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America’s Covert Re-Invasion of Iraq

Image: ISIS clearly did not materialize spontaneously within Iraq, it has
clearly redeployed from its NATO-sponsored destruction of Syria to
northern Iraq, perhaps in an attempt to justify a NATO incursion and the
creation of a buffer zone straddling Syrian, Iraqi, and even possibly
Iranian territory with the goal of targeting Iran directly with ISIS.  


June 13, 2014 (Tony Cartalucci – LD) – Heavily armed, well funded, and organized as a professional, standing army, the forces of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) swept southward into Iraq from Turkey and northeastern Syria, taking the cities of Mosul and Tikrit, and now threaten the Iraqi capital city of Baghdad itself. The United States was sure to prop up two unfounded narratives – the first being that US intelligence agencies, despite assets in Iraq and above it in the form of surveillance drones, failed to give warning of the invasion, and that ISIS is some sort of self-sustaining terror organization carving out a “state” by “robbing banks” and collecting “donations” on Twitter.

The Wall Street Journal in its report, Iraqi Drama Catches U.S. Off Guard,” stated:

The quickly unfolding drama prompted a White House meeting Wednesday of top policy makers and military leaders who were caught off guard by the swift collapse of Iraqi security forces, officials acknowledged.

In another WSJ post, U.S. Secretly Flying Drones Over Iraq,” it claimed:

A senior U.S. official said the intelligence collected under the small [secret US drone] program was shared with Iraqi forces, but added: “It’s not like it did any good.” The rapid territorial gains by the Islamist forces loyal to Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham, or ISIS, an al Qaeda offshoot, caught the U.S. by surprise, the officials said.

Image: ISIS has convoys of brand new matching Toyota’s the same
vehicles seen among admittedly NATO-armed terrorists operating
everywhere from Libya to Syria, and now Iraq. It is a synthetic, state-
sponsored regional mercenary expeditionary force.


Despite drone flights collecting intelligence, and a 3-year ongoing CIA program (here,here, and here) all along the Turkish-Syrian border to “monitor” and “arm” “moderate” militants fighting the Syrian government, the US claims it was caught “by surprise.” If drones and CIA operatives operating in ISIS territory weren’t enough to detect the impending invasion, perhaps the CIA should have just picked up a newspaper.

Indeed, the Lebanon Daily Start in March 2014 reported that ISIS openly withdrew its forces from Latakia and Idlib provinces in western Syria, and redeployed them in Syria’s east – along the Syrian-Iraqi border. The article titled, Al-Qaeda splinter group in Syria leaves two provinces: activists,” stated explicitly that:

On Friday, ISIS – which alienated many rebels by seizing territory and killing rival commanders – finished withdrawing from the Idlib and Latakia provinces and moved its forces toward the eastern Raqqa province and the eastern outskirts of the northern city of Aleppo, activists said.

The question remains, if a Lebanese newspaper knew ISIS was on the move eastward, why didn’t the CIA? The obvious answer is the CIA did know, and is simply feigning ignorance at the expense of their reputation to bait its enemies into suspecting the agency of  incompetency rather than complicity in the horrific terroristic swath ISIS is now carving through northern Iraq.

Described extensively in the full New Eastern Outlook Journal (NEO) report,NATO’s Terror Hordes in Iraq a Pretext for Syria Invasion,” the United States, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar, have funded and armed terrorists operating in Syria for the past 3 years to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars – coincidentally the same amount that ISIS would require to gain primacy among militant groups fighting in Syria and to mobilize forces capable of crossing into Iraq and overwhelming Baghdad’s national defenses.

Image: The most prominent routes into Syria for foreign fighters is depicted, with the inset graph describing the most widely used routes by foreign fighters on their way to Iraq, as determined by West Point’s 2007 Combating Terrorism Center report Al-Qa’ida’s Foreign Fighters in Iraq (page 20).  These same networks were then used to invade and attempt to overthrow the Syrian government itself in 2011, with the addition of a more prominent role for Turkey, and today in 2014, to re-invade Iraq once again. 

The NEO report includes links to the US Army’s West Point Countering Terrorism Center reports, Bombers, Bank Accounts and Bleedout: al-Qa’ida’s Road In and Out of Iraq,” andAl-Qa’ida’s Foreign Fighters in Iraq,” which detail extensively the terror network used to flood Iraq with foreign terrorists, weapons, and cash to fuel an artificial “sectarian war” during the US occupation, and then turned over to flood Syria with terrorists in the West’s bid to overthrow the government in Damascus.

What’s ISIS Doing in Iraq? 

The NEO report would also post Seymour Hersh’s 2007 article, The Redirection,” documenting over the course of 9 pages US, Saudi, and Israeli intentions to create and deploy sectarian extremists region-wide to confront Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah in Lebanon. Hersh would note that these “sectarian extremists” were either tied to Al Qaeda, or Al Qaeda itself. The ISIS army moving toward Baghdad is the final manifestation of this conspiracy, a standing army operating with impunity, threatening to topple the Syrian government, purge pro-Iranian forces in Iraq, and even threatening Iran itself by building a bridge from Al Qaeda’s NATO safe havens in Turkey, across northern Iraq, and up to Iran’s borders directly. Labeled “terrorists” by the West, grants the West plausible deniability in its creation, deployment, and across the broad spectrum of atrocities it is now carrying out.

