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Are You Complicit in Heinous Crimes?



by J. Speer-Williams

Unless American citizens become aware of the US immoralities against humanity and oppose those crimes in some fashion, they will indeed continue to be complicit in monstrous criminality.

A powerful Luciferian cabal has long authored our laws, influenced our courts, controlled our presidents, and committed unilateral wars of aggression on innocent men, women, and children in the Balkans and the Middle East.

Truth-seekers often hear naysayers say, “That has always been the case,” as if a villain’s longevity in the commission of loathsome crimes gives him carte blanche to continue doing the unspeakable, all without end.

What is obviously not recognized by these inane is the fact that such a base dismissal of serious crimes begs for those atrocities to become more horrific, more constant, and committed at greater rapidity.

It is only by a mass public understanding of and disagreement with those crimes that these dark monsters will be kept at bay.

No public demonstrations, no revolutions, and no civil disobedience are called for or even desired. Those who control what used to be our government have directed most of their federal agencies (including the Post Office) to buy millions of rounds of hollow-point bullets, which the federal authorities claim is for target practice.

Do not be misled. One hollow-point bullet will tear a target to shreds, which makes them worthless for target practice. They bought hollow-point bullets to tears the bodies of American patriots to shreds.

There is something that the Dark Forces cannot prepare for: the US Homebound Revolution.

In the safety and comfort of your home do two things: from the Internet, completely educate yourself, and then disagree with the deceptions and horrors you discover.

It all begins with education, which results in enlightenment.

That is a wonderful truth you will seldom hear from most New Age gurus. They usually espouse never even thinking of anything negative and most certainly not talking about those who create the bulk of the world’s darkness.

Have you ever wondered why the US mainstream publishing houses will rarely publish a so-called conspiracy book, but will fall all over themselves printing scads of New Age books?

The simple truth is the Dark Forces have used and are still using the burgeoning New Age development as their personal Trojan Horse to subvert well-intended souls into becoming blind non-observers concerning their crimes against humanity.

Most people, however, find the subject of international crimes to be so unpleasant they avoid the issue as much as possible in some vacuous hope they will escape unscathed.

If avoidance of reality really protected  people, it might be wise for everyone to turn blind eyes toward injustices. The sad truth of the matter, however, is such an approach creates more crime and makes the non-observers complicit in serious offenses against humanity.

Still, do not attempt to impose your hard-won enlightenment upon those who resist it. Everyone is on a spiritual path, so let be those who are not yet up to the point of confronting evil. They will eventually come to learn the hard truths, albeit the hard way.

And trying to enforce your reality on others would be more counter-productive on you than on them.


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