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Testimonies of Palestinian children tortured in Nazi Camp


Testimonies of Palestinian children tortured in I$rahell jails collected by Defence for Children International-Palestine Section

Samer, born in 1997, from Salfit District:

“After the soldiers shackled me, I walked with them several kilometers until we were near the school. They took me to the back of the school and a soldier started insulting me, telling me ‘Fuck you, you asshole.’ Then more soldiers came, and they made me stand next to the wall. They started taking pictures of me alone, then they joined and started taking pictures of themselves with me. There was one particular soldier who was very tall that took the most pictures with me; he later brought a large dog to attack and scare me.

“Later, they sat me in front of a desk, and the investigator tied my hands and feet while I was sitting on a very low chair. After he finished shackling me he slapped my face very hard and said: ‘Speak. Confess.’ I asked him, ‘What do you want me to confess?’ He replied: ‘You know what you did.’ The investigator didn’t tell me what I was being charged for and wanted me to confess to things I didn’t know I did.

“In the late hours of the night and after the investigation, they moved me to a cell and did not offer me any food, even though I had been arrested since 5 AM. The last time I had eaten was almost 24 hours before. The following morning I asked them again for food, but they still refused. At noon, the prison warden came and took me to be investigated again. I told the investigator that I was extremely hungry and that I wanted food, even if it was just a bit. He told me: “Confess, and I will give you food immediately. If you don’t confess, I won’t care if you die of hunger.’”

Hamed, born in 1996, fromHebron District:

“We were having dinner at home, and that same night it started snowing and we were so happy. I was standing by the window looking at the snow, when suddenly I heard a noise outside. I felt that there was someone trying to forcefully enter through the door. I got scared and went to the back of the room. I told my brothers that there were thieves trying to enter our house. We quickly climbed to the roof without knowing who was outside the door, and started screaming very loudly. Suddenly we were surrounded by bright light and we could see automatic weapons directed at us. We realized that the people who we thought were thieves were speaking Hebrew, and realized that they were Israeli soldiers.”

Shadi, born in 1997, fromNablus District:

“The soldiers entered our house at 3 AM. They had painted their faces black, and three of them were masked; they looked terrifying. While in detention, the soldier asked me to take off my shoes. I told him I couldn’t do it since my hands and feet were shackled. The soldier then shouted and cursed at me: ‘You son of a bitch!’, and he started hitting me repeatedly. He then removed the belt from my pants and started cutting it while laughing. He told me he was cutting the belt so that I wouldn’t be able to kill myself. He was saying it while laughing.”

Mo’taz, born in 1997, from Nablus District:

“I was sitting in a painful position. They tied my hands behind my back and they made me bend down until my head touched my knees. I remained in that position for more than an hour. As I sat there, a soldier approached me; I couldn’t see his face because my eyes were blindfolded. He asked me about my health and if I had any specific illnesses, and after he was done with the medical questions he said ‘Fuck you!’ At dawn, a soldier entered my cell and inspected me while I was standing naked. I begged them to let me use the bathroom, but they refused. At that moment, my body started shivering uncontrollably from the extreme cold, and I started becoming more and more dizzy, until I vomited. After a few hours, they took me to the interrogation center in Petah Tikva. When I arrived they took me to a medical clinic where a doctor was preparing to examine me. While waiting for the doctor, the warden whispered in my ear: ‘This doctor likes to fuck little boys.’”

Ayman, born in 1996, from Jenin District:

“At 1:30 AM, I, along with my five family members, were fast asleep. I woke up from a loud banging on the door. I was really scared, then the banging stopped and everything was calm. Suddenly a sound bomb detonated and shook the entire house.

“They covered my eyes with tape and I could no longer see, then they took me inside a bus and sat me on the metal floor. The bus was filled with soldiers and dogs. I am really scared of dogs. They let the dogs sit around me and jump on me.

“When they ordered me to get off the bus, none of the soldiers guided me; my eyes were covered and I couldn’t see anything. I fell on the floor from the top step of the bus and got bruises all over my body. A soldier aggressively pulled me up from the floor and said ‘Fuck you.‘ He then took me and made me sit in a metal container. A person came and asked me if I had any diseases, and after he left, the soldier approached me and screamed at me: ‘Fucking Arab.’ He hit me hard on my face and then grabbed my head and started smashing it against the metal container. This happened three times in two hours.”

