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UK Independence Party hugs Friend of I$raHell

Douglas Carswell

By Stuart Littlewood

The UK Independence Party (UKIP), which hopes for a big breakthrough in next year’s general election, has been wining and dining potential Conservative defectors one of which has actually come across.

Last week Douglas Carswell stepped down as MP for Clacton-on-Sea, triggering a by-election in which he will now stand as the UKIP candidate.

Fine, you might think. But Carswell is a devoted Friend of Israel. Here are some of the things he’s been saying.

Douglas Carswell’s devotion to I$raHell

On Israel’s illegal squatter “settlements” and the closure of Palestinian lands:

“What else is Israel supposed to do? Her actions are essentially defensive, not aggressive.”

On Israel’s illegal Separation Wall:

“The barrier needs to be built where it will provide security, not where we, using very outdated maps that take no account of an expansion, think it should go… Where there are disputes in Israel and Palestinians have objected to the siting of the barrier, there is judicial scrutiny. The process is not arbitrary. There is a mechanism that allows people who are concerned about where the barrier is being built to challenge the decision through the courts.”

He’s talking about Israeli courts, of course. Hasn’t Carswell heard that the International Court of Justice in 2004 ruled that the wall is illegal ? Not only that, Israel must

cease forthwith the works of construction of the wall, dismantle forthwith those parts of that structure situated within the occupied Palestinian territory and forthwith repeal or render ineffective all legislative and regulatory acts adopted with a view to construction of the wall and establishment of its associated régime… Israel must further make reparation for all damage suffered by all natural or legal persons affected by the wall’s construction…

All states are under an obligation not to recognise the illegal situation resulting from the construction of the wall and not to render aid or assistance in maintaining the situation created by such construction. The court further finds that it is for all states, while respecting the United Nations Charter and international law, to see to it that any impediment, resulting from the construction of the wall, in the exercise by the Palestinian people of its right to self‑determination is brought to an end. In addition, all states parties to the Fourth Geneva Convention are under an obligation, while respecting the charter and international law, to ensure compliance by Israel with international humanitarian law as embodied in that Convention.

That was 10 years ago. Israel has ignored the ruling and so has everybody else, including Carswell and his mates in Westminster.

On peace:

“Israel is unable yet to find a lasting peace in the West Bank, or with Gaza or south Lebanon. That tells us more about the tyrants who run those territories”.

On Hamas:

“When Hamas abides by all the decisions of international bodies I shall be happy to put pressure on democratic governments to abide by them, but it is slightly unfair to expect one side to conform to international law when another so clearly violates its principles.”

Carswell was reportedly part of a heated discussion in 2012 when 30 MPs belonging to the Conservative Friends of Israel accused the then foreign secretary, William Hague, of being part of a bigoted” Foreign Office plot against I$raHell. Carswell said Hague was “under the thumb” of “pro-Arabist” diplomats in the Foreign Office. “The Foreign Office displays a kind of bigotry towards Israel,” he said. “You are being one-sided and saying completely unacceptable things about a fellow democratic country.”

He was supported by other Israel flag-waving MPs, including James Arbuthnot, who called on Hague not to “alienate” Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, whom Hague had recently called “belligerent”, a mild enough description.

Hague snapped back: “The Foreign Office is not pro-Palestinian. I’ve never heard such claptrap.”

This might be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic. Agent Hague has himself been an adoring Friend of Israel since his schooldays and he played the fawning sycophant to the Zionist regime throughout his reign at the Foreign Office, always ranting about the importance of international law but never willing to apply it to Israel’s abhorrent crimes. And it was Hague who was largely responsible for “fixing” our Laws of Universal Jurisdiction so that Israel’s war criminals can visit London without fear of arrest.

What a Friend of I$raHell embraces – and finds himself defendingIf UKIP leader Nigel Farage was smart he’d turn the searchlight on the three main parties’ undying support for the racist Israeli regime whose policies have terrorised, tormented and dispossessed Arab Christians and Muslims in the Holy Land throughout 67 years of brutal occupation. He could expose the many MPs who actively support and encourage this cruelty through their membership of Friends of Israel groups that are allowed to flourish in those parties.

