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Jewish Lobby ”8”: Is it called poetic justice?


Rex Williams and Earl Aiman

“What can we do to stop them from hating us?”

(Why they hate America by Paul Balles)

Simple! Stop acting like a tyrant.

“The new American Tyranny,” … nothing new, actually!

Prior to 1776 the British Colonies of the New world practiced British tyranny against the native American and the French colonists of North America. Post 1776, the practiced the “New American” tyranny against what remained of the Native American, and the Spanish Colonial in North America. And when they were all subdued or brought to heel, went on to export it overseas, product which they have continued to export ever since, in an ever greater degree.

We have become the tyrant which we overcame to escape, and we have assumed his mantle and the hatred of our own victims of tyranny.

Israel, on a smaller scale, has continued in the same vein, having escaped from the tyranny of Europe, they have embarked on their own reign of tyranny in the Middle East.

Both have learned the lessons of tyranny very well, all except the last one; the sword of Damocles will fall, and the heads will roll.

But, having wielded that sword themselves to gain their seats of tyranny, they are familiar only with the hilt end of the sword, and have yet to see and experience the import and the impact of the other end of the sword, the point and the cutting edge.

It is writ on the wall. It is simply a matter of time.

We learn nothing from history, the history of others, or or own. Thus, we repeat, repeat and repeat the same actions, never dreaming that the same results will follow.

Check Einstein  on definitions of Insanity.


Earlaiman is right in showing the connection to the British form of Empire.  But it was not a connection as such but more a lesson that the US learned, quickly. That is what we are referring to here…Empire. When Britain after the First World War  and  before the Second World War, started to hear the rumblings of discontent from India, as the very best example one could imagine, they took an inordinate amount of time to make the move and to pass independence to that great nation, for all its years since the original spice trade a slave to British power, subjugated, robbed blind and exploited.

What a place for the US to learn how not to do it. But then, they still did it and are continuing to this day. Same mistakes, same arrogance and same military emphasis.

As Earlaiman said, ‘we repeat the same actions, never dreaming that the same results will follow”

But follow they do!

Now the British had moved into most of the countries of the world but there were many that were of little commercial value and were subject to a ‘paternalistic’ approach to management and control. The Caribbean is a good example, still showing remnants of the old British Empire  today built on devious deals by past pragmatic Colonial administrations, thick on the ground around the world

The US approach has been different but blatant. They have used military might, economic blackmail, trade, loans, threats and bullying to make all their geographical alliances into military outposts, now having more than 725 at the last count. But that kind of presence wears thin eventually despite obvious economic advantages to the locals. A classic case is Okinawa, an open sore between Japan and the US, continuing area of argument.

The current world climate would be so simple for that outrageous failure, the US Secretary of State Clinton in which to operate. She would make USAID dependent on the monies being borrowed from Jewish Banks, the financial consultancy being handled by a Jewish consultant and all the beneficiaries to be Jewish, to ensure her continued support by the AIPAC (American Israeli Public Affairs Committee) Israeli fifth column , an organization tolerated, nay encouraged by Obama, Biden and 80% of all compromised elected US representatives, the so-called Zion-prostitutes.

The very procedures that the US employed to civilize the Americas, for example, will show through accurate historical records to have been a universal failure with US citizens like Abrams and Weiss as their front line troops and the School of the Americas as their training establishment, the West Point of Death. By then, commercial interests were telling all the US governments what to do, just as Israel is now telling Obama what to have for breakfast, or else.

For further reading on this subject, if you have a strong stomach, see Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Nicaragua, Philippines Venezuela and Cuba. The list is endless.

Can’t think of a single reason why anyone living in any of those countries would want to ask the question “Why do we hate them?” They know, only too well

I would enjoy seeing a document from the State Department outlining the policy and procedure dictates to engage in the subjugation of the ‘natives’, the economic control, the one-way trade deals and how this should be done hopefully by someone who has done it correctly in the past.

Such a manual is probably out of print now and has been for over 50 years.

However, if such a civilian person exists, no, existed, he should have been stuffed and mounted in a prominent place for all the world to see. We all know he was not a civilian, but a military man, backed up by the tarnished CIA and any number of sleazy local politicians, murder squads, all in the name of democracy and armed with warships and fighter/bombers, every imaginable weapon and if the US  couldn’t beat them, bribe them, kill them, then they would place an embargo (as per Cuba) for forty years. Still doing it today with their heavy-handed sanctions against Iran on behalf of their masters, Israel. What have they learned?

Now that is diplomacy US-style and there is no US government since time began that has done it any differently.

History, once again. A great teacher for all the wrong reasons.

Finally is does seem appropriate and just  that right at this moment the US, the superpower in 2010, is being manipulated by the worst and most devious people who ever drew breath. The Israelis, Jews, Zionist, call them what you will, all of whom have an even worse understanding of humanity, democracy, fairness, compassion and justice than the US has shown to any other country, ever.

A perfect pair. Gird you loins, America. They have been despoiling you for years and they are now sufficiently entrenched to keep doing it, but even better than before.

Is it called poetic justice?

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Jewish Lobby ”7”: Russia Beyond the Headlines — Change of the Times?



Is this a sign of the times?


The Canberra Times, a conservative newspaper printed in Canberra, Australia, but part of the large Fairfax Group (not the Likudist Murdoch group), therefore not Zionist owned, now include every month a 14 page supplement called “Russia Beyond The Headlines”, RBTH, as it is known.

So is the Russian Supplement a change of the times ? Just too much change, far too quickly, all of a sudden, after fifty years of US propaganda and Australian subservience?

by Rex Williams


Your guide to Russia, a diverse and complex country in a state of major transformation that cannot be understood in the context of stereotypes.

The Canberra Times, a conservative newspaper printed in Canberra, Australia,  but part of the large Fairfax Group (not the Likudist Murdoch group), therefore not Zionist owned, who also own the Sydney Morning Herald and the Melbourne Age as well, now Include every month  a 14 page supplement called “Russia Beyond The Headlines”, RBTH,  as it is known. 

There is no doubt that this addition is only printed by Fairfax and probably “does not reflect the views of the management” (my words) as a best guess.  Probably just a commercial arrangement.

Even so….?

Now this may not be news to you all as you may have something similar in other countries. But I thought the Russian produced supplement being distributed in this country was somewhat revolutionary and an indication that perhaps people are hungry for the facts that are closer to the truth than the current media offerings. One could see this as a cynical comment but for those readers among us who only have access to the news available in the distorted Zionist media but who also have access to the real truth via the reliable blogs, know that never the twain shall meet. There is just no comparison.

In the US, one can see the penalty years ago in having a Constitution constructed by wiser men in the USA than they have ever experienced in over 100 years and  which initially guaranteed ‘freedom of the press’, but sadly did not  guarantee ‘the TRUTH’. So we have had decades of lies, misrepresentations, false statements supported by an incompetent government in Washington, corrupt by any measure and owned by a foreign state.


Where do you find any truth in that environment? Any news worth a damn? But with RBTH, more than an even chance.

Living in another country allows people to be more objective about the US than growing up and living there. Americans are totally brainwashed!!

The graphic above mirrors the generally known Zionist media in the US.

It would be worth doing the same for the world, a valuable resource it would be to have all the Zionist media identified, including the sycophants, and Zionist jews in high places of influence.

For example, there would be a whole chapter on Murdoch, a Likudist if ever there was one. His empire stretches all around the world for decades and is only recently under investigation after the phone tapping scandal in the UK. But if it requires government resolve to address that problem in that over-populated Jewish parliament, to bring pressure on Agents Cameron and Hague to do something against the likes of Murdoch, you can close the book. It was Murdoch that elevated Cameron into power after all and he owes him, big time, forever.

But a listing of the corrupt media would be a document well able to be used, everywhere to make the tired and apathetic public realize that if they live in the USA, they are in the brainwashing zone per courtesy of those above and the hundreds of other Zionists, fellow-travellers, sycophants and just plain corrupt receivers of Jewish largesse, the best example being the US Congress making US laws as best suits the Zionist head office of the USA, called AIPAC.

The supplement RBTH states that it is published by Rossiyskaya Gazeta (Russia) “which takes sole responsibility for the contents” . Do you ever see the New York Times committing themselves “to taking responsibility for the contents”?

The last time I read anything that was produced in Russia was in the very  early 1950?s, a beautifully produced magazine, the name of which escapes me, but a really quality piece of Russian reading, with lots of art, etc. it was called propaganda by the establishment at that time. I found it educational. But naturally, it was corrupt, it was from Russia.

Mind you, Russia was a friend and ally then and Stalin was dear old ‘Uncle Joe’. I even had his picture.

First impression is that the RBTH is much closer to the truth on world affairs than the Zionist media.  Now why would that surprise anyone?

Is this a sign of the times? A Russian newspaper, printed by the capitalist press in Australia, in the capital city of a subservient US sycophant, with a population of just 24 million, governed by Conservatives (at the moment), a part of that great British-based anachronism, the neo-colonialist Commonwealth of Nations (formerly British Commonwealth) and trying desperately through feckless government programs to equal the US debt (well, not quite) while its actions keep  being eroded by the energetic and well-organised efforts of Zionists. which Australia obligingly tolerates, no, even supports with all sorts of  incentives.

No cricket scores included yet. In fact NO SPORT at all. Heathens!

So, is a Russian supplement a sign of the times or is this a latter day version of The Madhatters Tea Party, under the influence of an excess of wild mushrooms?

Russians?  For fifty years I was always told they were barbarians who lived in caves in the snow, beat their children, drank Vodka to excess, danced in boots, sang in deep bass voices, hated the West and were irreligious. Have I been misinformed all these 60 years? Should I read anything from Russia. Will I turn into something evil?

Just too much change, far too quickly and suddenly after Fifty years of US propaganda and Australian subservience? Please do not pass this on to the American CIA or FBI, the Mossad,  the Australian Secret Service( just back from bugging the East Timor Parliament), Rupert Murdoch- master fabricator, even your next door neighbour unless you have known him / her for 60 years. And please do not mention to  anyone that I have read this RBTH issue or I will have my phone tapped, car followed,  be labelled a bloody Communist, or even much worse, a trade unionist.

I liked my life the way it was yesterday,  so reading things from a Russian viewpoint may be game changing for me.

