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Merkel, Germany vow to fight “anti-Semitism”


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In the never ending charade of “combating anti-Semitism” and “racism”, German Chancellor Angela Merkel “has called on the country’s citizens to attend a rally against anti-Semitism next week in Berlin where she will speak,” according to The Times of Israel. Appeasing the organized Jewish community and ensuring that they “feel safe” in Germany is one of Merkel’s Germany’s top priorities.

Merkel said Saturday she would do everything possible to make sure anti-Semitism has no chance in Germany.

She said making Jews feel safe remains a top priority for Germany 75 years after the Holocaust, and expressed worries that Jewish institutions need police protection.

“We need to resolutely pursue every sign of anti-Semitism,” she said.

The September 14 national rally in Berlin is being coordinated by the Central Council of Jews in Germany. German Federal President Joachim Gauck is also scheduled to speak. […]

What is “anti-Semitism” anyways? “Anti-Semitism” is pointing out and criticizing Jewish supremacy and domination in the Wester world. Voicing opposition against the genocidal Israeli bombardment of Gaza and the murder of thousands of largely defenseless and innocent Palestinian civilians is considered “anti-Semitism”. Openly discussing Jewish power and influence, Jewish criminality, pro-Israel and pro-Jewish biases in the media and educational establishment, and the Jewish control of Western politics, banking, and media equates to “anti-Semitism”. In short, “anti-Semitism” is telling the truth about the Jews and their subversive agenda and influence upon the West.

Are there any Western leaders who are not total stooges and puppets of the organized Jewish community? Are there any Western leaders who place the interests of their own people and nation ahead of the interests of the Jews, Israel?

We always ready to come to the aid of and defend the “poor, persecuted, innocent Jews”, no matter how contrived and artificially manufactured manifestations of “anti-Semitism” really are quick to rally and support but will almost never rally for and support the interests of their own people, culture, traditions, and history.

Instead of rallying to fight alleged “anti-Semitism” and “racism”, why aren’t our Leaders across the Western world rallying and protesting against the pro-Zionist media bias prevalent in the West? Why aren’t people  protesting against the outrageous Zionist violent crime and rape, or against the systematic discrimination leveled against other people?

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