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WikiLeaks Releases the Carter Cables


WASHINGTON – April 24 – Today WikiLeaks releases the Carter Cables, 367,174 US diplomatic cables and associated records coinciding with the first year of President Jimmy Carter’s administration and the appointment of Secretary of State Cyrus Roberts Vance in 1977. They expand the WikiLeaks Public Library of US Diplomacy (PlusD) to 2,325,961 documents. WikiLeaks PlusD continues to be the largest searchable body of US diplomatic archives available.

The Carter Cables cover most US international involvements and interests during 1977 from the world’s reaction to the US invention of the neutron bomb to Egyptian President Muhammad Anwar El Sadat’s visit to Israel.

The private political activities of many still-influential figures are documented — from the current Swedish foreign minister Carl Bildt to President Carter himself — making the Carter Cables a substantial resource for journalists and reseachers.

This release includes 1,073 extremely sensitive “NODIS CHEROKEE” (Secretary of State only) coded cables, 12,927 highly sensitive “EYES ONLY” or “NODIS” (No Distribution) records, 16,197 sensitive “EXDIS” (EXclusive DIStribution) or “STADIS” (STAte Department DIStibution only) records, and 86,210 classified records marked as SECRET or CONFIDENTIAL.

The Carter Cables were obtained by WikiLeaks through the process described here after formal declassification by the US National Archives and Records Administration earlier this year.

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“Consequences,” warns Putin, If Ukraine Starts Killing Its Own


Five Ukrainians resisting Kiev authority reportedly killed as military moves against eastern cities

– Jon Queally

Ukrainian special forces take position in eastern Ukrainian city of Slavyansk on Thursday. (Photograph: Kirill Kudryavtsev/AFP/Getty Images)Russian President Vladimir Putin is warning that serious, though unspecified, “consequences” could follow after Ukrainian troops reportedly killed five pro-Russian separatists in the east of the country.

“If, in fact, the Kiev regime has started to use the armed forces against people inside the country, then, with no doubt, it is a serious crime against their own nation,” Mr. Putin said in a televised statement on Thursday.

From the Times:

Russia’s defense minister, Sergei Shoigu, said that troops in southern and western Russia, the areas surrounding Ukraine, as well as the air force, would begin drills. That would include flights along the border, Mr. Shoigu said at a meeting of Russia’s top military council.

“We have to react to such developments,” he said of the Ukrainian attacks.

As the New York Times reports, Russia also responded to the violence by saying it was immediately launching new military drills for its soldiers located near the border with Ukraine.

According to Reuters:

Interior Ministry forces [from Kiev] backed by the army removed three checkpoints manned by armed groups in the separatist-controlled town of Slaviansk, the ministry said in a statement.

“During the armed clash up to five terrorists were eliminated,” it said, adding that one person had been wounded on the side of government forces.

And the Guardian adds:

As limited hopes of a peace deal struck last week in Geneva dwindled fast, diplomats responded to violent clashes in the eastern Ukrainian city of Slavyansk with a fresh war of words that hinted instead at the risk of further escalation.

“If our interests, our legitimate interests, the interests of Russians have been attacked directly, like they were in South Ossetia, I do not see any other way but to respond in full accordance with international law,” said the Russian foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov, referring to the 2008 war that led to the breaking away of the Georgian republic of South Ossetia.

His apparent threat was followed by the announcement of new Russian military exercises along the Ukrainian border and echoed by Putin, who described Ukraine’s moves to oust pro-Russian supporters from government buildings as a “punitive operation” and threatened Kiev with unspecified consequences.

“If the Kiev government is using the army against its own people this is clearly a grave crime,” said the Russian president.

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At Ruins of Bangladesh Factory, the Wounded and Grieving Demand Justice


Rallies and vigils take place around the world on anniversary of worst industrial disaster in Bangladesh’s history

– Sarah Lazare

(Photo: A woman holds a picture of her relative, a garment worker who went missing in the Rana Plaza collapse. Photograph: Andrew Biraj/Reuters )Marking the one year anniversary of Bangladesh’s Rana Plaza tragedy, thousands of survivors, family members of the dead and missing, and their supporters marched Thursday on the ruins of the collapsed factory that killed at least 1,135 garment workers and injured over 2,500.

Some protesters donned funeral shrouds, and cries of “We want compensation!” and “Death to Sohel Rana!” (the building’s owner) echoed throughout the crowd, The Guardian reports. Numbered among them were injured survivors, as well as loved ones of the more than 140 workers still missing—including young children holding photographs of missing parents. One protester held a sign that reads “We want rights, not kindness. We demand a safe workplace, not a death trap.”

Humayun Kabir of the South Asia Solidarity Initiative told Common Dreams that garment workers’ oganization Garment Shamhati and the Pathala South Asian Media Institute organized art exhibitions at numerous sites around Dhaka on Thursday, including the Rana Plaza ruins, memorializing the tragedy.

Aerial view of the collapsed Rana Plaza factory complex following the disaster (Photo: rijans / Wikimedia Creative Commons)

Demonstrations also shook the Dhaka headquarters of an organization of garment manufacturers, and labor organizations have deemed Thursday a global day of action to demand “justice for Rana Plaza victims.” Solidarity rallies and events are planned Thursday in 50 countries across the world, according to Al Jazeera America.

This includes an evening memorial in New York City’s Union Square, which will incorporate images from the art exhibits around Dhaka and conclude with a march to the site of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire of 1911.

“Very little has actually been done to change the situation that led to the disaster a year ago,” said Kabir, one of the organizers of the New York vigil. “There have been a lot of people struggling to get compensation for victims and trying to change business practices of international buyers and practices of factory owners. One of the ways we can keep these issues on the agenda is by saying that this disaster that happened is not a distant memory. We shouldn’t forget about it.”

The collapse of the nine-story building, located in the greater Dhaka area, is the worst garment industry tragedy in Bangladeshi history. It followed the Tazreen factory fire that killed over 100 workers.

The disaster sparked record worker protests and shined an international spotlight light on the rampant abuse, dangerous conditions, and retaliation for organizing faced by Bangladesh’s estimated 4 million garment workers, 80 percent of whom are women from rural areas.

It also exposed the complicity of numerous Western retail corporations that do business with Bangladeshi garment factories and, critics charge, drive the industry’s dismal conditions and wages.

Responding to negative publicity, half of the nearly 30 western brands directly tied to Rana Plaza factories paid approximately million into a fund that issued compensation this week of $640 a piece to survivors and families of those killed. Some companies, including Benetton and J.C. Penney, have contributed nothing to the fund, and some of the wounded say they still haven’t seen any money.

Farah Kabir, Bangladesh Country Director of human rights and anti-poverty group ActionAid, slammed the payouts as “pocket money,” charging that it is “offensive that some multinational companies think that small, sporadic cash hand-outs are the same as a lifetime’s earnings.”

An ActionAid survey of 1436 survivors and 768 family members of the dead found that, one year after the Rana Plaza disaster, a majority of survivors are “struggling to pay for food, rent, and outstanding debts while awaiting full compensation” and three quarters are “too traumatized or injured to return to work.”