Paul Findley They Dare to Speak Out

They Dare to Speak Out — by Congressman Paul Findley. This is the first book to dare to speak out against the pervasive influence of AIPAC (The America-Israeli Public Affairs Committee)

Too many decades of reading the world through the eyes of the USA, originally acceptable in 1950 because we knew no better,  but of recent years jaundiced and biased and corrupt and untruthful and owned by Zionists who years ago read the American character so well as they purposefully  infiltrated the USA with one thing in mind….control through graft, and yes, they succeeded.

It’s called the NEW WORLD ORDER and if you ain’t a Jew, you’re a Goyim and as such, you are out of the loop. Fact. Ask thrum. They’ll tell you happily.

They have owned the US politicians for a decade and if such a publication as this Russian effort representing the views of Putin and Lavrov, both far more credible than Obama and Kerry by a country mile,  eventually  finds its way across the Pacific and slips past the fascist minders of the CIA, the once-respected  FBI, Homeland Security and hundreds of  Zionist groups, we may find that the American voting turnout for the 2016 election may exceed 50% to rout the current corrupt politicians.

Unlikely though. They watch Fox News…Murdoch’s pap.

Boycott Zionist media totally. It is their #1 weapon against you and your future and your children’s future as well.


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Jewish Lobby ”6” : Aussie Parliamentarians criticizes ‘study tour’ of I$raHell


NSW Parliamentary Friends of Israel, under the auspices of the NSW Jewish Board Of Deputies, hosted a delegation of New South Wales Parliamentarians, on a study mission to Israel from 6 January 2013 to 10 January 2013. The Nationals Whip in the NSW Legislative Council Rick Colless moved a motion in parliament following what he described as “a successful trip” to Israel recently. 


This tour is just another classical example of the well sponsored Public Relations exercises that Israel engages in to overcome the gradual understanding by the peoples of the world of the apartheid conditions in Palestine, the determined ethnic cleansing commenced 66 years ago and the inhumane treatment meted out to the Palestinians as a matter of course, daily. The idea being “if people do not see the conditions in Palestine and what we are doing, they might believe the wonderful story we present”. Yes, total fiction from the Brothers Grimm, but people are gullible, particularly when all the costs are paid for by Israel.

The fact that any politician, anywhere can accept the largesse doled out by a corrupt Israeli government through the well-organised offices of any number of Jewish organiztions’ slush funds for just this purpose, is beyond comprehension.The fact also that this applies to Liberal politicians, yes Abbott and Bishop, Labor politicians, Julia Gillard and half her cabinet, Federal and State, all jurisdictions, such is the cunning of the Jewish organizations. The graft doled out to  the disgraceful Australians who accept such blatant corruption by partaking of a well organized Israeli sideshow tour which is still promoting the tried and proven “holocaust oh, woe is me” theme, fast passing into history as a very clever Israeli money-spinner. (See: Holocaust Industry, by the Honorable Norman Finkelstein, an American political scientist, activist, professor and author. His primary fields of research are the Israeli–Palestinian conflict and the politics of the Holocaust.)

Politicians in NSW are still engaging in all the things that they have for years, graft and corruption. This is a classic example.

The fact that this had to be publicly identified by a Greens MP in NSW is a clear indication there are honest politicians still serving their constituents, somewhere in this naive country.

Well done, Mr. Shoebridge. Decency is alive and well.

– Rex Williams, Canberra, Australia –

Here’s the video of David Shoebridge addressing the NSW Parliament::

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Jewish Lobby ”5” : Mr. President, I$raHell as just another country?


Obama Israel MCS

As the Israeli columnist Ari Shavit noted in the newspaperHaaretz last week……..

“In the past, both the Zionist movement and the Jewish state were careful to be identified with the progressive forces in the world…But in recent decades more and more Israelis took to leaning on the reactionary forces in American society. It was convenient to lean on them.”

By Rex Williams

While the US Intelligence Community (IC) considers Israel the greatest threat to America’s national interests, there are about 7,500 US officials “who do Israel’s bidding,” serving Tel Aviv’s interests with no reservation. — Franklin Lamb 

And this is now the situation, clearly. One only has to look at the likes ofSchumer, Lieberman, Cantor, Bolton, Kristol, Ros Lehtinen, Neocons en masse and those who have compromised themselves for years to gain some electoral advantage, perhaps 75% of the Congress, generally in the form of financial support in money or kind to assist in their elections. Now with the PACs, this has been amplified immensely and allows the full force of the big financial supporters to be applied across the board. It is legal graft, approved by Congress and the current sitting members are the beneficiaries.

Just look at the last electoral spending of both parties. It was vulgar, even for the United States:

Netanyahu Inserts Himself in US Elections, Romney backer Adelson


Romney, as is well known, was purchased, body and soul by the Zionists who invest millions in picking US Presidents. The one thing they wanted and to which he agreed to support was a full scale US attack on Iran, against all the advice of the intelligence community, very strident indeed on this subject, the military who one feels is tiring of  dalliances for no gain but with the substantial support of the military / industrial complex, who, through the gearing up over the years for production to support substantial wars, have become accustomed to the profits generated in that climate.

The US has now become a country that cannot afford peace.

Then there’s unemployment.

Unemployment could reach 15-20% if  there was a 50% cut in US defence spending and anyone that can add up, knows it. So they continue to support over 900 bases throughout the world, seriously contributing to the current 16 trillion dollar national debt and rising. The reduction by half of those bases, or even more, would seriously reduce the national debt, year after year.

Everyone wants to burden the US President with the unemployment figure, a convenient scapegoat. But it is the capitalist system and the need for even more profits that allows this to happen, more each year. Apple, as a convenient example,  want more profit. There is no legal requirement for them to manufacture in the US. It’s a free enterprise environment. So Apple outsources the technical resources they require to India at $9-$11 per hour. Next they decide that they need to reduce manufacturing costs, so they contract with China to make all their products at $3-$5 per hour with no labour concerns. Compared to a estimated cost for production line wages in the US, at whatever it is at the moment, including the ‘hard won’ benefits for workers not evident in other countries, the savings are straight profit because the product is then sold into safe, buoyant markets in great numbers, phones probably changed every 18 months in an on-going, self-sustaining marketplace, because the same $2000 product cost in 2012 for a sophisticated laptop should really be $3600 if ‘made in the USA’ . The motivation is profit, pure and simple, because it was made ‘on the cheap’.

The biggest cost to the US was the loss of job numbers, never ever to return. Care to put a number on those job losses?

A clear case of dysfunctional arbritrage.

So as Friedman’s article on behalf of the Jewish lobby concluded by saying, ‘My president is busy’, far too busy to address the matters raised in the article , he may even treat Israel as just another country.

Netanyahu Lieberman join forces.

This would be the perfect solution for world peace and a fair and equitable solution for the Palestinians.

The flies in the ointment are Netanyahu and his Foreign Minister Lieberman who have allowed, no, actively encouraged the stealing of what is clearly Palestinian land and have passed legislation to allow the injustices and cruelty to be acceptable and on-going. This is what the Zionists want but it is not necessarily what the decent Jews want.

‘I made it clear that all settlement activity is illegal and that inserting settlers into Palestinian communities in Jerusalem is particularly troubling. This leads to tensions and undermines prospects for addressing the final status of Jerusalem.’ —General Ban Ki-moon United Nations, Secretary-General

Israel’s actions have never been acceptable to the world at large.

Yes, they have been apathetic, (but somewhat overpowered by the other great injustice, the US veto in the UN), and will never ever be acceptable to the alternative media writers on the internet or acceptable to decent people everywhere.

So these are the factors, which in addition to comments of realists such as Friedman, will be the undoing of  Netanyahu and Lieberman of this world, together with the decreasing living conditions for middle class America, if Obama cannot stop the outsourcing by default of the past US strengths, employment and wealth, which no longer is a reality.

If, as stated, the ‘president is busy’ then Israel will be forced to face reality, perhaps for the very first time in their existence.

This is one of the most realistic articles I have read by Thomas Friedman in a very long time.


My President Is Busy

November 10, 2012, The New YorK Times

ISRAELI friends have been asking me whether a re-elected President Obama will take revenge on Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu for the way he and Sheldon Adelson, his foolhardy financier, openly backed Mitt Romney. My answer to Israelis is this: You should be so lucky.

Josh Haner/The New York Times Thomas L. Friedman

You should be so lucky that the president feels he has the time, energy and political capital to spend wrestling with Bibi to forge a peace between Israelis and Palestinians. I don’t see it anytime soon. Obama has his marching orders from the American people: Focus on Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, not on Bethlehem, Palestine, and focus on getting us out of quagmires (Afghanistan) not into them (Syria). No, my Israeli friends, it’s much worse than you think: You’re home alone.

Of course, no one here will tell you that. To the contrary, there will surely be a new secretary of state visiting you next year with the umpteenth road map for “confidence-building measures” between Israelis and Palestinians. He or she may even tell you that “this is the year of decision.” Be careful. We’ve been there before. If you Google “Year of decision in the Middle East,” you’ll get more than 100,000,000 links.

Is this good for Israel? No. It is unhealthy. The combination of America’s internal focus, the post-Arab awakening turmoil and the exhaustion of Palestinians means Israel can stay in the West Bank indefinitely at a very low short-term cost but at a very high long-term cost of losing its identity as a Jewish democracy. If Israelis want to escape that fate, it is very important that they understand that we’re not your grandfather’s America anymore.

To begin with, the rising political force in America is not the one with which Bibi has aligned Israel. As the Israeli columnist Ari Shavit noted in the newspaper Haaretz last week: “In the past, both the Zionist movement and the Jewish state were careful to be identified with the progressive forces in the world. … But in recent decades more and more Israelis took to leaning on the reactionary forces in American society. It was convenient to lean on them. The evangelists didn’t ask difficult questions about the settlements, the Tea Party people didn’t say a word about excluding women and minorities or about Jewish settlers’ attacks and acts of vandalism against Palestinians and peace activists. The Republican Party’s white, religious, conservative wing was not agitated when the Israeli Supreme Court was attacked and the rule of law in Israel was trampled.” Israel, Shavit added, assumed that “under the patronage of a radical, rightist America we can conduct a radical, rightist policy without paying the price.” No more. Netanyahu can still get a standing ovation from the Israel lobby, but not at U.C.L.A.

At the same time, U.S. policy makers have learned that the Middle East only puts a smile on our faces when it starts with them: with Israelis and Arabs. Camp David started with them. Oslo started with them. The Arab Spring started with them. When they have ownership over peace or democracy movements, those initiatives can be self-sustaining. We can amplify what they start, but we can’t create it. We can provide the mediation and even the catering, but it’s got to start with them.

