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A History of the First World War in 100 moments: The mutiny that sent a ripple of fear through the Empire


A revolt by a regiment of Indian troops in Singapore was nearly disastrous for Britain

When war broke out, Mohandas Karamchand “Mahatma” Gandhi, who a few years later would galvanise India’s struggle for independence, had exhorted his fellow countrymen to fight on the Allied side. “We are, above all, British citizens of the Great British Empire,” he told them. “Fighting as the British are… in a righteous cause for the good and glory of human dignity and civilisation… our duty is clear: to do our best to support the British.”.

Hundreds of thousands of Indians flocked to volunteer for service. “We shall never get another chance to exalt the name of race, country… and to prove our loyalty to the government,” one of them wrote home to his brother from the Western Front. “We go singing as we march, and care nothing that we are going to die.” By the end of the war, more than one million Indians would have served overseas.

But others felt very differently. The Indian Mutiny of 1857, known in India as the First War of Independence, was only the most violent of hundreds of eruptions of resistance to British rule which punctuated the Empire’s history. And for Britain’s military strategists the Singapore Mutiny of February 1915 – six months after Britain’s declaration of war – was, in both its timing and its motivation, one of the most ominous.

The 5th Light Infantry Regiment of the Indian Army, which had been sent from Madras to Singapore in October 1914 to replace the Yorkshire Light Infantry (bound for the Western Front), was an entirely Muslim unit, made up of Rajputs and Pathans, two of the Indian ethnic groups which the British approvingly termed “martial races”. One month after its arrival it was announced that the regiment would be sent to Hong Kong. The same month, however, Turkey – responding to the prompting of its ally, Germany – declared jihad on Britain and its allies. Muslims around the world regarded the Sultan, Mehmed V, as their leader; and the Germans, aware that nearly half of the world’s 270 million Muslims lived under British, French or Russian rule, calculated that if they could foment rebellion among the Allies’ Muslim subjects, this huge fifth column could be devastating.

The Singapore Mutiny was an early sign that this strategy might bear fruit. As the day of embarkation approached, the rumour took hold among the sepoys that their actual destination was not Hong Kong but Turkey, where they would be thrown into battle against Turkish Muslims. At 3.30pm on 15 February, they mutinied, killing British officers who tried to restore order, seizing ammunition and exhorting German prisoners to join them.

With most of the Singapore Volunteer Corps on leave because of the Chinese New Year holiday, Singapore was practically defenceless. The mutineers surged through civilian areas, killing Europeans and locals at random, and laid siege to the bungalow of the regiment’s commanding officer.

Responding to British pleas for help, French, Russian and Japanese warships docked in Singapore on 17 February and their marines fought a fierce battle with the rebels. Many of the mutineers died, many surrendered, and the remainder fled into the jungle. By 22 February the mutiny was over.

Forty-seven mutineers were later executed by firing squad; 73 more were given long prison sentences. But no amount of retribution could mask the weakness that the mutiny had exposed. Indians hostile to the Empire began cultivating friendships with the Japanese, laying long-term plots for the overthrow of British rule. When war returned with the Japanese invasion in 1942, the Battle of Singapore culminated in the largest surrender of British-led troops in history.

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I$raHell ethnic cleansing zones



Israeli ethnic cleansing

By Jonathan Cook

Were it not for the razor wire, giant concrete blocks, steel gates, watchtower and standard-issue surly teenage soldier, it would be impossible to tell at what point the barren uplands of Israel’s eastern Negev give way to the South Hebron Hills of the West Bank.

The military checkpoint of Shani vaguely marks the formal demarcation between Israel and occupied Palestinian territory, but in practical terms the distinction is meaningless. On either side of the Green Line, Israel is in charge.

In recent weeks it has been intensifying a campaign to summarily evict Palestinian farming communities from their ancestral lands to replace them with Jewish newcomers.

Israeli human rights lawyers, tired of the international community’s formulaic criticisms, say it is time to be more forthright. They call these “ethnic cleansing” zones – intended to drive off Palestinians irrespective of the provisions of international law and whether or not the Palestinians in question hold Israeli citizenship.

The West Bank

In the occupied South Hebron Hills, a dozen traditional communities – long ago denied by Israel the right to enjoy modern amenities such as electricity and running water – are struggling to remain in the cave-homes that sheltered them for centuries.

Israel has reclassified much of their land as a military firing range and demands that they leave for their own safety. An appeal to the Israeli courts, the latest instalment in a 14-year saga to avoid eviction, is due in the next few days.

Israel’s concern for the villagers’ welfare might sound more convincing were it not encouraging Jews to live close by in illegal settlements.

Palestinian life is withering in the nearly two-thirds of the West Bank Israel was temporarily entrusted with – the so-called Area C – under the Oslo Accords.

Palestinians in other parts of the occupied territories coveted by Israel – such as villages next to Jerusalem and those in the fertile Jordan Valley, the territorial backbone of any future Palestinian state – are being squeezed too. Firing ranges, closed military zones and national parks are the pretexts for Israel to seize the farmland these rural communities need to survive.

As a result, Palestinian life is withering in the nearly two-thirds of the West Bank Israel was temporarily entrusted with – the so-called Area C – under the Oslo Accords.

Endlessly harassed Palestinians have sought sanctuary in West Bank cities under Palestinian Authority control. Today the remnants in Area C, a population of about 100,000, are outnumbered three to one by Jewish settlers.

A discomfited European Union, normally mealy-mouthed on Israel’s occupation, has started to describe this as “forced transfer”. The term may sound ominous and reproving, but human rights groups say that, from a legal perspective, the terminology obscures rather than illuminates what is taking place.

“Forced transfer”, observes Suhad Bishara, a lawyer with Adalah, a legal centre for Israel’s minority of 1.5 million Palestinian citizens, usually describes uncoordinated and unofficial incidents of population displacement, often as an outcome of war.

Bishara and others argue that Israel is carrying out a systematic and intentional policy to drive Palestinians off their land to replace them with Jewish communities. This, they say, should be identified as “ethnic cleansing”, a term first given legal and moral weight in the Balkans conflict in the early 1990s.

Israel’s Bedouin citizens

As evidence, the lawyers point to recent developments inside Israel. The treatment of tens of thousands of Bedouin in the Negev, all of them Israeli citizens, is virtually identical to that of Palestinians in the South Hebron Hills.

The Bedouin too have faced a prolonged campaign to push them off their ancestral lands, where most live as pastoral farmers, and into a series of “townships”, forcibly urbanizing them in the most deprived communities in Israel. In the disconcerting language of Israeli bureaucracy, the Bedouin need to be “concentrated”.

Israel has increased the pressure – as in the West Bank – by denying these Bedouin all public services, and demolishing any concrete homes they build. As with Palestinians under occupation, the Bedouin have found their communities reclassified as firing ranges, military zones or national forests.

The village of al-Araqib, near Beersheva, for example, has been demolished more than 50 times in recent years as Israel plants on its land – with a suitably sinister irony – the Ambassadors’ Forest, commemorating the help provided to Israel by the international community’s diplomatic corps.

For the first time, Israeli citizens – the Bedouin – are to be deprived of any recourse to the courts as they are harried from their homes.

