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PCHR Condemns the Dispersal of Peaceful Demonstration in Solidarity with the Administrative Detainees on Hunger Strike by Palestinian Security Forces in Hebron


The Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) condemns the dispersal of a peaceful demonstration organized in Hebron on Friday, 20 June 2014, in solidarity with the Palestinian administrative detainees by the Palestinian security services and the accompanying attacks on journalists.  PCHR calls upon the Palestinian Authority to take the necessary measures to respect the right to hold public and private peaceful assemblies and respect press freedoms that are guaranteed under the Palestinian Basic Law and international human rights standards.

According to investigations conducted by PCHR and the testimonies of victims and eyewitnesses, on Friday, 20 June 2014, members of Palestinian security services deployed in the vicinity of al-Hussein Bin Ali Mosque on ‘Ain Sarah Street in Hebron in the south of the West Bank prevented women, including mothers of prisoners, from reaching the mosque for Friday Prayer to prevent them from participating in a peaceful demonstration, which was supposed to be initiated from the mosque following the Friday prayer in solidarity with the administrative detainees on hunger strike.  Following the Friday prayer, the demonstration, in which women participated, moved from the mosque, but the security officers prevented the demonstrators from heading to ‘Ain Sarah Street and forced them to head to the neighboring Ibn Rushd Street, where other Palestinian security officer were waiting for them.  Palestinian security officers used force to disperse the demonstration and attacked the demonstrators, including women, with sticks and batons.  As a result, many demonstrators sustained bruises.  Of the wounded persons was Sa’diyah Khalil Ed’is (55), a mother of an administrative detainee, who was taken to al-Ahli Hospital for treatment after losing conscience due to being beaten up by the security officers.

In the same context, Palestinian security officers attempted to prevent a number of journalists from covering the events near the mosque. They smashed a camera belonging to Kareem Sa’ed Khader, a photojournalist of CNN.  Of those journalists who were prevented from covering the events by the security officers:

1.     Eiad Nimer Maghribi, who works for the Associated Press (AP) News Agency ;

2.     Yousif ‘Issa Shahin, who works for the Pal Media Agency for Media Production; and

3.     Hazem Bader, who works for France Press Agency (AFP).

In this context, PCHR stresses that:

1.     The Palestinian Basic Law guarantees the right to hold private meetings without the intervention of the Palestinian police according to article (26-5) which stipulates: “Palestinians… shall have the following rights in particular: …. to conduct private meetings without the presence of police members; and to conduct public meetings, gatherings and processions, within the limits of the law.”

2.     The right to hold private peaceful assemblies in closed places, such as seminars, workshops and celebrations, do not fall within the scope of application of the Public Meetings Law 12/1998. Therefore, organizers of such meetings are no required to notify the Palestinian police or mayors according to the law.

3.     The right to freedom of opinion and expression and press freedoms are guaranteed according to articles 19 and 27 of the Palestinian Basic Law. Article (27-2) provides: “Press, printing, publishing, distribution and broadcast freedoms are guaranteed according to the Palestinian Basic Law and other relevant laws”.

Therefore, PCHR:

1.     Calls upon the Attorney General to open a serious investigation into these attacks and bring the perpetrators before justice;

2.     Calls upon the government in Ramallah to take necessary measures to stop such violations and ensure respect for public liberties and press freedoms, which are guaranteed under the Palestinian Basic Law and international human rights standards; and

3.     Calls upon the security services to respect human rights that are guaranteed under domestic laws and international standards.

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BAGHDAD (The Borowitz Report)—In a meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on Monday, Secretary of State John Kerry stressed the importance of forming a unity government in Iraq but refused to commit to a timetable for creating one in the United States.

The sensitive topic of a unity government for the United States came at the end of a thirty-minute meeting, during which Secretary Kerry lectured the Iraqi Prime Minister about the value of a government “where people of different parties put aside their differences, make meaningful compromises, and work together for the good of the nation.”

Taking this in, al-Maliki agreed that it was an excellent idea and politely asked Secretary Kerry if the United States had ever considered forming such a government.

According to observers, Kerry appeared to be caught off guard by this question and blurted out,”You first.”

Despite that awkward moment, after the meeting Kerry said that he had not “totally slammed the door” on the idea of a unity government in the United States.

“Let’s just get one formed in Iraq,” he said. “If it works out for them, maybe someday we’ll give it a try.”


Fatah official: Kidnapping of I$raHell boys nothing but an I$raHell ‘play’



Abbas associate says story of abduction “full of contradictions”; claims I$raHell trying to foil Hamas-Fatah reconciliation


Mahmoud al-Aloul, a veteran member of the Fatah Central Committee who is closely associated with Mahmoud Abbas, said Tuesday night that the abduction of the three Israeli youths was nothing but an Israeli “play.”

Al-Aloul, who previously served as Palestinian Authority governor of Nablus, wrote on the official Fatah Facebook page: “Let’s think well of the growing possibility that all what’s happening is a play that wasn’t produced well and that no one was kidnapped in the first place.”

Al-Aloul claimed that Israel’s goal is to avoid “fulfilling its obligations, rid itself of its isolation, foil the [Hamas-Fatah] reconciliation and justify Israeli violations.

