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Gaza: Nazi Air strike on UN school condemned by Ban Ki-moon as ‘moral outrage’

Palestinians aid injured people on the ground following an Israeli military strike on a UN school in Rafah, in the southern Gaza Strip (AFP)

The victims had been sheltering in UN facility from intense fighting in Rafah

Another UN-run school in Gaza has reportedly been struck by an Israeli air strike, killing at least 10 people who had been sheltering there from the fighting.

The UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon condemned the attack as “a moral outrage and a criminal act”. The director of UN’s Palestinian refugee agency in Gaza said preliminary findings indicated an Israeli missile was to blame.

Witnesses and health workers said around 35 more were wounded when the entrance to the facility was struck by. It is the second reported strike on a UN-operated school in less than a week.

Hundreds had been sheltering in the building in the southern Gaza Strip town of Rafah, where the death toll rose to more than 100 in 24 hours yesterday.

The Israeli military confirmed today that it had scaled down some of its military presence in northern Gaza and told people they could return to their homes, but insisted the offensive would continue until rockets stopped firing and Hamas’s network of cross-border tunnels had been destroyed.

It offered no immediate comment about the Rafah school bombing, but confirmed that officials were investigating the incident.

In a statement, Mr Ban said the strike was “yet another gross violation of international humanitarian law”.

“This attack, along with other breaches of international law, must be swiftly investigated and those responsible held accountable,” the UN chief said. “It is a moral outrage and a criminal act.”

Today’s attack came as the British Foreign Secretary, Philip Hammond, said the conflict had become “intolerable”.

Last Wednesday, at least 15 Palestinians at a UN school in the Jabalia refugee camp were killed during fighting, with UN observers saying it appeared an Israeli artillery shell had hit the building.

Then, the military said gunmen had fired from mortars placed near the school and that the army had shot back in response.

Palestinians aid injured people on the ground following an Israeli military strike on a UN school in Rafah, in the southern Gaza Strip (AFP)

Palestinians aid injured people on the ground following an Israeli military strike on a UN school in Rafah, in the southern Gaza Strip (AFP)Speaking after the Labour party leader Ed Miliband accused David Cameron of getting it “wrong2 with Britain’s position on the Gaza conflict, Mr Hammond told The Sunday Telegraph: “The British public has a strong sense that the situation in Gaza is simply intolerable and must be addressed – and we agree with them.

“There must be a humanitarian ceasefire that is without conditions. We have to get the killing to stop.”

Downing Street accused Mr Miliband of “playing politics” and insisted the Prime Minister had always been clear that both sides in the conflict should observe a ceasefire.

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Gaza Holocaust: 10 killed in I$raHell air strike on United Nations school in Rafah, Ban Ki-moon condemns ‘criminal act’


An Israeli air strike has killed 10 people and wounded about 30 in a school in southern Gaza in what the United Nations has described as a “moral outrage and a criminal act”.

Witnesses and medics in the town of Rafah said the missile struck the entrance to the UN-run school where Palestinians who had fled their homes were sheltering.

UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon called for those responsible for the “gross violation of international humanitarian law” to be held accountable, while the United States described the attack as “disgraceful”.

It was the second strike on a school in less than a week.

The Israeli military said it had “targeted three Islamic Jihad terrorists on board a motorcycle in the vicinity of an UNRWA school in Rafah” and added it was “reviewing the consequences of this strike”.

Islamic Jihad did not report any of its militants killed or injured in the incident. A Palestinian health official said all those wounded or killed were from inside the school.

“The Israeli Defence Forces have been repeatedly informed of the location of these sites,” Mr Ban’s spokesman said in a statement.

“This attack, along with other breaches of international law, must be swiftly investigated and those responsible held accountable. It is a moral outrage and a criminal act.

“The resurgence in fighting has only exacerbated the man-made humanitarian and health crisis wreaking havoc in Gaza. This madness must stop.”

The US urged Israel to do more to prevent civilian casualties, according to a statement by state department spokeswoman Jen Psaki.

“The suspicion that militants are operating nearby does not justify strikes that put at risk the lives of so many innocent civilians,” she said.

Israel later announced that its military would hold fire in most of the Gaza Strip for seven hours on Monday to facilitate the entry of humanitarian aid and for displaced Palestinians to return to their homes, but would fight back if attacked.

Amid Hamas accusations that Israel had misled the world about the alleged capture of an Israeli soldier, the officer, Lieutenant Hadar Goldin, was buried on Sunday after the military said it recovered remains and that he was killed in action.

Lt Goldin’s suspected abduction led to the collapse of a US and UN-brokered ceasefire on Friday.

Troop movements allow some Gaza residents to return

Israeli media reported that most Israeli troops had pulled out of Gaza on Sunday (local time), and Reuters television footage showed a column of Israeli tanks and dozens of infantrymen leaving the enclave.

An Israeli military spokesman stopped short of calling the move a withdrawal, but said residents from some evacuated Gaza neighbourhoods had been told by the army they could return. ”ACCORDING TO UN THIS IS NOT TRUE”

“The troops are in the midst of a redeployment to other parts of the border,” Lieutenant-Colonel Peter Lerner said.


“Indeed we are releasing troops from the front line but the mission is ongoing,” he said. “Ground forces are operating. Air forces are operating.”

Robert Serry, UN Middle East special coordinator, said the school in Rafah had been sheltering 3,000 displaced persons and the strike caused multiple deaths and injuries.

“It is simply intolerable that another school has come under fire while designated to provide shelter for civilians fleeing the hostilities,” he said.

Last Wednesday, at least 15 Palestinians who sought refuge in a UN-run school in Jabalya refugee camp were killed during fighting, and the UN said Israeli artillery had apparently hit the building.

The Israeli military said gunmen had fired mortar bombs from near the school and it shot back in response.

Earlier on Sunday, Israeli shelling killed at least 30 people in Gaza, a day after prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to continue the military campaign in Gaza for as long as needed and with as much force as necessary.

Bodies are being kept in ice-cream refrigerators, in flower and vegetable coolers.

Ashraf Goma, Fatah faction leader


Mr Netanyahu says Gaza’s dominant Hamas faction bears ultimate responsibility for civilian casualties, accusing gunmen and rocket-launching squads of using residents in densely populated areas as “human shields”.

In Rafah, Fatah faction leader and local resident Ashraf Goma said locals were unable to deal with the casualties.

“Bodies of the wounded are bleeding in the streets and other corpses are laid on the road with no-one able to recover them,” he told Reuters.

“I saw a man on a donkey cart bringing seven bodies into the hospital. Bodies are being kept in ice-cream refrigerators, in flower and vegetable coolers.”

I$raHell discovers cache of mortar bombs

The Israeli army said that more than 55 rockets had been fired from Gaza at Israel on Sunday.

Shrapnel from a rocket shot down by Israel’s Iron Dome interceptor fell inside a playground in the Tel Aviv area but caused no injury, media reports said.

Israeli said its troops had discovered a cache of 150 mortar bombs in southern Gaza.

They had clashed with Palestinian fighters who emerged from a tunnel and with others preparing to launch an anti-tank missile from a house in the area, a military statement said.


Israel began its offensive against Gaza on July 8 following a surge of cross-border rocket salvoes by Hamas and other guerrillas.

The fighting on Sunday pushed the Gaza death toll given by Palestinian officials to 1,775, most of them civilians.

Israel has confirmed that 64 soldiers have died in combat, while Palestinian rockets have also killed three civilians in Israel.

