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“Bungler Central” – America’s Secret Spy Base


By Gordon Duff


Today, the Washington Post reported that 400 American drones simple “fell out of the sky,” at a cost of billions. These weren’t tiny hand launched model planes but, in most cases, Predators, Raptors or Global Hawks. Some were as large as airliners with highly classified payloads costing millions in surveillance gear.

Others we are told by sources at the upper levels of Pentagon command, crashed because they were overloaded with drugs from Afghanistan.

Those piloting these vehicles were all trained in the same place, Ft. Huachuca, where “moral flexibility” is the only guideline, whether it is drone pilots or the “military intelligence” commands whose highly classified activities go far beyond any of the spying Edward Snowden “outed” the NSA for.

It’s raining drones today”

At one time it was believed that the only errors drone pilots made were the dozens of “mistaken” attacks on schools, hospitals, weddings and funerals or hundreds of yet unreported “friendly fire” incidents potentially responsible for hundreds of American deaths and thousands of wounded.

The names seem impressive, Raptor, Predator or Global Hawk. There are stealth drones like the formerly “super-secret” RQ70, now not only on display in Tehran but being manufactured there as well. You can probably buy one on EBay.

Global Hawks, though capable of flying around the world, periodically land at deserted strips north of Gwadar in Baluchistan, Pakistan, directly south, by road, of the heroin processing facilities near Kandahar in Afghanistan.

There, the drones are “serviced” by former Navy SEALS employed by a defense firm secretly controlled by an American billionaire, owner of a soap manufacturing company and key political leader/financier of the Republican Party. That’s the party of John McCain and Lindsey Graham, senators who regularly visit Afghanistan, perhaps checking on their investments.

Drones can also transport things like Sarin gas or bioweapons. They can deploy these as well. We have no evidence this has been done but we do know that this capability is one “considered” when allocating billions to replace the hundreds of multi-million dollar drones that have mysteriously plummeted into the ground.

Fort Huachuca – Beyond the NSA

However, the drone issue is only one part of a problem endemic to all American intelligence functions, a generalized failure of ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) that President Obama seems dangerously unaware of.

When Special Forces units were deployed in Jordan to train “resistance fighters” involved in Syria and ended up “accidentally” training the Al Qaeda/ISIS force now taking over Iraq, where were these geniuses trained? Who could be that stupid? Where do idiots like these, the fools who fly drones upside down and “climb” multi-million dollar drones with even more expensive radar/camera/sensor packages into the ground?

Even more ironic, perhaps almost funny, many of the same “intelligence handlers” that trained ISIS jihadists in Jordan are now heading to Iraq to aid that government in defending itself from ISIS Jihadists.

As American humorist Jim W. Dean so often says: “You just can make things like this up.”

Fort Huachuca, Arizona


What is perhaps most curious is that these failures, so many of them, can be traced to a single very secret American base in a state represented by Senator John McCain, long reputed to have ties to organized crime.

Nestled in the Arizona hills, just north of the Mexican border is Fort Huachuca. Here, America trains its drone pilots, its “cyber-spies” and “agent handlers.” Nearly every imaginable abuse of both international and US law is taught and practiced here.

It also trains “cyber warfare specialists.” There, young soldiers work at computers learning to defend the United States from threats to national security, or so Congressand the American people are told.

Not one world of this is true, however. The “Intelligence School” at Fort Huachuca is a “front” for domestic spying, political “dirty tricks,” internet smear campaigns and, perhaps most heinous of all, blocking websites that promote freedom of speech and generating “technical difficulties” for media outlets that this US Army command is told don’t agree withwell, we aren’t exactly sure “who or what.”

More importantly, not only are such activities illegal, patently unconstitutional, violations of the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States that members of the military swear an oath to “protect and defend,” these activities are also criminal fraud and violate numerous state and federal laws protecting communications from sabotage.

This is what is done at Fort Huachuca, they hack computers, they sabotage networks, the shutdown radio broadcast on federally licensed networks and they block access to websites, not only violating civil and constitutional rights but doing significant commercial harm as well.

These things are done as “training exercises” in what is called “psychological warfare.” It isn’t training; it is real war, a war against the American people, a war against freedom of speech and, most of all, a war against the truth.

Lying to Congress

When Congress funded the programs at Ft. Huachuca, they knew they were training drone pilots whose “missions” are seen, around the world, as acts of criminality and by top experts in international law as violations of not only the sovereignty of those nations attacked but outright murder as well. As war crimes by powerful “freedom loving nations” are typically overlooked, congress was more than happy to continue funding these programs which make us all safe unless you happen to be killed by a drone operated by a Ft. Huachuca “graduate” that doesn’t know up from down or a hospital from a terrorist training camp.