Being a Friend of Israel… means embracing the whole rotten kit and caboodle, including the terror and ethnic cleansing on which the state of Israel was built.

Unfortunately, UKIP has fallen into the same reeking swamp. It now has its own Israel fan club. According to the UKIP Friends of Israel (FoI) website, “as a libertarian, capitalist, democratic party, UKIP is a natural friend of the world’s only Jewish state. The decision to create UKIP FoI was taken by the UKIP National Executive Committee in 2005. In 2010 it launched at the party’s annual conference with strong enthusiasm.”

Being a Friend of Israel, of course, means embracing the whole rotten kit and caboodle, including the terror and ethnic cleansing on which the state of Israel was built. It means embracing the dispossession at gunpoint and oppression of the native Palestinians. It means embracing the discriminatory laws against those who remain. It means embracing the jackboot thuggery that abducts civilians, including children, and imprisons and tortures them without trial. It means embracing the theft and annexation of Palestinian land and water resources, the imposition of hundreds of military checkpoints, severe restrictions on the movement of people and goods, and maximum interference with Palestinian life at every level. It means embracing the strangulation of the West Bank’s economy and the vicious blockade on Gaza. It means embracing the denial of Palestinians’ right to self-determination and return to their homes. It means embracing the religious war that humiliates Muslims and Christians and prevents them from visiting their holy places. It means endorsing a situation in which hard-pressed British taxpayers are having to subsidise Israel’s illegal occupation of the Holy Land.

And if, after the latest bloodbath by the Israelis in Gaza you are still Israel’s special friend, you are presumably comfortable with blowing to smithereens hundreds of children, maiming thousands more, trashing vital infrastructure such as hospitals, schools, power plants and clean water supplies, and causing USD 6bn of devastation that will take 20 years to rebuild. And, by the way, where is the money for that coming from?

Nigel Farage should, I suggest, do the decent thing, shut down his party’s Israel support machine and hold up his principled action as a challenge to others. They won’t accept because they rely heavily on funding from the pro-Israel lobby and are terrified of the backlash. Their paralysis could place UKIP on the high moral ground. UKIP would even earn the respect of the rapidly growing BDS movement (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions), whose campaigns against corporates that profit from the Occupation are having considerable success. There is now no doubt in the public mind who the real terrorists are, and MPs and MEPs who continue to wave the Israeli occupier’s flag may be next on the Boycott, Divestment and Sanction (BDS) target lists.

Attempts to scrub up UKIP’s image are not helped by recruiting the likes of Carswell, who will simply swell the membership of FoI and add to the disinformation it peddles.

The other nasty smell about the Carswell defection is that UKIP had already selected Roger Lord as the party’s prospective parliamentary candidate (PPC) for the Clacton seat. Now he’s being elbowed aside by UKIP head office to make room for a Conservative renegade whom Farage regards as a great catch. It seems Carswell was parachuted into the constituency by the Conservatives for their 2005 general election, while Lord is a person with established local roots who has devoted considerable time and effort to developing UKIP’s chances of winning the seat.

Now we’re told that Lord was only selected as PPC for the general election, not for any by-election that might crop up in the meantime. Carswell, as the sitting MP, may well give UKIP the victory it craves. And political cravings must be satisfied whatever the cost. But how far could one trust the pledges of a party such as this?

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Watch: US broadcaster Mike Malloy wipes the floor with Nazi apologists



Reasoning with a Zionist is an oxymoron. It is as self-contradictory as saying something is falsely true.

This, we have no doubt, is the conclusion everyone who has tried to have a rational, fact-based debate with Zionists would have drawn.

If that is also your experience – or if you have never had the misfortune of debating with a Zionist – then you will want to listen to the two short clips below from Mike Malloy’s radio show.