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I$raHell Slams Brakes On Peace Talks


Netanyahu announces withdrawal, citing unity pact between the PLO and Hamas

– Sarah Lazare

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pictured August 26, 2012. (Photo: Reuters/Uriel Sinai/Pool)Israel on Tuesday declared it is withdrawing from the so-called “peace talks,” citing Wednesday’s announcement of a unity pact between the Palestine Liberation Organization and Hamas.

In an interview with the BBC’s Middle East Editor Jeremy Bowen, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas can “have peace with Israel or a pact with Hamas—he can’t have both.”

According to Middle East scholar Juan Cole, the “hostility of Israel and the US to a Palestinian internal reconciliation also derives from their desire to divide and rule. A united Palestinian front would make that strategy much less salient. If the 4.4 million Palestinians in the Occupied territories could speak with a single voice, they would nearly have the weight of the 5.5 million Israeli Jews.”

The talks, brokered by the U.S., had long shown signs of fraying. Critics have slammed Israel for constructing settlements, destroying Palestinian homes, repressing protests, and killing Palestinian civilians throughout the course of the U.S.-brokered negotiations.

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Turkish Prime Minister Offers Condolences to Armenians for Genocide

Global Research

Today April 24th is considered Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day by Armenians throughout the world. Yesterday for the very first time in history on the eve of the 99th year anniversary of the Armenian genocide, the Turkish government abandoned its century long official wall of denial when the Turkish Prime Minister Recap Tayyip Erdogan expressed his condolences to Armenians around the world who lost ancestors at the hands of Ottoman Turks. It was a historic gesture welcomed by many including a handful of prominent and outspoken Turkish historians who have been encouraging the government to change its longstanding policy of denying that Turks ever killed Armenians at all. After reading his conciliatory message before the Turkish parliament, Erdogan received a warm reception from his ministers and legislators.

Erdogan’s comments yesterday stopped short of delivering an official apology for his nation’s committing genocide against the Armenians living in Turkey a century earlier during the final years of both the Ottoman Empire and World War I. The Turkish leader’s conciliatory tone is seen as a first step in the right direction toward openly acknowledging the tragic events of a century before. And though very few survivors from the 1915-1917 genocide are still alive, many Armenians all over the world still feel angry with raw emotions unable to either forget or forgive the Turkish government’s hard line stance of rigid denial throughout the decades.

Erdogan’s statement was issued in seven languages and widely circulated in the Turkish media. The prime minister mentioned “shared pain” inflicted on not only Armenians but Turkish people as well, making it a point to include both religions and ethnicities as victims killed during the expulsions and brutalities during “the war to end all wars.” The prime minister remarked:

“The 24th of April carries a particular significance for our Armenian citizens and for all Armenians around the world, and provides a valuable opportunity to share opinions freely on a historical matter. It is indisputable that the last years of the Ottoman Empire were a difficult period, full of suffering for Turkish, Kurdish, Arab, Armenian and millions of other Ottoman citizens, regardless of their religion or ethnic origin.”Making a reference to no longer holding onto their “hierarchies of pain,” Erdogan diplomatically appealed to Armenians to refrain from holding the grudge that disputes their suffering was so much worse than the other aforementioned ethnicities along with Assyrians and Greeks who also suffered their own atrocities. This point only enflamed many Armenians like Aram Hamparian, the executive director of Armenian National Committee of America, who countered that the Turkish leader’s statement a mere “cold-hearted and cynical ploy” to minimize Armenians’ genocidal suffering. Hamparian added that Turkey is finding itself increasingly isolated internationally from other nations especially within its NATO alliance, and claims that Erdogan’s speech was designed as merely a “repackaging” of its genocide denials.Less than a month ago Turkey was caught with its hand in the false flag jar. A leaked tape surfaced with the Turkish intelligence chief, a general and a deputy foreign minister discussing a plan to stage a false flag attack on Turkey in order to falsely blame Syrian government forces that would then justify a military air strike on Syria. It was believed to be recorded either late last year or early this year. This kind of international embarrassment explains why the Turkish government has so vociferously been clamping down on social media. Censorship has been a feeble attempt to prevent such humiliating disclosures from leaking out to the rest of the world exposing Turkey’s transparency toward military aggression against Syria at virtually all cost, of course with full stamp of approval from the American Empire.

Possessing a very rich and long history, Armenians are the first people to officially declare Christianity as their state religion in 301AD. Surrounded by Moslems, they are also the only ethnic group in the entire Middle East whose majority is Christian, with 97% identifying themselves as such. Thus over the centuries, they have historically been easy targets in the region.

It was also just last month that eyewitness accounts in Syria were reporting that mortar shells and gunfire were launched from the Turkish border toward the Armenian village of Kassab. Four weeks ago anti-Assad rebels began occupying the ancient Armenian town of 2500 residents. All but 30 of the Armenian occupants fled. A Syrian field commander in the area explained to journalists that al Qaeda insurgents initiated the attack “with clear support from the Turks.”

During the three year war anti-Assad rebels have vandalized ancient Armenian Christian churches in Syria. Armenian political science professor Ohannes Geukjian from Beirut’s American University stated, “Kassab is a symbol of Armenian history, language and continuity. It’s very symbolic. And so with the fall of Kassab, I consider it the defeat of Armenian identity in that area.” Even before the World War One-era massacres, Armenians had made a home in the nearby Syrian city of Aleppo dating back to the first century. Loss of this historical Armenian home to extremist Islamist rebels indicates a very uncertain future for these displaced Armenians.

As recently as three weeks ago there were loud protests from Armenians from across the Diaspora including such Armenian American celebrities as Kim Kardashian expressing grave concern over more Turkish efforts of ethnic cleansing. Both the Syrian opposition rebel forces and Turkey have denied violence toward the Armenians. With most of the Kassab residents temporarily relocated to the nearby town of Latakia thirty miles away, another thirty families have been reported to be refugees in the Lebanese city of Anjar. Since the anti-Assad rebels took over the town of Kassab, there has been little news coverage of the fate of both all the displaced Armenians as well as the thirty older Armenians too weak to leave the ancient Armenian community on the Mediterranean Sea.

A century ago a small portion of Armenian genocide survivors managed to stay alive despite their forced deportation across the desert from their homeland that is now Turkey to where they mostly resettled in the norther Syrian city of Aleppo. Though Armenian residents have called Aleppo their home since the first century, waves of genocide victims swelled the Armenian population in Aleppo by 1925 up to about 60,000 residents. There were 70,000 Armenians living in Aleppo and up to 100,000 in Syria at the start of the civil war three years ago. 9000 Armenians that fled from Syria during the war have sought refuge in their Diaspora homeland Armenia and have been immediately accepted as citizens of the Republic of Armenia. Due to the economic hardship of unemployment and difficulty finding adequate housing, many have since left and returned to Syria. Another 8000 refugees are reported to be living in Lebanon now.

Due to its volatile ancient history surrounded by a majority of Moslems nations, the small Christian ethnic group especially since the century ago genocide is currently spread across the globe. The estimated worldwide population of Armenians is eleven million. 3.5 million are currently living in the Republic of Armenia, including 130,000 in the disputed region of Nagorno-Korabakh that was a source of violent conflict with neighboring Azerbaijan in the early 1990’s. Another 5 million are
disbursed on every continent with anywhere between near a million to a million and a half residing in America, predominantly in Southern California.