Waiting in the wings are developers ready to build on the Bedouin’s land 10 towns for Jews only. The rest of the territory is being eaten up by Jewish ranches, given swathes of land to create new tourism opportunities, such as vineyards with wine-tasting services, camel and horse riding centres and, in one case, a pet cemetery.

But, as in the West Bank, the Bedouin are refusing to budge, and pressing their historic land claims in the Israeli courts. Rather than wait for a verdict it may not like, the government of Binyamin Netanyahu is rewriting the Bedouin’s citizenship rights.

The Prawer plan, which passed its first reading in parliament last month, will force 40,000 Bedouin off their land – the largest expulsions inside Israel for decades. Unlike Jewish citizens, they will have no say over where they live; they will be forcibly assigned to a township.

For the first time, Israeli citizens – the Bedouin – are to be deprived of any recourse to the courts as they are harried from their homes. Instead Israel will resort to administrative procedures more familiar from the occupied territories.

The policy is clear: Palestinians on both sides of the Green Line are to be treated like sheep, penned into ever-smaller areas, while Jews will have unrestrained access to a Greater Israel envisioned by Netanyahu.

The international community has long criticized Israel for the “discrimination” its Palestinian citizens face and for the “oppression” of Palestinians under occupation. This terminology needs overhauling too, say the human rights lawyers.

A political system that treats one ethnic group as less human than another already has a legal name: it is called apartheid.

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I$raHell indigenous invaders

Prawer Plan protest

By Neve Gordon* and Nicola Perugini**

On 24 June the “Prawer Plan for the Arrangement of Bedouin-Palestinian Settlement in the Negev” passed its first reading in the Israeli parliament. If implemented, the plan will constitute “the largest single act of forced displacement of Arab citizens of Israel since the 1950s”, expelling an estimated 40,000 Palestinian Bedouin from their current dwellings.

The plan’s ultimate objective is to Judaize the Israeli Negev. In order to do this, however, 70,000 (out of 200,000) Bedouin who currently live in villages classified as “unrecognized” by the Israeli government must be moved. The government already forbids them from connecting to the electricity grid or the water and sewage systems. Construction regulations are also harshly enforced, and in 2011 alone about a thousand Bedouin homes and animal pens – usually referred to by the government as mere “structures” – were demolished. There are no paved roads, and signposts from main roads to the villages are removed by government authorities. The villages are not shown on maps since, as a matter of official geography, the places inhabited by these second-class citizens of Israel do not exist.

A Jewish squatters’ NGO maintains that the Negev’s Bedouin inhabitants “rob” the Jewish people “of the Land of Israel” “ever so quietly, without the roar of battle and clamour of war”.

The government has, for years, argued that because these people live in small villages scattered across a relatively large area, it cannot provide them with basic services and therefore its objective has been to concentrate them in a few townships. Consequently, in 2009 Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu appointed his planning policy chief, Ehud Prawer, to liberate the “Jewish land”. Prawer’s main task was to relocate these 70,000 Bedouin who have refused to sign over their property rights to the state and have continued living in their “unrecognized villages”.

The logic informing the plan is actually best expressed in two reports Silent Conquestand There is a Solution published by a settler non-governmental organization called Regavim (The National Land Protection Trust), which has been working in conjunction with several government agencies. The NGO maintains that the Negev’s Bedouin inhabitants “rob” the Jewish people “of the Land of Israel” “ever so quietly, without the roar of battle and clamour of war”. “On this battlefield,” the organization continues,

cement mixers have replaced tanks, ploughs replace cannons and innocent-looking civilians replace uniformed soldiers… Acre after acre, house after house, buying, squatting, illegally cultivating the soil that is not theirs, sometimes with guile, other times with violence, with huge sums of money and firmly backed by anti-Zionist organizations in Israel and abroad – Israel is losing its hold on the Jewish people’s lands.

Regavim further maintains that Israel has until now “offered the Bedouins “carrots” – but never a ‘stick’”, claiming that through their “criminal activity” these Beduin are colonizing the land and thus threatening to “put an end to the Jewish future of the southern region.”

The ethos in which all this [ethnic cleansing of Bedouins] is being played out is grounded in Israel’s ethnocratic commitment to dispossess the non-Jews, which is cynically elevated to an act of self-defence and, ultimately, justice.

Citing Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion’s famous declaration that “The Negev is the test of the nation in Israel”, Regavim offers a four-stage solution to counter this threat, which includes: curbing “illegal Bedouin construction”, preparing the population for removal, evacuating all the “illegal populations” and then transferring them to legal settlements. Finally, the government must prepare for “the day after” and not allow “matters to return to their original state”. “Original state” refers to the existing situation, which in Regavim’s view is characterized by the invasion of Jewish space by Palestinian “illegal populations”. According to this narrative, space is, by definition, Jewish and therefore non-Jewish presence is a form of contamination – and the stake of Ben-Gurion’s test.

The transformation of the indigenous into an invader or a “Palestinian settler” – to borrow the phrase recently used by Deputy Defence Minister Danny Danon (Likud) – is key to understanding not only the Prawer Plan, but also the very logic of the state of Israel. In a context in which Palestinians have been systematically alienated and elided from history and geography, the constitution of the Palestinian native as an illegal subject or foreign invader serves as the condition of possibility for Judaizing the land. The ethos in which all this is being played out is grounded in Israel’s ethnocratic commitment to dispossess the non-Jews, which is cynically elevated to an act of self-defence and, ultimately, justice.

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I$raHell war on the Bedouin: 1948 settled nothing

Negev ethnic cleansing

By Jonathan Cook in Nazareth

As United States envoys shuttle back and forth in search of a peace formula to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, a matter supposedly settled decades ago is smouldering back into life.

In what was billed as a “day of rage” last month, thousands of Palestinians took to the streets to protest against a plan to uproot tens of thousands of Bedouin from their ancestral lands inside Israel, in the Negev (Naqab).

The clashes were the worst between Israeli police and the country’s large Palestinian minority since the outbreak of the second Intifada 13 years ago, with police using batons, stun grenades, water cannon and arrests to deter future protests.

Things are only likely to get more heated. The so-called Prawer Plan, being hurried through parliament, will authorize the destruction of more than 30 Bedouin villages, forcibly relocating the inhabitants to deprived, overcrowded townships. Built decades ago, these urban reservations languish at the bottom of every social and economic index.

Bedouin leaders, who were ignored in the plan’s drafting, say they will oppose it to the bitter end. The villages, though treated as illegal by the state, are the last places where the Bedouin cling to their land and a traditional pastoral life.

But the Israeli government is equally insistent that the Bedouin must be “concentrated” – a revealing term employed by Benny Begin, a former minister who helped to formulate the plan. In the place of the villages, a handful of Jewish towns will be erected.

Unfinished ethnic cleansing

The stakes are high, not least because Israel views this battle as a continuation of the 1948 war that established a Jewish state on the ruins of Palestine.

Avigdor Lieberman, the foreign minister, argued last week that the fight over the Negev proves “nothing has changed since the days of the tower and stockade” – a reference to heavily fortified outposts the Zionists aggressively built in the 1930s to evict Palestinians from the land they had farmed for centuries.

These outposts later became land-hungry farming communities, such as the kibbutz, that gave the Jewish state its territorial backbone.