Image: ISIS’s alleged territory spans across both Iraqi and Syrian
territory. If it is able to establish a NATO-backed buffer zone, it will be
able to launch attacks with impunity into Syria, Iraq, and Iran – in a
region-wide sectarian war the West has been engineering for years. 


It is a defacto re-invasion of Iraq by Western interests – but this time without Western forces directly participating – rather a proxy force the West is desperately attempting to disavow any knowledge of or any connection to. However, no other explanation can account for the size and prowess of ISIS beyond state sponsorship. And since ISIS is the clear benefactor of state sponsorship, the question is, which states are sponsoring it? With Iraq, Syria, and Iran along with Lebanese-based Hezbollah locked in armed struggle with ISIS and other Al Qaeda franchises across the region, the only blocs left are NATO and the GCC (Saudi Arabia and Qatar in particular).

With the West declaring ISIS fully villainous in an attempt to intervene more directly in northern Iraq and eastern Syria, creating a long desired “buffer zone” within which to harbor, arm, and fund an even larger terrorist expeditionary force, Syria, Iraq, Iran, and others are offered an opportunity to preempt Western involvement and to crush the ISIS – cornering and eliminating NATO-GCC’s expeditionary force while scoring geopolitical points of vanquishing Washington’s latest “villain.” Joint Iraq-Iranian operations in the north and south of ISIS’s locations, and just along Turkey’s borders could envelop and trap ISIS to then be whittled down and destroyed – just as Syria has been doing to NATO’s proxy terrorist forces within its own borders.

Whatever the regional outcome may be, the fact is the West has re-invaded Iraq, with a force as brutal, if not worse than the “shock and awe” doctrine of 2003. Iraq faces another difficult occupation if it cannot summon a response from within, and among its allies abroad, to counter and crush this threat with utmost expediency.

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Pakistan: Propaganda against North Waziristan Operation


North Waziristan Agency, Pakistan

By Sajjad Shaukat

On June 15, this year, Pakistan’s armed forces started a full scale operation “Zarb-e-Azb” against

terrorists in North Wazirastan Agency.

In this regard, DG, ISPR, Gen. Asim Saleem Bajwa said: “On the directions of the Government,

Armed forces of Pakistan have launched a comprehensive operation against foreign and local

terrorists who are hiding in sanctuaries in North Wazirastan Agency. He elaborated, “These

terrorists had been waging a war against the state of Pakistan by disrupting our national life

in all its dimensions, stunting our economic growth and causing enormous loss of life and

property…with the support of the entire nation, these enemies will be denied space across the

country.” He added, “These militants had perpetually terrorized the entire peace loving locals.”

Chief of Army Staff, General Raheel Sharif also expressed similar views on June 16, saying that

that military operation was aimed to eliminate all terrorists in North Wazirastan to get rid of the

menace of terrorism.

On the one side, Pakistani jets has been bombing militants’ hideouts in North Waziristan, and

killed more than 250 insurgents including foreign militants, while, on the other, an increase

has been observed in the efforts of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) to motivate functionaries

and the locals by misguiding them against the armed forces. In this respect, the so-called TTP

affiliated religious scholars have been issuing Fatwas (Religious verdict), calling for Jihad

against Pakistani security forces, by using their traditional propaganda tools like FM Radios,

repeaters, pamphlets, Mosque Khutbas etc. They are inciting the innocent Muslims for Jihad

against Pak Army and by misinterpretation various incidents and developments like hanging

over of Arab/Ajam Mujahideen, handing over of Dr Aafia Siddiqui by Inter-Services Intelligence

agency (ISI) to the US, killing of several children and women in Lal Masjid operation including

religious scholars like Mufti Nizam-ud-Din Shamzai, Ghazi Abdul Rashid, Maulana Naseeb

Khan, Maulana Yousaf Ludhyani, Maulana Hassan Jan, Haq Nawaz Jhangvi etc. and killing of

more than 100 people and destruction of several mosques in North Wazirastan in security forces’

bombardment on 23 May 2014.

They propagate that military operations are being conducted in FATA on US dictations;

therefore, Jihad against Pak security forces is justified and is compulsory—locals should

dedicate their children for Jihad and financially support “Mujahideen.”

It is notable that since the present government had started the peace dialogue with the Taliban,

the TTP had been acting upon a dual strategy, as sometimes, it accepted responsibility for its

terror-attacks, but sometimes, it denied the same. In this context, TTP has refused that it was

behind the some attacks, but it accepted responsibility when Taliban insurgents targeted the

Rangers, Police and anti-polio workers in Karachi in wake of the peace talks. Similarly, Taliban

had claimed responsibility for the brutal massacre of 23 personnel of the Frontier Constabulary

who were abducted from Mohmand Agency, four years ago and later shifted to Afghanistan.