In new truce moves, a delegation from Hamas and the Islamic Jihad group arrived in Cairo, but a quick breakthrough seemed unlikely in the absence of Israeli representatives.

After accusing Hamas of breaching Friday’s short-lived ceasefire, Israel said it would not send envoys as scheduled.

Israel says it wants Gaza demilitarised under any long-term arrangement.

Hamas, sworn to Israel’s destruction, demands Israel withdraw its troops and a lifting of Israeli and Egyptian blockades that have choked Gaza’s economy.

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Gaza under attack: organise your resistance


Public Meeting Friday 8 August 6.30pm


Media lies are facilitating the genocide in Palestine. Educate 
yourself and others! Come along to this meeting where we 
will be exposing the lies and discussing what we can do here.


274 Moseley Road, Highgate, Birmingham, B12 0BS

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AIPAC deploys its Senate 5th column for I$raHell


Is Obama putting the squeeze on the Zionists using their own "security concerns" tactic against them?

US Senator Ted Cruz says Obama using FAA in ‘economic boycott of Israel’

Top Daily  Story   …   Press TV, Tehran


Is Ted Cruz an espionage asset for Israel?

Is Ted Cruz an espionage asset for Israel?

[ Editor’s note: The militant Zionists have a long record of trotting out “security concerns” for any particular nasty thing they want to do to the Palestinians. But of course in true supremacist fashion, they don’t feel the same tactic is kosher to be used on them. Such a thing would be… “anti-semetic”.

So when we heard of the airline flights to Israel being stopped by the FAA “for security concerns” after they had been flying in for days with the rockets flying, we smelled a signal being sent. The killing in Gaza had gotten out of hand, Kerry was in town, and Obama was not interested in the usual Bibi song and dance routine that Zios were trying to prevent their being driven into the sea by Hamas.

AIPAC waited a day, until the FAA announced their renewing of the flight ban, and then they deployed what they felt was their trump card… Ted Cruz, a highly visible Republican presidential candidate (in the wings) to put on the display that they have many in Congress who will do their bidding at the flick of a switch. 

Many in the Intel community, especially the old timers who have watched it for decades,  consider this treason, which is why Congressional people are used as they have extensive, (but not complete) immunity for such activity as shilling for AIPAC. This also crosses over the river into providing top secret material to Israel, for which it shows a lot of gratitude in a wide variety of ways.

And this is even done by committee chairmen because they have the highest security clearances. They can just ask to have top secret stuff sent over to them, and then provide a copy to their AIPAC  handlers over coffee at week later.

So no, I was not hyping the treason angle above. Not a single one of them has ever been prosecuted, as that would be a huge scandal which would expose how long it has been going on, an even bigger scandal. That’s how bad it is folks…really… Jim W. Dean ]

An influential US senator says President Barack Obama is using the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to implement an “economic boycott of Israel.”

On Tuesday afternoon, the FAA banned all American planes from flying to Israel after a rocket struck near Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv. On Wednesday, the agency extended the flight ban for another day, citing the ongoing “potentially hazardous security situation created by the armed conflict between Israel and Gaza.”

In response, Ted Cruz, the Republican senator from Texas, accused the Obama administration of attempting to sabotage Israel’s economy by barring flights to Tel Aviv.

“The facts suggest that President Obama has just used a federal regulatory agency to launch an economic boycott on Israel, in order to try to force our ally to comply with his foreign-policy demands,” Cruz said.

Meanwhile, the Israeli lobby in the United States demanded an immediate review of the FAA policy, which it said was “isolating” Israel.

“We understand the need and the responsibility to protect the safety of airline travelers, but we are concerned by the FAA decision to ban all commercial flights by US airliners to Ben Gurion Airport in Israel,” the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) said in a statement issued late on Wednesday.

“Safety is an important consideration, but this decision appears overly harsh and excessive. Moreover, we are concerned that it could have the unintended effect of encouraging terrorists to become even more committed to make civil aviation a target,” the AIPAC statement said.

Israel and its vaunted IDF continue to hold the number one child killer award

Israel and its vaunted IDF continue to hold the number one child killer award

More than 700 Palestinians have been killed and thousands wounded, including women and children, by Israel’s unending offensive against Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip.

The Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas, has been launching retaliatory attacks against Israel.

Israeli warplanes have been carrying out incessant airstrikes against Gaza since July 8. Last Thursday, thousands of Israeli soldiers launched a ground invasion into the densely-populated strip.

Israeli supporters in the US have said that the growing international campaign to boycott Israel over its atrocities against the people of Palestine is one of Tel Aviv’s greatest challenges.

Earlier this year, Malcolm Hoenlein, executive vice chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, called on Western governments to work against the phenomenon. Israel has faced the widening boycott campaign by some European businesses over its illegal settlement activities on the occupied Palestinian land.

Two of Europe’s biggest financial institutions have boycotted transactions with Israeli companies involved in the settlement construction.The European Union has also blocked all grants and funding to any Israeli entity based in the illegal settlements.

The American Studies Association has also announced a decision to boycott Israeli institutions and academics over the discriminatory treatment of Palestinians. Israelis are frustrated in the face of the growing boycott campaign. Israeli officials have held several meetings in an attempt to find a strategy to counter the boycotts.

In an interview with Press TV in August last year, Iranian political analyst Hamid Golpira said that there should be an international campaign “to show that Israel is an apartheid regime, just like South Africa was an apartheid regime. And there should be a worldwide campaign of boycott, divestment and sanctions against the apartheid regime of Israel, just as there was a campaign against apartheid South Africa.”

When are we going to bomb Israeli Espionage out of existence in the America?

When are we going to bomb Nazi Espionage out of existence in America?

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Gaza Holocaust:Who Will Speak for the Dead?



[ Editor's Note:  We have all been here before. We know the drill. The Westis standing by Israel on this for the usual reasons.They don't want to deal with  Jewish  Lobby  political  terror. But  after the  pile of bodies is big enough, and the Israelis are tired of the bomb shelter drills,they willstop when they want to, and arrange for the US to get some credit for "pus-hing them".
If more pressure is applied than ever  before to get it stopped, then that should have been done sooner. But our leadership impersonators sit back and watch the killing because they don't want to deal with Jewish Lobby polit-ical terror.
They find those consequences more than they want to bear, because the cons-equences from us are next to nothing. The Lobby people call and pummel themendlessly  if  they  are  unhappy, and we don't.  We lose due to inaction, despite our superior numbers. Whose fault is that? ... Jim W. Dean ]

Who will speak for the dead…if not us?