“Isn’t this a possibility that is worthy of being considered?” the senior Fatah official asked. “The story regarding the three settlers is full of contradictions.”

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Zio-Nazi operation in West Bank


Hanin Zoabi: IDF operation in West Bank is terrorism

Balad MK not sure kidnapping actually happened, says PM using it as pretense to ‘kill Palestinians,’ accuses PA of treason for cooperating.

Times of Israel

sraeli operation in the West Bank to locate the three Israeli teenagers kidnapped last Thursday amounts to terrorism, Balad MK Hanin Zoabi said Saturday, in an interview filled with provocative statements.

Four days after she prompted a political storm for asserting that the abduction did not constitute terrorism, Zoabi on Saturday said she wasn’t sure the kidnapping had taken place at all, claimed Israel wasn’t so much hunting for the trio as seeking to kill Palestinians, and accused the Palestinian Authority of treason in cooperating with Israel in the operation to find the Israeli youths.

In a fiery interview on Channel 2′s “Meet the Press,” Zoabi also charged that Israelis were “ignoring the context of the occupation” in which the kidnapping of Eyal Yifrach, 19, Naftali Frankel, 16, and Gil-ad Shaar, 16 occurred last week.

“Three Israeli teenagers were kidnapped, but the two Palestinian kids who were killed [on Friday] were not even mentioned [in your broadcast]? The blood of Jews is more precious than the blood of Palestinians?” Zoabi said. (A 14-year-old and a 22-year-old were reported killed, with Israeli military officials saying soldiers were attacked with stones and patrol bombs and believed their lives were in danger when they opened fire.)

The Knesset member also reiterated her assessment, first delivered earlier this week, that the kidnapping of the three Israelis youths did not constitute terrorism. “I don’t agree with the abduction, but I don’t think the abductors are terrorists because I’m looking at the macro [the big picture], at the context of the occupation,” she said.

Zoabi then accused the Israeli government and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of using the kidnapping as a pretense to “invade the West Bank” and “kill Palestinians.”

“Netanyahu is not looking for those boys, he’s busy invading the West Bank and killing Palestinians. The main goal of the operation is to destroy Hamas, not to find the boys,” she charged.

“The context of this operation is the Israeli occupation and [Israeli] terror,” she went on. But “the only way to end this kidnapping is to release Palestinian prisoners,” she said

Zoabi proceeded to question whether the kidnapping had actually taken place, asserting that no one really knew for sure that it had.

Turning her attention to the condemnation of the kidnapping issued by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas at the Arab League on Wednesday, the Balad MK said that the PA’s security cooperation with Israel to search for the teenagers amounted to treason and accused Abbas of trying to strengthen his position within the authority.

The Israeli government has pointed the finger at Hamas for the kidnapping and said it holds the Palestinian Authority responsible for their fate. Hamas has praised the kidnapping without claiming responsibility.

Israeli politicians from the right and center roundly slammed Zoabi, some calling for her to be removed from her post and prosecuted, after she said on Tuesday that the Palestinian kidnappers of three Israeli teens were “not terrorists.”

“Not only are the kidnappers terrorists, but so is Hanin Zoabi,” Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman wrote on his Facebook page. “The sentence of the kidnappers and that of Zoabi, who is inciting and encouraging abductions, must be the same.”

Zoabi had said on Tel Aviv Radio that the kidnappers “are not terrorists; they are people who do not see any way of changing their situation and they have to resort to these measures until Israel sobers up a bit, until the citizens of Israel and the public sober up and relate to the suffering of others.”

Zoabi later clarified in an interview on Israel Radio that she does “not support the kidnappers, but [kidnapping] is the result of frustration.”

“You ask about mothers, ask me about the mothers of prisoners, ask about prisoners who are being held without trial, without being guilty,” she said.

Hamas came to Zoabi’s defense after the remarks.

Right-wing politicians called for Zoabi to lose her position in the Knesset.

“Hanin Zoabi continues her consistent practice: to support terrorists and prove that she does not deserve to be a citizen of the State of Israel, let alone an MK,” Housing Minister Uri Ariel (Jewish Home) said in a statement posted to Facebook. “She is a reward for terror within the Knesset, a situation that would not be accepted in any other democratic state in the world.”

Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein (Likud) said her comments constituted incitement and fellow Likud MK Ofir Akunis said he would renew his efforts, unsuccessful in the last Knesset, to have Zoabi expelled from parliament.

MK Miri Regev (Likud) said Zoabi should be “expelled to Gaza and stripped of her [Knesset] immunity.”

MK Moti Yogev (Jewish Home) said he intended to remove Zoabi from her parliament position because “her positions seem to be closer to the terrorists, so she should be with them rather than in the Israeli Knesset.”

From the political center, Yesh Atid MK Aliza Lavie condemned Zoabi’s remarks and called her a hypocrite.

“How can you, an MK in the Knesset of the State of Israel, dare come to the Knesset Committee on the Status of Women and and Gender Equality and talk about human rights?” she said. “Shame on you. This is not how you talk when innocent children are kidnapped by terrorists. You do not deserve to be an MK… Our children also have human rights.”

