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East Ukrainians Mourn Their Dead – There Will be More




[ Editors Note: No commentary is needed for this. It’s all very visual. So just watch the short end of Western Geo-politics. The way the new president is talking about taking Crimea back, no federated system, etc., I expect the graveyards to see a lot of activity… Jim W. Dean ]



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Iran’s Supreme Leader: “Know thy enemy!”


Iran's Supreme leader is a man of unusual integrity

Iran’s Supreme leader is a man of unusual integrity

By Kevin BarrettVeterans Today Editor reporting from Tehran

At a speech attended by President Rouhani and former President Rafsanjani – as well as more than a dozen ambassadors from around the world, including Saudi Arabia – Supreme Leader of Iran Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said that most of the problems afflicting the Middle East and the world can be resolved reasonably and rationally. Citing the Qur’an, which urges people to reflect and use their God-given reasoning ability (al-’aql), Iran’s foremost political and religious leader urged his audience to reject violence and extremism. Much of the “violence in the name of Islam” in today’s world, including Boko Haram attributed attacks and kidnappings in Nigeria, are part of a divide-and-conquer campaign against the Islamic world, he added.

Though he did not directly mention Zionism and false flag attacks such as 9/11, Ayatollah Khamenei cited conspiracies against Islam and the Middle East, and proclaimed: “The Muslim world needs to know its real enemies.”

He said that Middle Eastern and Muslim countries should form a “united front” against those who are conspiring to dominate the region by inciting sectarian and ethnic division – an apparent reference to Israel’s Oded Yinon plan to smash Middle Eastern countries into feuding, Balkanized cantons that would be too weak to resist Zionist domination.

Referring to the Zionist elite’s campaign to dumb down populations and degrade traditional cultures, Ayatollah Khamenei spoke out against the propagation of public sexuality in the mass media. He also charged the Zionist-dominated Western corporate media with spreading Islamophobia and Iranophobia. (Films like Argo and 300 are widely viewed as Zionist propaganda here in Iran.) He added that “open attacks on Islam” – presumably meaning the Danish cartoons, Innocence of Muslims, and so on – are just one aspect of the wider conspiracy against Muslims and the Islamic world.

All of these attacks on Islam, the Middle East, and traditional culture and religion worldwide are simply obstacles that will be overcome, he said, ending with: “The Islamic awakening is unstoppable.”

According to Iran’s most popular talk show host, journalist and film director Nader Talebzadeh, the Supreme Leader’s speech was unusually calm and conciliatory. Talebzadeh said that the presence of former president Rafsanjani and current President Rouhani – both reformists who are trying to placate the West – may have led the Supreme Leader to moderate his fiery and impassioned tone so as not to undercut the current government’s message that Iran is seeking to build bridges to the West, and still hopes to achieve a “grand bargain” by way of the nuclear negotiations in Geneva.

# # #

Okay, folks, that was the straight news story. Now here’s the commentary: This is the first political speech I’ve attended in person in many years…and just about the only one I’ve ever seen that was worth bothering with. Toned-down or not, there was more truth in five seconds of Ayatollah Khamenei’s speech than in five hours of Western politicians’ blatherings. Iran’s Supreme Leader is clearly a man of integrity who has a real concern for truth and justice. And that, dear readers, is why the Zionist-dominated corporate media wants you to hate Iran: Its top leaders are deeply spiritual people who cannot be easily subjugated and controlled – unlike the lying, bribe-sucking pedophiles who front for the banksters in most of the rest of the world.


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NEO – Obama’s Asia Pivot: The Sad Story of American Exceptionalism


Obama’s Asia Pivot:  The Sad Story of American Exceptionalism

… by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor,        … with  New Eastern Outlook,  Moscow

Two presidents

Two presidents

This week the earth moved under our feet… permanently. In past articles, I have used the term “America putting nails in its own coffin”, and a few more nails were added during the Russia-China summit this week.

The incompetence of the West in pursuing a military intimidation solution to their declining financial fortunes just backfired on them.

The West’s proxy-murder of 150,000 Syrians using divisions of terrorist brigades, and the current attempt to nail Ukraine to a fence post has pushed the Russia-China strategic defense evolution up ten years ahead of schedule. The West is now in a no-win situation, due to the stupidity of its collective leadership.

Asia’s emergence has not happened overnight, but through various stages, which included China’s funding much of America’s annual deficit, to now funding none. We went through the stage of competing with European and Japanese companies to cash in on the huge economic growth of China.

Drew Barrymore was the little girl in ET

Drew Barrymore was the little girl in ET

We had little concern for the long term consequences, such as, China becoming the largest economic power, or what changes would obviously be coming from that. As was immortalized in the movie, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, … “They’re here!”

Color me negative, but I look back and see nothing but a trail of horrors regarding Western leadership during this two-decade, East-West geopolitical dance. Short-term greed ruled in the West.

The trend toward off-shoring began, where those who jumped in early not only gained higher profit margins, but did not have to pay taxes on the overseas income if it was never repatriated.

But this gain for some was a loss for others as America’s rust belt grew when one-industry towns began their decay into ghost towns. Detroit is our shining example of government and business teaming up to destroy the heartland of America while chasing a neo-colonial mirage overseas.

Fast forward to today where most of our industrial base is gone… forever, with all those solid good-paying middle class jobs so many of our parents had. But that was covered over with the PR scam of early American exceptionalism, that we were trending over to a “service economy”. Remember that phrase?

No Realistic Long-Term Outlook

I worked on an IBM 1130 computer my freshman year at NC State...back in the punch card days

I worked on an IBM 1130 computer my freshman year at NC State…back in the punch card days

They actually conned everyone into thinking we would all become “white collar” workers, the pitch being that while the third-world people might we well-suited for robotic factory work, they would be dependent on superior Americans to always show them how to design and market their products.

While our own elites were planning to reduce us all to plantation peasants, in their minds our rightful places, they suckered us into thinking we would have “overseer” white collar jobs as our piece of the pie.

Remember when it was proclaimed in the IBM days of greatness that our inventing computers would provide us another tool to earn middle-class life-styles ahead of our global competitors? And we thought it would go on forever, since they could not possibly match our superior mental abilities, so America would be a land of managers for the backward primitives in Asia.

It seems ridiculous now but everybody just lapped up all that Madison Avenue poop that was prepared to push free trade bills through Congress, where with our exceptionalism we would always be able to outsmart and outfox Asia and bring home the bacon. But the rust belt grew.

The liberals opened up our universities to the emerging countries. Top Chinese students came here, went to our best schools, got their Phds in nuclear physics, and went home to build their nuclear programs. How stupid was that?

We may still be at 25% of our graduate degrees going to foreign students. As for all those white collar jobs managing overseas plantations… they did not need us. It seems they had no problem educating and training their own. We thought we would make them dependent upon us if we helped them speed up their development process. Wrong!

America Lost the Price Wars in Commodities

The US thought China could be compromised by holding huge amounts of our debt

The US thought China could be compromised by holding huge amounts of our debt

So now America became Asia’s plantation in a way, their commercial slaves, as they always beat our prices so we always bought their stuff.

The unions tried to push the “Buy American” program, but it was too late. Americans on welfare had closets full of household products made in China, everything from more shoes than Imelda Marcos, to wardrobes our own mothers never dreamed of.