The annual commemoration of the Armenian genocide every April 24th brings up deep emotional memories in Armenians throughout the world. As an ethnic group Armenians have tended to be historically traditional and proud of their ancient past and culture. Tough my centenarian father was still a toddler during his formative years when one third of all Armenians were being slaughtered, as a genocide survivor he grew up hearing and remembering some of the heinous crimes committed against his own family members back in the old country. And though he passed several months ago, his haunting stories of what occurred way back when still remain forever fresh in my mind. I recall a family relative who was a young adolescent girl at the time actually swallowing family jewelry to avoid the Turkish soldiers from confiscating her family’s heirlooms when they invaded and looted her home. Apparently the Turks engaged in a common practice of seeking and collecting every valuable possession belonging to Armenians. As part of the systematic killing, a Turkish soldier allegedly used his saber to cut open the girl’s stomach to ensure the acquisition of every last valuable.

Other stories corroborated with photographs taken at the time that have been frequently handed down from one generation to the next depicted starving Armenian victims being forced on a deportation march out of what is now eastern Turkey through the desert into Syria. Those who were too famished and weak to stay on their feet during the march as armed Turkish soldiers riding alongside on horseback prodded and pushed them, when the mostly women and children would fall to the ground, the Turks would regularly stab their victims and throw their bleeding bodies still alive to drown in the Euphrates River. Numerous accounts of the horrid scene spoke of the river running red.

The proclamation calling for extermination of all Armenians residing inside the Turkish borders issued on April 24th, 1915 proceeded in two organized phases. The first was launched on that April 24th date systematically rounded up, detained and executed the ablest-bodied Armenian males consisting of 250 patriarchal community leaders, the intellectuals, most accomplished artisans, prominent businessmen, clergymen from the Christian Armenian Orthodox church and professionals were targeted and slain. The premeditated genocide had been well thought out and organized, killing those deemed most capable of defending their people first mostly by firing squad. This earliest offensive to massacre the most able-bodied male leaders was the cunning and largely successful Turkish strategy designed to chop off the head of its victim in order to next easily dismember the body. Thus the wholesale slaughter of the male population through massacre and forced labor generally preceded the deportation of women, children and the elderly on the death marches to the Syrian desert. In a three year period upwards of a million and a half Armenians were brutally murdered.

Despite Turkey’s denial the Armenian genocide is accepted as the first modern genocide of the twentieth century, one that Adolf Hitler just two decades later would use as his blueprint model for his own Holocaust against six million Jews he killed during the Second World War. Hitler flippantly referred to the “already forgotten Armenian genocide” as his cue to proceed forth with the second genocide of the century.

Twenty-three nations have openly recognized the prolonged tragedy of the Armenian genocide, placing increasing pressure in recent years calling on the Turkish government to suspend its official “living a lie” policy of unequivocal genocide denial. Of course due to the crucially important geopolitical location of Turkey as a key NATO ally of the United States to reign supreme as the sole global superpower maintaining full dominance and hegemonic control of both the Middle East and eastern Europe right up to Russia’s doorstep, America will never be among those 23 nations applying any pressure on Turkey to do the right thing, not when the US military occupies two significant military installations in Turkey.

The US maintaining its global superpower status in the strategic chessboard game of one-upmanship in the most oil rich region on earth obviously holds court over any moral principle or ethics of what might have happened to a small forgotten ethnic minority a full century ago. Incirlik US Air Force Base is located close to the ancient city of Adana near the Syrian border where the US has a persistent vested interest in fighting its proxy war to defeat the Syrian Army and the second post is Izmir Airbase in western Turkey that is utilized more pivotally for military operations in Europe.

Yesterday’s conciliatory remarks by the Turkish Prime Minister mark an important footnote in Turkish-Armenian history, and perhaps at least opens a small window for further dialogue between the two nations and people. In a current world where tensions and conflicts appear to be on the rise with war looming over a number of regional hotspots, the Turkish leader’s words of condolence offer a glimmer of light and hope that a spirit of forgiveness and mutual acceptance may pave the way toward much needed healing. And by this first step forward, perhaps it can set the example for more nations and more people to embrace our shared humanness and commonalities that in turn facilitates increased understanding, cooperation and peace.

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Make Pakistan Polio Free Country


By Sajjad Shaukat

Polio is a deadly virus with its crippling affects which paralyze the children, and thus gives a

greater blow to a nation. Discovery of anti-polio vaccine has made it possible to eliminate the

virus and make the environment free of polio infection.

In the recent past, Indian government through its High Commissioner has advised the Pakistani

travelers visiting to Indian cities to produce a Polio Vaccination Certificate prior to resumption

of their tours to India. Moreover, these certificates must be carried by the Pakistani travelers’

stay in India. They have also asked for a list of hospitals, doctors and vaccines in Pakistan.

There are reports that Indian intelligence agency RAW is involved in sponsoring and engaging

attacks on the polio worker-teams in Pakistan. The aim of Indian scheme is to defame Pakistan at

international level—on health issues, particularly on perils of polio.

While, the World Health Organization (WHO) has officially certified India and nine other

Asian countries, namely, Bangladesh, Bhutan, South Korea, Indonesia, Maldives, Nepal, Sri

Lanka, Thailand and East Timor as polio free. India where 150, 000 cases of paralytic polio were

reported in 1985 and 741 cases in 2009, but with all inclusive efforts and cooperation offered

by Indian people, the country has joined the list of those countries which have been declared by

Regrettably, for every Pakistani, it is a momentous victory of India over a crippling plague by the

WHO. Unfortunately, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria have been enlisted as countries stained

and infected with the deadly virus.

On the other hand, the WHO has ignored the fact that India is the largest “HIV/AIDS” virus

infected country, and many innocent people from different countries have already contracted

HIV/AIDS after interacting with Indian nationals. Therefore, Pakistan Government needs to

filter Indian nationals, visiting Pakistan after placing stringent testing mechanism to reveal that

those visiting Pakistan are HIV/AIDS free. This will enable Islamabad to control a real health

hazard which will pierce into Pakistan through Indian visitors.

However, Taliban, particularly those of the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), under the garb

of religion have started a stupid and foolish campaign to oppose polio vaccination scheme in the

country. It is crippling mentality of religious zealots in Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa, the tribal areas

and Karachi, who are not allowing polio workers to administer anti-polio vaccine and make our

own people safe against the crippling virus. It is shame on such fanatic people who are simply

resorting to self-immolation and self-destruction. Islam permits administering of anti-polio

vaccine, as it makes future life safer against the deadly virus.

It is notable that the Taliban militants had attacked the anti-polio workers in Karachi in wake

of the peace talks with the government, and accepted responsibility in this respect. Besides,

a number of assaults by the TTP insurgents have continued on the polio workers in Khyber

Pakhtoonkhwa and the FATA. They even did not spare the ladies who were going house to

house in order to eliminate the polio virus by giving drops to the children. Police and the

personnel of the law-enforcing agencies were also targeted by these culprits, as they were

providing security to the polio-teams.

Taking cognizance of the terrorists’ attack, the UNO stopped its anti-polio campaign in Pakistan.

This is what the Taliban wanted. In fact, playing in the hands of some foreign powers, these

militants have been tarnishing the image of Pakistan abroad.

