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Saudi Arabia: Zio-Wahhabi to execute four over “terrorism,” “deviant thinking”


Four Saudi men have been sentenced to death for their role in one of the kingdom’s “bloodiest terror cells,” official SPA news agency reported.

The agency said late Sunday that a special criminal court in Riyadh jailed “as many as 20” others for between two and 23 years for a variety of crimes.

These included embracing “deviant” thinking contrary to the Quran.

The defendants were also convicted of fighting abroad and purchasing five tons of aluminium nitrate — which can be used to make explosives.

They were also found guilty of booby-trapping vehicles to kill policemen, carrying out suicide bombings inside the country, planning to explode oil pipelines and killing foreigners as well as Islamic religious leaders, SPA said.

The convicted were given 30 days to appeal the verdicts.

SPA did not say when the offenses occurred but the sentences are the latest in a series since authorities in 2011 established specialized courts to try Saudis and foreigners accused of belonging to al-Qaeda or involvement in deadly attacks in the kingdom from 2003-2006.

These included assaults on housing compounds where foreigners lived, and led to a crackdown.

Last week, another court in Riyadh sentenced two men to death and jailed 13 others for killing a policeman and forming an al-Qaeda cell in prison, SPA reported.

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NATO’s War on Libya and Africa

Global Research

NATOs war in Libya was proclaimed as a humanitarian intervention bombing in the name of saving lives. Attempts at diplomacy were stifled. Peace talks were subverted.

Libya was barred from representing itself at the UN, where shadowy NGOs and human rights groups held full sway in propagating exaggerations, outright falsehoods, and racial fear mongering that served to sanction atrocities and ethnic cleansing in the name of democracy. The rush to war was far speedier than Bushs invasion of Iraq.

Max Forte has scrutinized the documentary history from before, during, and after the war. He argues that the war on Libya was not about human rights, nor entirely about oil, but about a larger process of militarizing U.S. relations with Africa. The development of the Pentagons Africa Command, or AFRICOM, was in fierce competition with Pan-Africanist initiatives such as those spearheaded by Muammar Gaddafi.

Far from the success NATO boasts about or the high watermark proclaimed by proponents of the Responsibility to Protect, this war has left the once prosperous, independent and defiant Libya in ruin, dependency and prolonged civil strife.

Slouching Towards Sirte:
NATO’s War on Libya and Africa

by Maximilian Forte


ISBN: 978-1-926824-52-9Year: 2012
Pages: 352 with 27 BW photos, 3 maps
Publisher: Baraka Books

Price: $24.95


This title is also available in E-Book format. Click here for more information.

About humanitarian imperialism, Max Forte writes:

Desperate to finally be seen as the liberators of Arabs, rescuing poor victims with the finest of American exports (human rights), some would understandably feel compelled to exploit the suffering of others (residents fleeing Sirte) and turn that into something worthy of celebration. This is an example of the abduction process at the centre of Western, liberal humanitarianism: it can only function by first directly or indirectly creating the suffering of others, and by then seeing every hand as an outstretched hand, pleading or welcoming. We see (or imagine) helpless others, gobbling morsels of food that we hand them, brown mouths chugging down water from our plastic bottles, and we feel accomplished. Our moral might is reaffirmed by the physical plight of others. Clearly, the humanitarian relation is not a relation between equals. We are not our brothers keepers then, but rather we are more like animal keepers. Bombing for us is really just an animal management technology, and our relationship to the world remains a zoological one. (Slouching Towards Sirte, p. 97.)

A War for Human Rights
(by Max Forte in The Political Bouillon)

The war in Libya never happened. At least that is what one might think, considering the dearth of serious analysis and critical reflection in Canada since our participation in NATOs bombardment campaign ended a year ago. Yet in Libya, in many ways the war is still happening…Read more..

Brendan Stone interviews Max Forte as he discusses his book SLOUCHING TOWARDS SIRTE

Praise, Reviews

Slouching Towards Sirte is a penetrating critique, not only of the NATO intervention in Libya, but of the concept of humanitarian intervention and imperialism in our time. It is the definitive treatment of NATOs war on Libya. It is difficult to imagine it will be surpassed.
-Stephen Gowans, Whats LeftRead More

Fortes allegations that NATOs war was manufactured by liberal interventionists and iPad imperialists whose agenda to disrupt African independence and execute regime change under the fig leaf of saving lives are chillingand persuasive. So too is the timeline of events between the start of the protests and the propagandist hysteria promulgated online. Even though Forte couches descriptions of Gaddafi in amorphous, guarded language, he isnt an apologist. In this provocative and unabashedly direct book, Forte speaks truth to power.
ForeWord Reviews, January 4, 2013, read full review…

The Public Archive identified Slouching Towards Sirte as one of 10 Books for 2012 on its Black Radical Reading List.

Maximilian C. Forte is a professor of anthropology in Montreal, Canada. He teaches courses in the field of political anthropology dealing with the new imperialism, Indigenous resistance movements and philosophies, theories and histories of colonialism, and critiques of the mass media. Max is a founding member of Anthropologists for Justice and Peace.

Slouching Towards Sirte:
NATO’s War on Libya and Africa

by Maximilian Forte

ISBN: 978-1-926824-52-9
Year: 2012
Pages: 352 with 27 BW photos, 3 maps
Publisher: Baraka Books

Price: $24.95


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The Intended Roles of the Jewish-Lobby and of I$raHell in the US-Empire are Incompatible with Peace


US and Israel-lobby symbiosis

US and Israel-lobby symbiosis

by Denis G. Rancourt

Several misguided commentators have advanced that Canada’s unconditional support for Israel is the result of Christian Zionist ideology.

This is flat wrong, and inexcusably naive. Harper’s unconditional support for Israel is not from right-wing or religious ideology. Nor is this the case in the US itself.

Canada’s unconditional support for Israel started under former-Prime-Minister Paul Martin after he took over (and destroyed) the Liberal Party of Canada. And the take-over was one additional step from some degree of Canadian sovereignty to complete alignment with the US master.

That Canada has become a vassal to the US Empire — and subservient to the Empire’s military and finance economy — also explains the new prominence of the Israel lobby in Canada.

The purpose and function of the US Israel lobby is central to the US Empire, and the international Israel lobby — which radiates from the US base — is prominent and powerful in every Western democracy that aligns itself under the US Empire, such as France and Canada. (It can’t seem to settle-in to the UK, which recently rejected an outright invasion of Syria.)

Despite appearances, the Israel lobby does not “control” the US Empire, in a top-down fashion. Rather, it serves to align and discipline all the politicians (and media and intellectuals), in order to block discourse that would threaten the Empire’s global exploitation project.

What started as a lobby that benefited from creating support for Israel as the US agent of discord in the Muslim World has become a highly perfected instrument of internal political alignment with the project of Empire.

The US Empire and the now-international Israel lobby are in a tightly woven symbiotic relation. They are inseparable.

One of the Empire’s main concerns is to prevent the emancipation of the Muslim World in the Middle East, in order to control energy reserves and energy distribution routes. Israel is the Empire’s main strategy to achieve the dividing, conquering, weakening, and destabilizing of the Middle East.

If the Empire’s strategy in the Middle East were more varied, then both Israel and the Israel lobby would lose power and influence. So the lobby is committed to ensuring that Israel is the main show in the Middle East.

Countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Iran, and Syria that dare to practice some independence from the Empire — in terms of commerce, alliances, and monetary policy — must be destroyed. Independence cannot be allowed to survive or spread. The same is true of South and Central America, but these are the US backyard that can be rearranged at will, and this backyard has little geopolitical relevance because there is no possibility of strong territorial ties with Europe, Asia, Africa… That is the thinking until things get out of hand.

The Empire is run on brute force and pillaging, in as many arenas as possible. The financial and corporate instruments of exploitation are imposed through the threat and regular actuation of military intervention.

This is the model that makes Israel relevant to the Empire. Israel serves as the Empire’s professional thug in the Middle East, and trainer of thugs wherever needed. Talk of “peace” is pure sophistry for the masses.

This is the Israel that also wants to constantly upgrade to more spacious living quarters that exclude Palestinians, because killing Muslims for the Empire is Israel’s lifeblood. In exchange for its services, Israel can have its little genocide. A thug needs an extraordinarily secure home-base. Mass murderers do not sleep well alongside the family members of their victims.

The recent rise of The Israel Lobby in Canada and in France is simply a development within the progressing logic of Empire. The media, intellectuals, and politicians need to be kept on track with the project of Empire. The Israel Lobby has developed a niche-expertize to do exactly that, and it has a holocaust that can be used to levy compliance from dissidents anytime.

The relation did not fall from the sky as ideology. It is also not parasitic. It is symbiotic. In symbiosis both partners benefit, and removing one harms the other. And this symbiotic monster wants to eat the World.

We are just the inconvenient citizens that question, and we are to be fed a diet of nonsense, like that there are “peace negotiations” or that there can be a “peace process”. Actually, there will be no peace, only resistance, and possible pockets and episodes of liberation. Someday these pockets may coalesce. In any case, our resistance should be anchored in reality.

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Zionist Labor party drops UK parliamentary candidate over anti-I$raHell tweets



A British parliamentary candidate has been suspended after she tweeted anti-IsraHell messages in which she asked why the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) had not yet attacked Israel.

The Sunday Times reported that the labor party candidate for Working, Vicki Kirby said, “Apparently you can ask IS/ISIS/ISIL questions on Anyone thought of asking them why they’re not attacking the real oppressors #Israel?”

Kirby, 34 and mother of two, was announced as Working’s Labor parliamentary candidate on September 11.

In another message Kirby is alleged to have said, “We invented Israel when saving them from Hitler, who now seems to be their teacher?”

In another tweet she said, “I will never forget and I will make sure my kids teach their children how evil Israel is!”

She also said Hitler might be the “Zionist God,” in a series of comments made on her Twitter account, according to the Sunday Times.

“Vicki Kirby has been suspended as a Labor candidate,” said a Labor party spokesperson.

In July, Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament, David Ward, caused controversy by suggesting that he would probably fire rockets at I$raHell if he lived in Gaza.

The liberal democrats later said that he had “categorically apologized” for his comments.

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The Coming Return of the Real US Dollar


The Coming Return of the Real US Dollar

… by  *Lee Wanta (Edited by Preston James, Ph.D.)

One alternative economic union

The Federal Reserve System (aka the “Fed”), a bank franchisee of the City of London private Zionist Bankers, is now cornered and in a predicament with no simple solution possible.

It is like the tree trimmer cutting off the limb he is standing on or the painter painting himself into a corner with no way out.

This impasse has no apparent solution for these Private Federal Reserve “Officials” and the real World Zionist Powers behind them (whom they serve).

The Federal Reserve System has operated as an Unregulated Checkbook for an out of control, out of touch, bought-off Congress that takes its marching orders from Israeli espionage fronts and wealthy lobbying groups inside America like AIPAC.

These Israel Espionage Fronts inside America are controlled by the World Zionists operating out of the City of London Financial District, a separate country with its own Police Force and Ambassadors.

Normally any governmental spending body such as Congress would be limited by the amount of taxes collected, and would have to balance its books like any normal family. However, because the Federal Reserve System issues as much money as Congress wants to borrow, there have been no real Congressional spending limits ever established.

The alleged debt owed by Americans (with interest accruing constantly) to this private Federal Reserve System is now estimated to have exceeded 14 trillions USDollars, or approximately five times the current annual Congressional Budget, a staggering total, and approximately one year of America’s Gross National Product.

And the most startling thing about this supposed “National Debt” is that is clearly Illegal, Unconstitutional, and actually imaginary. Yes, that’s right, Americans cannot be legally charged Interest or Principal for using their own money.

How did this illegal Ponzi scheme ever develop and why would our Congress allow such a fraud to be perpetrated?


Our Founding Fathers intended the USG to have a very limited role and to be financed from Excise and Import taxes, never a personal income tax. There was a secret Coup d’ etat in 1913 when the City of London Secret Agents were able to get their illegal, Unconstitutional Federal Reserve Act passed in the U.S. Congress with no Quorum present on a Friday night before Christmas.(1)

Numerous Members of Congress were influenced, bribed and even coerced to go along with this intended Legislation being covertly promoted by the City of London Rothschild Zionist private Central bankers.

The rest is history and is a secret most sordid one at that. The Federal Reserve Board run by the individual Banking Families who own the stock is a closely guarded secret. This Board has no USG oversight and is beyond the current reach of the USG as long as Congress, the Judiciary and the Administration refuses to enforce the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights or the Rule of Law.

Consequently, the the City of London Zionist Bankers have been able to remotely control the American Economy by determining Monetary Policy and setting Interest Rates and determining how much money is issued. This unregulated issuance of money and the providing of it to greedy Members of Congress to distribute to their campaign sponsors and “special friends” through special interest legislation has resulted in a complete disconnect between Congressional Spending and any true financial reality.

It is now generally recognized by Political Insiders that immense kickbacks are provided in very creative ways to those that vote for this “Special Interest, Corporate Welfare” legislation. These kickbacks are often disguised as very liberal honorariums for short meaningless speech appearances, large PAC campaign donations, special all-paid junkets, lucrative revolving-door jobs and consultancies, and even special deposits to offshore accounts.

And beside the so-called “Money” issued (FIAT money issued and put into circulation and use by the Federal Reserve System), is not real money at all, but consists of Debt-based FIAT monetary Notes which USG laws have mandated must be accepted as legal tender for all debts inside America. Yes, technically a Note is a loan for which the Principal and the Interest must be repaid. Thus all the Interest and Principal paid back to the Federal Reserve System is truly “Money for Nothing.”

End of the hegemony of the Petrodollar system?

A very crafty trick.

This is truly a Very Crafty Trick performed by the private Central Bankers to acquire the wealth of the users of their FIAT debt-note money. Americans used to have real money issued that was redeemable in Gold and Silver.

They were called USDollars and were either Gold Certificates or Silver Certificates. But all that changed when President Nixon changed the USDollar to have no real backing by Gold and Silver anymore as he negotiated an international agreement for the USDollar to become the US Petro Dollar and be used for all crude Oil Transactions and serve as the World’s Reserve Currency.

Making money from Nothing.

What this means now in practical terms that when the Federal Reserve System creates “Money” and puts it into circulation and use, it retains ownership of the Principal and expects it to be repaid with Interest which constantly accrues. This is what the so-called National Debt consists of and is clearly financial fraud since FIAT/fake currency is not real money and is not allowed to masqueraded as such by the US Constitution. Calling issued debt-notes money is the biggest trick ever perpetrated against the American public and perhaps the greatest financial fraud in history against the American Citizen. Certainly Madoff should be proud of his Federal Reserve System Associates and is a “chip off the old block” so to say.

World’s largest Ponzi Scheme.

The Federal Reserve System has become the World’s greatest Ponzi Scheme because it has issued an absurd amount of money to Congress to spend like drunken sailors all over the World. In fact so many American debt-notes aka “US Petro Dollars” have been spent and disbursed all over the world that experts now believe that eventually, if not sooner than later, the value of the US Petro Dollar will easily descend to almost nothing.

This descent to minimal value will likely be greatly accelerated when the BRICS ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT BANK comes on line in the near future. The US Petro Dollar has functioned as the World’s Reserve Currency ever since an arrangement was negotiated by President Richard Nixon who took America off the Gold Standard at that time. But once the BRICS System goes live, many economic experts expect the Worldwide USDollar Derivatives System, the largest Ponzi scheme in History, to collapse like a house of cards. Once this happens there is likely to be a catastrophic collapse in the value of the USDollar and it will become unlinked to oil sales and will no longer be the World’s Reserve Currency.

Now for the really bad news.

As of right now there are supposedly 139 nations that have signed onto the BRICS System, either by actually signing the Agreement or sending a Letter of Intent to do so. This now includes Germany, France, Australia and picture this, even the UK.

It is no secret that the BRICS System originated in the imagination of the leaders of Russia, China and Brazil who felt that they had been used and abused due to the USD being used against them.

Much of the World now feels that America has used the US Petro Dollar as a means to abuse them economically and politically and want to completely detach all their trade from it and eliminate the great advantage American economy has had from their debt-notes being accepted as the World’s Reserve Currency.

Perhaps the USG view the BRICS phenomena as the pet-project of President Putin and the Russian Federation and is now attempting to start a New Cold War despite the fact that the Soviet Union and Russian Bolshevism no longer exists in the Russian Federation, only in the City of London where it originated, and in Israel, the sole surviving nation-state remnant of Russian Bolshevism.

How did this illegal, Unconstitutional Federal Reserve System which claims to be a Bank and a Cash Reserve, when it is neither, get themselves and America into this current impasse and unresolvable debacle in the first place?

This was all accomplished through political intrigue and covert operations run by the City of London Rothschild run Zionist Central bankers. it was also accomplished by a partnership between Big Oil run by the World Zionists and the private Federal Reserve System. Here is the part that is hard for most to fathom. The Zionist controlled Big Oil companies have used America’s debt-note system as political and financial cover to enslave the world and make many millions complete debt-slaves to the City of London Bankers and their stateside franchisee the Federal Reserve System.

Accountability is perhaps right around the corner.

The Federal Reserve System’s proxy hold on the World is now facing a sudden catastrophic end. Those who created and still run this huge Ponzi scheme and fraud against the American people and the  World, are going to fall flat on their faces and be fully exposed. They are likely to then be held accountable for this immense financial fraud and theft of the ages upon America and the World.

Unless……….they create some immediate catastrophic cover and use this as a means to activate their World Zionist secret police occupation force DHS inside America.

Serious options for the Bankster Kingpins to be able to head-off a very serious problem of impending and complete accountability to the public they have asset stripped of most of their wealth, jobs and futures.


If the US Petro Dollar collapses and a catastrophic Global reset occurs as is expected (unless somehow mitigated), those bankers responsible will be fingered and held accountable one way or another unless they do something major.

Their options include starting a nuclear WW3 with the Russian Federation and/or China, instituting a major epidemic that kills many millions inside America, or starting a new American Civil War between their Zionist Occupation force Homeland Security (DHS) and the American Gun Owners, hunters, Veterans, Patriots and folks who have “woken up” to the USG scam and major illegal power grab since 1913 and the USG Assassination of JFK.

The USG is now working hard to start a major war with Putin and the Russian Federation over Crimea using Cutout Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland. She has admitted that the USG has already funneled 5 Billion USD to the Ukraine Leaders, and many experts view this as money to support Terrorist actions and attacks against Pro-Russian Federation people living in the Ukraine, especially Crimea.

Putin, the consummate Statesman, doesn’t show his cards, but perhaps holds a full hand.


So far, Putin has shown himself to be a true Statesman and has avoided the USG provocations which are clearly dictated by the City of London World Zionists. It should be pointed out that it is probably not a wise choice to continue these provocations unless the USG truly wants a nuclear WW3, since experts who know Putin personally, claim that he will become a very resourceful and competent opponent in any forced war effort against the Russian Federation.

So far there appears to be an unwillingness in the High Command of the US Military to engage in any Nuclear WW3 with the Russian Federation. If such is ordered I suspect there will be stalling and recommendations that further analysis and space based satellite Intel must be reviewed carefully.

Avoidance of accountability for this inter-generational group of Zionists that seized America in a secret Coup d’ etat in 1913 with the passage of the illegal, Unconstitutional Federal Reserve Act is dependent on the Zionists getting complete control over America, disarming all Americans, and instituting of martial law using their Secret Police Occupation Army inside America, Homeland Security (DHS).

If they fail in this, basically its over for them and their evil spell on America will be forever broken and millions will demand justice.  And as the masses demand justice they will insist on prosecutions of all involved, bankers and Politicians and actions to “claw-back” all the alleged lawful BAILOUT funding, as well as the complete cancellation of all the USG deficit which is a phony debt anyhow.

It would be an understatement to describe these perps who run this huge Ponzi Scheme as in a state of ongoing panic. Normally their Hubris would deaden any such anxiety or fear, but this time they can easily imagine their whole system coming down upon them like a House of Cards blown apart by the BRICS System as soon as it comes on line.

The World Zionists tried to draw our Great Nation America into another major war for Israel and the Multinational Oil companies.

President Obama is caught right in the middle of all this. His current strategy is to beg for an impeachment attempt which he knows will be blocked in the US Senate where he has a clear majority of Democrats. He believes this will strengthen his position and he can say, “See I am the real President and cannot be impeded any longer.” Then perhaps he plans to keep instituting what he can’t get Congress to do using “Executive Orders” which many view as illegitimate, unlawful and Unconstitutional.

Actually he is not really the President at all and neither were any others supposedly elected after President Ronald Reagan became President on January 20 1989 after winning his election.(2) Lately President Obama has been threatening Putin and the Russian Federation with serious sanctions. This has been unwise because Putin and other nations have countered by making huge Intel dumps into the public sector of exceedingly embarrassing incriminating information related to the hijacking and asset stripping of America by World Zionists working out of the City of London and their use of Nuclear Blackmail to manipulate and control numerous US presidents since Ronald Reagan.

European Allies are ditching America at an unprecedented rate as never before.

The US Administration and the AIPAC controlled members of Congress were hoping that Germany and France would join the US sanctions against the Russian Federation.  No dice, they both buy a great deal of oil and Natural gas from the Russian Federation and understand such an actions would be stupid, easily ending up doubling their pricing of such, or even higher.


There are numerous Intel insiders and true Patriot “Intel Cowboys — White Hats”, members of the High Military Command and many others who are working to restore the American Dollar to what it should rightfully be, real true Constitutional money, backed by Gold and other commodities. This coming major World Financial Reset should more realistically be called a World Monetary “Restart” or “Re-grouping” rather than “Reset.”

The final result of all this is likely to be a major Restart and Re-grouping of monetary and credit policy inside America and a restoration of Constitutional Currency without offshore, City of London controlled foreign invaders disguised as bankers. As long as cooler heads prevail and prevent the World Zionist invaders and hijackers of America from starting a nuclear WW3, a major new war in the Mideast or the Ukraine, or Homeland Security from provoking a major Civil War inside America, it looks like Americans will see a return of the real USDollar, real United States Constitutional Money.

*Lee Wanta was a former Presidential Secret Agent under the Totten Doctrine [92 U.S. 105, 107 (1875), National Security Decision – Directive Number 166, dated March 27, 1985, inter alia] under U.S. President Ronald W. Reagan, whom some experts consider to be our last legally and duly elected President. Ambassador Wanta served – under Presidential Mandate – as a close personal consultant to President Reagan and was credited with having a major role engineering an end to the Soviet Union Cold War and the “tearing down of the Iron Curtain”. Ambassador Wanta negotiated a ground-breaking Agreement of Cooperation between the United States of America and the new Russian Federation. This historical Agreement was a notable win/win situation based on a new mutual respect for each others borders. An important Part of this Agreement was to never interfere with nations bordering each other’s country, which the USG is now violating. Ambassador Wanta’s remarkable story is now revealed in detail for the first time in a book authored by his biographer, Marilyn MaGruder Barnewell, titled, “Wanta! Black Swan,White Hat”, and numerous articles written about his detailed plans to revitalize America which have been published on







Addendum: (Note: Fair use only for intellectual discussion)

True News Update: 30 July 2014.