Mr Lieberman’s view reflects that of the government: “We are fighting for the lands of the Jewish people, against those who intentionally try to rob and seize them.”

The labelling of the Bedouin as “squatters” and “trespassers” reveals much about the intractability of the wider conflict – and why the Americans have no hope of ending it as long as they seek solutions that address only the injustices caused by the occupation that began in 1967.

Doron Almog, who is in charge of implementing the Prawer Plan, observed last week that the Bedouin were not resisting it to save their communities but “to create territorial contiguity between Hebron and the Gaza Strip”. In other words, in Almog’s paranoid thinking, the Bedouin’s struggle for rights is really a cover for their ambition to serve as a bridgehead between the West Bank and Gaza.

In truth, both Israel and the Palestinians understand that the war of 1948 never really finished.

Suhad Bishara, a lawyer specializing in Israeli land issues for the Adalah legal centre, has called the Prawer Plan a “second nakba”, in reference to the catastrophic events of 1948 that stripped the Palestinians of their homeland.


Israel, meanwhile, continues to conceive of its 1.5 million Palestinian citizens – however peaceable – as just as alien and threatening to its interests as the Palestinians in the occupied territories.

The roots of the Prawer Plan can be traced to one of Zionism’s earliest principles: “Judaization”. There are cities across Israel, including Upper Nazareth, Karmiel and Migdal Haemek, founded as Judaization communities next to large Palestinian populations with the official goal of “making the land Jewish”.

Judaization’s faulty premise, in the pre-state years, was the fantasy that Palestine was “a land without a people for a people without a land”. Its sinister flip side was the cheery injunction to Zionism’s pioneers to “make the desert bloom”, chiefly by driving out Palestinians.

Nowadays, the term “Judaization”, with its unpleasant overtones, has been discarded in favour of “development”. There is even a minister for “developing the Negev and the Galilee” – Israel’s two areas with large concentrations of Palestinians. But officials are interested only in Jewish development.

Last week, in the wake of the clashes, the Israeli Haaretz daily published leaked documents showing that the World Zionist Organisation – an unofficial arm of the government – has been quietly reviving the Judaization programme in the Galilee.

In an effort to bring another 100,000 Jews to the region, several new towns are to be built, for Jews only, dispersed as widely as possible in contravention of Israel’s own national master plan, which requires denser building inside existing communities to protect scarce land resources.

Racially-motivated neglect

All this generosity towards Israel’s Jewish population is at the expense of the country’s Palestinian citizens. They have not been allowed a single new community since Israel’s founding more than six decades ago. And the new Jewish towns, as Arab mayors complained last week, are being built intentionally to box them in.

For officials, the renewed Judaization drive is about asserting “Israeli sovereignty” and “strengthening our hold” over the Galilee, as if the current inhabitants – Israeli citizens who are Palestinian – were a group of hostile foreigners. Haaretz more honestly characterised the policy as “racism”.

Judaization casts the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians in zero-sum terms, and thereby makes it unresolvable. In considering its Palestinian citizens, Israel speaks not of integration, or even assimilation, but of their enduring status as a “fifth column” and the Jewish state’s “Achilles heel”.

That is because, were principles of justice and equality ever to be enforced, Palestinians in Israel could serve as a gateway by which millions of exiled Palestinians might find their way back home.

With the policy of Judaization revoked, the Palestinian minority could end the conflict without violence simply by pulling down the scaffolding of racist laws that have blocked any return for the Palestinians since their expulsion 65 years ago.

This is why Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu demands as part of the current peace negotiations that the Palestinians sanctify the Judaization principle by recognizing Israel as a Jewish state. It is also why the talks are doomed to failure.


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I$raHell’s proud traitors

Despised by Israeli Jews as Untermenschen, the Bedouin have in recent years hit the headlines as victims of Israel’s policy of ethnic cleansing – a probable precursor to a more general ethnic cleansing of all Arab citizens of the Zionist state.

Israel’s Bedouin minority – desert-dwelling Arab nomads – live mostly in the Negev Desert in the south, where the ethnic cleansing has already started; in the Galilee in the north; and in the central region of the country.

However, there is another side to the Bedouin, apart from victims of ethnic cleansing and racist discrimination, a side which Arabs don’t like talking about much, as if this would cause it to disappear.

That is, a minority of Israel’s Bedouin – the victims of Jewish supremacism and Israeli racism – are themselves victimizers.

Unseasoned observers of the Middle East had a hint of this 11 years ago, when Tom Hurndall, an aspiring British photojournalist, was murdered by Taysir Hayb, a Bedouin sharpshooter serving in the Israeli occupation army, as he rushed to save a child – one of a group of children who had been targeted by Hayb’s Israeli army Bedouin unit.

But that is not all. Some of the Bedouin are not just victimizers. They are traitors. And proud to be traitors.

Take the case of Lieutenant-Colonel Majdi Mazarib, featured in the Israeli army propaganda video below. He is the commander of the Israeli army’s Northern Tracking Unit, which operates near the Lebanese border and consists only of Bedouin soldiers.

According to the ultra-right-wing Israeli news website Arutz Sheva 7,

These soldiers are able to apply their special skills to expose and prevent smuggling and infiltration attempts from Lebanon. Despite advances in technology, the IDF [Israel Defence Forces – the occupation army] continues to maintain Bedouin tracker units because the skills that they possess are unique. Overall, the Bedouin soldiers are invaluable and essential to the protection of Israel.

In the propaganda video above, Lt-Col Mazarib proclaims in Arabic and without any sense of shame: “I am Israeli, and proud to be an Israeli Arab and to serve in the Israel Defence Forces.”

Israel, the shameless Mazarib should remember, loudly and repeatedly proclaims itself as the Jewish state. Not the democratic state of all its citizens, but the Jewish state, repeat, the Jewish state.

Israel has no place for Mazarib, Hayb or any other Bedouin. Why they and their likes continue to serve it is beyond reason.

Some may call it desperation. Others may call it the “Stockholm syndrome”.

We call it treason.


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Obama: “Remaking the Middle East”: The American Gulag

Global Research

During the beginning of his first term in office President Obama promised “to remake the Middle East into a region of prosperity and freedom”. Six years later the reality is totally the contrary: the Middle East is ruled by despotic regimes whose jails are overflowing with political prisoners. The vast majority of pro-democracy activists who have been incarcerated, have been subject to harsh torture and are serving long prison sentences. The rulers lack legitimacy, having seized power and maintained their rule through a centralized police state and military repression.Direct US military and CIA intervention, massive shipments of arms,military bases, training missions and Special Forces are decisive in the construction of the Gulag chain from North Africa to the Gulf States.

We will proceed by documenting the scale and scope of political repression in each US backed police state. We will then describe the scale and scope of US military aid buttressing the “remaking of the Middle East” into a chain of political prisons run by and for the US Empire.

The countries and regimes include Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Iraq, Yemen, Jordan and Turkey . . . all of which promote and defend US imperial interests against the pro-democracy majority, represented by their independent social-political movements.