Mine did not have a store-bought dress until her mid teens, and to this day she has every piece of clothing that she ever bought, like they were all gold coins, which to her, they still are.

Americans became junkies, buying more than we sold with perennial trade deficits. And when budget crunches came, after the oil sheiks had taken over buying most of our debt from the Japanese, China became the big US bond buyer with their huge trade surplus… but isn’t anymore.

The North American Free Trade Act was pitched as a life preserver. If we could not out-fox and make China a colony, we surely could do so with the Mexicans. We would use their cheap labor to compete with the Chinese prices. Ross Perot warned us, but we did not listen.

NAFTA was a Drug-Money Laundering Setup

Who has hung themselves out to dry?

Who has hung themselves out to dry?

Here’s what we did not learn until last year, when we were investigating the Romney family’s deep connections with the Mexican Oligarchs. Our own ruthless elites set NAFTA up simply as a way to launder drug money for the cartels.

We learned this from retired FBI and Intel people who were hunting down Romney’s Bain Capital drug money laundering for years, for the 30% finders-fee that the government pays on all seized assets.

Mit Romney had gone to Harvard with Mexico’s corrupt president, Carlos Salinas, and their families went way back to when the Mormons ran off to Mexico after their failed attempt to set up their own country in the West.

But as payback, they arranged to use NAFTA to set up a whole bunch of factories on the border, funded with drug money, where the products could be legally sold in the US and converted to endless amounts of clean dollars… forever.

For this wonderful convenience the drug lords would pay their “taxes” directly to people like the Salinas family, where that funding was anticipated to keep them in power forever.

And thus was the first modern example of politicians beginning to see the drug business as a huge permanent source of campaign funding that could be managed. Afghanistan is the pinnacle of that scam right now.


Wall Street Computer Trading Systems Unregulated

So that brings us to the 1990′s where the elites where doing one of their major pump-and-dumps on the stock market, and they saw that the world financial plantation business was not going to work out like they had thought.

It was being replaced with supercomputer trading systems, regulatory fraud that would lead to the mortgage scandal, and the unregulated derivative trading. This was the emergence of making the whole world a trading plantation, where that was rigged to enable them to make withdrawals with a few pipelines blown up here, a terrorist attack there, a threat to bomb Iran… you know the drill.

The elites began to see that the East-West trade debacle was carved in stone and China’s emergence was unstoppable. The West began its attempted labor fix of letting millions of illegal immigrants come in to hold production costs down, and they staved off facing the off-shoring mistake for another ten years.

George "AWOL" Bush head tripping as the "tip of the spear"... a pitiful disply for which his staff should have been shot

George “AWOL” Bush headtripping as the “tip of the spear”, a pitiful disply for which his staff should have been shot

Emerging Economic Markets to be Militarily Subdued

During the Clinton years, when Bill was not busy treating his cigars, a roomful of people, somewhere, decided that the emergence of Asia was going to have to be dealt with militarily. The defense policy on pre-emptive strikes was changed from its former requirement of only when an “impending strike was eminent” to the incredible, wide-open venue of “anyone that might become a threat at a future date”.

What the US had participated in hanging the Nazi generals for, waging an offensive war, we had codified as our official policy. And there was not a whimper of protest. No one even knew it had been done until years later, like me.

Affirmative Action infects the Nobel committee

Affirmative Action infects the Nobel committee

That long lead in brings us up to today. The Nobel Peace prize president has shifted away from the Iran nuclear bogey man threat over to the rationale of securing the Gulf as a safe source of energy for the West. The huge increased income for the Gulf states would pay for America arming the region to the teeth.

This would squeeze those revenues out of the Russian budget where energy sales pay a huge part, including their military budget.

In Syria, 150,000 people have been murdered in the geopolitical energy shift to get a pipeline through Northern Syria. The Western Elites will kill a lot more to get what they want.

We see one foreign policy disaster followed by another. Afghanistan and Iraq ran up a $2 trillion debt, and that being followed by the rape of Syria, and now the move on Ukraine, which is not working out too well.

These missteps have moved up the consolidation and emergence of an Asian superpower by ten years in just over a month. This is a geopolitical failure that runs off the scale. People should be being shot for this, but they don’t do that anymore, unfortunately.

Financial Colonialism Failing

Who has whom...surrounded?

Who has whom…surrounded?

The motivations for Obama’s Asian Pivot on China’s flank and the EU’s attack on Russia’s border are plain as day for all to see.

The declining West, who foolishly looted their own countrymen with hardly one elitist in prison to show for it, have failed in their financial neo-colonialism efforts.

They know revolt at home is just a matter of time, so they are going back to the well with the “outside enemy” hat-trick, thinking that they can fool we victims of their pillaging to refocusing our anger on the Russian Bear and the Asian Horde. It isn’t going to work.

The Western political class incredibly has emerged as the main security threat to us all, and the solution to that can only be revolution. The whole West needs a New Deal. The only bright spot in all this is that even a blind man can see who the real enemy is.

To survive, we have to save ourselves on the home front. We will win or lose there… not on the Asian steppes or the shores of the South China sea.

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Syria: Zio-Wahhabi enjoy feasts while civilians starve


A handout picture released by the official Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) on January 30, 2014 shows residents of Syria's besieged Yarmuk Palestinian refugee camp, south of Damascus, receiving food parcels from the UN Palestinian refugee agency (UNRWA). (Photo: AFP/SANA)

Damascus countryside: A video clip shot in the Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp south of Damascus shows the shrouding of an old man who died of hunger. A young man in his prime and in good health appears in the clip standing in front of the emaciated corpse. Looking upset, he mutters “God sufficeth me! Most Excellent is He in whom I trust.” “This is the situation in the Yarmouk camp,” says Amr Shihab, a Palestinian humanitarian relief activist. “Behind the cameras that shoot those dying of starvation and behind the barricades of al-Nusra Front and Aknaf Bayt al-Maqdis Brigades, stand individuals that never knew the taste of hunger during this war.”

The same is true in the various regions of the Damascus countryside where living standards vary dramatically. Al-Nusra Front fighters come at the very top because they receive a lot of money from their organization allowing them to buy goods at exorbitant prices in the flashpoint areas of the Damascus countryside. “Five hundred thousand Syrian pounds (about $3,000) which is the price of a 50 Kilogram (110 lb) bag of rice in the Yarmouk camp means nothing to al-Nusra fighters. With their wealth they have no problem securing their own food and drink,” adds Shihab.

Next in rank come the fighters of Jaish al-Islam (affiliated with the Islamic Front) who are mainly based in Eastern Ghouta. They too are paid large sums of money from their leaders but not in all areas. The fighters who receive the most aid are the ones from Douma where their headquarters are located (because their military leader, Zahran Alloush, is from Douma). Sharif al-Nabulsi who is close to the Free Syrian Army tells Al-Akhbar that Jaish al-Islam fighters in areas that lie further away in Eastern Ghouta are paid less. He adds: “In the smaller towns in Eastern Ghouta, most of the local fighters joined Jaish al-Islam out of economic need after making deals that determined the aid they receive from the organization’s leadership.”