Folks, I SWEAR…you just can’t make this stuff up! Even if you found one of Hollywood’s worst screen writers, and asked them to concoct a plot that would start World War III…even they wouldn’t try to pass any of this stuff off as being plausible…but then again, this isn’t a movie, it’s real life, and it’s messy, and here are the FACTS as we know them now:

1.)    In 2010: Brazil, Russia, China and India formed a new international trading bloc called BRIC.

2.)    In 2011, South Africa joined this union and it was renamed BRICS.

3.)    As of 2013: the five BRICS countries represent almost 3 billion people which is 40% of the world population, with a combined nominal GDP of $16.039 trillion (20% world GDP) and an estimated US$4 trillion in combined foreign reserves. As of 2014, the BRICS nations represented 18 percent of the world economy.

4.)    In 2013: During the fifth BRICS summit in Durban, South Africa, the member countries agreed to create a global financial institution which they intended to rival the western-dominated IMF and World Bank.

5.)    In 2013: In December, BRICS member Russia and Ukraine agreed to a $15-billion loan and a more than 30% cut in the price of Russian natural gas.

6.)    In 2013: In December, Ukraine turned down an EU loan of $15 billion because it came with too many bad conditions…such as 50% energy hikes to its peoples, and the selling off to both EU and US all state owned companies.

7.)    In 2014: In February, a US-backed coup overthrew Ukraine’s elected government and installed a right-wing government friendly to the US and EU.

8.)    In 2014: In March, Crimea declared its independence from Ukraine and joined the Russian Federation.

9.)    In 2014: In March, a number of Russian speaking regions in eastern Ukraine declared their independence…WAR BEGINS!

Now to TRULY understand what is going on in Ukraine you have to understand that being there is like being in Chicago during the 1920′s-1930′s when gang warfare ruled everyone’s life.

But, instead of Al Capone fighting it out with Dutch Shultz, in Ukraine you have the neo-Nazi western gangs battling it out against the Russian eastern gangs.

That’s right…Ukraine is now, and has been for decades, one of the most corrupt nations in the world ruled by powerful gangs (both east and west) who if their leaders aren’t in prison, they are ruling the country!

For anyone wanting to believe, REALLY BELIEVE, that Russia wants any part of eastern Ukraine you couldn’t be more mistaken. For example…how many of you would want to own Detroit, Newark, Baltimore…or any other such dilapidated, antiquated and corrupt area?

On the other hand…how many Americans would fight to defend Detroit, Newark or Baltimore if the Mexicans invaded and started to kill off their citizens?

More simply put….eastern Ukraine (indeed the whole country) is a proverbial “tar baby” that NO ONE REALLY WANTS…EVER!

So if no one really wants Ukraine, you ask, why is about to cause World War III?

Simple…nearly all of the energy supplies that flow from Russia to the EU go through it.

Even worse (at least for the US), Russia is preparing to start selling its energy supplies to the EU in anything other than the US Dollar!

But guess what? That’s right! If the US controls Ukraine’s pipelines it can also control what currency the EU nations pay for it!

Last year, you may remember, the US attempted this same Great Game gambit when they tried to overthrow the Syrian government in order to “clear a path” for Qatar and Saudi Arabia gas pipelines to connect with Turkey’s thus bypassing Russia.

That still hasn’t worked out so far, has it?

So with their being blocked in both Syria and Ukraine from achieving their goal of continuing their US Dollar hegemony…what’s the poor US superpower supposed to do?


Now the US is trying to convince you that Putin is the reincarnation of Hitler, Stalin, Genghis Khan…you name it!

Putin, while leading his Russian hordes, Obama wants you to believe, is responsible for EVERYTHING! He bombs babies…he shoots down planes…he (maybe) even killed Santa Claus!


To even question Obama and his media acolytes is akin to treason….like those members of the United States Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) who sent a letter to the President yesterday basically telling him: “ARE YOU NUTS?”

Or some of the top financial experts in the US who this week warned that World War III is coming. Such as Billionaire hedge fund manager Kyle Bass who said:

“Trillions of dollars of debts will be restructured and millions of financially prudent savers will lose large percentages of their real purchasing power at exactly the wrong time in their lives. Again, the world will not end, but the social fabric of the profligate nations will be stretched and in some cases torn. Sadly, looking back through economic history, all too often war is the manifestation of simple economic entropy played to its logical conclusion. We believe that war is an inevitable consequence of the current global economic situation.”

But not worry too much Folks! After all, Obama and his “friends” are going to sanction Russia until they collapse!


Russia wrote the BOOK on how a large nation survives sanctions…and over the past quarter century has insulated itself to such a degree that no one can really hurt it.

And don’t forget….why should Russia care about the US or EU when it’s got as it’s

customers China, India, all of South America, and just about every other semi-developing nation (i.e. growing) nation on Earth as its customers?

Remember…Russia has oodles and oodles of things other nations (especially growing ones) need…like really cheap oil and gas, iron, steel, precious metals, wood, you name it, it has it all!

Now for any Americans who REALLY want to believe that the EU is going to join World War III against Russia…THINK AGAIN!

Right about now, in fact, the people in Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy would most likely join with Russia in fighting against the EU! After all, they’ve nothing better to do since almost all of them are out of work anyway.

So here’s the bottom line folks….wars get starting (especially really big ones) for the stupidest and smallest of reasons that NO ONE sees coming. And the ONLY protection against them is not starting them in the first place!

Now I’m here to tell you that this one can be stopped too! You just have to STOP believing the propaganda being heaped on you and listen to the truth!

And once you know the truth…tell your leaders their game is up and you’re not going to put up with it this time!

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a move to restrict Russia’s access to EU capital markets, new sanctions ban EU nationals and companies to buy or sell new bonds, equity or similar financial instruments with a maturity exceeding 90 days, issued by state-owned Russian banks, development banks, their subsidiaries and those acting on their behalf.

Russia’s Top Import Partners

Russia’s Top 10 Exports

U.S. Exports to World Total by 5-digit End-Use Code

2004 – 2013

Russia bans Polish fruit and vegetable in apparent retaliation for sanctions

Oil Deals Make Putin Immune to Sanctions

Rosneft agreed to purchase drilling and oilfield service assets owned by Weatherford International in Venezuela as part of Rosneft’s development of its energy service business.


Oil and gas companies want Washington to believe that fracking can save Ukraine from Russia. It can’t.

Ukraine: Stop! Thief! Stop!

Kiev’s hastily assembled, post-coup coalitions couldn’t hold, and Ukrainian PM Arseniy Yatsenyuk threw in the towel last Thursday. On his way out, news stories said, the PM expressed his “disappointment with Ukrainian parliament’s decision to reject a bill that allows the government to hand over up to 49 percent of the country’s gas transport system to investors from the European Union and the United States.”

Ukraine’s pipelines will lose 50% of value when South Stream starts

Huge US Military Buildup In Ukraine

Ukraine rebel chief Igor Bezler threatens to execute interviewer

Moscow may walk out of nuclear treaty after US accusations of breach

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Oklahoma City Bombing April 19 1995 Part1



Bush, Clinton and Israel did it.

By Stew Webb

I will be doing several parts to explain to my audience who was behind it, why they did it, and how they got away with it.

First we must examine the document below in a discussion in Miami, Florida by Col. Oliver North and Jeb Bush to Major Iran Contra players. I am convinced there were two Iran Contra Operations going on at the same time one with President Ronald Reagan’s knowledge and the other was Vice President George HW Bush and his mass frauds and narcotics importations and illegal weapon sales. I call it the Illuminati-AIPAC-Zionist- Bush Organized Crime Syndicate.


The national programs office was designed to answer to no one in Government to bypass Congress and the Senate.

This is part of the Shadow Government within the Government, who answers only to George H. W. Bush. Part of the Bush Crime Family- Organized Crime in The Government of the United States who operates under color of law, with badges.


(see: Bill Tyre Federal Lawsuit Case #98CV11829JLT Massachusetts for further information: The Nationalist Times Jan 1999)


(See: Department of Army 29 Aug 1994 Draft Army Regulation on Civilian Inmate Labor Program foia)

Why would a true American like Ollie North he lie to congress and shred documents.

True Americans do not lie, nor do they order the murders of some 40 Americans like Ollie North did, see “The Conspirators” by Al Martin Iran/Contra Whistleblower  my personal friend since 1991. The following transcript was given to me by a friend in the Intelligence community who wanted the truth to be known that the Shadow Government blew up the Oklahoma Building to get the Anti-terrorist legislation passed that effectively would allow the CIA to legally operate in the USA. (More control of Americans freedoms)

Which prior to the legislation, the CIA was not allowed to spy on Americans.Even though they did and have been since the 1950′s under the Domestic Contact Services Group. I have a document relating to news media cover up by DCS-1969 that Ron Baird a reporter with The Colorado Dailey Printed in an article about a University of Colorado professor who disappeared who was CIA and the DCS literally twisted the story that in 1969 began to surface in The Colorado Daily and KOA radio in Denver.

That story was printed in the Colorado Dailey between 1995.  I do not remember the date, go to their archives Ron did several stories for me on myself, CIA-Gene “Chip Tatum, CIA-ONI-Al Martin.Ron won a National award on Gulf War Syndrome. I gave Ron the information.  (Note: I do not keep documents around me, I make copies from achieves in storage, therefore I cannot give the exact dates when these stories ran.)


This is word for word from one of the pages given to this Whistleblower VT author in 1995 by Stephen Dinnerstein a former DOD investigator who died in the 2005 from a Bio-Chemical attack only known to CDC as 3 ever in history. Stephen Dinnerstein had Busted Iran Contra Whistleblower Al Martin in 1984 and turned him as a U.S. Government witness who caused the Iran Contra investigations by Independent Prosecutor Judge Lawrence Walsh.

The Document:

“record establishing factors such as knowledge on the part of the United States Government that the effort to arrest ________________________________

was discussed in advance to likely involve hundreds of deaths, injuries, billions

in property damage.

______________instance, if the Court were to find that the _____________

or that the purpose of the ____________as to ______________ that the

____________agency in this_____________________acting upon the

direction of the President, or whoever the actual chain of command which

trickled down in this case, that they knew in advance that they were going to,

in order to _________________________kill hundreds of people, kill perhaps

innocent civilians, men, women, and children, if a decision were made in advance that the risk were acceptable from a Governmental strategic standpoint, those

are factors___________________________________________________

should address in determining the reasonableness or __________________

of the conduct.

__________________________________in the United States, with or without

an arrest warrant, where law enforcement agents entered a town in Oklahoma

and broke into the___________________caused the death of ____________

_________of people in the town, as a result of all of the activity procured an

arrest,_____________________________under Davis________________

and other cases, Supreme Court cases that have”……………………

The CIA-NSA Person who testified is now dead.

End of transcript for now.

The Oklahoma City Bombers

Timothy McVeigh, Terry Lynn Nichols, Roger Moore a.k.a. Robert Anderson the gun shop owner who mined the harbors in Nicaragua for Ollie North, Lt Straussmeyer of the German BFD=CIA whose father worked for the American CIA, Will Northrup of the Israeli Mossad and others unidentified.


Oklahoma City Bomber John Doe #2 and the 911 Bomber Jose Padilla

Jose Padilla is John Doe number 2 in the Oklahoma City 1995 Bombing unsolved case. Padilla was CIA Terry Lynn Nichols former brother in law. Nichols worked for Iran-Contra Fox News War Stories Col Ollie North who Daddy Bush Obstructed Justice with a Iran-Contra Presidential Pardon in 1992. Bush cannot give a legal Pardon to his criminal partner Ollie North. This makes the pardon illegal and null and void.

Padilla Judge: Brig Time Doesn’t Count

By Curt Anderson – The Associated Press

(Friday 23 March 2007) – Miami – A federal judge refused to dismiss the terrorism support charges against alleged al-Qaida operative Jose Padilla on Friday, rejecting defense claims that his 3 1/2 years in custody as an enemy combatant violated his constitutional right to a speedy trial.

U.S. District Judge Marcia Cooke agreed with prosecutors that Padilla’s years in isolation at a Navy brig did not count because he had not yet been charged.

The criminal charges came when Padilla was added to an existing Miami terrorism support indictment in November 2005. Only then did the clock start for the Sixth Amendment’s right to a “speedy and public trial,” Cooke said.

“I agree that the law in this case is that a criminal trial proceeding begins with the filing of the criminal process,” Cooke said. “Mr. Padilla has been promptly brought to court in that matter.”

A federal appeals court in Richmond, Va., previously ruled that Padilla’s detention as an enemy combatant without criminal charge was legal.

Orlando do Campo, one of Padilla’s four court-appointed lawyers, insisted that the lengthy imprisonment gave prosecutors an unfair advantage in building their case, including incriminating statements Padilla made during months of interrogation.

“No one has ever been treated the way Mr. Padilla has been treated,” do Campo said.

Padilla, a 36-year-old U.S. citizen, is charged along with Adham Amin Hassoun, 44, and 45-year-old Kifah Wael Jayyousi with being part of a North American cell that supported Islamic extremist causes around the world. Prosecutors say Padilla was a recruit and filled out a form in 2000 to attend an al-Qaida training camp in Afghanistan.

Padilla was declared an enemy combatant by President Bush shortly after his arrest at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport in May 2002 on what U.S. authorities then claimed was a mission to detonate a radioactive “dirty bomb” in a major U.S. city. That allegation is not part of the Miami criminal indictment.

The dismissal motion was one of eight that Cooke was considering at an all-day hearing Friday as the case nears an April 16 trial date.

Cooke also was expected to rule on a defense motion seeking to prevent prosecutors from using words such as “terrorist” or “violent jihad” during the trial, or mentioning Osama bin Laden by name.

Although she ruled for the government, Cooke was clearly troubled by Padilla’s long incarceration without charge, which was the subject of a previous legal battle over the extent of the president’s wartime detention powers.

Prosecutor Brian Frazier said none of Padilla’s interrogation statements would be used as main government evidence at trial and that most of the information the U.S. government had about Padilla didn’t get to the prosecution team until April 2006 – several months after his addition to the Miami indictment.

Padilla’s time as an enemy combatant “is legally distinct and independent from the criminal detention,” Frazier said.

Cooke agreed that Padilla’s interrogation statements were off-limits as prosecution evidence, but she put off ruling whether any of them could be introduced to refute or counter testimony during the trial. The statements are considered inadmissible because Padilla did not have a lawyer present and was not read his Miranda rights.



SEPTEMBER 18, 2001 on the newsstands September 10, 2001

EXCLUSIVE By Cliff Lindecker



FLATHEAD LAKE, Mont. – Convicted Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh survived his “execution” and was spirited away as part of an intricately planned government scheme to prepare him for his new life underground. The covert CIA operation was organized weeks before the staged execution at the U.S. Penitentiary at Terre Haute, Ind., according to longtime federal whistle-blower Stewart Webb and others opposed to what they described as America’s”Shadow government” and the New World Order:

“McVeigh never wanted to be executed,” Webb told Weekly World News in an exclusive interview.  “And he wasn’t–he went out the back door.”

Incredibly, sinister forces within the government were aware of the former Special Forces dropout’s plans to bomb a federal building–and steered him to the Oklahoma City facility because they wanted incriminating government records that were stored there destroyed, Webb disclosed. One hundred sixty-eight innocent people died on April 19, 1995, because sinister government leaders and bureaucrats wanted to demonize the burgeoning militia movement by linking ultra right-wing patriots to the bombing, and to get antiterrorism legislation passed quickly, he said.

The diabolical plan worked perfectly. Even though militias had no involvement in the terrorist act, they were viciously attacked in the press.

“McVeigh hurt us,” John Trochmann, founder of The Militia of Montana, told The Washington Times in a telephone interview. “We don’t believe in violence. We’re trying to get citizens to rally with us against the government.”

According to the astonishing scenario drawn by Webb and other sources in three states, including former government agents, the scheme to save McVeigh’s life was hatched after he refused to “walk the plank” and threatened to reveal the wider conspiracy.  So the CIA arranged for the phony execution, and flew McVeigh from Terr Haute to a closely guarded island on Flathead Lake in northwestern Montana.

McVeigh 33, spent nearly ywo weeks enjoying the outdoors–and undergoing a series of silicone injections and other treatments from a CIA employed plastic surgeon to change his facial features.  Then he was whisked off to a new location, a highly placed contact told Webb.

“About 20 people were on him, they were heavily armed locked and loaded,” Webb reported.  “He even had his own food taster.”

The Las Vegas–based investigator claimed the Bush family, the Clintons and other major players on the national political scene are deeply involved with other federal officials in large scale fraud against American taxpayers and other crimes.  Webb played major roles in exposing a series of national scandals, including the Silverado Savings and Loan debacle in Colorado; and the so-called Keating Five campaign contribution affair tied to the Lincoln Savings deal in Irvine, Calif., that reputedly funneled hugh amounts of money to John McCain and other prominent U.S. Senators.

“But this is the only time I’ve ever encountered such massive resistance,” Webb said of McVeigh’s brilliantly executed escape from death.  These are some of the shocking facts and developments uncovered by Webb and other investigators, including current CIA employees:

**McVeigh did not act alone, and several players, including a pair of terrorists attached to the Iranian embassy in Mexico City, were involved in the bombing conspiracy.  One of the Iranians married a woman who worked at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building so he could use her to keep up-to-date on activities there. She was unaware she was being used and was killed in the bombing.

**The CIA and other federal agencies were tipped off in advance that “a lone ranger” named Timothy McVeigh was planning to bomb a federal building in either Omaha, Kansas City or Oklahoma City.

**CIA operatives and other federal agents working on the clandestine project steered McVeigh to the Oklahoma City structure because sensitive records tied to the scores of government scandals surrounding the Clintons and other national leaders were stored there.

Sensitive records collected during the investigation by Special Prosecutor Ken Starr on the mystery deaths surrounding the Clintons, including the Vince Foster case, had been  transported to Oklahoma City for safekeeping, according to Webb.  Additional documents relating to the Madison Savings and Loan, Twin Cities Bank, and other Clinton scandals–and drug-money laundering by high government officials–were also destroyed in the blast, Webb’s investigation revealed.

**Plans for the killer to hide out at the Ted Turner ranch were scrapped when Webb’s radio reports of McVeigh’s survival turned up the heat, and he was moved to an isolated fishing cabin on the lake near Montana’s borders with Idaho and British Columbia.

**A plastic surgeon gave McVeigh a series of silicone injections to change his features over a period of about two weeks. His fingerprints were also altered.

**After the idenity change McVeigh was moved to an even more secure location–believed to be the super secretive U.S. Air Force Base north of Las Vegas known as “Area 51″ to be further prepared for life underground.

McVeigh was not trained as a regular CIA operative, but was a contract agent whose training was with Special Forces. So he was reportedly taught how to keep a low profile, and trained in the language of his new home land–in a so-far unknown foreign country.

END—Weekly World News, September 18, 2001, Exclusive! by Cliff Linedecker

American Media—They got anthraxed September 16, 2001 and Journalist Cliff Lindecker died 2 days later after writing this report.

Excerpt: “Two years ago, I was told by a friend of mine that is an agent for MI-6, that Tim McVeigh would wave all of his appeals and want to be executed as quickly as possible. I have watched in horror as all that he has told me has come to pass. “He also told me that McVeigh’s death would be faked, and that he would be taken to what is called a ‘Valhalla Compound’ as part of Project: Gaia, a super secret witness protection program set up for those in the world of international espionage.” SEAN DAVID MORTON, Speaking on Art Bell COAST TO COAST, March 3, 2001

Oklahoma City Bomber Tim Mcveigh Death Certificate Soldier US Army


Cary Gagan was paid by the Bush Organized Crime Syndicate to inform the U.S. Marshals in Denverthat Timothy Mcveigh was going to blow up a Federal Building in either Omaha, Kansas City or Oklahoma City and was paid $200,000.00 by his CIA Handeler answering to George HW Bush, Cary Gagan who was granted a letter of immunity by the Denver US Attorney Henry Solono in September 1994 . Later Denver FBI Agent Mark Hostlaw who was on Israeli Leonard Millman’s payroll set up Cary Gagan to silence him after he came public through this Whistleblower and testified before the Charles Key’s hearing in Oklahoma. FBI Agent Mark Hostlaw Obstructed Justice and so did US Attorney Henry Solono in the evidence I provide below in my Grand Jury Demand and the recorded evidence below.

Many people within government did their own investigations of who was involved.

And many documents surfaced. Yes the FBI, ATF, CIA, all knew in advance and were told to step down and let it happen.

Cary Gagan Whistleblower, who recently got out of jail as a Political Prisoner asked me in 1995 to help get the information out that he informed the Government in advance in Denver Colorado and the US Attorney, the FBI and US Marshals all covered it up and actually let it happen.

(Further see below: “They let it happen” media by pass magazine July 1999)

Why do you think Tim McVeigh got the back door treatment?

Tried & convicted as one of the bombers, even executed on national TV but no autopsy?  (see: below weekly world news Sept 2001)

There are tons of documents out there still among the shadows of government who for a price, who are willing to sell. At the time of the bombing one million dollars could have bought all the documents, today $50,000. But the reason for the price drop, who cares, they have a new Boogie Man.

“New Boogie Man” Iraq, Iran, Gazza-Hammas, Ukraine, Russia.

“The Bush Crime Family and the Israeli’s” got what they wanted The Antiterrorist Act-1996, The Patriot Act-2001, The Homeland Security Act-2002.

Bottom line “They got your Country, your Freedoms, your Constitution and Your Bill of Rights and a license to import narcotics using the CIA as a cover with no U.S. Customs inspections or police stops. “This is a Government Operation and they show their CIA Identity”.




Fed Informant Documents Treason in OKC Bombing

by Pat Shannan

Media by Pass Magazine July 1999

As a self-confessed “international importer and domestic transporter,” Cary Gagan, 54, admits that he is “no choir boy.” But neither is he a cold-blooded killer, he is quick to add. As a government informant with an immunity grant, he took every step he could to help the federal government stop the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, of which he had solid prior knowledge, but “they let it happen,” says Gagan. “They” were the FBI, the United States Attorney, and many agents of the U. S. Marshals Service.

On March 13th, Mr. Gagan gave a two-hour deposition before a newly formed citizen’s committee known as the Oklahomans for Truth. A court stenographer and videographer were present.

Upon viewing the tape, Denver Whistle Blower Stewart Webb said, “These well documented charges amount to no less than treasonous acts by those sworn to `defend and protect against all enemies foreign and domestic.’ These people should be tried and, if found guilty, swiftly executed.”