We’ve learned something else from our interventions in Afghanistan and Libya: We willed the ends, but we did not will the means — that is, doing all that it would take to transform those societies. That is why we’re quitting Afghanistan, staying out of Syria and relying on sanctions, as long as possible, to dissuade Iran from building a nuclear bomb. These countries are too hard to fix but too dangerous to ignore. We’ll still try to help, but we’ll expect regional powers, and the locals, to assume more responsibility.

Finally, we really have work to do at home. Soon Americans will be asked to pay more taxes for less government. It’s coming. It will not make us isolationists, but it will change our mood and make us much pickier about where we’ll get involved. That means only a radical change by Palestinians or Israelis will get us to fully re-engage.

The other day, in an interview with Israel’s Channel 2, President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority declared: “Palestine for me is the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as the capital. This is Palestine. I am a refugee. I live in Ramallah. The West Bank and Gaza is Palestine. Everything else is Israel.”

This was a big signal, but Bibi scorned it. The Israeli novelist David Grossman wrote an open letter to Netanyahu in Haaretz, taking him to task: “This is a bit embarrassing, but I will remind you, Mr. Netanyahu, that you were elected to lead Israel precisely in order to discern these rare hints of opportunity, in order to transform them into a possible lever to extricate your country from the impasse in which it has been stuck for decades.”

So my best advice to Israelis is: Focus on your own election — on Jan. 22 — not ours. I find it very sad that in a country with so much human talent, the Israeli center and left still can’t agree on a national figure who could run against Netanyahu and his thuggish partner, Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman — a man whose commitment to democracy is closer to Vladimir Putin’s than Thomas Jefferson’s. Don’t count on America to ride to the rescue. It has to start with you.

A version of this op-ed appeared in print on November 11, 2012, on page SR13 of the New York edition with the headline: My President Is Busy.


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The War of the Heads

Who’s On First?

I like to call it The War of the Heads. ISIS beheads people one-on-one, up-close-and-personal on You Tube while the United States of America and its coalition of cautious or secret partners prefers “decapitation,” as in using powerful F16 bombs and drone rockets to whack off metaphoric heads.

It’s easy to work up a vengeful frenzy sitting on our couches watching the medieval slicing off of heads. Especially when it’s heads we recognize! It’s harder to get worked up about people we don’t know who die much more horrible deaths in the buildings we obliterate in an instant. We sometimes watch the buildings go up in a fiery cloud on our TV screens. But not to worry, no one is doing You Tube videos of the heads and torsos inside the buildings incinerated into a fine dust of biological matter and concrete. You have to be a local Arab or Muslim helping to drag the extant pieces of humanity out of the buildings to feel the call to vengeance from these F16 and drone hits.

In a New York Times op-ed, Thomas Friedman goes deep and explains how President Obama’s challenge at this historic juncture is to make the Arab/Muslim world recognize it’s an abject failure as a culture. It must accept the need for a ruthless imperial killing campaign to destroy the psychopathic ISIS killers. Don’t pause and consider that ISIS was directly spawned as a vengeance reaction to this kind of thinking and killing in the first place. No, keep thinking it’s all because Arabs and Muslims are a backward civilization in need of cleansing. I imagine getting the Arab/Muslim world to go for Friedman’s line should be easy — about as easy as someone like me getting the Exceptionalist/Imperialist world to recognize its blunders and debacles.

Over at Fox, Bill O’Reilly was on a tear advocating the creation of a 25,000 member mercenary killing force to be led by US officers. An American Foreign Legion for the 21st Century. A well-paid, highly-trained, international killer-force immune to progressive US politics and capable of working around the Constitution. O’Reilly loves to defend the Constitution — except when it’s inconvenient. The point is to make killing bad guys easier. Then all you have to do is decide who the bad guys are, which is a simple matter as long as the secret meeting is limited to the right people.

A 25,000 member American Foreign Legion is a natural progression from Vietnam’s secret Phoenix Program to Iran-Contra’s “war-off-the-books” to Dick Cheney’s “dark-side” to a flat-out extra-Constitutional, rapid-reaction death-force. “It’s gonna happen,” O’Reilly says with his bully’s confidence. Eric Prince, the former Seal who founded Blackwater, agreed with him. So did Geraldo Rivera. No more pinhead discussion: It’s time for the ultimate vengeance deliverance system.

Most Americans were going about their lives so they were late getting the memo that their nation was again at war in Iraq. Oh, and Syria too. This time, lies weren’t even necessary. The sophist legal pretzel-twisting of the Constitution left over from the previous administration still worked. War really began to sink in when one day Brian Williams of NBC opened his show with the usual stirring intro music and whooshing graphics and the line: “Here’s the latest about what our enemy is up to.” When the bombing moved to Syria, most Americans turned from their TV sets and hollered into the kitchen: “Hon! Where is Syria?” Congress and its Profiles In Porridge decided to let the Nobel Peace Prize winner in the White House have his way with the place. Mister President, you may be the hated son of an African socialist, but go ahead and soften the place up. Once you’re up to your privates in war muck, maybe we’ll start asking questions and, like peeved inmates in the asylum, throw feces at you.

As US aircraft bomb Syria and Iraq, our much-touted Sunni Arab “allies” –Saudi Arabia, Jordan, the Emirates, Bahrain and Qatar — try their best to hide behind the potted palms. The Emirates has learned enough modern PR tactics of distraction to feature a female lead pilot dropping a few bombs somewhere. Nicely progressive for backward Arabs, don’t you think? These Sunni nations, of course, are all in various stages of obscene dictatorial rule and so fearful of their own people that they’re cautious of setting off rebellions that might disrupt their fiefdoms. Saudi Arabia has financial connections with ISIS and regularly does beheadings for various misdemeanors. Turkey is petrified of ISIS craziness seeping across its border and stirring up its separatist Kurds. Egypt is silent because its crooked generals killed thousands in the street to steal the nation from duly-elected moderate Muslims. Of course Israel isn’t part of the coalition of bombers. That would escalate the war from the absurd to the apocalyptic. This didn’t stop Prime Minister Netanyahu from doing his bit to whip the war into a greater frenzy by comparing his Gazan nemesis Hamas to The Islamic State. Just like ISIS, we were told, Hamas seeks “world domination.”

“When it comes to their ultimate goals Hamas is ISIS and ISIS is Hamas,” Netanyahu told the UN General Assembly. Yep, all you have to do is look at photographs from Gaza these days and it’s clear Gazans are set on world domination. We need to crush them in their lairs like vermin. It makes you wonder about all those people in the Warsaw ghetto set on world domination.

Americans have been told US soldiers will be training “moderate” Sunni Arabs in Saudi Arabia. Their role in the unfolding drama will be as “boots on the ground” under the US aerial show-of-force. Strategic thinkers in what disgruntled enlisted soldiers like to call “the head shed” are now in secret figuring out just who is a moderate and who is a bad guy in Syria. The training will take at least eight months. Syrian President Assad had been going easy on these so-called moderate militias opposing him, but once he read in the Times about our plans to train them he opened up a ruthless new killing campaign to crush them. So moving from Syria to Saudi Arabia may be prudent right now. Those remaining will just have to cope.

Are you following this so far? Because it gets even stranger. While we’re on record that we hate Assad and want to overthrow his Syrian government, Assad is our best ally against the ISIS killers (The Islamic State) who have taken over Anbar Province in adjacent Iraq. Assad wants to work with US forces on the anti-ISIS mission, since he would greatly benefit from ISIS disappearing. Iran also wants to work with the US to degrade and destroy ISIS. But the US hates Iran even more than it hates Assad. President Netanyahu excoriated Iran as a demon state in his UN Speech; he’s afraid the US will crawl in bed with Iran over ISIS and soften on Iranian nuclear weapons. So while Assad’s Syria and Iran straddle The Islamic State we want to destroy, the US must act as if they don’t exist in the equation. We don’t see you! The fact the George W. Bush Administration handed the keys to Iraq over to Iran’s Shiite friends … well, let’s not mention that gorilla in the room.

President Obama is seen by his right-wing critics as a failure when it comes to being the Master of the Universe. This became clear when ISIS came out of Syria and overwhelmed the much-vaunted, US-trained Iraq Army in Anbar Province. The Iraq Army was pushed out of the way like a stable of diseased, camp-following whores. The Iraqi military officers in Sunni Anbar were such fat, corrupt slugs they slithered and ran at the first sight of the ferocious ISIS fighters. Ordinary Iraqi soldiers naturally followed. It became a rout very much akin in spirit to the rout in South Vietnam in 1975. In a recent speech in New York, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani pointed out to President Obama that if it had not been for Iranian military support in southern Shiite Iraq, ISIS would have continued through Baghdad like crap through a goose to the Iranian border.

As a constantly ratcheting-up vengeance cycle, this god-awful mess gets even worse. As part of its vengeful actions in the post-Iraq War period, ISIS has apparently called for “lone wolves” to do beheadings in Europe and the US. Next, a lunatic in Oklahoma is fired from his job and runs amok using a knife to slice off the head of a co-worker. This African American male had reportedly been converted to Islam in a US prison where he had done time for drug offenses. This unbalanced Oklahoma man apparently festooned his Facebook page with angry diatribes and even may have exhibited a beheading photo. This is Sean Hannity territory, and he has been working the story as hard as he can to position this crazed murderer as a black terrorist working under the ISIS brand in the homeland. Ex-Arkansas governor and Christian preacher Mike Huckabee did the same, featuring a quite excited ex-CIA agent. And it was all President Obama’s fault.

It’s like being caught in a maze and you can’t find your way out. This war is so confusing, contradictory and hypocritical that it makes sense when Americans of all ideological inclinations welcome the certainties of fiction and magical thinking. Cut off our heads, we’ll cut off your heads. We’re more sophisticated, so we’ll do it metaphorically. Symbolically. We are the champions! We’ll rely on a lazy, bought-and-sold media to tells us what “our enemy” is up to. The point is not truth. For heaven’s sake! as Don Rumsfeld might say, as all our enemies and even our allies know too well, the point is to work the military missions and the PR levers to make sure the good ol’ USA comes out on top of the fetid, smoking heap. It’s not quite a “shining city on a hill,” but it works for the 21st century.