There are 1100 of the 1800 killed buried here. They are remembered once a year. The rest of the time no one picks up the trash, which the last status symbol for those who have nothing

There are 1100 of the 1800 killed buried here. They are remembered once a year. The rest of the time no one picks up the trash, which the last status symbol for those who have nothing

This is now a partial list. Todays count is pushing 650


Name Age Area
1 Mohammed Shaaban 24 killed in Gaza
2 Amjad Shaaban 30 killed in Gaza
3 Khader al-Bashiliki 45 killed in Gaza
4 Rashad Yassin 27 killed in the Nusseirat refugee camp
5 Mohammed Ayman Ashour 15 killed in Khan Younis
6 Riad Mohammed Kawareh 50 killed in Khan Younis
7 Bakr Mohammed Judeh 22 killed in Khan Younis
8 Ammar Mohammed Judeh 26 killed in Khan Younis
9 Hussein Yousef Kawareh 13 killed in Khan Younis
10 Mohammed Ibrahim kawareh 50 killed in Khan Younis
11 Mohammed Aahed Habib 22 killed in Gaza
12 Ahmed Moussa Habib 16 killed in Gaza
13 Saqr Ayesh al-Ajuli 22 killed in Jabalia
14 Ahmed Nael Mahdi 16 killed in Gaza
15 Basil Salem Kawareh 10 killed in Khan Younis
16 Hafez Mohammed Hamad 30 Beit Hanoun
17 Ibrahim Mohammed Hamad 26 Beit Hanoun
18 Mahdi Mohammed Hamad 46 Beit Hanoun
19 Fawziya Khalil Hamad 62 Beit Hanoun
20 Dunya Mahdi Hamad 16 Beit Hanoun
21 Suha Hamad 25 Beit Hanoun
22 Suleiman Salman Abu Sowaween 22 killed in Deir al-Balah
23 Siraj Ayad Abdelal 8 killed in Khan Younis
24 Abdel Hadi Jumaa al-Sufi 24
25 Rashid al-Kafarneh 30 Beit Hanoun
26 Nayfeh Farajallah 80
27 Abdel Nasser Abu Kweik 60 Beit Hanoun
28 Khaled Abu Kweik 31 Beit Hanoun
29 Mohammed Arif 13 killed in Gaza
30 Mohammed Malake 1.5 killed in Gaza
31 Hanaa Malake 27 killed in Gaza
32 Hatem Abu Salem unidentified location unknown
33 Mohammed Khaled al-Nimre 22 killed in Gaza
34 Sahar Hamdan al-Masri 40 Beit Hanoun
35 Mohammed Ibrahim al-Masri 14 Beit Hanoun
36 Mohammed Khalaf al-Nawasra 4 killed in al-Maghazi
37 Nidal Khalaf al-Nawasra 5 killed in al-Maghazi
38 Aicha Najm 20 killed in al-Maghazi
39 Salah Awad al-Nawasra 6 killed in al-Maghazi
40 Mahmoud Nahed al-Nawasra unidentified location unknown
41 Amal Yousef Abdel Ghafour 27 killed in Khan Younis
42 Raneem Judeh Abdel Ghafour 1.5 killed in Khan Younis
43 Ibrahim Daoud al-Balaawi 24 killed in Rafah
44 Abdel Rahman Jamal al-Zamli 22 killed in Rafah
45 Ibrahim Ahmed Abdeen 42 killed in Rafah
46 Mustafa Abu Murr 20 killed in Rafah
47 Khaled Abu Murr 23 killed in Rafah
48 Mazen Faraj al-Jarba 30 killed in Deir al-Balah
49 Marwan Isleem 27 killed in Deir al-Balah
50 Hani Saleh Hamad 57 Beit Hanoun
51 Ibrahim Hamad 20 Beit Hanoun
52 Salima Hassan Maslam al-Arja 60
53 Mariam Atiah Mohammed al-Arja 11
54 Hamid Shihab 37 killed in Gaza
55 Ibrahim Khalil Qanan 24 killed in Khan Younis
56 Mohammed Khalil Qanan 26 killed in Khan Younis
57 Suleiman al-Astal 55 killed in Khan Younis
58 Hamdi Badie Sawali 33 killed in Khan Younis
59 Mohammed al-Akkad 24 killed in Khan Younis
60 Ahmed Sawali 28 killed in Khan Younis
61 Raed Shalat 37
62 Mahmoud Lutfi al-Hajj 58 killed in Khan Younis
63 Asmaa Mahmoud al-Hajj 22 killed in Khan Younis
64 Tarik Saad al-Hajj 18 killed in Khan Younis
65 Saad Mahmoud al-Hajj 17 killed in Khan Younis
66 Najlaa Mahmoud al-Hajj 29 killed in Khan Younis
67 Fatima al-Hajj 12 killed in Khan Younis
68 Omar al-Hajj 20 killed in Khan Younis
69 Basima Abdel Fattah al-Hajj 57 killed in Khan Younis
70 Ahmed Salim al-Astal 24 killed in Khan Younis
71 Moussa Mohammed al-Astal 50 killed in Khan Younis
72 Raed al-Zawarea 33 killed in Khan Younis
73 Bahaa Abu al-Leil 35 killed in Gaza
74 Salem Qandil 27 killed in Gaza
75 Amer al-Fayyoumi 30 killed in Gaza
76 Abdallah Ramadan Abu Ghazal 5 Beit Hanoun
77 Islamel Hassan Abu Jamaa 19 killed in Khan Younis
78 Mohammed Ehsan Farwane 18 killed in Khan Younis
79 Mahmoud Talee Wallud 26 killed in Jabalia
80 Hazem Ibrahim Baaloushe 30 killed in Jabalia
81 Udai Rafik al-Sultan 27 killed in Jabalia
82 Hassan Awda Abu Jamaa 75 killed in Khan Younis
83 Yasmin Mohammed al-Mutwak 4 Beit Hanoun
84 Ahmed Zaher Hamdan 24 Beit Hanoun
85 Mohammed Kamal al-Kahlout 25 killed in Jabalia
86 Sami Andan Shaldan 25 killed in Gaza
87 Jumaa Atiah Shallouf 25 killed in Rafah
88 Bassam Abdel Rahman Khattab 6 killed in Deir al-Balah
89 Abdellah Mustafa Abu Mahrouk 22 killed in Deir al-Balah
90 Anas Rizk Abu al-Qas 33 killed in Gaza
91 Nour Marwan al-Najdi 10 killed in Rafah
92 Mohammed Mounir Ashour 26 killed in Rafah
93 Ghalia Deeb Jaber Ghanem 57 killed in Rafah
94 Wissam Abdel Razek Hassan Ghannam 31 killed in Rafah
95 Mahmoud Razek Hassan Ghannam 28 killed in Rafah
96 Kifah Shahadeh Deeb Ghannam 33 killed in Rafah
97 Raed Hani Abu Hani 31 killed in Rafah
98 Shahraman Ismaeil Abu al-Qas 42 killed in Al-Breij
99 Mazen Mustafa Aslan 63 killed in Al-Breij
100 Mohammed Rabih Abu Humeidan 65 killed in northern Gaza
101 Shahd al-Qreinawi 7 killed in Al-Breij
102 Abdel Halim Abdel Moeti 54
103 Hussein al-Mamlouk 47 killed in Gaza
104 Saber Sukkar 80 killed in Gaza
105 Nasser Mohammed Sammame 49 killed in Gaza
106 Rami Abu Musaed 23 killed in Deir al-Balah
107 Mohammed al-Sumeiri 24 killed in Deir al-Balah
108 Husam Eddine al-Razayne 39 killed in Jabalia
109 Anas Youssef Qandil 17 killed in Jabalia
110 Abdel Rahim Saleh al-Khatib 38 killed in Jabalia
111 Youssef Mohammed Qandil 33 killed in Jabalia
112 Mohammed Idris Abu Sanena 20 killed in Jabalia
113 Hala Weshahi 31 killed in Jabalia
114 Suha Abu Saada 38 killed in Jabalia
115 Ali Nabil Basal 32 killed in Gaza
116 Mohammed Bassem al-Halabi 28 killed in Gaza
117 Mohammed al-Suweiti 20 killed in Gaza
118 Ibrahim Nabil Hamade 30 killed in Gaza
119 Hassan Ahmed Abu Ghoush 24 killed in Gaza
120 Ahmed Mazen al-Balawi 26 killed in Gaza
121 Rateb Sobhi Youssuf al-Saifi 22 killed in Al-Zaitoun
122 Azmi Mahmoud Taha Obeid 51 killed in shelling on Radwan street
123 Nidal Mohammed Ibrahim Abu al-Malsh 22 killed in shelling on Radwan street
124 Suleiman Saeed Younis Obeid 56 killed in shelling on Radwan street
125 Ghassan Ahmed al-Masri 25 killed in shelling on Radwan street
126 Mustafa Mohammed Taha Anabe 58 killed in shelling on Radwan street
127 Rifaat Yousef Amer 36 killed in Gaza
128 Mohamed Idriss Abo Sowaylim 20 killed in Jabalia
129 Fadi Yaqoub Sukar 25 killed in Gaza
130 Qassim Jabr Adwan Ouda 16 killed in Khan Younis
131 Mohammad Ahmed Bassal 19 killed in Gaza
132 Muhannad Yousuf Daheir 23 killed in Rafah
