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Target China by F. William Engdahl


Target China by F. William Engdahl

…by  Cara  St. Louis



“Step-by-step, just as with the boiling of frogs, Washington has been turning the heat up on China since about 2005. Today it is dangerously close to a boil.

It is not too late for China but its people and leaders must have absolutely no illusions about the ruthlessness and determination of their adversary, the elite policy circles of the Anglo-American axis.

The book you are about to read details how US policy circles increasingly plan to mortally wound and eventually kill China’s economic wonder.” (Engdahl, Target China).

F. William Engdahl, Geopolitical Analyst, Lecturer, AuthorF. William Engdahl, Geopolitical Analyst, Lecturer, Author

So says F. William Engdahl, one of today’s pre-eminent geopolitical analysts, who has spent years studying China and the west’s vendetta upon that country.

Target China is about to make its debut in English. Engdahl accounts for the whole strategy: everything from currency and debt manipulation to the all-out attack by Monsanto, which ultimately isn’t what we think it is. It’s much worse than that.

In other words, the brutally effective full spectrum dominance attack that has been honed to a fine ‘art’ and is now turned as a deadly accurate cultural and social water cannon upon any population in the path of what the ravenous powers desire. The good news? Engdahl is a master at taking the overwhelmingly complex and making it understandable to Everyman.

It is profoundly important to understand this mechanism as it is as often used on the United States population itself as on any other country. One can easily, after reading this book, turn around and face the nation and be horrified by the absolute similarities. It is, after all, The Weapon. Why would anyone be immune?

The US, in what might be considered both a move of desperation and of inestimable greed, backed China into a corner, forcing them to buy dollars — buy the debt. The US used this leverage to fund the invasions of the Middle East. “A perverse, unholy alliance was developing between the sole hegemonic superpower United States and the world’s fastest growing economy, China. Washington never intended for China to massively revalue. It was a bluff, a pressure point.”

Also, China became an importer of oil as of 1994, a turn of events which has never situated a country well. Thus they demonstrated a weak spot, a point of leverage and blackmail. Couple this with the enormous demand for cars in China and a insatiable hunger is born; a hunger which we imagine must be fed. It is a shame China walked into the same trap so many others did in just the last few decades.

However, China had the means to go looking for oil, which it found in Africa. Not only has China established good relations with many African nations but they have offered an alternative to the slavery imposed by the IMF and the World Bank. This has not gone down well with the Oilmen and the Banks. One of the richest strikes was found in Dafur, which would be funneled toward the Sudan via a pipeline and, as Engdahl put it, “it was time to draw the noose around the neck of Sudan.” Much of the turmoil and confusion in Africa has had to do with strangling China’s attempts to do business there.

“In November 2006, Beijing hosted an extraordinary summit of 40 African heads of state. They literally rolled out the red carpet for the heads of among others Algeria, Nigeria, Mali, Angola, Central African Republic, Zambia, South Africa and Sudan.

China signed an oil deal, linking the Peoples’ Republic of China with the continent’s two largest nations – Nigeria and South Africa. China’s CNOC would lift the oil in Nigeria, via a consortium that included South African Petroleum Co. giving China access to what could be 175,000 barrels a day by 2008. The $2.27 billion deal gave state-controlled CNOC a 45% stake in a large off-shore Nigeria oil field. Previously, Nigeria had been considered in Washington to be an asset of the Anglo-American oil majors, ExxonMobil, Shell and Chevron.

The US Senate adopted a resolution in February 2006 that requested NorthAtlantic Treaty Organization troops in Darfur, as well as a stronger UN “peacekeeping” force with a robust mandate. A month later, President Bush also called for additional NATO forces in Darfur. The aim was to gain NATO control on China’s huge new oil potential.”

Well, you get the idea. This story is one of the primary scenarios of the 20th century.

Hands off our rice?Hands off our rice?

” Over the past thirty or more years the most dramatic change in the food consumption in the history of China has taken place. The change has occurred slowly such that most Chinese consumers greeted new products from mostly American food outlets as a tasty modern alternative to traditional Chinese food. Today this subtle destruction of the nutritional content of the Chinese diet has manifested in a crisis of explosive dimension.”

As with any other infiltration of a nation by Pirate Corporate America, one saw the rise of ambassadors such as KFC, McDonalds’s and Subway. However, these were just the first wave of troops off the landing craft at D-Day. The real tanks and assault weapons arrive flying the flag of Monsanto. It is on this front that utter control of feeding a population is wrested away from the country itself.

Since our bodies never recognized any of the above as ‘food,’ but rather as foreign invaders…well, any time Monsanto shows up it’s disastrous news for agriculture and health. This is becoming very well-documented thanks to these sorts of observations. Monsanto has actually introduced a form of rice which may eliminate the Chinese single-handedly.

Engdahl examines the effects of this destabilization and physiological assault strategy on China in detail, even referring to this as the new Opium War. Since this is a standard war tactic now, it behooves us to walk through this by the numbers with him.

“The deadly or crippling Anglo-American Pharmaceutical drug system has been developed over decades to use medical drugs to literally weaken whole populations, referred to by them as “herds.” The entire vaccine and drug industry almost without exception in the US, UK and Switzerland and Japan has been developed since World War II as a vital part of the eugenics agenda of the Rockefeller family circles of the Anglo-American establishment. Responsible persons concerned with the future health of the Chinese people would do well to examine this highly strategic form of warfare.” 