Prosecutors would later make a big noise about the ANFO bomb being built at Geary Lake State Park in Kansas. (Count 35 of the eventual indictment reads: “On or about April 18, 1995, at Geary Lake State Park in Kansas, McVEIGH and NICHOLS constructed an explosive truck bomb with barrels filled with a mixture of ammonium nitrate, fuel and other explosives placed in the cargo compartment of the rental truck.”) But it is Cary Gagan’s testimony that he, under instructions from a federal agent, delivered a mixer and what he believes to have been bombing materials to a service station in Dwight, Kansas on April 10th, nine days prior to the Murrah explosions.

A former acquaintance who happened to be in the right place at the right time – this time in March of 1994 – Gagan had again met two Middle Easterners named “Omar” and “Ahmad” for whom he had once performed some undercover favors while they all were involved in international “importing.” In September, Omar, Ahmad, and a third, yet un-named conspirator paid Cary Gagan $250,000 to haul 15-20 timers and detonators across the border from Mexico. Six months into this new relationship, Gagan saw the blueprints of the Alfred P. Murrah Building in Oklahoma City spread out on the motel room desk and listened to a discussion “in either Arabic or another foreign language.” Gagan speaks only English, but by this time realized that an attack was about to occur sometime in the near future.

On September 14, 1994, immediately after receiving the suitcase full of cash, Gagan went to the U. S. Marshals and obtained a grant of immunity from the United States Attorney, Henry Solano. He was allowed to keep the money and the immunity from prosecution was supposed to be in exchange for keeping the authorities informed. It may be the only grant of immunity in a domestic terrorism case in the history of America. The Justice Department would later regret having issued it and still has not washed the egg from its own face for doing so. But Cary Gagan went to work as a federal informant, thinking he would be able to prevent the upcoming terrorism. An opportunist, he was aware of federal statutes providing for between $500,000 and $2,000,000 in reward money for preventing an act of domestic terrorism.

Over the course of the next six months, Gagan was perplexed by the lack of interest in the information he was providing. No one was returning his phone calls – not the U. S. Attorney, not the Marshals, not the FBI. Nor could he understand why he was never polygraphed, a standard operating procedure for law enforcement officials before issuing immunity to informants.

“Even my attorney told me before I went in the first time, `Gagan, they’re going to polygraph you,’ and I said, `Fine, let’s get after it. Let’s just do it.’ But they never did, and they’re supposed to.”

(After the building was blown out, Brig. Gen. Ben Patron and other demolition experts showed with graphic evidence beyond a reasonable doubt how the building was blown from the inside. At least four charges were detonated at strategic columns on the third floor level, dumping the higher floors into the second floor nursery. Gen. Partin emphatically asserts, “This is not conjecture, and it is not a theory. This is the way it the building came down.” Gagan’s testimony finally fingers a potential source.)

Next, the federales labeled Gagan as a “mental case,” but even in this alleged state of dementia, he has litigated and prevailed over the Colorado Attorney General in recent court cases. Once, when he was in custody in a separate case, he was relegated to the funny farm for thirty days observation and tests. The results showed that he was of above average intelligence with no paranoia, etc., and capable of speaking for himself in courtroom argument. Indeed, he was. According to Gagan, the Attorney General had altered trial transcripts before passing the case on to the Appellate Court. The U. S. Supreme Court reversed the conviction in favor of Gagan on these grounds, but no disciplinary action was taken against the prosecutors, who settled with him out of court.


In October of 1995, grand jury member Hoppy Heidelberg was removed from duty without cause by Federal Judge David Russell. Of course, Heidelberg and all close observers knew the real cause was Heidelberg’s persistence in asking too many sensitive questions about the Oklahoma City bombing case. He had sat on that jury since the previous January, three months prior to the explosions at Murrah.

Frustrated at the U. S. Attorney’s reluctance to pursue anything which did not point toward the guilt of Tim McVeigh and Terry Nichols, Heidelberg had written a letter to Judge Russell outlining what was being ignored and should be investigated by that grand jury.

“I thought it was the grand jury’s job to investigate, but I was learning more about this case from reading the newspaper and watching television than I was from sitting in on the closed sessions on the panel,” Heidelberg says from his horse ranch today.

“Defiant Grand Juror Pulled From Okla. City Bombing Case,” barked the front page of USA Today. Following Heidelberg’s 2-page letter citing 11 pivotal points of neglected investigation, Judge Russell responded with one curt paragraph: “Effective immediately, you are dismissed from the grand jury. Your obligation of secrecy continues. Any disclosure of matters that occurred before the grand jury constitutes a contempt of court. Each violation of the obligation of secrecy may be punished cumulatively. Sincerely, David L. Russell, United States District Judge.”

When it became evident that the second impaneled grand jury in OKC was going to be another whitewash, the non-profit corporation named “Oklahomans for Truth Committee” was formed by Heidelberg, who was now more “defiant” than ever to get to the truth. In the fall of last year, he also ran an ill-financed campaign for governor, in hopes of meeting Gov. Frank Keating in debate, but it was not to be. On election day, Heidelberg’s vote count was insignificant.

Only hours after the Murrah explosions, Gov. Keating was seen on national television announcing the fact that unexploded bombs had been discovered and were hauled from the Murrah Building for examination. He confidently assured Americans that all of these bombs carry “signatures” and as soon as the experts could examine them, “We will know exactly who is responsible for this.” He has never mentioned this in a public statement again.

Later, when confronted with the evidence that the bombs could not have been ANFO, Keating responded to a reporter, “I really don’t care if the bomb was fertilizer or not, it’s irrelevant to me!” (With reference to the murdered Branch Davidians in Waco, Keating is reported to have also insensitively stated, “If you expect me to feel sorry for those people, I’m not. Those people, including the 17 children, got everything they deserved.” Reported by Louis O’Neal from conversation in the Governor’s office.)

This very important point is not irrelevant to Hoppy Heidelberg and the Oklahomans for Truth. If the bomb was not fertilizer – and experts continue to point out that it certainly was not – then the conviction and death sentence of Tim McVeigh is a travesty of justice. But Keating, formerly an FBI agent, federal prosecutor, and high-ranking BATF official in Washington, has been mending public relations fences for the government ever since his slip of the tongue on April 19th 1995. The same man who publicly announced that “this was a very sophisticated operation by a very sophisticated group of people,” soon was cheering the convictions of two very unsophisticated farm boys. “These two bottom-crawlers pulled this off and there is nothing more to be said – except that they should be convicted and executed as quickly as possible.” (Los Angeles Times, 1/28/96, 15 months before the trial McVeigh trial began.)

At a self-aggrandizing moment, when asked about how the nation may be viewing Oklahoma since the bombings, Keating cites a statement by Army General Norman Schwartzkopf, while they were on a hunting trip together.

“You know,” said the General, “I’ve been in big wars and little wars, big tragedies and little tragedies, and big operations and little operations, but I have not seen anything handled with the professionalism, the skill of the community, and the tremendous efficiency of this city.”

Keating’s history of such delusions of grandeur has former State Rep. Charles Key, Hoppy Heidelberg and others wondering 1] if such a conversation really took place; 2] if Schwartzkopf would remember it, and 3] if it really did, just what those two might have been smoking on their hunting trip that afternoon.

On March 13, 1999, Oklahomans for the Truth Committee took the depositions of Cary James Gagan of Denver, Colorado and Jane Graham of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Mrs. Graham was the HUD employee and union president who noticed some suspicious characters in the Murrah Building both days and minutes prior to the tragedy. It was two years later before she saw the same people on a video copy of TV news stories. Her story was chronicled by Media Bypass and other publications in 1998.

Jane Graham, 55, worked for HUD on the 7th floor of the Murrah Building. She was also president of the employees union. At a few minutes before nine o’clock that fateful morning, she took the elevator to the 9th floor to participate in a computer seminar. Her sworn testimony confirms that of hundreds of others who heard and/or saw two distinct explosions.

At 9:02 a.m. she had just sat down and turned on her computer when she felt a rumble for several seconds. Initially thinking it was an earthquake, she sat frozen until a fellow worker announced, “That’s a bomb! Get under your desk!” Mrs. Graham quickly complied before a second explosion ripped up through the center of the building “like a rocket being launched” and the ceiling came tumbling down on top of them. She estimates there was a time span of something less than ten seconds between the two.

But Jane Graham had seen more in the days and hours prior to the tragedy, and she had attempted on several occasions to give her information to the FBI. But because she was certain that her suspects were neither Tim McVeigh nor Terry Nichols, nobody was interested. District Attorney Robert Macy would later decide that Mrs. Graham’s testimony was not worthy of an audience with his grand jury.

On the Friday prior to the April 19th bombings, Mrs. Graham had noticed several suspicious looking men in the basement parking area. They were examining blueprints but quickly stashed them in the backseat of their car after realizing someone was watching. Coffee room conversation with some other women had alerted her that the FBI had gotten warning of an impending attack on a federal building, and for this reason she was somewhat wary. She has since identified one of the men as Andreas Strassmeir, the infamous “Andy the German” from Elohim City.

On Tuesday, the day before the tragedy, Mrs. Graham noticed two men on the first floor who were dressed in GSA blue uniforms. They stood out in her mind because she thought she knew all of the GSA workmen but did not recognize these two. She is certain that they were not in the basement group she saw the previous week. At 8:15 a.m. the next morning, she saw the same men on the first floor hurrying for an exit at the west end. Less than an hour later, the building erupted.

A year and a half later, Jane Graham was watching a newly released video entitled “Cover-up in Oklahoma” (available through M/B fulfillment center) which used actual news clips of the early hours following the explosions to point out the discrepancies in the government’s story. Midway through the tape, she yelled to her host, “Waitaminnit! Back that up.” She had recognized the same two men she had seen twice in GSA blues. This time they were in street clothes and wandering hurriedly away from the debris of the Murrah Building in the background. She alerted the FBI once again, and once again they were not interested. She has spent the past 18 months attempting, without success, to identitify the two mystery men. One is a large man with a beard, the other is of average height with a pocked face.

Cary Gagan has identified the pock-faced man as the same one he saw at the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City on 4/13/95 and later in Denver. However, he does not know his name. Considering the testimony of both Graham and Gagan, coupled with the on-the-scene video evidence, both of these mysterious men appear to be real players and suspects.

We have strong documentation that what Cary Gagan says is true. Comparing the video copy of his deposition session with at least ten conversations with him since, we find he does not waver. He has not changed his story concerning his alerting of the authorities and granted immunity since we first heard of him in 1995. He does not recite by rote, as his wording varies with each incident but the facts don’t change. We must remember that U. S. Attorney Henry Solano believed Gagan to be credible enough in 1994 to grant him immunity from prosecution in order to allow him to infiltrate the terrorist group and carry out his (otherwise) criminal acts of participation.

When Gagan’s story first appeared in Media Bypass, it was distorted because of Solano’s chicanery, according to Gagan, and these allegations appear to be true. When Gagan’s note to the marshals, dated April 6, 1995, was changed to reflect April 1st, Gagan knew it to be deception on the part of Solano. Close examination of the note, faxed to Media Bypass from the U. S. Attorney’s office, shows that the loop of the “6″ has been apparently whited-out in order to indicate a “1.”

Why April 1st? Gagan says that would be because in 1995, that date fell on a Saturday, and it would have been impossible for him to have delivered the message and gained a signature from anyone of authority on a Saturday at the U. S. Courthouse in Denver — thereby distorting and rendering his story dubious. However, Solano’s futile and childish attempt at deception was strongly overridden by the testimony and taxicab records of William Bayers, as well as the video surveillance camera which recorded his entrance on the sixth of April not the first.

Although the U. S. Marshal’s office denied ever received the written warning, Bayers had obtained the signature of Marshal Sharon Hoff on the 6th day of April. She happened to be the same marshal to whom Gagan had delivered his previous papers on March 27th, and the men noted at the time that the signatures matched. Henry Solano is no longer Denver’s U. S. Attorney and has since been elevated to the position of Solicitor General of the Labor Department in Washington, D. C., according to Gagan.

On August 24, 1995, the same day Solano faxed Gagan’s handwritten note to Myers and Media Bypass, Cary Gagan was grabbed and beaten by three Middle Easterners who said they were “Soldiers of Allah.” He was hospitalized with a severe concussion.

While it is difficult to prove everything Gagan says is true, the Oklahomans for Truth Committee has not disproved anything about his testimony. What can be proven far beyond any reasonable doubt is that 1] Gagan had written immunity from the feds; 2] Gagan kept motel, gasoline receipts, and plane tickets which document his trips on the specific dates in question, as well as hospital records of the beatings he took later in an apparent attempt to shut him up; and 3] Gagan issued letters of warning to the Denver authorities on March 27th and April 6th of ’95 that the bombing was coming down. There appears to be no doubt that, as he says, “They let it happen.”

The accompanying letter from Billy Bayer, a Denver cab driver and Cary Gagan’s lifelong and trusted friend who delivered the package to the U.S. Marshals on Gagan’s behalf on April 6th proves the veracity of the most important claim. He reminds us that the cab company records will also reflect his stop at the courthouse, as well as the video surveillance cameras on the scene.

However, let us remember, neither the Oklahoma Citizens Committee nor Gagan have to prove that every detail of his story is true. We are presenting his alleged facts and claims and challenge the FBI and Justice Department to answer these charges and prove that it is not true. Gagan, incidentally, is a college graduate who taught school in the Denver public school system. He has filed a Freedom of Information Act motion with the court to demand return of his private papers given to attorney Stephen Jones, who has refused to turn them loose.

This leads us to the charade of defense put on by Stephen Jones, who previously instigated a deception over civil attorney John DeCamp to enable the Murrah Building shell to be detonated only 34 days after the crime and prior to examination. DeCamp was on our radio show twice in the past, explaining how Jones hoodwinked him. There is evidence to show that Jones was in duplicity with the government prosecutors from the beginning, but then we must remember that he was paid $15+ million for his services as a government-appointed attorney. That figure is certainly sufficient to maintain control over a situation. (See sidebar: “How the Defense Hoodwinked Decamp.”)

Gagan’s April 10th trip to Dwight, Kansas – which he claims was instigated by the FBI – appears to have been another subterfuge to further cement the “bomb-building guilt” of McVeigh and Nichols, as well as implicate Gagan later.

Dwight is 30 miles from Nichol’s home in Herrington, and about the same in other directions from Geary State Park and Junction City, where the Ryder truck was rented. Gagan has believed since day one that this was an attempt by prosecutors to get rid of him by implicating him in the crime. But then they suddenly backed off and did not use this piece at the 1997 trial, after including it in the 1995 indictment.

“Why not?” we asked author and investigative reporter Bob Papovich, who has become an authority on the case and had a prison interview with Tim McVeigh earlier this year. “Because it had too many holes in it,” he replied.

Indeed, it did. The prosecution team got caught in its uncarefully woven web of deception when their own charges placed McVeigh in both Arizona and Kansas on the same day. They had to disallow one or the other. With Gagan’s original handwritten note to the U. S. Marshals having been published nationally (Media Bypass – Oct. ’95) and his immunity papers already in the hands of defense attorneys, it undoubtedly became obvious to them that this was a can of worms which should remain sealed.

In August of 1995, Brad Edwards, reporter for KFOR-TV in Oklahoma City told Cary Gagen that they had sent a private investigator to Denver to trail him in order to see what they might learn. Edwards was bemused by the fact that the P. I.’s report came back saying “everywhere that Gagan went, the FBI was trailing him, too.” Aware of this at the time, Gagan had frustrated the efforts of both by taking a bus at various intervals.

The Oklahoma City bombing case was the biggest mass murder in the history of America. It also may be the biggest documented cover-up by judicial authorities on record – judging from what we know vs. what was allowed at trial and reported worldwide.

One of the most damning pieces of false evidence presented at Terry Nichols’ trial was the alleged armed robbery alleged to have taken place at the home of Roger Moore in Arkansas the first weekend of November, 1994. This was blamed on McVeigh and Nichols and was designed to portray that the two used this loot to finance their operation.

However, it proved useless in the first trial when the defense produced a motel registry in McVeigh’s handwriting where he was at a gun show in Ohio that weekend. McVeigh could not be in two places at the same time, and the proof was obvious that he definitely was not in Arkansas on the date in question. In the Nichols trial Karen Anderson, Moore’s live-in girlfriend, produced a list of serial numbers from guns “stolen” from their home and later “found” in Nichols’ home. However, with receipts, the defense showed the court how one of these weapons had been purchased and registered with BATF by Terry from a sporting goods store in Michigan long after the list was written by Anderson. It would have been impossible for Anderson to have prepared a list which included this gun. The list was obviously a phony, deceptively prepared by the prosecution. (See Bob Papovich’s sidebar on “Perjury.”)

Gen. Partin was never called to trial as an expert witness to show what really happened inside the building. This would have been to point out that if ANFO didn’t do it, then Tim McVeigh didn’t either. BATF official Harry Eberhart (See M/B, November ’98) was quietly ignored and never asked just what he was doing on the scene, when his project had been to test ANFO explosives in the New Mexico desert to guard against domestic terrorist attacks within our borders. It was Eberhart’s phone call, immediately after the blasts, to the Dallas BATF office which initiated the original charade of ANFO being responsible.

With so many facts showing that it would have been impossible for McVeigh and Nichols to have been behind this “very sophisticated operation” (Governor Frank Keating, 11:00 a.m., 4/19/95), We the People must now ask ourselves:

Who did have the technical expertise and access to the Murrah Building enabling them to plant four bombs at the third floor columns?

Who had the power to not only silence but completely reverse the early news reports of the multiple explosions (seen and heard by hundreds of witnesses) and the two unexploded bombs found in the debris?

Who decided at the last moment to initiate the warning call to voice mail receivers of all the BATF agents, instructing them not to come to work that morning?

Who had the controlling influence to distort the bombing facts, keep the truth off the airwaves day after day, and ensure that only government-approved lies would be reported on the national news?

When federal agents normally react swiftly to any warning or perceived threat against Presidents, Congressmen, and even lowly bureaucrats, why were Cary Gagan’s repeated documented warnings and phone calls ignored for more than seven months?

Who are the ultimate individuals at the top who “let it happen?”

Once a target audience believes in something, based on the statement of a credible leader and backed by trusted institutions, it becomes difficult to dislodge that belief – even with massive and overwhelming evidence produced to the contrary. And when a leader, supported by the news media, creates belief based on a direct lie in a confused situation, where contradictory evidence is so difficult to determine because of deliberate suppression, then it can reasonably be expected that the truth may never prevail.

In some instances, it takes the passage of considerable time, sometimes generations, before societies can accept the fact that certain historically held beliefs were false, and based solely on lies. This has been the case in almost every political assassination and war provocation in American history – e.g. Lincoln, Kennedy brothers, M. L. King, Pearl Harbor, Gulf of Tonkin, etc., and the most recent JFK news report that the bronze casket which once contained his body was not buried at Arlington but dropped in the Atlantic Ocean by an Air Force plane in 1965.


By Pat Shannan

From the Gagan deposition, we are able to piece together the following chronology of events leading up to and following the multiple explosions at the Murrah Building.

1985-86 – Cary Gagan first becomes acquainted with “Omar” and “Ahmad.” He passes the “trust” test by providing some fake I.D. and passports for the Middle Easterners. They work together for a time before Gagan goes to jail for eight years as a convicted felon.

March of 1994 – Gagan begins a new relationship with Omar and Ahmad. He determines that they are associated with a Columbian drug ring.

September 13, 1994 – Gagan accepts a $250,000 cash payment in exchange for his agreement to travel to Mexico City, take delivery of timers and detonators, and smuggle them back into the United States. He is told that the money had come from a Columbian bank, and he sees currency exchange reports verifying this fact.

September 14, 1994 – Gagan is apprehensive about the potential ramifications and calls his lawyer. As a convicted felon, this could result in a life sentence for him. He decides to play both ends against the middle. If this turns out be terrorism against the United States, he could collect as much as eight times the original amount in reward money. His lawyer sets up the appointment and arranges the immunity for Gagan. The document bears the signed name of AUSA James R. Allison, under the authorization of United States Attorney Henry Solano. Gagan never sees either man and is presented the signed immunity agreement by FBI agents. He is not questioned about his details nor polygraphed for veracity.

September ’94 – March ’95 – Gagan sends numerous messages by telephone and fax machine but neither the marshals nor FBI agents would get in contact. “Right after I was granted immunity, I notified the FBI that I was being asked to go to Mexico City, or Paraguay, or Brazil to meet an IRA terrorist on the run. He had perfected specific timers and detonators. The timer was specific and could be set for up to 30 days. I had asked the FBI for permission to go, and they never got back to me, so I went anyway. I met the person in Mexico City and brought back between 15 and 20 timers and detonators, returning through Nogales.”

January 14, 1995 – Gagan picks up a converted mail truck at the Metro Inn near Stapleton Airport and delivers its load containing approximately 50 duffel bags of chemicals, a Lely mixer, two boxes of Sandex marked “High Explosives” from a company in Las Vegas. He drives it across the city and parks at the Marriott West. After a thirty minute wait inside, as instructed, he emerges and sees the truck is gone.

March 17, 1995 – Gagan meets with Omar, Ahmad, and a dapperly attired third man, “a dignified Latino, a banker type.” In his motel room at the (Denver) Hilton Inn South, Gagan hears the three in an animated conversation, speaking in a foreign language. A set of blueprints compiled by one-time Murrah Building architects, J. W. Bateson & Co., is spread on the desk. It is Gagan’s first indication of what the particular target is likely to be. He pays for the room with his credit card in order to preserve the record.

March 27, 1995 – Gagan delivers documents (and obtains a signed receipt) to the U. S. Marshal Service at the courthouse in Denver indicating that the previous caveats he had issued of an impending attack on a federal building will definitely occur soon. He warns of the possible killing of judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement officers. They do not get back to him for details, as he specifically requests.

April 2, 1995 – Gagan is worried that nothing is being done but assumes the FBI has infiltrated the gang and is silently prepared. He believes that they trust his information but not him to keep quiet, and this is the reason for their reticence. He bids his friends and family goodbye and flies to Las Vegas, saying he will be gone for “a long, long time.” He stays with his brother who works at a hotel on Fremont Street.

April 3, 1995 – One of his Middle Eastern contacts comes by the hotel and asks Gagan to accompany him to Kingman, Arizona the next day. Gagan alerts his brother to observe the man and remember the date.

April 4, 1995 – Omar picks up Gagan in a brown 1981 Thunderbird, while his brother watches. They buy gas in Kingman at a Union 76 station, and Gagan keeps the receipt. They deliver a bundle of cash to “a blond-haired man.” Gagan is not aware of the purpose. On the return trip to Las Vegas, Gagan asks Omar, “What’s coming down?” Omar responds, “They’re going to hit a federal building in two weeks or so.” Gagan says, “Where? In Denver?” Omar replies, “Well, Denver or a city nearby.” Gagan remembers the Murrah Building blueprints from the March 17th meeting and begins to mentally narrow it down. After separating from Omar back in Las Vegas, he decides to return to Denver.