133 Mahmoud Abdallah Sharahta al-Shammal 53
134 Shadi Mohammed Zaareb 21 killed in Rafah
135 Imad Bassam Zaareb 21 killed in Rafah
136 Nahed Naeem al-Batesh 41 killed in Gaza
137 Bahaa Majed al-Batesh 28 killed in Gaza
138 Qusai Issam al-Batesh 12 killed in Gaza
139 Aziza Yousuf al-Batesh 59 killed in Gaza
140 Mohammed Issam al-Batesh 17 killed in Gaza
141 Ahmed Naaman al-Batesh 27 killed in Gaza
142 Yahia Alaa al-Batesh 18 killed in Gaza
143 Jalal Majed al-Batesh 26 killed in Gaza
144 Mahmoud Majed al-Batesh 22 killed in Gaza
145 Marwa Majed al-Batesh 25 killed in Gaza
146 Majid Sobhi al-Batesh unidentified killed in Gaza
147 Khaled Majed al-Batesh 20 killed in Gaza
148 Ibrahim Majed al-Batesh 18 killed in Gaza
149 Manar Majed al-Batesh 13 killed in Gaza
150 Amal Hassan al-Batesh 49 killed in Gaza
151 Anas Alaa al-Batesh 10 killed in Gaza
152 Qusai Alaa al-Batesh unidentified killed in Gaza
153 Rami Abu Shanab 25 killed in Deir al-Balah
154 Khawla al-Hawajri 25 killed in Nuseirat
155 Mohammed Ghazi Arif 35 killed in Gaza
156 Ghazi Mustafa Arif 62 killed in Gaza
157 Ahmed Yousef Dalloul 47 killed in Gaza
158 Hijazia Hamed al-Hilou 80 killed in Gaza
159 Muayed al-Aaraj 3 killed in Khan Younis
160 Fawziya Abdelal 73 killed in Gaza
161 Haitham Ashraf Zaareb 21 killed in Rafah
162 Laila Hassan al-Awdat al-Maghazi 41
163 Hussam Ibrahim al-Najjar 14
164 Ruwaida Abu Harb 30
165 Izzedine Bulbul 25 killed in Gaza
166 Hussein Abdel Qader Muheisen 19 killed in Gaza
167 Qassem Talal Hamdan 23 Beit Hanoun
168 Maher Thabet Abu Mur 24 killed in Rafah
169 Mohammed Salem Abu Breis 65 killed in Deir al-Balah
170 Saddam Mousa Moammar 23 killed in Deir al-Balah
171 Moussa Shahda Moammar 60 killed in Deir al-Balah
172 Hanadi Hamdi Moammar 27 killed in Deir al-Balah
173 Adham Mohammed Abdel-Fatah Abdelal 25 killed in Gaza
174 Hamid Suleiman Abu al-Araj 60 killed in Deir al-Balah
175 Abdallah Mahmoud Baraka 24 killed in Khan Younis
176 Tamer Salam Qudeih 37 killed in Khan Younis
177 Ziad Maher al-Najjar 17 killed in Khan Younis
178 Ziad Salem al-Shawi 25 killed in Rafah
179 Mohammed Yassir Hamdan 24 killed in Gaza
180 Mohammed Shakib al-Agha 22 killed in Khan Younis
181 Mohammed Younis. Abu Youssef 25 killed in Khan Younis
182 Sara Omar Sheikh al-Eid 4 killed in Rafah
183 Omar Ahmed Sheikh al-Eid 24 killed in Rafah
184 Jihad Ahmed Sheikh al-Eid 48 killed in Rafah
185 Kamal Atef Yousuf Abu Taha 16 killed in Khan Younis
186 Ismael Nabil Ahmed Abu Hatab 21 killed in Khan Younis
187 Ahmed Younis. Abu Youssef 28 killed in Khan Younis
188 Bushra Khalil Zaareb 53 killed in Rafah
189 Atwa Umeir al-Ammour 58 killed in Khan Younis
190 Ismael Salim al-Najjar 46 killed in Khan Younis
191 Mohammed Ahmed Ibrahim al-Najjar 49 killed in Khan Younis
192 Suleiman Abu Louli 33 killed in Khan Younis
193 Sobhi Abdel Hamid Mousa 77 killed in Khan Younis
194 Ismael Fattouh 24 killed in Gaza
195 Saleh Saeed Dahleez 20 killed in Rafah
196 Yassir Eid al-Mahmoum 18 killed in Rafah
197 Khalil al-Ashafi 66 killed in Hajar al-Deek
198 Mohammed Abdallah al-Rahuk 23 killed in Rafah
199 Mohammed Ismael Abu Ouda 27 killed in Rafah
200 Mohammed Sabri al-Debari 20 killed in Rafah
201 Abdallah Mohammed Abdallah al-Arjani 19 killed in Khan Younis
202 Ahmed Adil Ahmed al-Nawajha 23 killed in Rafah
203 Mohammed Tayseer Sharab 23 killed in Khan Younis
204 Farid Mahmoud Abu Daqqa 33 killed in Khan Younis
205 Ashraf Khalil Abu Shana 33 killed in Rafah
206 Khodra Salameh Abu Dakka 24 killed in Khan Younis
207 Omar Ramadan Hassan Abu Dakka 24 killed in Khan Younis
208 Ibrahim Ramadan 10 killed in Khan Younis
209 Ahed Bakr 10 Gaza beach
210 Zakaria Bakr 10 Gaza beach
211 Mohammed Bakr 11 Gaza beach
212 Ismail Bakr 9 Gaza beach
213 Abdel Rahman Khalil al-Sarhi 37 killed in Gaza
214 Hamza Raed Thari 6 killed in Jabalia
215 Akram Mohamed Abo Amer 34 killed in Khan Younis
216 Kamal Mohamed Mohamed Abo Amer 38 killed in Khan Younis
217 Hussein Abdel Latif Al Astal 23 killed in Khan Younis
218 Roqayyah Al Astal 70 killed in Khan Younis
219 Yasmin Al Astal 4 killed in Khan Younis
220 Osama Mahmoud Al Astal 6 killed in Khan Younis
221 Hussam Jamal Shamloukh 23 killed in Sheikh Ajleen in Gaza
222 Mohamed Kamel Abdul-Rahman 30 killed in Gaza
223 Mohamed Mahmoud al-Qadim 22 killed in Deir al-Balah
224 Zainab Mohamed Saeed al-Abadla 71 killed in Khan Younis
225 Mohamed Abdul-Rahman Hasouna 67 killed in Rafah
226 Ahmed Raihan 23 Beit Lahya
227 Saleh Salem Fayyad 25 killed in Deir al-Balah
228 Abdullah Salem al-Akhras 25 killed in Rafah
229 Bashir Mohamed Abdul-Aal 20 killed in Rafah
230 Mohammed Ziad Ghanem 25 killed in Rafah
231 Mohamed Ahmed al-Hut 41 killed in Rafah
232 Ismaeil Youssef El Kafarneh unidentified Beit Hanoun
233 Fullah Tarek Shehebar unidentified location unknown
234 Jehad Essam Shehebar unidentified location unknown
235 Wassim Essam Shehebar unidentified location unknown
236 Hamza Hossam Al Abadleh 29 killed in Khan Younis
237 Rahaf Khalil Al Jabbour 4 killed in Khan Younis
238 Abed Ali Ntaiz 26 killed in Gaza
239 Mohamed Salem Ntaiz 4 killed in Gaza
240 Mohamed Shadi Ntaiz 15 killed in Gaza
241 Salah Saleh El-Shafei 24 killed in Khan Younis
242 Majdi Suleiman Salama Jbara 22 killed in Rafah
243 Fares Jumaa al-Mahmoum 5m killed in Rafah
244 Nasim Mahmoud Naser 22 Beit Hanoun
245 Karam Mahmoud Naseer 20 Beit Hanoun
246 Omar Eid Awad al-Mahmoum 18 killed in Rafah
247 Salima Suleiman Ghayadh 70 killed in Rafah
248 Rani Saqr Abu Tawila 30 killed in Gaza
249 Hammad Abdul-Karim Hammad Abu Lihya 23 killed in Khan Younis
250 Mohamed Abdul Fattah Rashad Fayyad 26 killed in Khan Younis
251 Mahmoud Mohammed Fayyaz 25 killed in Khan Younis
252 Basem Mohammed Mahmoud Madhi 22 killed in Rafah
253 Amal Khader Ibrahim Dabour 40 Beit Hanoun
254 Ismail Youssef Taha Qassim 59 Beit Hanoun
255 Bilal Mahmoud Radwan 23 killed in Khan Younis
256 Munther Radwan 22 killed in Khan Younis
257 Ahmed Fawzi Radwan 23 killed in Khan Younis
258 Mahmoud Fawzi Radwan 24 killed in Khan Younis
259 Hani Asad Abdul-Karim al-Shami 35 killed in Khan Younis
260 Mohamed Hamdan Abdul-Karim al-Shami 35 killed in Khan Younis
261 Mahmoud Fawzi Redouane 24 killed in Khan Younis
262 Hani Assaad Abdelkarim Al-Shami 35 killed in Khan Younis
263 Mohammed Hamdan Abdelkarim al-Shami 35 killed in Khan Younis
264 Hossam Muslim Abu Eissa 26
265 Ahmed Abdallah Bahnassaoui 25
266 Saleh Zgheidi 20 killed in Rafah
