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Nazi Rabbi says: ”Israel has right to completely destroy Gaza”


A right-leaning Israeli rabbi has issued a religious ruling stating that the total destruction of Gaza is justified if military leaders consider it necessary. Rabbi Dvor Lior is considered to be one of the most extreme far-right religious leaders.

Lior wrote that during any war where the Jewish people deem themselves to be under attack, they are legally allowed to fight back against the nation from which the attack came from.

“Therefore, in a time of war, the attacked nation is permitted to punish the enemy population with whatever measures it deems proper, like blocking supplies or electricity. It may bomb the entire area based on the judgment of the war minister and not wantonly put soldiers at risk,” he wrote, adding that“deterrent measures to exterminate the enemy” are allowed, Haaretz reported.

However, his comments did not go unnoticed from those who disagree with his views. After his ruling was published, Mertz Zahava Gal-On, head of a left-wing Israeli party, asked Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein to launch an investigation.

“Rabbi Dov Lior’s racist comments long ago lost the protection of the right to free expression. These remarks follow his racist comments through the years, among them his many comments before the murder of [Yitzhak] Rabin and support for Baruch Goldstein,” Gal-On wrote to Weinstein. Goldstein was the man who gunned down 29 Muslim worshippers in Hebron in 1994.

Israel’s military campaign in Gaza over the past 15 days has so far resulted in the deaths of more than 600 Palestinians, many of them women and children, with more than 4,500 wounded.

In comparison, around 30 Israelis have been killed in the war, although Hamas puts the figure at 40.
Lior is a staunch supporter of the settlement movement; he believes that all land between the Jordan and the Mediterranean belongs to the Jewish race, and that Palestinians have no right to live there.

“All of those who believe in the Torah know that this land was promised solely to these people. There is no room for another national entity in this place. There has never been a state belonging to another people here. It belongs exclusively to the Jewish people,” Lior wrote, as quoted by Deutsche Welle.

Lior was the spiritual teacher of Yigal Amir, who assassinated Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin in 1995. Amir was opposed to Rabin’s signing of the Oslo peace accords.

Lior was arrested and questioned in 2011 for endorsing a book sanctioning the killing of non-Jews.

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More Jews have joined Islamic State, French official says


A handful of Jews, some converts to Islam, among 1,000 French citizens who have joined jihad, Channel 2 reports.

There are a number of Jews among the more than 1,000 French citizens who have joined the Islamic State, a French government official told I$raHell Channel 2 news.

Citing figures compiled by the French Interior Ministry, the official on Monday said intelligence shows there are people “of Jewish extraction,” some of whom converted to Islam, among those who joined the jihadist group.

The official emphasized that there are only a small handful of Jews among the IS recruits – not enough to consider it a trend.

The revelation comes just days after reports surfaced that a French Jewish teenager was among the approximately 100 young women who have left France to join jihad in Syria during the past year and a half.

Meyer Habib, a Jewish member of the French parliament, said the suspected jihadis were the topic of conversation among France’s Jewish community. However, he claimed, there is no official proof they actually joined IS.

If a Jewish girl did join the Islamic State, “it really is the end of the world” and complicates matters, Habib told Channel 2.

One French rabbi said the issue was of great concern to many in the Jewish community. “It is inconceivable that this would happen,” he told Channel 2. “There are many rumors swirling and we hope an official source will update us. Some say the Jewish girl converted, and that is also disconcerting.”

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Yemeni protesters call for independence of south


Hundreds of thousands of people have held a demonstration in Yemen to renew their calls for the secession of the southern parts of the Arab country and establishment of an independent state.

The protesters marched along the streets in the city of Aden, situated 346 kilometers (214 miles) south of the capital, Sana’a, on Tuesday to mark the 51st anniversary of the South’s revolt against British colonial rule.

The demonstrators also waved flags of the former People’s Democratic Republic of Yemen, and held pictures of former South Yemen president, Ali Salim al-Beidh.