When Veterans Today columnist Stew Webb assisted by fellow columnist Gene “Chip” Tatum, former CIA “Psyop” specialist began checking Veterans Today and affiliated websites for hackers, the trail quickly led to Ft. Huachuca. Computers at that base were not only used to overload the sites, possibly hundreds, even thousands, causing “denial of service,” but were systematically blocking internet search engines as well, reprogramming them away from “unpleasant facts” and directing the public to “sock puppet” websites filled with libel, smears and bizarre conspiracy theories, websites funded unknowingly by the American people themselves with their tax dollars.

You see, keeping America safe means, as we learned, lying to congress about running psychological warfare programs against the American people and, as in this case, against not only one of the largest groups of American war veterans but an official news outlet for the Department of Veterans Affairs, an agency of that same government.

Veterans Today Targeted

Targeting Veterans Today and its staffers, blocking access, running smear websites that attack editors and columnists, many decorated combat veterans, some with not only “honored standing” and having top security clearances, but full access to military facilities like Ft. Huachuca…is more than illegal, it is bad manners. It could also be treason if such activities are going run for a foreign government via rogue element handlers at Ft. Huachuca.

What is almost funny is that the base commander at Huachuca is a close associate of a “VT” editor and former top intelligence officer of NATO’s largest command. Other VT editors sat on the National Security Council; one was chief intelligence advisor to President Reagan. Now they are targeted for standing up to government fraud or speaking out against years of disastrous military adventures and the abuse of America’s military veterans.

It gets even better. That same Army, along with all other major Intel organizations, uses open source intelligence analysis from Veterans Today citing it as both “flawless” and “impeccably researched.” They use it but don’t want others to have it. What good is a “democracy” when the public actually can, if it wishes, find out what is really going on regarding its national security?

Toward that end, the Army seems to have expanded its role from protector to “police state enforcer.”

Shut the Gates

Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, the “convicted terrorist mastermind” the US recently released and returned to Pakistan was a guest on an American base for 5 years. She was held at Bagram Air Force Base in Afghanistan, tortured, raped repeatedly, while under the legal authority of an American military officer now clearly guilty of a war crime.

If asked, he will claim he knew nothing. The screaming, the bloody trash bags buried in the parched earth, this is typical of the “moral flexibility” the American military has been infected with.

Here at home, young soldiers, our children and grandchildren are being indoctrinated with that same “moral flexibility.” For years we watched them kill around the world. Now they have turned on us. Some of us expected it.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board

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Are You Complicit in Heinous Crimes?



by J. Speer-Williams

Unless American citizens become aware of the US immoralities against humanity and oppose those crimes in some fashion, they will indeed continue to be complicit in monstrous criminality.

A powerful Luciferian cabal has long authored our laws, influenced our courts, controlled our presidents, and committed unilateral wars of aggression on innocent men, women, and children in the Balkans and the Middle East.

Truth-seekers often hear naysayers say, “That has always been the case,” as if a villain’s longevity in the commission of loathsome crimes gives him carte blanche to continue doing the unspeakable, all without end.

What is obviously not recognized by these inane is the fact that such a base dismissal of serious crimes begs for those atrocities to become more horrific, more constant, and committed at greater rapidity.

It is only by a mass public understanding of and disagreement with those crimes that these dark monsters will be kept at bay.

No public demonstrations, no revolutions, and no civil disobedience are called for or even desired. Those who control what used to be our government have directed most of their federal agencies (including the Post Office) to buy millions of rounds of hollow-point bullets, which the federal authorities claim is for target practice.

Do not be misled. One hollow-point bullet will tear a target to shreds, which makes them worthless for target practice. They bought hollow-point bullets to tears the bodies of American patriots to shreds.

There is something that the Dark Forces cannot prepare for: the US Homebound Revolution.

In the safety and comfort of your home do two things: from the Internet, completely educate yourself, and then disagree with the deceptions and horrors you discover.

It all begins with education, which results in enlightenment.

That is a wonderful truth you will seldom hear from most New Age gurus. They usually espouse never even thinking of anything negative and most certainly not talking about those who create the bulk of the world’s darkness.

Have you ever wondered why the US mainstream publishing houses will rarely publish a so-called conspiracy book, but will fall all over themselves printing scads of New Age books?

