Inevitably the passage of time prevents full restitution. But the world needs to make amends for the monstrous blunder by the United Nations in cruelly partitioning Palestine in 1947 without consulting those who lived there and, worse still, turning a blind eye to the Jewish land grab that followed. Justice groups are saying it’s time the British government, which accepted the mandated responsibility for the Holy Land up to 1948, had the good manners to admit its part in the catastrophe and say sorry for the needless damage and suffering heaped on Palestinian Arabs who once considered themselves Britain’s allies. That would be a good starting point for dealing with the horrendous situation today.

US Secretary John Kerry plans to present a framework agreement in a few weeks’ time to settle the long drawn-out conflict. But Kerry, like so many before him, likes to bypass due process and ignore the underlying causes. He could be ‘Mr Fix-it’ but isn’t. The betting is that Kerry’s framework will be another giant fudge that offers nothing resembling justice for the oppressed and dispossessed.

Zionist accusations that Kerry has threatened to orchestrate a European boycott of Israel and de-legitimization of the ‘Jewish state’ if talks fail are just part of the hasbara cacophony. The fact is, Israel is going to be globally boycotted and increasingly isolated with or without Kerry’s input until that entity learns to behave. It has already de-legitimized itself by its own actions.

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The Why Behind Egypt’s Coup



Egypt’s military coup meshed with the geopolitical interests of Saudi Arabia and Israel, but the toppling of the country’s first democratically elected government was driven by other factors, including the history of a politically powerful military, as ex-CIA analyst Paul R. Pillar notes.

By Paul R. Pillar

The contrasting political trajectories of Tunisia and Egypt — the first and second countries out of the Arab Spring gate — have received much attention lately. Tunisians have exhibited more of a spirit of compromise, which has facilitated visible progress toward the sort of genuine democracy the country had lacked since independence.

Recent political news from Tunisia has included the voluntary stepping down from power of the Islamist Ennahda party in favor of a non-partisan cabinet, and near-completion of the writing of a new constitution in which Islamists and secularists have found middle ground in a relatively (though not always) smooth process.

Egyptian General Abdul-Fattah el-Sisi as shown on official Egyptian TV.

Egyptian General Abdul-Fattah el-Sisi as shown on official Egyptian TV.

Meanwhile in Egypt, generals who seized power in a coup against the elected president, Mohamed Morsi, seem to find a new way each week to tighten a repressive grip on the country.

Various possible explanations can help to explain the contrasting histories of these two North African countries. One can look at demographics and economic and social structures. Tunisia is smaller than Egypt, it has a more diverse and more successful economy, and its population is both more religiously homogeneous and overall more secular. Perhaps the leading proximate cause, however, of the different political course of the two nations over the past three years is the status and nature of each country’s military before any of the upheaval began.

The Egyptian military has long had a dominant and disproportionate political role. Since a military coup overthrew King Farouk in 1952, Egypt has essentially been under military leadership, even though the leadership succession of Nasser, Sadat and Mubarak took off their uniforms and called themselves presidents. Hosni Mubarak was ousted when he was because that is when the rest of the Egyptian military decided he was no longer useful to them.

In Tunisia, the military has enough cohesion, respect, and clout for its actions (or inaction, in not carrying out certain orders) to have played an important role in the ouster of President Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali. But it has no tradition, anything like that of its Egyptian counterpart, of ruling itself. The sorts of events that have taken place in Egypt over the past year would be inconsistent with its culture.

One can extend this typology by contrasting both Tunisia and Egypt with the country in between: Libya. As with many other institutions or supposed institutions in Libya under the regime of Muammar Gaddafi, what passed for a military was little more than an extension of Gaddafi’s personal and highly centralized rule. The military therefore was not a significant factor in either ousting Gaddafi or in providing a foundation for a new political order.

These observations do not point, of course, to much of anything that the United States or any other democratically-minded outsider can do about what is going on politically today in these countries. But it suggests some things to look for in armies and politics, not just in North Africa but elsewhere.

In Turkey, perhaps Reccip Erdogan’s most positive contribution to his country, notwithstanding his own authoritarian streak, will be that he appears to have stared down the generals sufficiently well that another Turkish military coup seems far less conceivable now than it was just a few years ago. This is a sign that even a historically grounded political culture of a military can change.

Pakistan, which has recently completed a peaceful transition from one set of civilian leaders to another, will also be interesting to watch over the next several years to see if there really has been a definitive break in that country’s tradition of alternating military and civilian rule.

Back in Egypt, a current much-discussed question is whether the military chief, General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, will run for president. If he does, that would certainly confirm continuation of the pattern that dates back to the coup against Farouk. But if he doesn’t, that would not necessarily indicate much of a break in that pattern.

For a model, one can look at yet another country of the Maghreb: Algeria. It has a long-serving (and physically ailing) civilian president Abdelaziz Bouteflika, who from time to time demonstrates his own political initiative. But ask Algerians who really runs the country and the answer is le pouvoir, a collective gray eminence that consists primarily of military brass but more broadly is a sort of military-industrial-intelligence complex.

If a civilian and not el-Sisi were to become Egypt’s next president, this might represent a system similar to that in Algeria.

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