So follow the bouncing ball. Whatever you do, don’t actually try to make sense out of all this. Keep thinking of those beheadings and how they make you feel. Don’t talk to anybody other than yourself and your ideological friends. Don’t actually sit down with a diverse assortment of parties to re-shape the man-made parts of the Earth to better meet the needs of all the people who live and die on it. In that same spirit, don’t even imagine breaking up the British/French colonial formation called Iraq into three logically conceived, regional entities that would dilute imperial control. Don’t let the region work out its own problems. Don’t move an inch toward forgiveness on the vengeance/forgiveness continuum. Keep that blood lust boiling! And stir up as much religious hatred as you can. Certainly don’t ask questions. And, please — God help us all! — whatever you do, don’t learn from your mistakes and change anything.

Heavens to Betsy, don’t do as our great veteran brother Country Joe so beautifully did and ask, “What’re we fightin’ for?”

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Jewish Lobbi ”4” : Neocon Fifth Columnists “Stand apart”


Elliott Abrams, senior fellow for Middle Eastern Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations. He was a deputy national security adviser in the Bush administration.

If ever there was a statement that condemns Jews as a race, it is this quote from Elliott Abrams

by Rex Williams

The proven liar, Elliott Abrams  wrote in his book ‘Faith or Fear’ (1997)……..

 “Outside the land of Israel, there can be no doubt that Jews, faithful to the covenant between God and Abraham, are to stand apart from the nation in which they live. It is the very nature of being Jewish to be apart–except in Israel–from the rest of the population….”

Firstly, based on the above, I am now proud to be seen as an anti-Semite. If Abrams and his ilk are Semites, then I am definitely an anti-Semite.  So, if Abraham Foxman of the ill-famed Anti-Defamation League, yet another of the many Jewish fronts in America,  kindly advises me of his email address on these pages, I will advise him where I can be contacted.

Come and get me, Abe. Best bring in Abrams at the same time though as he has been defaming everyone else in the world, except Jews, by the above dogma, seemingly by which he exists.

“Stand apart”, indeed.

One is tempted to ask, what is the equivalent to an anti-Semite for decent Jewish people ? Those genuine Jews who are prepared to accept the US as theirs, justly assimilated people going about their business and visiting the synagogue and who have seen their Jewishness  as  just another religion.  Their religion. BUT they are Americans, no question about that. They made and still make their contribution to American life without favour and voted in the US, paid taxes in the US, own one passport, lived with and joined the rest of the normal people in the US, fought in US military alliances when required. These people do not accept the quotation above from the Iran-Contra liar, Elliott Abrams, who endeavours to place them above the rest of us.

They do not see it that way and there are thousands of them,  thousands. Good, decent people.

Elliott Abrams, Arrogant or Stupid….or both? Whatever. A danger to the United States.

Who is this proven liar? Now some sort of jumped-up luminary at the Council on Foreign Relations, just another Jewish lobby group, one of hundreds thick on the ground in the United States?.  A person of little consequence, who has been on the payroll of the United States for years, his record of evil deeds in South America following him wherever he goes.

The widows in that part of the world will not forget this man, ever.

So people like Abrams, Schumer, Cantor, Lieberman, Kristol, Ros Lehtinem, the Neocon fifth columnists filth, yes, sadly all Jews, can tally up over two million civilian deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan while dangling the feckless Bush on a string, and before which we saw sanctions kill 500,000 children, the same sanctions now being applied to Iran, Syria and North Korea, previously Cuba for FORTY years. It is endemic to US foreign policy, supported by the Zionists of America as they “stand apart” from the common rabble and weave their awful deeds, for their own ends.

Hopefully, the likes of Chuck Hagel can go a long way to changing this inhumane sanctions policy. The tide is turning and no collection of self-serving  unpatriotic Zionists  should be able to stop it, now or ever.

Why should any real American like Chuck Hagel have to face such a group of people like US Senators or even worse, US Congress members, corrupt and compromised beyond belief ?

How many of those Zionists who worship the “covenant between God and Abraham”  have put their bodies on the line to save the US from whatever it is they always seem to be fighting for these days?

NONE. You can count on it!

So now you know. The Jews ‘stand apart’ from the nation in which they live, using it for their ends as they seem to use everything that comes within their orbit. The real American people tolerate these people who are in no way patriots, are not dedicated Americans but who, by being ‘apart’ from the nation, run counter to all the basic objectives of the United States and its people. 

Why are they tolerated at all? Why do the voters keep sending them back to the Congress and the Senate? These ‘representatives’, stooges for Israel, now blindly do the bidding of those that “stand apart”.


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Jewish Lobby ”3” : Well done, CNI. But we need a unifying banner



Our Mission
CNI  (Council for the National Interest) seeks to encourage and promote a U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East that is consistent with American values…..

by Rex Williams

This is very good, but if your objective was to “serve the International interests of the world’s nations” or similar, then many more would be delighted to promote your message throughout South Pacific countries, Europe, Africa and all other regions. 

This does not mean that I am unaware of the need for the US to remove the insidious influence of Israel from your houses of government so that policies can then be put in place that will reverse the Israeli expansion in Palestine, or to reduce the  American public’s acceptance of continuous US-led wars. However, I am suggesting an International program here that will bring people from many nations together to work against this problem we all face.

When compared to the US, we in Australia are relatively free from the influences that have been allowed to make Zionist political control so powerful as in your country.  But using the very same methods the Zionists found to be successful in your country, these influences are now  seen emerging here. Unfortunately, like Americans,Australians are trusting and generally apathetic about anything but the football scores, the very environment that Zionists use to spread their parasitic influence.

The willing acceptance by the US to conform to the ‘capitalist’ system without any restrictions on foreign-influenced ownership has seen your media become 90% ownedby such corporations along with the continued acceptance of similar levels of penetration into other key industries and institutions.  Freedom of the press is mandated by your Constitutionbut there is no reference to the rights of the people to know they are reading / viewing / listening to the truth. There are no penalties for misrepresentation, lies or inaccuracies.

The ownership of the media, with the pervasive influence of News Limited, makes us vulnerable in Australia as well.

In a modern society, the facilities are available for the exploitation of any area of weakness, whether in a once-revered document such as the US Constitution, the proliferation of PAC’s or SuperPAC’s and their ability to influence the voting outcomes or the well-documented use of graft and corruption for elected representativesUnfortunately, this is tolerated by the public, everywhere. These activities should be identified and prosecuted. It is not just a US condition, as well you would know.

When thinking on this subject as I do frequentlyone cannot help but reflect on the McCarthy era in the US in the 1950’s. The search for ‘communists’, socialists, fellow travelers and the promoters of any idea that contravened accepted American values as they were then, was seen in following years as having been extreme and unacceptable, but at that time, endorsed by the US Senate. Since that date, your country has endured graft, corruption, the blatant buying of political influence, the populating of the Congress by people who are compromised and virtually controlled by a foreign country. Your media is controlled by the same foreign Industries with access to US secrets have been allowed to develop without a murmur, industries such as communications, military / industrial, security and banking. The US has made itself a willing target for an Israeli takeover, and it has happened.

How long can Americans continue to accept people like Elliott Abrams and the Neocon cabal as patriotic citizens?

Your character has been well-read and well-used by the Machiavellian Israeli mind, well-organized, well-funded and well-executed and apparently, well-tolerated by the American people.  Even in the event of an awakening of the people to the fate that has befallen them, one is forced to ask how many generations will need to pass before an eventual  purging of both the Congress and the Senate will allow a majority of uncorrupted, patriotic and respected “America-first” members to finally decide what is best for the national interest? Right now, do such people even make up 15% of the Congress?

I have long held the view that the forces of good are fragmented and therefore, ineffective. Against this, we have a highly organized, well-funded ‘enemy’ that has penetrated the governments of the world to such an extent that they can influence their daily decisions, as well as the United Nations, almost at will.  Case in point: the US veto used with such success in the Security Council and the sixty-six UN Resolutions which have given such an unjustified, undemocratic advantage to Israel, without which the Palestinian question would have been resolved forty years ago. In that regard, the UN now has little value. It has become the plaything of the US government, and we know who runs those ‘august’ institutions.

To date,  efforts made to secure some level of uniformity of thinking or cooperative activity between activists has always met with little interest, an indication quite clearly that the objectives of all people or groups are directed at  different levels with different priorities, single issues, either feeling an inability to address larger issues or structurally unable to develop the resources needed to make a difference.  If this situation continues, the US will diminish as a democratic world power, and the Israel Zionists through their apologists and Israel-firsters will expand as an insidious influence, by default.

This does not take away from the magnificent efforts of organizations such as your ownCNIIf Americans KnewMy Catbird SeatAntiwarIRmep and others the names of which you would be familiar with, unpaid writers such as  Alison Weir, Alan Hart, Stuart Littlewood, Justin Raimondo, Lawrence Davidson, Grant F. Smith, Stephen Sniegoski, Alan Sabrosky and your own Philip Giraldi, videos by Anthony Lawson, among 16 -20 other writers of whom I am aware giving of their time, week after week as well as gutsy and uncompromised parliamentarians such as David Ward, Liberal Democrat from the UK; David Shoebridge, Greens Party from NSW, Australia.

They are motivated, valuable and worthy and if we are successful in bringing about an awareness of the current situation, their names should be respected as having made a valuable effort for world peace and  understanding.

There are millions just like them, passionate, focused, but not organized. To my thinking, the fact that they are being forced to risk their careers, together with  their long term value by having to almost stand alone, makes them well-meaning but virtually ineffective, as am I and all the dedicated bloggers in the world.

Without organization or a banner under which we can all serve, we are floundering and we have done that for forty years to the great disadvantage of the world.


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By Rex Williams

“Kennedy warned us that secrecy would bring us tyranny”quoted Gordon Duff.  And we have seen a lot of that lately.  President Kennedy also told the Newspaper Publishers Association that “it is to the printing press, the recorder of man’s deeds, the keeper of his conscience, the courier of his news, that we look for strength and assistance, confident that with your help man will be what he was born to be: Free and Independent.”

He certainly didn’t envisage 2011 in that comment or he would have known that we have now  reached the stage where “the recorder of man’s deeds” would be compliant to the dictates of a foreign power, its slant on the news but not, certainly not the “courier of his news”, if ‘news’ means truth. If I remember correctly the media in those days had a large element of independent ownership which has since been engineered to become the mouthpiece of Israel and all the hatred and evil that means, to us all throughout the whole world.

