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Quebec journalist: Jews can make any government submit to their wil


The organized Jewish community in Canada is in an uproar over some frank and truthful commentary put forth by a veteran journalist in Quebec. The Times of Israel reports:

A veteran prominent Quebec radio host has come under fire for making derisive comments about the Jewish community.

The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs condemned Gilles Proulx for comments he made in a recent newspaper column but said it was “disappointed and troubled” by the lack of public outrage.

Proulx, 74, wrote that the Jewish community can make any government “submit” to its will.

In a later television interview, he said Jews have historically fueled hate and persecution against them, including in Spain and during the Nazi regime of Adolf Hitler. Proulx has previously made other allegedly hateful on-air comments about Jews, immigrants and other minority groups. […]

We see, once again, that the organized Jewish community represents the most tyrannical and anti-free speech demographic of Western society. Any criticism, however mild, or even open, frank discussion of Israel, Jewish power and influence, Jewish criminality, and the organized Jewish community generally is hysterically demonized and equated with “anti-Semitism”, “bigotry”, and “hate”.

All this man did was state obvious facts about the nature of the organized Jewish community, namely that it can in fact make any Western government “submit” to its will, and he is being attacked by the Jews in Canada.

The Jews have essentially made any and all criticism and open discussion of their tribe, its actions and behaviors, and the nature of organized Jewry socially and culturally unacceptable in the West, and are constantly championing and demanding legislation designed to effectively end the First Amendment by banning “hate speech”.

If the Jews ultimately get their way, the only group of people one will be allowed to openly and unashamedly criticize will be White Western peoples and our traditions, heroes, religion, and values. Due to political correctness, this is basically how mainstream society currently operates.You can rail against the “White supremacist system” and the “White man” all day long in America. But don’t you dare say anything mean about the “poor, powerless, persecuted” Jews, illegal alien invaders, radical, perverted homosexuals and sexual deviants, or violent, rampaging Blacks. After all, criticizing those groups is “hateful”, “intolerant”, and “bigoted” – major thought crimes in the upside-down, politically correct Marxist paradise formerly known as Western civilization.

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