April 6, 1995 – Gagan enlists the aid of his friend, Bill Bayers, a Denver cab driver, to hand-deliver his final written warning to the U. S. Marshal’s Service. (See Sidebar Box) Bayers receives the signature of Sharon Hoff at 9:00 a.m. Hoff happens to be the same U. S. Marshal to whom Gagan had delivered his March 27th warning, and he notes that the signatures match. Gagan’s note says, “Call 832-4091 NOW!” Gagan is prepared to pinpoint Oklahoma City as the target. Although Gagan emphatically tells them of a plot to blow up a federal building within two weeks and that “if the information is false, charge me accordingly,” no call is forthcoming.

April 7, 1995 – A hand-delivered note is left with the apartment house manager where he was staying with a friend, directing Gagen to come to the law library on the 4th floor of the U. S. Courthouse. It is the first contact initiated by federal agents since Gagan gained his immunity nearly eight months earlier. “And I walk all the way to the back, and here’s a dude sitting there, a big guy, blue Nike suit, and certainly not one of the terrorists I had been dealing with, and I had figured him for a federal agent. I said to him and these were my exact words, `Are you guys on this?’ And he said, `Yeah, Gagan, we’re on it. We need you to do something.’ And I said, `Well, why haven’t you contacted me?’ He said, `Hey, we’re on this!’ The agent then tells Gagan that he needs to come back on April 10th and take a trailer to Dwight, Kansas. (Gagan says that the agent came to talk to him a couple of times since that day and that he can identify him.)

April 10, 1995 – Gagan borrows a car from his friend, installs a temporary trailer hitch, and is off to Dwight, Kansas with the federal trailer in tow. While not certain of the total contents, since the trailer is padlocked, he can see a mixer and what appears to be chemicals by peeking through the crack in the door. He delivers it to a Mobil Service Station in Dwight in the middle of the night and returns to Denver. Dwight is thirty miles N.E. of Herrington, where Terry Nichols lived. It is about the same distance S. E. of Junction City, where Tim McVeigh allegedly rented the Ryder Truck. And it is about twenty miles from Geary State Park, where the prosecutors will say McVeigh and Nichols built the ANFO bomb, allegedly used to destroy the Murrah Building.

April 13, 1995 – After being contacted one last time by the terrorists the previous day, Gagan drives to Oklahoma City to inspect a storage room on the fifth floor of the Murrah Building and report back as to the building’s security. Carol Khalil works on that floor in the Agriculture Department and will be killed there on April 19th. Her former husband is a “shady” character known to Gagan as “K,” whom he saw on occasion in the presence of Omar and Ahmad in Las Vegas. On the scene this day, he also recognizes “the pock-faced man” later identified by Jane Graham from news videos. Gagan spends the night at an airport motel and keeps the receipt. He returns to Denver the next day.

April 14, 1995 – Tim McVeigh registers at the Dreamland Motel in Junction City, Kansas under his real name, giving his actual driver’s license number. OKC Fire Department Chief (of Operations) Gaines receives a telephone warning from the FBI and is put on alert. This is later denied by Gaines but confirmed by Chief of Dispatchers Harvey Weathers, who says, “I won’t lie for anyone.”

April 17, 1995 – Someone 5’10″ and a stocky 185 lbs. rents the Ryder truck in Junction City under the name of Robert Kling, an alias McVeigh had used in the past. However, McVeigh is a six-foot, two-inch beanpole.

April 18, 1995 – Prosecutors charge in the indictment (later) that on this date . . .”at Geary Lake State Park in Kansas, McVEIGH and NICHOLS constructed an explosive truck bomb with barrels filled with a mixture of ammonium nitrate, fuel and other explosives placed in the cargo compartment of the rental truck.” However, this count will not be pursued at trial.

April 19, 1995 – At 9:02 a.m. the Murrah Building on Northwest 5th Street in Oklahoma City is blown apart from the inside outward. There are no flames in the building and no nitrate gas present, both of which are earmarks of an Ammonium Nitrate Fuel Oil explosion. Although no BATF agents were in their 9th floor offices, dozens are photographed on the ground before 9:15 a.m. One tells an acquaintance on the scene, “We had a message NOT to come in this morning.” At 10:00 a.m., the rescue is postponed when two unexploded bombs are discovered in the debris. This is reported almost immediately by all local news channels but will never be mentioned after this day.

August 11, 1995 – Denver TV Reporter faxes a copy of Gagan’s April 6th handwritten “statement of warning” to the U. S. Attorney’s office for comment.

August 24, 1995 – U. S. Attorney’s office faxes altered document to Media Bypass magazine reflecting a date of “April 1st” rather than the actual date of April 6th. Cary Gagan is beaten and hospitalized later this evening.


 Gagan to Webb

From: Cary Gagan

To: Stew Webb

Oct 16, 2013

Webb: I’ll be sending you information and documents to 10607 Sheley Road, Independence Missouri 64052, but first e-mail me and let me know if the address is correct. I served 11 yrs. in prison on a 26 year sentence imposed by Judge James Macrum out of the Arapahoe County District Court, Centennial, CO where the Aurora shooter’s (James Holmes) trial is being held.

I will also be mailing to you the Expert Report & Addendum (Mar.10th&11th’13) of Expert Document Examiner and Handwriting Expert Wendy Carlson. Such exposed the sophisticated subverting of Colorado’s judicial processes to wrongfully convict targeted defendants such as myself (public disclosure of OKC bombing), unsuspecting African American defendants because of their race-color, and other minorities in this 18th Judicial District, the richest white judicial district in CO.

Investigators having now determined that the jury tampering scheme utilized to convict me was the 1st in US jurisprudence history as such directly involved:

*Judge James Macrum, Jr.; *James Colgan, special prosecutor, 17th J.D.; *the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office, witnesses against me,*often utilized by the State (as well as the Feds) paid to convict professional juror Dale Edward Hanks, illegally seated as Juror No.3 on my jury, Judge Macrum’s division personnel, Clerk Trisha Byrne, Law Clerk/Bailiff Jason Kane, and Reporter Dawn Toups who, as you’ll be able to view, was destroying here stenographic notes of all three (3) days of my jury trial, Jan.8th,9th&10th, 2002…during the trial…to destroy the record of the crimes being committed inside Macrum’s court room.

My prosecution was a US Government directed state court prosecution on baseless charges totally lacking in probable cause, in retaliation of my public disclosures Re: OKC bombing. You will also be receiving some newly discovered evidence in the interrelated with the Arapahoe County prosecution, federal prosecution, US v. Gagan, Case No.02CR193MSK. When then US Attorney John Suthers became aware in Feb.’02 (right after my jury trial) that I was onto Dale Hanks’ status as the State’s

Paid  to convict professional juror and that it appeared Juror No.4 was not actually Davina Bustamante, but instead USDoJ-USAO-D.Colo. grand jury clerk Brenda J. Sunderland,  Suthers sought and received a six count indictment against me on May 7 ’02 not to convict me, but attempt to have me committed to a mental hospital as insane, delusional and a danger to myself and others, and the related fraud-deceit involving Judge Marcia S. Krieger, now CJ Krieger, Suthers, AUSAs, my attorney Jim Castle, my court-appointed investigator Greta Lindecrantz, and Dr. Frederick M. Miller.

Succinctly put here, I agreed to a psychological eval; such performed by neuropsychologist Dr. Michael Schmidt on Mar.21’03 for 5+ hours with a battery of tests and an interview. He found me overall normal, no mental disease of mental defect, bright and articulate, with a complete understanding of the legal system and my federal charges, able to assist “Castle” with my defense, or competent to proceed under 18 USC 4241(a). Judge Krieger directed (through Castle) Dr. Schmidt not to generate his findings by not filing the ordered and required formal Report, and Dr. Miller, who as an e-mail I uncovered from Castle sent to Dr. Schmidt shows, was waiting in the wings in the event the $3,125.00 fee paid by voucher to Dr. Schmidt was not enough to entice him into this 371 conspiracy. Just await the information and my contact; and e-mail as to the correct address. You’ll be viewing information and evidence that confirms what the Government does when their own go public, but they made some serious mistakes as you’ll see. Later, Gagan.

Cary Gagan, Bombing OKLAHOMA Alfred P Murrah Building What the Government WON’T tell you

YouTube – Veterans Today –

Cary James Gagan, part 2, Oklahoma bombing

Cary James Gagan admits he delivered “explosives” material FROM the U.S. Government Agents, to the real Murrah building Bombers. Mr. Gagan has been in Prison now for over a decade on trumped up charges, though he had a letter of immunity from U.S. Attorneys Office In Denver, Colorado.

YouTube – Veterans Today –

Cary Gagan vs. Colorado Attorney General Gale Norton

The Colorado UD Department of Justice and the State of Colorado who Obstruct Justice for the Bush-AIPAC-Illuminati Organized Crime Syndicate who helped frame Cary Gagan and this Whistleblower to silence both of us.

“Colorado is the most corrupt Judicial District in America” CIA Source

From Cradle to Cabal The Secret Life of Gale Norton The Denver Illuminati Zionist Connection

A True Blue Republican Party Apparatchik Also Rises


By Stew Webb and Al Martin

Gale Norton, the Bush designate for Secretary of Interior, was Attorney General of Colorado from 1991 to 1999. She was brought in after her predecessor Duane Woodard was forced to resign because of his involvement in illegal political contributions.

Incidentally Woodard through his involvement in a series of partnerships and corporations had borrowed over $70 million from the infamous Silverado Savings, which he never repaid. He was recommended for these loans by then Silverado Director Neil Bush.

At the same time, Robert Gallagher, the Arapahoe County District Attorney, was appointed to investigate MDC Holdings Corp., a publicly traded company on the American Stock Exchange, controlled by the infamous Republican cabalist Leonard Millman. After an SEC investigation, MDC plead guilty in 1991, paid a $1.5 million fine and was under SEC supervision for three years.

Then Judge Richard G. Matsch (of the Oklahoma City Bombing Case fame) was assigned to the MDC Holdings case. Denver US Attorney Mike Norton (no relation to Gale) was the prosecutor. Prior to his US Attorney appointment, Mike Norton ran for the Senate, and his campaign manager was the Chief Executive Officer of MDC Holdings, Larry Mizel. The Assistant US Attorneys in the case were Joseph Mackey and Greg Graff, whose brother, Robert Graff, was also an MDC Holdings Director.

Because of public and media pressure, the US Attorneys office indicted several of the vice presidents of MDC subsidiaries, including Richmond American Homes, one of the nation’s largest builders. They plead guilty.

At that point, Judge Matsch made a statement in open court that he was tired of the prosecution bringing in low level vice presidents before him and because of the serious evidence he expected the prosecutors to vigorously prosecute those who were at the top, David Mandarich and Larry Mizel, and that he would vigorously sentence those involved. Within days, his daughter was dead.

The bizarre circumstances involved her “falling” into a volcano on Hawaii during a trip there with her boyfriend. An inside source claims that the boyfriend was planted on her. He supposedly met her in a grocery store, wined and dined her and had been dating her for about a month from the time Judge Matsch was assigned to the case.

Then because of the death of his daughter, the MDC case was reassigned to the Chief Judge of the Tenth Federal Circuit Court, Judge Sherman Finesilver. Finesilver accepted a $1.5 million plea bargain from MDC and acquitted Mandarich while Judge Matsch was in mourning.

At that time, Robert Gallagher was appointed Special Assistant Attorney General by the Governor of Colorado to investigate the alleged political contributions of MDC Holdings. Colorado Attorney General Woodard was named one of the recipients of illegal campaign money and he resigned.

With Woodard gone and Gallagher’s investigation completed, Gale Norton, the new Attorney General, took the investigation report and doctored it, eliminating evidence of wrongdoing by MDC Holdings and its officials, especially Larry Mizel.

And how was Gale Norton paid off? She was allowed to hire six new attorneys for her staff to interface with Colorado state officials, congressmen and senators. Eyewitness reports have described only two attorneys on staff in the basement offices and the other four attorneys were never seen. Evidently the notorious M &L Business Machines, a subsidiary of MDC Holdings, had laundered the attorneys payroll checks for Gale Norton’s benefit.

In fact, M & L Business Machines president Robert Joseph testified before a US Federal Grand Jury that the payroll checks for Gale Norton’s phantom attorneys were indeed laundered through M& L Business Machines. Assistants to Gale Norton were further advised and evidence was turned over to them about their boss’s criminal activity and obstruction of justice.

Later when allegations of corruption concerning Silverado Savings and Loan and Denver International Airport appeared on an official report, Gale Norton again rewrote the report omitting any accounts of wrongdoing by her real bosses, Leonard Millman and the Denver Boys.

When Gale Norton left the Attorney General’s office, she was rewarded,given a partnership at the infamous Denver-based Brownstein Law Firm.

So here are some of the connections. Norman Brownstein was on the Board of Directors of MDC Holdings, parent company of Silverado S&L and Richmond Homes, as well as MDC’s corporate counsel.

Brownstein was also on the Board of Directors of Chubb Securities, the insurance company which paid for Bill Clinton’s impeachment defense, the Paula Jones lawsuit damages, and other legal expenses.

Brownstein was on the Board of Directors of AIMCO, one of the largest apartment landlords in the US, which were former properties stolen from HUD.

Other MDC Directors include illegal campaign money and narcotics money launderer Larry Mizel, Hud scamscateer Phil Winn, recently pardoned by Bill Clinton, as well as Clinton’s personal attorney, James M. Lyons, who was also involved with the Whitewater Development Fraud and illegal campaign money laundering related to Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign.

M&L Industries was controlled by MDC Holdings Group, which is Leonard Millman. Gale Norton then was given the lucrative partnership with the law firm of Norman Brownstein.

By the way, Brownstein, a former Bush-era CIA counsel, made his claim to fame in representing Republican-connected scamscateers and CIA-connected dopers in the past. Brownstein was also co-counsel for the defense of Jack Devoe. Devoe was the largest CIA-connected cocaine trafficker during Iran-Contra. Devoe received sentences totaling 117 years and spent 22 days in jail. Then he was allowed to leave the United States and take up residence in India, of all places. (For more details, see “The Conspirators”)

When the SEC asked Norton to investigate the Boulder Properties Limited Partnerships, she dragged her feet and again came up with a clean report. The assets of these limited partnerships was defaulted HUD property picked up by Leonard Millman, appraised for twice its value, and also formerly owned by Millman himself. The financing for it came from a loan from Silverado S&L personally approved by Neil Bush. Neil Bush then was put on the Board of General Partnership of the Boulder Properties Limited Series.

The intent of the Boulder Properties Limited Partnerships was to market them to potentially hostile Democrats in Congress for the purpose of compromise and control. Congressman William V. Alexander, Democrat of Arkansas, for example, purchased one of them through Jonathan Flake, an officer of the selling agents, Twin Cities Bank of North Little Rock, Arkansas, and a cohort and close business associate of Oliver North.

Alexander made the purchase for $3 million dollars. No money down. Just recourse notes. Then in 1992, he was approached by Flake and asked to stop his Alexander Commission’s Iran-Contra probe. Alexander refused. The notes were pulled and made full recourse. Since the partnership was not paying out any cash dividends anymore, Alexander had no choice but to declare bankruptcy. Congressman Alexander formally complained to Colorado Attorney General Gale Norton. Again Gale Norton undertook no action.

For the record, Gale Norton also used her authority as Attorney General to fight any increase in mining and mineral lease fees in the State of Colorado. which had not been raised since 1872. She was also involved in keeping prices down on grazing fees, since her patron Leonard Millman, a large landowner, was on the Colorado beef marketing board. She continued to serve Leonard Millman by allowing the sale of BLM property at below market value.

Millman’s companies, Richmond Homes and Red Hawk Homes, as well as Venrock and Phoenix-based Olympic Corp., were the beneficiaries of her fraud. As US Secretary of Interior, Gale Norton will be able to orchestrate the continuing cover-up pertaining to sales of BLM land at below market value. Before she’s confirmed, Gale Norton should probably be tested for drugs. Doreen Bishop, the infamous Denver political gadfly, involved in Woody Harrelson’s campaign to legalize marijuana, claims that she supplies Norton with high grade sinsemilla. According to an inside source, she grows very high quality marijuana on her property, which an eyewitness reports “look like trees.” She claims she sells the marijuana to all the politicians, including former Colorado Governor Romer, Gale Norton and “all the Denver crowd.” She said even Denver Mayor Wellington Webb’s wife came over and picked some up for him.

The eyewitness also said that “this is the only gal I know where the FBI goes out to her house, stares at her marijuana plants and says, ‘Wow, I didn’t know they grew this big.’”

Incidentally, Norman Brokaw, the head of William Morris talent agency, is Doreen Bishop’s uncle. Her cousin is Tom Brokaw of the NBC Nightly News.

Doreen Bishop also admitted that Oliver North was “taken care of” to the tune of $40 million. Of course, North, formally represented by William Morris, has claimed that any payments made by William Morris were for his book or for appearances.

Yeah, sure, Ollie…

It’s well known that Ms. Norton frequents a certain Denver drinking establishment which caters to a female clientele of a certain sexual persuasion. There is also a prominent Denver area woman involved in politics who has publicly revealed the nature of her relationship with Ms. Norton to a prominent political investigative journalist with the Rocky Mountain News. Since this column is devoted to serious political matters, perhaps it would be in the domain of the tabloid press to pursue these well-documented allegations.

The Old Conspiracy and Cover-up Crowd

The Wall Street Journal article, (“At Justice Department, a Conservative Takeover Looms” by David S. Cloud, Dec. 26, 2000) attempts to portray DoJ’s Public Integrity Division Chief Lee Radek as some sort of left wing lackey. I find this completely ludicrous. It should be noted that Lee Radek like many others in DoJ’s Public Integrity Section has come out of the CIA. And the CIA is not known for producing left wing lackeys.

The Public Integrity Section came into its own in the mid 1980s to give the appearance in the post Iran-Contra environment that the Government was cleaning up its act. Actually it was part of a DoJ Control Mechanism pursuant to an Iran-Contra Cover-up.

And what is a “Control Mechanism”? It suppresses information. It’s a mechanism which harasses and intimidates those who know too much. It’s a mechanism which is used to subvert Congress vis-a-vis congressional investigations. It’s mechanism to seek out and destroy documents.

The Public Integrity Section’s real purpose is to act as a unit within a much larger political liability control mechanism within the Department of Justice. The Public Integrity Section also acts to coordinate the management and suppression of information and the management of political liability with other federal agencies.

Lee Radek has been Chief of the Public Integrity Section for a very long time. He has acted with his confederates within the DoJ, namely Dave Margolis, then Chief of the Domestic Criminal Section and Mark Richards, then Chief of the International Criminal Section of the DoJ. These three men, operating under the auspices of Deputy Attorney General George Terwilliger, essentially managed the Iran-Contra Cover-up for the Department of Justice.

I have talked with Dave Margolis several times. The only thing he ever did was threaten me. He would say to me that if I revealed anything to congressional committees, or if I leaked any thing out into the press, that I would be subject to all sorts of unpleasant things. Everything was “national security” with these guys.

In February 1986, I was told by my counsel Michael Van Zampft that Attorney General Ed Meese and the Department of Justice had authorized me to invoke reasons of “national security” for refusing to answer questions during the grand jury testimony I would be giving on March 21, 1986. Consequently when I did invoke “national security” as a reason for my refusal to answer questions, the Department of Justice claimed publicly that I was not authorized to invoke such.

They left me flapping in the wind. This is the incident I write about in my book.

It all comes back to Radek. Miami was the key place that had to be controlled. It was where most of the liability vis-a-vis US Government involvement in Iran-Contra occurred. As I said at the time — which the Washington Post began using — “Washington was where the misdeeds were thought up and Miami was the place where the misdeeds were executed.”

Radek, Margolis and Richards were the three top control guys in the Department of Justice. They were nominally under George W. Terwilliger. Margolis had the function of liaising with the CIA pursuant to the Iran-Contra Cover-up. His contact in the CIA was then CLO (Congressional Liaison Officer) Thomas Rinehart. This position actually involves much power. This person at the CIA is the officer who ultimately clears all the requests for documents the congressional investigating committees make to the CIA. The CLO will often manage a pan-agency cover-up and will often be the CIA’s chief guy in liaising with all the other federal agencies, in this case, the Iran-Contra Cover-up.

During the Grand Jury testimony I was questioned by Miami Assistant US Attorney Scruggs who was accompanied by Miami FBI Special Agent Ross Gaffney, who was completely out of the loop. He wasn’t aware of the real story. I was prepared to plead guilty in order the protect the deniability of others. I then would have been compensated for any time I spent in prison.

Gaffney in concert with FBI CI-3 Anna Maria Mendoza, daughter of the famous Colonel Robert Mendoza of CIA black ops fame, investigated me during that time. She was under the impression that I was a Russian spy code named “Redbeard”. During that time I had sent Ross Gaffney a gift subscription to “Soviet Life” magazine — to his FBI office address. Sold in the West, “Soviet Life” was a propaganda magazine which portrayed life in the Soviet Union as an absolute paradise to live in.

Gaffney worked for the WC-1 (White Collar) crime division of the Miami FBI Field office. Mendoza, who came into my office once, actually tried to infiltrate my former wife’s jazzercise club to get information from her. My ex-wife, Maria Taghioff, had been formerly married to the renowned Iranian dissident Dr. Mohammed Taghioff, who organized pro-Khomeini cells within the Iranian army in the mid to late 1970s. The CIA thought he was working for them as a double agent, but in fact he wasn’t. He was leaking them false information, but the CIA got him out of Iran into the United States anyway. Then when the CIA found out that all the information he had been leaking out was false, they got together with the SAVAK. In 1979, they suckered him to go back to Iran by saying his mother was sick. He went. They were waiting for him at Teheran Airport and he was simply liquidated.

By the way, Special Agent Ross Gaffney was suspected of misstating his academic credentials on his employment application with the FBI.

However, under Rinehart’s control were two of the CIA’s most notorious henchmen, the infamous Lt. Col John Berglund and his equally sinister cohort Major Karl Wahl. I was the one who exposed these men. These men were dispatched by Rinehart after my in camera and ex parte testimony before Federal District Judge Eugene Spellman on Friday, March 21, 1986.

This incident is detailed in my book.

After I gave testimony, the Judge ordered the testimony sealed for ten days. On the eighth day, the Government suddenly and inexplicably dropped its request for the material to be unsealed. The reason why is that on the preceding Wednesday, two men in military uniform bearing insignias of the Judge Advocate General’s office showed up at the judge’s chambers. These men then talked to the judge’s secretary, Judy. As it turned out Judy also worked as a part time secretary for the CIA-controlled Dade County Latin American Chamber of Commerce, chaired by Jeb Bush.

Judy let these two guys into the judge’s chambers when the judge wasn’t there. She also had the combination to his personal safe where my testimony was kept. They took the transcript out of the judge’s safe. That’s why the Government suddenly dropped the request. They already had a copy of what I had said.

These two men were under the impression that the judge’s secretary was sympathetic, since she worked for Jeb Bush. Jeb Bush told her to let these two guys in. She later admitted this in an affidavit submitted to the renowned Iran-Contra private investigator Steve Dinerstein, then under my employ. She knew what day they were coming. She was playing both sides of the street. She was paid by Dinerstein to help us on the day these two guys in military uniform were coming. She didn’t even know their real names.