No doubt, majority of the women of these regions were cooperating with the polio-teams, but

these merciless Taliban created a phenomenon of fear and terror for them through threats. These

terrorists also misguided the innocent people through propaganda that polio vaccination scheme

It is heartening to note that polio as an ancient scourge is very much treatable as scientific quests

to find anti-polio vaccine enable man to fight and eliminate the deadly disease. It simply requires

positive mind-set and concern for future generations. We cannot afford to cripple our future

generation by opposing anti-polio campaign which is available free of cost.

Pakistan government, media, politicians, members of the civil society and especially religious

scholars must take the WHO findings seriously and actions must be taken to eliminate the curse

In this regard, the government of Pakistan must undertake measures to provide protection

to polio administering volunteers, and the law-enforcing agencies, enabling them to manage

successful completion of anti-polio campaign. The government must pass legislation that without

polio certification, no admissions in school, registration with NADRA, obtaining of educational

certificates and passports will be allowed.

Undoubtedly, anti-polio vaccine plan is very much permissible in Islam. Propaganda that it is un-
Islamic is not only ridiculous but a wicked conspiracy against our future generation, designed to

create serious health hazards for Pakistan. So, particularly, our country’s religious scholars must

issue Fatwas (Verdicts) that administration of polio drops which is a religious compulsion on

every Muslim is Halal (legitimate), and is very much in line with the Islamic teachings, while

Taliban propaganda is totally un-Islamic and baseless.

It should be propagated through media that polio is to be fought to make the coming life safe in

Pakistan. Pakistan belongs to our future generation and we cannot cripple them for nothing.

In this connection, all Pakistanis have a responsibility to support anti-polio campaign and

facilitate administration of polio vaccine to the children. This will enable us to eliminate the

Criminals involved in targeted killing of polio workers must be condemned and all communities

must cooperate with the law-enforcing agencies to punish them.

Instead of waiting for other countries to impose restrictions on Pakistani nationals’ visiting

abroad to produce polio certification, Pakistan must make rules that polio vaccination is a pre-
requisite to proceed abroad without which no body can go abroad.

Nevertheless, Let us put up a collective and brave stance to counter anti-polio plots by

cooperating with polio workers and law-enforcing agencies in order to make Pakistan, a polio

Sajjad Shaukat writes on international affairs and is author of the book: US vs Islamic Militants,

Invisible Balance of Power: Dangerous Shift in International Relations

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Pakistan-Kalat Operation: Countering Anti-State Baloch Elements


Balochistan, Pakistan

By Sajjad Shaukat

Every patrotic Baloch knows that the Kalat search operation in the Balochistan province of

Pakistan is against the foreign funded and foreign sponsored anti-state outfits like Baloch

Liberation Army, United Baloch Army and Baloch Republican Army. These groups are involved

in killing of innocent and poor Pakistanis in train bomb blasts, destruction of national assets like

gas pipelines, railway lines etc. The aims of these suverisve acts are to weaken the state, public

infrastructure, while coercing the economy to fulfill external agenda of the US, India and some

Farrari camps (Hideouts), located in far off mountains of Balochistan are sanctuaries for these

terrorists where they have a lavish living. Sophisticated equipments and gadgets have been

recovered from these areas including non detectable satellite phones, solar panels and state of

the art weapons. Their defenses are well-planned and weapon system—sited in a deliberate well-
organized manner. There is clear proof of external hands, because no indigenous movement or

group can afford to have such high-technological weapons and sophisticated gadgets.

In the recent past, bomb blast in Jaffar Express resulted into killing of the innocent Pakistanis,

especially the Baloch and Pakhtuns, while the poor were travelling in the cheapest mode of

conveyance. The perpetrators were the Baloch sub-nationalists who have lost sense of morality

and human compassion. Foreign secret agencies can easily buy their loyalties, as they sell

themselves for petty gains and readily fulfill the objectives of their foreign masters.

It is notable that India, US and Israel have been internationalizing the Balochistan issue in

accordance with their secret goals. In this respect, in connivance with the Baloch separatist

leaders who have taken refuge in Switzerland, Sweden, US and London, these external

entities use media, various NGOs and human rights organizations for false propaganda against

Pakistan’s armed forces including other security agencies in relation to extrajudicial killings,

mutilated bodies and the missing persons.

While, regarding aggravated situation of Balochistan and the missing persons, everyone

knows that Balochistan Liberation Army and Baloch sub-nationalist including another group,

Jundollah (God’s soldiers) which have been fighting for secession of the province gets logistic

support from American CIA and Indian RAW—these militants kidnapped and killed many

innocent people and the security personnel in the province. They also massacred many persons

through suicide attacks, bomb blasts, targeted killings and sectarian violence. Therefore, they

are responsible for dumped bodies and extrajudicial killings in the province. On a number of

occasions, these insurgent groups claimed responsibility for their subversive acts. A majority

of the disappeared individuals are also in the detention centers which are being run by Baloch

feudal lords (Sardars) who want to continue old system of feudalism in the province.

It is because of these reasons that during the missing persons’ case, nothing was proved in the

Supreme Court of Pakistan against the armed forces and other security agencies. There are

only a few anti-state Baloch separatists and Sardars, who are exploiting the situation in their

own favour. In fact, these anti-Pakistan elements are creating hype on the issue of missing

persons in order to distort the image of the country, all the Baloch and Pak Army at national

and international level so as to obtain their own vested interest. Giving undue importance to

the missing persons’ case by these few hostile entities is a diversionary tactics to downplay the

actual issues of Balochistan, affecting the common Baloch populace. Thus, they have not only

been misguing the loyal Baloch, but are also diverting the attention of the majority of the people

from the construtive and progressive works, conducted by the government and the Army in

In this context, Government of Pakistan and the Army have sincere desire to address all the

issues of the angry Baloch, who are being misguided by the anti-state outfits.

As a result of the general elections 2013, the government led by the nationalist leader Chief

Minister Balochistan Dr Abdul Malik Baloch was established in Balochistan, while on December

7, 2013; local bodies elections were largely held in a peaceful manner in the province. However,

these elections proved that majority of the Baloch are loyal to the federation, and do not favour

separation of the Balachistan, as they have rejected the case of separatists, being projected by

anti-Pakistan powers.

It is mentionable that a Gallup survey of the UK official body, DFID, conducted on July 20,

212, had disclosed that the vast majority of the Baloch people oppose the idea of an independent

Balochistan. This survey has also proved that some external elements have been conducting acts

of sabotage in the province by backing the minority groups.

Nevertheless, projects relating to the socio-economic uplift has been top priority of Government

of Pakistan. In 2013, Rs. 43.19 billions on account of Development Fund were given to the

elected Baloch leadership of the provincial assembly. But, benefits of the second development

programme funds, issued to MNAs and MPAs of Balochistan are not trickling down to common

Baloch. No doubt, a huge amount has been provided to the Baloch political leadership, but

no significant development project has been initiated in Balochistan. It is entirely up to the

concerned Baloch Sardars or Nawabs to ensure that a common Baloch reaps the benefits of

development. They should implement the development project as per plan.

As regards the positive role of Army, in 2011, I had visited Balochistan along with other

journalists. I saw a number of institutes, set up by army, and these were providing education,

especially technical training to thousands of Balochis. Besides other developments works, Pak

Army was also imparting army training to the Baloch youth. So, the purpose of army is to uplift

the Baloch people with creation of jobs and to bring them in the mainstream of the country.