Similarly, TTP had condemned the brutal assault on the church in Peshawar. But, afterwards, its

spokesman had remarked that it was in accordance with Sharia (Islamic Jurisprudence) which

indicated that the group was behind that ruthless attack.

Notably, terror attack at the Karachi airport terminal on June 8, 2013 which martyred more

than 35 persons including those of the Ranger, police and the Civil Aviation Authority, came

as a blow from the sky. After a gunbattle of several hours in which Pak Army also participated,

10 militants were killed, and the area was controlled successfully without any major damage.

Weapons and explosive-material of the Indian origin were also recovered, which indicated

foreign hands behind the episode. However, TTP and the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan

accepted responsibility for this attack.

Taking note of the Karachi airport attack, the government which was following a policy of

appeasement toward the TTP and released many militants of the outfit decided to launch a

military action against them.

Nevertheless, the victims of terror-attacks in Pakistan have been innocent men, women, and

children. While, ruthless beheadings of the people, assaults on security personnel and prominent

religious figures—blowing children schools and attacking the female teachers in order to deny

education to girls, the militants also targeted cinemas and the places of worships. Their nefarious

acts resulted into martyrdom of more than sixty thousand Pakistanis including security forces’

personnel. Besides, they also criticized the developmental projects carried out by Pak Army.

In some tribal areas and Swat, the Taliban leaders had created states within the state, and had

been involved in a number of crimes such as drug-smuggling, forced marriages, hostage-takings

for ransom and even car-snatching. In the Khyber agency, they are also indulged in murdering

and torturing Shias in their majority areas, forcing them to flee. It was due to Taliban’s inhuman

activities that in 2009, Pak Army ejected them from these regions through military operations.

As part of their atrocities, TTP also killed of Ulema (Religious scholars) like Maulana Hassan

Jan who declared its activities as un-Islamic. TTP militants have been using suicide bombing as

their main weapon against their own country by calling suicide bombers-the followers of Islam.

In this context, Imam-e-Kaaba, Sheikh Abdul Rahman during his visit to Pakistan and during

his Khateeb-e-Hajj had clearly stated that suicide attacks are illegal (Haram). He explained,

“Such acts fall under the category of crime and suicide bombers or attackers are destined to go

to Hell…they represent enemy of Muslims and they commit crimes against humanity, while

misguiding other Muslims.” Denouncing terrorism as un-Islamic, he pointed out that terrorists’

activities are part of a conspiracy to defame Islam and destroy Muslims.

In fact, background of TTP leaders is that they have neither attended any Madrassah, nor have

attained religious education. Unfortunately, terrorists led by the TTP use Islam as their most

effective mask. Their main demands include enforcement of Islamic system of governance by

imposing Shariah laws in the country, ending diplomatic relations with US and western world

and undertaking Jihad against the non-Muslims. They have become self-proclaimed campaigners

of Islam, rejecting all dissenting views.

While Islam is a religion of universal application, as it emphasizes peace, democracy,

moderation and human rights including tolerance of political groups, religious communities and

sects which are in minority in a country.

The Constitution of 1973 which was unanimously adopted, clearly states that Pakistan is

basically a democracy guided by the Islamic principles and values—no law would be made

contrary to Quran and Sunnah.

Besides, addressing the Constituent Assembly on August, 11 1947, Quaid-i-Azam who wanted

Pakistan as a democratic state, said that he did not want Pakistan to be a theocratic state. He

wanted Pakistan to be a liberal, secular and progressive state where both Muslims and non-
Muslims were treated as citizens of equal status.

Having co-relationship with each other, Islam respects women, while democracy also advocates

the same. Democratic system does not prohibit the religious parties or tribesmen to participate in

elections. Laws of Sharia can best be put to practice through democratic system which does not

make us un-Islamic or anti-Sharia.

Pakistan has to move along with the demands of modern time. Therefore, periodic

reinterpretation of Islamic teachings, which is called Ijtihad is essential, as it could provide new

perceptions to Islam in accordance with the changed world vision.

However, Jihad is a sacred obligation, but its real spirit needs to be understood clearly, as

murdering innocent women and children is not Jihad. In fact, by implementing the instructions

of their external masters, these Taliban and their banned affiliated groups are defaming Islam,

concept of Jihad, and are weakening Pakistan.

It is mentionable that the TTP Chief Maulana Fazlullah had dismissed the proposed peace

negotiations with the government as a “waste of time”, and vowed to target the prime minister,

chief minister, chief of army staff and corpse commanders. Well-established in Afghanistan,

with the tactical support of the US, in connivance with Indian RAW and Afghan spy service, the

National Directorate of Security and Pakistani Taliban, Maulana Fazlullah—and these foreign

agencies have been conducting various sorts of terrorist acts including ethnic and sectarian

violence in Pakistan.

