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US delays Nicaraguan lawmakers’ trip to Iran


Parliamentarians held up at Miami airport en route to Syria conference in Tehran


Times of Israel

The Nicaraguan ambassador to Iran said a group of parliamentarians who were on their way to Tehran in a show of support for Syria were delayed by US security officials in Miami’s airport.

Ambassador Mario Antonio Barquero Baltodano told the Friends of Syria conference in Tehran that the lawmakers would eventually arrive later that evening, Iranian media reported on Sunday.


“The US security officials at Miami airport have prevented the Nicaraguan MPs from traveling to Iran, and the delegation will arrive in Tehran with a delay,” Baltodano said, according to the semi-official Fars news agency. “Therefore, our lawmakers will try to participate in the Tehran conference this evening.”

The conference, the second of its kind, is hosting national security and foreign policy representatives from over 30 countries that maintain good relations with the Syrian regime of Bashar Assad.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed Zarif, who attended the Syrian support conference, demanded that Western powers stop meddling in the conflict in Syria.

“The foreign powers should give up the illusion of attaining their own strategic wishes and aspirations in Syria through military means and accept that the Syrian crisis has no way but a political solution based on the resolve and will of the Syrian people which will be shown through the ballot box,” he said.

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