Yes, Engdahl did say that the pharmaceutical industry refers to us as ‘herds.’ Could that be all we need to know? Maybe, except that the rest of his analysis here is as deep and unexpected as the rest of this material. This is not the stuff one reads every day. His research has taken him down amazing paths.

‘Aldous Huxley stated already back in 1961:

“There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of

Aldous Huxley striking the famous one-eye pose we see so often in these circles.Aldous Huxley striking the famous one-eye pose we see so often in these circles.

making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the final revolution.”


Today the West is fully in that “next generation or so.” It must be understood that Huxley was not merely a writer.

He was part of a tight-knit group working secretly with CIA director Allen Dulles and President Eisenhower’s Special Advisor for Cold War Strategy, Nelson Rockefeller, under sponsorship of the private Ford Foundation, on a top secret “mind-control” project called MK-Ultra, which created the 1960’s LSD, drug “hippie revolution” in the US as a project of ultimate social control experimentation.

Dr. Humphrey Osmond, Timothy Leary, author Ken Kesey and others were involved in the secret CIA experiments together with leading pharmaceutical companies.’

CIA techniques introduced into the human population presently targeted for control — the grand experiment results from the USA, now an electro-magnetic concentration camp — packaged in the most effective missile to the next target. Engdahl is explicit in detailing the deep ways this is done here and abroad and to what aim.

Production and distribution of these pharmaceuticals, under their various names and disguises, in China? You do the math.

“China today, because of its dynamic economic growth and its determination to pursue sovereign Chinese national interests, merely because China exists, is becoming the Pentagon new “enemy image,” now replacing the false “enemy image” of Islam used after September 2001 by the Bush-Cheney Administration to justify the Pentagon’s global power pursuit. The new US military posture against China has nothing to do with any aggressive threat from the side of China. The Pentagon has decided to escalate its aggressive military posture to China merely because China has become a strong vibrant independent pole in world economics and geopolitics.”

Andrew Marshall, mentor of Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld...what a claim to fame. Andrew Marshall, mentor of Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld…what a claim to fame.

China spends about 10% of what the US does on the military. “The new US military posture against China has nothing to do with any aggressive threat from the side of China. The Pentagon has decided to escalate its aggressive military posture to China merely because China has become a strong vibrant independent pole in world economics and geopolitics.”

The Pentagon is after China. End of story. The plan is referred to as String of Pearls.

“The architect of the Pentagon anti-China strategy of Air-Sea battle is Andrew Marshall, the man who has shaped Pentagon advanced warfare strategy for more than 40 years and among whose pupils were Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld. Since the 1980s Marshall has been a promoter of an idea first posited in 1982 by Marshal Nikolai Ogarkov, then chief of the Soviet general staff, called RMA, or ‘Revolution in Military Affairs.’ The best definition of RMA was the one provided by Marshall himself:

“A Revolution in Military Affairs (RMA) is a major change in the nature of warfare brought about by the innovative application of new technologies which, combined with dramatic changes in military doctrine and operational and organizational concepts, fundamentally alters the character and conduct of military operations.” 

To interrupt China’s strategic ties with its geographical partners in an effort dubbed ‘The String of Pearls,’ by the Pentagon is Job One. Corporations approaching some of these countries are “hand-picked by Washington to do the most harm.” Failing that, sanctions of all kinds are being imposed on friends of China. The fact that they are geographically joined with China matters not in the least. The Navy is deploying its mightiest ‘recon# and surveillance along this so-called string of pearls. This is one hell of an all-out effort under way simply to stop one nation from succeeding economically. The details, so carefully and engagingly laid out in Target China, are staggering…and important.

Not left out, of course, is that well-oiled social engineering monolith, Hollywood, and its nefarious cousin, the so-called media. This weapon is being used, as always, to full effect.

“Since President Woodrow Wilson openly enlisted the cooperation of Hollywood film makers to create propaganda to stir war fever among Americans, Hollywood and US media have been intimately linked with shaping consensus for US national strategy. By 2012 that combinationwas being turned to slowly make the Peoples’ Republic of China into what in perhaps a few short years would be portrayed as the new “Hitler Germany” adversary. The US Pentagon and the military industrial complex, together with the elites at the New York Council on Foreign Relations and other select organizations of power brokers, developed a form of culture and media warfare which China was very susceptible to.”

Coincidentally, two major newspaper publishers in London did the very same thing at the behest of The Tavistock Institute in order to bring a British population had no quarrel at all with Germany into WWI. Hmmmm….. Well, on with our tale.

The following discussion is deeply interesting: which revolutions do Google executives brag about being at the helm of? Where have they and their arms and outlets played a significant and strategic role in bringing down leaders and governments? They never try to hide these things but we are trained to attend to the mainstream media and one will not find the truth there. Does China, in fact, have a reason to be suspicious of Google and Facebook and Twitter and youtube and….

The reality is that China faces a situation today that it has never faced. On top of a three-decade long hurtle into wealth and prominence on the world stage, China now faces the wrath of the established territory holders. Arguably there may only be one but it uses all the nations as arms to get what it wants, which is everything.

Fair enough. The discussion around China is an opportunity that cannot be missed for it will be in seeing and understanding this example that the world can be shaken awake and save itself from the Ravenous Beast. Additionally, the idea of a ‘counter-pole’ to totalitarian power rocking the world today is an intriguing one.

Engdahl concludes Target China by asking an important question: “What then shall we do?” as Tolstoy expressed it. He then pursues some thinking on the matter, including a look at what brought down the first Roman Empire. He highlights the Achilles Heels of China, the EU and the US, for after all, the west does have an Achilles Heel, and Engdahl knows what it is. Get this book!

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