However, I had also a trip to far-flung areas of the province and witnessed various mega projects

and mineral sites, protected by the armed forces. People also told me that subversive events

are being arranged by the minority separatist elements so as to create chaotic situation in the

Pakistan’s armed forces and law-enforcing agencies are ready to sacrifice their lives to save

their Balochi brethren from foreign sponsored anti-state Baloch sub-nationalists. In this respect,

Pakistan Army’s relief efforts in Awaraan Earthquake is testimony of their resolve to sacrifice

everything for helping Baloch brothers in distress, agony and grief.

Now, it is the duty of our Baloch brothers to identify these anti-state elements which are

sponsoring terrorism in Balochistan and get secluded from them. The armed sub-nationalist

elements are defaming patriotic Baloch by committing heinous crimes. Honorable Baloch

brethren should get united and put up a collective response to counter these elements by

undermining their nefarious designs, aimed at destabilizing the state of Pakistan and tarnishing

its image including that of the armed foces. The loyalist Balochis must know that separatist

entities of the province are bringing bad name to the noble people of Balochistan, and therefore

must be condemned assertively.

Undoubtedly, the Baloch are patriotic Pakistanis, but they must not be indoctrinated by the anti-
state elements’ propaganda by becoming reluctant, having reservations over priorities set by the

federal and provincial governments for their benefits.

Nonetheless, it is the duty of every Pakistani, and particulary every Balochi including members

of the civil society and the media persons to give a matching respons to the hostile entities of

Balachistan. In this connection, by countering anti-state Baloch elements, they must draw a clear

picture of the province regarding Kalat operation and other efforts, made by the civil and military

authorities for the benefits of Balochistan.

Sajjad Shaukat writes on international affairs and is author of the book: US vs Islamic Militants,

Invisible Balance of Power: Dangerous Shift in International Relations

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Turkey’s fickle support for Palestinian struggle

Submitted by David Cronin

Recep Tayyip Erdogan (left) quarrels with Shimon Peres at the 2009 World Economic Forum.

(Monika Flueckiger / World Economic Forum)

On a flight from Istanbul to Brussels last night, I learned something that I had not previously known. Armenians have used the term aghed — catastrophe — to describe the massacres inflicted on them by the Ottoman Empire in 1915. Palestinians, of course, also refer to the vicious ethnic cleansing undertaken by Zionist forces in 1948 as a catastrophe — or nakba in Arabic.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish prime minister, this week offered his condolences to the grandchildren of Armenians killed 99 years ago. He also promised to respect those who voice “different opinions.” Could this mean that a taboo is finally being broken?

Under the Turkish penal code, those who argue that the slaughter of 1.5 million Armenians constituted a genocide are liable for prosecution. Hrant Dink, a Turkish-Armenian journalist, was convicted of denigrating Turkishness for expressing such views in 2005; two years later he was murdered.

Political football

Victims of injustice — and their descendants — deserve acknowledgement that horrific crimes were perpetrated against them. They should never be used in a game of political or diplomatic football.

In the recent past, Israel’s parliament, the Knesset, has toyed with the idea of formally recognizing that Armenians suffered a genocide. The move was entirely cynical — designed to upset Turkey rather than to right a historical wrong. The same institution has approved a law to punish Palestinians who commemorate the catastrophe that befell Palestinians before, during and after Israel’s creation.

More than likely, though, Israel will not recognize the Armenian genocide any time soon. Doing so would aggravate tensions with Turkey at a time when both sides want to boost their economic ties — at the Palestinians’ expense, needless to say.

Attending the Palestine International Forum for Media and Communication in Istanbul, I listened to a representative of Erdogan’s Justice and Development (AK) Party proclaim his country’s support for the Palestinian struggle.

That support is fickle.

Trade rises

If Turkey really supports the Palestinians, it would be imposing tough economic sanctions on Israel. Instead, the value of annual trade between Turkey and Israel has increased: from $3.4 billion in 2008 to $4 billion in 2012.

Turkey introduced an arms embargo on Israel in 2011. Yet it has continued to take delivery of military products ordered before then. And despite the embargo, Israel’s defense ministry is reportedly examining how to arrange fresh weapons sales to Turkey.

It’s not hard to understand why Israel is eager to resume business. Turkey has long been a loyal customer for the Israeli arms industry. It is second only to the US in having the largest army in NATO. Turkey splurges around 1.8 percent of its gross domestic product on the military — higher than the average for European countries.

Erdogan had a public row with Shimon Peres when Israel was bombing Gaza in 2009. Though his stance was commendable, it does not erase the fact that Erdogan’s government had been willing to buy Israeli weapons until then.

In 2005, Israeli Aircraft Industries (IAI) and Elbit won a contract to supply Turkey with drones. These two firms were the main manufacturers of the warplanes that Israel has used to attack Gaza. (IAI is now called Israel Aerospace Industries.)

The aforementioned arms embargo, it should be recalled, was only imposed after Israel murdered nine Turkish human rights activists while they were sailing towards Gaza. In 2010 — the year that attack occurred — Turkey was the second largest importer of Israeli weapons.

Dash for gas

Another news story this week related to Turkey’s potential investment in the Leviathan natural gas field off the Mediterranean coast of present-day Israel. Energy firm Turcas confirmed that it is in discussions with another Turkish company Enerjisa to buy gas from this field. It had previously been reported that Turkas was exploring the development of a pipeline to bring gas from Israel to Turkey.

This news offers a reminder as to how it was energy issues that made the imperial powers so interested in Palestine in the first place. In the early twentieth-century, Haifa hosted apipeline transporting oil from the Persian Gulf.

The Turkish Petroleum Company had a virtual monopoly on this oil from 1925 to 1961. The firm’s name (later changed to the Iraq Petroleum Company) was misleading. It was controlled by British and German banks and Royal Dutch Shell.

I suspect we will hear much more about Israel’s reputedly abundant energy reserves. By some estimates, Israel’s shale deposits could supply 250 billion barrels of oil.

Shale oil has become synonymous with an ecologically destructive extraction process known as fracking. But a firm called Israel Energy Initiatives claims that new technologies can allow this oil to be produced with “low environmental impact.”

The claim lacks credibility. The only way that fossil fuels can have a low environmental impact is if they are left in the ground.

If there is a rush to exploit the energy resources under Israel’s control, then we can be sure that those who stand to benefit won’t care a fig about human rights.

Turkey’s professions of solidarity with the Palestinians will ultimately remain hollow, then, so long as the Ankara authorities continue to eye business deals with Israel.

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Boycotting the architects of I$raHell occupation



Herder walks with sheep in front of Israeli settlement

Designing settlements is a deliberate attempt to dispossess Palestinians of their land.

(Wagdi Eshtayah /APA images)

A nine-year-long campaign to hold Israeli architects responsible for their role in dispossessing Palestinians reached a significant stage on 19 March. The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) approved a call for its Israeli equivalent to be suspended from the International Union of Architects.

This decision echoes an important precedent. In 1978, RIBA protested against apartheid in South Africa by severing its links with the South African Schools of Architecture.

While the campaign for an academic boycott of Israel has grown in recent years, the 19 March vote could be the first successful action against Israel’s professional institutes. This decision — the result of mobilization by Architects and Planners for Justice in Palestine,backed by eminent architects and academics around the world — has put the spotlight on how Israeli architects assist the occupation in a most unethical way.