Nonetheless, true teachings of Islam, especially the Islamic history prove that the insurgents

were suppressed and eliminated by the Islamic governments. As the TTP-led terrorists had

accelerated their anti-social, undemocratic and un-Islamic practices, therefore, people from all

segments of life wanted that a handful of terrorist elements must not be allowed to dictate their

agenda and to impose their self-perceived ideology on the majority of Pakistanis. So, the right

hour has come that Pakistan’s media, politicians and leaders of religious parties must show

solidarity with the armed forces by also rejecting the propaganda of these zealots against the

security forces in relation to the ongoing military operation in North Wazistan.

Sajjad Shaukat writes on international affairs and is author of the book: US vs Islamic Militants,

Invisible Balance of Power: Dangerous Shift in International Relations

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Geo Hate Brigade VS Pakistan



By Sajjad Shaukat

In the modern era of technological development, the media have become a powerful institution

which has changed the world into a global village. Technical prowess, dispersion effect, social

prestige and influencing clout enable media to turn into reflecting mirror of society, reporting

all events which take place in a social setting. Thus media renders a great service to the society

by providing information, and by helping people to formulate correct perceptions, while

strengthening their ideological philosophies.

Unfortunately, Pakistani media have drawn undue advantage under the garb of availing rights

of free expression by actually using media as a weapon to exploit and coerce government

functionaries, public sector, bureaucrats, top businessmen, political leaders and prestigious

institutions including Judiciary, Armed Forces and intelligence agencies. Sensationalism

and scandalous reporting have become the hallmark of Pakistan’s media, while reputation of

esteemed national institutions is recklessly damaged without realizing the outcome. In this

regard, particularly Geo and Jang Media Group including its associated anchors of the Hate

Brigade are following a premeditated agenda. They initially targeted civil machinery, politicians

and businessmen to fleece wealth, while adding to their power.

Since the government through Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA)

failed to check the negative media trends, media got encouraged and ultimately used its bashing

campaign against the Armed Forces and secret agencies. The contents of their tirade are

analogous to propaganda products of India, US and other anti-Pakistan elements. PEMRA’s

psychological fixation on freedom of expression encouraged certain media anchors and reporters,

especially, the Geo Media Group to openly criticize the Armed Forces and Inter-Services

Intelligence agency (ISI), thereby, facilitating promotion of foreign agenda.

In fact, a Hate Brigade of the Geo Media Group started emerging which included Hamid Mir,

Najam Sethi, Absar Alam, Umer Cheema, Ahmed Noorani, Tariq Butt, Ansar Abbassi, Mati-
ullah-Jan and few others who having lost their sense of affinity for domestic heritage left no

stone unturned to defame Pak Army and ISI. Their methodology is to hold TV talk shows and

invite other members of the Hate Brigade as the participants. Their agenda points at lust for

money, ambition to attain prominence and false proclamation of being activists of truth, while

spreading hate and prejudice against their own Armed Forces and ISI. They publish articles in

praise of other hate-mongers, supporting each others views and polluting the minds of audience

to promote biased predispositions. The Hate Brigade has used media as a weapon and feels no

shame in promoting Indian media products, while downplaying Pakistan’s nationalistic views.

Their criticism against own government system and Armed Forces is so venomous that domestic

audiences openly complaint of feeling out of sorts after watching their talk shows and after going

The TV anchors, commentators and writers of the Geo Hate Group manipulated different

vulnerabilities of Pakistan, during global war against terrorism, instigating separatists in

Balochistan, crating lawlessness in Karachi, muddling in the affairs of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa,

tribal areas, war against the militants, and other issues like dialogue with the Tehreek-e-Taliban

Pakistan (TTP) and military operation against the Taliban including externally-backed sectarian

violence in various cities of Pakistan. But, the collaboration between Geo Media Network

and particularly India has been exposed, as leaders of various political and religious parties

including all the segments of society have been condemning the Geo and Jang Group by showing

solidarity with Pakistan’s Armed Forces and ISI in the aftermath of Hamid Mir episode which

was manipulated by this media group.

Every thing became crystal clear when foreign media, NGOs and human rights groups

reactivated their campaign against Pakistan, its army and ISI by favoring the so-called

propaganda of the Geo TV, and misconceptions of Hamid Mir. Particularly, India avail the

opportunity, and under the pretext of false accusations, its renowned newspapers, TV channels

and high officials maligned ISI. In this connection, Geo Network which enjoys support of

external enemies, itself indicates proof that it follows India which wants to destabilize Pakistan.

In this context, on April 28, this year, voicing his support for the Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir,

BJP leader Yashwant Sinha called upon Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif through a letter to stop ISI

from suspending Geo TV license.