The pro-independence Southern Movement has called for further protests in Aden, the capital of former South Yemen, as well as in the city of Mukalla.

North and South Yemen unified in 1990 after the southern government collapsed. However, four years later, the south tried to break away and this led to a civil war. The conflict ended with northern troops taking control of the south after winning the war.

In February, the Yemeni government disclosed a plan to divide the Arab country into six regions.

Politicians in southern Yemen are opposed to the plan. They say four provinces in the north would have more power than the two in the south.

The idea of creating a federal system has been a part of Yemen’s political transition, as the country is still reeling from the popular uprising that forced longtime dictator Ali Abdullah Saleh out of office in February 2012.

Yemen’s southern residents complain that they have been economically and politically marginalized by the central government in Sana’a.

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American higher education skewed toward elite private universities


By: Robert B. Reich

Imagine a system of college education supported by high and growing government spending on elite private universities that mainly educate children of the wealthy and upper-middle class, with low and declining government spending on public universities that educate large numbers of children from the working class and the poor.

You can stop imagining. That’s the American system right now.

Government subsidies to elite private universities take the form of tax deductions for people who make charitable contributions to them. In economic terms, a tax deduction is the same as government spending. It has to be made up by other taxpayers.

These tax subsidies are on the rise, because in recent years a relatively few very rich people have had far more money than they can possibly spend or even give away to their children. So they’re donating it to causes they believe in, such as the elite private universities that educated them or that they want their children to attend.

Private university endowments are now around $550 billion, centered in a handful of prestigious institutions. Harvard’s endowment is over $32 billion, followed by Yale at $20.8 billion, Stanford at $18.6 billion and Princeton at $18.2 billion.

Each of these endowments increased last year by more than $1 billion, and these universities are actively seeking additional support. Harvard launched a capital campaign last year for another $6.5 billion.

Because of the charitable tax deduction, the amount of government subsidy to these institutions in the form of tax deductions is about one out of every three dollars contributed.

A few years back, Meg Whitman, now CEO of Hewlett-Packard, contributed $30 million to Princeton. In return she received a tax break estimated to be around $10 million. In effect, Princeton received $20 million from Whitman and $10 million from the U.S. Treasury — that is, from you and me and other taxpayers who made up the difference.

Add in these endowments’ exemptions from taxes on capital gains and on income they earn, and the total government expenditure is even larger.

Divide by the relatively small number of students attending these institutions, and the amount of subsidy per student is huge.

The annual government subsidy to Princeton University, for example, is about $54,000 per student, according to an estimate by economist Richard Vedder. Other elite privates aren’t far behind.

Public universities, by contrast, have little or no endowment income. They get almost all their funding from state governments. But these subsidies have been shrinking.

State and local financing for public higher education came to about $76 billion last year, nearly 10 percent less than a decade before, adjusted for inflation. Since more students attend public universities now than 10 years ago, that decline represents a 30 percent drop per student.

That means the average annual government subsidy per student at a public university comes to less than $4,000, about one-tenth the per-student government subsidy at the elite privates.

What justifies so much government spending per student in private elite universities relative to public ones?

It’s not that the private elites educate more children from poor families. One way to know is to look at the percentage of their students receiving Pell Grants, which are available only to children from poor families. (The grants themselves are relatively modest, paying a maximum of $5,645.)

In fact, the elite privates with large endowments educate a smaller percentage of poor students than universities with little or no endowment income.

According to a survey by the National Association of College and University Business Officers, only 16 percent of students in highly endowed private universities receive Pell Grants, on average, compared with 59 percent at the lowest-endowed institutions.

At Harvard, 11 percent of students receive Pell Grants; at Yale, it’s 14 percent; Princeton, 12 percent; Stanford, 17 percent.

By contrast, 59 percent of students at the University of Texas at El Paso receive Pell grants, 53 percent at the University of California at Riverside, and 33 percent at the University of California at Berkeley.