The likes of Murdoch, with his shock-jocks, the trademark of Fox News, a perfect example of media manipulation, must accept some degree of responsibility for all the events in the US. It is really his entry into the US media ownership (and the apathy of the people)  that has created such an angry political environment whipped along by easily purchased Congress members and perhaps the worst collection of Presidents since Jimmy Carter,  who at least made an effort to right some of the wrongs.

So there is more to this Arizona shooting than meets the eye. It is almost a given that every action that occurs in the US these days has some larger agenda and fortunately there are such stalwarts as Gordon Duff,  Jeff Gates, Philip Giraldi, Alan Hart, Alison Weir, Anthony Lawson, Stuart Littlewood, Grant Smith, Paul Balles, Franklin Lamb,  James Petras, James Morris  and so many others whose works find a home on My Catbird Seatand who all possess the credentials and experience to stretch  our thinking  to consider more than just the obvious surface, because below that surface is another world entirely and it isn’t pretty.

Along with so many unsolved crimes in the US starting with the assasinations of the Kennedys to 9/11 in between, and now the Arizona action, it does make one wonder whether the powers that be are behind the very poor rate of solving major crimes as one feels that even with the shooter in custody, the real story won’t ever come out. People that plan these things are big on covering their tracks as well we know. As a person from another country, I always understood that depending on the leanings of the law officer concerned, one could almost be arrested for breathing the air,  so  litigious was the climate in all the states. However, when it comes to major political crime on a grand scale such as the assassination of a President, the experts can make it appear  as though it is the act of a “lone gunman” as we shall  see once again, particularly if someone makes the case easier, saves the state a fortune as well, by having him shot as he walks with his guards. Sounds like an old story, still not solved. They, whoever they really are, know how to do this.

But surely there are some good, law abiding, uncorrupted people somewhere in the US. Right at this moment, one could be excused for thinking otherwise.

Who is the beneficiary of the US being in turmoil, agonizing over the Arizona crime, publicly engaged in self-flagellation, while the rest of the world says, “what do you expect….it is America. Normal for them over there.  Access to weapons and all that stuff, don’t you know”.  So we all wait until the next event occurs and the people again become pre-conditioned to this climate as a way of life. After all, the US does have a history of such matters and there will another  one soon, as sure as night follows day. Who benefits????

WHO? Let’s see if this can be analysed and proven, rationally.

Back in the seventies, there was a fashion for management training on a large scale. I mean, if you didn’t attend a course on business, marketing, sales, organization development, or Customer Relations Management, you didn’t progress and it was mandatory for people to apply these new found principles to their everyday life. It had some detractors and rightly so for some of it was rubbish . But some survived and rightly so . One that did was developed by a team from New Jersey, two gentlemen called Kepner and Tregoe, whose principles of Rational Management were  first taught to the aspiring middle and senior management people with great results. I, for one, have never forgotten the disciplined thinking that applies to their principles.

The point I am making here is that the application of such rational processes to the answers extracted  from the likes of the well informed writers to these pages would allow us to fill in the gaps by analyzing the situation regarding “WHO” above, making decisions on matters that need to be addressed, considering potential problems and adverse consequences of such decisions. I would state confidently, that if the process was followed, the questions asked and the answers given, the real beneficiaries to the turmoil being created almost daily in the United States,  would be patently clear, indisputable. Then all you have to do is find a national paper to print the results.

Well, that’s another story.

A commenter stated that we should be ‘suspicious of mainstream media’. Wise words. Blatant manipulation of the truth should be an indictable crime. Such a climate would close down Murdoch overnight, as well as the Jewish press per courtesy of the New York Times and its team of specialist (highly paid) sayanims doing the Zionist bidding. It could also develop into a new industry.”keepers of the “truth” and even become an academic study, The theme being ‘if we cannot prove it we will not print it,  or the reverse, ‘if it worthy of printing, regardless of our leanings, it will be printed , honestly and truthfully.

The penalty for breaching the rules, real dollars. A licence for being a public newspaper would be renewable annually.

Listen to what we can learn from JFK, the 35th President of the United States, serving from 1961 until his assassination. The President and the Press: Address before the American Newspaper Publishers Association, President John F. Kennedy, Waldorf-Astoria Hotel,New York City, April 27, 1961







Behind it all will be the evil empire the Zionist Regime, the real rulers of the United States, whose extremist policies and political corruption together with the US veto, have made Israel a pariah state for which every US citizen is paying dearly, every day of every year and which, in relation to credibility, has made both the United Nations and the United States  a laughing stock.

Remove the Israeli shackles and wrest back America. You own it, not Netanyahu and his international thugs.

Rex Williams, is a retired businessman, and has been a management consultant and director, involved in aviation, information technology and  has a long term interest in the military and politics. He is a strong activist against injustice and hypocrisy.


Jewish Lobby ”1” : A first step in re-claiming America back from Zionist control ?


Jimmy Carter backs Christian leaders’ letter. 

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter commended a letter from Christian leaders to Congress calling for an investigation of Israel’s human rights record and criticizing U.S. military aid to the country.

“Like these church leaders, The Carter Center has long been concerned about Israel’s disregard for stated U.S. policy,” said a statement issued Wednesday from the human rights group named for and headed by Carter. “This is demonstrated by an unprecedented massive increase in encroachment on occupied Palestinian territory, with illegal settlement expansion during recent years.”

“This is precluding the possibility of a two-state solution and endangers a peaceful future for both Israelis and Palestinians,” Carter said in the statement.

Jewish groups in mid-October pulled out of an interfaith dialogue after 15 leaders from mainline churches sent the letter to Congress, with no advance notice to their Jewish interlocutors. The letter said that Congress should make U.S. military aid to Israel “contingent upon its government’s compliance with applicable U.S. laws and policies.”

Source : Haaretz

Religious leaders ask Congress to ‘Reevaluate Military Aid to Israel.’ We can only hope that the ‘churches’ involved have the courage of their convictions and see it through.

by Rex Williams

It is difficult not to be cynical following the release of this letter to Congress from fifteen US church leaders. The very situations which they are raising as a reason for questioning the “unconditional US assistance” have been in evidence for as long as any of them would be able to remember, surely.  What is their motivation then?

The situation in Palestine that is fast becoming Israel has only become worse and more obvious, year after year: the gradual reduction of the Palestinian population by murder; Jewish settlers, as late as last Tuesday night, uprooted around 300 olive trees in al-Mughir village; the attacking of Palestinian funerals and injuring the mourners; Israeli warplanes launching daily mock raids on a number of areas in the Gaza Strip; the hundreds of Palestinians that are incarcerated in Israel’s prisons enduring shocking treatment; the ruination of Palestinian crops by sewerage waste or the destruction of olive plantations by settlers; the withholding of water from Palestinian villages; the disregard of UN resolutions, too many to count; the stealing of land from Palestine and the continuation of building settlements for new settlers……or any other number of thousands of illegal acts, happening daily.

This has been going on in plain sight for forty years. Where have these church leaders been? Even Ms Clinton, a known pro-zionist fellow traveler said these things are “unhelpful” to the peace process. A master of understatement, that woman.

Surely they have been aware of these inhumane and cruel acts as Israel tightened the noose over Palestine these past decades, creating an apartheid state. So, I am simply curious, why now?

However, please let us all view this as a positive step.

Convincing the corrupt Congress representatives that they should ignore the source of all their largesse: Israel, and only rely on the people in their own communities is a little unfair. Until this date, they were supporting the Christian-Zionist platforms.  Now these church leaders want them to turn 180 degrees to support the cessation of aid for Israel.

The signers of the letter to Congress,  urge an immediate investigation into possible violations by Israel of the U.S. Foreign Assistance Act and the U.S. Arms Export Control Act, which respectively prohibit assistance to any country which engages in a consistent pattern of human rights violations and limit the use of U.S. weapons to “internal security” or “legitimate self-defense.”   

They urge Congress to hold hearings to examine Israel’s compliance, and request regular reporting on compliance and the withholding of military aid for non-compliance.

The signers see a troubling and consistent pattern of disregard by the government of Israel for U.S. policies that support a just and lasting peace, particularly unbridled settlement construction in the West Bank. This year has also seen a dramatic rise in settler attacks against Palestinians with seeming impunity, they say.  

“Continued U.S. military assistance to Israel offered without conditions or accountability,” the signers conclude, “will only serve to sustain the status quo and Israel’s military occupation of the Palestinian territories.”  

‘I’ll have to think about that one, Reverend’.

Here is the Presbyterian News Service  press release:

Religious leaders ask Congress to condition Israel Military Aid on Human Rights compliance

PC(USA)’s Parsons, others see ‘troubling,consistent pattern of disregard’ by Israel government for U.S. policies

October 5, 2012,Presbyterian News Service, Jerry L. Van Marter, LOUISVILLE

Fifteen religious leaders representing many major faith groups in the country, have written a letter to Congress seeking to make U.S. military aid to Israel contingent upon its government’s “compliance with applicable U.S. laws and policies.”

Signers of the letter include Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) General Assembly Stated Clerk Gradye Parsons.

The signers say they “have worked for decades to support both Israelis and Palestinians in their desire to live in peace and well-being” and “have witnessed the pain and suffering of Israelis as a result of Palestinian actions and of Palestinians as a result of Israeli actions.”

Though they recognize that both Israelis and Palestinians bear responsibility for the prolonged violence in the region,   “unconditional U.S. military assistance to Israel has contributed to deteriorating conditions in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories which threaten to lead the region further away from the realization of a just peace. Furthermore, such aid sustains the conflict and undermines the long-term security interests of both Israelis and Palestinians.”

The signers urge an immediate investigation into possible violations by Israel of the U.S. Foreign Assistance Act and the U.S. Arms Export Control Act, which respectively prohibit assistance to any country which engages in a consistent pattern of human rights violations and limit the use of U.S. weapons to “internal security” or “legitimate self-defense.”   

They urge Congress to hold hearings to examine Israel’s compliance, and request regular reporting on compliance and the withholding of military aid for non-compliance.

The signers see a troubling and consistent pattern of disregard by the government of Israel for U.S. policies that support a just and lasting peace, particularly unbridled settlement construction in the West Bank. This year has also seen a dramatic rise in settler attacks against Palestinians with seeming impunity, they say.  

“Continued U.S. military assistance to Israel offered without conditions or accountability,” the signers conclude, “will only serve to sustain the status quo and Israel’s military occupation of the Palestinian territories.”  