The simple truth is the Dark Forces have used and are still using the burgeoning New Age development as their personal Trojan Horse to subvert well-intended souls into becoming blind non-observers concerning their crimes against humanity.

Most people, however, find the subject of international crimes to be so unpleasant they avoid the issue as much as possible in some vacuous hope they will escape unscathed.

If avoidance of reality really protected  people, it might be wise for everyone to turn blind eyes toward injustices. The sad truth of the matter, however, is such an approach creates more crime and makes the non-observers complicit in serious offenses against humanity.

Still, do not attempt to impose your hard-won enlightenment upon those who resist it. Everyone is on a spiritual path, so let be those who are not yet up to the point of confronting evil. They will eventually come to learn the hard truths, albeit the hard way.

And trying to enforce your reality on others would be more counter-productive on you than on them.


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NEO – How to be a Success at moving weapons without really trying


From Iraq to Syria: How to transport men and weapons without really trying

… by  Henry Kamens,       … with  New Eastern Outlook,  Moscow

The seven golden domes of St. Petersburg

[ Editor’s note:  We have another superlative investigative journalism piece that only someone like Henry Kamens can do in this area.

It requires not only being located in the region and having extensive sources, but a deep background on the history of the people and the complex Geo-political aspects that have so many in the West have just tuned out. It’s just too hard to follow.

This is why Veterans Today looks for people of this caliber, because they are capable of a constant flow of top quality material. They never succumb to making stuff up when “business is slow”, because it never is for them. They are in the thick of it all the time.

Hence we feel an obligation to get their work distributed, not only to give him the recognition like Henry deserves, but to also poke a sharpened fire-stick in the eye of corporate media, ie: “We we can do this caliber of work at VT, so why can’t you?”

Today he covers the Frankenstein business that has become a key part of US foreign policy, destabilization and regime change wherever it deems desirable. This clearly involves hands on terrorism work in which it has simply given itself immunity to engage, just like all the other state sponsors of terrorism.

After all, if little Israel can do it all these years without any problems, it would not be fair to prohibit the big ones from doing it, right? Thus goes the justification logic.

Of course, that any of this is being done with the consent of the government is just a bad joke. That makes the current state of our democracy a bad joke, including telling young school children they even have one. It was stolen by the gangsters the rule over us, as they don’t rule by consent.

So I pose to you…as you will read below that there is a obvious long term plan to keep a never ending supply of trained and ready terrorist brigades, including officers, at the ready to serve the cause of freedom and democracy.

So my big $64 million dollar question today is, “Do you think they will have any moral compunction, the puppeteers who run these operations, to using them against us when and if they so desire, and someone will pay them?”… Jim W. Dean ].

How to move troops easily

The much touted fall of Mosul and the alleged capture of US military equipment have been in the making for a long time.

It is therefore important to have some institutional knowledge of where these events began, and how a ragtag corporal in the Georgian army, sick and disillusioned, has suddenly become the poster boy for America’s war on terrorism in Iraq.

The corporal concerned is al-Shishani, AKA, Umar Gorgashvili, whose birth name is TARKHAN BATIRASHVILI. He is leader of the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIS) insurgents who have been seen, very conveniently, transporting US-supplied Humvees across the border into war-torn Syria after the capture of Mosul.

Often reported as killed, al-Shishani nevertheless always turns up at the right time and right place for a photo opportunity, all part of the subterfuge. Umar Gorgashvili goes by many different names, but most of these are known only to those that have trained and have worked with him.

There are (actually “were”, as some of them have been murdered) four Chechens operating in the region, thus named “al shishani”: Omar al-Shishani, Saifullah al-Shishani, Amir Muslim and Salahudeen al-Shishani.

The supposedly captured US Humvees his troops have taken to Syria are purported to be the inanimate equivalents of the US hostages held for so long in Iran in the late seventies.

However, the track record of al-Shishani himself, and the various players in the region, indicates that something else is going on. The US-backed rebels are losing ground in Syria. ISIS, though presented as the enemy in northern Iraq, has been installed there to finish the job the original rebels have proved unable to.

The capture of the equipment is in fact a strategic handover. It serves two purposes: to equip the anti-Assad forces and to provide cover for equipment being brought out of Afghanistan and handed over to ISIS.

It will be said, if anyone notices, that this equipment must have been stolen from northern Iraq, because we have seen this happen on TV, and CNN says so!


Moths and butterflies


It has been interesting to watch al-Shishani/Batirashvili/ Gorgashvili, being transformed from an invalid soldier, officially too sick for duty, into the fiercest jihadist in the world.

