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International Workers’ Day


Congratulations to all the comrades from all around the country who went to London for the May Day demonstration. The sea of red flags that joined the party banners made our contingent stand out as the only British communist party with members, enthusiasm and unity.

Our contingent drew a lot of attention, with comrades doing a good job of distributing our leaflets and selling papers to the assembled crowds. Publicity spread even further when Comrade Ranjeet appeared on RT’s coverage of the demonstration [].

The Spectator, that ultra-conservative mouthpiece of British imperialism, reproduced a beautiful picture of our Stalin banner on their blog. Of course, they did their best to sow confusion with the headline “I’ve just seen Nazi banners in Trafalgar Square. Well, almost”, followed by a hackneyed, wholly irrelevant, and breathtakingly ignorant rant conflating communism and fascism.

The arguments put forward by the Spectator hold little water, and are increasingly being seen by British workers as the blatant lies they are. We are never afforded the air-time in this ‘democratic’ society to reach a mass audience, but you can read and spread awareness of our reply via the Red Youth blog [].

A good contingent of party members also attended the May Day demonstration in Manchester. Despite a relatively low turnout of around 200 people, and the same tired speeches from ‘trade-union officials’ instructing workers to vote Labour, our comrades were able to make our message clear: “Labour, Tory – same old story. Fight all capitalist cuts!”








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Double car bombings and rocket attack in Homs; various areas of Damascus targeted with mortar attacks


Car bombing in Homs, Apr 29, 2014 (photo from SANA)

Car bombing in Homs, Apr 29, 2014 (photo from SANA)

Dozens dead in Syria car bombs, shelling: state media

Al Akhbar

Car bombs and mortar attacks killed at least 50 people in Syrian government-held areas of Damascus and the central city of Homs on Tuesday, state media reported, as a global watchdog announced it would investigate claims of chemical weapons use.

Government forces have pushed back the rebels seeking to topple Assad from many of their strongholds around Damascus, but the insurgents have stepped up rocket and mortar attacks against the heart of the capital in recent weeks.

The Syrian army is also in control of most of Homs.

In Homs, at least 36 people including children were killed by twin car bombs near a busy roundabout in the neighborhood of Zahraa, according to a local security source cited by state news agency SANA.

In central Damascus, two mortar shells struck an education complex in the district of Shaghour, killing at least 14 people and wounding dozens.

The state news agency SANA described the Badr al-Din Husseini complex as a religious jurisprudence college, but residents said there were also primary and secondary school students there.

At least 54 killed in Syria as attacks hit pro-government areas in Damascus and Homs

Associated Press

A massive double car bombing and a mortar strike targeted pro-government neighborhoods Tuesday in two of Syria’s largest cities, killing at least 54 people a day after President Bashar Assad declared his candidacy for re-election.

The attacks in Damascus and Homs heightened fears of an escalation ahead of the contentious June 3 vote and showed that despite a series of battlefield setbacks, the rebels remain capable of hitting the government and its core of support.

…Tuesday’s double car bombing struck near the pro-government Zahra and Abbasiyeh neighborhoods — an area predominantly inhabited by Christians and members of Assad’s Alawite sect. At least 40 people were killed and another 116 wounded, the official SANA news agency said. The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights also put the death toll at 40 and said more than 80 were wounded.

The explosions struck 10 minutes apart and 150 yards (meters) from each other on a busy residential and commercial thoroughfare.

“When I arrived at the scene, fire and smoke and medics were still carrying away the wounded,” said one resident, who declined to give his name for fear of reprisals. He said homes and shops were heavily damaged in the blast, which also set several cars on fire.

Homs governor Tala Barazi said such crimes “target security, stability and ongoing national reconciliation in the province.”

In Damascus, several mortar shells slammed into a school in the predominantly Shiite neighborhood of Shaghour, killing 14 people and wounding 86, the state news agency reported. The Observatory said 19 people were killed, including 14 children.

It was one of the deadliest mortar attacks on central Damascus since the conflict began in March 2011.

In footage of the aftermath broadcast on Syria’s pro-government Al-Ikhbariya TV, blood and glass littered the floor. Shoes were scattered about, along with a cap, a religious book and other belongings. One body was laid out on the ground and covered with a blanket. Two bloodied feet protruded from under the cloth.

Terrorist attacks leave trail of death, amounting to 58 civilians


A trail of death was left in the wake of terrorist mortar and car bomb attacks that hit Damascus and Homs on Tuesday, causing a death toll of 58, in addition to scores of wounded.

A car bomb blast rocked the city of Homs, claiming the lives of 40 civilians, mostly women and children, according to a source in the province.

The source told SANA reporter that the bombing, which took place near the heavily-trafficked al-Abassiyeh intersection, injured 116 others.

Homs Governor, Tala al-Barazi, stressed in a statement to SANA that criminal and terrorist acts target the state of security, stabilty and national reconciliation witnessed in the province, adding that such acts will only increase the syrians’ steadfastness to deter terrorism.