The Free Syrian Army’s fighters are the “poorest and they often get their resources from theft while al-Nusra Front and Jaish al-Islam’s fighters refrain from stealing.” But the main reason, according to Nabulsi, is that the two other organizations “have no need to rob the poor as long as they receive large sums of money from abroad. This allows them to look down on those they have starved with false morals such as imposing hudud punishment (a punishment fixed in the Quran and hadith for crimes considered to be against the rights of God) on thieves.

It is commonplace for Jaish al-Islam and al-Nusra Front fighters to hold banquets during their meetings or on special occasions such as announcing a certain victory or establishing a new military group or merging with another group, “while hunger haunts the rest of the people only dozens of meters away from them.” A picture that was posted on social media sites shows Islamic Front fighters attending a banquet and fine dining in the Yarmouk camp at the height of the famine that struck the camp.

“Most of them stayed in their neighborhoods because they do not have the means to bear the burden of displacement.” The specter of famine is now threatening civilians in several areas in the Damascus countryside. While foodstuffs have disappeared in certain regions where they live and smuggled goods – that usually come to the “rich fighters living the high life” – are too expensive, their lives have become more like death. “Even the aid that the state tried to send in is seized upon by those who wield power in a given area,” according to an activist in the Syrian Red Crescent. There are two types of fighters that prevent food from getting to those in need. The first type consists of hungry fighters and the second type consists of fighters who profit from food smuggling.

Bringing aid to many areas and so called “aid” bestowed upon the hungry by charitable organizations “undercut the prices of the black market which prompted some businessmen to pay fighters working with them to thwart aid distribution operations.”

At the end of the day, the hungry – especially those who die from famine – become media fodder for the fighters. “Hundreds come out in their funerals and share their pictures on social networking sites after their death. But before they die, they do not give them as much as a sliver of bread.”

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NEO – American Intel Meltdown



Let the house cleaning begin – even if it is done quietly

… by  Gordon Duff, VT  Sr. Editor,     … with  New Eastern Outlook,  Moscow

A younger, tall, skinny Gordon

A younger, tall, skinny Gordon

[ Editors Note:  Something new with something old today from Gordon, probably the only man in America who would write this, and we are lucky to have one. Maybe some day he will have company.

Oh there are many who care and are concerned to help out, but I mean those willing to go public. We need more of them, like a boat load.

These embarrassing issues historically are handled quietly, which is usually a good fortune for the bad guys. The concern is risking the public’s faith in government if everything were rolled out in public trials.

But I don’t buy that. They know everybody knows what the leadership polls are…in the basement. They just don’t care.

And part of that is our fault because we don’t do anything. And by that I don’t mean we are not vocal, to a degree. I mean we don’t ever really DO anything about it. And that is the only thing that would scare the hell out of them. So they keep dishing out more of the same.

Never have so many Americans owed so little to so many traitors. We just retch when we see them fawned over, or given another award when they should be living in shame in a gated compound somewhere. But that said, something is being done, even if not publicly so… Jim W. Dean ]


Not due only to 'asleep at the wheel'... but subversion

Not due only to ‘asleep at the wheel’… but subversion

You won’t read about it anywhere. We could say the problem, and that term is an understatement, was caused by many factors. This is not the truth. We know who caused it, we know why. Insiders call it an “apocalypse.” It is the utter and absolute collapse of American intelligence capabilities.

If current American policy seems disjointed, inconsistent and unfocused, there is a reason. American government is and has been more than “blind.”

The “big lie” message intended as a “cover and deception” exercise, a war on an imaginary “Islamo-facist superpower,” has now written itself into a fearsome reality none can or will stand against.

A dream world set up by con men and gangsters is now perpetuated in, not only popular fiction and orchestrated news but parroted around the world by those fearful of failing to comply with prevailing conspiracies.

Worse still, those who should know better, high level intelligence, military and law enforcement officials are part of the problem. Those who had spoken out from day one, men like Pakistan’s former ISI Director General, Hamid Gul and so many others, have been under continual attack.

Others were pushed form

"Crash and burn - and still don't learn"

“Crash and burn -yet still don’t learn”

A recent highly classified report seen only by select members of congress has cited the entire American intelligence community, from squad level to the Pentagon to the agencies themselves, the 16 or so we know of and the several so dark just following their funding alone is a dizzying process, as totally worthless.

Equipment doesn’t work, predictive software is a joke, information flow is non-existent, in fact, no one that needs information ever has it, not real information, not the truth.

American intelligence, the tens of billions of dollars spent each year seems, as the secret study notes, to exist only to mislead, obfuscate and misinform.

“American intelligence” is, in fact, a form of infection, a cancer at every level of every organization, seemingly, as the report indicates, tasked with supporting a “narrative inconsistent with national interest and reality as we know it.”

The problem is with American intelligence, not just the CIA or NSA, not simply the failure to stop “9/11” or find those missing WMD’s. The failure is so broad it could be described as “epic.” Nothing works, no matter how advanced the technology, how many spies were hired, how many diplomats or scientists have been blackmailed or bribed.

A clear decision was made well before the questionable, I am being generous again, let’s admit it, “rigged” 2000 election. This was the actual approach: “Since we know what we want anyway, an “event” to drive a suppression of dissent in the US prior to a global restructuring…”

The actors, Wolfowitz, Kristol, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Bush, may well only have been just that, “actors.” When playing out a tragedy with real blood, a certain “moral flexibility” is always desired.

How it began

Dick Devos

Dick DeVos

The problem began with “privatization.” By 2005, most US intelligence functions from intelligence gathering to analysis had been outsourced. The companies getting the contracts were, for the most part, offshoots of the neocon political agenda.

Each was formed by a key member of congress in collusion with financial backers who, in turn, looked to “less capable” former members of military or intelligence groups who were willing to “do anything for a buck.”

This is where Blackwater came from, an offshoot of Michigan GOP politics, a former gubernatorial candidate, Dick DeVos, a billionaire, major contributor to right wing causes. Erik Prince is Dick DeVos’ son in law.

DeVos himself is one of the biggest “political fixers” in the US. We all know the history of Blackwater, a company that began from nothing and became, not only the biggest player in the “War on Terror” with billions in no-bid contracts, but also a huge embarrassment to the United States.

Halliburton is worse, an oil supply company that fed our troops, furnished water, at times water taken directly out of the Euphrates River laded with effluent (human feces), carrying a myriad of diseases.

The majority of companies are small, subcontractors to Lockheed or General Dynamics and other defense conglomerates. The hammer is falling on them first. For years they have simply fabricated intelligence or created broad mixes of total fiction with some fact, always pushing a political agenda that supported Bush foreign policy.

In turn, they also supported the creation and growth of the massive narcotics industry in Afghanistan, one that has flooded the US political system with unaccountable cash laundered through unlimited corporate “slush money” made allowable through a highly controversial 5/4 US Supreme Court decision in the “Citizens United” case.

The virtual “army” of intelligence fabricators, small firms tasked with creating and supporting a fictional narrative of America besieged by imaginary enemies, many of late proving to be of its own making, are now finding themselves accountable for their misdeeds.

However, it is they who are accountable and not the conglomerates and dozens of key members of congress who helped orchestrate the fraud that has, for over a decade, manipulated events beginning with 9/11 and continuing to this day in Syria, the Ukraine and elsewhere.