Egypt: Strategic Vassal State

A longtime vassal state and the largest Arab country in the Middle East, Egypt’s current military dictatorship, product of a coup in July 2013, launched a savage wave of repression

subsequent to seizing power. According to the Egyptian Center for Social and Economic Rights, between July and December 2013, 21,317 pro-democracy demonstrators were arrested. As of April 2014, over 16,000 political prisoners are incarcerated. Most have been tortured. The summary trials, by kangaroo courts, have resulted in death sentences for hundreds and long prison terms for most. The Obama regime has refused to call the military’s overthrow of the democratically elected Morsi government a coup in order to continue providing military aid to the junta.In exchange the military dictatorship continues to back the Israeli blockade of Gaza and support US military operations throughout the Middle East.

Israel: The Region’s Biggest Jailer

Israel, whose supporters in the US dub it the “only democracy in the Middle East”, is in fact the largest jailer in the region.

According to the Israeli human rights group B’Tselm, between 1967 and December 2012, 800,000 Palestinians have been imprisoned at some point, over 20% of the population. Over 100,000 have been held in “administrative detention” without charges or trial. Almost all have been tortured and brutalized. Currently Israel has 4,881 political prisoners in jail. What makes the Jewish state God’s chosen… premier jailer, however, is the holding of 1.82 million Palestinians living in Gaza in a virtual open air prison. Israel restricts travel, trade, fishing, building , manufacturing and farming through air, sea and ground policing and blockades. In addition, 2.7 million Palestinians in the Occupied Territories (West Bank) are surrounded by prison-like walls, subject to daily military incursions, arbitrary arrests and violent assaults by the Israeli armed forces and Jewish vigilante settlers engaged in perpetual dispossession of Palestinian inhabitants.

Saudi Arabia: Absolutist Monarchy

According to President Obama’s ‘remaking of Middle East’ Saudi Arabia stands as Washington’s “staunchest ally in the Arab world”. As a loyal vassal state, its jails overflow with pro-democracy dissidents incarcerated for seeking free elections, civil liberties and an end to misogynist policies. According to the Islamic Human Rights Commission the Saudis are holding 30,000 political prisoners, most arbitrarily detained without charges or trial.

The Saudi dictatorship plays a major role bankrolling police state regimes throughout the region. They have poured $15 billion into the coffers of the Egyptian junta subsequent to the military coup, as a reward for its massive bloody purge of elected officials and their pro-democracy supporters. Saudi Arabia plays a big role in sustaining Washington’s dominance, by financing and arming ‘jailer-regimes’ in Pakistan, Yemen, Bahrain, Jordan and Egypt.

Bahrain: Small Country – Many Jails

According to the local respected Center for Human Rights, Bahrain has the dubious distinction of being the “top country globally in the number of political prisoners per capita”. According to the Economist (4/2/14) Bahrain has 4,000 political prisoners out of a population of 750,000. According to the Pentagon, Bahrain’s absolutist dictatorship plays a vital role in providing the US with air and maritime bases, for attacking Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan. The majority of pro-democracy dissidents are jailed for seeking to end vassalage , autocracy, and servility to US imperial interest and the Saudi dictatorship.

Iraq: Abu Ghraib with Arab Characters

Beginning with the US invasion and occupation of Iraq in 2003 and continuing under its proxy vassal Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki, tens of thousands of Iraqi citizens have been tortured, jailed and murdered. Iraq’s ruling junta, has continued to rely on US military and Special Forces and to engage in the same kinds of military and police ‘sweeps’ which eviscerate any democratic pretensions. Al-Maliki relies on special branches of his secret police, the notorious Brigade 56, to assault opposition communities and dissident strongholds. Both the Shi’a regime and Sunni opposition engage in ongoing terror-warfare. Both have served as close collaborators with Washington at different moments.

The weekly death toll runs in the hundreds. The Al-Maliki regime has taken over the torture centers (including Abu Ghraib), techniques and jails previously headed and run by the US and have retained US ‘Special Forces’ advisers, overseeing the round-up of human rights critics, trade unionists and democratic dissidents.

Yemen:A Joint US-Saudi Satellite

Yemen has been ruled by US-Saudi client dictators for decades. The autocratic rule of Ali Abdullah Saleh was accompanied by the jailing and torture of thousands of pro-democracy activists, secular and religious, as well as serving as a clandestine torture center for political dissidents kidnapped and transported by the CIA under its so-called “rendition” program. In 2011 despite prolonged and violent repression by the US backed Saleh regime, a mass rebellion exploded threatening the existence of the state and its ties to the US and Saudi regimes. In order to preserve their dominance and ties to the military, Washington and Saudi orchestrated a ‘reshuffle’ of the regime: rigged elections were held and one Abdo Rabbo Mansour Hadi, a loyal crony of Saleh and servant of Washington, took power. Hadi continued where Saleh left off: kidnapping, torturing, killing pro-democracy protestors… Washington chose to call Hadi’s rule “a transition to democracy”. According to the Yemen Times (4/5/14) over 3,000 political prisoners fill the Yemen prisons. “Jailhouse democracy” serves to consolidate the US military presence in the Arabian Peninsula.

Jordan: A Client Police State of Longstanding Duration

For over a half century, three generations of reigning Jordanian absolutist monarchs have been on the CIA payroll and have served US interests in the Middle East. Jordan’s vassal rulers savage Arab nationalists and Palestinian resistance movements; signed off on a so-called “peace agreement” with Israel to repress any cross-border support for Palestine; provide military bases in support of US, Saudi and EU training, arming and financing of mercenaries invading Syria.

The corrupt monarchy and its crony oligarchy oversee an economy perpetually dependent on foreign subsidies to keep it afloat: unemployment is running over 25% and half the population is subsisting in poverty. The regime has jailed thousands of peaceful protestors. According to a recent Amnesty International Report (Jordan 2013), King Abdullah’s dictatorship “has detained thousands without charges”. The jailhouse monarchy plays a central role in buttressing US empire-building in the Middle East and facilitating Israeli land grabbing in Palestine.

Turkey: NATO Bulwark and Jailhouse Democracy

Under the reign of the self-styled “Justice and Development Party” led by Tayyip Erdoğan, Turkey has evolved into a major military operational base for the NATO backed invasion of Syria. Erdoğan has had his differences with the US; especially Turkey’s cooling relations with Israel over the latters’ seizure of a Turkish ship in international waters and the slaughter of nine unarmed Turkish humanitarian activists. But as Turkey has turned toward greater dependence on international capital flows and integration into NATO’s international wars, Erdoğan has become more authoritarian. Facing large scale public challenges to his arbitrary privatization of public spaces and dispossession of households in working class neighborhoods, Erdoğan launched a purge of civil society ,class based movements and state institutions. In the face of large scale pro-democracy demonstrations in the summer of 2013, Erdoğan launched a savage assault on the dissidents. According to human rights groups over 5,000 were arrested and 8,000 were injured during the Gezi Park protests.

Earlier Erdoğan established “Special Authorized Courts” which organized political show trials based on falsified evidence which facilitated the arrest and imprisonment of hundreds of military officers, party activists, trade unionists, human rights lawyers and journalists, particularly those critical of his support for the war against Syria. Despite conciliatory rhetoric, Erdogan’s jails contain several thousand Kurdish dissidents, including electoral activists and legislators (Global Views 10/17/12).