Ahmad, born in 1996, from Jenin District:

“It was exactly 3 AM. I thought my father was joking when he woke me up and told me that the soldiers were surrounding our house and asking for me. I got up and saw that the soldiers were in the house, pointing their guns at my family members. One of the soldiers had his gun pointed at my little sister, Yara, who was 7 years old at the time. Yara was shaking from fear. In the army’s jeeps a soldier was telling me: ‘I want to fuck your whore sister”. They wanted me to confess, but didn’t tell me what I was being charged for.

“In the metal container, the soldier was hitting me on my neck with his army boots while telling me ‘You’re a son of a bitch, your mother is a whore and your sister is a whore.’ Shortly after, I heard the same soldier speaking on the phone; he was speaking to some girl and I understood from the conversation that he was speaking about me. He then started to hit me so the girl can hear me scream on the phone. He was laughing. Then I understood that she had asked him to take a photo of me, so he started taking pictures of me with his cell phone.”

Naseem, born in 1997, from Jenin District:

“I was isolated in my cell for 13 consecutive days. A small cell, filthy, foul-smelling…the walls were grey and rough, very cold, and lit very brightly all day long. After 13 days of isolation they told me my investigation was over and that they were going to be moving me to the Jalamah prison. I entered a very clean and spacious room that had a window which allowed air in. I found a man there called Abu Ahmad who brought me food that seemed home-cooked: hot rice with beans and meat, and fruits and a coke. He told me, ‘You are now in prison, and me and Abu el-Abed will help you with anything you need.’ After I finished eating he gave me soap and shampoo and told me to take a shower and to rest. I slept for many hours. The following day Abu el-Abed came and asked me a lot of questions and recorded my answers. Three days after that, they took me back to the investigation again. During the investigation I saw papers with my answers on them in the investigator’s hands. Only then did I understand that I was sitting in front of undercover agents.”

Nader, born in 1997, from Salfit District:

“The interrogator asked me where I was on 14 March 2013. I remembered that I was in the school yard, but he told me I was lying. He told me he was going to bring me photos that proved that I was throwing stones, but he never showed me any photos. That day I had gone to school in the morning and returned to have lunch at home. Then I sat with Ali, my cousin, until the afternoon prayer and then went to the school yard to play football. After I was done playing, I returned home. When I told this to the investigator, he stopped me and started yelling at me, telling me I was a liar and that I was not confessing to throwing stones, and that he was going to bring my mother and torture her in front of me. I told him I didn’t have anything to confess to, and he screamed again in my face, ‘What, you don’t have honor? You don’t care about your mother?’”

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Is Torture a Crime in I$raHell?


Although Israel ratified the UN Convention Against Torture and the UN Covenant on Civil and Political Rights over twenty years ago, Israeli domestic law still does not comply with the Conventions, and does not include a crime of torture in accordance with the definition contained within the Conventions. In fact, in October 2014, in its concluding observations, the UN Human Rights Committee urged Israel to “explicitly prohibit” torture and ill-treatment (physical and psychological) through legislation, to end of the use of “necessity” as a justification for torture, to end of the use of “moderate physical pressure” as an interrogation method, and to make audio/video recordings of interrogations of security suspects.

Israeli law is not even in line with the Israeli Supreme Court’s ruling prohibiting the use of torture in most circumstances in 1999. The regime surrounding the use of torture – from Israeli domestic law to internal military regulations, the General Security Services, and the prison authorities – is riddled with loopholes that allow for the use of various forms of torture and ill-treatment against Palestinian detainees during interrogation for the purposes of gaining information and extracting confessions.

In an attempt to bring Israeli law into compliance with the state’s international human rights treaty obligations, Adalah is now sending a legislative bill to all Israeli Knesset members that contains the necessary amendments. The bill aims to bring an end to the lack of accountability and impunity currently enjoyed by perpetrators of torture, and to reduce the prevalence of forced confessions.

