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100 Gazan Youths Arrive in Venezuela to Start Medical School

President Nicolas Maduro said the program is Venezuela

President Nicolas Maduro said the program is Venezuela’s contribution to the people of Palestine (Photo: Reuters).
All of their medical expenses will be paid, on the condition that they provide services to their community after graduation.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has announced that the country will welcome 100 youths from the Gaza Strip over the next few days to begin medical training, media reported on Thursday.

“I want to announce that in the next few days the first group of 100 students from the Gaza Strip will reach our country. Up to 1,000 medical students from Palestine will join us this academic year,” Maduro said during an official event in Caracas on Wednesday.

The students will attend the Venezuela’s Dr. Salvador Allende Latin American School of Medicine, where 40 Palestinians have already been studying.

The Palestinian students will have all their costs paid, on the condition that they provide services to their community after completing their training, the Palestinian Ambassador to Venezuela Linda Sabeh Ali said in August.

The President has been a strong supporter of Palestine, particularly since the war in the Gaza Strip this summer, what Israel called Operation Protective Edge. Maduro is an outspoken critic of Israel, and called the conflict an “extermination war.”

Maduro also announced in July that Venezuela would create a shelter for Palestinian children who had been orphaned due to the violence, and encouraged Venezuelans to adopt them.

Venezuela and Palestine also have strong bilateral agreements in the fields of politics, agriculture, trade, economics, health, tourism and education, according to EFE.

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