Hatnua MK Elazar Stern also condemned the remarks, but noted that he is sure that she does not represent the position of Arab Israelis.

Yifrach, Frankel, and Shaar were kidnapped late on the night of June 12 south of Jerusalem. They were last seen at a hitchhiking post in the Etzion bloc at around 10 p.m..

Since the kidnapping Israel has been conducting a massive manhunt in the West Bank and has arrested 380 Palestinians, the majority Hamas members.

MKs sought to bar Zoabi from running for the Knesset in the 2013 elections, in part because she participated in the Mavi Marmara flotilla that sought to break Israel’s security blockade on Gaza, but they were overruled by the Supreme Court.

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Park View Press Statement in Response to Ofsted Reports


Press Release – PVET Response to Ofsted Reports
VIdeo Link





Park View School – The Academy of Mathematics & Science, Naseby Road, Alum Rock, Birmingham, B8 3HG
Tel: 0121 566 6500 Fax: 0121 566 6502

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Statement from Oldknow Academy.


On behalf of all staff, students and governors of Oldknow Academy, who have worked so diligently to
raise standards to outstanding for our children, we want to express our heartfelt disappointment at
Ofsted’s decision to place our academy into special measures.

We absolutely support and respect Ofsted’s role, which is to ensure all schools are accountable, open
and transparent. However, we categorically reject Ofsted’s grading of our school as inadequate.

Like many other Birmingham schools, we were inspected in a climate of suspicion and fear. Our
children have been subjected to intrusive, politically driven and inappropriate questioning which
cannot go unchallenged.

Ofsted’s report has found absolutely no evidence of extremism within Oldknow Academy. Ofsted has
found no evidence of strict Islamic practices in our academy either. This was the premise upon which
these inspections took place.

We unequivocally reject claims that any member of staff altered the curriculum in an attempt to
deceive inspectors.

Today we find ourselves in uncharted territory. The ‘Trojan Horse’ letter tipped our school and others
into an unprecedented media storm, causing enormous anxiety and stress for pupils, parents, staff
and governors. The allegations in this unsigned, undated, unattributable letter provoked intense
scrutiny. Along with many other Birmingham schools our children and staff have been subjected to
bizarre lines of interrogation which did not yield the evidence Ofsted were seeking.

Oldknow Academy was, and continues to be, a successful and highly effective academy. We are
committed to delivering an outstanding quality of education to children in our community. This will
not change.

We will continue to strive to protect and educate our children. The governing body, staff, parents and
pupils are united in their wish to do their utmost to educate and enhance the life experiences and
educational achievements of our children. This is our absolute priority.

Sadly, the end result is that our school community has been demonised and misrepresented by
spurious allegations which remain unsubstantiated. Critically, confidential Ofsted reports have been
leaked to the media, creating a distorted image of our academy and causing distress and anxiety.

We acknowledge that there is always room for further improvement but we do not accept that this is
a school that has slumped from outstanding to inadequate since our last inspection on 16th
and 17th

January 2013.

We have to naturally conclude that the decision to place our academy in special measures is a
politically driven act which impacts negatively on the children, staff and community. We would like to
reiterate that the academy has maintained its Outstanding grading for Quality of teaching and its
Outstanding grading for Achievement of pupils.


Oldknow Academy, Oldknow Road, Small Heath, Birmingham, B10 0HU
t: 0121 464 8771 f:0121 464 3162
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Western Unity Against Russia a Masterpiece of Illusion


Britain’s David Cameron and his German and French counterparts, Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande, issued warnings of imposing economic penalties on Russian businesses and industries. Lots of bombast and melodrama were on cue, but there was a distinct lack of guts to follow.

Obama, Cameron, Merkel, Hollande

Obama, Cameron, Merkel and Hollande

by Finian Cunningham

When US President Barack Obama opened his tour of Europe this week it had the unmistakable choreography of a scripted set piece: lights, camera, action etc. The storyline is a familiar trope. America, the shining beacon of democracy and human rights, comes to the rescue of European damsels in distress just before they are ravaged by bestial European recidivism for war.

European political figures of increasingly low caliber are indulging this American parody of reality by appearing to unite around Obama’s call for tougher sanctions against Russia. Britain’s David Cameron and his German and French counterparts, Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande, issued warnings of imposing economic penalties on Russian businesses and industries. Lots of bombast and melodrama were on cue, but there was a distinct lack of guts to follow.

For Obama’s European visit this week it seemed more than a coincidence that the president made his first public statement from an Amsterdam museum. The choice of such a rarefied venue to launch Obama’s shuttle diplomacy may at first seem odd.

As the Washington Post reported: “President Obama delved into a day of diplomacy Monday as he sought to rally the international community around efforts to isolate Russia following its incursion into Ukraine”.

And yet the US president chooses a museum to begin this seemingly important diplomatic week? It was Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum where he pronounced on international law and the need for a unified response to sanction Russian «violation of sovereignty and territorial integrity of other nations».