But, countrywide protests and rallies in support of Armed Forces and Pakistan’s prime spy

agency, ISI accelerated against the Geo Network after its channel showed blasphemous content

on May 14, this year in its entertainment morning show Now, even general masses of the country

are raising slogans that Geo and Jang Group has been fulfilling foreign agenda, and it should be

shut down permanently. Particularly, Chairman, Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf (PTI), Imran Khan who

has also defended the stance of Army and ISI, announced to boycott Geo and Jang Group. In a

press conference on May 17, Imran Khan displayed documentary evidence, revealing that Mir

Shakil-ur-Rehman, owner of the Geo and Jang Group is working against the national interests of

Pakistan and is being funded by foreign countries like UK and the US for shaping the national

narrative on foreign agendas, while there is no audit of the Geo network which blackmails those

who raise question in this respect. Imran Khan added, “Media trial of ISI and its chief by Geo

TV is extremely condemnable.”

However, the entire nation and all other media channels have been critical of Geo and Jang

Group for its unlawful media tirade against the Armed Forces, especially ISI and its DG—and

its subsequent attempts to defend their false stance—belittling PEMRA, while challenging the

authority of national institutions and boasting their power, with the backing of some government

ministers. Despite dressing-down by large number of viewers and public scolding, Geo Group

is still making premeditated efforts to discredit PEMRA. In this regard, Mir Shakeel-ur-Rehman

planned to damage the prestige of Armed Forces and ISI by rendering PEMRA a redundant

body, and ultimately finding freedom of media to inflict serious damage to Pakistan’s national

security system. Global players and anti-Pakistan foreign elements also have similar agenda

against Pakistan’s security agencies. They perceive that an effective PEMRA will create a ‘win

win’ position for Armed Forces and ISI, disallowing any pressure from international and national

organizations like EU, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan etc., as PEMRA decisions being

legitimate will have world wide acceptance. In this context, the nexus between Indian RAW,

Israeli MOSSAD, American CIA, Afghan and Iranian intelligence agencies to defame Pakistan,

its Army—and foreign funding to Pakistani media personalities, newspapers and TV channels

present difficult challenges for the country.

Notably, in the aftermath of the Hamid Mir episode, Geo Media Group and some ministers

of the ruling party used various techniques to pressurize PEMRA—not to cancel Geo license.

Presently, PEMRA board comprises 12 members including five officially nominated, four

(Information and Interior Secretaries, PTA and FBR Chairmen, one Civil Society member)

recommended by Chairman PEMRA and 2 others on government’s advice, but selected by

Chairman PEMRA. The board lacks any representation from intelligence agencies, religious

scholars and culture experts who can identify foul play and discrepancies of media channels like

Nevertheless, on May 20, PEMRA suspended the three licenses of Geo Group. But, the

government decided to take action against its three private members, and issued show cause

notices to them. On June 7, official members of PEMRA suspended Geo TV’s license for 15

days and imposed Rs.10 million fine on a complaint, filed by the defense ministry in connection

with the distortion of ISI image. The order was issued by newly-appointed interim chairperson

Pervaiz Rathore. While, PEMRA’s private member Israr Abbasi told media that the new decision

was taken by the government members alone and not the entire regulatory body. He also claimed

that PEMRA rules do not permit appointment of caretaker head. Meanwhile, embolden by

the government and some foreign powers, Geo Group issued a legal notice to the ministry of

defense, ISI and PEMRA for defaming the group by accusing it of working on an anti-Pakistan

agenda, asking all to apologize within 14 days and pay damages of Rs. 50 billion.

It is mentionable that the Defence Minister Khawaja Asif who was secretly supporting the Geo

stance stated on a private TV channel on June 11, 2014, “If the allegations on Geo TV from

defense ministry are proved wrong, I will resign from my post.” He said that defense ministry

filed a case against Geo that they are working with foreign countries and been funded too.

Noting the statement of Khawaja Asif, the Pakistan Broadcasting Association (PBA) suspended

membership of Geo TV and issued show cause notice to it. This endorsed anti-Pakistan activities

of the media group, which amounts to treason. Besides, Geo TV’s anchor, Dr. Aamer Liaqat

Hussain extended an apology to DG ISI for using defamatory campaign against him. His apology

contained high sounding words with emotional appeal. The Geo Hate Brigade’s anchors score

points against Pak Army and ISI by making pledges that once an apology has been rendered the

case should be closed. If they agree to such a pledge or apology, they should have submitted it

While, the entertainment show run by Dr. Shaista Lodhi on Geo TV channel is proof of Geo’s

unethical practices. Their blasphemous conduct caused deep emotional injury to the whole nation

and such an unpardonable act must be dealt as per law.

Now, PEMRA should be made an effective body to check external funding by secret agencies

like RAW to Pakistani media circles. It will also block objectionable propaganda contents by

asserting its powers to cancel media licenses of TV channels as deterrence. Hence, composition

of the board must be modified on merit, adding more members from relevant segments of

society, and government must undertake speedy and spot decisions.

Nonetheless, the Hate Brigade of the Geo Media group must be targeted and efforts must

be made to uncover their biased coverage against national interests of Pakistan. Their unfair

criticism of Pak Army and ISI, which is already being rejected by all the segments of society

must continue to be condemned. Besides, anchors of the Go’s Hate Brigade must be brought

before the law to explain the underlined reasons of their hatred towards national institutions

including their anti-Pakistan schemes.