On that day Dinerstein arranged one of his guys, a former Hollywood Police Department officer in the intelligence unit, who worked on the fourth floor of the Justice Building, to take pictures of them with a miniature camera. He was there under the guise of being a maintenance guy. He had a broom and a pail of water.

Later I exposed these two in the Washington Post as henchmen for the CIA. They would appear in various places in Miami bearing credentials of the Secret Service, or the FBi, or BATF. They would also attempt to intimidate attorneys representing Iran-Contra whistle-blowers, including my attorney.

Radek was the guy at the Department of Justice who acted to screen and quantify Iran-Contra whistleblowers. It was his job to identify people like me and find out exactly what we knew and then to recommend a course of action vis-a-vis control.

Radek reported to Terwilliger and Terwilliger reported to Clair George, the Deputy Director of the CIA. He didn’t report directly to Ed Meese to maintain his deniability.

This is the direct deep connection that the Deputy Attorney General represented with the CIA. This has been going on for a long time. It’s the standard operating procedure of those charged with the responsibility to maintain cover ups and their interconnections when the Department of Justice has launched a cover-up of government wrongdoing. Then Attorney General Ed Meese was aware of these things, but he professed to be out of the loop.

This is the operational frame work for the internal control mechanism of the Iran-Contra cover-up, the largest cover-up ever instituted by the US Government.

Also, Rinehart would try to get whistleblowers to spy on various congressional investigative committees by promising people like me that the CIA would help us and that our grievances would be addressed, if we helped them.

Those in my position didn’t believe that story for one minute. Every conversation I ever had with Rinehart I tape recorded. I then sent the tape to the chief investigators of the various Committee Chairmen — Henry Gonzalez, Jack Brooks, Charlie Rose — and they then leaked the tapes to the Washington Post. Rinehart was actually attempting to recruit people to suborn Congressional committees, and that ended Rinehart’s career.

After this revelation Rinehart was transferred to “unspecified classified foreign duties” and he could not be contacted through the Agency. This is how the CIA gets rid of people because it gets them out of the way of any Congressional subpoenas and it also prevents any media access to them. His replacement was Dan Moskowitz who was one of the CIA’s specially trained clean-up people.

I will take credit though for helping to end Rinehart’s career.

Below the level of Radek, Margolis and Richards, there was a control mechanism that filtered down to the local US Attorneys’ offices. This existed everywhere Iran-Contra activity occurred — Washington, Atlanta, Miami, New Orleans, Little Rock, etc. How it works is that in every US Attorneys office, there is always one AUSA (Assistant US Attorney) who has a significantly higher security clearance than the US Attorney himself.

The control man in the Miami US Attorneys Office was none other than Assistant US Attorney William Richard Scruggs, who reported directly to Chief of Domestic Criminal Section, Dave Margolis.

There’s actually an official title, Cover-up Operations Field Manager. You will see in the “pink cable” traffic — restricted cable traffic between the US Attorneys offices and the Department in Washington, a coded designation for the guy managing the cover-up within the local district.

Scruggs was one of the 1,100 Reagan-Bush holdovers brought into the Clinton Administration specifically for that reason. They are the C&C Crowd, the Conspiracy and Cover-up Crowd. They control conspiracies and their ensuing cover-ups. These are the ones who are held over from administration to administration.

Scruggs was one of the “Miami Boys” that Reno brought with her to Washington . He rose to the rank of National Security Advisor to Attorney General Janet Reno, while at the same time being under indictment for kidnapping in Costa Rica.

Radek, Margolis, Richards and Scruggs were all involved in the so-called Reagan-Bush kidnapping policies that started in 1986 and were extant until 1991. It involved kidnapping both US and foreign citizens on foreign soil. After the US Supreme Court in its 1986 landmark decision gave the administration the right to use “extralegal” procedures to bring foreign fugitives before American courts. There were 21 in all who were kidnapped, mostly those who were under indictment for cocaine trafficking in the United States. The commonality is that all of these cocaine traffickers were controlled by the CIA. In their own defense, they had all begun to leak out information to Congress and the media about their connections to the CIA. That’s why they were targeted for kidnapping.

It all fell apart when they tried to kidnap a cocaine trafficker named Israel Abel form Costa Rica in 1991. And how did it fall apart? Someone tipped off the Costa Rican government — when, where, and who the people were.

Gee, I wonder who that could have been!

Scruggs was actually stupid enough to go along himself and the Costa Rican government nabbed him. He got indicted for violating Costa Rican national sovereignty and other felonies. The US Government exerted pressure against President Oscar Arias Sanchez to return Scruggs and so he got returned.

Then the Costa Rican Attorney General’s Office proffered a bill of indictment with the US State Department seeking the extradition from the United States of William Richard Scruggs to stand charges in a Costa Rican Court of Law pursuant to these crimes.

A friend of mine in Costa Rica would send Scruggs a postcard from San Jose. It was a picture of the Costa Rican national penitentiary. And on the back of the card, he’d write, “Having a wonderful time. Wish you were here.”

Scruggs is still being sought by the Costa Rican authorities.


“Ah…America… Home of the naive. Land of the provincial…Thank God!”

– Pronouncement from a well-lubricated Senator Bob Dole at the 1985 Reagan Re-inauguration Dinner held at the Watergate Plaza.

“Long live the Military Industrial Complex!”

– Pronouncement from notorious Iran-Contra figure Major General Richard V. Secord after draining a quart of Old Bushmills whiskey charged to the account of Southern Air Transport at the Oak Room Bar at the Miami Intercontinental Hotel in the summer of 1985.

Stew Webb Whistleblower IRS Filing against MDC Holding, Inc. September 1990







U.S. District Judge Richard Matsch


Original File Date Feb. 27, 1995

Re-Filed This Date: July 1, 2003 By Fed Ex

Stamped & Recorded By The Clerk of The Court July 2, 2003

303-335-2714 U.S. District Court Clerk

Re-Filed By Fax August 4, 2004

Pages 1-21

Stewart A. Webb,

And in behalf of

Amanda Melia Webb (Amanda Millman)

Plaintiff’s Daughter,

And in behalf of

The People Of The United States of America

And The United States Of America

P.O. Box

Independence, Missouri 64055



Kerre Sue Millman (aka Kerre Webb) attempted murderer of her-infant daughter re: mental disturbance warrant-case number 84-2107-MI State of Texas vs. Kerre Sue Webb (Millman) for attempted murder upon her infant daughter Amanda Melia Webb age-28 days old, Aug 10, 1984, co-conspirator-recipient of illegal monies from Leonard Millman/Narcotics Money Launderer Bush Crime Family

Leonard Yale Millman (Co-Conspirator Bush Crime Family Money Launder/Kingpin/Scamster/Terrorist “The Denver Connection”) Organized Crime Figure, Conspired to murder, Plaintiff Stewart Webb, Owner & controller MDC Holdings, Inc. Obstruction of Justice, Securities Frauds, Loan Frauds, Loan reinsurance frauds, Real Estate Loan Frauds, conspired to cause economic plunder,(Death Penalty). Conspired, manufactured Illegal Biological Chemical agents and sold to foreign enemies of The United States of America, aka Iraqgate-BNL Bank-Gulf War Syndrome. Violations of The Barkley Cole Indenture Act, Treason.

Elaine Ruth Millman (Co-Conspirator, wife, and partner to Organized Crime Figure Leonard Millman, Securities Frauds, Loan Frauds, Loan reinsurance frauds, Real Estate Loan Frauds, Obstruction of Justice.)

George W. Bush (Co-Conspirator of Murderer, Appointed President of The United States of America, (not legally elected) Acting as Commander and Chief of the Armed Forces of The United States of America, Obstruction of Justice, Mass Murderer, Involvement in Aid & Abet, Enabled & Co-conspired to allow massive Financial Fraud, and misconduct with prior knowledge to allow injury to such investors at who had no knowledge of the events to transpire. Obstruction of Justice. Aid & Abet, Enable to cause the deaths of Federal Agents/Civilians/Military—-Murder..)

George Herbert Walker Bush (Co-Conspirator Ex CIA Director/Former US President, Co-conspirator to Terrorist event know as 9-11 Sept. 11, 2001, Co-conspirator to Terrorist Bombing of The Oklahoma City Federal Building April 19, 1995, Obstruction of Justice.) Conspired, manufactured Illegal Biological Chemical agents and sold to foreign enemies of The United States of America, aka Iraqgate-BNL Bank-Gulf War Syndrome. Violations of The Barkley Cole Indenture Act, Treason.

Neil Bush (Co-Conspirator Former Director Silverado Savings & Loan, Narcotics trafficking, Securities Frauds, Obstruction of Justice)

Jeb Bush (Co-Conspirator Governor Florida, Narcotics trafficking, Obstruction of Justice)

Marvin Bush (Co-conspirator 9-11, Sept. 11, 2001 Houston Causality Insurance Company)

James Baker (Co-conspirator to terrorist event know as 9-11 Sept. 11, 2001. Houston Causality Insurance Company)

Carl Lindner (Co-Conspirator Bush Crime Family Money Launderer/Kingpin/Scamster “The Ohio Connection”)

Gale Norton (Co-Conspirator US Secretary Of Interior/ Former Attorney General Colorado, Obstruction of Justice )

Phillip D. Winn (Co Conspirator Convicted HUD Figure/Former Swiss Ambassador/ Illegal Pres. Pardon, MDC Director, Obstruction of Justice)

Larry A. Mizel (Co Conspirator CEO MDC Holdings, Inc. Parent Co. of Silverado/Imperial Savings, Securities Fraud, Narcotics Money Laundering, Narcotics trafficking, Pension Funds Frauds)

Norman Phillip Brownstein (Co-Conspirator Council to CIA Director George Bush Current Bush Crime Family Attorney, Former MDC Director, Obstruction of Justice.)

Oliver North (Co-Conspirator Narcotics Trafficker, Iran/Contra Player, murderer.)

Hillary Clinton (Co-Conspirator CIA Counsel US Senator NY., Narcotics Money Laundering to M&L Business Machines Company Denver Colorado, Obstruction of Justice, Blackmail of US Congressman & Senators.)

William Jefferson Clinton (Co-Conspirator CIA Agent/Former US President, Narcotics trafficking into The United States of America, Iran/Contra, Obstruction of Justice)

Charles Keating (Co-Conspirator CEO Lincoln Savings/CIA Operative, Money Laundering to MDC Holdings and BCCI)

Federico Pena (Co-Conspirator Former Mayor Denver, Co., Former Secretary Transportation/ Resigned Sec Energy while under indictment, recipient of Bribes to Obstruct Justice)

Wellington Webb (Co-Conspirator Bond Fraud Denver International Airport Mayor Denver, Colorado)

Meyer Blinder (Co- Conspirator CEO Blinder/Robinson/National Brokerage Group of Companies, an MDC Subsidiary company)

Linda Thomas (Co-Conspirator Divorce Judge Dallas, TX. Obstruction of Justice, recipient of Bribes to Obstruct Justice.)

Brian Campbell (Co-conspirator Divorce Judge Denver Colorado, Ongoing Obstruction of Justice, Permanent Restraint order against Stewart Webb & Amanda Webb-Amanda Millman now of legal age.)

Zita L. Weinshenk (Co-Conspirator US Federal Judge Denver, Obstruction of Justice, Recipient of Bribes to Obstruct Justice)

Edward Nottingham (Co-Conspirator US Federal Judge Denver, Obstruction of Justice)

Sherman Finesilver (Co-Conspirator Retired US Federal Judge Denver, Obstruction of Justice, Recipient of Bribes to Obstruct Justice)

Henry Solano (Co-Conspirator Former US Attorney, Denver, Obstruction of Justice Co-conspirator attempted murder.)

Michael J. Norton (Co-Conspirator Former US Attorney, Denver, Obstruction of Justice, recipient of bribes to Obstruct Justice)

Greg C. Graff (Co-Conspirator Assistant US Attorney, Denver, Obstruction of Justice, Brother Robert Graff MDC Director.)

Thomas O’Rourke (Co-Conspirator Assistant US Attorney, Denver, Obstruction of Justice)

F. Joseph Mackey (Co-Conspirator Assistant US Attorney, Denver, Obstruction of Justice)

Charles Szekely (Co-Conspirator Assistant US Public Defender, Denver, Obstruction of Justice)

Charles Sandage (Co-Conspirator, Obstruction of Justice)

Lee Redneick (Co-Conspirator Inspector General US Department of Justice Public Integrity Section Washington. DC., Obstruction of Justice) (Note: “” & “” )

David Mann (Assistant Inspector General US Department of Justice Washington DC., Obstruction of Justice, recipient of Bribes to Obstruct Justice)

Robert Pence (Co-Conspirator Former FBI/sac Denver, Obstruction of Justice, Recipient of Bribes to Obstruct Justice)

James M. Lyons (Co-Conspirator Director MDC, Key Player Whitewater Development Frauds.)

Allan Karsh (Co-Conspirator Denver Kingpin Leonard Millman’s Brother-in-law)

Ted L. Gunderson (Ex FBI/CIA, Murderer, Scamster, Supplied Bin Laudin with Stinger Missiles Stole From US Military Arsenal-China Lake/FBI/CIA/Iran Contra Player, Perjury, Obstruction of Justice. Currently Stalking and committing criminal harassment of Plaintiff and Plaintiffs witnesses. Perjured testimony to extort plaintiff. Perjured testimony to Jail plantiff Stewart Webb, Charges later dismissed with prejudice, Scamster, Fraudster, ongoing criminal activity,Stalking of Plaintiff & plaintiffs witnesses )

Thomas Gaule (Co-Conspirator Convicted Killer, Las Vegas NV. Mental Case/Sidekick-Co-Conspirator to CIA Ted Gunderson, Obstruction of Justice, Extortion, Perjured testimony to extort Plaintiff, Perjured testimony to Jail plantiff Stewart Webb, Charges later dismissed with prejudice,)

Anna May Newman (Co-Conspirator Former employee for CIA Agent Clint Murchison side-kick-to CIA Ted Gunderson, perjury to Obstruct Justice.)

TIM WHITE (Co-conspirator Stalker for CIA-Ted L. Gunderson/Leonard Millman Predicate Felon Cross-dresser, Child porno collector, making Death Threats against plaintiff and plaintiff witnesses, stolen weapon, Criminal harassment, Perjured testimony to Obstruct Justice, acting as an informer to the FBI-Denver Police. Plotting to extort Plaintiff, Criminal Slander, Criminal Defamation of Character, Stalking of Plaintiff & plaintiffs witnesses)

BRENDA NEGRI (Co-conspirator Stalker for CIA-Ted L. Gunderson, making death threats, criminal harassment, Criminal Slander, Criminal Defamation of Character, Stalking of Plaintiff & plaintiffs witnesses)

LARRY LAWSON (Co-conspirator Stalker for CIA-Ted L. Gunderson Criminal Harassment, Criminal Slander, Criminal Defamation of Character, Stalking of Plaintiff & plaintiffs witnesses)

SHIRLEY ANDERSON (Co-conspirator Stalker for CIA-Ted L. Gunderson Criminal Harassment, Criminal Slander, Criminal Defamation of Character, Stalking of Plaintiff & plaintiffs witnesses)

DOUG MILLAR (Co-conspirator Stalker for CIA-Ted Gunderson, violations of copyright laws, criminal harassment, Criminal Slander, Criminal Defamation of Character, Stalking of Plaintiff & plaintiffs witnesses)

SHERRY SHRINER (Co-conspirator Stalker for CIA-Ted Gunderson Criminal Harassment, Criminal Slander, Criminal Defamation of Character, Stalking of Plaintiff & plaintiffs witnesses)

Charles Bruce Stewart (Co-conspirator Stalker for CIA-Ted Gunderson Criminal Harassment, Criminal Slander, Criminal Defamation of Character, Stalking of Plaintiff & plaintiffs witnesses)

Ken Adachi (Co-conspirator Stalker for CIA Ted Gunderson Criminal Harassment, Criminal Slander, Criminal Defamation of Character, Stalking of Plaintiff & plaintiffs witnesses)

Dennis BossackCo-conspirator Stalker for CIA-Ted Gunderson Criminal Harassment, Criminal Slander, Criminal Defamation of Character, Stalking of Plaintiff & plaintiffs witnesses)

Ann Bossack (Co-conspirator Stalker for CIA-Ted Gunderson Criminal Harassment, Criminal Slander, Criminal Defamation of Character, Stalking of Plaintiff & plaintiffs witnesses)

Rosalee Grable (Co-conspirator Stalker for CIA-Ted Gunderson Criminal Harassment, Criminal Slander, Criminal Defamation of Character, Stalking of Plaintiff & plaintiffs witnesses)

Nate Dapier (Co-conspirator Stalker for CIA-Ted Gunderson Criminal Harassment, Criminal Slander, Criminal Defamation of Character, Stalking of Plaintiff & plaintiffs witnesses)

Tom Fisher (Co-conspirator Denver Police Department, Obstruction of Justice, Stalking of Plaintiff & plaintiffs witnesses with Tim White)

Louis Swent (Co-conspirator Arapaho County Sheriff Dept., Obstruction of Justice, Stalking of Plaintiff & plaintiffs witnesses with Tim White)

FBI Mark Hostlaw (Co-conspirator FBI Div. 5 anti-terrorist division, Obstruction of Justice, Stalking of Plaintiff & plaintiffs witnesses, with Tim White)

Las Vegas Police Department (Unnamed co-conspirators)

Las Vegas District Attorneys Office (Unnamed co-conspirators)

Las Vegas FBI Office (Unnamed co-conspirators)

Las Vegas US Attorneys Office (Unnamed co-conspirators)

Nevada Attorney General’s Office (Unnamed co-conspirator)

Kansas City, Missouri Police Department. (Unnamed co-conspirators)

Additional Yet Unnamed Defendants 1-5000

and Co-Conspirators




NOW COMES, Plaintiff, Stewart Webb, pro se, and files this Motion to Reopen and in support therefore, would respectfully show the court the following:

I. Motion to reopen, provides that when it clearly appears to be necessary to the due administration of justice, the court may permit additional evidence to be offered at any time; provided that in a jury case no evidence on a controversial matter shall be received after the verdict of the jury.


In order for justice to be served in this case, Plaintiffs, should be allowed to reopen and submit additional evidence, decisive to this matter, to the trier of fact for the following reasons: See: this entire filing,

That a attempted murder of Plaintiff Stewart A. Webb occurred in Sept.

1995 shortly after the Plaintiff and witness Lt. Commander Al Martin

Retired Office of Naval Intelligence, gave testimony by telephone to

the Denver U.S. Attorney Henry Solano. The plaintiff took ill for more than

4 years due to a biological chemical attack, and false arrest

and that the Plaintiff Stewart A. Webb’s witness, Al Martin was falsely arrested and held for 42days under a fictions name. We booth felt at the time to stay alive we had to back off the pushing for a Federal Grand Jury.


PETITIONER seeks to offer the following additional evidence and evidence never presented, due to attempted murder of Plaintiff, and jailment of witness, Al Martin of Iran Contra Key Witness. See:“” .


PETITIONER was diligent in obtaining the above referenced evidence.


Presentation of this additional evidence will not cause undue delay in this case. Furthermore, presentation will not cause an injustice in this case.

WHEREFORE, PREMISES CONSIDERED Plaintiffs, prays the court grants the Motion to Reopen and allows PETITIONER to present original and additional evidence and to further grant any other such relief available in law or in equity.

Respectfully submitted

By:Stewart A. Webb Pro se Petitioner & Plaintiffs,


P.O. Box 1673 Independence, Missouri 64055


The above and foregoing Petitioner’s Motion to Reopen is set for hearing on at , in the District Court Denver Colorado, on



This Filing Serves as an Affidavit from Plaintiff, reason to Grant Motion to reopen and to proceed with this Motion To Appear Before A Federal Grand Jury. Addition information is enclosed in this filing of High Crimes involving Murder, Treason, Violations of the Barkley Cole Indenture Act. Criminal Stalking and Harassment, death threats of Whistleblowers, informants, including

Plaintiff by some of the stated defendants in this filing.

Plaintiff has learned through US Intelligence sources that an ongoing plot by George W. Bush to Murder Whistleblowers, Former Intelligence Officers/Federal Agents, Informants and any one who holds evidence of His or His Fathers George H. W. Bush’s past and current illegal misdeeds against The United States of America, which includes Plaintiff Stewart A. Webb.

George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush are further plotting to cause terrorist acts inside The United States of America to further their facade, to further their World wide dominance and Illegal aggression against other Countries for Oil, and control of those countries natural resources.

Further evidence indicates Treason against America,

Therefore this is reason for and to convey an immediate Grand Jury to hear these allegations, and the testimony of key witnesses.



COMES NOW, the Plaintiff, Stewart A. Webb, pro se, and moves the District Court to enter orders directing the Federal Grand Jurors to hear allegations and testimony of the Plaintiff and others, (in secret) concerning the above named and Yet unnamed Defendants and their participation in a Continuous Criminal Enterprises, Racketeering Influence Corruption Organization (RICO), Obstruction of Justice, (under color and cover of law) Narcotics trafficking into the United States of America, Racketeering and Conspiracy to defraud the People of the United States of America.

(The West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals holds that a prosecutor may not prevent a citizen from presenting a complaint to the Grand Jury. “To fulfill its function of protecting individual citizens and providing them with a forum for bringing complaints within the criminal justice system, the Grand Jury must be open to the public for the independent presentation of evidence before it. If the Grand Jury is available only to the prosecuting attorney and all complaints must pass through him, the Grand Jury can justifiably be described as a prosecutorial tool…We therefore hold that, by application to the Circuit Judge, whose duty it is to insure access to the Grand Jury, any person may to the Grand Jury to present a complaint to it.”

Furthermore, the Court continues, a prosecutor may not render unsworn testimony in an attempt to dissuade the Grand Jury from hearing the Citizen’s evidence. Finally, a writ of prohibition will lie to prevent a prosecutor from attempting to discourage the Grand Jury from hearing the complaint. (Miller v. Smith; W Va Sup Ct App, 12/18/81).

If a U.S./District Attorney fails/refuses to sign and execute a valid Grand Jury Indictment, the Grand Jury can hold that U.S./District Attorney in Contempt and order the Sheriff or Marshals to arrest and hold him in jail until he either signs and executes the Indictment or else resigns his job as U.S./District Attorney (Public Servant). This is the absolute power of the Grand Jury, and the Sheriff/Marshal, as executor of the Grand Jury’s will.


Plaintiff, along with others (numerous witnesses) unnamed at this time, have documentation and evidence from “first person” observation that will show above named Defendants and unnamed Defendants and others have engaged in Continuous Criminal activity for an unspecified period of time and have defrauded the united State of People and the Government of the united State and of several States by actions which are codified in the United States Code as criminal in nature and that have duly been passed by the Congress as Criminal Activity.