For those who don’t know him, Malloy is a self-syndicated American radio broadcasterfrom Atlanta, Georgia, who describes himself as “a traditional liberal democrat doing his part to return the Democratic Party to its liberal roots”.

In this clip, he routs a Zionist caller who uses the jaded argument that Israel, the aggressor and occupier, has a right to defend its ill-gotten gains.

And in the clip below Malloy wipes the floor with another Zionist who objects to his criticism of the Israeli prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu

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Austin Activist reveals he’s a FBI informant-1/2


The FBI loves sociopaths – and luckily for them – there are a lot of them out there. This one, Brandon Darby, showed up in New Orleans after the federal levee failure where he inserted himself into a grassroots relief group called Common Ground.

According to the group’s co-founder, Malik Rahim, Darby actively worked to undermine the group’s bio-remediation program, literally running off volunteer scientists and technicians thus destroying the program. To Common Founder quote Rahim: “Brandon Darby caused the death of more people in the aftermath of Katrina than the hurricane itself.” Common Ground was and is an amazing relief group, possibly the most important one in the immediate post-levee failure relief efforts Why did the FBI support Darby’s effort to undermine such an important grassroots effort?

It is possible they didn’t want the world to fully appreciate the true extent of the damage to the city after the levee failures, not just deaths and destroyed properties, but land and housing inundated by bio-hazards. Now Brandon Darby poses as a “Leftist who saw the light” and makes his money speaking on the lunatic right wing circuit. Rahim’s comments about Darby here: – See more at:–abuse-1/informants-and-other-human-garbage.html#sthash.o0yIB88o.dpuf



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Libya Has Officially Collapsed

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Libya Weapons Market photo

Libyan militias have refuse to surrender their weapons

Libya warned the U.N. Security Council on Wednesday that the chaotic North African state could descend into full-scale civil war if heavily armed warring factions are not disarmed.

The 15-nation council met to discuss Libya just days after its parliament – replaced in June – reconvened and chose an Islamist-backed deputy as the new prime minister. That left the country with two rival leaders and assemblies, each fronting armed factions.

“The situation in Libya is complicated,” Libya’s United Nations Ambassador Ibrahim Dabbashi told the council.

But he said it became more so on July 13, when heavy fighting broke out in the capital, Tripoli, between rival militias vying for control of Libya’s main airport. At least seven people were killed and all flights were halted.

“The situation might unravel into a full-blown civil war if we’re not very careful and wise in our actions,” Dabbashi said.

An election in June had been intended to rebuild state institutions and quell the violence that has spread since the August 2011 ouster of long-time Leader Muammar Gaddafi. was fatally wounded that October.

Concerns mount

The recent fighting is part of growing turmoil in Libya, the North African oil producer, where the government is unable to control battle-hardened militias that helped to overthrow Gaddafi but continue to defy state authority.

“I had always excluded the possibility of civil war, but the situation has changed,” Dabbashi said.

“In the past, security incidents were limited, isolated and rare,” he added. “But today the clashes that took place around Tripoli … [were] between two armed groups using heavy weaponry. Each group had its own allies scattered in the other regions of the country.”

Arms embargo tightened

On Wednesday, in response to the increasing chaos, the council passed a resolution that tightens the arms embargo on Libya and extends sanctions to groups and individuals that threaten the country’s peace and stability.

Libya’s government has called for a U.N. peacekeeping force to be deployed to help disarm militant groups and restore stability. But council diplomats say the situation is too volatile for peacekeepers.

The outgoing U.N. special envoy to Libya, Tarek Mitri, said the worsening security situation was of “grave concern.”

“The threat from the spread of terrorist groups has become real,” he told the council. “At present, the chaotic security situation and the very limited capacity of the government to counter this threat may well have created a fertile ground for a mounting danger in Libya and beyond.”

Dabbashi did not mention mysterious airstrikes against Libyan Islamist militants that U.S. officials had suggested were staged by Egypt and the United Arab Emirates.