It is appropriate that the world body of architects takes action against the Israeli Association of United Architects (IAUA). Members of the IAUA have designed many of the settlements that Israel has built — and is continuing to build — in the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem, as well as Israel’s apartheid wall.

These settlements are illegal under international law. Significantly, we are approaching the tenth anniversary of the International Court of Justice advisory opinion of July 2004, which declared Israel’s wall and the settlements unlawful. Architects facilitating these human rights violations and war crimes are thus a legitimate target of boycott.

Deeply political

Architecture is a deeply political profession, and Israeli architects operate in a hyper-political environment. One of Israel’s architecture schools is located in Ariel University, built inside the Israeli settlement of Ariel in the West Bank.

The charter of the International Union of Architects (IUA) reminds architects that they have an obligation to “thoughtfully consider the social and environmental impact of their professional activities.” It also requires architects to respect heritage and to help preserve it.

As designing settlements is a deliberate attempt to erase Palestinians’ heritage and dispossess them from their homes and land, members of the Israeli Association of United Architects have reneged on their obligations under the IUA Accords.

In 2005 and 2009, the International Union of Architects’ General Assembly approved a resolution condemning the construction of buildings and development projects on land that had been ethnically cleansed or illegally appropriated (RIBA votes to suspend Israeli architects’ association from international body,” Architects and Planners for Justice in Palestine, 20 March 2014).

The Israeli Association of United Architects, despite numerous appeals, has not paid any attention to those decisions. Logic dictates that it should be suspended from the international body for architects until it starts complying with that body’s ethical codes and international law, and when these illegal projects end.

In August this year, the World Congress of the International Union of Architects will take place in Durban, South Africa. It is vital that participants take this action against Israeli architects over the role they play in designing the infrastructure of occupation and apartheid, and the “Judaization” policies in occupied East Jerusalem, the Galilee, the Naqab (Negev) and Palestinian neighborhoods in cities within present-day Israel.

Selective outrage?

This decision by RIBA has been meet with orchestrated fury by the pro-Israel lobby and media. The usual accusations of “singling out” Israel and anti-Semitism were trotted out, and the enumeration of all the world’s different atrocities compared with Israel’s “model democracy” in the heart of Arab Middle East. A boycott of RIBA being used as a venue for bar mitzvahs was also suggested.

Top-level British politicians and two famous American architects have vilified RIBA for its principled stance. But a letter signed by top architects, academics and cultural figures to support this courageous action by RIBA, asking it not to bow to the intimidation and accusation of anti-Semitism, was publicized widely.

After the vote took place, the Israeli Association of United Architects called on British Prime Minister David Cameron to intervene. They recalled that he had spoken against boycotts of Israel during his visit to Jerusalem earlier this year, though he also condemned the accelerating settlement construction (Israeli architects ask David Cameron to block RIBA boycott,” The Jewish Chronicle, 27 March 2014).

Michael Gove, the UK’s education secretary and an avowed Zionist, has accused RIBA of “selective outrage” (“Gove’s reaction to the censure of Israeli architects involved in illegal construction in the West Bank was to be expected,” The Independent, 9 April 2014).

His allegation is ludicrous. Our initiative wasn’t in response to a small sample of misdemeanors by Israeli architects, but to their general practice.

Gove and his colleagues in the British government have ensured that Israel is treated with impunity despite its routine abuses of human rights and flouting of dozens of United Nations resolutions.

Eyal Weizman, a courageous Israeli architect whose books A Civilian Occupation andHollow Land expose how many of his peers were assisting Israel’s illegal acts, has delivered a strong riposte to our critics. In a statement for The Architects’ Journal, he writes that the attacks on our initiative “willfully invert perpetrator and victim, divert the discussion from the ongoing suffering, theft and violence enacted through the architecture employed in the context of Israel’s occupation and close an avenue for a better and more hopeful future.”

Duty to speak out

Michael Mansfield, a British barrister who was was a key adjudicator in the Russell Tribunal on Palestine, was among numerous distinguished figures to support the RIBA motion. “There can be no doubt about Israel’s flagrant disregard for international law,” he stated. “The ICJ in 2004 made it clear that everyone had an obligation to help end this illegal situation.”

Desmond Tutu, the South African archbishop, once said: “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.”

Architects of conscience have a duty to speak out when members of our profession in Israel are assisting the gross injustices perpetrated against the Palestinians. We cannot remain neutral.

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Anti-Zionist Wit Vs. “Chosen” Gutterisms: Dieudonné and Imperialist Subservience To Jewish Supremacy

by Jonathan Azaziah
Dieudonné: Anti-Zionist champion and infuriator of the 

Rothschild-subservient European establishment.

The United Kingdom. That gleaming beacon of democracy. That illuminating shimmer of human rights. That incandescent emanation of justice. That grand representative of the poor, downtrodden and marginalized. That empire of benevolence which stands out in the history of not-so-benevolent empires. That crux of all that is good in a world gone so, so very bad.

An assessment of the utmost accuracy, right?

Wrong. Dead wrong.

More like that putrid vassal of World Jewry. That effervescently vile regime of “shabbos goyim”. That repugnant gang of invaders, occupiers, oppressors and Zionist-serving hellspawn. That detestable client state of the Talmudist Rothschild dynasty’s dominion (1), which has invaded 90% of the countries on the face of the earth (2). That hideous, colonist-breeding homeland of Benjamin Disraeli, the Jewish-Zionist prime minister who has sired generations of Zionist interlopers (3). That abhorrent origination point of one Arthur James Balfour, who sold Palestine to his “chosenite” overlords and thus put an official British stamp on the genocide to come (4). That spineless, gutless, yellowbelly but somehow still pompous gaggle of grovelers whose intelligence services were well aware of the attacks that Jewish terrorist groups like Irgun and Stern carried out against their nation, most prominently the infamous King David Hotel bombing, but did nothing to stop the flow of terror other than the conduction of a few cosmetic raids and arrest operations (5). 

Splendiferous imperialist delusions aside, the British
state is nothing but an outpost of international

The United Kingdom. That rancid, corrupt, pathetic excuse for a country that inflicted the curse of Tony Blair on the world, whose premiership was controlled by a “Jewish cabal” (6),whose rise to political stardom began in an “Israeli” embassy in 1994 and who was nothing but a demented, warmongering tool for the likes of Lord Michael “Cashpoint” Levy (7) and Lord Peter Mandelson, the Zionist chieftain who assisted Levy in fomenting the “New Labor Revolution” scam (8). That violent, sanguinary, servile stooge of Zion that brought the coward Gordon Brown to power, who kneeled before the “Holocaust” idol on a visit to the Zionist occupation regime (9), declared his nation a “true friend” of the usurping Jewish entity (10) and still, still, STILL got burned in the end by the extremist Zionist operatives Jon Mendelsohn and property tycoon David Abrahams (11). That Global-South-destroying, racist, hateful isle of iniquity that took the likes of Blair and Brown and raised the stakes just a bit further with an even fouler creature: David Cameron, a product of literal Jewish royalty (12). 