Terrorists’ mortars claim 14 civilians, mostly students, in Damascus:

Terrorists’ mortars continued to rain down on Damascus as four rounds hit al-Shaghour neighborhood, two of which smashed into Badr-Eddin al-Hasani Institute for Islamic Sharia Sciences, killing 14 civilians, a Police Command source told SANA.

86 others, mostly students, were reported wounded in the attack.

The other two rounds landed in the surrounding of the Institute, hurting no one.

The source added that terrorists targeted al-Abassiyeen area with 9 mortar shells which landed in the surrounding of al-Abassiyeen Stadium, injuring 8 other civilians.

Hospital Director Adib Mahmoud said bodies of 14 people were admitted to the hospital, in addition to 80 injured.

He noted that 9 of the wounded people are undergoing surgeries.

In mid-April, similar mortar attacks targeted al-Manar basic education school in Bab Touma quarter and a school compound near St. Elias Church in al-Dweil’eh area, leaving a child dead and 60 others injured.

Mortar attack claims 4 lives, including 3 children:

Four other civilians, including 3 children, were killed in a mortar attack against a makeshift residential center for displaced people at a school in Adra al-Balad in Damascus Countryside.

The children’s ages ranged from 4 to 14 years, according to a Police Command source.

19 other civilians got wounded in the attack, which caused material damage to the shelter that hosts many families who have fled their homes due to the acts of the armed terrorist groups.

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Bethlehem family condemns Bastard daughter’s pro-I$raHell dirty video

BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — A Bethlehem father whose daughter recently released a pro-Israel video has condemned the move, saying that the family “rejects and distances” themselves from the content in a statement made to Bethlehem’s Radio Mawwal.The Anastas family also denied claims that their daughter had been forced to flee, saying that they feared she had been the victim of “entrapment” and was under “pressure” from sponsors who had promised to pay her enrollment fees and housing costs for university in the United Kingdom.

The statement comes after a video featuring their daughter Christy was released on the internet in which she spoke of her belief that “God has given this land to the Jews as an everlasting covenant,” and claimed that she was forced to flee Palestine because of persecution for her beliefs.

The Anastas family expressed their “surprise” at the video, “deploring and condemning” her words, denying that she was ever forced to “flee” but instead that they she had left of her own free will to study abroad.

They added that the video “was a result of direct pressure that Christy is currently experiencing.”

They said in a statement that a year and a half ago, a British church official had come to their house and offered to pay for their daughter to attend university in the United Kingdom.

After accepting the offer and traveling to the UK, however, the family said that Christy’s behavior had become “incomprehensible and unclear,” and claimed that she was no longer enrolled in university.

They did not understand what the men who were paying for her education had done to her, they added.

“For as long as we know, Christy’s position was always against the wall and the Israeli occupation, which prevented her from living her childhood,” the family said, stressing that she had expressed this point of view “in more than one television interview in the past.”

They also said that they feared that Israeli authorities were trying to “exploit” their daughter “in order to weaken us and get us out of our house, which has been the target of the occupation since the construction of the apartheid wall.”

The Anastas family live a uniquely nightmarish scenario, as their house is surrounded on three sides by the separation wall and Israeli soldiers have cameras trained on their home 24 hours a day.

According to the family, occupation authorities have for years harassed them and attempted to force them from the home, setting up a military base on their roof and even offering them cash incentives to leave.

Christy Anastas was featured prominently alongside her family in a 2012 episode of the US news program 60 Minutes, in which she and other Palestinian Christians spoke of the suffering they experienced at the hands of the Israeli occupation.

The show was so controversial in the United States that then-Israeli ambassador Michael Oren even intervened and called the chairman of CBS News prior to the episode’s release to complain, despite not having seen the show.

In the recently released video, however, Christy Anastas claims that she supports the construction of the wall and would have done it herself if she had the choice.

“If you ask me a simple question: ‘If you were the prime minister of Israel, would you put that wall up?’ My answer would be yes,” she said, even though she claimed that the wall had taken mostly Christian land.

She also called Israel’s 1967 victory that led to the occupation of the West Bank “God’s hand,” and claimed that during the Intifada, Palestinian militants forced Palestinian Christians to pay a “jizya tax,” or an Islamic tax historically levied on religious minorities.

“People call them freedom fighters; I call them mafia,” she said, claiming that they fired missiles from beside Christian homes “so that the response would come on Christian homes.”

Anastas has been active in pro-Israel work in the UK for at least the last year, and is one of the founders of the Emmaus Group, which says it “seeks to build understanding and reconciliation between the Church and Israel in the face of mutual challenges and threats.”

The controversy comes amid a wider effort on the part of Israeli authorities to co-opt Christian communities inside Israel and to strengthen support for Israel from Christian communities abroad.

Palestinian Christian activist groups like Kairos and conferences such as “Christ at the Checkpoint” have been organized to spread awareness among Christian communities internationally of the difficult situation Christians — like other Palestinians — endure as a result of the Israeli occupation.

Israeli authorities, however, have targeted the community, passing a law in February which defined them as “Christian ethnicity,” instead of Arab, in what many Palestinian citizens of Israel claimed was an effort to divide them from other Palestinians.

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