In addition to more ‘conventional’ forms of torture, the bill also contains a proposed definition of cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment (CIDT) as a crime in law – currently lacking – in line with international law. Examples that would fall within this definition include the ill-treatment of prisoners and detainees during their transport to court hearings or to hospital in prison authority vehicles. During these unnecessarily long trips, prisoners are routinely prevented from relieving themselves, are denied food, and forced to endure extremely uncomfortable physical conditions, even gravely ill individuals. A further example is interrogators’ use of threats of harm against detainees themselves or against members of their families, used to force confessions.

In terms of penalties, the bill imposes a sentence of fifteen years’ imprisonment for persons convicted of the crime of torture, which would rise to life imprisonment in cases where the crime results in the death of the detainee. It suggests a seven-year prison sentence for persons convicted of committing CIDT.

Adalah further proposes the formation of a dedicated independent and professional committee to investigate complaints of torture lodged by prisoners and detainees. Such a committee should put an end to the routine failure to investigate complaints due to a supposed ‘lack of public interest.’ The bill states that the government should fund the committee and pay compensation to victims of torture, in accordance with international human rights law.

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PFLP: The arrest of the leaders of our people will not stop the struggle



The arrest of the leaders of the Palestinian people will not stop our struggle for liberation and return, for which thousands of Palestinians have given their lives, said the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, noting that the occupation prisons have held its finest leaders and cadres throughout the history of the Front.

Zionist occupation forces arrested Comrade Abdel-Alim Da’na, a prominent and historical leader of the Front, in an early-morning raid on his home amid a series of raids and arrests of dozens of youths in al-Khalil on November 27; this comes within the framework of continued and escalating aggression against our people in Jerusalem, the West Bank, and occupied Palestine ’48. The occupation will fail to achieve its objectives and we will continue our march of struggle until our land is freed from every soldier and settler.

The Front praised the legendary steadfastness of Comrade Da’na, who spent 17 years in the occupation prisons and has been a model for our comrades in his determination, both in his national role as a political leader and within the interrogation rooms, where he was held dozens of times during his youth, refusing to confess to the occupier’s interrogators.


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Judaeo-Nazism and a possible deal with Iran

US Zionist lobbies

By Alan Hart

If a non-Jew had coined the phrase “Judaeo-Nazism” he or she would have been verbally crucified by Zionism’s attack dogs and the mainstream Western media.

The actual inventor of it was Yeshayahu Leibowitz, one of the most outspoken and controversial Jewish intellectuals of modern times. He was once described as “the conscience of Israel”. Before he died in 1994 he said “Judaeo-Nazis” were on the rise in Israel. If he was alive today I imagine he would say: “They are now in control.”

The question awaiting an answer in the coming days and weeks is whether or not those who do Judaeo-Nazism’s bidding in the US Congress will succeed in sabotaging the comprehensive agreement-in-the-making with Iran over its nuclear programme.

When US Secretary of State John Kerry announced that more time was needed to reach an agreement, he said: “We would be fools to walk away.” He then appealed to Congress not to act in a way that could sabotage the prospects for a successful negotiation. He said: “I hope they will come to see the wisdom of leaving us the equilibrium for a few months to be able to proceed without sending messages that might be misinterpreted and cause miscalculation.”

Israel’s stooges in Congress

The immediate response was a statement issued by three senators: John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Kelly Ayotte. It said:

We have supported the economic sanctions, passed by Congress and signed into law by the president, in addition to sanctions placed on Iran by the international community. These sanctions have had a negative impact on the Iranian economy and are one of the chief reasons the Iranians are now at the negotiating table. However, we believe this latest extension of talks should be coupled with increased sanctions and a requirement that any final deal between Iran and the United States be sent to Congress for approval. Every member of Congress should have the opportunity to review the final deal and vote on this major foreign policy decision.

Unless they are totally ignorant and completely stupid, McCain, Graham and Ayotte must be aware of the certainty that increased sanctions will cause Iran’s negotiators to walk away saying they will not be intimated, blackmailed and humiliated by America.

The fact that Iran does not want to possess nuclear weapons is of no interest to Israel’s Judaeo-Nazis and their allies in America.