Mythology as truth

Project for the New American Century - Treason carried on right in the open

Project for the New American Century – Treason carried on right in the open

We have no “baseline” to cite divergence, when popular mythology took a very special bent into the “Twilight Zone.” Using 9/11 is a convenience but, more truthfully, the first mentions of Al Qaeda, a post-Gladio construct, and bin Laden as a “terrorist mastermind” are perhaps a good place to start.

What America has awakened to and is now trying to repair is more than simple organized crime taking control of a government or the action of a clandestine “ministry of propaganda” pushing a nation into an uncontrollable tailspin.

As of today, not just in the US but around the world, anyone who stands up to the fictional narrative written at PNAC (Project for a New American Century) those long years ago, reinforced through the Heritage Foundation, Rand Corporation, Potomac Institute, the American Enterprise Institute, the US Chamber of Commerce and others, faces being branded a terrorist or despot.

Any “truth teller” operating in any realm other than “alternative media” will end up in a fiery car crash, die of a mysterious “cancer” or, if a national leader, find himself subject to a “color revolution” or worse.

As for America and its intelligence output, its official history and the continuing descent into a geopolitical milieu based on “Imagineering” and psychobabble, there may well be no way to correct what has been imprinted into the collective “intelligence” of millions. Please excuse my misuse of the term “intelligence.”

For some reason the Russians are still holding McCain's 'cooperation' records from his POW days

For some reason the Russians are still holding McCain’s ‘cooperation’ records from his POW days

Picture yourself as an American. One day you awaken and find Senator John McCain not only meeting with Al Qaeda leaders but openly backing arming them, not just with guns but missiles capable of downing airliners anywhere in the world.

Nobody says anything; nothing can be so absurd that Americans can’t simply listen, ignore and move on with life. What can’t be accomplished is the rebuilding of America’s national intelligence framework, not with what is available.

Even though American military and intelligence policy makers have openly accepted what others have long known, that living in an imaginary universe and expecting salient intelligence analysis is, just perhaps, an unreasonable expectation, America believes it can clean its own house and not end up with more of the same.

The term “purge” comes to mind. Even that would not be enough.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War who has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

Editing:  Jim W. Dean

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AIPAC: Public Enemy Number 1

by  Sami Jamil Jadallah


Washington is under siege, America is under siege as more than 14,000 die hard Pro-Israel Americans Jews and Gentiles gather in Washington for the 2014 Annual Policy Conference.

They come from all 50 states and the number one State, Israel. They come from 500 US campuses. They come calling for War on America and the American people, calling for War on Iran, and certainly calling for their perpetual war on Palestinians and on peace. They are AIPAC.

They are the most powerful lobby in US history, a lobby that defines “loyalty” as that for Israel. They demand wars by America, yet they join and send their sons and daughters to the Israeli army.

They took us to wars that cost over $3 Trillions all for nothing, stupid senseless wars to secure Israel’s Eastern borders as far as Afghanistan and Iraq. Thousands of brave American died and these senseless wars and tens of thousands are maimed for life. Their wars put our country at risk endangering our national, international and domestic security.

They take us to wars over seas and then rob us of our lifetime savings through a criminally corrupt banking and financial system that destroyed whatever remained good and decent of America, they laughed all the way to the banks and we lost our homes, savings, retirement funds and jobs.

Who would believe that a country that spends over $3.5 billions on last year’s presidential, congressional and local elections can be bought lock, stock and barrel by an organization with a mere $70 millions in annual budget.

But then hold on here. It is not their money that controls America; it is their Fifth Column in the White House, in Congress, in media and public relations, on Wall Street and on America’s college campuses certainly at the Feds. They are all Israeli Loyalists and Israeli Firsters.

Keeping in Israeli practices of “secure checkpoints” America’s public officials elected and appointed they come marching in after being stripped of their clothing’s, their dignity and their American loyalty and patriotism. No other country in the world allows its politicians and elected officials to pledge allegiance to another country, a client state.

Indeed America and the American people have no sense of shame and no sense of dignity for allowing this organization to operate with free hands. Time to take back America for the American people. Time to put America and not Israel First. Time to put AIPAC and all Israeli Loyalists out of business.

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Ukraine vs. Egypt: Chaos in progress


Kiev, Cairo

“Obviously, I was watching the Ukrainian version of the Tahrir Square revolution.   Is it a coincidence? Is it only my imagination?  … I don’t think so”

by Dr. Ashraf Ezzat / Alexandria, Egypt

An illustrated flyer that was handed out to Egyptian and Ukrainian protesters, it reads "Essential clothing and gears for violent protests".

An illustrated flyer that was handed out to Egyptian and Ukrainian protesters, it reads “Essential clothing and gears for violent protests”.

Though I’ve never been to Ukraine or Russia before but the minute I started following the news of the huge protests in Kiev, I felt like I was somehow connected /related in a strange way to this Ukrainian revolution. This whole revolution thing sounded not so unfamiliar to me.

As days went by and as the violence and the smoke that came out of the heavily fortified Maidan/independence square got heavier I thought I was looking at a retrospective of the Egyptian revolution with all the violent clashes that took place in Tahrir Square during the winter of 2011-2012.

My Egyptian eyes were following the fluid situation in Kiev with a funny sense of uneasy prediction. I felt like I knew how things were going to unfold in that Ukrainian scene, simply because I had seen it happen before in my own country, Egypt.

Of course I know that because we had a recent revolution in Egypt doesn’t necessarily make it the blueprint for all revolutions to follow across the globe. But the way things evolved inside Independence Square and the pattern of violence and chaos that ensued around Ukraine left me in no doubt.

I mean even the pamphlets handed out to the Ukrainian protesters to instruct them on how to protect themselves from the tear gas beside other combat precautions were the same handed out to the Egyptian protesters in Tahrir square only the illustration language was different.

Clearly, I was watching the Ukrainian version of the Tahrir Square revolution.   Is it a coincidence? Is it only my imagination?  … I don’t think so. Every day I followed the Ukrainian news with a silly grin on my face for I knew, beforehand, what the headlines were going to be. I knew that whoever called for the protests are groups of so called political activists, very active on the internet social media sites.

Of course those activists have strong links to western NGOs and so called freedom organizations. And also some of the leaders of those activists have been trained in Europe on how to launch mass protests.

Srdja Popovic

Srdja Popovic

Also Egyptian activists who sparked the first mass protests on January 25, 2011, like April 6th movement, have been trained by Srđa Popović, a Serbian activist who’s been cooperating with US intelligence companies in clandestine missions . (Watch the video of Egyptian Activists trained in Serbia on toppling regimes)

Popovic is the leader of the student movement Otpor that helped topple Serbian president Slobodan Milošević. He is also the director of Centre for Applied Nonviolent Action and Strategies (CANVAS) which is very active in Eastern European countries including Ukraine.

They are even trained on how to exploit all kinds of media to spread their disingenuous message internationally – like this interesting video of a Ukrainian beauty fighting for freedom and struggling for western democracy from inside Independence Square.