The full text of the letter, dated Oct. 5:

Dear Member of Congress,

We write to you as Christian leaders representing U.S. churches and religious organizations committed to seeking a just peace for Israelis and Palestinians. Our organizations have been deeply involved in this pursuit for decades, inspired by the call and promise of Jesus Christ who said, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.”

In response to our Christian call to be peacemakers, we have worked for decades to support both Israelis and Palestinians in their desire to live in peace and well-being. We have worked alongside our Palestinian Christian sisters and brothers to help build a peaceful and resilient Palestinian civil society by supporting hospitals, schools, clinics, and social service agencies. These ministries include cooperative efforts with Israelis and Palestinians as well as with Jews, Muslims, and other neighbors here in the United States. Through our presence in the region, and regular visits to our partners there, we see first-hand the impacts of the conflict on both Palestinians and Israelis and hear from them directly about the reality of their lives.

Through this direct experience we have witnessed the pain and suffering of Israelis as a result of Palestinian actions and of Palestinians as a result of Israeli actions. In addition to the horror and loss of life from rocket attacks from Gaza and past suicide bombings, we have witnessed the broad impact that a sense of insecurity and fear has had on Israeli society.

We have also witnessed widespread Israeli human rights violations committed against Palestinians, including killing of civilians, home demolitions and forced displacement, and restrictions on Palestinian movement, among others. We recognize that each party—Israeli and Palestinian—bears responsibilities for its actions and we therefore continue to stand against all violence regardless of its source. Our stand against violence is complemented by our commitment to the rights of all Israelis, as well as all Palestinians, to live in peace and security.

It is this experience and these commitments that lead us to write to you today to express our grave concern about the deteriorating conditions in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories which threaten to lead the region further away from the realization of a just peace.

Unfortunately, unconditional U.S. military assistance to Israel has contributed to this deterioration, sustaining the conflict and undermining the long-term security interests of both Israelis and Palestinians. This is made clear in the most recent 2011 State Department Country Report on Human Rights Practices covering Israel and the Occupied Territories, which details widespread Israeli human rights violations committed against Palestinian civilians, many of which involve the misuse of U.S.-supplied weapons.

(Weapons in this instance include “crowd control” items such as tear gas. The Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2012 (P.L. 112-74) which is included in the US Foreign Military Financing regulations stipulates that “not later than 90 days after enactment of this act and 6 months thereafter, the Secretary of State shall submit a report to the Committees on Appropriations detailing any crowd control items, including tear gas, made available with appropriated funds or through export licenses to foreign security forces that the Secretary of State has credible information have repeatedly used excessive force to repress peaceful, lawful, and organized dissent.” )

Accordingly, we urge an immediate investigation into possible violations by Israel of the U.S. Foreign Assistance Act and the U.S. Arms Export Control Act which respectively prohibit assistance to any country which engages in a consistent pattern of human rights violations and limit the use of U.S. weapons to “internal security” or “legitimate self-defense.”

(While this letter focuses on US-Israel relations and the Israel-Palestine conflict, these are laws that we believe should be enforced in all instances regardless of location. All allegations regarding the misuse of US supplied arms should be investigated.)

More broadly, we urge Congress to undertake careful scrutiny to ensure that our aid is not supporting actions by the government of Israel that undermine prospects for peace. We urge Congress to hold hearings to examine Israel’s compliance, and we request regular reporting on compliance and the withholding of military aid for non-compliance.  

In addition to specific rights violations, we see a troubling and consistent pattern of disregard by the government of Israel for U.S. policies that support a just and lasting peace. Specifically, repeated demands by the U.S. government that Israel halt all settlement activity have been ignored. Since 1967, every U.S. administration has decried Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories as obstacles to peace. Despite this stance, Israel continues to expand its settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, claiming territory that under international law and U.S. policy should belong to a future Palestinian state. The Oslo peace process, which began in 1993, was publicly promoted as leading Israelis and Palestinians to a just peace based on a two-state solution. Instead, since 1993, the number of Israeli settlers in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, has more than doubled. Rights violations resulting from Israeli settlement activity include separate and unequal legal systems for Palestinians and settlers, confiscation of Palestinian land and natural resources for the benefit of settlers, and violence by settlers against Palestinians.

According to the Israeli human rights group B’Tselem and the U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, there has been a dramatic rise in settler attacks against Palestinians this year. They report that these attacks are often intended to drive Palestinians from areas the settlers wish to take over, and that Israeli authorities have failed to take significant action to stop the violence or hold the perpetrators accountable. We believe that these actions directly undermine peace efforts and threaten, rather than support, Israel’s long-term security interests.

We want to be clear that we recognize that Israel faces real security threats and that it has both a right and a duty to protect both the state and its citizens. However, the measures that it uses to protect itself and its citizens, as in the case with any other nation, must conform to international humanitarian and human rights law.

As Christian leaders in the United States, it is our moral responsibility to question the continuation of unconditional U.S. financial assistance to the government of Israel. Realizing a just and lasting peace will require this accountability, as continued U.S. military assistance to Israel — offered without conditions or accountability — will only serve to sustain the status quo and Israel’s military occupation of the Palestinian territories.

We request, therefore, that Congress hold Israel accountable to these standards by making the disbursement of U.S. military assistance to Israel contingent on the Israeli government’s compliance with applicable U.S. laws and policies.

As Israel is the single largest recipient of U.S. foreign aid since World War II, it is especially critical for Israel to comply with the specific U.S. laws that regulate the use of U.S.-supplied weapons. We also encourage Congress to support inclusive, comprehensive, and robust regional diplomacy to secure a just and lasting peace that will benefit Israelis, Palestinians, and all the peoples of the region, and the world.

With respect and gratitude, we offer you our prayers.

In addition to Parsons, the letter was signed by Presiding Bishop Mark Hanson of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America; United Methodist Council of Bishops President Rosemarie Wenner; Peg Birk, transitional general secretary of the National Council of Churches; Shan Cretin, general secretary of the American Friends Service Committee; J. Ron Byler, executive director of the Mennonite Central Committee U.S.; and Alexander Patico, North American secretary for the Orthodox Peace Fellowship.

Also, Diane Randall, executive secretary of the Friends Committee on Legislation; American Baptist Churches General Secretary A. Roy Medley; United Church of Christ General Minister and President Geoffrey A. Black; the Rev. Sharon Watkins, general minister and president of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ); the Rev. Julia Brown Karimu, president of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Division of Overseas Ministries; the Rev. James A. Moos, executive minister for the United Church of Christ’s Wider Church Ministries; Eli S. McCarthy, justice and peace director for the Conference of Major Superiors of Men; and Kathy McKneely, acting director of the Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns.

A high degree of potential problems in this scenario. Ultimately, it will be a question of where their votes are. As members of the Congress they can only be found in their communities. So it may just work, given time, lots of time.

It’s time for him to go!

However, the withdrawal of the Foxman delegation, the notorious ADL, from the ‘interfaith dialogue’ conference, would be the very first sign of what sort of battle the church leaders will face as he and his Zionist comrades use their well-honed influence machine to represent this action as a breakdown of the shared values between the US and Israel. A decidedly one-way street of shared values as we all know, but that is primarily the fault of a compromised US Congress, a hotbed of Israeli sycophants working directly or indirectly for a foreign State, walking up and down every corridor, present in almost every room, un-patriotic Americans.

Shared values Mr. Foxman? The more you say it the more ridiculous it sounds.

We could mention the USS Liberty; the Goldstone report; the Neocons, their lies that led to the destruction of Iraq and the death of a million Iraqis, false flags, extrajudicial assassinations of Iranian scientists and Palestinian political leaders, British and Australian passport forgeries, but we won’t.

Foxman, in calling on Jewish organizations to “understand the level of disrespect the American Jewish community is being shown here” conveniently forgets that the same disrespect by Israel to the US people has been in evidence for decades. Current Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu said in 2001: “I know what America is. America is something that can easily be moved.“  Former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said: ”Wethe Jewish people control America and the Americans know it.”  Any respect evident in those arrogant statements? And the level of disrespect has become even more noticeable in the past four years.

Perhaps even the US churches are weary being just another vehicle for the parasitic Zionists to cling to and influence. For what? Another war at Israel’s direction, as with Iraq, based on lies, using US soldiers as gun fodder for Israel’s hegemony in the region.

“Eretz Israel”, the only outcome of interest to an Israeli, whether living in Tel Aviv, or masquerading as US citizens on mainland USA. They’ll do anything to control the Middle East so long as they don’t have to fight and can get the gullible Americans to sacrifice their sons and daughters for a greater Israel agenda.

We can only hope that the ‘churches’ involved have the courage of their convictions and see their demands through.


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US Global Power in the 21st Century: Military or Economic Imperialism?


Global Research

Despite vast amounts of imperial data to the contrary, the great majority of writers on imperialism continue to describe and analyze US imperialism strictly in economic terms, as an expansion of “capital accumulation”, “accumulation on a world scale”.

In fact the major and minor US imperial wars have more to do with “capital dis-accumulation”, in the sense that trillion dollar flows have gone out from the US, hundreds of billions of dollars in profits from resource sites have been undermined, markets for exports have been severely weakened and exploitable productive labor has been uprooted. At the same time US imperialist state ‘dis-accumulates capital’, multi-national corporations, especially in the extractive sector are expanding, “accumulating capital” throughout Latin America.

This new configuration of power, the conflicting and complementary nature of 21st century US imperialism, requires that we anchor our analysis in the real, existing behavior of imperial state and extractive capitalist policymakers. The basic premise informing this essay is that there are two increasingly divergent forms of imperialism: military driven intervention, occupation and domination; and economic expansion and exploitation of resources, markets and labor by invitation of the ‘host country’.

We will proceed by examining the choices of imperial strategy, in a historical – comparative framework and the alternatives which were selected or rejected. Through an analysis of the practical decisions taken regarding ‘imperial expansion’ we can obtain insights into the real nature of US imperialism. The study of imperial strategic choices, past and present, state and corporate, requires three levels of analysis: global, national and sectoral.

Global Strategies: US Imperial State and the MNC

US imperial state invested trillions of dollars in military expenditures, hundreds of thousands of military personnel into wars in theMiddle East (Iraq, Yemen, and Syria), North and East Africa (Libya, Somalia), South Asia (Afghanistan) and imposed sanctions on Iran costing the US hundreds of billions in “capital dis-accumulation”.

The US corporate elite, driven out of Iraq, Syria, Libya and elsewhere where US military imperialism was engaged, chose to invest in manufacturing in China and extractive sectors throughout Latin America.