Moreover, because public universities have many more students than elite private universities, their larger percentages of Pell students represent far greater numbers of students from poor families.

For example, the University of California at Berkeley has more Pell-eligible students than the entire Ivy League put together.

But perhaps the far higher per-student subsidies received by elite private universities are justified because they’re training more future leaders who will be in a position to reduce the nation’s widening inequality.

Unfortunately, there’s not much evidence for that proposition. According to a study by sociologist Lauren Rivera, 70 percent of Harvard’s senior class submits résumés to Wall Street and consulting firms. In 2007, before the global financial meltdown, almost 50 percent of Harvard seniors (58 percent of the men, 43 percent of the women) landed Wall Street jobs.

Among the Harvard seniors who got jobs last spring, 3.5 percent went into government and politics, 5 percent went into health-related fields, and 8.8 percent went into any form of public service. The percentages at the other Ivies are not much larger.

So what justifies the high per-student government subsidies at the elite private universities, and the low per-student subsidies in public universities?

There is no justification.

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Turkey bombs PKK targets in Hakkari province


Turkish warplanes have bombed targets belonging to the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) in the southeast of the country in the first significant air operation against the militants since the launch of a peace process two years ago, media reports say.

Hurriyet daily said the air raids near the village of Daglica in Hakkari Province close to the Iraqi border caused major damage to the PKK.

“F-16 and F-4 warplanes which took off from (bases in the southeastern provinces of) Diyarbakir and Malatya rained down bombs on PKK targets after they attacked a military outpost in the Daglica region,” the Turkish daily said.

The strikes followed three days of PKK shelling on a military outpost in the Kurdish-majority province near the Iraqi border.

Ankara launched a peace process with the PKK in 2012 to end the Kurdish struggle for independence.

The PKK declared a ceasefire with Turkey last March after the PKK’s jailed leader Abdullah Ocalan ordered an end to the armed campaign for autonomy.

The attacks come as Kurds in Turkey are angry at the government for preventing them from crossing into neighboring Syria to join the fight against ISIL terrorists in the Syrian Kurdish city of Kobani.

Ankara also refuses to intervene along its border with Syria where ISIL militants have besieged the mainly Kurdish city.

Meanwhile, Kurdish militants continue defending Kobani against the ISIL militants.

According to reports, the Takfiri militants have taken half of the Syrian city. The latest advance by the Takfiri group comes despite more than three-weeks of US-led airstrikes in Syria against ISIL positions.

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Yemen Houthis seize Red Sea city of Hudeida

Yemen Houthis

Yemen’s Ansarullah fighters, also known as Houthis, have captured the strategic Red Sea city of Hudeida, officials say.

Security officials said on Tuesday that the Ansarullah revolutionaries entered the city, 226 kilometers (140 miles) west of the capital Sana’a, taking over its air and seaport. They are said to have faced little resistance.

Both military and Houthi sources confirmed that Ansarullah fighters have been deployed across the main roads in the city.

The takeover of Hudeida, home to Yemen’s second most important port, comes just weeks after the Ansarullah fighters seized the capital.

The Ansarullah activists, who played a key role in the ouster of former dictator Ali Abdullah Saleh, staged demonstrations in the capital for more than a month, demanding the resignation of the government over what they call its corruption and marginalization of the Shia community in Yemen.

A UN-backed ceasefire deal, which was subsequently inked, called for the withdrawal of the revolutionaries from the capital once a neutral prime minister was picked.

Earlier this month, the Ansarullah revolutionaries rejected the appointment of Chief of Staff Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak as the country’s new prime minister, saying the decision has been made at the behest of the United States.

Yemen’s Ansarullah accused the embassy of the United States in the Yemeni capital, Sana’a, of involvement in the president’s pick for the post of prime minister.