Plaintiff requests that a US Federal Citizens Grand Jury be convened at the earliest practical time so that this testimony and presentation of evidence may be offered.

Plaintiff, having been related through marriage to Leonard Yale Millman and Elaine Ruth Millman, has observed specific criminal activity with respect to the business operations and affiliations of Leonard Yale Millman (an organized crime figure) and his direct and indirect participation with other Co-Conspirators and Co-Defendants named and unnamed in the captioned case and demands the opportunity to testify to a Federal Grand Jury relating to these Crimes.

Plaintiff is well apprised of making false statements to a government agency under 18 USC 35, 1001, 2071 and others and demands to bring forth evidence under oath or affirmation as to the substance of these allegations.

Plaintiff wishes to notice the Court and that it would be a MISPRISION OF FELONY under 18 USC 4 to fail to disclose felonious acts that have been witnessed by or that have come to the attention of the Plaintiff. Plaintiff and others are also aware that Treason and Sedition against the United States of America and its People have been committed by the above named and unnamed defendants and Co-Conspirators.


Plaintiff wishes to bring forth evidence to the Federal Grand Jury concerning crimes, which have been committed against the United States of America and its People. Plaintiff will show through evidence and testimony that various felonious acts including Perjury to arrest Plaintiff,

Theft through Government Contract Fraud, HUD Fraud, FDIC Fraud, Attempted Murder of Plaintiff, Attempted Murder of Plaintiffs Daughter, Murder, Intimidation, False Imprisonment to Silence A Federal Whistleblower/Informant, Perjury,

Malious Prosecution of Plaintiff, High Treason, Obstruction of Justice, Bribes paid to obstruct justice, Narcotics Trafficking, Money Laundering, Real Estate Loan Fraud, Securities Fraud, Oil and Gas Fraud, Savings and Loan Fraud,

Blackmail of US Congressman and Senators and other public officials, extortion,

Attempted murder, murder and the cover up there of, intimidation of witness, false arrests and imprisonment of plaintiff and witness, have been committed by Defendants, both named and unnamed

Under the Federal Criminal Statues embodied in Several Titles of United States Code Both Civil and Criminal as follows:

In Violations of the following named and unnamed Laws and US Codes:

Please Note: Venue Quo Warranto Government Official refuses to do their jobs.

I am note educated in law and am pro se litigant there are numerous other violations that can be presented upon testimony).

Numerous Violations of Due Process of Law.

Plaintiffs federal claim arises pursuant to the Federal Whistleblowers Act/Judicial act 31 USC 3729 through 3732.

And the following:

Quo Warranto (Public Servants refuse to do their job)

Money Laundering Control Act

Uniform Child Custody Jurisdictional Act

28 USC 1391

Bank Secrecy Act

Titles:18 USC 1503 Intimidate a Witness,

18 USC 1510 Obstructing a Criminal Investigation,

18 USC 1512 Tampering with a witness, Victim or Informant,

18 USC 1512 Engaging in Misleading Conduct

18 USC 1512 (a) (l) (c) Criminalizing the Act of Preventing Communications to Authorities when the Communications relate to the possible commission of Federal Offenses

18 USC 1513 Retaliation against a witness, victim or an informant

18 USC 4 Federal Reporting Crime Act (whoever having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the united States, conceals and does not, as soon as possible, make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the united States shall be fined not more than $500.00 or imprisoned not more than three years or both).

28 USC 1331 Violations of the Barkley Cole Indenture Act.

28 USC 1343

28 USC 1443

42 USC 1983, 1985, 1986, 1987 Civil Rights and Whistleblower case laws.

18 USC 1001 Perjury and false complaints

18 USC 371 Defraud the United States

18 USC 1002, 1003, 1005, 1006, 1007, 1008, 1010, 1011, 1012, 1016.

(6 of 8)

18 USC 1927 Through 18 USC 1967 (RICO) Racketeering, Influence, Corruption, Organization Act

18 USC 1960, 1901, 1905, 1911, 1952, 1956, 1957, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964 (RICO)

Civil RICO

Continuous Criminal Enterprise Act (CCE)

18 USC 241 Conspiracy

18 USC 242 Conspiracy

31 USC 3729 False Claims Act

22 USC 445 (Treason) Neutrality Act of 1939

22 USC 447 Neutrality Act of 1939

18 USC 1505

18 USC 1514

18 USC 1515

18 USC 1701

18 USC 1702

18 USC 1708

18 USC 1909

18 USC 2071

18 USC 35 Imparting or conveying false information.

18 USC 494, 513, 641, 648, 656, 657, 658, 664.

18 USC 921, 926, (a) 929, 969, 982.

18 USC 1163, 1344, 1345.


18 USC 2382 Misprision of Treason

18 USC 2383 Rebellion or Insurrection

18 USC 2384 Seditious Conspiracy

18 USC 3130—-3730 Money Laundering

18 USC 1968 Civil Investigative Demand

18 USC 2521

18 USC 1621, 1622, 1623.

18 USC 1113

18 USC 875 (c) Death threats against Plaintiff beginning in 1984. And others.

18 USC 1117 Conspiracy to Murder Plaintiff.

18 USC 1952 (a), 1952 (b), (4) (3) (6)

18 USC 2251, 2252, 2253, 2254.

18 USC 3109

18 USC 2421, 2422, 2423.

18 USC 3057, 3059, 3060, 3071, 3076, 3077.

18 USC 1503

28 USC 1331, 1332,

28 USC 1391

18 USC 1983—-1985

18 USC 2381, 2382, 2383, 2384.

Therefore, premises considered, this action is properly grounded in both jurisdiction and venue under the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure (F.R.Cr.P.)

WHEREFORE, premises considered and good cause having been shown that these allegations are in the public’s interest, Plaintiff moves the Court to grant the convening of a Grand Jury at a specified time and place as the Court deemed proper so that Plaintiff and others may bring forth evidence to demonstrate that violations of the Laws of the united States of America have been violated and that Defendants are currently

Engaged in an Ongoing Continuous Enterprise and the Plaintiff and others lives are in danger of this filing.


Amended complaint and partial relief requested and damages awarded without risking the lives of the Plaintiff’s witness:

The Plaintiff is a pro se litigant , representing not only himself, but also the plaintiff’s daughter Amanda M. Webb (Amanda Millman) The United States of America.

The Plaintiff is trying to protect witness and if the plaintiff sounds veigh in his complaint it is not to deceive the Court but to Protect Those Witnesses who desire and deserve to live and testify in secret before a US Federal Grand Jury, to the enormous fraud perpetuated against the People of The United States and The United States Government. HUD fraud, Saving &Loan and Bank fraud, Bond fraud, Securities fraud, Oil & Gas fraud, Real Estate fraud, and numerous other frauds. And to further stop Narcotics trafficking and the money laundering thereof, within the borders of the United Sates of America, by some named and unnamed Defendants. Both working under color of law and not. THIS IS AN ON GOING CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE, RACKETEERING AND INFLUENCE, CORRUPT ORGANIZATION (RICO), WITH CURRENT GOVERNMENT & EX-GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS INVOLVED, (AN ILLEGAL SHADOW GOVERNMENT WITHIN THE GOVERNMENT. WHAT HAS BECOME KNOWN AS THE BUSH CRIME FAMILY/IRAN CONTRA ALIVE AND ONGOING. Since the Plaintiff invokes additional jurisdiction under the False Claims Act representing the Government of the United States of America, the Plaintiff intends on recovering and seizing enormous amount of assets stolen from the United States Government. Pursuant to False Claims Act the Plaintiffs are invoking jurisdiction, criminal and civil with Stewart A. Webb and minor Daughter Amanda Melia Webb invoking the claim of one third of any and all recoveries made in behalf of the False Claims Act Jurisdiction. And since this Ongoing Continuous Criminal Enterprise and some of the Defendants named and unnamed. Have engaged in intentional harm against the Plaintiff Stewart A. Webb and Amanda M. Webb, some under color of law, as well as personal using governmental officials, some with intent, others blackmailed, or bribed to conspire to Defraud the People Of The United States of America and the United States Government. The Plaintiff will state the basis of the complaint below:


Further Jurisdiction is invoked pursuant to 28 U.S.C. 1343(a)(3) and 42 U.S.C. 1983-1985.

Further Jurisdiction in invoked pursuant to Plaintiffs Filing September 18, 2001 Pages 1-8,

False Claims Act



COMES NOW PLAINTIFF’S, Stewart A. Webb, Pro se, and in behalf of his minor daughter Amanda Melia Webb, The People of The United States of America, and The United States Government, and herein upon information and belief complains and alleges as follows:

Plaintiff was married to Defendant Kerre Sue Millman, from September 19 1981 to August 11, 1984. Amanda Melia. Webb born July 14, 1984, was taken illegally from the Plaintiff, after Defendant Kerre S. Millman “tried to kill” her infant daughter. A mental disturbance warrant number 84-2107-MI, State of Texas vs. Kerre Sue Webb (Millman), August 12, 1984, Dallas, Texas. Was issued for her trying to kill (our) infant daughter, Amanda Melia Webb, on August 10, 1984. Divorce proceedings were begun illegally by Kerre S. Webb (Millman) on August 14, 1984, against Plaintiff Stewart A. Webb. This is when the Racketeering Activity under Title 18 USC 1961, 42 USC 1983-1985, 28 USC 1343, and other violations of statues began, including Uniform Child Custody Act Violations. This illegal activity by Defendants Kerre S. Webb (Millman), Leonard Y. Millman, Elaine R. Millman to obstruct justice, to cover up attempted murder, began by the defendants against the Plaintiffs Stewart A. Webb and Amanda M. Webb the Plaintiffs infant daughter.

The Plaintiffs will show that because of satanic abuse upon Defendant Kerre S. Millman as a child by her parents, Defendants Leonard Y. Millman (a now known Knights/Templar Satanist) and Elaine Ruth Millman, that Kerre S. Millman was adversely affected to the extent that a pattern of abnormal behavior she learned as a child began to manifest itself, even before (our) daughter Amanda M. Webb was born, to extreme levels and acts that were an occasional endangerment to the lives and well-being of both Plaintiffs.

Plaintiffs have been deprived of the Natural Yahweh (GOD) given right to have a Father-Daughter relationship for over 17 years, because “Due Process Of Law” was violated, Willful Obstruction Of Justice occurred. Because of intentional, wanton, and willful interference and racketeering against Plaintiff Stewart A. Webb as a direct result of Leonard Millman’s political influence and ties to Justice Department personnel (Bush Crime Family), some of whom have taken sign cant amounts of cash from Leonard Millman as bribes and payoffs, and are in Government positions for the primary purpose of protecting Leonard Millman and his ilk from prosecution, and additionally, for the furtherance of their Criminal Activity, also involving some Government Officials who are directly involved in covering-up Leonard Millman’s illegal,


Plaintiff Stewart A. Webb (Stew Webb) will show that since August 1984 a Continuous Activity of Racketeering against the Plaintiffs, Amanda Melia Webb and Stewart A. Webb.

Using Government Personnel and others to silence the Plaintiff, from exposing the Criminal Activity of Defendant Leonard Yale Millman has been conducted (and Continues) so as to deprive Plaintiffs of their Family Rights inherent in the Laws of the Land (Uniform Child Jurisdiction Act), and as protected by the Ninth Amendment to the Constitution for the United States of America.


Plaintiff went to the FBI office in Kansas City, Missouri (in June 1986) with information that Defendant Leonard Millman was involved in various illegal activities: ever since, Plaintiff has been subjected to a series of false arrests and imprisonment, in a pattern which Plaintiff subsequently learned is a governmental technique developed and used by the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States (Shadow Government-with in Government-Ongoing Criminal Enterprise-RICO-Bush Crime Family. George Herbert Walker Bush’s, Rough, out of control/Organized Crime Syndicate, to discredit Whistle-blowers-Informants or other witnesses who claim to have information that is adverse to the Select Few, The Tiffany-Lamp-Knights-Templars, of Governmental elitists who deemed themselves to be above the Laws of the United States Of America. The Illegal CIA-Shadow-developed discrediting techniques fit into three categories, as learned from insiders or shadow government players, as some call themselves, and experienced by Plaintiff.

The Bush Crime Family groupings are:

Package A: Intimidation, Extortion, Destruction of Property, Bribes, Pay-offs.

Package B: False Arrests and Imprisonment in some cases-then bribed-discredited-killed.

Package C: The Grave Yard, Your library card expires, you have gained too much knowledge of their crimes against the American People and Frauds against the United States of America, and you get killed, terminated with prejudice. For speaking the truth.

Plaintiff will show he has been subjected to elements of each of the three “packages”, including attempts on his life, while in Federal Custody and other custody. Further will show that he has been a target of Racketeering and Corrupt over the past 17 years, in Violation of numerous Federal, State and County/Local Laws. Plaintiff will also show the complicity of Defendants Leonard Millman and Elaine Millman, with others, named and yet unnamed co-conspirators. Including Governmental Officials, have been engaged in A Pattern of Continuous Criminal Activities, continuously against not only Plaintiffs Stewart A. Webb and Amanda M. Webb,

But against the United States of America in Violation of Numours Laws of the Land, and Federal Codes as stated in Plaintiffs filing September 18, 2001.



Count 1: I believe that I am entitled to the following relief: Stop RICO against Plaintiffs, Stewart A. Webb and Amanda M. Webb, and Allow Court Order to lift illegal permanent restraining order, further to be compensated and awarded Damages under numerous violations of Federal Laws 28 USC 1343(a)(3) and 42 USC 1983-, And be Awarded Damages which are allowed by Law. Plaintiff further asks the court to award Damages and be compensated for numerous Violations of Federal, State and County Laws-relating to the false arrests and imprisonment, harassesment, packages A, B, attempted C, as described in History of case affecting background.

TYPES OF RELIEF Allowed Under Federal Laws and herein the Plaintiff is asking for are as follows, Annoyance, Anxiety, Compensatory, Declaratory, Exemplary Damages, Harassment, Injunctive, Mental Anguish, Monetary, Nominal Damages, Punitive Damages, Slander and Emotional Distress, as stated and not yet stated in this complaint do to secret Grand Jury Request.

Totaling: One Billion Dollars from Named and unnamed co-conspirators.

Count 2: As stated in filing of September 18, 2001 Plaintiffs request to appear before a Federal Grand Jury, invoking the Laws stated and others to protected witnesses with first hand knowledge,

And others 1-1000, under Criminal and Civil Laws Stated in Plaintiff’s filing.

Count 3: Invoking False Claims Act-Defrauding the Department of Housing and Urban Development of 500,000 apartment-condo-retirement-units, Currently under the Umbrella REIT known as “AIMCO” a reit run by Norman Brownstein and Terry Considine out of The Denver Connection with Leonard Millman Kingpin of the Denver Connection to the Bush Crime Family,

Possible estimated value of the units exceeds 500 Billion Dollars, defrauded and stolen from the United States Government.

Further invoking under False Claims Act the Plaintiffs Stewart A. Webb and Amanda M. Webb’s rights to one third of recovery to The United States of America.

Count 4 Defrauding the People of The United States Of America out of over 500 Billion through numerous other frauds against the United Sates Government and the American People. And invoking recover under False Claims, Criminal and Civil as stated in count 3.

Count 5 Grand Jury Investigative Demands, OF Defendants involved in murder, insider trading, narcotics trafficking, Narcotics Money Laundering, Government Contract Frauds, Treason Against The United States of America-in violations of The Barkley Cole Indenture Act.

Count 6 The Plaintiff can and will show that The above named Defendants have stolen over ONE TRILLION DOLLARS FROM THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, AND THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.


Count 8 Plaintiff will further show additional undisclosed Criminal Activity (RICO-CCE) of Defendants named and unnamed.



18 U.S.C. 1514,

Sec. 1514. – Civil action to restrain harassment of a victim or witness


18-6-803.5 C.R.S.


Please Note: previous filing Feb. 2, 1995 and the recusal of certain Judges for Obstruction of Justice regarding Bribes and Payoff to Obstruct Justice, pertaining to Defendants. (See original filing pages 1-7 by Plaintiff Stewart A. Webb)

I understand that a false statement or answer to any question in this complaint will subject me to penalties of perjury. I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States of America that the forgoing is true and correct See 28 USC 1746 and 18 USC 1621.


Respectfully submitted


Stewart A. Webb Page 21 of 21

Robert Joseph who ran M&L Business Machines Company where U.S. Attorney Michael J. Norton’s laundered Bribes $1.5 Million Dollars Paid by America’s Jewish head Mob Don Leonard Millman and AIPAC Director Larry Mizel.

MICHAEL J. NORTON Former Denver U.S. Attorney


Michael J. Norton is a senior member of the law firm of Burns, Figa & Will, P.C., in

Greenwood Village, Colorado. Norton specializes in complex civil litigation, including probate litigation, and white collar criminal defense.

From 1988 to 1993, Norton served as the United States Attorney for the District of Colorado.

Norton was first appointed by President Ronald Reagan and then reappointed by President George H. W. Bush. He resigned from this office in April 1993 to re-enter the private practice of law.

As United States Attorney, Norton served as the chief federal law enforcement officer for Colorado and directed the U.S. Justice Department’s criminal and civil justice priorities.

Among other matters, Norton coordinated investigations and prosecutions of organized

crime activities in narcotics and dangerous drug distributions, environmental crimes,

financial crimes, and securities frauds. Norton coordinated the government’s intensive

criminal investigation and prosecution of Rockwell International Corporation for

environmental crimes at the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant, Golden, Colorado. The result of this investigation and prosecution was the imposition of a fine of $18.5 million – the largest criminal hazardous waste fine in U.S. history to that time.

Prior to joining Burns, Figa & Will, P.C., Norton spent several years in private industry and the practice of law. In 1965, Norton joined the National Milk Producers Federation,

Washington, D.C., as assistant general counsel. In 1969, Norton became Director of

Congressional Affairs for the United States General Services Administration, Washington, D.C. In 1972, Norton was appointed GSA’s Region 8 Administrator, Denver, CO, for the six Rocky Mountain states.

Norton is married to the former Jane Ellen Bergman of Grand Junction, CO. Mrs. Norton

served as Colorado’s 46th Lieutenant Governor from 2003 to 2007. Mrs. Norton is presently Executive Director of the Denver Police Foundation. Together, they have four children, Lori, Joe, Lacee and Tyler. Norton’s oldest son Jeff died of leukemia in 1983. The Norton’s are active in their church, Smoky Hill Vineyard, Centennial, CO.

Norton received a B.A. degree from Colgate University, Hamilton, NY, in 1960. Norton was active in varsity sports and received varsity letters in swimming and lacrosse. Norton received a J.D. from American University’s Washington College of Law, Washington, DC, in June 1968. Norton received his Masters of Divinity degree from Denver Seminary, Denver, Colorado, in May 2009.

Norton has appeared in federal and state courts in several states, including Colorado,

Texas, California, Pennsylvania and Missouri. He is a member of the bars of the United

States Supreme Court, the United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit, the United States District Court for the District of Colorado, the Colorado State Supreme Court, and the Virginia State Supreme Court. Norton served eight years as a member and chair of the Colorado Commission on Judicial Discipline. Norton has also served on the Board of Governors of the Colorado Bar Association and as a member of the Colorado Supreme Court’s Judicial Code Commission. Norton has served as a member of the Governor of Colorado’s Law Enforcement Council, the Colorado Governor’s Energy Task Force, the Colorado Governor’s Military Affairs Advisory Council, and the Business Advisory Council of the University of Denver’s College of Business Administration.

Norton has been active as a continuing legal education lecturer and author on criminal

justice issues, securities law enforcement, the Americans With Disabilities Act, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, environmental law enforcement, and prosecutorial ethics. For several years, Norton has been an allied attorney with the Alliance Defense Fund, an organization dedicated to preserving and protecting families, the sanctity of human life, and first Amendment religious freedom. In 2000 and 2004, Norton served as Colorado Counsel to the George W. Bush for President Campaign. He has served on the Board of Directors of professional football punter Mike Horan’s Punts with a Purpose, the Rocky Mountain Family Council, and Colorado Family Action. Norton has been a Boy Scout and a Girl Scout leader and has coached boys and girls baseball and soccer teams.

Stew IRS Application on Mike Norton US Attorney

Assistant U.S. Attorney Greg Graff under U.S. Attorney Mike Norton was the U.S. assistant who tried to illegally prosecute this Whistleblower Stew Webb. I filed in September 1990 against Robert Graff his brother a MDC Holding, Inc. Director.


Assistant U.S. Attorney Greg Graff under U.S. Attorney Mike Norton was the U.S. assistant who tried to illegally prosecute this Whistleblower Stew Webb. I filed in September 1990 against Robert Graff his brother a MDC Holding, Inc. Director.

On September 18, 1991 an illegal warrant was issued from Denver for this Whistleblowers arrest September 16 1992 I was arrested and held for 10 ½ months as a Poltical Prisioner and the charges were dismissed with prejudice by Denver U.S. District Court Judge Richard Matsch who screamed at Greg Graff for waisting $750,000.00 of U.S. Taxpayers money trying to prosecute an innocent man, me Stew Webb.


Gregory Graf was born in Forest Hills, New York, on August 25, 1958. Mr. Graf graduated from Indiana State University in 1980 and the University of Tulsa Law School in 1983, where he was an editor of the Law Review. He commenced his legal career as an Assistant District Attorney. He is a former Assistant United States Attorney for the District of Colorado where he served in the Major Crimes Unit, the Rocky Mountain Organized Crime and Drug Task Force, and Appellate Divisions. He has numerous published opinions relating to his prosecutions of complex white-collar crime and computer fraud cases. He also serves as a mediator and special master in the state court system.

Mr. Graf was an Adjunct Professor with the Lester B. Pearson Peacekeeping Centre, Nova Scotia, Canada where he taught international human rights law. He also teaches the law of armed conflict to members of the United Nations peacekeeping missions. He is a Colonel in the Colorado Air National Guard and is a combat mission ready F-16 pilot. He served as the Chief of Staff for Task Force West during Operation Iraqi Freedom. He has also served as a staff judge advocate and military judge in the Colorado Air National Guard. As part of his duties, he was legal advisor to the Office of the High Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In that capacity, he was assigned to the investigation and prosecution of organized crime members and war criminals.

Mr. Graf is a member of the American Trial Lawyers Association, Colorado Bar Association, Denver, Arapahoe and Douglas County Bar Associations. He holds the prestigious rating of an “AV” by Martindale Hubble, the highest rating that can be attained by an attorney.

Mr. Graf has focused his practice in the areas of complex criminal defense, civil litigation, and domestic relations.


Denver U.S. Attorney Henry Solono Conversation June 9, 1995

The Subject pick one at a time Henry Solono said the first was this Boulder Properties…

Denver FBI Agent Mark Hostslaw who was assigned by Denver U.S. Attorney Henry Solono to investigate my allegations and later was used to target and classify myself as a Terrorist and sell out to Israel. Hostlaw actually hired a Denver Nutcase Cross-dresser busted drug dealer who was facing 5 years and got out of jail in 6 months who became a FBI paid Troll to slander this Whistleblower Reporter for nearly 14 years which continues today threatening those at Veterans Today.

