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Syria: Zio-Nazi new President-elect Rivlin gets letter of congratulation from Al-Nusra Zio-Wahhabi RAT’s



Zio-Wahhabi RAT’s Al-Nusra  wishes Rivlin well, says it’s eager for the moment when I$raHell and the rebels celebrate victory over Assad, Iran and Hezbollah.


President-elect Reuven Rivlin received a letter of congratulation on his election victory from an unexpected source on Wednesday: Syrian rebels.

According to Ma’ariv, Mohammed Adnan, the chairman of a group called, the Revolutionary Congregation for Syria’s Future, sent Rivlin a letter, stating that “as a Syrian rebel,” he was looking forward to “new ties based on honesty and sincerity between the Syrian and Israeli people.”

“I will be so glad be to be the first one of the well-wishers to you, Mr. Reuven, president of the State of Israel,” Adnan added.

Adnan said that he was “eager for the moment” when both Israel and the Syrian rebels celebrate victory “over the outlaw trinity of the Assad family, Hezbollah, and Iran.”

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