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Towards a World War III Scenario: America’s “Contingency Plan” to Attack Iran with Nuclear Weapons

Global Research


U.S. plans to attack Iran with a mix of nuclear and conventional weapons have been in readiness since June, 2005, according to Michel Chossudovsky. a distinguished authority on international affairs.

“Confirmed by military documents as well as official statements, both the U.S. and Israel contemplate the use of nuclear weapons directed against Iran,” writes professor Michel Chossudovsky, Director of the Centre for Research on Globalization in Montreal.

The plans were formulated in 2004. The previous year, Congress gave the Pentagon the green light to use thermo-nuclear weapons in conventional war theaters in the Middle East and Central Asia, allocating $6 billion in 2004 alone to create the new generation of “defensive” tactical nuclear weapons or “mini-nukes”.

“In 2005, Vice President Dick Cheney ordered USSTRATCOM (Strategic Command) to draft a ‘contingency plan’ that included “a large-scale air assault on Iran employing both conventional and tactical nuclear weapons,” Chossudovsky writes. The plan went beyond the terms of reference outlined in the Pentagon’s 2001 Nuclear Posture Review (NPR), which called for a ”preemptive” “first strike use” of nuclear weapons against Russia and China as well as Iran and North Korea.

The 2005 plan identified more than 450 strategic targets in Iran, including numerous alleged nuclear-weapons-program development sites. The plan, incredibly, was rationalized on a second 9/11 type attack on the US that Cheney believed Iran would allegedly support!

“President Obama has largely endorsed the doctrine of pre-emptive use of nuclear weapons formulated by the previous administration,” Chossudovsky writes in his new book,Towards a World War III Scenario: The Dangers of Nuclear War (Global Research, 2012). His Administration “has also intimated it will use nukes in the event of an Iran response to an Israeli attack on Iran.”

Chossudovsky points out, “The new nuclear doctrine turns concepts and realities upside down. It not only denies the devastating impacts of nuclear weapons, it states, in no uncertain terms, that nuclear weapons are ‘safe’ and their use in the battlefield will ensure ‘minimal collateral damage and reduce the probability of escalation.’ The issue of radioactive fallout is not even acknowledged with regard to tactical nuclear weapons, neither is the issue of ‘Nuclear Winter’.”

“What is unfolding (in Iran) is the outright legitimization of war in the name of an illusive notion of global security. America’s mini-nukes, with an explosive capacity of up to six times a Hiroshima bomb, are upheld as a ‘humanitarian’ bomb, whereas Iran’s nonexistent nuclear weapons are branded as an indisputable threat to global security,” Chossudovsky writes.

He points out that a U.S.-Israeli strike against Iran would probably not be limited to Iran’s nuclear facilities but likely would be “an all-out air attack on both military and civilian infrastructure, transport systems, factories and public buildings.”

Employed would be “the entire gamut of new advanced weapons systems, including electro-metric weapons and environmental modification techniques (ENMOD),” Chossudovsky writes.

WWIII Scenario

He notes that the U.S. has stepped up its military shipments to Israel, its NATO allies, and to countries bordering Iran. Israel in 2004 took shipment of the first of 500 U.S.-made BLU 109 “bunker buster” bombs, and the U.S. has supplied thermonuclear bombs to Belgium, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Turkey, and Great Britain. Turkey alone, a partner in the U.S. anti-Iran coalition, has 90 thermonuclear B61 bombs at its Incirlik nuclear air base.

“It is not Iran and North Korea which are a threat to global security by the United States of America and Israel,” he adds. What’s more, Western European governments have joined the bandwagon and “have endorsed the U.S.-led military initiative against Iran.”

He goes on to say, “At no point since the first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima on August 6, 1945, has humanity been closer to the unthinkable — a nuclear holocaust which could potentially spread in terms of radioactive fallout over a large part of the Middle East.”

It may also be noted the U.S. currently has several, nuclear-armed carrier task forces in waters near Iran and has built more than 40 military bases in the countries surrounding Iran. The U.S. reportedly has 20,000 nuclear bombs available to use and Israel reportedly has another 200, whereas Iran is not known to have one. U.S. military spending of $700 billion a year, moreover, is 100 times the rate of Iran’s $7 billion annual military outlay.

For further information and/or interviews with Michel Chossudovsky, contact Sherwood Ross Associates, Public Relations Consultants, Miami, Florida, 305-205-8281
[email protected]

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PHROC Condemns Collective Punishment of Palestinians in Response to the Disappearance of Three Zio-Nazi Settlers


Date: 17 June 2014

Ref. No.: 53/2014

The recent wave of arrests, attacks, killings and total closure of large parts of the West Bank following the disappearance of three Israeli settlers is a clear form of collective punishment against the Palestinian people. Since the disappearance of the three settlers on Thursday 12 June, Israeli forces in Jalazoun refugee camp, north of Ramallah, have killed a Palestinian man, Ahmad Sabarin, 20, and have arrested approximately 200 Palestinians across the West Bank. In total, eight members of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) have been arrested since 12 June, including the head of the PLC. One PLC member has since been released. On 15 June three people were injured, including an eight-year old boy, when the Israeli military blew up the entrance of a house in Hebron during an arrest operation. In addition, on 16 June six Palestinian were injured at Qalandiya checkpoint near Ramallah, including Yazan Yacoub, 17, who was, according to reports, shot in the chest and abdomen with a live bullet, critically wounding him.