Maybe there is no choice but to present him as such, when 5,000 of his jihadists have overrun four divisions of the Iraqi army, which the US has spent $25 billion training.

Francesco Crispi, Italian Prime Minister in 1898 who had gained his position by presenting himself as a strongman, was forced to resign by a stone-throwing mob when his army was routed at the Battle of Adwa by an Ethiopian force armed largely with spears.

No one wants to bow out of history in the same way over Iraq, despite all their talk about how much their actions are driven by care for the Iraqi people.

But of course that is not going to happen for another reason. The new poster boy learned everything he knows not from his fellow jihadists, but from the people who trained him: the US army, the training provider for the Georgian Armed Forces under the 64 Million Dollar US Train and Equip Programme, and Turkish intelligence, also trained by its US equivalent, through whom he took on his new role.

This man is another jihadist who is actually working for the other side, doing, as ever, things that side won’t dare do openly because the public who pay their wages would never support them. There is a list of them, and they too have different names and for different purposes, all their travel and foreign passports funded by US taxpayers.


The US Motivation

Battle of Adwa

The captured Humvees are becoming quite the celebrities. Al-Shishani has been shown driving them around unhindered, in scenes designed to outrage the supporters of the US action, and then inspecting them in Syria, thus demonstrating the international nature of the jihad and underscoring the importance of the global war on terrorism, providing justification for any action the US chooses to take against it—or inaction.

The US can even symbolically send some troops back to Iraq, of course, only to protect American citizens.

All these televised images look rather similar, purely in technical detail, to a number of similar ones connected with terrorism – the faked Boston Bombing footage shot by the Boston Globe, the faked gas attack purportedly committed by Assad’s troops reported by CNN, the internationally distributed photos of Carlos “The Jackal” which do not match eyewitness accounts of the man.

Details of the background do not match, images purportedly from the same day and time have different light levels and appear to be from different places, there are unexplained smudges and gaps and nothing to identify exactly when and where certain scenes were shot.


By the US DoD Disinformation Book

This consistency is not accidental. The US Department of Defense has written a manual on capturing scenes like these to marshal international opinion against an aggressor. Follow this link for the full original report: 1998 Report on Disinformation Warfare Manual – Chapter 7. The fact that such a manual exists does not mean that the images from Mosul and Syria are part of such a disinformation program.

Brian Nichiporuk, author of Chapter 7, DoD Report on Disinformation Warfare Manual

However, we need to take into account two factors. First, al-Shishani was trained by the US whilst in Georgia. Everything he knows the US also knows, and everything he does the US knows he will do, because it taught him how and when to do it.

Second, the US has practically withdrawn from Iraq but is still trying to pursue its aims in Syria. Hillary Clinton, Obama’s former Secretary of State, is warning that further military intervention in Iraq would be a “delicate and difficult task for our government because we certainly don’t want to fight their fight.” This is the same Hillary Clinton who wrote in a recent memoir that the Syrian conflict has spilled over into Iraq.

The civil conflicts in Iraq and Syria are all part of the same thing, according to her, and therefore according to her boss, as she would not be allowed to make such statements off the top of her head when security is at risk.

So to continue the war in Iraq when you have withdrawn your troops, to justify the original conflict and lost lives, what do you do…increase the engagement in Syria, which is now, we are told, where Iraq’s new troubles are coming from? Strangely enough, this is where the Humvees taken by al-Shishani’s men are now.

Where the threat goes, funding will follow – funding which is desperately needed, with the rebels being penned back day by day. Maybe the US genuinely fought against al-Shishani’s ISIS forces in Iraq. If it did, it suffered a humiliating defeat which puts the whole war on terror in doubt and with it the funding and public support for continuing it. But if this is the same war being fought against Syria, that changes everything.

This minor local setback can be reversed by defeating the instigators in Syria. But where exactly are these instigators? ISIS is not fighting on the side of Assad in Syria. It is fighting against him, like the crumbling Free Syrian Army and US-backed rebel forces, and indeed largely replacing these groups, as they have failed to secure Assad’s removal.

So al-Shishani is fighting both against and for the US, simultaneously, in the same war. Taliban militants in Afghanistan are complaining that they did not join it to fight FOR the US, as they are now effectively doing as a result of the latest turns of the peace process.

One wonders how such a thing could happen in Iraq and Syria, unless it was always intended to be this way.