Mitri referred to them in passing, saying that since his last council briefing on July 17 “armed battles, inflamed by airstrikes, continued almost uninterrupted in Tripoli, Benghazi and other parts of the country.”

Most countries have evacuated their nationals and diplomats from Libya in recent months.

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Welcome to I$raHell: Did Doctors Try to Forcibly Sterilize Ethiopian Immigrants?

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Ethiopian Jews Israel Birth Control photo

Ethiopian Jews were told they would not be allowed into Israel unless they got injected

Zio-Nazi Deputy Health Minister Yaakov Litzman has called for an investigation into the reported administering of Depo-Provera contraceptive shots to Ethiopian immigrant women without consent.

Depo-Provera is a progestrogin-only contraceptive that is administered every three months through injection. According to Dr. Paula Franklin of Marie Stopes International, it is a “safe, medium-term reversible hormonal contraceptive” that is used around the world by women of “informed consent.” However, countless Ethiopian women have reportedly been given this contraceptive without understanding or consent.

The news that Ethiopian women were being injected with Depo-Provera, a contraceptive shown to have links with bone loss, emerged in December 2012 following a documentary by Zionist journalist Gal Gabai. In her short film titled Where Did the Children Disappear to, Gabai revealed that, in the past decade, the birthrate among Ethiopian immigrants had decreased by 50%.

She discovered that women were denied proper family-planning counseling or an outline of birth control methods from medical staff, while others were informed that their entry into I$raHell would be blocked if they refused to take the contraceptive.

Many had no idea what they were being injected with. In the documentary, Gabai offers two possible explanations — either it is “an intention to do good, to prevent poverty and to help with the adjustment to Western urbanized living,” or it’s an “economic calculation to reduce immigration and absorption costs.” “This story reeks of racism, paternalism and arrogance,” Gabai told viewers during the broadcast on Zio-Nazi Educational Television.

The issue of contraceptive shots to Ethiopian women first came to light in 2009 when Hedva Eyal, from the female support group Woman to Woman, published a report similar to Gabai’s film.

Zio-Nazi Health Ministry responded at the time that Depo-Provera was only used “when there is a medical indication to do so and other methods [of contraception] cannot be used.” Although an investigative committee has now been set up by the Israeli Health Ministry, Litzman earlier denied knowledge of the contraceptive program in the wake of allegations from Gabai’s documentary.

More than 50,000 Ethiopian Jews have immigrated to I$raHell in the past 10 years but often face bias and discrimination in their new home.

Sara Reuben, an Ethiopian immigrant who helped Gabai in her interviews, believes the Zio-Nazi government is “taking advantage of women who are weak because they are new to the country, do not understand the language and who traditionally respect authority.”

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Cenk Uygur on Democracy Now! About Leaving MSNBC After Being Told to “Act Like An Insider”

Posted by: Sammi Ibrahem, Sr

We so rarely get to hear what actually goes on “behind the curtain” of the corporate news media.

Why do intelligent people disappear while clowns get elevated?

Of course, like everything else, the news media is “show business” but there’s more to it than that. To have a show on MSNBS or any other news outlet, you not only have to be entertaining, you also have to be politically correct.

Politically correct according to whose standards? Corporate standards which means you can be a race baiter like Al Sharpton, but don’t be too pointed in your criticisms of who’s in charge.

Why did Johnny Carson, David Letterman and Jay Leno thrive while George Carlin and Bill Hicks were shunted off to the side (Hicks actually had his last routine cut from the Letterman show after taping.)

Cenk Uygur started out as an Internet and talk radio show called the Young Turks which is fantastically popular on its own merits without millions (billions really) of corporate infrastructure.

MCNBS gave him a six month tryout in its prime slot – a slot he more than deserved. But what happened?

In spite of his obvious popularity, MSNBC President Phil Griffin essentially demoted him, offering him a less prominent slot and asking him to “tone it down.”