The woman’s call for world solidarity, that went viral on YouTube, is carefully edited to portray the Ukrainians as if they were resisting another Nazi occupation where in fact they were being deluded by the phony glare of US/EU dream.
YouTube – Veterans Today –

Ukrainian protesters dreamed of Europe’s freedom and prosperity when Europe had actually nothing for them except bailout and long term chain of indebtedness. I knew that all it took for the rallies to swell was controlled violence.

It only takes a couple of dramatic photos and some video footage of protesters being attacked and brutalized by police forces to be posted on the internet. And that’s it; you have a revolution on the go.

But what this whole thing needed to turn into another Tahrir Square, with Mubarak/ Yanukovych kicked out of power was a nice score of protesters gunned down by what should look as police snipers.

According to the Arab Spring’s manual; Rallies turn into a revolution only when someone amongst the protesters gets killed.

So I knew that the protests wouldn’t stay peaceful for long; I knew that the Maidan would be targeted by professional snipers, and that the protesters would respond with raids of Molotov cocktail.

Day after day the violent protests in Kiev began to blow way out of proportion. It was hard to believe that this thing first erupted over signing some trade deal.

As Putin put it “the Maidan protests was turning into an orgy of ultranationalists, far right radicals and neo-Nazis wearing Swastika arm bands”

Likewise, Egyptian protests have been hijacked by Radical Salafists, Afghanistan Jihadists and of course Muslim Brotherhood – MB (mother ship of all Islamist terrorist groups worldwide)

And ironically, in both the Egyptian and Ukrainian case, the US/EU have supported the radicals and militants. Western democracy works in a really mysterious way.

Kalashnikov-wielding protesters from Ukraine’s radical nationalist opposition group, Right Sector.

Kalashnikov-wielding protesters from Ukraine’s radical nationalist opposition group, Right Sector.

Real protesters and genuine freedom fighters never join rallies and sit-ins carrying bottles of Molotov cocktail.

Gandhi or Guevara was never caught attacking or setting police stations alight.

Whenever you spot firearms, Molotov cocktail bottles, or Kalashnikov guns and daggers, as in the case of Kiev’s protesters then we are watching not a peaceful march of democracy, as the American administration likes to call it, but a remotely guided rebellion and so called creative chaos – courtesy of Arab’s beloved, Mrs. Condoleezza Rice.

The thin red line

There is a line any freedom protesters shouldn’t cross or even get confused about. That line is the thin red one that separates the regime from the state.

You have, as a political activist the right to criticize, denounce and even call for the fall of any regime but you must do that while keeping away from demolishing the pillars of the state you belong to and live in. Taking down the regime is one thing, but demolishing the foundations of any sovereign state is a totally different story.

MB militias burned down Police stations all around Egypt few days after the protests kicked off at Tahrir Square

MB militias burned down Police stations all around Egypt few days after the protests kicked off at Tahrir Square

Anti-regime protests are signs of vibrant democracy, but demolishing the power of the police and military forces, and terrorizing the Judiciary system and media institutions are grave symptoms of a nation sabotaged by 4th generation warfare.

People often wonder why Egyptians pulled out a second revolution against Mohamed Morsi, the puppet of the International terrorist web of Muslim Brotherhood (MB)

Well, after the MB had risen to power they simply and swiftly embarked on demolishing the pillars of the Egyptian state and flagrantly replaced it with MB figures and alternative institutions. MB got away with hijacking the Egyptian revolution but they were stupid enough to cross that thin red line.

The revolutions that swept across the Arab World throughout the last three years targeted not dictatorships but had one goal in focus, demolishing and liquefying the major Arab countries – with the help of elements of extremism and fragmentation, namely Jihadists, Salafis, Takfiris and of course MB

Unfortunately this is exactly where Ukraine is steadfastly headed – with the stupid help of the far right and the new Nazis.

So I knew that hundreds in Kiev would be severely wounded and many killed … and most regrettably in vain.

I knew that organized gangs of ultra-nationalist militants, like gangs of MB militants in Egypt did, would be ordered to move all around Ukraine and target police headquarters, especially the anti-Riot security units and special forces (Berkut).

I knew that the Ukrainian police wouldn’t be able to hold back for long and that they would eventually fall and disappear leaving the city of Kiev and all of Ukraine defenseless. And that is exactly what happened in Egypt before.

Watch this video of violent Ukrainian protesters storming into a municipal building and brutally attacking police forces.
YouTube – Veterans Today –

After the security vacuum, the Ukrainian president would pack up in a hurry and flee the country with his closest aides. After weeks of escalating protests and violence Ukraine lay naked and vulnerable, in the coldest days of a bitter winter, before the world to see the game of creating chaos in the name of democracy at work … once again.

Russian spring

John McCain in Kiev's independence square with far-right opposition leaders - December 2013

John McCain in Kiev’s independence square with far-right opposition leaders – December 2013

I knew that nobody in Ukraine or Russia had seen this coming, simply because this whole revolution business had been orchestrated from outside the two countries.

I knew that this whole thing was nothing but the Arab spring’s drones targeted upwards.

It was pre-planned not only because of years of preparatory work of the so called western NGOs in Ukraine, or the American support for the fragile opposition and the earlier and ominous visit and dinner with the beastly John MaCcain, but actually because Russia was getting out of line … once again.

Hadn’t been for the strong Putin and his intervention in the Middle East, Syria and Iraq would have been history by now.

If the devastation of the Arab Spring hadn’t been somewhat curtailed by Russia, or hadn’t the US/Zionist conspiracy been exposed by the audacious stance of the Egyptian military we would have been looking at a totally different Middle East now – The so called new Middle East.

This whole Ukrainian chaotic situation was not about freedom or democracy. It was not even about Ukraine in the first place. I knew that the Russian bear was the target of this “time for democracy in Ukraine – stunt”

I’m not trying to downplay the right of the Ukrainian or Egyptian peoples’ to protest and express their dissatisfaction over economic hardships and political corruption. But I think we should look closer into who’s steering those revolutions into chaos and disintegration. We should also stop for a while and ponder over the similar patterns of those recent uprisings.

I knew that the US & EU would endorse the protesters’ riot and violence whilst presumptuously demanding the Russians to keep out of it.

Vladimir Putin, will he stay in control?

Vladimir Putin, will he stay in control?

US and EU is also expecting the Kremlin to show self-restraint and abide by international laws – the very same laws US trod over in Iraq and Afghanistan and Syria –  otherwise they will consider kicking the Russian bear out of the G8 and maybe deny Mosco the right to Veto at their prestigious UN

But I think Self-restraint could sound obscenely ridiculous when asked of some international power whose very national security and borders are being under direct attack.

Besides any young politician around the world knows for a fact that Russia, given the current geopolitics of the Ukrainian crisis, absolutely can’t afford to give up or get out of Crimea. So, I believe we are all going to witness a very exciting and dangerous spring… the Russian spring.


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Media Scoundrels on the Wrong Side of History

by Stephen Lendman


Famed journalist George Seldes (1890 – 1995) called them “prostitutes of the press.” Paul Craig Roberts calls them “presstitutes.”

They’re that and much more. They’re propagandists, not journalists. They’re charlatans. They’re scam artists. They’re blackguards.

They’re scoundrels in the worst sense of the term. They make street whores look respectable by comparison.

They’re paid to lie, distort, misinform, and blame imperial victims for horrendous crimes committed against them.

