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Zio-Nazi Peres’ Independence Day message: ‘Israel’ must work hard to make peace with its neighbors




In his last public greeting as president, Shimon Peres has called on Israelis to “be proud, but never satisfied” and to make peace with their neighbors.

“I remember the first days [of Israel] and the dream we had,” Peres said in his YouTube address on the eve of Independence Day, “and I have to admit that the dream was too small when I see the reality that was born out of it.”

Speaking in English, Peres went on to list some of Israel’s achievements, including its steadily growing population, its prominent place on the front line of scientific progress, and its ties with Diaspora Jews, which he extolled as “an unbelievable brotherhood.”

But in the second half of his greeting, Peres warned his listeners from becoming complacent. “Our task is not over,” he said, calling for peace between Israel and its Arab neighbors.

“To pursue peace is a Jewish value, and we have to achieve it in our time,” Peres said, adding, “the sooner the better.”

Peres further said that Israel is obligated to fight anti-Semitism and spread freedom. He added that the state must also commit to help its citizens overcome poverty.

“We were born to do so,” said Peres, regarding Israel’s duties, “and even if we didn’t accomplish it, we must go on and struggle for it.”

The president concluded on a lighter note: “Today, let’s really be happy and proud. Let’s continue to work and work, and dream and dream – for dreams are the greatest way to create a great reality.”

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I$raHell Declaration of Independence printed in US papers


Israel Parasite

Full-page ads printed in New York Times, USA Today meant to show ‘the deep similarities between our countries’

ed note—but remember, Jewish control of the American mainstream media is an ‘old canard’ and anyone who believes in such things is a neo-Nazi and and anti-Semite.

Times of Israel

A full-page advertisement reproducing Israel’s Declaration of Independence appeared in The New York Times and USA Today.

The Helmsley Charitable Trust funded the ads in Monday’s editions on the eve of Israel’s Independence Day.

“By publishing Israel’s founding document in two of the most widely read newspapers across the country, we will reach many Americans who often don’t have the chance to learn about the deep similarities between our countries due to media coverage that focuses primarily on conflict,” Helmsley trustee Sandor Frankel said in a statement. “The promise of Israel’s founders to uphold, in a Jewish state, social and political equality of all citizens without distinction of race, creed or sex; to guarantee the full freedom of conscience, worship, education, and culture; to safeguard the sanctity of holy places of all religions; and the call for peace with all neighboring states, resonates with America’s own deepest values.”

The ad, which also is available online, is being distributed by the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, the umbrella of some 50 American national Jewish organizations.

The Helmsley Trust has awarded more than $110 million in grants to Israeli organizations since 2009, mainly to Israeli scientific, technological and medical research.

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The Stagnate “State of Black America”


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I recently attended the release of the National Urban League’s Annual State of Black America Report at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. The Report is an extremely important document because it provides key indicators of Black progress in a number of social and economic areas in relationship to White Americans. This year’s Report, One Nation Underemployed: Jobs Rebuild America, focuses on the critical issues of joblessness, the wealth gap and economic inequality in Black America. The data explodes the myth that, because the United States has a Black President, we now live in a “post-racial” society — “race still matters” in America. According to the Report, the Median Household Income for Whites is $56,565 compared to $33,764 for Blacks; 11% of Whites live below the poverty line, 28.1% for Blacks; unemployment among Whites is 6.5%, 13.1% for Blacks; and, the critical “wealth-building” indicator of home ownership, Whites own their homes at a rate of 73.5% compared to 43% for Blacks — stunning disparities for a “post racial” society.

Even more alarming is the persistence of an enormous wealth gap between Blacks and Whites. According to a study co-authored by Dr. Thomas Shapiro, who spoke at the release of the State of Black America Report, the median wealth for White families in 2009 was $113,149 but only $5,677 for Blacks! The study defines wealth as “what we own minus what we owe.”  Not surprisingly, Dr. Shapiro and his associates draw a direct correlation between homeownership and wealth accumulation. Obviously the gap between Black and White home ownership is a major contributing factor to the abysmally low wealth accumulation in Black America. And, for those who think race is inconsequential, as George Fraser and many Black analysts have pointed out, huge amounts of wealth was loss during the “Great Recession” when African Americans were deliberately targeted for toxic sub-prime mortgage loans.  Racism in the mortgage industry led to the loss of Black wealth.