They wanted his popularity, but not the things that came out of his mouth.

Uygur declined and went back to where he could say what he wanted. A small victory for real news reporting, but in 99.9% of the time, it breaks the other way.



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Dangerous Crossroads: US-NATO To Deploy Ground Troops, Conduct Large Scale Naval Exercises against “Unnamed Enemy”

Global Research


The World is at a dangerous Crossroads.

The Western military alliance is in an advanced state of readiness. And so is Russia.

Russia is heralded as the “Aggressor”. US-NATO military confrontation with Russia is contemplated.

Enabling legislation in the US Senate under “The Russian Aggression Prevention Act” (RAPA) has “set the US on a path towards direct military conflict with Russia in Ukraine.”

Any US-Russian war is likely to quickly escalate into a nuclear war, since neither the US nor Russia would be willing to admit defeat, both have many thousands of nuclear weapons ready for instant use, and both rely upon Counterforce military doctrine that tasks their military, in the event of war, to preemptively destroy the nuclear forces of the enemy. (See Steven Starr, Global Research, August 22, 2014)

The Russian Aggression Prevention Act (RAPA) is the culmination of more than twenty years of US-NATO war preparations, which consist in the military encirclement of both Russia and China:

From the moment the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, the United States has relentlessly pursued a strategy of encircling Russia, just as it has with other perceived enemies like China and Iran. It has brought 12 countries in central Europe, all of them formerly allied with Moscow, into the NATO alliance. US military power is now directly on Russia’s borders. (Steven Kinzer, Boston Globe, March 3, 2014, emphasis added)

NATO's top commander in Europe General Philip Breedlove (AFP Photo / John Thys)

NATO’s top commander in Europe General Philip Breedlove (right) (AFP Photo / John Thys)

On July 24, in consultation with the Pentagon, NATO’s Europe commander General Philip Breedlove called for “stockpiling a base in Poland with enough weapons, ammunition and other supplies to support a rapid deployment of thousands of troops against Russia”.(RT, July 24, 2014). According to General Breedlove, NATO needs “pre-positioned supplies, pre-positioned capabilities and a basing area ready to rapidly accept follow-on forces”:

“He plans to recommend placing supplies — weapons, ammunition and ration packs — at the headquarters to enable a sudden influx of thousands of Nato troops” (Times, August 22, 2014, emphasis added)

Breedlove’s “Blitzkrieg scenario” is to be presented at NATO’s summit in Wales in early September, according to The London Times. It is part and parcel of the Russian Aggression Prevention Act (RAPA) which directs President Obama to:

“(1) implement a plan for increasing U.S. and NATO support for the armed forces of Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia, and other NATO member-states; and

(2) direct the U.S. Permanent Representative to NATO to seek consideration for permanently basing NATO forces in such countries.” (S.2277 — 113th Congress (2013-2014))

More generally, a scenario of military escalation prevails with both sides involved in extensive war games.

In turn, the structure of US sponsored military alliances plays a crucial role in war planning. We are dealing with a formidable military force involving a global alliance of 28 NATO member states. In turn, the US as well as NATO have established beyond the “Atlantic Region” a network of bilateral military alliances with “partner” countries directed against Russia, China, Iran and North Korea.

File:Map of NATO countries.png

Major US-NATO Naval Exercises

War preparations are invariably accompanied and preceded by major military exercises.

US-NATO multi-warfare naval exercises are to be conducted off the Florida coastline under operation FLEETEX, with the participation of the US, Canada, Germany and Turkey.

The underlying premise of these war games is “global warfare”. All four NATO member states are adjacent to strategic sea corridors, which are contiguous to Russian maritime areas, respectively the Bering Sea and straits (US), the Arctic Ocean (Canada), the North Sea (Germany) and the Black Sea (Turkey).