Turkey’s involvement

According to the BBC, Omar al-Shishani entered Syria from Turkey to get involved with the conflict there. This is a well travelled route and this has been confirmed by Chechens who lived in Georgia as well. In Syria, Turkey has tried to play its own game; the US has not agreed to share tactics and strategy with Turkey and, incredibly, Northern Iraq

We are sure that Tarkhan entered Syria by Turkey, based on good sources about it and who trained him. After all, he travelled a lot, and not only in this direction but participated in executing some ethnic Ossetians inside of Georgia proper back in 2008, prior to the start of the 2008 Russian Georgian war.

Turkish collaboration with the Chechens is nothing new. It dates back to the eighteenth century, when both Chechnya and the Ottoman Empire were under threat from Christian Russia.

Then the Turks offered the Chechens help to “defend the caliphate”, now the mantra is “jihad against the Russians in the Levant paves the way for the return of the caliphate, and taking the jihad back to the Russian heartland.”

Chechens wishing to continue this jihad invariably do so through Turkey due to this longstanding tie. From there they enter both Syria and Iraq. Mosul is the largest Christian city in Iraq, therefore an obvious target for jihadists. Its capture from the dysfunctional Iraqi government reassures Turks that “genuine Moslems” now control not only the surrounding region but its oil reserves.

The country extracting the largest quantity of oil from those fields is Turkey. But Turkey is also a US ally and member of NATO. It will continue to support US causes, such as prolonging the conflict in Syria, to further its own geopolitical ambitions, which have recently begun to bear fruit.

Turkey is increasingly following the path of China: it has become a regional powerhouse, expected to intervene in conflicts and act as an honest broker between smaller nations, without giving up any of the anti-democratic conduct which previously saw it ostracised on the world stage.

Political violence, ethnic conflict and arbitrary justice are not things of the past in Turkey. Politicians still pander to martial sentiment by being as adversarial as possible, the military still plays a major role in government behind the scenes and a mainstream variety of radical Islam continues to undermine the secular state as much as Kurdish and other minority communities’ terrorist groups.

But it has the economic clout to dominate the region regardless, so these previous bogies no longer come into view, regardless of the consequences. By continuing to provide a pathway for Chechens to get involved in jihad Turkey keeps part of its “strongly” Moslem population happy and enhances its own claims to be both a Western and Moslem nation.

It also helps the US by ensuring the fall of Iraq, making it appear a hopeless case not worth defending any further, but blaming that on Syria, enabling it to increase its involvement there.

The international nature of al-Shishani himself, an ethnic Chechen/Kist actually from Georgia fighting in Iraq and Syria, brings home the international nature of the war on terror and the fact that even Moslem countries are threatened by it. This again serves both US and Turkish objectives, as governments fund each other, and keep each other in power, to conduct this war.

The only trouble is that al-Shishani gets the raw end of the deal. He now has to defend his conquests with arms, all the while looking over his shoulder for the day when he is no longer useful, and is executed by his friends as a terrorist, like so many before him.

Chechens themselves also get an even worse name than their association with terror has given them now, making their engagement in civilized conflict resolution impossible as no one will, officially, negotiate with a terrorist.


What next?

Minority groups, particularly dispossessed ones, always have a cause. They are willing to get into bed with anyone to further that cause. A number of monarchist Russians who went into exile in 1917 sided with Hitler throughout the Nazi era, not because they were Nazi, but because he was an aggressive antithesis of the hated Communists, a situation he exploited to his advantage.

The Moslem Chechens do not have a state of their own, and live surrounded by Christian peoples. Anyone who offers them a way to pursue the fight against those Christians, even if they are infidels themselves, is potentially a friend, but a friend much bigger and stronger than them, whose will they will eventually have no choice but to follow, whatever blandishments are initially offered.

Chechens such as Omar al-Shishani can be used for any purpose, and Georgia has seen it all before. The US has been inserting groups of Chechen fighters and Arab terrorists into Pankisi Gorge in Georgia to destabilise Russia for a number of years, and the snipers who shot at people indiscriminately in Maidan Square were subsequently evacuated through Georgia.

Whatever cause al-Shishani may once have had, he has merely become an adjunct of US foreign policy, and must be well aware of this. Does Omar still have tuberculosis? No one seems to know for sure. But what is clear is that this new international monster has now become a sicker and more helpless man than he ever was.

He will be discarded in due course, and his alleged conduct has made it all the harder for the Chechen cause to be seen as anything other than an excuse for violence. He may not have set out to bring this on himself and his people, but that is what he is doing, with thousands of innocent civilians as collateral damage he will be blamed for causing.

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