What is sobering and alarming about this data is that in relative terms it hasn’t changed very much in the past decades if not generations. Though I have not taken time to do the research, I am confident that a survey of past State of Black America Reports would show that the status of Blacks in comparison to Whites has remained relatively the same. For example, though income has increased for both groups, it is highly likely that the gap in the median income has remained about the same. Moreover, despite an expanded upper and middle class, the astonishing wealth gap between Blacks and Whites has not changed significantly. The other startling reality is that if the Black upper and middle classes have expanded and there is still a significant gap between the races, this suggests that those stuck at the bottom in Black America (poor and working people) have not progressed but stagnated. These are the Black folks who are imprisoned in America’s “Dark Ghettos.” As Malcolm X might put it, they are catching more hell than ever before!

Though the State of Black America Reports are important, given the unchanging status of Blacks relative to Whites, it’s almost as if you could just say ditto on the data year after year. What accounts for the stagnate state of Black America? I believe it is the legacy of the intergenerational deficits of enslavement and the persistence of structural/institutional racism.

The cold fact is that Africans in America never received a substantial stake in terms of land or capital for the generations of free labor that produced incredible wealth for plantation owners, the shipbuilding, textile manufacturing, whiskey distilleries and a range of related industries and occupations — industries and occupations that thrived off the European slave trade and cash crop production, e.g. cotton, rice, sugar, indigo.

In addition, there was the “Jim Crow” system in the South which “set-aside” certain jobs for Whites and paid higher wages to Whites in jobs where Blacks and Whites did the same work.  These material incentives were designed to ensure that White poor and working people would always fare better than their Black counter-parts. In modified form, this system of “affirmative action” for Whites existed all across the nation well into the 20th century. The benefits of “White privilege” were intended to drive a permanent wedge between Black and White poor and working people to prevent unified opposition to the manipulative, self-serving White ruling elites.  By and large the system has worked well. In no small measure the relative gap between Blacks and Whites in terms of income and wealth is a legacy of enslavement and structural/institutional racism. And, large numbers of White poor and working class people still see Blacks as enemies instead of allies in the struggle to achieve a better quality of life.

The question is, how is it possible to ever erase the income and wealth gap between Blacks and Whites without dealing with the root cause of persistent inequality – the failure to provide compensation to the formerly enslaved Africans for the centuries of free labor and cultural, spiritual and physical destruction that have severely hampered the quest for justice, socio-economic equity/parity, freedom and self-determination. The answer is clear, Reparations for the damages done to the sons and daughters in America are imperative if we are to achieve justice, equity/parity in the U.S. and the world for that matter. So, as we mobilize/organize to overcome the stagnate state of Black America, it is imperative that the demand for Reparations be an integral part of the agenda!

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Foreign jihadis in Syria pledge their own 9/11


World View: Ambitious al-Qa’ida-type groups now control – or are free to operate in – an enormous area.

It is only a matter of time before jihadis in al-Qa’ida-type groups that have taken over much of eastern Syria and western Iraq have a violent impact on the world outside these two countries. The road is open wide to new attacks along the lines of 9/11 and 7/7, and it may be too late to close it.

Those who doubt that these are the jihadis’ long-term intentions should have a look at a chilling but fascinating video posted recently by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isis), formerly al-Qa’ida in Iraq. It shows a group of foreign fighters burning their passports to emphasise their permanent commitment to jihad. Many of the passports thrown into the flames have grass-green covers and are Saudi; others are dark blue and must be Jordanian. Some of the fighters show their faces while others are masked. As each one destroys his passport, sometimes tearing it in half before throwing it into the fire, he makes a declaration of faith and a promise to fight against the ruler of the country from which he comes.