The Florida war games are predicated on multi-country integration and coordination of naval operations directed against an unnamed enemy:

FLEETEX are multi-warfare naval exercises designed to promote force integration and test multiple war fighting skill sets. Ships from the U.S., Canadian, German and Turkish navies will participate in the exercises. This port visit and FLEETEX are part of a series of training exercises in which SNMG2 will participate during its deployment to the Western Atlantic. This is the first time in several years that a NATO task force has conducted transatlantic operations in North America. These events offer multiple opportunities for training at the highest levels of maritime operations.

FLEETEX will feature anti-air, anti-submarine, live fire and ship handling scenarios designed to provide high-end warfare training and valuable experience through integrated task group training. SNMG2, CSG8 and Canadian forces will train together as a force to learn how to work as a cohesive unit in response to a variety of threat scenarios.

SNMG2 ships currently deployed to North America include the U.S. flagship, USS LEYTE GULF (CG 55), the German ship FGS NIEDERSACHSEN (F 208), and the Turkish ship TCG KEMALREIS (F 247).

During the port visit, SNMG2 will coordinate with representatives from the Canadian navy and Carrier Strike Group 8 (CSG8) to prepare for the exercises…

“Any opportunity we have to train with multiple NATO navies simultaneously is extremely valuable,” said Rear Adm. Brad Williamson, Commander SNMG2. “This period will allow us to build integration and teamwork, and I’m excited to train with and share experiences between Allied shipmates.”

SNMG2 is permanently available to NATO to perform a wide range of tasks, from real world operations to exercise participation. Composition of the force varies as allied nations contribute assets on a rotational basis. SNMG2 will be led by a U.S. Navy admiral and flagship until June 2015. (For further details see North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Allied Maritime Command HQ MARCOM Public Affairs Office,, August 18, 2014, emphasis added)

Black Sea War Games

It is worth noting that FLEETEX is one among several US-NATO naval war games directed against an unnamed enemy. In July, NATO conducted naval exercises in the Black sea, in an area contiguous to Russia’s maritime borders.

NATO’s “Breeze” formally hosted by Bulgaria took place from July 4 to July 13, with the participation of naval vessels from Greece, Italy, Romania, Turkey, the U.K. and the U.S.

The underlying scenario was the “”destruction of enemy ships in the sea and organization of air defense of naval groups and coastal infrastructure.”

The exercises were “aimed at improving the tactical compatibility and collaboration among naval forces of the alliance’s member states…” (See Atlantic Council , see also Russia, U.S. ships sail in competing Black Sea exercises, July 7, Navy Times 2014)

Ironically, NATO’s July Black Sea games started on exactly the same day as those of the “unnamed enemy”[Russia], involving its Crimea Black sea fleet of some 20 war ships and aircraft:

Russia has made it clear they don’t welcome NATO’s presence in the Black Sea. Russia’s navy let it be known that it is following the exercises with reconnaissance aircraft and surveillance ships.

“The aviation of the Black Sea Fleet is paying special attention to the missile cruiser USS Vella Gulf which, though not formally the flagship of the ‘Breeze’ exercises, effectively is leading them,” a Russian naval source told NTV. (Ibid)

Deployment of Ground Forces in Eastern Europe

Since 2006, the US has been building up its weapons arsenal in Poland on Russia’s Western border (Kalingrad). The deployment of US forces in Poland was initiated in July 2010 (within 40 miles from the border), with a view to training Polish forces in the use of US made Patriot missiles. (Stars and Stripes, 23 July 2010).

In recent developments, the Pentagon announced in early August the deployment of US troops and National Guard forces to Ukraine as part of a military training operation. US-NATO is also planning further deployments of ground forces (as described by NATO General Breedlove) in Poland, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania as well as in Georgia and Azerbaijan on Russia’s southern border.

These deployments which are envisaged in the draft text of the “Russian Aggression Prevention Act” (RAPA) (S.2277 — 113th Congress (2013-2014)) are envisaged as part of a “defensive” strategy in the case of a “Russian invasion”:

Russia’s annexation of Crimea and the conflict in eastern Ukraine have alarmed Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania – like Ukraine, former Soviet republics with Russian-speaking minorities.