On Monday, Yemeni President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi officially appointed former oil and minerals minister, Khaled Mahafoudh Bahah, as the country’s new prime minister to form the national unity government.

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Senator Zionist McCain in urgent need of psychiatric care


Barack Obama (left) with John McCain

Barack Obama (left) with Zionist John McCain

US Republican Senator John McCain’s delusional Syria rhetoric indicates he is in a desperate need for psychiatric treatment, a political commentator says.

International lawyer Barry Grossman, who is based on the Indonesian island of Bali, made the remarks on Sunday during an interview with Press TV while commenting on McCain’s suggestion that the US should strike both Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and ISIL simultaneously to win the fight against the terrorist group.

“It is astounding that nobody has reigned in and muzzled the senator named after a frozen potato chip. This MWMD (Malfunctioning Weapon of Mass Delusion) has discredited himself so many times, that his scripted rhetoric can only be taken as further evidence that the Republican Party and the American public are completely out of touch with reality,” Grossman said.

In an interview with CNN on Sunday, McCain said that ISIL terrorists are “winning and we’re not.” “There has to be a fundamental re-evaluation of what we’re doing because we are not — we are not ‘degrading and ultimately destroying ISIS’.”

Grossman said that “McCain is clearly well into the degenerative stage of advanced posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and should be in a hospital where he can receive palliative care rather than being put to work as a two-bit player in a burlesque like psyop which, using Weapons of Mass Deception, aims to manufacture consent for yet another regional war in the Middle East.”

Last month, Washington announced that some 30 countries agreed to join the US-led coalition against ISIL terrorists, who were initially trained by the CIA in Jordan in 2012 to destabilize the Syrian government.


Senator Zionist McCain 

Since September 23, the US and some of its Arab allies have been conducting airstrikes against ISIL inside Syria without any authorization from Damascus or a UN mandate. The air campaign has largely failed to halt ISIL advances.

“Without getting into the hubris and lunacy implicit in the yet to be criticized presumption that the US-led ‘Coalition of the Absurd’ has some legitimate right to intervene militarily in the regional mess which  they played no small part in creating, the simple fact is that ISIL and President Bashar al-Assad’s elected government are mortal enemies,” Grossman stated.

He added that “the notion that ISIL can be contained and defeated by overthrowing President Assad or by destroying Syrian infrastructure needed by the Assad government to fight the insurgency, is patently ridiculous.” 

“Bearing in mind the accepted military wisdom that came from America’s fiasco in Vietnam, the tactics which Senator McCain, Turkey and others are duplicitously selling to the public cannot have any effect in the fight against ISIL and the wider insurgency they have encouraged and at times directly supported. Indeed, weakening the elected Syrian government and destroying its transport, communications and military infrastructure can only strengthen the ISIL/al-Nusra dominated insurgency,” the lawyer noted.

“That the rogue US elements represented by McCain are now prepared to sacrifice Kurdish lives so that scenes of the now almost inevitable massacres can be run on US Prime Time TV in order to stampede President Obama into a full Libya style assault, not on ISIL, but rather on Syria, only stands out as still more clear proof that those beating the war drums in Washington and Tel Aviv are advancing a dark agenda which is concerned about anything but ISIL,” he concluded.

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Swedish politician: Mossad trained IS to kill Muslims


by organizedcrimedotgov


Adrian Kaba later apologizes, saying: ‘If this is an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory, then I reject it unreservedly’

A local politician with Sweden’s ruling party said that Israel trained the jihadist ISIS group to wage war on Muslims.

Adrian Kaba, who represents Sweden’s Social Democrats in Malmo’s city council, made the statement this summer during a discussion on Facebook, the Sydsvenskan newspaper reported on Thursday. Reacting to the report, the chairman of the party’s regional branch, Joakim Sandell, said, “An elected official should not be spreading conspiracy theories.”

In his Facebook post, Kaba wrote on July 21: “ISIS is being trained by the Israeli Mossad. Muslims are not waging war, they are being used as pawns by other peoples’ game.”