The American leader’s utterances were made while standing in front of Rembrandt’s masterpiece, The Night Watch. Completed in 1642, the life-size portrait of Dutch soldiers is considered to be among the world’s finest art collection. The painting, by the way, had to be put into secret storage between 1939-45 to save it from damage during World War II.

Obama declared: “Europe and America are united in our support of the Ukrainian government and the Ukrainian people; we’re united in imposing a cost on Russia for its actions so far”.

The subliminal message here is: Washington is coming to Europe as a rallying force for good, to defend democratic principles, civilized values and to defeat barbarity. Obama’s presumption has a deep resonance with American mythology of “exceptionalism” and benign power.

American actor-director George Clooney’s new World War Two film, Monuments Men, is an example of this syrupy American vanity and travesty of history. Clooney’s latest film –– about how a specially assigned American team led a mission to save European art collections from Nazi looting – tends to reinforce the American myth that it was they who rescued Europe from savage war and destruction during the 20th century. American intervention in the First and Second World Wars is, in the “exceptional” American national mythology, portrayed as a noble sacrifice that pulled Europe back from the brink of nihilism to the light of liberal democracy.

Echoing this contrived chorus line, the Western media are casting Russia, led by Vladimir Putin, as the biggest threat to European peace since the end of the Cold War more than 20 years ago. Never mind the inescapable fact that it was Soviet Russia that largely defeated German fascism in 1945.

But between the simplistic lines, there is plenty of evidence that the Washington-led allies are far from united or confident about their handling of Russia and the recent upheaval over Ukraine.

Firstly, there is a crisis of legitimacy for the so-called Western leaders. When the members of the Group of Seven were later photographed in The Hague huddled around a table with little flags indicating their nationalities, the gathering had all the gravitas of a school canteen. The G7 statement on the cancellation of the planned Group of Eight summit in Russia’s Sochi said: “We will suspend our participation in the G8 until Russia changes course and the environment comes back to where the G8 is able to have a meaningful discussion”.

G7 clique.  Obama, Cameron, Merkel, Hollande,

That doesn’t sound like a statement with conviction. “We will suspend our participation…”, not “we ban Russia”, betrays a lot of anxious horse-trading among the elitist club to come up with a “unified” statement. 

The crisis in legitimacy for Washington and its coterie of allies stems from the fact that these countries are no longer the economic powers that they once were. The centre of global economic gravity is shifting to the BRICS – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, among other emerging economies. Asia, Africa and Latin America are the future; North America and Europe are the past.

BRICS 2014 650x365

BRICS — Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa — representatives met Monday in The Hague on the sidelines of the Nuclear Security Summit, where they issued a statement asserting Russia’s right to participate in the November Group of 20 summit in Australia.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was not engaging in churlish politics of envy when he shrugged off the G8 forum as a redundant entity anyway. It is fact. 

Thus, from this Western club, the threat of economic sanctions against Russia for alleged violations over Ukraine sounds decidedly hollow and impotent.

The Western crisis of political legitimacy is also manifest among its own public. This week saw a hammering for France’s ruling Socialist Party in local elections and the rise of the anti-establishment and deeply Euro-skeptic National Front. French President Francois Hollande’s personal poll rating has hit an all-time low, and this same chronic disaffection with the political class can be seen in other Western states too. Stagnant economies and record levels of poverty and unemployment are undermining the authority of incumbent Western leaders and governments.

So, despite attempts to muster gravitas and purpose over events in Ukraine and alleged wrongdoing by Russia, the Western public has no appetite to listen to sanctimonious political sermons. How can these politicians find the urgency and financial wherewithal to suddenly throw billions of dollars at Ukraine, when there is so much social need neglected closer to home?

Public disaffection with national governments is extended to the supranational European Union. This also explains the dramatic rise in the National Front in France and the growing popularity of similar anti-EU nationalistic parties elsewhere across Europe. A common theme is contempt for aloof European bureaucrats, who seem more interested in EU enlargement in tandem with ever-more economic austerity for citizens.

The notion that reviled European figures, such as Cameron and Hollande, are photographed with equally despised European bureaucrats Herman Van Rompuy and Jose Manuel Barroso – and that this image is supposed to somehow represent a strong, united popular front for American-led sanctions against Russia is laughable and illusory.

This cabal of politicians may have the appearance of unity, but what does such elite “unity” mean when they are increasingly diminished in the eyes of their own populations and the rest of the world?

Even within this cabal, the apparent unity is unconvincing. The tougher sanctions that Washington has been pushing for have so far not been adopted by the European Union – despite the rhetoric.

Notably, German chancellor Angela Merkel pointedly refused to take the provocative line of “banning” Russia from the G8, which Washington, London and Paris would have preferred. Merkel contradicted the French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, who was earlier insisting that Russia had been suspended from the forum.

Merkel’s less confrontational attitude was also reiterated by Italian Foreign Minister, Frederica Mogherini, who reminded everyone that Russia is “an important [trading] partner” and that a forum of dialogue should not be closed.

Away from the G7 clique, both the Finnish and Belgian governments also cautioned against diplomatic confrontation with Moscow. EU and NATO member Norway said that it was canceling bilateral military arrangements with Russia, but it reportedly added that other areas of relations with Russia were to remain normal. Swiss President Didier Burkhalter said that his country would not be implementing US or EU sanctions against Russian financiers.