NATO’s 28 leaders are expected to discuss plans to reassure Poland and the Baltics at a summit in Wales on Sept. 4-5.

Germany’s Angela Merkel, during a short visit to Latvia on Monday, pledged NATO would defend the Baltic states, although it would not send permanent combat troops.

“Any country, including the Baltic states, also Poland, have to strengthen their infrastructure … so they can host additional troops for training and crisis situations,” Latvia’s Defense Minister Raimonds Vejonis told Reuters.

In Latvia’s case that would mean investments in Adazi base for ground troops, Lielvarde air base and Liepaja naval base, he said, adding he hoped NATO would contribute to the spending.

Latvia and Lithuania spend respectively just 0.9 and 0.8 percent of GDP on defense but have pledged to meet the alliance’s target of 2.0 percent by 2020.

“There is no direct military threat at the moment, but we have to develop our armed forces, we have to create infrastructure, we have to be ready to host representatives of NATO countries if there suddenly is a military aggression,” the minister said. Baltics and Poland need more military infrastructure. (Reuters, August 22, 2014)

Deployments on Russia’s South Border with Azerbaijan and Georgia

Deployment on Russia’s Southern border is to be coordinated under a three country agreement signed on August 22, 2014 by Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan:

Following the trilateral meeting of Azerbaijani, Turkish and Georgian defense ministers, Tbilisi announced that the three countries are interested in working out a plan to strengthen the defense capability.

“The representatives of the governments of these three countries start to think about working out a plan to strengthen the defense capability,” Alasania said, adding that this is in the interests of Europe and NATO.“Because, this transit route [Baku-Tbilisi-Kars] is used to transport the alliance’s cargo to Afghanistan,” he said.

Alasania also noted that these actions are not directed against anyone. (See Azeri News, August 22, 2014, emphasis added)

Russia and Obama’s “Pivot to Asia”

In the Far-east, Russia’s borders are also threatened by Obama’s “Pivot to Asia”.

The “Pivot to Asia” from a military standpoint consists in extending US military deployments in the Asia-Pacific as well as harnessing the participation of Washington’s allies in the region, including Japan, South Korea and Australia. These countries have signed bilateral military cooperation agreements with Washington. As US allies, they are slated to be involved in Pentagon war plans directed against Russia, China and North Korea:

Japan and South Korea are also both part of a grand U.S. military project involving the global stationing of missile systems and rapid military forces, as envisioned during the Reagan Administration. (Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya,Global Military Alliance: Encircling Russia and China, Global Research, October 5, 2007)

This Pentagon strategy of military encirclement requires both centralized military decision making (Pentagon, USSTRATCOM) as well coordination with NATO and the various US regional commands.

While Russia is formally within the jurisdiction of US European Command (USEUCOM), US war plans pertaining to Russia are coordinated out of US Strategic Command Headquarters (USSTRATCOM) in Omaha, Nebraska, which in turn is in liaison not only with US European Command (USEUCOM) but also with USPACOM and USNORTHCOM, both of which would play a key strategic role in the case of war with Russia.


US-Australia Military Agreement

On August 12, the US and Australia signed a military agreement allowing for the deployment of US troops in Australia. This agreement is part of Obama’s Pivot to Asia:

The U.S. and Australia signed an agreement Tuesday [August 12] that will allow the two countries’ militaries to train and work better together as U.S. Marines and airmen deploy in and out of the country.

“This long-term agreement will broaden and deepen our alliance’s contributions to regional security,” U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said Tuesday. He described the U.S.-Australia alliance as the “bedrock” for stability in the Asia-Pacific region.

Since 2011, the number of Marines there has grown from about 250 to more than 1,100 now. Australian Defense Minister David Johnston said the northern territory looks forward to the Marine presence growing to the 2,500 limit.

