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Israel`s fatal overreach: is the Salaita case a breakthrough moment? 

Andrew Levine – Counterpunch – The political class will be the last to break free from reflexive Zionist attitudes, but it can happen even there. The proof will come when someone has the courage to test the waters. […] This is why a welcome outcome in the protracted struggle ahead is not out of the question. If and when it comes, the Salaita affair will be part of the story.

Failure in Gaza

Assaf Sharon – The New York Review of Books – The historic conflict with the Palestinians will not be settled by a single agreement. Reconciliation between Israelis and Palestinians—overcoming decades of bloodshed and hatred—will require a long process of acceptance and forgiveness spanning years and probably decades. The armed conflict, however, can certainly be ended. (…) Netanyahu’s “conflict management” is a euphemism for maintaining a status quo of settlement and occupation, allowing no progress. [bz]

Report: Hamas’ Meshal agrees for Palestinian state based on 1967 borders

Jack Khoury – Haaretz – Throughout the meeting, Meshal demanded details from Abbas on his plans regarding any negotiations with Israel. “Don’t come to me only with updates and results, I want Hamas to be partners in the process of policy formation,” Meshal reportedly said. Abbas answered that there are few details to provide, since, in his eyes, things were straightforward: the only solution is the Israeli recognition of an outline for the creation of a Palestinian state based on the 1967 borders [bz]

God Wills It!
Uri Avnery – Gush Shalom – There may be very little time left to make peace with the Arab national movement, and especially with the Palestinian people – including both the PLO and Hamas – and join the fight against the Islamic State.
Palestinians march across West Bank against Israeli occupation
Ma`an – In Wadi Fukin protesters headed toward lands in the eastern part of the village that are under threat of confiscation [under the latest 4000 dunam land grab] and started planting olive tree saplings, but were subsequently assaulted by Israeli soldiers. [bz]

Muslim anti-Israeli views are not European anti-Semitism

Akiva Eldar – Al-Monitor “While the roots of anti-Semitism in Europe are deep, anti-Israel attitudes in the Muslim world can be changed with a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.” ca

Ignoring the Arab Peace Initiative could cost Bibi
Ben Caspit – Al-Monitor “Unlike Ehud Olmert, Benjamin Netanyahu ignores the Arab League initiative, which will cost Israel its US backing at a crucial moment in the near future.” ca

Israeli right-wing politician: `Annex territories, grant Palestinians citizenship`

Ami Kaufman – +972 “Israeli right-wing politician and former IDF general Efi Eitam has made remarks that few would have expected to hear from him.” ca

Israel’s very own Putin

Yoel Marcus – Haaretz “There is not a smidgen of political or diplomatic reason to the Netanyahu of recent months. It’s all a matter of character. He hasn’t been advancing any policy other than things that create a residue of anger and a lack of trust. He has been running the country as if it were a Greek tragedy, with an ending that is known in advance.” ca

Bringing the boycott back home: Palestinian stores drop Israeli goods

Yael Marom and Jessica Devaney – +972 “A website launched under the title “Alternative Palestinian Products,” enables shoppers to find Palestinian alternatives to the Israeli-made products they are used to buying.” ca

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