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Obama’s Foreign Policy: A US Military-Intelligence Agenda Which Seeks to Destabilize the Planet

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It has been a busy weak for President Obama. On Memorial day he secretly flew off to Afghanistan just to let the troops know he genuinely cares and is thinking about them. Or so his PR advisors want it to appear as his ratings continue slumping and his disastrous foreign policy continues to come under heavy fire from all sides. A true characteristic of psychopaths is that everything they do is to self-servingly promote their own image and position. Currently finding himself on the defensive, what does Obama the psychopath do? He opportunistically rushes off as Commander-in -Chief to spend the day that America mourns its fallen warriors with the live ones still fighting his lost cause in Afghanistan.

Then as a lead-up to today’s foreign policy initiatives detailed in his graduation speech at West Point today, yesterday President Obama declared that America’s longest running wars in history in both Iraq and Afghanistan are over almost for the US military occupiers. But he did stipulate just under 10,000 US troops will remain in Afghanistan as “advisors” and counterinsurgency support forces for the national Afghan Army at least for the next two years until 2017.

Plus a small contingent of NATO forces will likely continue their deployment in Afghanistan as well. The two leading candidates facing off in the Afghan presidential runoff election on June 25th have both already pledged to sign the agreement for US security forces to remain as “unofficial” occupiers that Obama assures will no longer be engaging in combat missions and patrols. Meanwhile, a number of US military officers are expressing doubt that that amount of US troops will be enough to hold back the surging onslaught of a revitalized Taliban enemy.

It is also worth noting that Obama bragged in today’s speech to West Point cadets that “al Qaeda has been decimated.” That is just one more in an endless supply of lies from the lips of a psychopath who will never admit the truth nor ever admit error, two hallmarks of a psychopath. The truth is that the enemy al Qaeda now occupies more area in Iraq and the Middle East than ever before and the enemy in Afghanistan likewise holds more territory outside the cities in Afghanistan than any time since the Taliban government was overthrown twelve years ago.

Today Obama emphatically reiterated the rhetoric that “America must always lead,” which is nothing more than his invoking the stand-by foreign policy of exceptionalism – “do as I say, not as I do.” He formally announced moving away from the costly protracted wars with which the US has drained the national economy and middle class taxpayers for over a dozen years. Obama’s plan for the US to lead the world involves countless dirty little secret wars waged on every continent involving Special Operations forces consisting of Green Beret, Delta Force and Navy Seals. Nothing will change in terms of the US military’s role in foreign policy continuing to act as world policemen and bully, only using smaller elite counterinsurgency units deployed in at last count and rising
134 nations. Because their operations are covert, oversight and accountability is virtually absent.

The only truth we know is their funding is virtually unlimited because it is hidden from public awareness justified by secrecy under the familiar guise of national security. What we also know based on past history is these secret unlimited US taxpayer dollars will continue to be given away to warlords to “rat out” their fellow countrymen deemed anti-US, so called insurgent terrorists or al Qaeda (to be differentiated from the al Qaeda mercenary Islamic extremists in whose pockets more US tax dollars are going to fight US proxy wars in places like Syria and Libya). Outsourcing with al Qaeda thugs has become a new way America “leads the world” in its desire to destabilize and promote regime changes wherever the US does not want to bother placing black ops on the ground.

For convenience sake, the Obama administration embraces a policy of al Qaeda the enemy whenever Washington says so, but simultaneously supports, finances and allies with (ever since the pre-al Qaeda Mujahideen in the late 70’s) certain al Qaeda terrorists to oppose selected sovereign nations that Washington dislikes and is committed to the imperialistic agenda of regime changes – calling it US exceptionalism. What’s good for the US government is good for the entire world like it or not, because the US as still the sole global superpower says so (despite the surging power of Russia and China in the renewed cold war challenge Obama instigated). Exceptionalism amounts to one set of international rules applying to the rest of the world subject to arbitrary US enforcement through bullying and extermination and another set that defies and remains immune from all international laws and governance that apply exclusively to the US only. Obama’s meta-message is that the US will continue our “might makes right” policy.

Obama’s graduation speech at West Point today in large part was a defensive maneuver to answer all his hawkish foreign policy critics, typical Republicans like McCain who have basically called Obama a wimp that has only weakened America’s global superpower status for not starting more major wars around the world. If they had their way, the US would have GI boots on the ground in Syria, Ukraine, Venezuela, Libya and God knows where else. Obama may be a psychopathic war criminal, but he is not quite that crazy – though that is debatable in view of last September when Obama was hell bent on launching a military strike on Syria until the whole world stopped him.