They support powerful monied interests. They ignore popular ones. They march in lockstep with imperial lawlessness.

AJ Liebling (1904 – 1963) once said: “Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one.”

He added: “People everywhere confuse what they read in newspapers with news.”

Western television is worst of all. It’s a wasteland. Educator/media critic Neil Postman (1931 – 2003) called Americans “the most entertained and least informed people in the world.”

In 1950, Boston University President Daniel Marsh said: “If the (television) craze continues…we are destined to have a nation of morons.”

Comedian Ernie Kovacks (1919 – 1962) once said he knew why television is called a medium – “because it’s neither rare or well done.”

Media critic George Gerbner said mainstream media “have everything to sell and nothing to tell.”

Investigative journalist IF Stone (1907 – 1989) once said: “All governments are run by liars and nothing they say should be believed.”

The same holds for media scoundrels. Integrity isn’t their long suit.

Media scholar/critic Robert McChesney said “the corporate media system…generates a depoliticized society.”

People are misinformed. They deliberately deceived. They’re told what powerful interests want them to believe. They’re fed a pack of lies, distortion and falsified rubbish.

“The corruption of journalistic integrity is always bad,” McChesney added. Today it’s “obscene under conditions of extreme media concentration…”

When America seeks another imperial trophy, it’s worst of all. Media scoundrels march in lockstep with lawlessness.

They carpet bomb readers and viewers with managed news misinformation garbage. The New York Times stands out. It does so disgracefully.

It’s the closest thing in America to an official ministry of information and propaganda. It misreporting masquerades as real news, commentary and analysis.

It has global clout. Its main stories get worldwide attention. The so-called Paper of Record has a long, deplorable history.

It supports what demands condemnation. It does so consistently. It backs wrong over right.

A January 2013 open letter to Times editors was this writer’s most widely ever read article by far. It touched a raw nerve.

It confronted Times editors head-on. It did so over why they consistently back wrong over right. It challenged them to report responsibly.

It said doing so is its own reward. It offered a checklist of responsible policies. It urged they support:

  • putting money back in public hands where it belongs;
  • progressive policies;
  • social justice;
  • curbing corporate power;
  • full compliance with rule of law principles;
  • getting money entirely out of politics;
  • aiding impoverished millions;
  • running free, fair and open elections;
  • letting independent candidates compete freely;
  • ecological sanity over financial gain;
  • strengthening the disappearing middle class;
  • universal healthcare;public education;
  • organized labor rights;
  • protecting human and civil rights;
  • shutting down predatory banks;
  • prosecuting corporate crooks;
  • prosecuting government ones to the highest levels; and
  • ending corporate personhood.

It urged condemning bipartisan, anti-democratic policies. It called for denouncing imperial lawlessness.

Does it bother you, it asked? Does human suffering matter? Is business as usual OK? What about backing what growing millions call a pariah state?

Is this the America you support? Dare you call it beautiful? It’s by far the worst human and civil rights abuser in world history.

It’s the most corrupt. It’s the most lawless. It’s the most unprincipled. It’s the most dismissive of what matters most.

It’s the real evil empire. It threatens world peace. It threatens humanity’s survival. Resisting it is a moral imperative.

Why don’t Times editors support right over wrong? Why don’t they publish “All the News That’s Fit to Print” for real?

Why do they violate their own journalistic ethics? Why do they do so consistently? Why do they willfully misinform?

Why does their reporting lack credibility, accuracy, fairness, integrity, independence and accountability?

Why does it support imperial lawlessness? Why does it promote war over peace? Why doesn’t serving readers responsibly matter most?

Why doesn’t reporting the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth without exception every time?

Throughout months of conflict in Ukraine, Times editors, contributors, commentators and correspondents one-sidedly supported fascist street thugs.

They outrageously consider mob rule democratic governance. They oppose Vladimir Putin’s principled position. They bash him mercilessly. They do it irresponsibly. They do it repeatedly.

A previous article discussed their March 2 editorial. They headlined “Russia’s Aggression.” They lied. They distorted. They misinformed.

They suppressed vital information. They ignored clear facts refuting their arguments. They back Washington’s orchestrated imperial lawlessness.

They do it every time. They twist facts to fit their position. They turn truth on its head doing so.

They betray their readers in the process. Their columnists and contributors operate the same way.

David Brooks’ columns aren’t fit to read. They’re biased. They lack journalistic integrity. They support what demands denunciation.

“On March 3, he headlined “Putin Can’t Stop.” He outrageously accused him of “throwing his weight around the world.”

He forthrightly seeks peace. He wants conflicts resolved equitably. He respects rule of law principles. He believes obeying them is fundamental.

He calls national sovereignty inviolable. He opposes imperial lawlessness. Not Brooks. He nonsensically calls Ukraine’s US-backed fascist coup “a dispute.”

“Western policymakers..may not be dealing with a ‘normal’ regime’ ” in Moscow, he claims. It’s led by a “cynical and cold-eyed host” he added.

He irresponsibly bashed the one world leader challenging imperial America responsibly. He’s our best chance for world peace. Don’t expect Brooks to explain.

Roger Cohen is no different. He’s shameless. He’s one of many Times imperial apologists. BDS co-founder Omar Barghouti calls him a bigot.

On March 3, he headlined “Putin’s Crimean Crime,” saying:

“The Russian seizure of control of the Crimean Peninsula, a clear violation of the very international law Putin likes to invoke, has turned Ukraine into a European tinderbox.”

He called his reason for responsibly wanting to protect Russian nationals “baloney, a trumped-up Russian case.”

He lied saying so. He did so willfully. He did it maliciously. He supports US-backed fascist coup plotters. He ignores clear facts.

Ukraine’s legitimate President Viktor Yanukovych wrote Putin. He requested help. He did so to restore law and order.

“Under the influence of Western countries, there are open acts of terror and violence” ongoing, he said.

“People are being persecuted for language and political reasons. So in this regard I would call on the President of Russia, Mr. Putin, asking him to use the armed forces of the Russian Federation to establish legitimacy, peace, law and order, stability and defend the people of Ukraine,” he added.

At the same time, the safety and security of Russian nationals are threatened. Their lives are in danger. Putin wants them protected.

He didn’t invade Crimea. He seized nothing. Obama bears full responsibility for “turn(ing) Ukraine into a European tinderbox.” Complicit EU partners share it.

Cohen turned truth on its head. He willfully lied. He did it deceitfully. He turned a blind eye to Washington’s imperial lawlessness. He continued, saying:

“Putin’s obsession with a (Soviet Russia) 20th-century order..blinds him to the passionate attachment to their nationhood of states liberated from stifling Soviet subjection.”

“There is a grotesque amnesia to Russia’s Ukrainian gambit.”

Fact check

Real democratic governance in so-called liberated states is a convenient illusion. The worst of neoliberal harshness is policy.

Mass impoverishment, unemployment and extreme deprivation harm millions. Cohen’s best of all possible worlds are dystopian wastelands. They’re unfit to live in. Don’t expect him to explain.

He urges hardline US policy. “Pivot to Asia cannot mean abandonment of Ukraine,” he said.

“Every form of diplomatic, trade and economic pressure should now be mustered by Obama to isolate Putin,” he added.