While Erdoğan has served as an able and loyal Islamist anchor against popular democratic and nationalist movements in the Middle East, his pursuit of greater Turkish influence in the region, has led the US to deepen its political ties with the more submissive and pro-Washington , pro-Israel Gulenist movement embedded in the state apparatus ,business and education. The latter has adopted a permeationist-strategy: purging adversaries in its quiet march to power from within the state. The US still relies on Erdoğan’s “jailhouse democracy” to repress anti-imperialist movements in Turkey; to serve as a military anchor for the war against Syria; to back sanctions against Iran and to support the pro-NATO Maliki regime in Iraq.

The Middle East Gulag and US Military Aid

The police state regimes and the long-term authoritarian political culture in the Arab world is a product of long-term US military support for despotic rulers. The absence of democracy is a necessary condition for expanding and advancing the US imperial military presence in the region.

A small army of US Islamophobic academics, “experts”, journalists and media pundits totally ignore the role of the US in promoting, sustaining and strengthening the ruling dictators and repressing the profoundly democratic mass movements which have erupted over a prolonged period of time. Spearheaded by long-time pro-Israel Middle East scribes and scholars, in Ivy League universities, these propagandists, claim that Arab dictatorships are a product of “Islamic culture”,or the “authoritarian personality of Arabs” in search of a ‘strongman’ to guide and rule them. Ignoring or distorting the history of working class struggles, pro-democracy protests and affirmations, in all of the major Arab countries, these scholars justify the US ties to the dictatorships as “realistic policies” given the “available options”.

Wherever real democracy begins to emerge, where political rights begin to be exercised, Washington provokes coups and intervenes to bolster the repressive apparatus of the state (Bahrain 2011-14, Yemen 2011 to 2014, Egypt 2013, Jordan 2012 among numerous other cases). While the bulk of the Middle East “experts” blame the Arab citizens for authoritarian rule, they completely ignore and cover-up Israel’s racist majority which solidly backs the incarceration and torture of hundreds of thousands of pro-democracy Palestinians.

To understand the Middle East gulag requires a discussion of US ‘aid policy’ which is central to sustaining the ‘jailhouse regimes’.

US Aid to Egypt: Billions for Dictators

The Egyptian police state anchors the US ‘arc of empire’ from North Africa to the Middle East. Egypt has been actively engaged in destabilizing Libya, Sudan, Lebanon, Syria and collaborating with Israel’s dispossession of Palestinians. The Mubarak dictatorship received $2 billion dollars a year from Washington – nearly $65 billion for its imperial services. US aid strengthened its capacity to jail, and torture pro-democracy and trade union activists. Washington continued its military support of dictatorial rule after the military coup against Egypt’s first democratically elected government, to the tune of $1.55 billion dollars for 2014 .

Despite “expressions of concern” over the murder of thousands of pro-democracy protestors by the new military strongman General Abdul Fattah al-Sisi, there was no cut in funding for so-called “counter-terrorism” and “security”. To continue funding the dictatorship under US Congressional legislation, Washington refused to characterize the violent seizure of power as a coup . . . referring to it as a “transition to democracy”. The key role of Egypt in US foreign policy is to protect Israel’s ‘eastern flank’. US aid to Egypt is product of the pressure and influence of the Zionist power configuration in Congress and the White House: US aid is conditioned on Egypt’s ‘policing’ of the Gaza border, ensuring that Israel’s blockade is effective. The White House supports Cairo’s repression of the majority of nationalist, anti-colonial Egyptians opposed to Tel Aviv’s dispossession of the Palestinians. Insofar as Israel’s interests’define US Middle East policy, Washington’s financing of Egypt’s jailhouse dictatorship is in accord with Zionist Washington’s strategy.

Israel: The US “Pivot” in the Middle East

Most independent and knowledgeable experts agree that US Middle East policy is largely dictated by a multitude of Zionist loyalists occupying key policymaking positions in Treasury, State Department, the Pentagon and Commerce as well as Congressional dominance by the Presidents of the 52 Major American Jewish Organizations and their 171,000 full time paid activists. While there is some truth in what some critics cite as the divergence of the ‘real’ US ‘national interest’ from Israel’s colonial ambitions, the fact is that US leaders in Washington perceive a convergence between imperial dominance and Israeli militarism. In point of fact a submissive Egypt serves wider US imperial and Israeli colonial interests.

Israel’s war on Lebanon against the anti-imperialist Hezbollah movement served US efforts to install a docile client as well as Israeli’s effort to destroy a partisan of Palestinian self-determination. Washington’s divergence with Israel over Israel’s dispossession of all Palestine does run counter to Washington’s interest in a Palestinian mini-state run by neo-colonial Arab officials. As a result of Zionist influence, Israel is the biggest per-capita US aid recipient in the world, despite having a higher standard of living than 60% of US citizens. Between 1985-2014, Israel received over $100 billion dollars, of which 70% was military, including the most advance high technology weaponry. Israel ,the country which has the world record for political prisoners and military attacks on its neighbors over the past forty years, holds the record for US military aid. Israel as the premier ‘jailhouse democracy’ is a key link in the chain of gulags extending from North Africa to the Gulf States.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia competes with Israel as an incarceration center of pro-democracy dissidents; the Saudi’s recycle hundreds of billions of petro-rents through Wall Street, enriching local Saudi despots and overseas pro-Israel investment bankers. The Saudi-US-Israeli convergence is more than incidental. They share military interests in warring against pro-independence, pro-democracy Arab movements throughout the Middle East. Saudi houses the major US military base and the biggest intelligence operations in the Gulf. It backed the US invasion of Iraq. It finances thousands of Islamic mercenaries in the US-NATO proxy war against Syria. It invaded Bahrain to smash the pro-democracy movement. It intervenes with Washington in support of the Yemen police state. It is the biggest and most lucrative market for the US military-industrial complex. US military sales between 1951 – 2006 totaled $80 billion. In October 2010 it signed off on a $60.5 billion purchase of US arms and services.

Bahrain: A US Aircraft Carrier called a Country

Bahrain serves as the naval base for the US Fifth fleet – and an operative base for attacking Iran. It has been servicing the occupation of Afghanistan and US control of oil shipping routes. The Al-Khalifa dictatorship is extremely isolated, highly unpopular and faces constant pressure from the pro-democracy majority. To bolster their vassal rulers, Washington has increased its military sales to the tiny statelet from $400 million between 1993-2000 to $1.4 billion in the subsequent decade. Washington has increased its sales and military training program in direct proportion to the growth of democratic discontent, resulting in the geometrical growth of political prisoners.

Iraq: War, Occupation,and the Killing Fields of a Jailhouse Democracy

The US invasion and occupation of Iraq led to the slaughter of nearly 1.5 million Iraqis (mostly civilians, non-combatants) at a cost of $1.5 trillion dollars and 4,801 US military deaths. In 2006 the US engineered ‘elections’ led to the installation of the Maliki regime, buttressed by US arms, mercenaries, advisers and bases. According to a recent study for the Congressional Research Office (February 2014), by Kenneth Kilzman, there are 16,000 US military personnel and “contractors” currently in Iraq. Over 3,500 US military contractors in the Office of Security Cooperation bolster the corrupt Maliki police state. The jailhouse democracy has been supplied with US missiles and drones and over $10 billion dollars in military assistance :this includes $2.5 billion in aid and $7.9 billion sales between 2005 – 2013. For 2014 -2015 Malaki has requested $15 billion in weapons, including 36 US F-16 combat aircraft and scores of Apache attack helicopters. In 2013 the Malaki regime registered 8,000 political deaths resulting from its internal war.