Basically Obama’s form of Teddy Roosevelt’s “walk softly but carry a big stick” means continued US night raids invading homes in secret unknown places all around the world, killing, detaining and torturing many innocent victims under the umbrage of counterinsurgency warfare. Or it might entail financing, training, accompanying and supporting death squad commando units doing the same thing in their own countries against their fellow countrymen.

Since the Bush days the US has maintained a standard foreign policy toward people in every nation, “either they are with us,” us including the US puppet government, allied warlords “or they are against us/US puppet government/allied warlords.” In this way, by design the US polarizes, destabilizes and otherwise stirs up civil wars everywhere the US goes at will. A more accurate way to describe Obama’s so called foreign policy initiatives is the King Midas touch in reverse. Cases in point include the ongoing civil wars that the US has purposely created in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Egypt, Ukraine, Sudan and to some extent Pakistan, Yemen, Mali, Somalia and Venezuela.

And based on recent revelations of how the CIA has lied for years to the pro-CIA Congressional Intelligence Committees and America, the CIA and Special Operations continue their practice of torture that no doubt includes waterboarding in secret detainment prisons around the globe, the most notorious one 90 miles from the US homeland in Guantanamo, Cuba. Despite a campaign
promise in both 2008 and again in 2012 to close Guantanamo Prison down once and for all, for over half a dozen years as president Obama continues failing to keep his word.

But then broken promises to the American people have become an Obama trademark. So somewhere in the world more innocent civilians who have been fingered by some informant being paid to lie with US taxpayer money is suddenly being apprehended in one of those counterinsurgency night raids and brought to a secret location in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Central Asia or Guantanamo and without charges being tortured and imprisoned for years at a time. The US is still holding innocent victims at Guantanamo who have been cleared of all charges for at least a dozen years. If we know this is true of cases in Guantanamo, hidden from the public are likely hundreds if not thousands of other victims whose human rights have been violated for decades in numerous secret locations.

And then there is Obama’s favorite form of modern warfare that he personally prefers hand picking his targets himself that include Americans in the crosshairs of thousands of drone attacks. Obama’s foreign policy signature calling card consists of launching missile strikes from his terror drones in the skies on mostly what turns out to be innocent victims in a number of nations. Drone warfare has been escalated over tenfold on Obama’s watch. His open admission that he could foresee killing Americans on foreign soil reflects his “world is changing” views. Today he simply repeated his past promise of turning drone deployments over from the CIA to the military to give the illusion of “more transparency.” Americans have heard that empty word before as just another broken promise since Obama’s track record has only demonstrated that he is the most secretive, least transparent president in US history.

Obama’s rhetoric today at West Point that the US will show restraint in looking for non-military solutions uttered in one breath, and then in the next breath that the US will continue to support “anti-terrorism” all around the world is just more psychopathic double talk. The bottom line is the US will continue leading by example as the world’s worst human rights offender while supporting regimes all over the planet that also have abysmal human rights records.

More of the same disastrous, unethical, haphazard and inconsistent, imperialistic foreign policy means that the US will continue financing corrupt weak puppet governments that permit transnational corporations to rape and steal their precious natural resources while enslaving its people that become even more exploited once their nations cannot repay IMF and world bank loans. In other words, there is absolutely nothing new that came out of Obama’s speech today. It will simply be business as usual, polarizing and destabilizing the world on the global chessboard stage ushering in more death, destruction and austerity paving the way toward the oligarch New World Order. Obama is simply doing his psychopathic doubletalk dance for his oligarch puppet masters.

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Cuba announces arrest of four Miami terrorists who were planning to carry out terrorist attacks



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Down with terrorism CubaOn May 7, Cuban authorities announced that on April 26, four Cuban right-wing exiles from Miami were arrested in Havana for plotting terrorist attacks in Cuban territory. Their names are José Ortega Amador, Obdulio Rodríguez González, Raibel Pacheco Santos and Félix Monzón Álvarez.

According to the report, the men have admitted that they planned to attack military installations and they had entered Cuba several times since 2013 to plot their actions.