Trolls by Dordon Duff

VT has pricked an open wound


Charles Key is a former Oklahoma State Representative who invested the Oklahoma City Bombing.

YouTube – Veterans Today – 
From Anonymous Source:

It is one thing to know what I know. The details to how Bush crime family gangsters in government did the OKC bombing, just like they have plotted against the American people over and over again. But one day I was watching a YouTube video by survivors’ conference the first anniversary of 9/11 ground zero. A speaker was a lady who had worked at one of the banking offices that had been destroyed and she was describing how an Israeli firm had been trying to sell her bank an electronic transaction secure communications platform. The bank had followed her recommendation to not use the Israeli after diligence raised numerous questions about its associations and security. She was telling the audience of her knowledge that other banks and banks with offices in the World Trade Center had partnered with this firm in the six months prior to 9/11. She was trying to reconcile her growing realization of what 9/11 really was with the obvious failures by government to investigate and get to the truth about what happened.

Naturally, the first survivors like this lady and other investigators and researchers before they were infiltrated by government trolls and misinformation turned to OKC as an example of what to expect from an investigation of a large terrorist bombing. But the more they looked at the government investigation of OKC, the more they saw how screwed up the government officials investigating and prosecuting the conspiracy were. The New York City survivors could see the FBI and the US Department of Justice were clearly avoiding the truth and obstructing justice in their own investigations. Like the assassination of John F. Kennedy and government’s success in covering up its own crimes led to the assassination of Robert Kennedy to deprive the American people of a new president that was not part of the takeover, the failure to investigate the OKC conspiracy and the government officials that repeatedly obstructed justice there led to the deaths of thousands of Americans.

The lady in the You Tube video speaking at the first anniversary of 9/11 could not understand how the FBI could have incompetently disregarded the evidence early on in its initial investigation of OKC. Her own research led her to connect the massive narcotics trafficking and money laundering to the network of people who were able to control the investigation, but she had been warned not to disclose this in her speaking and writing on OKC and 9/11 or she would be killed.

It has always troubled me, that year’s later, even a victim of 9/11 like her has to walk in fear in America because the criminals who did it are still here and they have been in charge of much of government including the US Department of Justice and until recently, the FBI. I think this is obscene. So in addition to telling you about how a mini nuke was used in addition to pre-wiring the Murrah building with explosive charges on the supporting columns, and how McVeigh was led away alive and healthy after his won staged execution, it is important to tell you where the administrative branch officials overseeing the operation, the intelligence leaders, military special operations personnel, the crooked media including the Mockingbird asset.

Dan Rather at Book Depository

Dan Rather who helped obstruct the investigation of the JFK assassination and its coverage all knew they were going to get away with it.

YouTube – Veterans Today – 
The Bush family gangsters knew they were on safe ground for their crime.

OK Governor Frank Keating

The governor of Oklahoma Frank Keating could be relied upon (his brother Martin Keating had even written a novel fantasizing about the crime 4 years earlier), just like the Bush crime family relied on Earle Cabell, the mayor of Dallas who was the brother of the Bay of Pigs planner and Deputy Director of CIA under Allen Dulles

Allen Dulles who had been fired by Kennedy. But, where the Bush Crime family really had the fix was in the Kansas US District Court.

The United States District Court for the District of Kansas had the jurisdiction over the investigation of Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols. The bomb had been driven to OKC in a Ryder rental truck rented in Kansas, the bomb had been assembled in Kansas at Geary Lake, and both McVeigh and Nichols had lived extensively in Kansas. A WWII bombardier and conservative Republican judge appointed by President Gerald Ford (it is not irony, it’s a resume Bush could rely on) named

judge Richard Rogers

Richard D. Rogers was assigned the case to hear subpoena and warrant requests during the early investigation. However, Judge Rogers is not naïve or easily fooled even to this day where he is still a Judge on the Kansas District Court bench. When the government came to him with its facially implausible version of the OKC bombing where a small rental truck full of fertilizer Hiroshima’d  the OKC federal building, a rebar and concrete megalith not unlike the Topeka federal building where Judge Rogers worked every day and even survived a fatal attack and pipe bombing himself stemming from some corrupt criminal representation and drug case fixing gone bad with members of the Kansas Bar  ).

You don’t have to freeze day after day in the skies above Europe bombing factories, churches and schools and looking at the target photos to know how effective thousands of tons of real bombs are to have trouble swallowing the government’s story. But, Judge Richard D. Rogers isn’t just a citizen with experience serving his country in war time and putting his life on the line. He knows about politics and his day job was mostly ruling for the government US Department of Justice prosecutors and convicting the people they said committed crimes. So when some FBI and USDOJ officials came to him this time and wanted him to participate in the crime, Judge Richard D. Rogers knew better than to accept their word on its face. He did what no judge is allowed to do and is ethically prohibited from doing. He personally investigated the government’s story before using his office and the issuance of warrants to sign off on their cover up. And in doing so, he aligned the Judicial Branch of the US Government with the Executive Branch that had committed the crime. Creating the end of the road for any chance of justice or the truth from being exposed. Just like in the movie Mars Attacks!, shortly after Congress is blown up, the fictional President Dale reminds the American people that “we still got two outta three branches of the government workin’ for us, and that ain’t bad.”

Jack Nicholson President Dale

(played by Jack Nicholson)

YouTube – Veterans Today –

All courts work from evidence and Judge Richard D. Rogers found himself to be in a position to control the evidence. Before going along with the government big lie, Judge Richard D. Rogers hired his nephew and namesake Richard Howe, a Vietnam Era Navy Veteran who recently died from the after affects of Agent Orange, lovingly sprayed on his ship by the US Navy while it was in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of the United States (just to experiment on its health effects), and repeatedly denied any semblance of competent health care while being treated for more than a decade by the Veterans Administration. Judge Richard D. Rogers could rely on his nephew Richard Howe who was Free Mason and Shriner, and who’s college fraternity had hosted President Eisenhower’s return to Kansas to tour the construct of that great German Autobahn I-70, where Richard Howe had even driven the president over part of the new roadbed. And, Richard Howe had grown up in and around the North Central Kansas communities where Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols had lived and had met with Kansas patriots and militia members. Judge Richard D. Rogers arranged for his nephew to be paid with US Treasury checks to investigate the backgrounds of Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols to make sure the government story would hold water. You don’t get to be a federal judge in your 90’s still receiving full pay and benefits for being stupid. And, if you are really smart, you don’t do it on your own dime either.

The materially relevant evidence that the government relied upon Judge Richard D. Rogers to help cover up was the inconvenient eye witness testimony that repeatedly showed that more people than Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols were involved in getting the Ryder truck and in building the bomb at Geary Lake that was to be the cover story for the mini nuke the government detonated simultaneously inside the Murrah Federal building. Some of the other persons involved were clearly recognized and identified, but they were government operatives and not designated to be the patsies by the Bush Crime family and a very corrupt US Department of Justice for the District of Kansas and the Western District of Missouri FBI office at Kansas City were fully willing to comply. A mechanic and retired 22 year Army radar technician, Charles Farley, a veteran of Korea, Vietnam, Germany and the Dominican Republic, was scouting some fishing spots on the same night McVeigh and Nichols testified they were alone building the bomb at the lake in a Yellow Ryder rental truck and Farley happened to recognize Kansas militia commander Morris Wilson and four vehicles along the Geary Lake wildlife area’s northern border: a green and white Chevy pickup, circa ’73 to ’75; a ’50 or ’53 flatbed GMC farm truck, heavily loaded with bagged fertilizer; a brown Buick-like sedan, and a Ryder truck. Three other men were seen in the operation by Farley but the government has always maintained McVeigh and Nichols were there alone.

Kansas militia commander Morris Wilson has been able to enjoy the monetary rewards, benefits, and privileges as an agent provocateur because Osage County Under Sheriff Kenneth Lippert gave him the ideal alibi by arresting Wilson and and two other Militia members and by maintaining records that Wilson was in jail from 12:45 a.m. Tuesday, April 18, until 10:27 a.m. Wednesday, April 19, getting free 86 minutes after the Murrah building explosion. However, that didn’t add up to a former Shawnee County Deputy Sheriff investigator and patriot Frank Williams. Frank was in the Army serving in a boring supply office in Washington D. C. when he was approached to work supply for a secret government operation later known as the Bay of Pigs. So Williams knew a little about how things work.  Frank Williams claims he drove down to the County jail in Lyndon and interviewed witnesses who verified that Wilson and the other militia members were not in jail during the time the bomb was built.

Of course, the most damming problem for the government story and cover up has been the sightings of John Doe #2. A government operator who went on to work other Bush family crimes. Witnesses in Kansas and Oklahoma repeatedly identified as Jose Padilla. A very credible witness,

Sidney Perceful

Sidney J. Perceful, then a Federal Mediator in the Mediation Commission and only 5 down from President Clinton on an org chart witnessed Timothy McVeigh visiting the Murrah building where she worked at the time and even earlier on the morning of the bombing with John Doe #2. Remember the US Army never sends one person to do a job despite any recruiting posters claiming “An Army of One.”  Even the good soldier McVeigh had to have his Ranger buddy with him.

The problem for Sidney J. Perceful like that of the civilian witnesses to the OKC Bombing was the obvious lies and misinformation in the media coverage after the bombing. Having mediated labor disputes with state governors and even with governor of Oklahoma Frank Keating, she knew that the truth was different than what was being represented by the government officials, therefore they were part of the senseless killing of the preschool children and the murder of her colleagues, and would have killed her if not for her schedule that day. However, instead of going public and using her position to fulfill her duties to the American people, she opted to be reassigned in a lesser position in the Pacific islands. Great work, if your conscious will let you take it. The killing joke for Sidney J. Perceful was that the Bush Crime family and criminal factions in the US government kept on their killing and their terror plots. Instead of escaping the environment and avoiding the Post Traumatic Stress triggers, Sidney J. Perceful she found herself riding up another elevator in the Western Pacific with John Doe#2 on his way to another job.

Oklahoma City bombing conspiracy heads to court 

YouTube – Veterans Today – 

Jesse Trentadue is taking the FBI to court to obtain evidence he believes will exonerate his dead brother, whose death shortly after the Oklahoma City bombing remains surrounded in controversy. While the law enforcement agency states that Trentadue’s sibling committed suicide while in their custody, some evidence exists to support the claims that his death was actually a homicide. Central to the conspiracy claims are video tapes missing from FBI evidence storage units, which Trentadue hopes the courts can shed light on. RT’s Ameera David takes a look at his claims and what is next in the legal battle.

Witness: More Oklahoma Bombing Videos May Exist

SALT LAKE CITY — Jul 30, 2014, 5:37 PM ET

By BRADY McCOMBS Associated Press

A police officer who was at the scene of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing said Wednesday during a Utah trial that he saw surveillance cameras at the federal building that may have recorded the attack.

Former Oklahoma City police officer Don Browning testified by video that he saw FBI agents climbing ladders and taking cameras off the federal building shortly after the attack that killed 168 people.

Under cross-examination, Browning acknowledged he doesn’t know if the cameras were operational, or if video was ever collected from them.

Browning was one of several witnesses to take the stand as Salt Lake City attorney Jesse Trentadue tries to persuade a federal judge that a video exists showing Timothy McVeigh was not alone in detonating the bomb, and that the FBI has not adequately searched its archives for the security camera video.

Trentadue believes the presence of a second suspect explains why his brother, who resembled a police sketch of a suspect, was flown to Oklahoma months after the bombing. His brother died in a federal holding cell.

Jannie Coverdale, whose two grandsons were killed in the bombing, said there were surveillance cameras on the apartment building where she lived that pointed toward the federal building that should have recorded the bomb going off. Coverdale said she observed a police officer and FBI agent in the building six months later talking about collecting the tapes, but she couldn’t recall their names. Like Browning, she said that she doesn’t know if the camera worked or was filming at the time.

Joe Cooley, whose security company was preparing a bid to handle security for the federal building, said he saw several exterior cameras on the building three months prior to the bombing while getting a tour. He said he didn’t know if they were operational.

The trial will decide whether the FBI must do additional searches for security camera videos. It’s a bench trial, meaning there is no jury and U.S. District Judge Clark Waddoups will issue a ruling.

If he wins, Trentadue hopes to be able to search for the tapes himself rather than having to accept the FBI’s answer that they don’t exist.

The case has rekindled long-dormant questions about whether others than McVeigh and co-conspirator Terry Nichols were involved in the 1995 attack, a theory that has been hovering over the trial.

“Timothy McVeigh wasn’t smart enough to plan that bombing and carry it out by himself,” Coverdale said. “I still believe there are some guilty people walking the streets.”

The trial stems from a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit Trentadue filed against the FBI in 2008. Unsatisfied by the FBI’s previous explanations and citing the public importance of the tapes, Waddoups ordered the agency to explain why it can’t find the videos.

The FBI has given Trentadue 30 video recordings, but none shows the explosion or McVeigh’s arrival in the truck.

Kenneth Trentadue bore a striking resemblance to a police sketch based on witness descriptions of “John Doe No. 2,” who was never identified.

The government says McVeigh was alone in the truck, and said it later discovered the suspect in the sketch was not involved.

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Port of Poti upgraded by American dollars in Republic of Georgia

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The seven golden domes of St. Petersburg

The seven golden domes of St. Petersburg

[ Editor’s note:  We have another of Henry Kamen’s deep behind the scenes political intrigue articles in the Republic of Georgia, which is still recovering from America’s Murder-Inc romance with Misha Saakashvili taking a shot at making the country another American sock-puppet government in its forward advance to the Russian border.

While the country has dug itself out of the shadow of Misha’s regime, the past is making a comeback, and assassinations continue to be one of their popular tools.

The US embassy is still deeply involved in destabilization efforts, as Georgia is overrun with contractors moving arms through the country to supply the proxy terrorists, not only for the current wars, but those that will be started.

Where people have long struggled economically, chances to make a quick buck with a deep-pockets foreign interloper like Uncle Sammy do not grow on trees. It seems our State Dept. has had to create a special gangster division to handle all the training for La Cosa Nostra Georgian hoodlums who did not make a career stop at Harvard to get their tickets punched by the NeoCon crowd.

But single murders like this one below do not even make a ripple in the current world pool of ongoing slaughter which seems to be the main focus of the West’s foreign policy now. And VT’s own Bureau Chief, Jeffery Silverman, has been right in the thick of the intrigue, and the danger that goes with it.

The Republicans in Congress continue spreading a perverted version of democracy by regime change, murder and mayhem behind their thin veil of diplomatic immunity.

There is badly needed turnover in the sad leadership pool under which we all suffer now… Jim W. Dean ]

Nato Potskhishvili, a Tbilisi-based journalist, recently interviewed Jeffrey Silverman, an American journalist who has lived in Georgia since 1991.

Silverman, a well known figure in the country, now works as Bureau Chief for the US Military Affairs Journal,Veterans Today, which describes itself as the “The True Voice of the World’s Clandestine Community.”

Erosi Kitsmarishvili spoke in favor of increased pluralism in Georgia’s media.

Erosi Kitsmarishvili spoke in favor of increased pluralism in Georgia’s media.

Potskhitshvili states that Silverman is well known for reporting “startling news”. He has once again claimed the centre of attention following the recent murder of politician, media tycoon and diplomat, Erosi Kitsmarishvili. Kitsmarishvili was found dead in his car, with a gunshot wound to the head, on July 15.

According to his family and associates he had been making plans for the future that day, and the relative positions of body and gun make it almost 100% certain that it was not a suicide.

Kitsmarishvili however did have a history of hostility to the previous Georgian government, once having a pen thrown at him by an MP for refusing to accept that government’s position on who really started the 2008 Russia-Georgia war.

Since his dismissal in September 2008 by former-Georgian president Misha Saakashvili, Kitsmarishvili publicly criticized Saakashvili’s handling of the August 2008 war with Russia over the breakaway regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, claiming that, although Russia had provoked the conflict, the actual fighting had been started by Georgia, and that the United States had approved the Georgian government’s plans to retake Abkhazia in early 2008.

This unexplained death has aroused intense interest because it is part of a pattern. As Silverman says in the interview, “few high profile killings in Georgia happen outside of political agendas and apparently the pattern is again being repeated.”

Other murders of this type include that of former Prime Minister Zurab Zhvania, whose highly suspicious demise in 2004 was first blamed on a motorcycle idling outside his window and then a leaking Iranian gas heater – just at the time George W. Bush was presenting Iran as the latest member of the Axis of Evil.

The Iranian heater story was supported by an FBI agent assigned to the US Embassy at that time, but has since been debunked in the local media by Silverman and other journalists.

Here Silverman makes some important remarks to Georgian weekly Asaval-Dasavali, which were first published on July 21, 2014.


Calling a spade a spade

In the last two weeks, Silverman has shared a range of material with the Georgian media, involving “the shifting of the sands in Ukraine,” the Ukrainian airplane story and the latest things he has been following in various local and international media outlets.

He has described how the United National Movement [the party of deposed president Mikheil Saakashvili] has been pushing the government to make some sort of public resolution condemning Russian support for the anti-Kiev Eastern Ukrainians (let’s call them what they are).  This demand may just be a lame last attempt at diversion, or something more sinister may be involved.

Now Kitsmarishvili is dead, in what looks, from experience, like another National Movement extrajudicial action. There appears to be no going back. Things may get worse before they get better. What happens next in Georgia may be a game changer for the region.


World class hired guns to fight crime

Konstantin Kublashvili

Konstantin Kublashvili

The new Georgian government has been criticized in some quarters for not taking stronger action against those who made such murders a permanent feature of Georgian life under the old regime.

Konstantin Kublashvili – Chairman of the Supreme Court – is widely seen to be unwilling to see his judges send his former government associates to prison.

The Nationals’ arrogant air of impunity also suggests that they still have some control over the judiciary, and that the Prosecutor’s Office is painfully aware of this, but can do nothing about it lest it be accused of applying political pressure on the courts.

Therefore the new government has now called on some “World Class” prosecutors to help it bring charges against former high-ranking government members. Everyone, including insiders, suspects that Saakashvili himself will be one of these. The latest word on him is that he’s skulked off to Zurich, though he has no known connection with Switzerland, unless it is another secret home.

These inquisitors have already arrived in Georgia, according to local media reports, and they are not lightweights. Some have connections with the International Criminal Court, including Sir Geoffrey Nice, who led the prosecution of Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic and was even involved in investigating claims of torture in Syria.

Sir Geoffrey Nice

Sir Geoffrey Nice

Also on the ground in Tbilisi is Moshe Lador of Israel, who was involved in bringing charges against former Israeli PM Ehud Olmert and other high ranking officials.

It is also no coincidence that Paul Coffey, the former director of the UN Mission in Kosovo, who works for the US State Department’s Organized Crime Division, is now in Georgia. The antics of the previous Georgian government would not be described as “political” if anyone else did them, as under its rule, Georgia bore all the hallmarks of a mafia state.

As reported by InterpressNews, the Georgian PM recently told Saakashvili’s party and the Georgian people that justice will be served.

“Every injustice committed by your government will be responded to; I, as Prime Minister, promise that I will not forgive all that has happened. I promise that all cases launched in the Prosecutor’s Office will be pursued to the end. The dignity and freedom you took away from the citizens will be restored by our government,” Gharibashvili told the National Movement.


Potential False Flags around Georgia Republic



Silverman stated: “after the alleged murder-suicide of Erosi, I was asked by those I work with, Veterans Today and other journals, people involved with issues of due diligence and those interested in Georgia’s investment climate, to start investigating this killing not from a criminal perspective but its larger ramifications: economic and geopolitical.

Their specific interest is in determining if there were any connections with regional events, or links with any potential false flag attacks in Georgia and the region in the not-too-distant future.

“To help me in this effort I was provided with names of people I suspect may be related to Kitsmarishvili, a former Georgian Ambassador to Russia and owner of Georgian TV Channel Rustavi2. They include Otar Orjonikidze, Lado Datashvili and Valeri Zumbadze, who all work for Georgian counterintelligence. So far I have not been able to collect specific information, but I know they are involved in the activities of informal groups, such as summary executions. I have spoken to people who were tortured in prison by them.

“These people were involved in many of the tortures conducted under the former government, and somehow they are still working in Georgian counterintelligence under the current government. Aside from many other crimes, Otar Orjonikidze is also connected to the Lapanakuri case, in which Chechen fighters were recruited, sent to Georgia, taken to the mountains and then ambushed as part of a programme of clearing up loose ends.

“Those who survived this cull were provided with passports and given safe passage to Turkey, but then terminated, either on entering Turkish territory or before they arrived in Syria, where they had been given the opportunity to take up arms in support of the US and CIA-sponsored Free Syria Army trying to overthrow the central Syrian government of President Assad.”


Nothing has changed

Memorial service for Erosi Kitsmarishvili

Memorial service for Erosi Kitsmarishvili

Silverman says that the government has changed, but the reality is the same. For example, Bacho Akhalaia, a former Minister of Defence and lieutenant of Saakashvili, continues conducting dirty business from his prison cell, where he awaits trial on a multitude of crimes.

“We know that the US does not want to see Saakashvili in power again and is satisfied by the nominees of his immediate replacement Bidzina Ivanishvili, at least for now. The problem is that the former system is deeply rooted and has not changed.

The Akhalaia-Merabishvili clan [Merabishvili is the former Interior Minister also facing a multitude of charges] is still supported by vested interests who are trying to complicate the situation in Georgia.

“The most dangerous of the people still roaming around is Gia Bokeria, a member of the National Security Council and one of those who conducted the Rose Revolution; he stays hidden from sight, but is still involved in these processes, managing daily events, at least for now.

“Bokeria and those like him control the assassination programme in Georgia. They organised Lapankuri. They are not as visible as Bacho Akhalaia, but they are involved in many nasty cases, including organised crime. I am here to prove nothing, but the people who have asked me to investigate have more than suspicions about the work of Otar, Lado, Valeri, Giga, etc., and all the connections with Erosi’s murder.”

Bokeria is now under media and criminal investigation for having stolen money from the government and diverted it to provide PR support for the Nationals by signing documents, which stated that these expenditures were for covert secret contacts made as a matter of national security.


Motivation for killing

“Erosi had a lot of information,” Silverman continues. “Do not forget that during the Georgia-Russia war in 2008 he was Georgian Ambassador to Russia. He also knew a great deal about the “Rose Revolution” and all the drugs and weapons trafficking, which are not only controlled from within Georgia.

“The Port of Poti is very important in this; it being used by the US and Turkey as a transit point for materials for Syria and Iraq, such as those being delivered to ISIS. This relates not only to Erosi’s killing but also the current situation in Georgia. It goes without saying that the US and its allies are now focused on Syria. In order to solve their military problems they need Georgia as never before.