267 Alaa Abu Shabat 23 killed in Rafah
268 Ahmed Saled al-Ghalban 23 killed in Khan Younis
269 Hamada Abdallah Mohammed Al Bashti 21
270 Abdallah Jamal Smeiri 17 killed in Khan Younis
271 Mahmoud Ali Darwish 40
272 Walaa Al Qarra 20 killed in Khan Younis
273 Raafat Mohammed Al Bahloul 35 killed in Khan Younis
274 Mohammed Awad Matar 37 killed in Gaza
275 Hamza Mohamed Abu Hsain 27 killed in Rafah
276 Youssef Hassan Ibrahim Al-Asstal 23 killed in Gaza
277 Emad Hamed Elwan 7 killed in Gaza
278 Qassem Hamed Elwan 4 killed in Gaza
279 Sara Mohammed Al Bustan 13 killed in Gaza
280 Rizk Ahmed Al Hayek 2 killed in Gaza
281 Naim Moussa Abou Jarad 23
282 Abed Moussa Abu Jarad 30
283 Seham Moussa Abu Jarad 26
284 Rajaa Alyan Abu Jarad unidentified
285 Child from Abu Jarad family unidentified
286 Mustafa Faisal Abu Sneina 32
287 Ammar Faisal Abu Sneina 18
288 Nizar Fayez Abu Sneina 38
289 Ismail Ramadan Salmy Alllawlahi 21
290 Ghassan Salem Mussa Abu Azeb 28 killed in Khan Younis
291 Haniyeh Abderrhman Abu Jarad 2
292 Mussa Abderrahman Abu Jarad 6m
293 Ahlam Mussa Abu Jarad 4
294 Mohammed Talal Al Sanee 20 killed in Rafah
295 unidentified
296 Amjad Salem Shaeth 15 in Moraj
297 Ayad Ismael AlRaqab 26 killed in Khan Younis
298 Yehia Bassam Mohammed AlSarri 20 killed in Khan Younis
299 Mohammed Bassam AlSarri 17 killed in Khan Younis
300 Mahmoud Reda Salhiya 56 killed in Khan Younis
301 Mostafa Reda Salhiya 21 killed in Khan Younis
302 Mohammed Mostafa Reda Salhiya 22 killed in Khan Younis
303 Ibrahim Jamal Kamal Nasr 13 killed in Khan Younis
304 Wasm Reda Salhiya 15 killed in Khan Younis
305 Ahmed Mahmoud Hasan Aziz 34 Abraj Al-Nada in north Gaza
306 Saeed Ali Issa 30 Hajar Al-Deek
307 Raed Walid Laqqan 27 killed in Khan Younis
308 Mohamed Jihad al-Kara 29 killed in Khan Younis
309 Rochdi Khaked Nasr 24 killed in Khan Younis
310 Raed Walid Laqqan 27 killed in Khan Younis
311 Raafat Ali Bahloul 36 killed in Khan Younis
312 Bilal Ismaeel Abu Daqqa 33 killed in Khan Younis
313 Mohamed Ismaeel Samour 21 killed in Khan Younis
314 Ismaeel Ramadan al-Loulhi 21 killed in Khan Younis
315 Mohamed Ziad al-Rahl 6 Beit Lahya
316 Mohamed Abu Zaanouna 36 killed in Gaza
317 Mohamed Rafiq al-Rahl 22 Beit Lahya
318 Fadhl Mohamed al-Banna 29 killed in Jabalia
319 Mohamed Atallah Awda Saadat 25 Beit Hanoun
320 Mohamed Abel Rahman Abu Hamad 25 Beit Lahia
321 Maali Abu Zeid al-Wasta 24 location unknown
322 Mahmoud Abdel Hamid al-Zouaydi 23 Beit Lahya
323 Dalia Abdel Hamid al-Zouaydi 37 Beit Lahya
324 Rouya Mahmoud al-Zouaydi 6 Beit Lahya
325 Nagham Mahmoud al-Zouaydi 2 Beit Lahya
326 Ahmed Hamouda 10 Beit Lahya
327 Omar hamouda 7 Beit Lahya
328 Mohamed Rezq Mohamed Hamouda 18 Beit Lahya
329 Mohamed Khaled Jamil al-Zouaydi 20 Beit Lahya
330 Mohamed Ahmed al-Saaedi 18
331 Tarek al-Hattou 26
332 Mahmoud al-Sherif 24
333 Abdel Rahman Barrack 23
334 Mahmoud Anwar abu-shabab 16 killed in Rafah
335 Moemin Tayseer Al Abd Abudan 24 killed in Al-Wustah
336 Abdalaziz Sameer abu-zaatar 31 killed in Al-Wustah
337 Mohamed Ziyad Zaboot 24 killed in Gaza
338 Hatim Ziyad Zaboot 22 killed in Gaza
339 Ahmed Maheer Mohamed Abu-Thuraya 25 killed in Al-Wustah
340 Abdullah Ghazy Abdullah Al-masry 30 killed in Al-Wustah
341 Ayman Hashim Al-naoqi 25 killed in Al-Wustah
342 Akram Mahmoud Al-Mutawaq 37 killed in Jabalia
343 Salim Ali Abu Al-saada unidentified killed in Khan Younis
344 Husni Mahmoud Alabasi 56 killed in Rafah
345 Mohamed Mahmoud mamar 30 killed in Rafah
346 Hamzah Mahmoud mamar 21 killed in Rafah
347 Anas Mahmoud mamar 17 killed in Rafah
348 Mohamed Ali Jundiya 38 killed in Gaza
349 Mohamed Ali moharib 38 Shuja’eyya – Gaza
350 Fahmi Abdalaziz Abu-saeed 29
351 Ahmed Tawqeeq Zanoon 26 killed in Rafah
352 Suhaib Ali Juma Abu-qurat 21 killed in Rafah
353 Asama Khalil Alhay unidentified unidentified
354 Khalil Asama Alhay unidentified unidentified
355 Amamat asama Alhay unidentified unidentified
356 Hala Saqir Abu-heen unidentified unidentified
357 Hameed Sabah Mohamed Abu-fojo 22 unidentified
358 Tawfeeq Marshood 52 killed in Gaza
359 Hiba Hamid Alsheikh Khalil 14 killed in Gaza
360 Tawfeeq Albarawi Marshood unidentified Shuja’eyya – Gaza
361 Ahmed Esehaq Al-Ramalaweey unidentified Shuja’eyya – Gaza
362 Hiba Hamid Alsheikh Khalil unidentified Shuja’eyya – Gaza
363 Marwa Sulaiman AlSarsaweia unidentified Shuja’eyya – Gaza
364 Raeid Mansoor Nayfa unidentified Shuja’eyya – Gaza
365 Asama Rabhi Eid unidentified Shuja’eyya – Gaza
366 Ahid Moosa Alsarsaq unidentified Shuja’eyya – Gaza
367 Al-Masaf Fooad Jabir unidentified Shuja’eyya – Gaza
368 Khalid Hamid unidentified Shuja’eyya – Gaza
369 Ibrahim Khalil Abed Ammar 13 Shuja’eyya – Gaza
370 Ibrahim Salem Jom’a as-Sahbani 20 Shuja’eyya – Gaza
371 Aref Ibrahim al-Ghalyeeni 26 Shuja’eyya – Gaza
372 Osama Khalil Ismael al-Hayya 30 Shuja’eyya – Gaza
373 Rebhi Shehta ‘Ayyad 31 Shuja’eyya – Gaza
374 Heba Hamed Mohammad Sheikh Khalil 13 Shuja’eyya – Gaza
375 Abdullah Mansour Radwan ‘Amara 23 Shuja’eyya – Gaza
376 Abed-Rabbo Ahmad Zayed 58 Shuja’eyya – Gaza
377 Issam Atiyya Sa’id Skafy 26 Shuja’eyya – Gaza
378 Ali Mohammad Hasan Skafy 27 Shuja’eyya – Gaza
379 Mohammad Hasan Skafy 53 Shuja’eyya – Gaza
380 Ala Jamal ed-Deen Barda’ 35 Shuja’eyya – Gaza
381 Omar Jamil Sobhi Hammouda 10 Shuja’eyya – Gaza
382 Ghada Jamil Sobhi Hammouda 10 Shuja’eyya – Gaza
383 Ghada Sobhi Sa’adi Ayyad 9 Shuja’eyya – Gaza
384 Ghada Ibrahim Suleiman ‘Adwan 39 Shuja’eyya – Gaza
385 Fatima Abdul-Rahim Abu Ammouna 55 Shuja’eyya – Gaza
386 Fahmi Abdul-Aziz Abu Sa’id 29 Shuja’eyya – Gaza
387 Kenan Hasan Akram al-Halaq 6 Shuja’eyya – Gaza
388 Maisa Abdul-Rahman Sarsawy 37 Shuja’eyya – Gaza
389 Mohammad Ashraf Rafiq Ayyad 6 Shuja’eyya – Gaza
390 Mohammad Ra’ed Ehsan Ayyad 6 Shuja’eyya – Gaza
391 Mohammad Rami Fathi ‘Ayyad 2 Shuja’eyya – Gaza
392 Mohammad Ra’ed Ehsan ‘Akeela 19 Shuja’eyya – Gaza
393 Mohammad Ziad Ali Za’bout 23 Shuja’eyya – Gaza
394 Mohammad Ali Mohared Jundiyya 38 Shuja’eyya – Gaza
395 Marah Shaker Ahmad al-Jammal 2 Shuja’eyya – Gaza
396 Marwan Monir Saleh Qonfid 23 Shuja’eyya – Gaza
397 Marwa Salman Ahmad Sarsawy 13 Shuja’eyya – Gaza
398 Mos’ab el-Kheir Salah ed-Din Skafi 27 Shuja’eyya – Gaza
399 Mona Abdul-Rahman Ayyad 42 Shuja’eyya – Gaza
400 Halla Sobhi Sa’dy Ayyad 25 Shuja’eyya – Gaza
401 Hallah Saqer Hasan al-Hayya 29 Shuja’eyya – Gaza
402 Younis Ahmad Younis Mustafa 62 Shuja’eyya – Gaza
403 Yousef Salem Hatmo Habib 62 Shuja’eyya – Gaza