On the assumption that the three senators are not totally ignorant and not completely stupid, the conclusion has to be that they really do want to kill the deal-in-the-making even though it is in America’s own best interests. (In his analysis of the situation, the BBC’s Jeremy Bowen said the reason why none of the negotiators wanted to walk away was that “the alternative to a deal might in the end turn out to be war”. I’ll add to that by saying it may well be war that McCain and other would-be deal wreckers really want.)

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), the leading Zionist lobby group which drafts the scripts from which many in Congress speak, came out with its own statement.

Congress delayed enacting additional sanctions over the past year to give negotiations a chance. It is now essential that Congress take up new bipartisan sanctions legislation to let Tehran know that it will face much more severe pressure if it does not clearly abandon its nuclear weapons programme. We urge Congress to play its traditional and critical role to ensure that a final agreement truly eliminates any path for Iran to build a nuclear weapon.

The fact that Iran does not want to possess nuclear weapons is of no interest to Israel’s Judaeo-Nazis and their allies in America.

The possibility of war with Iran is obviously in the minds of other elements of the Zionist lobby.

Israel’s American think tanks

In its statement following the announcement of the extension of negotiations, the Iran task force of the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA), which is co-chaired by Dennis Ross who held the Iran portfolio at the White House during a part of Obama’s first term, said this. “In addition to increasing economic pressure Washington should provide weaponry to Israel that would make its threats to attack Iran more credible.”

JINSA, a Washington-based, neo-conservative, pro-Israel right or wrong think-tank, was founded in 1976. Its advisory board includes Richard Perle, Michael Ledeen and James Woolsey; and before they entered the Bush administration Dick Cheney, Douglas Feith and John Bolton were on its Board of Advisors. The collective term I would use to describe that lot is warmongers.

Then came the contribution of the Emergency Committee for Israel (ECI). It was founded in 2010 and its board members include William Kristol, the editor of theWeekly Standard. He is second to none in his unconditional support for Israel’s policies and actions. The ECI’s main mission seems to be intimidating critics of Netanyahu and damaging Obama.

Its statement included this. 

There’s no point waiting seven months for either another failure or a truly terrible deal. Congress should act now to re-impose sanctions and re-establish US red lines that will prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapons capability. To that end, such legislation must limit the president’s authority to waive sanctions, an authority the president has already signalled a willingness to abuse in his desperate quest for a deal with the mullahs.

But the most anti-Obama, anti-Iran and anti-Palestinian rhetoric was that which spewed from the mouths of the idiots who addressed the gala dinner of the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) in the ballroom of the Grand Hyatt near Grand Central Station in Manhattan.

The audience of more than 1,000 cheered wildly when ZOA President Mort Klein pointedly referred to the president as “Barack Hussein Obama”. They all knew he was implying that Obama is a Muslim and not an American.

Klein also said “Mahmoud Abbas is a terrorist like his predecessor Yasser Arafat” and “Hamas is a Nazi-like terrorist group whose charter calls for the murder of every Jew”. (There is no space in Klein’s deluded mind and the minds of all who think like him for the truths of history. One of them is that Arafat prepared the ground on his side for peace on terms any rational Israeli government would have accepted with relief 35 years ago. Another is the Hamas’s leaders have long been on the public record with the statement that Hamas would live in peace with an Israel withdrawn to its pre-1967 borders if a two-state solution was available and if Palestinian acceptance of it was confirmed by a referendum.)

There was more wild applause for the description of Obama offered by Bernie Marcus, one of the founders of Home Depot, America’s biggest home improvement retailer with stores in all 50 states, across Canada and beyond. He described Obama as “a Chamberlain in the White House”. (Neville Chamberlain was the British prime minister who thought that appeasing Hitler was the best thing to do. Today there’s a case for saying that all Western prime ministers and presidents think it is in their best interests to appease Judaeo-Nazism.)

According to Chemi Shalev’s report of the ZOA’s gala dinner for the Israeli newspaperHaaretz, it was Pastor John Hagee, the founder of Christians United for Israel (CUFI), who brought the audience “close to rapture”. He did so by describing Obama as “the most anti-Semitic president ever”. (That’s nonsense but it, nonsense, is what CUFI is all about.)