In other words the US imperial state strategists either chose to expand in relatively backward areas (Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen) or imposed under-development by destroying or sanctioning lucrative extractive economies (Iraq, Libya, Iran).

In contrast the MNC chose the most dynamic expanding zones where militarist imperialism was least engaged – China and Latin America. In other words “capital did not follow the flag” – it avoided it.

Moreover, the zones where extractive capital was most successful in terms of access, profits and stability were those where their penetration was based on negotiated contracts between sovereign nations and CEO’s – economic imperialism by invitation.

In contrast in the priority areas of expansion chosen by imperial state strategists, entry and domination was by force, leading to the destruction of the means of production and the loss of access to the principle sites of extractive exploitation. US military driven imperialism undermined energy companies’ agreements in Iraq and Libya. Imperial state sanctions in Iran designed to weaken its nuclear and defense capabilities undercut US corporate extractive, public-private contracts with the Iranian state oil corporations. The drop in production and supply in oil in Iraq, Iran and Libya raised energy prices and had a negative impact on the “accumulation of capital on a world scale”.

If imperial state decision-makers had followed the direction of economic rather than military driven policymakers they would have pivoted to Asia and Latin America rather than the Middle East, South Asia and North Africa. They would have channeled funds into economic imperialist strategies, including joint ventures, high and medium tech trade agreements, and expanded exports by the high-end manufacturing sector, instead of financing 700 military bases, destabilization campaigns and costly military exercises.

Twentieth century military imperialism stands in stark contrast to late twentieth century economic imperialism. In the mid 1960’s the US announced a vast new economic program in Latin America – the Alliance for Progress which was designed to finance economic opportunities in Latin America via joint ventures, agrarian reform and investments in the extractive sector. The imperial state’s military policies and interventionist policies were designed to secure US business control over mines, banks, factories and agro-business. US backing for the coups in Chile, Bolivia, Brazil, Uruguay and Peru led to the privatization of key resource sectors and the imposition of the neo-liberal economic model.

US policy in Asia under Nixon was directed first and foremost to opening economic relations with China, expanding trade agreements with Japan, Taiwan and South Korea. The ‘pivot from war’ to free trade led to a boom in US exports as well as imports, in private investments and lucrative profits. Military expenditures declined even as the US engaged in covert operations in Afghanistan, Angola, Nicaragua and El Salvador.

Imperial intervention combined military and economic expansion with the latter dictating policy priorities and the allocation of resources.

The reversal set in with the US military backing of the jihadist extremists in Afghanistan and the demise of the USSR. The former set the stage for the rise of the Taliban to power and the emergence of the Al Qaeda terrorist organization. The latter led US imperial strategists to pursue wars of conquest with impunity – Yugoslavia and Iraq during the 1990’s.

Easy military conquests and visions of a ‘unipolar’ world dominated by US military supremacy, encouraged and fostered the emergence of a new breed of imperial strategists – the neo-conservative militarists with closer ties to Israel and its military priorities than to the US extractive petrol capitalists in the Middle East.

Military versus Economic Imperialist at the ‘National Level’

In the post-Cold War period, the competition between the two variants of imperialism was played out in all the nation subject to US intervention.

During the first Iraq war the balance between militarists and economic imperialists was in play. The US defeated Iraq but did not shred the state, nor bomb the oil fields. Sanctions were imposed but did not paralyze oil deals. The US did not occupy Iraq; it partioned the north –so-called“Kurdish” Iraq but left the secular state intact. Extractive capital was actively in competition with the militarist neo-conservatives over the future direction of imperial policy.

The launch of the second Iraq war and the invasion of Afghanistan marked a decisive shift toward military imperialism: the US ignored all economic considerations. Iraq’s secular state was destroyed; civil society was pulverized; ethno-religious, tribal and clan warfare was encouraged. US colonial officials ruled by military fiat; top policymakers with links to Israel replaced oil-connected officials. The militarist “war on terror” ideology replaced free market, free trade imperialism. Afghanistan killing fields replaced the China market as the center of US imperial policy. Billions were spent, chasing evasive guerrillas in the mountains of a backward economy while US lost competitive advantages in the most dynamic Asian markets.

Imperial policymakers chose to align with sectarian warlords in Iraq over extractive technocrats. In Afghanistan they chose loyal ex-pat puppets over influential Taliban leaders capable of pacifying the country.

Extractive versus Military Imperialism in Latin America

Latin American neo-liberalism went from boom to bust in the 1990’s. By the early 2000’s crisis enveloped the region. By the turn of the century US backed rulers were being replaced by popular nationalist leaders. US policymakers stuck by their neoliberal clients in decline and failed to adapt to the new rulers who pursued modified socially inclusive extractivism. The US military imperialists longed for a return of the neo-liberal backers of the “war on terrorism”. In contrast, international multinational extractive corporations were realists – and adapted to the new regimes.

On a global scale, at the beginning of the new millennium, two divergent tendencies emerged. US military imperialism expandedthroughout the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia and the Caucuses, while Latin American regimes turned in the opposite direction – toward moderate nationalism, and populism with a strong emphasis on poverty reduction via economic development in association with imperial extractive capital

In the face of these divergent and conflicting trends, the major US extractive multi-national corporations chose to adapt to the new political realities in Latin America. While Washington, the imperial state, expressed hostility and dismay toward the new regimes refusal to back the “war on terror” (military imperialism) the major MNCs, robust embrace of economic imperialism, took advantage of the investment opportunities opened by the new regimes’ adoption of a new extractivist model, to pour billions into the mining, energy and agricultural sectors.

The Specificities of Extractive Imperialism in the Era of “Post Neo-Liberalism”

Extractive imperialism in Latin America has several specific characteristics that sharply demark it from earlier forms agro-mineral imperialism.

(1) Extractive capital is not dominated by a single imperial country-like the Spanish in the 18t century, the British in the 19thcentury or the US in the 20th century. Imperial extractive capital is very diverse: Canadian, US, Chinese, Brazilian, Australian, Spanish, Indian and other MNCs are deeply involved.

(2) The imperial states of the diverse MNC do not engage in “gun boat diplomacy” (with the exception of the US). The imperial states provide economic financing and diplomatic support but are not actively involved in subverting Latin American regimes.

(3) The relative weight of US MNCs, in the new imperial extractivism is much less than it was a half century earlier. The rise of diverse extractive MNC and dynamism of China’s commodity market and deep financial pockets have displaced the US, the IMF and WB and established new terms of trade with Latin America.

(4) Probably the most significant aspect of the new imperial extractivism is that its entry and expansion is by invitation. The Latin American regimes and the extractive MNCs negotiate contracts – MNC entry is not unilaterally imposed by an imperial state. Yet the ‘contracts’ may result in unequal returns; they provide substantial revenues and profits to the MNC; they grant large multi –million acre tracts of land for mining or agriculture exploitation; they obligate the national state to dispossess local communities and police/repress the displaced. But they also have allowed the post-neo-liberal state to expand their social spending, to increase their foreign reserves, to eschew relations with the IMF, and to diversify their markets and trading partners.

In regional terms extractive imperialism in Latin America has “accumulated capital” by diverging from the military imperialism practiced by the US in other regions of the world political- economy. Over the past decade and a half, extractive capital has been alliedwith and relyies both on post-neoliberal and neoliberal regimes against petty commodity producers, indigenous communities and other anti-extractive resistance movements. Extractive imperialists do not rely on ‘their’ imperial state to quell resistance- they turn to theirnational political partners.

Extractive imperialism by invitation also diverges from the military imperial state in its view toward regional organizations. US military imperialism placed all its bets on US centered economic integration which Washington could leverage to political, military and economic advantage. Extractive capital, in the great diversity of its ‘national identity’, welcomed Latin American centered integration which did not privilege US markets and investors.

The predominance of economic imperialism, in particular the extractive version, however, needs to be qualified by several caveats.

US military imperialism has been present in several forms. The US backed the military coup in Honduras overthrowing the post neo-liberal Zelaya government; likewise it supported an “institutional coup” in Paraguay.

Secondly, even as MNC corporations poured capital into Bolivian mining and energy sectors, the US imperial state fomented destabilization activity to undermine the MAS government. And was defeated and the agencies and operatives were expelled. The crucial issue in this, as well as other, instances is the unwillingness of the MNC’s to join forces with the military imperialists, via boycotts, trade embargoes or disinvestment. Clearly the stability, profitability and long-term contracts between the Bolivian regime and the extractive MNC counted for more than their ties to the US imperial state.

US military imperialism has expanded its military bases and increased joint military exercises with most Latin American armed forces. Indoctrinated military officials can still become formidable potential allies in any future ‘coup’, if and when the US “pivots” from the Middle East to Latin America.

US military imperialism in its manifest multiple forms, from bankrolling NGO’s engaged in destabilization and street riots in Venezuela, to its political support of financial speculators in Argentina and rightwing parties and personalities in Brazil, has a continuous presence alongside extractive imperialism. The success of the latter and the eclipse of the former are based in part on two contingentcircumstances. The US serial wars in the Middle East divert attention away from Latin America; and the commodity boom fuels the growth of extractive capital. The economic slowdown in China and the decline of commodity prices may weaken the regimes in opposition to US military imperialism.

Paradoxically the weakening of the ties between the post-neo-liberal regimes and extractive imperialism resulting from the decline of commodity prices is strengthening the neo-liberal socio-political forces allied with US military imperialism.

Latin America’s Right Turn: The Co-Habitation of Extractive and Military imperialism?

Throughout Latin America the post-neoliberal regimes which ruled for the better part of a decade and a half face serious challenges – from consequential social opposition at the micro-level and from aggressive political-economic elites at the macro-level. It is worthwhile to survey the prospects for a return to power of neo-liberal regimes allied with military imperialism in several key countries.

Several factors are working in favor of a return to power of political parties and leaders who seek to reverse the independent and inclusive policies of the post neoliberal power bloc.

First the post-neo-liberal regimes development strategy of depending on foreign extractive capital, perpetuated and strengthened the economic basis of imperialism: the ‘colonial style’ trade relation, exporting primary commodities and importing finished goods, allowed the agro-mineral elites to occupy key positions in the politico-social structure. With the decline in commodity prices, some post-neoliberal regimes are experiencing fiscal and balance of payments shortfalls. Inflation and cuts in social expenditures adversely affect the capacity of the post-neo-liberal regimes to retain popular and middle class electoral support.