As the Occupying Power, Israel is obligated to carry out its search for the missing settlers in line with its obligations under international humanitarian law (IHL) and international human rights law (IHRL). IHRL imposes an absolute obligation on Israel to respect the right to life of Palestinians by ensuring that the use of force and firearms by law enforcement officials is carried out in a manner that minimises damage and injury and respects and preserves human life. IHRL further prohibits arbitrary or unlawful interference with privacy, family, home and correspondence and affords all persons the right to liberty and security of person, which demands a legal basis for each and every individual arrest. Furthermore, all persons that are arrested must be treated with humanity and respect for their inherent dignity.

Although some of the measures carried out by the Israeli forces in large parts of the West Bank may have a link to the investigation into the disappearances, the methods employed are indiscriminate in their nature and are undermining the fundamental rights of the persons concerned. Furthermore, these restrictive measures are being carried out based on mere speculation regarding both the identity of those responsible for the disappearances and their location. As such, these measures indicate Israel’s intention to impose punitive measures against large portions of the Palestinian population in violation ofArticle 33 of the Fourth Geneva Convention prohibiting reprisals against protected persons and their property, as well as collective punishment.

Furthermore, Israeli government threats to expel Hamas personnel from the West Bank to the Gaza Strip based on allegations that the organisation is responsible for the settlers’ disappearances not only amounts to indiscriminate collective punishment but also violates Article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention, which prohibits forcible transfers and deportations of protected persons in occupied territory. The violation of this provision amounts to a grave breach of the Geneva Conventions and as such may constitute a war crime under Article 8(2)(a)(vii) of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.

The Palestinian Human Rights Organisations Council (PHROC) condemns Israel’s disregard for its obligations under international law and its use of reprisals against the Palestinian population in carrying out its investigations into the disappeared youths. PHROC calls upon High Contracting Parties to the Geneva Conventions to uphold their obligation to ensure respect for the Conventions as established under Common Article 1, by taking concrete measures to pressure Israel to halt its violations of international law.

PHROC further condemns the Israeli government-initiated law proposal to permit force-feeding of hunger strikers. Currently, over 125 Palestinian detainees and prisoners have been on hunger strike in protest against Israel’s illegal practice of Administrative Detention. Force feeding is defined as torture by the World Medical Association and has been condemned by the United Nations (UN), including by the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture. As such, PHROC calls upon the international community to condemn the law publicly and to urge the Israeli government to withdraw it. Moreover, PHROC calls on Israel to heed to the demands of the hunger strikers by bringing its illegal practice of administrative detention to an immediate end.

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Comrade Joti Brar on: Class Society & the State ” VIDEO ”

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Mao to Mandela – History for Sale ” VIDEO ”

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Comrade Harpal Brar on: Why hasn’t India had a revolution like China? ” VIDEO”

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Iraq: The US Sponsored Sectarian “Civil War” is a “War of Aggression”, The “Supreme International Crime”

Global Research

More than 11 years ago, high ranking government leaders in the United States and Britain likely broke international law in planning and waging the Iraq War.

The great command of the Nuremberg Tribunal convened after the Second World War to punish the evil that had shaken Europe was to abolish the “supreme international crime” – the planning and waging of wars of aggression. “War is essentially an evil thing,” the Tribunal held as it passed judgment on German leaders. “Its consequences are not confined to the belligerent states alone, but affect the whole world.”

Decades later, today, Iraqis experience the stark truth behind these words. Iraq descends into chaos; even after 11 years of war, there is seemingly no end to the innocents who are chased from their homes, shot at, maimed and killed as a direct result of decisions made by leaders thousands of miles away, in other time zones, speaking other languages, and without apparent concern for the consequences of their actions.

The world was supposed to have learned from the catastrophes of the 20th century. But it was only a few years into the 21st before that supreme crime was initiated yet again – this time, by the authors of that same law, forgetting that it was another American, Robert H. Jackson, who had placed his trust that law would put an end to aggression once and for all.

There is only a single antidote to the “civil war” that is now breaking Iraq apart – and that is a return to law and a convening of justice. The war launched by government leaders in 2003 against the people of Iraq was not a mistake: it was a crime. And those leaders should be held to account, under law, for their decisions.

Only law will save Iraq. And only law will save those Americans — a great many Americans, perhaps even the majority of Americans — who understand, deeply, that something truly wrong happened in 2003 that should not and cannot happen again. Iraqis have paid for this with blood; but Americans pay, too, in the loss of a national character that holds deep and abiding convictions regarding the good that America does in the world.