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Obama Speaks for Nazi Hypocrisy 2014


American choice: genocide or justice?

CNI-Billboards 1

America today is the main sponsor of the Israeli regime and all its decades-old crimes against humanity. These crimes are once again on display in the most despicable and barbaric way. American citizens therefore have a heavy responsibility to bear. They must decide which side they are on: that of genocide or human rights.

by Finian Cunningham

US top diplomat John Kerry says a ceasefire deal in Gaza is close but there is still a way to go for one to be implemented.

What’s the hold-up? Men, women and children are being slaughtered in their hundreds. Hospitals, schools, mosques, churches, the wounded are being attacked against all norms of international law and morality.

Kerry traveled to Cairo Monday to discuss concerns about the violence and “loss of more innocent life” in Gaza with senior officials from various international partners including U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and Arab League Secretary-General Nabil El-Arabi.

Kerry traveled to Cairo Monday to discuss concerns about the violence and “loss of more innocent life” in Gaza with senior officials from various international partners including U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and Arab League Secretary-General Nabil El-Arabi.

The main Palestinian resistance movement, Hamas, says that any truce must be the basis for further talks on the underlying issues of Israeli blockade on the Gaza Strip and by extension on other parts of Palestinian territory in the West Bank. That is inarguably reasonable and common sense.

But the Israeli regime doesn’t want to engage in discussions about the bigger issues. It says that a ceasefire should be negotiated first and then, at some unspecified later time, talks about underlying issues can be held. Of course, this seemingly two-part deal from the Israeli side is but a cruel, cynical joke. It will never talk to Hamas. Indeed, the Israeli regime will never seriously talk to any Palestinian faction about the wider issues. A ceasefire for them is just a punctuation mark in a long story of ongoing dispossession of Palestinians from their historic homeland.

This is where the American government and the European allies are exposed as being on the side of the Israeli aggressor and genocidal regime. Apparent expressions of concern and huffing and puffing about “trying to pursue a ceasefire” are contemptible in the present abominable context.