The divergences between post-neoliberals and economic imperialism are accentuating with return of the neoliberal right. The agro-mineral sectors perceive an opportunity to rid themselves of their power and revenue sharing agreements with the state and to secure even more lucrative arrangements with the advance of the neo-liberal right which promises tax and royalty reductions, deregulation and lower wage and pension payments.

Secondly, the post-neo-liberal regimes’ alliances with the building , construction, and other bourgeois sectors, was accompanied by corruption involving pay-offs, bribes and other illicit financial transactions designed to finance their mass media based electoral campaigns and patronage system which ensured electoral majorities. The neo-liberal right is exploiting these corruption scandals to erode the middle class electoral base of the post -neo-liberal regimes.

Thirdly, the post-neo-liberal regimes increased the quantity of social services, but ignored their quality – provoking widespread discontent with the inadequate public educational, transport, and health services.

Fourthly, inflation is eroding the decade long advance of wage, pension and family allowances. The post-neo-liberal regimes are caught between the pressures to “adjust” –to devalueand impose fiscal ‘austerity’ as proposed by the international bankers and lose mass support, or to engage in deeper structural changes which require among other things, changes in the extractive dependence model and greater public ownership. The crises of the post-neo-liberal regimes is leading to irresolution and opening political space for the neo-liberal right which is allied to military and economic imperialism.

Military imperialism, which was weakened by the popular uprisings at the turn of 20th century is never absent. US military imperialism is first and foremost powerfully entrenched in two major countries: Mexico and Colombia. In both countries neo-liberal regimes bought into the militarization of their societies, including the comprehensive and deep presence of US military-police officials in the structures of the state.

In both states, US military and economic imperialism operates in alliance with paramilitary death squads, even as they proclaimed “a war on drugs”. The ideology of free market imperialism was put into practice with the elimination of trade barriers, widespread privatization of resources and multi-million acre land grants to MNC.

Through its regional clients, US imperialism has a springboard to extend its influence. Mexican style ‘militarized imperialism’ has spread to Central America; Colombia serves as a launch-pad to subvert Venezuela and Ecuador.

Where dissident regimes emerged in regions claimed by militarized imperialism, Honduras and Paraguay, military and civilian coups were engineered. However because of the regional concentration of US military imperialism in the Middle East it relies heavily on local collaborators, political, military and economic elites as vehicles for “regime change”.

Extractive imperialism is under siege from popular movements in many countries in Latin America. In some cases, the political elites have increasingly militarized the contested terrain. Where this is the case, the regimes invite and accept an increased imperial military presence, as advisers, and embrace their militarist ideology, thus fostering a “marriage” between extractive and military imperialism. This is the case in Peru under President Humala and Santos in Colombia.

In Argentina and Brazil, the moderate reformist policies of the Kirchner and Lula/Rousseff regimes are under siege. Faltering export earnings, rising deficits, inflationary pressures have fueled a neo-liberal offensive, which takes a new form: populism at the service of neo-liberal collaboration with military imperialism. Extractive capital has divided -some sectors retain ties with the regime, others, the majority are allied with rising power of the right.

In Brazil, the Right has promoted a former environmentalist (Silva) to front for the hardline neo-liberal financial sector – which has received full support from local and imperial mass media. In Argentina, the imperial state and mass media have backed hedge fund speculators and have launched a full scale economic war, claiming default, in order to damage Buenos Aires’ access to capital markets in order to increase its investments in the extractive sector.

In contrast Bolivia, the extractive model par excellence, has moved successfully to oust and weaken the military arm of imperialism, ending the presence of US military advisers and DEA officials, while deepening and strengthening its ties with diverse extractive MNCs on the one hand, and on the other consolidating support among the trade unions and peasant-Indian movements.

In Ecuador the extractive regime of Correa has diversified the sources of imperial capital from the US to China, and consolidated his power via effective patronage machinery and socio-economic reforms.

The US-Colombian military threat to Venezuela and Ecuador has diminished, peace negotiations with the FARC are advancing and the regime now faces trade union and Indian-peasant opposition with regard to its extractive strategy and corporatist labor reforms.

In both Ecuador and Bolivia, imperial militarism appears to lack the vital strategic military-civilian allies capable of engineering a regime change.

The case of Venezuela highlights the continuing importance of imperial militarism in shaping US policy in Latin America. The pivot to a military policy, was taken by Washington prior to any basic social reforms or economic nationalist measures. The coup of 2001 and lockout of 2002 were backed by the US in response to President Chavez forceful rejection of the “War on Terrorism”. Washington jeopardized its important economic stake, petrol investments, in order to put in place a regime in conforming to its global military strategy.

And for the next decade and a half, the US imperial strategy totally ignored investment, trade and resource opportunities in this wealthy petrol state; it chose to spend hundreds of millions in financing opposition NGO, terrorists, electoral parties, mass media and military officials to effect a regime change. The extractive sector in the US simply became a transmission belt for the agencies of the militarized imperial state. In its place, Russia and China, interested especially extractive sector signed multi-billion dollar contracts with the Venezuelan state: a case of extractive imperialism by invitation – for economic and security reasons.

Apart from the ideological conflict over US militarist expansion, Venezuela’s promotion of Latin American centered regional integration, weakened US leverage and control in the region. In its struggle against Latin American centered regional organizations and to regain its dominance, US imperialism has upgraded its economic profile via the Trans-Pacific Alliance, which includes its most loyal neo-liberal allies – Chile, Peru, Colombia and Mexico. The global eclipse of economic – driven imperial expansion in favor of the military has not totally displaced several key economic advances in strategic countries and sectors in Mexico, Colombia and Peru.

The privatization and denationalization of the biggest and most lucrative public petrol company in Latin America, PEMEX, the Mexican giant, opens up enormous profitable opportunities for US MNC. The rapid appropriation of oil fields by US MNC will enhance and compliment the militarization of Mexico undertaken by the US military-security apparatus.

The Mexican example highlights several features of US imperialism in Latin America.

Imperial militarization does not necessarily preclude economic imperialism if it takes place within an existing stable state structure. Unlike the imperial wars in Iraq and Libya, the military imperialist policies in Mexico advanced via powerful local political clients willing and able to engage in bloody civil wars costing over 100,000 civilian deaths in over a decade. Under the aegus and guidance of US imperial rulers, the US and Mexican military devastated civil society, but safeguarded and expanded the huge mining and manufacturing enclaves open to economic imperialist exploitation. Militarization contributed to weakening the bargaining rights of labor – wages have declined in real terms over the decades and the minimum wage is the lowest in the hemisphere.

Mexico highlights the crucial role that collaborator elites play in imperial capital accumulation. Mexico is an excellent example of ‘imperialism by invitation’ – the political agreements at the top impose ‘acquiescence’ below. The extraordinary levels of corruptionwhich permeates the entire political class, solidifies the longstanding links between Mexican political-business elite, the MNC and the security apparatus of the imperial state. Extractive imperialism is the principal beneficiary of this “triple alliance”.

In the case of Mexico, militarized imperialism laid the groundwork for the expansion of economic imperialism.

A similar process, involving ‘triple alliances’ is operative in Colombia. For the past decade and a half, militarized-imperialism poured over $6 billion in military aid(Plan Colombia) to finance the dispossession, assassination, arrest and torture and of over 4 million Colombians, including the killing of thousands of trade union and social movement leaders.

The scorched earth policy, backed by a substantial US military mission operated through the existing state apparatus and with the active support of the agro-mineral and banking elite ,aided by nearly 40,000 member paramilitary death squads and drug traffickers laid the groundwork for the large scale entry of extractive capital – particularly mining capital.

Military imperialism preceded the long-term, large scale ‘invasion’ by economic imperialism in the form of a free trade agreement and multi-million acre land grants to mining MNC.

This general pattern was repeated in Peru. The ‘war on terror” under Fujimori and the subsequent liberalization of the economy, under three subsequent Presidents, culminated in the massive primarization of the economy under President Humala – who deepened and extended the expansion of imperial extractive capital.

The economic downturn in some of the post-neo-liberal economies, namely Brazil, Argentina and Venezuela, and the rightward moving political spectrum, has opened a window of opportunity for US economic imperialism to work in tandem with the rising neo-liberal political opposition. The military option, a military coup or US military intervention is not on the horizon for the present time. The central focus of imperial state decision makers regarding regime change is a combination of overt electoral and covert ‘street intervention’: adopting ‘populist’, moralist and technocratic rhetoric to highlight corruption in high offices, inefficiency in the delivery of social services with claims of bureaucratic interference in the operations of the market. Business disinvestment, financial speculation on the currency and negative mass media propaganda has coincided strikes and protests against shortages and lag between wage and price increases.

Despite costly and failed imperial wars in the Middle East, despite a decade of military retreat in Latin America, economic imperialism is advancing via the electoral route; it already has established a formidable array of allies among the political regimes in Mexico, Colombia and Peru and is posed to re-establish neo-liberal allies in Brazil, Argentina and Venezuela.


Imperialism as it has evolved over the past quarter of a century cannot be understood as a ‘unified whole’ in which the two basic components, military and economic are always complimentary. Divergences have been graphically illustrated by the imperial wars in the Middle East, South Asia and North Africa. Convergences are more obvious in Latin America, especially in Mexico, Colombia and Peru, where ‘militarization’ facilitated the expansion of extractive capital.

The theoretical point is that the nature of the political leadership of the imperial state has a high degree of autonomy in shaping the predominance of one or another strand of the imperial expansion. The capacity for imperial capital to expand is highly contingent on the strength and structure of the collaborator state: militarized imperialism that invades and destroys states and the fabric of civil society has led to disinvestment; in contrast economic imperialism by invitation in neo-liberal collaborator states has been at the center of successful imperial expansion.

The ambiguities and contradictions intrinsic to the post-neo-liberal extractivist based development model have both constrainedthe military component of imperialism while expanding opportunities for economic imperial accumulation. Accumulation by invitation, and accumulation by dispossession are simply ‘moments’ in a complex process in which political regime changes intervene and establish the locations and timing for refluxes and influxes of capital.

The rise of new economic imperialist powers like China competing with established imperial powers like the US, has led to alternative markets and sources of financing, which erodes the effectiveness political, military and diplomatic instruments of imperial coercion.

Regional variations in political configurations, imperial priorities and choice of instruments of power, have deeply influenced the nature and structure of imperialism. And as the world historic record seems to argue, military driven empire building in the Middle East has been a disaster while economic driven imperialism shows signs of rapid recovery and successes in Latin America.

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