Ironically, coinciding with the announcement of the US-Australia agreement (August 12), Moscow announced that it would be conducting naval exercises in the Kuril Islands of the Pacific Ocean (which are claimed by Japan):

“Exercises began involving military units in the region, which have been deployed to the Kuril Islands,” Colonel Alexander Gordeyev, a spokesman for Russia’s Eastern Military District, told news agency Interfax. (Moscow Times, August 12, 2014)

The Dangers of a Third World War

While this renewed East-West confrontation has mistakenly been labelled a “New Cold War”, none of the safeguards of The Cold War era prevail. International diplomacy has collapsed. Russia has been excluded from the Group of Eight (G-8), which has reverted to the G-7 (Group of Seven Nations). There is no “Cold War East-West dialogue” between competing superpowers geared towards avoiding military confrontation. In turn, the United Nations Security Council has become a de facto mouthpiece of the U.S. State Department.

The timeline towards war with Russiahas been set. The Wales NATO venue on September 4-5, 2014 is of crucial importance.

US-NATO will not, however, be able to win a conventional war against Russia, with the danger that military confrontation will lead to a nuclear war.

In the post-Cold war era, however, nuclear weapons are no longer considered as a “weapon of last resort” under the Cold War doctrine of “Mutual Assured Destruction” (MAD). Quite the opposite. nuclear weapons are heralded by the Pentagon as “harmless to the surrounding civilian population because the explosion is underground”. In 2002, the U.S. Senate gave the green light for the use of nuclear weapons in the conventional war theater. Nukes are part of the “military toolbox” to be used alongside conventional weapons.

When war becomes peace, the world is turned upside down. In a bitter irony, nukes are now upheld by Washington as “instruments of peace”.

In addition to nuclear weapons, the use of chemical weapons is also envisaged.

Methods of non-conventional warfare are also contemplated by US-NATO including financial warfare, trade sanctions, covert ops, cyberwarfare, geoengineering and environmental modification technologies (ENMOD). But Russia also has extensive capabilities in these areas.

Western leaders in High office are Involved in a Criminal Undertaking which Threatens the Future of Humanity

What we are dealing with is a World War III Scenario, which is the object of the Wales NATO Summit on September 4-5, 2014, hosted by Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron. The agenda of this meeting has already been set by Washington, NATO and the British government. It requires, according to PM David Cameron in a letter addressed to heads of State and heads of government of NATO member states ahead of the Summit that:

“Leaders [of NATO countries] must review NATO’s long term relationship with Russia at the summit in response to Russia’s illegal actions in Ukraine. And the PM wants to use the summit to agree how NATO will sustain a robust presence in Eastern Europe in the coming months to provide reassurance to allies there, building on work already underway in NATO.” (See PM writes to NATO leaders ahead of NATO Summit Wales 2014)

It is essential to undermine the “military timeline”, namely to:

1) block the holding of the upcoming NATO Summit meeting at the Celtic Manor Resort, Newport, Wales (image right) on September 4-5, through political pressure and mass protest. The 

objective of this NATO venue, is to “build a political consensus” for a war directed against the Russian Federation, which could potentially lead the World into a Third World War. It is therefore essential to break this “political consensus”.

2) In addition to the 28 NATO member states, represented by their respective heads of State and heads of government, NATO “partner” countries will also be represented. In all, the governments of 60 countries will be in attendance. It is therefore crucial to initiate a vast Worldwide antiwar campaign in all 60 countries to stall the NATO Summit meeting in Wales.*

3) block the adoption of the “The Russian Aggression Prevention Act” (RAPA) in the US Congress, through pressure on senators and members of Congress, it should be understood that the text of the NATO Summit communique (which already exists in draft form) is broadly similar to that of “The Russian Aggression Prevention Act” (RAPA).

4) initiate a broad anti-war debate and protest movement throughout the US and NATO member states.

5) undermine the legitimacy of the US-NATO-Israel military agenda through counter-propaganda directed against mainstream media coverage;

World public opinion must be made aware of these impending war plans.

Spread the word far and wide.



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