When the latter view of the UK is accepted as having a firm, irrefutable basis in reality and the former view of the UK is rejected as a fantasy situated somewhere between hogwash and poppycock, it is quite easy to understand why Dieudonné (or Dieudo for short), the French-Cameroonian comedic virtuoso and anti-Zionist activist who has been struggling against a systematic Jewish-Zionist censorship campaign for over a decade due to his challenging of the primacy of Jewish suffering and his pro-Palestine, pro-Iran, pro-Hizbullah, pro-Resistance, liberationist views, was declared “persona non grata” and prevented from setting foot on British soil (13). Home Secretary Theresa May, the official responsible for banning Dieudonné, was coerced into doing so by none other than the Board of Deputies of British Jews (14), arguably the most influential and heavy-handed Zionist Lobby group in the UK.

Sarah Silverman:  A leading voice of Jewish 
“comedic” degeneracy.

The punchline is a glorious one though. While the politically dissident Dieudonné is barred from entering British territory on utterly and absurdly baseless grounds,subversive Jewish comedienne Sarah Silverman (15) and Jewish comedy mogul Larry David of “Seinfeld” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm” fame (16) make their way in and out with no issue. This is of the utmost significance due to the UK’s population being in the neighborhood of 82% Christian, compared to a staggeringly meager 0.02% Jewish. Silverman is widely known for her “I hope the Jews did kill Christ. I’d do it again. I’d fucking do it again — in a second” declaration (17), as well as her unspeakably obscene film“Jesus Is Magic”, which features a sex scene with her own twisted version of Jesus Christ. Larry David for his part did his own rendition of Jesus-defiling when he urinated on a picture of Christ in one of the more sickening episodes of his aforementioned show “Curb Your Enthusiasm” (18), which, for the record, has also featured chauvinistic, ultra-Zionist, anti-Palestinian tropes (19). 

One is not inclined to offer advice to an empire on how to run its affairs in a more efficiently repressive manner, for as Palestinian academic and anti-orientalist pioneer Edward Said wrote in a July 2003 Los Angeles Times essay, “Every empire tells itself and the world that it is unlike all other empires, that its mission is not to plunder and control but to educate and liberate (20),” but some nuance and observation are exceedingly necessary. It transcends the limits of irony that Dr. Said penned a piece that was rightfully ferocious in its criticism of “US power” in a newspaper owned by billionaire scoundrel Sam Zell, a preeminent Zionist who has donated countless millions to synagogues, Jewish day schools, Mossad’s Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center and the “Israel” Center for Social and Economic Progress (21). Dr. Said was known for his sharp polemics and criticisms of Western hubris but in this instance, clearly, he failed miserably to be polemical or critical enough.

Larry David: Raging, Christ-hating, Zionist stalwart of
the smut-factory knownas Hollywood.

What needs to be intimately comprehended here, and it is a point that is interchangeable with the case of the UK rejecting Dieudo but accepting Silverman and David, is that while a brilliant intellectual like Said was able to unleash a tirade against American imperialism in a major mainstream newspaper without having to worry himself sick over any possible backlash, he could not utter a word about the ruling class, that is, the Jewish-Zionist ruling class, in which American imperialism is in service of. With more irony still at hand, in the same paper, an obnoxiously arrogant Zionist Jew can tickle his own fancy about Organized Jewish Interests controlling the media, Hollywood, Wall Street, the government, and, if it wasn’t nauseating enough, that he hopes this domineering trend will continue (22). Which then begs a rather obvious question: If the “American Empire” can be criticized, but “the Jews” cannot, despite the fact that “the Jews” openly brag about their status as worldbreakers and globebenders, who is really running the show here?

An empire is categorized by an amalgamation of neo-nationalism, xenophobia, warmongering euphoria, prevailing arrogance from the richest of the rich to the poorest of the poor, a culture of excess, decadence and a glorification of its leaders as demigods worthy of worship, sometimes even overtaking the place and necessity of religion itself. Religion, while disregarded on the spiritual and moral levels and stripped of any attribute that could amount to free-thinking or resistance, is then used by an empire to keep its citizenry in check, foster an identity that can be tapped into down the line for any imperialist adventurism surely to arise and also to create a false sense of hope and faith in a god misinterpreted.

Therefore, an empire of prestige, or state of note for that matter, will defend its “interests”, culture and identity and will not, under any circumstances, allow any individual or group even a scintilla of leg room to undermine its authority. So when the ostensibly “Christian” British state, known and hated the world over for its “Christian” missionary activities that cloaked so many if not all of its genocidal invasions, chucks its “Christian” identity to the wayside and castigates a man like Dieudonné, who identifies himself as an “Islamic-Christian (23)”, while welcoming filth-peddlers and desecrationists like Sarah Silverman and Larry David, it is betraying an upsetting truth that many Brits may not be able to accept: Their country is not the great power that they’ve been brainwashed into believing it is since birth. Their country is a subcontractor for a far more powerful, far more sinister force. Their country is not Christian. Their country has no love or respect for Jesus Christ The Messiah. Their country is not sovereign. Their country is on its knees, its forehead at the feet of the Rothschilds and other “chosenite” overlords. Their country is subservient to Jewish supremacy.

As is America. The US and UK regimes are empires and imperialists only in name, for they do not serve their own interests but the interests of Organized Jewry, which sends its Christ-hating spokespersons into the public eye to bash and humiliate what they allegedly hold most dear while they remain deafeningly silent. But when opponents of Zionist-subverted Western policy criticize the parasitic, plutocratic elite running the West into the ground, they are not greeted with the same silence. They are not even greeted with accusations of “anti-Westernism”. No, they are bombarded with the gobbledegook of “anti-Semitism”. Pounded with the sheer irrationalness of “Jew-hatred”. Browbeaten for spitting on the “memory” of the “Holocaust”. This is not just an exercise in hypocrisy alone. Hypocrisy represents the mere obviousness of the matter. This is proof, the kind comprised of unbreakable stone embedded in unshakeable ground, that imperialism, while a terribly real threat that must be combated and stopped, is only vice president in the hegemonic power structure; its agents are “shabbos goyim” and its boss is Zionism.

Gordon Brown put the interests of Zionist war criminals

above and beyond the interests of the nation he was prime

minister of.

Further confirming and interconnected with this very point is that the aforesaid British ex-premier Gordon Brown, under heavy pressure from the Jewish-Zionist Lobby (24), approved a change to its universal jurisdiction law that would protect “Israeli” war criminals from prosecution, including Tzipi Livni and Ehud Barak (25). 

The message that the West and the British regime in particular are sending is as reprehensible as it is telling: Baby-killing, civilian-besieging, land-thieving “Israeli” war criminals should be protected, while those who condemn such acts of barbarity must be condemned themselves. Christ-hating, filth-slinging, egregiously offensive Jews like Sarah Silverman and Larry David must have their “freedom of speech” upheld, while those who stand against such disgracefulness must be declared “persona non grata”. Jewish interpretations of history must be imposed on the world, while those who have the gall to question it must be punished for sticking a knife in Jewish sensitivities. What is held so dear by 2 billion Christians and 2 billion Muslims must be disregarded, while Jewish “sanctities”, and this word is used tremendously loosely, must not simply be defended but paid homage to and even worshiped.