“One more detail: when Erosi decided to stand for Mayor of Rustavi, his home city, earlier this year he dealt with the Mafia, and got election funding from them, but did not pay it back. According to my sources Saakashvili and his entourage are going to take revenge on the government in September by provoking disorder in the independent-minded Samegrelo region of West Georgia, and I think Erosi knew about this too.

Informal groups active during Saakashvili’s period still exist in Samegrelo and are being paid by Saakashvili’s people from the proceeds of crime, including weapon and drug sales proceeds. But where does this money come from?

“Erosi knew all the above-mentioned rather well, and that is why he was dangerous to the former government, which knows it has no choice but to make a last ditch attempt to get back into power at any cost. This may explain the timing of his death, before the arrival of the overseas investigators.”


Not a real government

Misha Saakashvili, former President

Misha Saakashvili, former President

“Today, PM Irakli Gharibashili is not in the position to decide anything. Saakashvili has left but his system is still working, and the members of the current government are hostages of that system. Everything which has happened in Georgia, including Zhvanias’s assassination, has been covered up with the help of US investigators. All these things are interconnected.

“All signs point to Erosi being assassinated by a professional. It seems someone wanted to scare people to shut them up. Erosi was dangerous, because his words were important to the media within and outside Georgia.  He also was trying to monopolise the media in Georgia, and knew who owned what and who controlled what, and not just on paper.”

Silverman concluded his interview by asking a question he perhaps knows the answer to. “I want to ask Otar Orjonikidze, deputy head of Georgian counterintelligence, through your newspaper – what connection do you have with, and what do you know about, Erosi’s assassination?”

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MH17 Shootdown Continues


Launch codes are a prerequisite to launching.

Launch codes are a prerequisite to launching.

The MH17  Shootdown (2)

 … by Michael Shrimpton

It is now clear that Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 was shot down over Eastern Ukraine, near Grabovo, by the Ukrainian Army, the intent being to blame pro-Russian separatists. My conclusions last week were only provisional, but vital new satellite, radar (particularly from the Ust-Donetsk and Buturinskaya radar stations) and air traffic control (ATC) data is now in, together with some very professional GRU analysis of the photo pushed out by Kiev of a Buk allegedly in separatist hands. 

This clearly shows that the photo was taken in the Ukraine, in Krasnoarmeysk to be precise. When faking a photo always make sure that there isn’t an advertising hoarding lurking in the background!

If anyone asks why I was not sure last week, my answer is that intelligence analysis tends to firm up as more facts become available. Contrary to the lies and rumours spread by my competitors (with apologies to Joe Don Baker!), I don’t leap to conclusions. Last week’s article was written 24-hours after the shootdown.

The Rebels’ Buk

Buk-M2-9S36-Fire-Dome-1S-9S36 Low Altitude AcquisitionEngagement Radar

Buk-M2-9S36-Fire-Dome-1S-9S36 Low Altitude AcquisitionEngagement Radar

It does seem that the rebels were handed an SA-11 Buk system, as part of the set-up. The evidence here is a bit murky, but it looks like the Ukrainians left them an old SA-11 Transporter Erector Launcher (TEL). As I explained last week, they are about as much use as titz on a bull (if you will forgive the expression), when it comes to shooting down airliners at 33,000 feet.

That is because unlike a TELAR (Transporter Erector Launcher And Radar), they don’t have a radar, i.e. you have to fire them blind.

Reporting suggests that the TEL was in a pretty dilapidated state, as you would expect. The Ukrainians would hardly be likely to leave a working SA-11 behind. It also seems to have been an old system, i.e. an early SA-11, and may even have been minus missiles.

Just as significant as the fact that it couldn’t shoot down a passing pigeon is that apparently you need firing codes to launch a Buk, new or old. That makes sense – the Buk is a powerful system, capable as we have seen of blowing a large airliner out of the sky, or at any rate bringing it down. Why would you have a mobile system, which can be driven away, without a safety feature which prevents the missiles being fired except through the chain of command?

We can safely exclude the possibility of the Ukrainians leaving the missile firing codes around for the rebs to find.

SA-11, SA-17 or HQ-16?



There is some doubt about whether the Ukrainians used an SA-11, SA-17 or an HQ (or Hongqi) 16. Allow me to elucidate.

The term Buk can be used to describe both an SA-11 (NATO reporting name Gadfly) or an SA-17 (NATO reporting name Grizzly).  The Gadfly was the original system, introduced into service in 1979. The Grizzly is the development of the Gadfly, with the powerful NIIP 9S36 passive phased array radar. It did not enter service until 2008. There is an export version, and some have indeed been exported, e.g. to those nice people the Byelorussians.

What I have not been able to establish is whether the Russians have supplied any SA-17s to the Ukraine, although oddly the Ukrainians did the radar for the Byelorussian Grizzlies, albeit before the DVD’s coup. The literature is conflicting and the Ukrainians are keeping very quiet about it.

There is however a third possibility. The Russians and Chinese have developed a more advanced version of the SA-17 for the PLA Army, Navy and Air Force — remember there are naval variants of the SA-11 and S-17. This version is known as the HQ-16. Not only is it in service with the PLA at this time, they have been practising high-altitude interceptions.

This raises the intriguing possibility that MH-17 was actually shot down by the Chinese, as the Ukrainians would not have any crews trained on the HQ-16, whose instrumentation would probably be marked in Mandarin or Cantonese. There are not a lot of Chinese-speaking Ukrainians, in fact there are not a lot of Chinese restaurants in Kiev.

If MH17 was shot down by an HQ-16 system flown into the Ukraine for the purpose, with a Chinese launch crew, it would cast a flood of light on the selection of a Malaysia Airlines flight. Remember it was the PLA/Navy which shot down MH370.

My money’s on the Chinese at this time. Since President Putin has been reaching out to Peking, that might explain the slight reticence on the part of Moscow on the subject. I would not be surprised if the excellent Russian GRU were way ahead of me on this (they don’t have a day job, after all, and can call up satellite piccies almost at will!) and reached the same conclusion days ago.

Expect Kuala Lumpur to start scaling down their anger/outrage if they also conclude that it was the Chinese. Malaysia is effectively a Chinese client-state. KL were willing to cover up China’s role in shooting down MH370, indeed it looks as though KL are willing to sacrifice poor old Malaysia Airlines, who must be wondering why they now have so much hangar space to rent out.  China and the Ukraine are each close to Germany of course.

The Fighter ‘Escort’

SU-27 flanker

SU-27 flanker

Radar evidence suggests that MH17 was ‘escorted’, i.e. forced, into the kill-zone by two Ukrainian fighters.  Some reporting suggests that these might have been Su-25 Frogfoots (Frogfeet?). It has been pointed that the Su-25 only has a ceiling of FL250, i.e. 25,000 feet, but the Russian Ministry of Defence, who ought to know, state that it can reach FL330 for a limited period.

One has to be careful with the performance envelope of a ground-attack aircraft like the Su-25.  The service ceiling figure will be for an aircraft with full military equipment, such as armor plate. You don’t need armor when shooting down an unarmed airliner. The 25 also has an air refuelling probe, which adds weight and increases drag. I suspect that a lightened Su-25 could easily reach and maintain 33,000 feet.

However, the escort was more likely Su-27s. They are highly agile and powerfully armed. A 777 captain isn’t going to take on a couple of Su-27s. Their role was to make sure that the target airliner followed Kiev ATC’s direction to fly over territory controlled by separatists, so that they could be blamed. Russian satellite overheads show several Buks, or shall we say Buk-like vehicles, positioned close to rebel territory, within range of the interception point.

Carlos, the Spanish Air Traffic Controller

Spanish Air Traffic control

Spanish Air Traffic control

This brings me to the curious case of Carlos, the decent Spanish air traffic controller. For a few precious hours we got a stream of information out of Kiev ATC, via Twitter of all things, although there are worse ways of going public with crucial information.  Ignored by the MSM this brave man stated that the Ukrainian security services had taken over the Kiev control tower and seized the controllers’ cellphones, and that Kiev wanted the 777 shot down.

Of course Thames Valley Police would say it was a hoax, but I am not so sure. What impresses me is the level of knowledge displayed at a time when the general public were still in the dark. If it were a hoax one might expect to see statements to that effect coming out of Kiev, since these were damning tweets.

Since then, we have had silence.  I am not sure that Carlos is still alive. If he is, he has surely lost his job. At this time I am calling Carlos’s reporting as real, i.e. I don’t think this has been faked, or is a hoax. It might just possibly be an intel set-up, to discredit anyone saying that Kiev shot the plane down, but as indicated I don’t think so.

I would like to see this matter investigated. There aren’t that many air traffic controllers brave enough to tell the truth in an airliner shootdown. Spanish ATC involvement in at least three staged air disasters, including Tenerife, would sensitize informed Spanish air traffic controllers to the possibility of ATC being involved in bringing down a plane deliberately.

Proximity Fuzing

TWA flight 800 memorial to Alabama victims

TWA flight 800 memorial to Alabama victims

It has now emerged that there are small punctures in the fuselage skin. These have puzzled some commentators, but they are exactly what I would expect.

All variants of the Buk use proximity fuzes, where the warhead is radar-detonated. For five years, I have been trying to get the aviation and intelligence communities to accept that AF447 depressurized slowly because its hull had been penetrated by shrapnel from a warhead exploding in close proximity. You always look at the wreckage field in an air disaster investigation – I nearly said ‘accident’ but this was no accident.

I find it significant that the cockpit section landed a short distance away from the wreckage.  It may have broken away from the rest of the fuselage near the ground (it’s too close to the main debris field to have broken away at altitude, like PanAm 103).  The SA-17/HQ-16 uses semi-active homing, i.e. the missile homed in on MH370’s radar. On nearly all civilian airliners, indeed on all radar-equipped Western airliners, the weather/navigation radar, usually X-Band, is mounted in the nose.

With a target in level flight (TWA800 was climbing) we would expect detonation near the nose, i.e. near the cockpit. Most of the shrapnel damage was probably in the forward part of the fuselage, which would have been significantly weakened. The flight crew may well have been wounded in the attack, although the autopsy results are not in yet. I suspect that the aircraft would still have been able to put out a Mayday message, but for the Ukrainian jamming.

The post-strike maneuvers observed by horrified Russian radar controllers may not have been deliberate, as the aircraft may not have been under control by then. The Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) ought to tell us if the crew saw the fighters or the incoming, and had been trying to get a Mayday out.

The Black Boxes

Russian air traffic control

Russian air traffic control

Don’t expect anything to come out of The West on the black boxes.  The Flight Data Recorder (FDR) is going to be pretty neutral. It will pretty much tell us what we already know – that the plane was shot down. The CVR is the critical black box, but if it shows Ukrainian involvement, either due to ATC instructions or the crew observing Ukrainian fighters alongside, there is no way that it will be made public.We saw with AF447 how the French were willing to rig the black box data in order to cover up the shootdown, contributing to the two Malaysia Airlines disasters, as official willingness to turn a blind eye to mass murder in the skies simply encourages the Bad Guys.

Farnborough have a track record of covering up sabotage going back to the Comets in 1954.  With TWA800 we had to wait for over 15 years before NTSB investigators came clean – after their retirement.

The good news is that it looks like the GRU were able to extract and copy the data before returning the FDR and the CVR to the rebels, for handing over to the Dutch, who in turn handed them over to AAIB, who are Cabinet Office-controlled and have much greater experience of faking ‘accident’ reports than the Dutch.

The Dutch by the way didn’t fake the Tenerife report – they simply didn’t know about the Spanish intelligence officers in the tower, nor the Luftwaffe ground radar unit. They got it wrong, but in good faith.

The AAIB doesn’t do good faith, unless it’s an amateur pilot in a Cessna who’s made the rookie mistake of trying to turn back to the field when his engine has conked out. (You always lose too much altitude in the turn and you are going to be downwind, i.e. basically screwed. If your engine fails soon after take-off stretch your glide, look in the vee between 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock and find somewhere to put her down, forgetting about the runway behind you, which will generally be about as much use as balls on a mermaid, again if you will forgive the expression).

The thought that the Russians have a copy of the CVR tape will give them sleepless nights at AAIB and NTSB. Great. They get far too much sleep anyway for the lives they have cost by covering up airliner sabotage and shootdowns. Never forget that after the failure to identify sabotage as the cause of the Comet Yoke Peter disaster the DVD went ahead and blew Yoke Yoke out of the sky, also with an IED.

Had NTSB gone public with the Iranian missile strike on TWA800 that would have been an end to medium-range missile shootdowns of airliners.

The Air Algerie MD-83



Jury’s still out on this one, but you can forget a medium or long-range missile. Unlike with MH370 or MH17 there were no known hostile systems within range.  You can also forget MANPADs, as always when the plane is above FL150, or 15,000 feet.

My provisional conclusion is that the plane was brought down by a haboob, or dust storm. This particular aviation hazard will be known to any reader of Captain W.E. Johns’s splendid Bigglesbooks. Biggles of course was the hero, along with his chums Algy, Lord Bertie Lissie and Ginger, not forgetting Flight Sergeant Smyth and Air Commodore Raymond, their intelligence chief.

Captain Johns, late of the Royal Flying Corps, was the one of the best pilots who ever wrote aviation fiction, let alone for the young. As I point out in Spyhunter he was also the air intelligence officer who recruited Lawrence of Arabia into the Royal Air Force after World War 1, indeed it is more than likely that he encountered a haboob whilst ferrying Lawrence in the war in a Bristol Fighter, one of Bill’s favorite steeds.

Forget the literature which states that haboobs only reach up a few miles. You can get real doozies over the Sahara. More than that you can get dust and sand blown high into the atmosphere above the storm itself, which will not show up on weather radar, i.e. you think you are above the storm and then your engines start flaming out.

Those P & W JT8D-219s on the MD-83 are pretty old bits of kit by modern standards. The JT8D’s first application was on the Boeing 727 and you don’t see many of them around anymore, sadly.  The 200 series has a higher bypass ratio and is a lot more powerful, cranking out 21,000 lbs thrust in the -219, but the 8D has always had a slight weather vulnerability. The 80 series ‘9’s have been involved in over 30 hull loss accidents.

Witness reports that the plane crashed in flames have to be viewed with caution. Aviation illiterate witnesses can easily confuse engine fires or flameouts with the whole plane being on fire.

Watching a civilian airliner plummet to the ground is a traumatic experience.

If you will forgive the anecdote, I well remember sitting in the cockpit (in the jump seat) of an RAF VC-10 C Mk 1 at Luqa (Malta), watching with mounting horror as an overloaded old PIA Boeing 720 struggled to get airborne on a hot day. The flight crew were watching this highly marginal piece of aviating with evident concern. I don’t think they were convinced she was going to make it, and indeed if an engine had failed she would have gone straight in. It was pretty alarming, and that was watching from the ground.

I suspect that we will find scoring on the turbine blades consistent with dust, and compressor blade failures, triggering a flame out. If the pilots were not experienced they may have lost control as they went asymmetric, particularly if they were experiencing power loss on the opposite engine. There are not a lot of reserves of power on a heavily laden MD-83. While far from full, thankfully, this plane was not flying light. You have got to regain control pretty quickly, or you’ll be imitating Denzil in the movie and flying tits-up, as the saying goes.

My provisional conclusion is that Flight AH5017 encountered upper atmosphere dust and sand associated with a powerful haboob, leading to a flame out of either No 1 or No2 engine, or both, followed by a loss of control by inexperienced or inadequately trained pilots, with poor visibility and possible disorientation a contributing factor. It might have been an IED, but there no evidence of it at this time.

On a lighter note

Dhoti clad judge denied entry

Dhoti clad judge denied entry

May I respectfully congratulate the committee of the Tamil Nadu Cricket Association? They very properly refused to admit Mr Justice Hariparanthaman, who was wearing a dhoti (Great Scott!).

His Honour with respect should have known that as with the MCC Pavilion a jacket and tie is required, and rightly so.

At the risk of sounding like Higgins in Magnum it is pleasing to record that standards are being maintained in at least a part of India!

Classic Movie of the Week – Grand Prix (1966), dir. John Frankenheimer

James Garner in Grand Prix

James Garner in Grand Prix

This is in tribute of course to the great American actor James Garner, who sadly died on July 19. His considerable acting ability is on display in this fine movie, marked by cameo appearances from great Formula One drivers, including Jim Clark, murdered by the DVD only two years later, and Graham Hill, assassinated in 1975.The racing cinematography is superb, and the movie accurately captures the atmosphere of mid-60s Grand Prix racing and its dangers, especially at Monza and Monaco.

It is well worth watching again, if only to remind you of what a great loss James Garner is.

My favorite Garner movie is Space Cowboys, but Grand Prix is probably the more famous.  Rest in Peace, James. It will be a long time before you are forgotten.

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Westminster child abuse inquiry: Former Met Police detective removed from post ‘because he named suspected paedophiles’


Clive Driscoll was investigating abuse at children’s homes in the 1980s

A former Metropolitan Police detective was removed from his post in an investigation into alleged child sex abuse after revealing politicians were suspects, he has claimed.

Clive Driscoll, a Detective Chief Inspector who has since retired, told BBC’s Newsnight he was conducting an inquiry in 1998 into reported paedophile activity at children’s homes in Lambeth, south London, in the 1980s.

Theresa May has announced a Government probe into child abuse by establishment figures in Parliament, the police and BBC in the period but controversy has mounted even before the start of the inquiry.

Baroness Butler-Sloss stood down from her post as head of the investigation on Monday after revelations that her brother, Sir Michael Havers, had allegedly attempted to stop attempts to investigate abuse during his time as Attorney General.

Mr Driscoll said he had a list of suspects he wanted to look at, including local and national politicians in power during the period.

“Some of the names were people that were locally working,” he said.

“Some people were if you like, working nationally, there was quite a mix really because it appeared that it was connected to other boroughs and other movement around the country.”

Baroness Butler-Sloss has today stepped down as chairman of a wide-ranging inquiry into child abuse claimsBaroness Butler-Sloss has stepped down as chairman of a wide-ranging inquiry into child abuse claimsThe detective claimed he was removed from his post after sharing suspicions with other officers in a meeting.

Mr Driscoll said he had disclosed suspects’ names and was afterwards informed it was “inappropriate” and taken off the case.

He added: “Whenever people spoke to you and shared their fears and their story about what they had seen, it was almost on the proviso that they wouldn’t make a statement and that they would be scared if you released who those people were that were talking for fear of reprisals to both themselves and their families.”

Investigations are believed to have continued into more than 20 children’s homes after Mr Driscoll was moved.

Mr Driscoll, who was later involved in the review that eventually resulted in convictions for the murder of Stephen Lawrence, claimed there were discussions within the Met about withholding documents from an independent inquiry into the original investigation.

Some of the allegations could be considered in the Government’s inquiry into allegations of an establishment “cover-up” of child abuse allegations.

A spokesman at Scotland Yard said the Met’s Directorate of Professional Standards was looking into Mr Driscoll’s claims and they would be fully investigated.

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Anti-I$raHell protesters storm Rep. Crowley’s office in Queens


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Anti-Israel protesters storm Rep. Crowley’s office in Queens
Top Daily Story  …   Press TV,  Tehran

Let us not have the Joe Crowley protest be the last, but the first of many.

Let us not have the Joe Crowley protest be the last, but the first of many.

[ Editor’s note:  The people of Queens have stepped out, despite my not knowing any who are readers of VT, and raised my hopes of some major push back against the Israeliphobia, which a huge majority of our Congress critters seem so attached to.

I salute these fine people for setting the example for the rest of us. It is time for us to thank them by following suit.

This needs to be done to all US Congressmen and every public official sock-puppet for the Zionist murderers, so they can be exposed in their communities to wake people up. God only knows that the corporate media editorialists are not going to do it.

If we don’t get out of our total keyboard mode and get some street action going, there will be no example set for our children and grandchildren as to what has always had to be done to dig out corruption in government… massive exposure.

And that is what it is. If you write any of your Congresscritters and ask them to inform you what they have ever done about the rampant espionage here in America, including even warning people about it, if you get a reply at all it will be a very short one.

Be sure to mention “political espionage”, also, as they will squirm a little when they hear that term… as they probably never have. It is time to go back to our Vietnam War protest roots, and set another example that we will not take this any more, this total submission to the AIPAC Lobby.

LBJ was one of the most powerful and ruthless politicians that this country ever had, and we brought him to his knees. Many of the people who did that are still around. Look around for them, and ask them to teach you how to do it.  Something tells me they would be more than willing.

Want some more motivation? Even top Jewish leaders are beginning to break ranks with the mass murderers.  From another PressTV morning story:

“Henry Siegman, who is also a former Senior Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations and president of the US/Middle East Project, made the remarks in an interview with the Democracy Now! news program in New York on Wednesday. ‘The Zionist dream is based on the repeated slaughter of innocents on a scale that we’re watching these days on television, that is really a profound, profound crisis,’ Siegman said.”

I hope you find that encouraging. I sure did… Jim W. Dean ]

Protesters in New York City target the office of Congressman Joseph Crowley for lending his unconditional support to Israel in its current onslaught on the Gaza Strip, Press TV reports.

Rep. Crowley, the chair of the Queens Democratic Party and a high-ranking Democrat in Washington, is a staunch ally of Israel and his views appear increasingly at odds with his constituents. Public opinion in New York’s 14th Congressional District which is represented by Crowley is highly critical of Israel, local residents told Press TV’s correspondent Caleb Maupin.

Hundreds of protesters, waving Palestinian flags, gathered outside Crowley’s office on Wednesday to express their anger at their representative in US Congress.

Queens resident Naeem Eslam slammed Washington’s military aid to Israel which is used to fund the war in Gaza. “Just this past year they increased the funds to $3.2 billion” a year.

“That is money that could be used in this country to create jobs and help schools but instead it is being used by Israel to kill innocent Palestinians,” he added.

Ron Duncan, another local resident, criticized Rep. Crowley for putting Israel’s interests ahead of his district’s. “He wasn’t elected to support Israel. He was elected to do a job for the people in Queens.”

On Tuesday, police officers arrested 50 people in New York City who were protesting against Israel’s war crimes in Gaza. The protesters had gathered in front of the Israeli mission to the United Nations.

At least 1,360 Palestinians have been killed and over 7,600 others wounded in the 24 days of relentless Israeli aerial and ground attacks against the besieged Gaza Strip.

The onslaught has outraged much of the international community but many US officials and members of Congress continue to support Israel’s actions as “self-defense.”

On Monday, both Republican and Democratic lawmakers gathered at an event hosted by the National Leadership Assembly for Israel and expressed their opposition to any kind of criticism of Israel’s offensive against Palestinians. “We’re here today to stand with Israel,” House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) said at the event. “As long as I’m Speaker of the House, this will be our cause.”

Meanwhile, a US military official said on Thursday that the United States has allowed an American-owned munitions stockpile– comprising of missiles, armored vehicles and artillery ammunition– to be used by Israel as it pounds Gaza.

The emergency arms depot is located at a classified site inside Israel.

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