Sandell said the party intends to deal with the issue internally, but did not elaborate.

Initially, Kaba argued he did not endorse the statement but merely forwarded it “because the main thing is to keep a debate going,” Sydsvenskan reported. But he later apologized for the remark, adding: “I now realize that I made a mistake. If there is evidence that this is an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory, then I reject it unreservedly.”

In 2012, Kaba used the term “Jew-European extreme right-wing conspiracy” in an editorial in the Socialist newspaper Tro & Politik, according to Sydsvenskan.

Approached by the paper for a comment on Kaba’s July remark the party’s regional vice chairman, Andreas Schonstrom, said he would “rather not criticize a fellow party member,” but he added that “you need to think before spreading such conspiracy theories.”

The southern city of Malmo has attracted international attention for the prevalence of anti-Semitic attacks within its borders. Most attacks — which number several dozen every year –are by people of Middle Eastern descent or Muslim origins, Jewish community representatives told JTA.

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Faking “antisemitism”



Posted by Nahida Exiled Palestinian

“I remember as a young rabbi working with university students in Johannesburg in the late 1970’s. At that time, they were completely apathetic to Judaism. My colleagues and I were struggling to elicit any meaningful response to Jewish programs on campus. During one particular meeting, we seriously contemplated getting up in the dead of night to spray-paint some swastikas on the Student Union building. Surely, that would get some reaction!  “

~~~ Rabbi Yossy Goldman

“The French philosopher, Jean Paul Sartre, argued that anti-Semitism has been good for the Jews. It has kept Jews Jewish! While no one wants to be oppressed, and we reject anti-Semititsm categorically, the man does have a point. When antisemitism bites, we intuitively know how to respond. But when the world is in a kissing mood, we don’t quite know how to handle it. “

~~~ Rabbi Yossy Goldman

Jewish student caught painting Swastikas on her own door

Jewish man accused of writing “antisemitic” messages

Two Jewish Terrorists arrested

Five Jews Arrested for Painting Swastikas on Israel Consulate (even back in 1963)

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Jewish Mob Beat Eritrean Refugee and Leave him Unconscious



By Gianluca Mezzofiore 

  • Hrity, a migrant from Eritrea, holds her hands as she poses for a photograph in the …

An angry Israeli mob has reportedly beaten a 23-year-old Eritrean refugee in Tel Aviv’s new Central Bus Station, leaving him unconscious and on the verge of dying.

The young man’s life was saved by Yosef Ganem, a police sergeant and medic who found the body of the Eritrean on the fourth floor of the station and tried to revive him.

“When I got there I saw the man sprawled out on the floor. He didn’t have a pulse and he was unconscious,” Ganem told Ynet news.

He gave first aid to the man and managed to get a pulse after several minutes. The Eritrean was rushed to the Ichilov Hospital while police backup forces were deployed to catch the assailants.

“I remembered what they looked like from the beginning of the incident,” Ganem said. “I found them with the other officers and we arrested them. Two suspects had fled, so [we identified them] on security cameras and arrested them in their homes.”

The six suspects, two of them minors, claimed that the refugee had tried to rob one of them but an ongoing investigation showed that they had attacked the Eritrean first with punches and kicks.

Israel regards its 50,000 Sudanese and Eritrean migrants as illegal job-seekers. Data published by the Population, Immigration and Border Authority showed that only four applicants have been granted refugee status in Israel in 2013 out of 2,593 applicants.

The legislation stipulates that those caught entering the country illegally could be jailed for up to a year, after which they are moved to a new detention facility.

Previous legislation, the Infiltration Law, allowed Israel to jail migrants for three years, pending a review of their refugee status, and set a 90-day deadline for detainees to be released.

It was overturned by the high court and replaced by a law that allows open-ended detention of migrants in a detention centre that can hold 400 people.

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