The four men who are now detained in Cuba have also admitted that Santiago Álvarez, Osvaldo Mitat and Manuel Alzugaray were directing their terror campaign. They are long-time collaborators with CIA operative and terrorist Luis Posada Carriles.

The four men who are now detained in Cuba have admitted to Cuban authorities that Santiago Álvarez, Osvalto Mitat and Manuel Alzugaray were directing their actions.

Who is Santiago Álvarez Fernández Magriña?

Although he has long been identified in the Miami media as a Miami businessman, Álvarez is a terrorist with a long violent history. He has worked closely for years with CIA agents like Luis Posada Carriles.

He is most noted for financing Posada’s bombing and assassination campaigns and helping him escape justice. Posada Carriles is responsible for engineering the bombing of a Cuban airliner, killing 73 people, in 1976. He lives as a fugitive from justice in Miami.

Here are just a few facts about the terrorist Álvarez:

  • Oct. 12, 1971, Alvarez and CIA agent Antonio Iglesias Pons machine-gunned the village of Boca de Sama, eastern Cuba from a speedboat, killing two men and injuring several people, including a young girl.
  • In 2000, he was involved in the plot to try to assassinate Fidel Castro in Panama, led by Posada Carriles. After Posada and three others were convicted, then illegally pardoned by pro-U.S. Panama president Mireya Moscoso, Álvarez flew three of the men into Miami on a Lear jet.
  • In 2001, he bought 8 assault rifles in Miami and thousands of rounds of ammunition. The weapons were later found on three men arrested in Cuba. Álvarez ordered them to explode the Tropicana nightclub in Havana with C-4 explosives, potentially threatening hundreds of people’s lives.
  • Together with Osvaldo Mitat, he illegally sneaked Posada Carriles into Miami on a boat in March 2005. To this day Posada runs free in Miami, continuing to plot with his terrorist accomplices.
  • Álvarez and Mitat were caught with weapons caches in Miami (machine guns, C-4 explosives, grenade launchers) in 2005, yet they served less than two years.

Read more about the terrorist history of Santiago Álvarez

We the people of the United States believe the U.S. government should not harbor known terrorists in Miami or anywhere. 

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Exposed: The Hidden Role of Fusion Centers in the Nationwide Spying Operation Against Occupy


“Counter-terrorism” agencies’ domestic spying on free speech activity

New York Times publishes major article in today’s paper based
on materials released by the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS)-funded Fusion Centers used their vast anti-terrorism and anti-crime authority and funding to conduct a sprawling, nationwide and hour-by-hour surveillance effort that targeted even the smallest activity of peaceful protestors in the Occupy Movement in the fall and winter of 2011. This spying effort was exposed in a report issued today by the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund (PCJF) based on 4,000 pages of government documents obtained by the PCJF.Dear SAMMI,

The newly published documents reveal the actual workings of the Fusion Centers, created ostensibly to coordinate anti-terrorism efforts following the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, in collecting and providing surveillance information on peaceful protestors.

The new documents roll back the curtain on the Fusion Centers and show the communications, interactions and emails of a massive national web of federal agents, officials, police, and private “security” contractors. They accumulated and shared information, reporting on all manner of peaceful and lawful political activity that took place during the Occupy movement, from protests and rallies to meetings and educational lectures. This enormous spying and monitoring apparatus included the Pentagon, FBI, DHS, police departments and chiefs, private contractors and commercial business interests.

There is now, with the release of these documents, incontrovertible evidence of systematic, and not incidental, conduct and practices of the Fusion Centers and their personnel to direct their sites against a peaceful movement that advocated social and economic justice in the United States.

To read the full PCJF report on the Fusion Centers’ domestic spying operation, follow this link. Sections of the report include:

  • Anti-Terrorism Resources Devoted to Spy on Occupy Movement; Major City Police Chiefs Used Southern Nevada Counter Terrorism Center to Produce Regular National Reports on Occupy Movement
  • Investigating Terrorism in Boston: The Boston Regional Intelligence Center Monitored and Catalogued Occupy-Associated Activities from Student Organizing to Political Lectures
  • Pentagon and Dept. of Defense Worked Through Fusion Centers to Target Occupy Movement
  • The Terrorist Threat to U.S. National Security: Black Friday Consumer Boycotts
  • Let’s go down to Occupy Encampment “hear some tunes and get laid”: Communication from Washington D.C. Fusion Center official to Maryland Fusion Center official
  • Scared When the “Watched” Start Watching the Watchers
  • Watching the PCJF
  • A Well-Funded Surveillance-Industrial Complex in Search of a Mission to Justify its Exponential Funding
  • The Fusion Centers are Incompatible with Democracy and Must Be Ended