Iraq is a crucial center for US control of oil, the Gulf and as a launch pad to attack Iran. While Maliki makes ‘gestures’ toward Iran, its role as an advanced link in the US imperial gulag defines its real ‘function’ in the Gulf region.

Yemen: The Desert Military Outpost for the American Gulag

Yemen is a costly military outpost for Saudi despotism and US power on the Arabian Peninsula. According to a study, Yemen: Background and US Relations by Jeremy Sharp for the Congressional Research Service (2014), the US has supplied $1.3 billion in military aid to Yemen between 2009-2014. Saudi Arabia donated $3.2 billion in 2012 to bolster the Saleh dictatorship in the face of a mass popular anti-dictatorial uprising. Washington engineered a transfer of power from Saleh to “President” Hadi and ensured his continuity by doubling military aid to keep the jails full and the resistance in check. According to the New York Times (6/31/13) Hadi was “a carry-over of dictator Saleh”. The continuity of a jailhouse democracy in Yemen is a crucial link between the Egypt-Israel-Jordan axis and the Saudi-Bahrain imperial gulag.

Jordan: Eternal Vassal and Mendicant Monarchy

Jordan’s despotic monarchy has been on the US payroll for over a half century. Recently it has served as a torture center for kidnapped victims seized by US Special Forces engaged in the “rendition” program. Jordan has collaborated with Israel in assaulting and arresting Palestinians in Jordan engaged in the freedom struggle. Currently Jordan along with Turkey serves as a training and weapons depot for NATO backed mercenary terrorists invading Syria. For its collaboration with Israel, Washington and NATO, the corrupt jailhouse monarchy receives large scale long-term military and economic aid. The monarchy and its extended network of cronies, jailers and family, skim tens of millions of dollars in foreign aid, laundered in overseas accounts in London, Switzerland, Dubai and New York. According to a Congressional Research Service Report (January 27, 2014), US aid to the Jordanian royal dictatorship amounts to $660 million per year. An additional $150 million for military aid was channeled to the regime with the onset of the NATO intervention in Syria. The fund was directed to build-up the infrastructure around the Jordan-Syria border. In addition, Jordan serves as a major conduit for arms to terrorists attacking Syria: $340 million destined for “overseas contingencies” probably is channeled through Amman to arm the terrorists invading Syria. In October 2012, Jordan signed agreements with the US allowing a large contingent of Special Forces to establish airfields and bases to supply and train terrorists.

Turkey: A Loyal Vassal State with Regional Ambitions

As the southern military bulwark of NATO, on Russia’s frontier, Turkey has been on the US payroll for over 66 years. According to a recent study by James Zanotti Turkey – US Defense Co-Operation: Prospects and Challenges (Congressional Research Service, April 8, 2011) in exchange for bolstering the military power of Turkey’s “jailhouse democracy”, the US secured a major military presence including a huge air base in Incirlik a major operational center housing 1,800 US military personnel. Turkey collaborated with the US invasion and occupation of Afghanistan and supported the NATO bombing of Libya. Today Turkey is the most important military operational center for jihadist terrorists invading Syria. Despite President Erdoğan’s periodic demagogic nationalist bombast, the US empire builders continue to have access to Turkish bases and transport corridors for its wars, occupations and interventions in the Middle East and South and Central Asia. In exchange the US has stationed missile defense systems and vastly increased arms sales, so-called “security assistance”. Between 2006 – 2009 US military sales exceeded $22 billion dollars. In 2013-14, tensions between Turkey and the US increased as Erdoğan moved to purge the state of the Gulenists, a US backed fifth column, which permeated the Turkish state and used its position to support closer collaboration with Israel and US military interests.


The expansion of the US Empire throughout North Africa and the Middle East has been built around arming and financing vassal states to serve as military outposts of the empire. These vassal regimes, ruled by dictatorial monarchies, and authoritarian military and civilian rulers, rely on force and violence to sustain their rule. The US has supplied the weapons, advisers, and financing allowing them to rule. The US arc of imperial military bases stretching from Egypt through Israel, Turkey, Jordan, Yemen, Iraq , Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, is protected by a chain of prison camps containing tens of thousands of political prisoners.

The US engagement, its pervasive presence throughout the region, is accompanied by a chain of jailhouse democracies and dictatorships. Contrary to liberal and conservative policy pundits and academics, US policy for over 50 years has actively sought out, installed and protected bloody tyrants who have pillaged the public treasury, concentrated wealth, surrendered sovereignty and underdeveloped their economies.

Pro-Israel academics at prestigious US universities have systematically distorted the structural bases of violence, authoritarianism and corruption in the Islamic world: blaming the victims, the Turkish and Arab people, and ignoring the role of US empire builders in financing and arming the authoritarian civilian and military rulers and absolutist monarchies and their corrupt military, judicial and police officials.

Contrary to the mendacious tomes published by the prestigious University presses and written mostly by highly respected pro-Israel political propagandists, the remaking of the Middle East depends on the strength of the democratic currents in Islamic society. They are found in the student movements, among the trade unionists and unemployed, the nationalist intellectuals and Islamic and secular forces who oppose the US Empire for very practical and obvious reasons. Along with Israel the US is the main organizer of the vast chain of political prison camps that destroy the most creative and dynamic forces in the region. Greater Arab vassalage provokes the periodic explosion of a vibrant democratic culture and movement; unfortunately it also results in greater US military aid and presence. The real clash of civilizations is between the democratic aspirations of the Eastern popular classes and the deeply embedded authoritarianism of Euro-American- Israeli imperialism

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DEA-CIA Drug Trafficking Exposed



DEA-CIA Drug Trafficking Exposed by Whistleblower DEA Pilot Beau Abbott

By Stew Webb

This interview with Beau Abbott was done by John Gentry, a wannabe cameraman, at Stew Webb’s request in the 1990s and recently loaded on YouTube by John Gentry of Dallas, Texas.

I, Stew Webb was held as a Political Prisoner from 1992-1993 and met and talked for weeks with Beau Abbott, who was also a Political Prisoner at the Federal Prison in Springfield, Missouri, also known as Siberia- USA.

Beau Abbott, a former DEA Pilot was forced into and compromised into flying weapons to the Nicaragua Contras. Beau’s girlfriend who just had his child was murdered in Switzerland.  Beau Abbott’s boss was DEA Agent Santiberio who was murdered after being illegally arrested in San Antonio, Texas and fed a peanut butter sandwich laced with arsenic.

Beau Abbott’s, story is written about in the Book: Defrauding America by Rodney Stich

YouTube – Veterans Today –



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Zionism has subverted French system – Like everywhere else



“Zionism takes much of French system” –  M’bala M’bala

Top Story … by  Press TV,  Tehran

[ Editors Note:  You can see his short interview here, where PTV let him get a few licks in on his tormentors.]