There is a genocide going on. Simple as that. A genocide. It has been going on for the past 66 years with sporadic gear changes that accelerate and decelerate that genocide. The Western media talk disingenuously about the present Israeli military onslaught in Gaza as being the fourth major operation over the past seven years, when Hamas was elected as the government in that enclave and Tel Aviv began its collective punishment blockade on the 1.8 million civilians there. That blockade is a crime against humanity. Full stop.

The truth is that Israeli military aggression against the people of Palestine has been an ongoing, non-stop campaign since 1948. Palestinian land and sea territories have been gradually whittled away with relentless, punishing oppression – all under the benign watchful eye of Washington, London and other European allies.

The 20-year so-called peace process is just another sick joke whereby the Western-backed genocidal regime in Tel Aviv gets away with more mass murder and other crimes against humanity, while giving nothing back to the Palestinians except heaps more of misery and suffering.

President Obama announced 430 Million in Aid for Israel

President Obama announced 430 Million in Aid for Israel

Just days before Operation Protective Edge opened on July 8 under the cynical pretext of three Israeli teenagers being kidnapped and killed by unknown parties, US President Barack Obama announced an extra $430 million in aid to Washington’s most indulged foreign regime – in Tel Aviv. This is on top of the $3 billion that Israel receives every year for the past decades from the American government siphon of its taxpayers. Hard-pressed American households are getting their drinking water supplies cut off for unpaid utility bills in Detroit and other US cities, but the benevolence of Washington to Israel is like a wellspring that never runs dry.

This week US Secretary of State John Kerry unveiled $47 million in “humanitarian aid” to Gaza. Are US taxpayers so stupid? They are paying millions of dollars in so-called humanitarian aid for a crisis that billions of their dollars have created and is prolonging.

Palestinian Loss of Land Map 2010
A fundamental debate on the underlying issues of a peace deal in Palestine is long overdue. Indeed, 66 years overdue. Any end to this conflict and future basis for peace must be based on justice. The oppression of Palestinians cannot be fixed with a sticking plaster of some truce to be discarded in six months or a year. There is a haemorrhage of human life that requires deep intervention.

There must be a full negotiation about how land was dispossessed in the very beginning going back to 1948 and the treachery of Western governments in setting up the present situation; there must be redress for all the land that was usurped over the decades; the millions of people that were forced into refugee exile; the ongoing dispossession of land and illegal settlement building; the ongoing incarceration of thousands of Palestinians in Israeli jails.

But herein lies the root problem. If such fundamental discussions are allowed to take place, it will very quickly transpire that the Israeli regime is wholly illegitimate and illegal. It has no right to exist under any legal or moral precept. It has no right to continue. Palestine should be one land for all of those people who want to coexist peacefully in that land, as they did before Western imperialist governments started the Zionist occupation. Apartheid division and oppression, including the so-called two-state solution – which is an illusion anyway – is an alien construct that has no historical mandate in Palestine, except for the British self-imposed imperialist one.

Two-year-old Palestinian girl Naama Abu al-Foul sleeps after undergoing treatment at Gaza City’s Al-Shifa hospital following Israeli bombing next to her family’s home in the battered city, July 23, 2014.

Two-year-old Palestinian girl Naama Abu al-Foul sleeps after undergoing treatment at Gaza City’s Al-Shifa hospital following Israeli bombing next to her family’s home in the battered city, July 23, 2014.

America today is the main sponsor of the Israeli regime and all its decades-old crimes against humanity. These crimes are once again on display in the most despicable and barbaric way. American citizens therefore have a heavy responsibility to bear. They must decide which side they are on: that of genocide or human rights.

To clarify the choice that Americans must make, they first of all have to dispel a lot of the propaganda fog that their mainstream media churn out. Their government is not “pursuing peace plans” or “staying up all night working the phones between fractious Middle East parties.” American government is a central instigator and perpetrator to the genocide in Palestine. John Kerry, Barack Obama, George Bush, Bill Clinton and other American leaders are complicit in one of the great historical genocides of modern times. It couldn’t be more simple, or clearer. Israeli genocide is American-sponsored genocide.

Deal with it.

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Nazi Hitler speaks on the plight of the Palestinians and of USA and British hypocrisy1939

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Gaza Holocaust: US preacher urges Jihad

Posted by: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr
Sheik Mohamed Elimam calls Zionism ‘unadulterated evil,’ berates Arab world for abandoning Gaza

An American Muslim preacher has been calling for jihad against Nazi regime, amid Nazi war with Hamas in Gaza, in his weekly Friday sermons at a Chicago mosque.

In a video clip released on Thursday, Sheik Mohamed Elimam can be seen declaring that “global Zio-Nazi is unadulterated evil besetting all people.”

The video, published by the Middle East Media Research Institute, features Elimam decrying the evils of Zionism and calling on his congregation to join the fight in Palestine.

“Oh, those of you who want to wage jihad for the sake of Allah, Palestine is calling you and Gaza is crying out for your help,” Elimam said, according to MEMRI’s translation. “If you are true believers, real mujahideen, hasten to Palestine.”

In comments made during two sermons, on July 18 and July 25 at the Chicago Islamic Center, Elimam appeared to call for the removal of the Nazi state from the Middle East.

“This enemy was planted in the midst of the Arab nation, and they chose Jerusalem, Palestine, the most important area – in order to be a thorn in the side of the Arab and Islamic nations,” he said. “May Allah pull this thorn out, and stick it down their [Western] throats. May they be sent back to their countries in shame and disgrace, Allah willing.”

The preacher also differentiated between Jews and “Zionist,” offering a bitter assessment of the latter.

“Global Zionism is unadulterated evil besetting all people,” he said. “The [Zionists] hide behind religion, but religion has nothing to do with them. They have no religion, no morals, and no humanity.”

Elimam criticized the Arab world for not doing more to intervene in the Gaza crisis.

“Where are the Muslim rulers? Where are all those deadbeat regimes? Where are all those stray [jihadi] groups?” he said. “Return to the battle of jihad in Palestine. Jerusalem is calling you. The children of Gaza are crying for your help.”

Palestinian sources report that over 1,400 people have been killed in Gaza by Nazi army so far.

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The Real Jihad is in Palestine


…by  Kevin BarrettVT Editor    …for  Press TV


As of Sunday, Israel was killing Palestinians at a rate of more than 100 per day. Most of the victims are civilians, including large numbers of children, who are being intentionally targeted.

As US Secretary of State John Kerry sarcastically blurted out, it is “one hell of a pinprick operation” when Israel calls in airstrikes to murder little boys playing soccer on the beach.

The current massacre is just the latest episode in a six-decade-long slow-motion genocide. Israel is trying to remove the vast majority of Palestinians from Palestine, by killing some of them and making life impossible for the others. As international law professor Francis Boyle argued at the Kuala Lumpur Tribunal in Malaysia almost one year ago: “The Palestinians have been the victims of genocide as defined by the 1948 Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide.”

In August 2013, the tribunal found Israel guilty of genocide. Perhaps that is why Malaysian planes keep falling out of the sky.

Who is going to stop the Palestinian genocide?

The West is owned by Zionist criminal oligarchs. The United Nations is helpless. Christians have been guilt-tripped into believing that they owe the Zionists a genocide – as long as it is perpetrated against somebody else.

China is too far away and concerned with its sphere of influence. India is occupied by the Zionists who have taken over RAW, the Indian intelligence agency. Russia has its own problems with powerful Zionist oligarchs and their Nazi stooges and thugs. Latin America is too busy trying to free itself from Uncle Sam…and yes, there are Zionist oligarchs there too.