The fate of Iraqis is now tied indelibly to the fate of Americans. Americans may have been fooled into war and permitted it; but they can do much to help end it. They can return to a cherished tradition of legalism that sparked the Constitutional Convention and that Tribunal which sat in judgment at Nuremberg. There is a powerful, humbling and radiant American legal tradition that recognizes that even rulers are under the law.

Law is the bulwark that sustains civilization. Without law — as so many Iraqis now bear witness — there is only chaos, and anarchy, and the rule of the strong over the weak. If Americans permit their leaders to commit the supreme crime, what else can follow? Iraq may be a portent of things to come in that sense. But it also presents an opportunity for Americans, and Iraqis, and people of all nations, to reject militarism and aggression in favor of dignity and civilization.

Let us call the war in Iraq what it was: an illegal act of aggression. And let us remember the legal maxim that for every wrong, there is a remedy. Let us summon the courage to call for such a remedy, under law.

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Senate Approves Intelligence Whistleblower Rights


Whistleblower Groups Praise “First Step Toward a Safe Alternative to Leaks for Potential Whistleblowers”

The Government Accountability Project (GAP), Project on Government Oversight (POGO), and Public Citizen praised Senate action last Wednesday night to restore whistleblower protections that had been removed from the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act (WPEA) of 2012. The Senate bill would expand and codify actions detailed in Presidential Policy Directive (PPD) 19, issued by President Obama last October after the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) blocked congressional approval of intelligence community whistleblower rights. This Senate legislation would be stronger than the PPD, which does not protect any disclosures to Congress.

The slightly modified WPEA provision is contained within Title VI of the Intelligence Authorization Act for FY 2014, S. 1681.

POGO Policy Director Angela Canterbury stated:

This is a welcome breakthrough for national security and intelligence community whistleblowers and accountability. Thanks especially to Sens. Collins and Wyden, these usually disenfranchised truth-tellers may have statutory protections for the first time – a real anti-leaks measure. We are encouraged by the results so far of the good-faith negotiations between the House and Senate Intelligence Committees. While it is not everything we sought, the protections go a long way to codify President Obama’s policies. The House should not delay in finally making these protections law.

Lisa Gilbert, Director of Public Citizen’s Congress Watch division, said:

While imperfect, this provision’s approval still marks a significant step forward for intelligence community whistleblowers. The protections codify and improve President Obama’s important stop-gap policies intended to provide protection for intelligence whistleblowers against retaliation and transparency on the process. The House should act immediately to make these critical protections final.

Senate action was the result of leadership from two members of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI): Senator Ron Wyden (D-Or) who sponsored the provision at SSCI committee markup, and Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) who successfully negotiated with House offices that previously had opposed the provision.

GAP Legal Director Tom Devine commented:

Senators Collins and Wyden deserve public servant awards for leadership on closing the last major loophole in whistleblower rights for government workers. This legislation is the first step toward a safe alternative to leaks for potential whistleblowers in the intelligence community. If finalized, it will be a landmark congressional action to create both free speech rights within intelligence agencies and protections against security clearance retaliation throughout the civil service. While not a final solution, it is the breakthrough paradigm shift to challenge abuses of power and corruption by intelligence agencies without risking threats to national security.

The Senate reform includes the following:

  • Protection for intelligence community government workers against retaliation banned by the Whistleblower Protection Act (WPA). Disclosures by whistleblowers would be protected when made within their agencies, to the Office of Inspector General, or to the select congressional intelligence committees.
  • Extension of these free speech rights to workers holding security clearances. Whistleblowing now will be accepted as an affirmative defense in legal proceedings involving these workers, although agencies that normally are defendants will still control initial hearings, and legal burdens of proof are modified for national security concerns.
  • Application of WPEA provisions banning loopholes in protection based on context, timing, formality, job status or other exceptions.
  • Equal protection for those exercising personnel rights or providing testimony.
  • Appeal rights to an administrative board selected by the Director of National Intelligence.
  • Appeal board authority to rule do novo that an agency action is illegal whistleblower retaliation, with authority to order continued employment, payment of attorney fees and costs, and payment of up to $300,000 in compensatory damages.
  • Preservation of all existing rights, including limited whistleblower protection already available for FBI employees.

Despite the Senate’s approval, Devine cautioned, “While a landmark first step, I couldn’t in good conscience reassure any whistleblower that the new rights make it safe to work within the system.” He added that weaknesses in the legislation that must be addressed in future versions of it include:

  • Lack of protection against contradictory agency nondisclosure policies, forms or agreements, which are a safeguard in the WPEA’s “anti-gag” provision.
  • Lack of hearings at an independent forum not controlled by the institution.
  • Agency authority to justify actions with classified information denied to the employee.
  • No employee rights to compel production of classified evidence that could make a difference in the case, except to prove that disclosures occurred.
  • No employee rights to make congressional disclosures outside the select intelligence committees.
  • No protection against security clearance actions of less than a year.
  • A loophole permitting summary action by agency heads.
  • An explicit ban on judicial review.

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