He wants “every political means used to buttress the Kiev government; and NATO’s readiness to defend its members should be ostentatiously underscored.”

He represents the lunatic fringe. He practically endorsed war. He supports fascist mob rule in Ukraine.

He ignored US-supported neo-Nazis toppling a democratically elected government. He turned a blind eye to their lawless power grab.

He’s mindless of rule of law principles. So are Times editors. Their position shocks the conscience of everyone valuing fundamental freedoms.

They’re disappearing in America. They’re eroding across Europe. Ukrainian fascists abolished them altogether.

Don’t expect Times editors to explain. Or wealth and power supporters like Brooks, Cohen, and likeminded Times contributors.

Challenging them responsibly more than ever is needed. Humanity’s fate hangs in the balance.

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The Really Forgotten of The Vietnam War


by Ed Mattson

The name Agent Orange will forever live in infamy. For many of today’s citizens the name is unrecognizable. For the soldiers who fought in Vietnam, Korea, and were stationed in Southeast Asia in support of the Vietnam War, the name is synonymous with pain, suffering, and death. But for a handful of USO volunteers and civilian contractors, the name is synonymous with betrayal by the country they loved.

Agent Orange for those not old enough to remember, never paid much attention to it and the Veterans who filed claims for help with the VA, and to those who just don’t give a rat’s behind which include the Department of Defense, the politicians of the Sixties and Seventies who knew about the hazards of the product but ignored the warnings…”this Bud’s for you”!

For those unfamiliar with Vietnam, you’ll find it located just below China bordered on the east by the Gulf of Tonkin and the South  China Sea, and bordered on the west by Cambodia, and Laos. Vietnam is a country of tropical lowlands, hills, and densely forested highlands, with level land covering about 20% of the area. The country is divided into the highlands and the Red River Delta in the north; and the Central Mountains, and the coastal lowlands – the Mekong Delta in the south. With the year round humidity averaging about 85%, it is the perfect environment for the promotion of dense vegetation and an ideal setting for agricultural, particularly in the south, but less than an ideal place to fight a war.

Throughout its history the vegetation proved to be ideal cover and concealment for the warring armies which could

agent orange

move pretty much at will through the jungle vegetation. This was devastating for the French in their war with the Democratic Republic of Vietnam which finally ended in the battle of Dien Bien Phu. Following the loss at Dien Bien Phu the French agreed to withdraw its forces from all its colonies in French Indochina, while stipulating that Vietnam would be temporarily divided at the 17th parallel, with control of the north given to the Viet Minh under the rule of Ho Chi Minh. Below the 17th parallel the south became the State of Vietnam. This temporarily prevented Ho Chi Minh from gaining control of the entire country.

Enter the United States support for South Vietnam in an effort to prevent the spread of communism and prevent an invasion of South Vietnam by Ho Chi Minh. President Kennedy sent in CIA and Green Beret Troops to train the South Vietnamese military. With constant conflicts with the guerrillas attempting to subvert the government of South Vietnam the troop levels eased up to nearly 16,000 “U.S. military advisors”. By December 1961 the Viet Cong guerrillas controlled much of the countryside in South Vietnam and frequently ambushed South Vietnamese troops. The number of Viet Cong and North Vietnamese regulars grew to about 170,000 in strength.

Throughout the next three years, the Viet Cong received military support from the Republic of North Vietnam, the Chinese, and the USSR, which led to peripheral conflicts in the Tonkin Gulf and brought about air conflicts involving U.S. aircraft as the country slowly crept into a full scale war with the U.S. taking up more and more of the combat roles in just self-defense. On March 1, 1965, Ambassador Maxwell Taylor had informed South Vietnam that the United States was preparing to send the Marines to Vietnam, but needed a formal invitation from the government. Three days later, invitation in hand, the United States landed 3500 Marines on the beach north of Da Nang, and within two hours Marines were landing at the airbase in Da Nang…war was on.

Before the long conflict would end, U.S. troop levels would rise to 540,000 American Marines and Army personnel. Long forgotten was the original intent of the American troops freeing up the South Vietnamese military to go out into the countryside to battle the Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese army, and the U.S. was forced into carrying most of the burden of defending South Vietnam leading to the loss of  58,220 military personnel.

What is Agent Orange? Agent Orange along with the Rainbow Defoliants  were use by the U.S. to deprive the Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese army of the use of the jungle to hide troop movements, food, and cover. Defoliants were part of the U.S. military’s herbicidal warfare program to clear and prevent vegetation growth in the jungles and countryside of South Vietnam.  Operation Ranch Hand, which technically ran from 1961 to 1971 sprayed 20 million of gallons of defoliants over the countryside and brought with it long-term consequences for the civilian populations of Vietnam as well as for military personnel who were exposed to the chemicals.

Agent Orange is sometimes used broadly when talking about all of the defoliant chemicals that were used during the Vietnam War. Little known to outsiders, the chief ingredient in the defoliant chemicals, Dioxin, underwent military tests during the early Forties and revealed it to be one of the most deadly compounds recorded to date and led Congress to list Dioxin as a potential WDM (weapon of mass destruction). In the jungle battles which ensued in the South Pacific during WWII, the government opted not to use it to deprive the enemy of cover. The thought about its exposure and subsequent health problems which could occur with contact were overlooked when it came to Korea and again in Vietnam.

The problems of using such chemicals were that true-to-form, and understanding military training procedures, the safe handling, exposure, and use of Dioxin was left to happenstance, with training passed down from military personnel to military personnel, with little regard to whether or not the training was sufficient to prevent mis-handling during the mixture process; transportation; personal exposure during application; and follow-up decontamination. Also nothing was done to address the exposure our military would face when they went into the jungles and countryside following aerial spraying by planes and helicopters. And fin

caption AOally, with wind currents able to carry the chemical for miles outside the targeted area, it was impossible to curtail the sprayings to specific boundaries.

Dioxin, being one of the most poisonous chemicals known to man has proven to be the cause of so much damage and has been linked to many cancers and birth defects both in the civilian populations of Vietnam and in our own military.  For those of us who have studied the genetic links to those exposed to Dioxin, it is not just a single generational problem, but because of such unknown concentrations of Dioxin used in covering Vietnam, we believe there is proof of second generational problems yet to be confirmed.

With this information in hand you can understand why those Veterans of both Korea and Vietnam are so angry with the denials of our government which had not one ounce of hesitation over using Agent Orange and exposing them to a life-time of medical problems, and in many cases became a death sentence.

The U.S. government along with Dow, Monsanto, and other companies that manufactured Agent Orange, all initially denied the possibilities of Agent Orange being the cause of the vast number of illnesses seen in military personnel returning from the Vietnam War. It took decades of litigation and tens of thousands of patient record studies to reach the conclusion that our Veterans had been lied to and that in fact, the cause of the illnesses seen in thousands of Vietnam Veterans was Dioxin related. Yet even with the overwhelming evidence still mounting today, nobody has been held accountable, and few if any damages have been paid by the chemical companies comparable to the carnage rendered our military. Instead the chemical companies continue to deny the effects of Agent Orange.