Many of the 300 million or so European citizens – in spite of the official attitude of some leaders – are well aware of the importance of bilateral trade with Russia. EU trade with Russia is tenfold the volume that exists between the US and Russia.

Top of the EU-Russian trade is oil and gas, which accounts for some one-third of average EU supply. In the eastern part of the bloc, the Russian supply of gas constitutes 80-100 per cent of total consumption.

Germany’s commercial bond with Russia is of strategic importance, not just for Germany but for the rest of Europe too. German businesses sold $60 billion-worth of goods to Russia last year. Not surprisingly, the German business class is vociferously opposed to any further ratcheting up of sanctions against Russia. Germany’s export group, BGA, says any such move would be “catastrophic” for the more than 6,000 German companies that do business there.

Another German business figure, Eckhard Cordes, the head of the Eastern Committee, a powerful Russia-oriented business lobby, also expressed apprehension at the impact of sanctions. He told German media: “We have a strategic partnership . . . to bring our peoples together. And now we want to cover ourselves with sanctions? I find that difficult to imagine”.

That liability for Europe’s largest economy is an onerous constraint on Merkel. Der Spiegel commented on Merkel’s dilemma: “Her election victory last autumn was partly the result of her promise to protect Germany from unpleasantness related to the euro [currency] crisis. That is what they are now expecting from Berlin’s course on the Ukraine crisis: security and stability”.

Across Europe, businessmen, industrialists, workers and general public understand that the bravado of economic sanctions against Russia – articulated by an increasingly unrepresentative and illegitimate political class – will hurt them the most – in their daily lives. The wider public knows that belligerent elites in Washington, London, Paris and Brussels have much less to lose from pursuing a confrontation with Russia.

Perhaps in decades past, nations could be rallied around a flag with jingoistic political speeches. In today’s globalized economy, that kind of patronizing influence has expired, and any attempt to revive it is viewed with even more contempt.

Paolo Scaroni 300x211

Paolo Scaroni, the head of Italian energy giant ENI, told the Financial Times in blunt terms:

“We need Russian gas every day. They need our money every year or two years. If, in the middle of a tough winter, we don’t have Russian gas, we are in trouble. But Russia is not in trouble if they get our money the day after”.

Scaroni also confirmed what other energy analysts have said recently, namely, that the South Stream natural gas project from Russia to Europe has been thrown into uncertainty over the Ukraine tensions between Moscow and Brussels.

That project promised to boost gas supplies to the EU, which would probably have lowered costs to consumers. Now, thanks to the saber rattling of Washington and its tiny club of EU “leaders”, that project is in jeopardy.

What this points to is a huge disconnect between politicians in Washington and Europe and the wider population. That disconnect stems from deep economic and social issues related to the demise of capitalist society, but the latest debacle with Russia over Ukraine is bringing the public disaffection to the fore.

The Western public also knows that the Western news media are not telling the full story. The latter seem to be more committed to purveying a self-serving narrative for an elitist political agenda rather than revealing what is really at stake with regard to Ukraine.

Russian security measures on its border with Western-destabilized Ukraine and in the constitutionally reunited southern province of Crimea are distorted as monstrous acts of aggression. Russia’s legitimate cautionary national security measures are presented as an evil specter threatening to “splinter Europe” – in the words of German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

This cartoon-like portrayal is bereft of salient facts, facts that are known to the public from its access to alternative news media. Such as the fact that Washington and its European allies are the ones who initiated the unrest over Ukraine by overseeing a coup d’état in Kiev on February 23 – after three months of orchestrated street violence. It is Western governments that have violated international law and sovereignty – and not for the first time. The new unelected Western-backed regime in Kiev is composed of neo-Nazis and other fascists who have unleashed chaos and violence across Ukraine – the latest examples being attacks on pro-Russian officials and property, armed robberies of Russia-bound trains and the harassment of neutral media services. 

There have been calls for mass murder and terrorism against Russian people by the coup plotters, including the Western elites’ darling pro-democracy princess, Yulia Timoshenko, who was recently caught relishing the idea of “whacking” Russians and turning Russian territory into ash from a nuclear strike. 

But don’t let facts get in the way of a good story, as the Western elites might say. And that story is that Europe is nearly at war again because of “old barbaric habits”. What’s more, it is America – “the brave, democratic America” – that is once again bringing Europe back to civilized peace and harmony, this time from Russian despotism, as opposed to Nazi fascism of before.

The trouble for Washington and its elite European allies is that the wider public is not buying this hackneyed narrative. The wider public rightly see US-led NATO aggression and lebensraum in Europe as the problem, not alleged Russian expansionism…

On the same day that Obama was lecturing Europeans about international law and civilized norms, his National Security Advisor on Russia, Michael McFaul was writing in the New York Times opinion pages. McFaul, who was recently the ambassador to Russia, wrote an astounding falsification of history in which he declared that Vladimir Putin was «a revisionist autocratic leader [who] instigated this new confrontation… similar to the last century, the ideological struggle between autocracy and democracy has returned to Europe,» wrote McFaul. “We [the US] are ready to lead the free world in this new struggle”.