A French political activist and comedy actor, who has been under pressure from the government for “racist and anti-Semitic remarks,” has told Press TV about the extent of Zionism within the French establishment.

“…Zionism takes up a considerable amount of space in the French establishment…,” Dieudonné M’bala M’bala said at the Golden Hand Theatre, where he runs his highly popular shows.

In recent weeks, Dieudo, as the actor is often called in France, has been accused of preaching the Quenelle, a gesture considered anti-Zionist in France.

M’bala M’bala is credited with creating and popularizing the gesture, done by pointing one arm diagonally downwards palm down, while touching the shoulder with the opposite hand. Following the accusations, the French government banned his show. Now he is back to running his comedy show tours.

Resistance to Zionism

Resistance to Zionism

M’bala M’bala said, “A kind of a storm hit my family and my professional circles. All this because of one man, Manuel Valls, the interior minister. For how long, I can’t say.

But I hope for the shortest possible time. He attacked me and the freedom of speech and expression in this country in general. Therefore, it feels very strange to face the entire government.”

“The Quenelle gesture, it was a humorous gesture, a gesture of emancipation. This gesture is anti-establishment, against this political system, against this Zionist system, because Zionism takes up a considerable amount of space in the French establishment. This is a slave’s gesture who looks at himself and who dreams of emancipation,” he said.

M’bala M’bala said, “There was a lot of muscle flexing by the Zionist Movement over the Dieudonné Affair, which was named after me. The decisions of the Council of State to ban a comedy show in France are the first ever, not just in France but in the whole of Europe.

By flexing its muscles, the Zionist Lobby wanted to discourage everyone who would want to attack Israel’s politics in a show or in a song. All criticism of Israel is associated with anti-Semitism.”

“I am not anti-Semitic and I have been repeating and I am tired of repeating. Anti-Semitism would be the extreme hatred of Jews. Are all Jews Zionists? I know many Jews who are not Zionists. Anti-Zionism and Anti-Semitism are two terms that Zionists consider the same, but I don’t,” he also noted.

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Palestine-I$raHell Surprise Agreement

The rapid developments that led to the peace agreement with Egypt and the Oslo Agreement that created the Palestinian Authority were surprises which were looked with skepticism. There is a good reason for the secrecy; early publication can damage sensitive negotiations. “Hey! Why did you publish that I will give Sinai back? Settlers are killing me. Now I give nothing!”
Nissim Alperon
Uri Orbakh (also transliterated as Orbach)
The Oslo Accords

In recent months, US Secretary of State Kerry is carrying an intensive effort to reach a permanent peace agreement between Israel and Palestine. Also now, there is a lot of skepticism. Also now, an agreement looks impossible. Is something serious being prepared?

Until yesterday, it looked that Netanyahu was playing a delay game. “Let’s keep talking until Israel splits the West Bank with settlements and Palestine becomes a non-viable State,” was the easiest explanation to Israel’s odd moves in recent years.

On February 9, two government ministers exchanged odd words on the issue while speaking publicly on an amendment to the State Education Law. Assuming it was a decoy, I stored the news item. I didn’t realize that Palestine will make an unrelated but supporting statement on the following day. Both events hinted at a peace agreement between Israel and Palestine. Is this a bluff?

In for a surprise

Tzipi Livni
Tzipi Livni
The Oslo Accords
On Sunday, the Ministers’ Legislation Committee* met to decide on an amendment to State Education Law requiring focus on Israel as Jewish state; the proposed line was : “Educating for the value of the State of Israel as the national state of the Jewish people.” The amendment was approved, though not without a fierce discussion. Two ministers, Justice Livni and Pensioners Affairs Orbakh exchanged fascinating words:

Orbach: “For us, it is clear that Israel is the Jewish national state, which the Palestinians will never accept.”

Livni: “Wait, you’re in for a surprise. What if they would be willing to acknowledge us as the national state for the Jews, would you be willing to divide the land then?”

Orbakh: “Even without recognition I would be willing to do that.”

Livni had hinted that an agreement is on the way. Considering that she leads the negotiation team, her attitude is not surprising. Saying anything else would have equaled to her resigning the team.

Orbakh answer is cataclysmic. It was described as cynical by Hebrew media; I read the words with care, there was no cynisism there. This explanation was emphasized because his words didn’t follow the rules of Hebrew cynicism. Since it is a common way of phrasing things in Israel, it doesn’t need presentation. Somebody was trying to hide a careless whisper.

The minister had implied that there was an agreement with Palestine in which Israel is not recognized as a Jewish State. Yet, as a standalone statement, it was of little worth.

Jericho International Airport

I had nothing to do with that piece of data. Instead, Alperon King of Israel earned his second article in the website. Next morning, I was surveying the Hebrew media, and an unusual item caught my eye. Palestinian Transportation Minister Nabil Dmaidi had announced new development plans.
Planned airport in Jericho
Planned airport in Jericho
The Oslo Accords

One of them was related to an agreement signed by Palestine with Egypt. The minister said that Egyptian experts will identify a location for a second airport in Area C of the West Bank. The first airport is scheduled to be planned and constructed by Egypt east of Jericho, subject to advances in the peace process.

Before the Jericho International Airport is built, or even planned, Palestine is rushing ahead. Do they know something we don’t?

The Palestinian minister added that there was a plan to reconnect the old railway connecting Gaza with Cairo; the Holy Land stretch of the same line is being expanded now by Israel. The old line recently reached the news with the final ruling in the Children of Tehran Affair.

Indefatigable, he added details about a new international port to be constructed in Gaza.

This is even stranger considering the frozen relations between Hamas in Gaza and the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank.

He didn’t impress me enough to cause me to forget a tiny detail. Palestine can’t achieve that without an agreement with Israel. Did he react to an unpublished agreement, in the same way that the Israeli ministers had?

Recent Car-Assassinations in IsraelDahaniya – Kerem Shalom
Egypt-Gaza-Israel border, note the parking lots in Gaza and Israel 


Yasser Arafat International Airport

The report was important and followed a real event, not just ministerial talks. In 2013, Palestinian Airlines had restarted flights from El-Arish in Sinai to Amman in Jordan.

The operations had stopped after the bombing of the radar in the Yasser Arafat International Airport, popularly known as Dahaniya, in December 2001 by Israel during the Second Intifada. In the following month, the runway was destroyed by IDF bulldozers. This is important to the actual situation.

The airport had been located near the village of Dahaniya, next to the Kerem Shalom Border Crossing+ between Israel, Egypt and Gaza. In the large image, the destroyed runway can be seen at the top. Egypt is at the west, Israel at the southeast. Dahaniya is not there.

The village had been evacuated in 2005, during Israel’s Disengagement Plan from Gaza. The tiny village had been established in 1977 by Bedouins from Sinai who had been IDF collaborators and thus wouldn’t return to Egyptian control. Dahaniya was next to Kerem Shalom and thus enjoyed IDF protection at all times; Gazans considered them traitors.

After the eviction, they were relocated in a Bedouin region of the Negev Desert but they were considered traitors also by Israeli Bedouins. Fearing for their lives, they were relocated again in a Jewish area known as Hevel Shalom, south of the Gaza-Egypt-Israel border.