Moreover, Sarah Silverman and Larry David, described as “dirty Jews” who “assert their Jewishness emphatically” through anti-Christian attacks on “family-friendly culture” by Josh Lambert, an academic director of the Yiddish Book Center and visiting assistant professor of English at the University of Massachusetts (26), are not fringe elements of the global Jewish community. They are not extremists, cuckoos, cranks, or exceptions to some prevailing Jewish morality. They are in fact living, breathing manifestations of Jewish tradition. They can even be considered an extension of the Jewish smut peddlers that birthed and still dominate pornography in America. One of those Jewish porn kings, the notorious Al Goldstein, said that, “The only reason that Jews are in pornography is that we think that Christ sucks (27).” 

Despite Jewish claims to the contrary, the
Talmud is a book of the most despicable racism 
and hatred, especially towards Jesus Christ and

his holy mother.

So despite their secularism, atheism, agnosticism or whatever version of godlessness or spiritual ambiguity they claim to adhere to, the truth is, hatred of Isa al-Masih (Jesus Christ the Messiah) is the lifeblood of the Jewish religion-culture. Whether one reads the Talmud itself (28), the late, great Israel Shahak’s “Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight Of Three Thousand Years” (29), “Jesus In The Talmud” (30) by Professor Peter  Schäfer or all of the above, the shocking, hideous actuality is that Jews believe that Isa al-Masih is being boiled in hot excrement in the fires of hell for being a black magic and witchcraft practitioner, a sorcerer, a sexual deviant, an idolater, a person of wickedness, a self-mutilator and the son of a whore. Yes, even the pristine Mother Mary, championed by Muslims, Christians and humanity-embracing non-believers alike for her purity, steadfastness and courage, is assailed by the monstrous, supremacist, devilish Talmud.

With Dieudonné still being attacked, the latest of which being a failed attempt to link him to a video calling for the release of man who tortured and murdered a French Jew back in 2006 (31), as well a court order to remove certain parts of a Youtube video of his (32), a discussion is needed more than ever on what is the true root of the world’s hardships. It extends well beyond the parameters of the political gangsterism and criminal organization of Zionism and deep into the heart of Jewish Identity Politics.

Whether it’s a Zionist Jew like Rabbi Eli Ben Dahan, the illegitimate “Israeli” regime’s Deputy Minister of Religious Services, who declared that the hierarchy of the human species has “Jewish men who have sexual relations with Jewish women” sitting at the top, and “male goyim” and “female goyim” subsisting at the bottom (33), or an “anti-Zionist” Jew like Philip Weiss, who thinks that Jews count as “5/3 of a man” when it comes to commenting on the issues of the genocidal Zionist entity and its bullying lobby apparatuses (34), what lies at the core, what unites seeming opponents such as these, is their fundamental, visceral belief in Jewish supremacism. This horrific ideology, which is responsible for so much death, chaos, destruction and pain in every region of this precious planet, should not be excused; it shouldn’t be downplayed; it shouldn’t, under any circumstances, be whitewashed; it shouldn’t, no matter whose feelings get hurt, be capitulated to; it must be challenged, it must be beaten down, and, for the sake of humanity, it, alongside its trusty counterparts White Supremacy and Takfirism, must be sent back to the hellish dark ages from which it was initially spawned.

Jewish supremacy has no place in a civilized world.

In a civilized world, the brotherhood of humanity should triumph over the tight-knittedness and arrogance of the few; tyrants should be disgraced and forced to bow humbled at the doorstep of the once wretched; invaders should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, a law that is derived from Divine Justice; those who desecrate what is sanctified should be banished to a fate so detached from normality that they will not be able to express their regret even after an infinite number of lifetimes pass; clannish guilds of capitalism, terrorism and imperialism will be pursued to the ends of the earth for every ghoulish crime that they committed. In a civilized world, Resistance will reign supreme and evil will perish. In a civilized world, supremacy of any kind, in any form, most especially one as barbarous as the Judaic incarnation, would be an anachronism.

What does it say about the state of this world that such a hateful, anti-human ideology is not only tolerated but applauded? What does it say about this world’s peoples who have allowed this ideology and its adherents to establish an Empire, a “Jewish Utopia”, with bases on just about every continent? It says that this world is not civilized, despite all attempts by the US-“Israeli” Empire and its Islamophobic, orientalist pundit network to convince us otherwise, and that this world’s people have been duped in an elephantine way. It says that this madness has to stop.

It says that this insanity is unacceptable, and that the Zionist-nuke-enforced doctrine of Jewish superiority over Gentiles is a categorical falsity; one that must be struggled against until it ceases tormenting the peoples of the Global South and Global North. As the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W.) declared, “All mankind is from Adam and Eve, an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor does a non-Arab have any superiority over an Arab; also a white has no superiority over black nor does a black have any superiority over a white except by piety and good action.” And also, “Just as the fingers of the two hands are equal, so are human beings equal to one another. No one has any right, nor any preference to rule over another. You are brothers.” These concepts are anathema to the Jewish supremacists and their cohorts.

Dieudonné understands that the concept of cross-communal, 

multi-ethnic solidarity is key to overthrowing 

We Gentiles should recognize the sagacious words of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W.) and reconcile them with the words of the prophet who came before him, Jesus Christ the Messiah (A.S.): “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand: And if Satan cast out Satan, he is divided against himself; how shall then his kingdom stand?” The words of the Messiah (A.S.) can be summed up in short: Division is synonymous with Zionism’s triumph, whereas unity is synonymous with Zionism’s failure.Dieudonné recognizes this clearly, hence why his brilliant comedy transcends ethnic, religious and national lines (13).

Our quest to bury Jewish supremacy and keep it buried should officially be dubbed “Operation United Against Zion”. And first on our takedown list are the pro-“Israel” gatekeepers who masquerade in “leftist” garb (35). 

Those cowards, hypocrites and stooges who pay lip service to resistance; who pose as fronts for the Palestinian cause while denigrating its greatest allies, Hizbullah, Syria and the Islamic Republic of Iran; who declare their opposition to imperialism and capitalism but never name the names that implement these horrors “for fear of the Jews”; who outright reject the undeniable fact that Jewish-Zionist neocons orchestrated the annihilation of Iraq (36); who wouldn’t for a minute even contemplate mentioning the usurping Zionist entity as the culprit behind 9/11 and other shadowy false flags; who contemptibly depict those who reject the official, nonsensical story of the “Holocaust” as persons not even worthy of living let alone speaking with; who attack a brave soul like Dieudonné but who remained in the doldrums of abstruseness on the likes of Silverman and David after they insulted Jesus Christ; who tell us that they represent “freedom” but fail to mention that their definition of “freedom” is immensely different from our own. Their “freedom” is that of living under the Jewish Utopia” after International Zionism has picked apart all of its enemies (37); our “freedom” is that of liberation, plain and simple.

Let these gatekeepers crumble first. And then, let the false kings sitting behind the gate who signed their paychecks and marveled at their collaborationist efforts crumble next. Never will the gutterisms of “the chosen” ever drown out the wit of the anti-Zionists, endless resources of the former be damned to the darkest, deepest, foulest depths of the wrong end of the afterlife. Give ‘em all hell. Or even better, in the spirit of brother Dieudonné, give ‘em a quenelle.

~ The End ~


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(37) PSYWAR: The Fake Fall Of Tripoli And The Zionist Dragon’s Butchery Across Palestine II by Jonathan Azaziah, Mask of Zion

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