This elite Western narrative espoused by Obama and his club of bankrupt European non-entity politicians has by now alienated a global audience at home and around the world. Certainly not in the Rembrandt class, but most people can now see elite Western posturing as a masterpiece of illusion.

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I$raHell Blackmailing Pal Peace Talks for Pollard Release



US set to free convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard: Israeli army radio

  Top Daily Story   …   Press TV,  Tehran

[ Editors Note:  This is your standard bogus Zio psyops story to keep the Diaspora Jews feeling like victims as long Pollard is in jail. Israeli Army Radio is a common conduit for stuff like this as journalistic integrity is never a concern there. Frankly they should have executed him and not had to deal with any of this. He certainly earned that punishment.

Instead, the relentess pressure to get him released has been a never ending infomercial showing all current American traitors working for the Zios, on Capitol Hill and off…what they will do to get you released.

And if this boomerangs on Americans’ negative opinions of Jews who support the release of the worst traitor in modern history, then so much the better as the Lobby crowd can spin that with the usual, “See, we are still being persecuted, so send your money in so we can keep fighting anti-semitism.” … Jim W. Dean ].

Pollard was tasked to get 'first strike' intel for the Soviets which the Israelis used to get the million Soviet Jews

Pollard was tasked to get ‘first strike’ intel for the Soviets which the Israelis used to get the million Soviet Jews

The United States is set to free convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard to save the so-called peace talks between Palestinian Authority (PA) and Tel Aviv, reports in the Israeli news media say.

With the talks on the brink of collapse, US officials have offered to release Pollard, 59, as a carrot to Israel to break the deadlock over a scheduled release of Palestinian prisoners languishing in Israeli jails, Israeli army radio reported on Wednesday.

Pollard, a former US Navy analyst, was arrested in 1985 for providing Israel thousands of classified American documents.  In 1987, a US court sentenced him for life in prison. Washington has so far rejected repeated Israeli appeals for his freedom.

Citing Israeli officials, the radio said the offer was made as part of a deal between Washington and Tel Aviv which would guarantee that Israel releases a fourth tranche of Palestinian prisoners to restart direct talks between the PA and the regime in Tel Aviv.

The prisoners are scheduled to get released on March 29, but Israel is backtracking on the issue. The US is struggling to extend the April 29 deadline for the resumption of the talks with Palestinian officials saying that if the prisoners are not released, there will be no extension.

Citing US officials, the Israeli radio cautioned that American President Barack Obama was not guaranteed to agree to the release of Pollard. Obama has rebuffed several pleas from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to free Pollard.

Meanwhile, the US State Department said in a statement that there were “no plans” to release Pollard.

“Jonathan Pollard was convicted of espionage against the United States, a very serious crime, was sentenced to life in prison, and is serving his sentence,” State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said. “There are currently no plans to release Jonathan Pollard.”

Free Pollard supporters include ex-CIA James Woolsey, and the 'always for sale' Hillary Clinton

Free Pollard supporters include ex-CIA James Woolsey, and the ‘always for sale’ Hillary Clinton

Israel has recently freed dozens of Palestinian prisoners, as part of a deal for the resumption of the talks with the PA, but it has also announced plans to build thousands of more illegal settlement units on the occupied Palestinian land.

Palestinian officials have repeatedly said that there will be no direct talks with Israel if Tel Aviv keeps on expanding illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank.

In November last year, a large number of Palestinians from different political movements took to the streets of the West Bank city of Ramallah to call on the PA to pull out from the talks with Israel.

Supporters of all Palestinian factions, including the Islamic resistance movement Hamas and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, gathered in central Arafat square to protest against the talks.

The protesters said the talks are useless and Mahmoud Abbas, the acting Palestinian Authority chief, must withdraw from the negotiations. They also demanded the PA take the regime in Tel Aviv to the International Criminal Court for its crimes against the people of Palestine.

The presence and continued expansion of Israeli settlements in occupied Palestine has created a major obstacle for the efforts to establish peace in the Middle East.

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I$raHell Must Be Held Accountable


Citizens from 20 countries came to Istanbul to hear testimony on March 27, 2014 against Zionist officials and to offer their support to the victims on board the Mavi Marmara.

Israelis Attack the MV Mavi Marmara in international waters on May 31, 2010

Israeli commandos Attack the MV Mavi Marmara in international waters on May 31, 2010


Contact: Rabia Yurt, Member, Legal Team +90 543 498 0014
Zumrut Sonmez, IHH Foreign Media Coordinator +90 530 641 7888

Time: 10:00-11:30, March 28, 2014
Location: IHH headquarters, Kudus Conference Room. Buyuk Karaman Cad. Taylasan
Sok. No 3. Fatih/Istanbul.

Internationals from 20 countries came to Istanbul to hear testimony on March 27, 2014 against Israeli officials and to offer their support to the victims on board the Mavi Marmara. Many of these supporters had also been attacked on other flotilla boats; suffering wounds, unlawful detention, torture and theft of money, credit cards and possessions at the hands of the Israeli militants.