A Canadian makes a short speech in English before switching to Arabic, saying: “It is a message to Canada, to all American powers. We are coming and we will destroy you.” A Jordanian says: “I say to the tyrant of Jordan: we are the descendants of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi [the Jordanian founder of al-Qa’ida in Iraq killed by US aircraft in 2006] and we are coming to kill you.” A Saudi, an Egyptian and a Chechen make similar threats.

The film is professionally made, and was probably shot somewhere in northern or eastern Syria. It is worth looking at carefully, and keeping in mind that these are not an isolated band hiding in desert wastes or mountain caves. Isis and Jabhat al-Nusra, the official affiliate of al-Qa’ida, now control, or can easily operate in, a great swathe of territory from the Tigris to the Mediterranean, and from the Jordanian border to southern Turkey.

Threats, such as those made by the group burning their passports, are creating something near panic among Iraq’s neighbours, who were slow to take on board last year that Syrian armed opposition had come to be dominated by al-Qa’ida or its clones. A report by the International Crisis Group (ICG), “The Rising Cost of Turkey’s Syrian Quagmire”, published last week, cites a Turkish official saying: “The armed al-Qa’ida element will be a problem for the Turks. As a secular country, we do not fit with their ideology. What happens if they can’t get what they want in Syria? They will blame Turkey and attack it.” Bear in mind that the thousands of foreign jihadis who have poured into Syria and Iraq mostly got there by crossing the 510-mile-long Turkish-Syrian border. The head of an influential Turkish think tank is quoted by ICG as saying that “When Turkey starts arresting them [jihadis], which it will do, we know what will happen. There will be bombs all over Turkey.”

Jordan is also showing signs of extreme nervousness over support being given to the Syrian armed opposition, just across its border in southern Syria. American, Saudi and Jordanian intelligence have been working on creating a “southern front” around Daraa, the southern city where the Syrian revolt began, a front supposedly made up of moderate, secular fighters, who are both anti-Assad and anti-jihadi. This is deceptive, since an important force in such operations would be Jabhat al-Nusra which, on this front, is reportedly acting in coordination with a Jordanian, Saudi and US intelligence joint operations room in Amman.

But the Jordanians have got cold feet over the idea of a southern offensive launched from their territory. They are no longer as confident as they were in 2011 and 2012 that President Assad is bound to lose. They worry about an estimated 2,000 Jordanian jihadis in Syria, and what happens when they return to Jordan. There was a mysterious Jordanian airforce attack destroying vehicles entering Jordan from Syria on 16 April in which the Syrian government denied any involvement. The Jordanians also forbade an opposition offensive at Daraa timed to coincide with a rebel assault in Aleppo.

Even the US State Department’s annual report on terrorism, issued last week, has noted that al-Qa’ida-type groups are getting stronger. Its image of al-Qa’ida in the past has been along the lines of a bureaucratic entity somewhat similar to the State Department itself. It therefore takes heart from the belief that because of organisational and leadership losses “AQ’s core leadership has been degraded, limiting its ability to conduct attacks.” The word “core” is useful here since it can mean either “a central command” or simply “at the centre of”. In practice, al-Qa’ida since 2001 has primarily been an ideology and a method of operating, not a cohesive organisation. The State Department has finally noted this, speaking of “the rise of increasingly aggressive and autonomous AQ affiliates and like-minded groups”.

In reality, the situation is worse than the State Department admits, since over the last year Isis has taken over much of Sunni Iraq. It levies taxes in cities such as Mosul and Tikrit and has substantial control in Fallujah and along the Euphrates valley, through western Iraq and eastern Syria up to the Turkish border. It has captured the Fallujah dam on the Euphrates, and can flood or deny water to areas further south; at Baiji on the Tigris, north of Baghdad, it has blown up an oil pipeline, polluting the river which had been used, after treatment, to supply drinking water to Baghdad. On the western outskirts of Baghdad at Abu Ghraib, Isis has held a military parade and the famous prison was hastily evacuated. A comforting theory explaining the surge in Isis’s strength in Iraq is that Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki exaggerated its power to frighten Shia voters before last Wednesday’s parliamentary election. He thereby diverted attention from his administration’s appalling record of corruption and incompetence by focusing on the danger of a Sunni counter-revolution. The outcome of the election will show if this strategy had worked.