So the only thing standing between Palestine and genocide is the world’s nearly two billion Muslims.

Palestine has been Islamic holy land, administered and protected by Muslims, since 636 CE – which corresponds to the 15th year of the Islamic calendar. Essentially, Palestine has been ruled by Muslims, justly and equitably for the most part, for as long as Islam has existed. It is the duty of every Muslim to protect Palestine, including the Christian and Islamic holy sites.

So where are those two billion Muslims – who outnumber the genocidal settlers in Occupied Palestine 400-to-1 ?

They are being divided, distracted and debilitated by Zionist propaganda…and by the treason of their own rulers. The Persian Gulf states, led by Zio-Wahhabi Saudi Arabia, could stop the genocide. Saudi Arabia has a pivotal role in global oil production.

The biggest player in OPEC, Saudi Arabia could easily launch another oil embargo like the one in 1973…only this time for real. Unfortunately, the Kingdom’s current rulers apparently value their sybaritic lifestyles above the lives of Palestinian children and the sanctity of Islamic holy sites. Many of them are in bed with the Zionists, literally and figuratively.

The governments of other Muslim countries aren’t much better. Of all the Muslim-majority nations, only Iran (and to a lesser extent Syria and Malaysia) is taking serious risks to help the Palestinians defend themselves, and to broadcast the truth about Palestine to the world.

So why are so many self-styled “jihadis” attacking Iran – and the friends of Iran in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq?! In essence these “jihadis” are serving in the Israeli army. Mind-controlled CIA-Mossad stooge Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi – or whatever he is calling himself this week – is the de facto head of the Israeli military’s Foreign Legion.

Likewise, in Pakistan, the Zionist-controlled Indian intelligence agency RAW has created a fake insurgency of “Pakistani Taliban.” Some deluded Pakistani Taliban foot-soldiers, like al-Baghdadi’s followers, imagine themselves jihadis fighting to purify Islam. They have a funny way of purifying Islam: killing their fellow Muslims with weapons provided by Zionists and CIA agents like Raymond Davis, who was captured in Pakistan staging “Pakistani Taliban” terrorism.

Pakistani defense analyst and popular TV host Zaid Hamid explains that these fake jihadis are tools of the West’s fourth generation warfare against Islam and Muslims. Fourth generation warfare – the brainchild of William S. Lind and other American and Zionist strategists – uses synthetic insurgencies and false flag terrorism to achieve military and political objectives.

The doyens of fourth generation warfare have steered the concept of “jihad” away from its traditional Islamic just-war-doctrine foundations, toward Takfiri terrorism and other counterproductive (to the Muslims) tactics.

So when “Caliph” al-Baghdadi says he doesn’t really care about Palestine, he just wants to kill Shi’a Muslims, recalcitrant traditional Muslims, and Christians, he is waging a very strange kind of “jihad”…a very ZIONIST kind of “jihad.”

The Qur’an says that God hates aggressors; it tells us that when an enemy “drives you out of your homes” it is time to wage defensive jihad. (Note that the word jihad includes the primary meaning of “striving, effort” to be a better person, alongside the secondary meaning of striving to be a better person by risking your life standing up for justice and defending your community.)

The Israelis are systematically murdering Palestinians and driving them out of their homes and have been doing so for more than half a century. Palestine is Islamic holy land. There has never been a more clear-cut case of legitimate defensive jihad.

I am not an Islamic scholar. I have an Islamic Studies related Ph.D. from a secular American university. I am not highly qualified to interpret scripture.

But this issue is a no-brainer. Anyone who had read the Qur’an with a scintilla of understanding, anyone with the faintest acquaintance with just war theory, anyone who even remotely comprehends that our God-given human nature loathes aggression and authorizes self-defense, knows that not just every Muslim, but every human being with a conscience is required to help the Palestinians defend themselves against genocidal Zionist aggression.

What’s more, this one is winnable. A wedge can be driven between the psychotic über-Zionists and the slightly more rational realists who hold power in the West. If we work hard enough, and fight hard enough, we can force the West to acquiesce in the liberation of Palestine. Five million cannot hold out against two billion forever. Like apartheid South Africa in the 1980s, Zionist Israel today is approaching its expiration date.

There are fake jihads happening all over the world…Takfiri jihads, fourth generation warfare jihads, imperialist-sponsored divide-and-conquer jihads. These misguided spasms of pointless violence are libels on the noble word “jihad” – a word the Zionist-dominated Western media has dragged through the mud.

To hell with all the fake jihads. The real jihad is in Palestine. Onward to victory.

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Hamas Pricks I$raHell Soft Under-Belly, Ben Gurion Airport


Luftwaffe eagle

by Stuart Littlewood

Hamas has hit Palestine’s bloodthirsty occupier where it could hurt real bad — in the soft under-belly that is Ben Gurion airport. The Resistance has achieved this by lobbing a rocket too close for comfort and causing air carriers in the United States and Europe to halt flights to Tel Aviv after warnings from governmental agencies concerned about passenger safety.

“The carriers are making the right call,” said Robert Mann, an airline consultant in Port Washington, New York. “They are ultimately legally responsible for their operations and thus, they have to be at least as cautious and in many cases more cautious than any guideline that they are given.”

Reuters reported that Israeli officials, including Prime Minister Netanyahu, called for US airlines to resume flights to Israel. “There is no need for US carriers to suspend flights and reward terrorism,” said a statement from Israel’s Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz.

But a senior Obama administration official said: “We’re not going to overrule the FAA, period… when a rocket lands a mile from that airport, that kind of trips their wire.”

Strictly speaking Ben Gurion airport, near Tel Aviv, belongs to the Palestinians anyway. It was formerly Lydda airport; and Lydda, a major town in its own right during the British mandate, was designated Palestinian in the 1947 UN Partition. In July 1948 Israeli terrorist troops seized Lydda, shot up the town and drove out the population as  part of their ethnic cleansing programme. In the process they massacred 426 men, women, and children. 176 of them were slaughtered in the town’s main mosque. See for the lurid details.

Those who survived were forced to walk into exile in the scalding July heat leaving a trail of bodies — men, women and children — along the way. Israeli troops carried away 1,800 truck loads of loot. Jewish immigrants then flooded in and Lydda was given a Hebrew name, Lod.

So Israel has no real right to Lydda/Lod/Ben Gurion airport — it was stolen in a terror raid, as was so much else. It’s Israeli terror that has been rewarded all these years by airline flights.

Today the airport handles over 14 million passengers a year and is the international gateway to Israel. Hamas’s thrust at Ben Gurion may be just a prick. But they only have to lob one more rocket into the vicinity and and it becomes a serious belly wound. Most visitor traffic from abroad would dry up.

Before Israel’s flag-wavers get all hot under the collar, let’s consider what happened to Gaza’s airport. The Oslo II Agreement of 1995 provided for one to be constructed. The Yasser Arafat International airport was built with funding from Japan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Germany and Morocco, and cost $86 million. Arafat and US President Clinton attended the opening in 1998. Owned and operated by the Palestinian Authority it was capable of handling 700,000 passengers a year.

In December 2001 Israel destroyed the radar station and control tower, and cut the runway.

The only usable airstrip in Gaza today is a small airfield at Gush Katif, which is only suitable for short take-off and landing aircraft. The Israeli air blockade prevents it being used.

After this and all the other economic outrages committed against the Palestinians, Hamas will taste sweet revenge it they succeed in shutting down traffic through Ben Gurion and causing grief to Israel’s tourist trade and other business.



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