Thus, the two unrelated items show that Israeli and Palestinian ministers think that a permanent agreement between the two countries has been achieved.

This is not a result of the Israeli strategy in recent years that sought to create one Jewish state west of the Jordan River. The attempts to bisect the West Bank while violently pushing Palestinians out of Area C in the West Bank were a testimony of this.

Yet, international pressure is amounting on Israel. Its main commercial partner, the EU is causing problems to the economy; this is not acute yet, but data showing that the situation will worsen is published almost every day by Hebrew media.

Netanyahu has probably realized that achieving the One State solution before the economic sanctions and commercial boycotts on Israel become insuperable is almost impossible. Instead, he may have decided to force a peace agreement on Palestine while the latter is crumbling and ready to sign anything. If that is the situation, we may soon hear about the agreement.

The Palestinian Minister was as happy as Yasser Arafat was in 1995, when he signed the second Oslo Agreement that allowed the airport in Dahaniya. A few years later, he could step on the ground below the former tarmac. What causes Palestine’s current government think that Israel is more reliable now? Israel did not repent. Are we seeing the actions of collaborators with Israel inside the Palestinian government? Dahaniya knows!

  • Please Help—Persecuted by Israel, Maimed by Bolivia

StarsAnimationBolivia denies me my documents and is torturing me. I am being slowly killed. Please help me make this public.

Abusing again an illegitimately held prisoner, on February 7, 2014, Bolivia raised the fee charged by my guesthouse-jail, where my rights are violated daily. In little more thanone year, they raised the price from 15 to 60 BOB (almost $10) per night; all other prices remained stable. Help me denounce Bolivian terror.


* The Ministers’ Legislation Committee (va’adat hasarim lehakika) is responsible for approving bills prepared by the government ministries before they are brought to the Knesset’s commitees and later to the General Assembly. Once the latter approves them, they become law. Private bills proposed by MK’s also are submitted to the committee’s review.


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ISIS “too extreme for al-Qaeda”


by  Kevin Barrett,   with  Press TV

ISIS: A false flag?

ISIS: Another false flag?

Col. Michael Aquino is a man of remarkable achievements. He was expelled from the Church of Satan for being too evil – and then, after being prosecuted and miraculously acquitted of horrific child abuse, was promoted to head all US military psychological operations programs.

When the late founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Grand Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, called the US government “the Great Satan” he wasn’t kidding.

Getting kicked out of the Church of Satan for being too evil – now THAT is impressive. But the militant group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has managed an equally impressive feat: They have been expelled from al-Qaeda for being too extremist in their approach to terrorism.

Too extreme for al-Qaeda?!

“ISIS is now officially the biggest and baddest global jihadi group on the planet,” Brookings terror expert William McCants told the New York Times.  “Nothing says ‘hard-core’ like being cast out by Al Qaeda.”

The US government, which protests that it is only helping the “good terrorists” rather than the “bad terrorists” in Syria, will now have to add a third group to the list: the “really, REALLY bad terrorists.”

The American people, terrorized by media propaganda into believing they could be blown up or mailed US government anthrax by al-Qaeda at any moment, must be shivering with dread. A new global jihadi group is out there that even al-Qaeda finds terrifying! What is the US government doing to protect its citizens from the likes of ISIS?

Americans might be surprised to learn that the US government and its allies appear to be arming ISIS, encouraging it, and pushing it to commit ever-more-extreme acts of senseless terrorism.

Back in 2010, when ISIS was known as al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) the world learned that key US ally Saudi Arabia was funding the “al-Qaeda” terrorists. Former National Security Agency officer Wayne Madsen cited US intelligence sources:

“The King of Saudi Arabia has strongly criticized the country’s intelligence officials for disclosing a secret document, which shows Riyadh has links with terrorist activities carried out by al-Qaeda in Iraq.  King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz ordered a special committee to investigate the intelligence leak and inform him about those liable in the case. Some 37 members of Saudi’s intelligence service, accused of being behind the leakage of the confidential document, were also reported to have been arrested.”

Saudi Arabia isn’t the only US Mideast ally supporting al-Qaeda and its offshoots. On December 5th, 2002, the BBC cited Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon claiming that al-Qaeda was active in Gaza: “We know that they are there.” Three days later, the BBC reported that Palestinian authorities had caught Israeli agents creating fake “al-Qaeda” cells in Gaza. No wonder Sharon knew they were there!

This was not, alas, the first time that Israel had set up a fake “al-Qaeda” cell. The Hamburg “al-Qaeda” group around Mohammed Atta was apparently infiltrated and taken over by Israeli intelligence, which used a Hebrew-speaking Atta double and at least two doubles of long-time Mossad asset Ziad Jarrah, among other impersonators, as it set up the (barely) plausible patsies for the 9/11/2001 false flag operation. (Those interested in learning how Muslim patsies were framed for 9/11 should start with three books: The Hidden History of 9/11, edited by Paul Zarembka; Hijacking America’s Mind on 9/11 by Elias Davidsson; and Welcome to Terrorland by Daniel Hopsicker.)

And it isn’t just the Saudis and Israelis. The US and the West in general appear to be sponsoring “radical Islamic terrorism” all over the world – and the more extreme the better.

In Afghanistan, President Hamid Karzai has accused US forces of carrying out the worst terrorist atrocities in his country and trying to blame them on the Taliban. The Washington Post reports that Karzai has provided “a list of dozens of (false-flag) attacks that he believes the U.S. government may have been involved in…The list even includes the recent bomb and gun assault on a Lebanese restaurant in Kabul, one of the bloodiest acts targeting the international community in Afghanistan, the official said. The attack, which left 21 people dead, including three Americans, was almost universally attributed to the Taliban.”

Karzai believes the US is committing false-flag terrorism in Afghanistan in order to destabilize the country. That also appears to be a goal of Western-sponsored false-flag terror in Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq.

Even al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri has suggested that some of the most extreme terrorism attributed to ISIS (previously known as AQI) is false-flag. In September 2005, al-Zawahiri wrote a letter questioning AQI’s indiscriminate attacks on Shi’a civilians; and in 2007 he said that “traitors” posing as AQI were responsible for the ongoing terror onslaught against Iraqi civilians.

So the recent split between al-Qaeda and ISIS has a long and bloody history.

Why is the West encouraging and even creating the bloodiest, most vicious “Islamic terror” groups? For the same reason police plant agents provocateurs in the ranks of demonstrators: To destabilize the protest groups, turn the public against them, and allow the police to crush them.

The anti-globalization movement was hamstrung by agents provocateurs in black ski masks who would suddenly begin smashing windows and committing violent acts. This would give the police an excuse to beat and arrest protestors and shut down the demonstrations. The media would then broadcast images of the false-flag violence, and dutifully report that “violent protests” had been quashed and order restored.

The Zionist-led, bankster-ruled West is terrified of the Islamic Awakening. So they are planting agents provocateurs in the ranks of Islamic militants to provoke violence, extremism, and sectarianism – and to turn the Western and global publics against Islam, and justify a fake “war on terror” that is actually a war on Islam.

So when a bunch of terrorists get kicked out of al-Qaeda because their terrorism is too extreme, we may safely assume that they are agents provocateurs, working to destabilize the Middle East on behalf of the global bankster elite.

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