Read the full report

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John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt – The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy ”VIDEO”

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Philip Weiss – What is changing in “permissible” mainstream public debate—and what is not? ”VIDEO”

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On What the Pope Taught

by Richard Falk

            I am not surprised that there are such contradictory reactions to Pope Francis’ recent visit to Palestine and Israel. To begin with, there are sharply divergent views about the Catholic Church, and the papacy itself. Understandably for some, the complicity of the Catholic hierarchy with the shocking prevalence of sexual abuse by priests of young boys seems institutionally discrediting in the extreme. The anti-modern cult of celibacy and a failure to allow women to participate equally in the life of the Catholic Church furthers undermine its moral authority given the changing realities of the 21st century.

            Beyond this there are questions raised about Pope Francis’s own past, whether he was far too passive during the time of the ‘dirty war’ in Argentina, and too slow to favor the humane treatment of homosexuality. He has always chosen a simple life for himself, dedicating his pastoral efforts to benefit the poor, and being active as a leader in inter-faith activities. Since becoming Pope these virtues have been the signatures of his leadership, earning him praise and love from around the world, and helping us understand why his acts of devotion have been so widely seen, and an inspirational alternative to what is passed off as ‘global leadership’ in Washington.

            Unavoidably, his visit itself has been parsed in many ways and spun in all directions. Some insist that he should never have crossed the line separating religion and politics as he did when he made it clear he was visiting ‘the state of Palestine’ and not the ‘Occupied Palestinian Territories.’ Others complained that in such a situation of oppression and inequality, his carefully orchestrated efforts to acknowledge both sides equally actually gave rise to a false impression. In this respect, it was not acceptable and politically misleading to pay homage at the grave of Theodore Herzl, the founder of Zionism, or to treat Shimon Peres as a man of peace. Still others fault the Pope for not calling attention to the plight of Gaza or the threats confronting Bedouin communities.

            In my view, perhaps overstated, such carping misses the point, and manifests a disabling form of blindness. What was worthseeing, and only this, was the Pope bowed in prayer at the Bethlehem apartheid wall. It was this electrifying image, and the related story about how young Palestinian boys dared defy Israeli soldiers by writing welcoming graffiti behind where the Pope stood that makes the visit an unforgettable, even if unintended, affirmation of the Palestinian struggle against multiple forms of injustice. What will allow us to see better in the senses meant here is to appreciate why this image was and is so electrifying, will endure, and why the various commentaries, criticisms, and calumnies will soon to be forgotten.

            What we need to realize, whether we like it or not, is that the Catholic Church by its sheer presence, persistence, and resilience occupies a distinctively deep place in the thinking and feeling of people throughout the world, including tens of millions of non-Catholics. And the pope as the leader of Catholicism, in ritual and doctrine, enjoys a spiritual power of pronouncement without needing to utter a single word. And when that power is used charismatically, as at the wall, no cascade of words can suffice to offset the impact of such a potent image and metaphor. The Israeli Prime Minister vainly informed the world that the wall was there to prevent suicide bombing and had contributed to Israeli security since its partial construction more than a decade ago. It is equally irrelevant to refute this claim or to argue in opposition that the World Court had declared a wall built deep in Palestine amounted to an unlawful confiscation of land, imposing hardships, and should be dismantled and compensation paid for harm done.

            The Pope is not a lawyer nor is it a time to engage the controversy about the security functions of the wall. What counts, and all that counts, is that the wall has become a devastating image and metaphor of injustice and oppression, with Israelis as the perpetrators and Palestinians as the victims. Hany Abu-Assad’s fine film, Omar, a finalist for best foreign film at this year’s Academy Awards ceremony, also used the wall as the dominant wordless metaphor of what it meant for Palestinian lives to endure oppression day by day, showing its reality for all those with eyes that see.

            Reacting to injustice is above all a visual and visceral experience. This is what Pope Francis has taught us. But first we must open our eyes, and keep them open. The greatest writers also perform their magic with language mostly by redirecting our line of vision.

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James David: How does U.S. military aid to I$raHell impact relations with other U.S. allies? ”VIDEO”

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