The Veterans Administration and Department of Defense, since the end of the Vietnam War have stonewalled all attempts to make things right and continue what has become a policy of “deny, deny, until they all die”.  As to the civilians in Vietnam, the U.S. has hardly thrown them a life saving rope having spent only about $60 million for hazardous waste clean-up and for health services. Nearly every occupied U.S. military base we had in Vietnam and the basesLesli

in Thailand, Johnston Island, and other support locations where Agent Orange was stored and transported to, are still faced with toxic clean-up after Uncle Sam walked away.

But…what about those who were also thrown under the bus…The civilian contractors and USO volunteers who were exposed to Agent Orange? They have been totally disregarded in their pleas for help from the U.S. Government. Leslie Moore Dahlke, daughter of Hollywood celebrity Del Moore, was one such USO volunteer. Following the death of her father she headed to Vietnam with a USO troupe in 1970. After 18 memorable days, she returned home to her mother in Encino, California, earned a degree in psychology, worked as a television producer, got married and settled in Granada Hills, California.

Two decades later, when she was 38, a well-hidden enemy, which today we can link to Agent Orange, revealed itself in the form of cancer. After undergoing an intensive operation to remove an eight pound tumor from her stomach along with six feet of her intestine and other organs, she was ready to get on with life. It wasn’t until she was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of cancer, T-Cell leukemia, that she put two and two together pointing to Agent Orange exposure.

I wrote about Lesli and her battle with the government in 2012. At that time I pointed to legislation that should have covered her and the life-threatening illnesses she contracted after exposure to Agent Orange. Memo 53 was added to the Federal Employment Compensation Act (FECA) on December 13, and 1967 passed by Congress to deal with those who became disabled or were killed while entertaining the troops. Which each application for coverage she was denied. The addition clearly states… The Armed Forces Professional Entertainment Program Overseas would cover entertainers as “employees” for the purposes of the FECA and, while on tour with the Armed Forces Professional Entertainment Program Overseas, would be entitled to benefits under the Act in the event of death or disability.”

Lesli’s denials fly in the face of everything decent about America. Today the medical bills have put her and her husband in debt and the stress of facing the unknown is having a paralyzing effect.

 I am reaching out to all Veterans through this article to contact Lesli at, and if possible, send a few dollars. These are tough economic times, but I am making a contribution. Those USO tours and the volunteers who made the effort cannot be thrown under the bus.

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Latest Snowden leak: Obama’s UNEDITED remarks to Naziyahu!

By Kevin BarrettVeterans Today Editor

Note: Edward Snowden, using KGB supercomputers, has managed to hack in to the White House. On Wednesday Snowden leaked to VT a marked-up copy of President Obama’s remarks before Monday’s meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. It is believed that the original text was written by Obama himself, who is known to loathe Netanyahu, after which it was edited by Obama’s Zionist handlers. The handlers crossed out much of Obama’s original text, and substituted their own words in boldface.



Office of the Press Secretary


For Immediate Release                                                           March 3, 2014




Oval Office

 2:04 P.M. EST

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Well, it’s a real pain in the ass, vastly worse than the nastiest imaginable hemorrhoid pleasureto welcome once again Prime Minister Netanyahu to the Oval Office. There’s nobody I’ve met with more or consulted with more and wished to meet with less and consult with lessthan Bibi. And it’s a testimony to the incredible bond between our two nations and the power of the [expletive-deleted] Zionists. I’ve said before and I will repeat, we do not have a nastier and more vicious, devious, and downright odious closer so-called friend or ally than Israel and the bond between our two countries and our two peoples is unbearable unbreakable.

And that’s the reason why on a whole spectrum of issues we consult closely; thanks to the Zionist stranglehold on media, finance, and politics, we have the kind of military, intelligence and security subservience to Israel cooperationthat is unprecedented. And there is a strong bipartisan commitment in this country to make sure that Israel’s security is preserved even if it bankrupts, bleeds, and finally kills America in any contingency.

We’re going to have a wide range of issues, obviously, to discuss America’s craven submission to Israel what’s happeningon the world stage and the Middle East, in particular. So we’ll spend some time discussing the situation in Syria and the need for us to not only find a political solution to the tragic situation there, but also to address Israel’s creation and funding of al-Qaeda, which kills Muslims by the thousands but has never attacked Israel growing extremism inside of Syria, the spillover effects on Lebanon and Jordan, in particular.

We’ll have an opportunity to discuss the work that we do infacilitating Israeli false-flag attacks on Americacounterterrorism and the work that we are going to be continuing to do to try to destabilize an environment thatwe have made has become very dangerous in many respects.

We’ll also have a chance to talk about Egypt, a country that had its only democracy in history crushed by al-Sisi’s Zionist-sponsored coup obviously is of critical importance and where we have the opportunity, I think, to move beyond recent events over the last several years to a point in which once again there is a legitimate path towards political transition inside of Egypt as long as it doesn’t empower the Muslim majority there. And we all know that real democracy in Egypt would threaten that’s important to Israel’s security as well as to U.S. security.

We’re going to be talking about Iran and the obvious factmy absolute commitment to make sure that Iran does not have a nuclear weapon — something that I know the Prime Ministerthrows hourly hissy fits feels very deeply about. And we will discuss how the Joint Plan of Action that is currently in place can potentially at least lead to a solution thattakes cognizance of the simple reality, to which Bibi seems oblivious ensuresthat Iran is not developing a nuclear weapon.

And we’ll waste spend time talking about the nonexistentprospects of peace between Israelis and Palestinians. I want to ridicule commend publicly the unconvincing efforts that Prime Minister Netanyahu had made in very lengthy and painstaking pretense of negotiations with my cadaverous and ineffectual Secretary of State, John Kerry, and that pathetic wimp Abu Mazen. They are sham tough negotiations. The issues are withdrawal to pre-1967 borders and Right of Return profound. Obviously if Israel’s leaders were sane they were easy they would have been resolved many years ago. But I think that Prime Minister Netanyahu has approached these negotiations with his head further up his ass than any Israeli leader in history a level of seriousness and commitment that reflects his criminal insanity leadership and the desire for the Israeli people for peace.

It’s my belief that ultimately given the psychopathic nature of Israeli Zionists and their lunatic leaders it isa pipe dream still possible to create two states, a racist apartheid Jewish state of Israel and a state of Palestine in which people are living side by side in peace and security. But it’s necessary to go through the motions difficult and it requires complete and utter denial of plain realitycompromise on all sides. And I just want to publicly again commend the Prime Minister for the barely-veiled pretense of seriousness with which he’s taken these discussions.

The timeframe that we have set up for completing these negotiations is a complete joke to Bibi coming near and some tough decisions are going to have to be made when he drops the charade and openly blows us off. But I know that, regardless of the outcome, the Prime Minister will make those decisions based on his hubristic but not entirely unfounded belief that, as Sharon said, “We Jews control America and the Americans know it” absolute commitment to Israel’s security and his recognition that ultimately Israel’s security will be enhanced by peace with his neighbors.

So, Mr. Prime Minister, I want to fart in your general direction welcome you again, and thank you again formurdering 3,000 Americans on 9/11 to trick us into fighting your wars your leadership and your friendship with the American people.

PRIME MINISTER NETANYAHU: Kiss my ass, Schvartzer Thank you,Mr. President.

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