“The real purpose of these hearings is to hold Israel accountable,” said American, David Schermerhorn, passenger on board Challenger 1. “In the past, Israel has committed horrendous actions against Palestinians and their supporters.”

We are hopeful that the court in Turkey will issue arrest warrants for the Israeli officials who ordered the raid on six civilian boats in international waters, and that these warrants will be turned over and executed by Interpol.

Proceedings are ongoing or will be considered in the UK, Spain and South Africa, and prosecutors have been approached by passengers in other countries who were attacked on May 31, 2010.

Mavi Marmara in Istanbul harbor after her return to Istanbul, December 26, 2010

Mavi Marmara in Istanbul harbor after her return to Istanbul, December 26, 2010

Passengers will be available to talk to the media after the press conference, where the next stage of the hearings will be announced. The UK, Spain, Greece, US, Canada, Sweden and France are all represented, as well as passengers from the Middle East and Far East.

5th hearing of Mavi Marmara trial

Israeli armed forces carried out an attack against Mavi Marmara, which was carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza, and other ships in the Freedom Flotilla as the flotilla was travelling in the international waterson 31 May, 2010. Nine humanitarian activists Furkan Doğan, Cevdet Kılıçlar, İbrahim Bilgen, Necdet Yıldırım, Fahri Yaldız, Ali Haydar Bengi, Cengiz Akyüz, Çetin Topçuoğlu, Cengiz Songür and journalist Cevdet Kılıçlar were killed in the attack while more than 50 passengers were injured. Israel illegally violated the passengers’ right to communicate and the passengers were illegally jailed by the country.

Following the Mavi Marmara attack, families of the martyrs and other passengers on board the ship began a major legal struggle against Israel. The four accused in the trial are former Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) Chief of General Staff Gen. Rau Gavriel Ashkenazi, Naval Forces Commander Eliezer Alfred Maron, Israel’s Chief of Israeli Intelligence Amos Yadlin and Air Forces Intelligence Director Avishay Levi.

Istanbul Chief Prosecutor in Turkey prepared the indictment on 29 May 2012, as a result of the attack on the flotilla, and have requested the following charges to include: “Willful killing”, “attempt of willful killing”, “intentionally causing serious injury to body or health”, “plundering”, “hijacking or seizing maritime vessels”, “intentionally causing damage to property”, “restriction of people’s freedom and instigating violent crime” for each and every person involved in the attack, which will add to a total of thousands of years to the final prison sentence.

Evidence has been shown that in order for the attacks to go ahead, the direct order had come from well-known senior high ranking officials. Statements in Israeli media and the evidence given during the Turkell Commission admissions have formed part of the court case against four senior military officials that were presented to the Istanbul Magistrates Court for “inciting to kill monstrously, and by torturing.” The four officials, Israel’s former chief of staff Lt. Gen. Gavriel Ashkenazi, along with former Israeli Navy head Vice Admiral Eliezer Marom, former Israel Air Force intelligence chief Avishai Levy and former Military Intelligence head Amos Yadlin have been served tried as escapee defendants.

The first hearing was held on the 6th, 7th and 9th November 2012, further hearings were held on the 21st February 2013, 21st May 2013 and 10th October 2013.

During the hearings, the court heard from 50 foreign witnesses from USA, Bahrain, Belgium, Algeria, Indonesia, South Afrida, Holland, Spain, Switzerland, Canada, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, Macedonia, Pakistan, Turkey, Jordan, Yemen, Syria and Greece. There were a total of 195 people from Turkey who have suffered as a consequence of the flotilla raid in the hearings.

Meaning of the case filed in Turkey

In consideration of the fact that both Turkey and Israel signed European Convention on Extradition (SİDAS), if the İstanbul court convicts the suspects, Israel will need to extradite them.

In addition, the Turkey branch Interpol will be able to ask the General Secretariat of Interpol to issue red notice for the suspects for the execution of the rulings of the İstanbul 7th High Criminal Court or arrest warrants issued by the court earlier. If these happen, Israel will need to extradite the suspects to Turkey.

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The U.S. Cannot Resuscitate What Never Lived


Has there been a single Israeli prime minister who has ever been serious about giving Palestinians a viable state of their own?  Of course not. A colonial power does not give political power back to the people whose land it has stolen by force and by guile.

Mahmoud Abbas   509 x 388

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas (Issam Romawi for AFP/Getty Images)

By James M Wall

The game must go on. John Kerry performs his negotiator role. Benjamin Netanyahu goes through his role as the leader of an “endangered” state.

Mahmoud Abbas? Well, he (at right) is just sitting by at the peace table, with future diplomacy on his mind.

Trouble is, not even a hard-working John Kerry can resuscitate that which has not been suscitated in the first place. 


Yes, that is exactly the word we need here. Less than a month away from Kerry’s deadline for Israel and Palestine to agree on a framework to continue the current round of talks.

The Alpha Dictionary explains why:

“This word [suscitate] is not obsolete, just left behind in the dust of progress. .  .  Before you can resuscitate something, it should have originally been suscitated, [as in] “How do you suscitate curiosity in your students?”