Unfortunately, all the signs are that the political and military incapacity of the Iraqi government is all too real. Its armed forces are said in Baghdad to have suffered 5,000 casualties including 1,000 dead in fighting in Anbar province in the last four months. Whole battalions are reported to have melted away because the men were not being paid, or they have not received supplies of food and ammunition. According to one report, even the job of army divisional commander can be bought for $1m with the assumption that whoever takes the job can show a profit by making $50,000 a month through protection money and levies on vehicles passing checkpoints.

After the election the government may try to repeat the US strategy of successfully using the Sunni tribes against al-Qa’ida groups such as Isis. The difficulty is that for the moment Sunni communities hate the Iraqi army and security forces more than they do al-Qa’ida.

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Egypt claims Zionist spy ring uncovered



Suspects accused of gathering information in advance of presidential elections.
Times of Israel

Egyptian government officials announced Sunday that they had captured an espionage network in the country that was working for several foreign intelligence organizations, including Israel’s.

According to Egyptian news reports, 12 suspects were arrested by Egyptian security services. Three of the suspects were Egyptians, and the remainder had entered the country as tourists, the Ynet news site reported.

The Egyptian newspaper Alyoum Sabaa said the suspects had gathered information on the current political climate in Egypt. Presidential elections, the first since the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohammed Morsi was elected into power, are expected to take place later this month.

In February 2014, Egyptian authorities charged four people for spying for Israel’s Mossad. Eight others were tried, including five Israelis and three Egyptians, on similar charges in a court in the Suez Canal city of Ismailia. The Israelis were tried in absentia.The Egyptian newspaper Alyoum Sabaa said the suspects had gathered information on the current political climate in Egypt. Presidential elections, the first since the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohammed Morsi was elected into power, are expected to take place later this month.

In February 2014, Egyptian authorities charged four people for spying for Israel’s Mossad. Eight others were tried, including five Israelis and three Egyptians, on similar charges in a court in the Suez Canal city of Ismailia. The Israelis were tried in absentia.

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Venezuela nabs 58 foreign instigators of riots

An anti-government protester in Caracas kicks back a gas canister to police during a demonstration in which masked youths clashed with police on April 21, 2014
An anti-government protester in Caracas kicks back a gas canister to police during a demonstration in which masked youths clashed with police on April 21, 2014
Venezuela has announced the arrest of 58 foreign natives for involvement in inciting anti-government riots and other forms of violence that have plunged the Latin American nation in chaos in recent months.

The detained foreigners include Colombians, an American, a Spaniard and an Arab, said Venezuela’s Minister of Interior, Justice, and Peace Miguel Rodriguez Torres in a Friday news conference.

“Up to now, there are 58 detainees of other nationalities, almost all implicated in the use of arms,” Rodriguez said, displaying a large number of flowcharts and photos of meetings, phone calls and plotting.

The US citizen, identified as Todd Michael Leininger, is charged with arms smuggling and attempted murder.

Rodriguez also accused the United States of committing conspiracy to overthrow Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

“Venezuela is, without doubt, living through a plan of insurrectional conspiracy with clear aims of toppling the legitimately-established government, and that plan is part of a permanent strategic objective of the US State Department,” he stated.

Police and anti-government protesters once again clashed in the capital Caracas on Thursday.

The protesters took to the streets despite a law that restricts demonstrations. Police fired tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the crowd.

Venezuela has been the scene of pro- and anti-government protests since February 4. The protests broke out in the western city of San Cristobal, where students took to the streets to criticize the country’s crime rate and inflation. The rallies then spread to other cities, including the capital.

Caracas says the opposition seeks to launch a coup d’état against the government with the backing of the US.

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Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist – Leninist)


Public Meeting: Fascist coup in the Ukraine;

a marxist analysis of imperialism and war


Speakers: Harpal Brar (Chair CPGB-ML and editor of Lalkar)

Eyewitness from the Crimea: RT (Russia Today) correspondent Marcel Cartier (invited personal capacity)

Sunday 11 May 2014

1.45pm – 4.15pm

274 Moseley Road, Highgate, Birmingham, B12 0BS



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