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Is this Anti-semitism or Nazi Bull-shits ?


Sydney Morning Herald? Gaza cartoon retracted

Anti-semitism at Sydney Morning Herald? Gaza cartoon retracted

The Sydney Morning Herald apologized for this cartoon today. (Credit: Sydney Morning Herald)

Shame on you Sydney Herald 

The Sydney Morning Herald retracted and said it was “wrong” to publish a July 26 cartoon about Gaza that has been called racist.In an August 3 editorial, the Sydney Morning Herald admitted the cartoon “invoked an inappropriate element of religion, rather than nationhood, and made a serious error of judgment.”

The cartoon by Glen Le Lievre depicted “an elderly man, with a large nose, sitting alone, with a remote control device in his hand, overseeing explosions in Gaza,” according to the newspaper.  His armchair had a Star of David on it, “and the man was wearing a kippah, a religious skullcap.”

Critics compared the image to that of propaganda from Nazi Germany, the newspaper reported. Initially, the newspaper defended the cartoon, pointing out that Le Lievre’s “distinctive drawing style routinely sees old people depicted with large noses and pronounced facial features” as part of his drawing style. Further, the newspaper explained that Le Lievre’s cartoon was inspired by “news photographs of men seated in chairs and lounges, observing the shelling of Gaza.”

One such photo that shows that is the below AFP/Getty Images picture, tracked down by the Daily Mail.

Another photo was published by UPI/Landov/Barcroft Media, via the Guardian.


The Sydney Morning Herald said it originally denied that Le Lievre intended “racial vilification,” but now understands the cartoon wasn’t acceptable. “It was wrong to publish the cartoon in its original form,” the newspaper’s editors wrote. “We apologise unreservedly for this lapse, and the anguish and distress that has been caused.”

The newspaper’s editor Darren Goodsir told the Guardian Australia that he decided to apologize “after a long 10 days of serious thinking, and reflection.”


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