Has there been a single Israeli prime minister who has ever been serious about giving Palestinians a viable state of their own?  Of course not. A colonial power does not give political power back to the people whose land it has stolen by force and by guile.

Unless that is, you are the white minority of South Africa which lacked the one thing it needed to continue to control the indigenous population which it had pushed into bantustans: A well-funded Lobby which owned the U .S. Congress.

How strong is the Israel Lobby? The Congress demonstrates its power when it cheers Netanyahu each time he shows up to ply his wares.

The Israel Lobby has such power that it even reaches into U.S. religious bodies when they debate resolutions critical of Israel.

Two of those religious denominations—The United Methodist Church and the Presbyterian Church USA—will bring up new resolutions against the occupation when they gather for national meetings this summer.

The Israel Lobby will set up shop around and inside the two church assembly halls. They will not be discussing religious matters.

The modern state of Israel, created in 1948 at considerable cost to the Palestinian people, has never wanted to “suscitate” a peace process.

Every Israeli prime minister who agreed to “peace talks” did so because it was a handy place to nestle down and pretend peace while he or she swallowed up more Palestine land and stepped up Palestinian oppression.

Why else in this current round of “talks” would Netanyahu toss in two new demands, knowing they were deal-breakers?

“Recognize us as a Jewish state” and “give us the Jordan Valley to save us from marauding Arab armies” sounds suspiciously like a two-part package dreamed up by Madison Avenue to keep the talks going until the next U.S. presidential election.

To an uninformed American public and to an uncaring Congress, the two demands sound reasonable, in spite of the fact that they were dreamed up especially for this round of talks.

Netanyahu knows that a Republican or a Clintonian Democratic White House will show little enthusiasm to confront the occupation.

Abbas knows Israel is stalling for time. Which explains why he is ready to “launch his own non-violent diplomatic assault” to confront Netanyahu’s stalling tactics.

Time magazine has the story:

Palestinian leaders are readying for a confrontation without violence. Once the talks fail — an outcome they regard as inevitable — the plan is to resume a diplomatic assault on Israel.

The main venue will be the U.N., where the General Assembly in 2012 granted Palestine state status. The institution, broadly supportive of Palestine, offers other levers to pressure Israel, including access to the International Criminal Court.

“The U.N. is one place where you can show respect for multilateralism, international law, where you can empower the Palestinians, check Israeli violations and give people hope,” [says Hanan Ashrawi, a Palestinian Authority executive-committee member].

Meanwhile, this weekend across the Atlantic, the 2016 presidential race gets underway. A very special Republican “primary” in Las Vegas will be hosted by an American oligarch with a strong affection for Israel.

Sheldon Adelson  150 x 131

That, of course would be billionaire casino magnate Sheldon G. Adelson (left), who, with his wife Miriam, poured more than $92 million into 2012 campaigns to elect Republican candidates, most of whom lost.

His strategy for 2016 will be pragmatic. The Adelsons intend to win the White House for Israel.

The Washington Post reports on the Adelsons’ 2016 strategy:

The Adelsons are plotting their investments based not on personal loyalty but on a much more strategic aim: to help select a Republican nominee they believe will have broad appeal to an increasingly diverse national electorate.

The change in attitude comes amid early jockeying by a lengthy list of aspiring Republican presidential contenders to win the affections of the billionaire, who is in the beginning stages of assessing the field.

“The bar for support is going to be much higher,” said Andy Abboud, Adelson’s top political adviser and an executive at the Adelson-run Las Vegas Sands Corp. “There’s going to be a lot more scrutiny.”

Four Republican hopefuls will audition for the Adelsons: Former Florida governor Jeb Bush, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and Ohio Governor John Kasich.

In what is essentially the “Sheldon Primary,” the auditions are the first step toward victory for the Republican party and for Israel.

The Post adds that:

Officially, the potential 2016 candidates will be at the Venetian for the spring meeting of the Republican Jewish Coalition, which begins Thursday with a golf outing, followed by a VIP dinner featuring [Jeb] Bush and hosted by the Adelsons in the private airplane hangar where Adelson keeps his fleet.

But some of the most important events will occur between the poker tournament, Scotch tasting and strategy workshops. That’s when Adelson is scheduled to hold casual one-on-one chats — over coffee, at dinner or in his private office — with the prospective candidates.

No doubt Israel will be at the top of the Adelsons’ agenda for discussion, followed by a friendly committment that the casino industry will be given clear sailing in its current battle against its major competitor, online gambling.

After 2016, with what Republicans like Adelson hopes will be a Congress firmly in hand, and a Republican, or a Clintonian Democrat, in the White House, talk of resuscitating a peace process that has never been susciated, will no doubt be trotted out in a new format, one that will enable Israel to proceed with further expansion.

And the most fervent effort for justice by a U. S. Secretary of State since Israel became a nation, will have reached an ignominious conclusion.

After which, President Abbas’ effort to launch a diplomatic assault on Israel’s occupation, will be tested in the court of world opinion, and just possibly, in the courts of international justice.

Meanwhile, Sheldon G. Adelson will be happy. And Israel, which calls itself the “start up nation”, will keep its economy booming, with the keys to the occupation firmly secure in its hands.  For a time, at least.

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