In Shalev’s view, the real star of the evening was Republican Senator Ted Cruz who, in 2012, became the first Cuban American or Latino to be elected to Congress from Texas. He devoted much of his speech to what he asserted were his own accomplishments in defence of Israel, but his main point, contrary to the assessment of Israel’s own security chiefs as Shalev noted, was that “the threats to Israel have never been greater”. He added: “We do not need leaders who speak empty words, we need leaders who will act.” (He either doesn’t understand or doesn’t care that the biggest real threat to Israel is its self-righteousness and its on-going colonisation of the occupied West Bank.)

Cruz is entertaining the hope that he will be the Republican frontrunner for 2016 race to the White House so his whole speech was a pitch for Zionist support, campaign funds especially. He must have been pleased when many in the audience rose to their feet chanting “Go, Ted, go!” (They meant go for the White House. I imagine Iranians and Palestinians would say go to hell.)

My conclusions?

If the history of Zionism’s success to date in more often than not imposing its will on American foreign policy for the Middle East was the only guide to the future, there would be a case for saying it is possible, even probable, that the deal-in-the-making with Iran will be sabotaged. (According to a usually well informed source, the main reason for the failure to conclude a comprehensive agreement by the 24 November deadline was that Iran was not satisfied with Kerry’s assurance as given that Obama would be allowed to deliver.)

… if it was successful a Republican-led effort in Congress to kill the deal-in-the-making with Iran could seriously damage Republican election prospects in 2016.

But there’s also a case for saying that the would-be deal wreckers in Congress have good cause to be very careful about what they actually do as opposed to what they say to remain in Zionism’s good books. This case rests on the fact that polls have been indicating that a majority of Americans are not only fed up with Congress and tired of war, but that they want an agreement with Iran. As does American big business, according to my sources.

One obvious implication is that if it was successful a Republican-led effort in Congress to kill the deal-in-the-making with Iran could seriously damage Republican election prospects in 2016. There’s much a rejected Iran could do to add to America’s problems in the Middle East, in Syria and Iraq especially and possibly even Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states, and many Americans would blame the deal wreckers in Congress.

Republican Party leaders must be aware of what the future could be if there is no deal with Iran, and that’s why I believe that when Obama push comes to Zionist-driven Republican shove, there’s a chance – I put it no higher than 55 to 45 – that Obama will get his way and a comprehensive agreement will be concluded.


If the deal is sabotaged, and if I was an Iranian, I would want my government to develop and possess a nuclear bomb or two for the purpose of deterrence. My logic would be that if Saddam Hussein had possessed nuclear weapons Iraq would not have been attacked and invaded. And that’s a logic that might well prevail in Iran if an agreement with the P5+1 is sabotaged.

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Nazi Authorities Prevent 100 Tons of Vegetables from Exporting out of Gaza


Map of Gaza Strip


At Kerm Abu Salem crossing Israeli occupation authorities have barred ten truckloads of agricultural products from leaving the war-torn and economically besieged Gaza Strip, due to an alleged dispute between the Israeli army and the Ministry of Agriculture.

The dispute is preventing the trucks and their cargo from passing, and being exported to Saudi Arabia and West Bank, according toAl Ray Palestinian Media Agency.

Israeli website Walla reported, on Monday, that allowing the export of the agricultural products comes in the framework of “facilities” granted for Gaza residents in the wake of the last summer’s assault on the region, by Israel. Israeli authorities had agreed on the passage of ten truckloads per day.

Walla added that this shipment of vegetables weighs 100 tons, and has been held back since Sunday morning.

According to the Israeli system, after the truckloads pass to the military checkpoint on the Palestinian side of the crossing, they should be inspected and, then, loaded again onto Israeli trucks to pass to their planned route.

The office of the Coordinator of Government Activities in the occupied territories claims that the trucks are still stuck in the crossing because the Israeli Ministry of Health did not yet inspect them in accordance with regularities, with the Ministry itself citing a lack of staff to do that.

At this time, it is not clear when the shipment will pass.

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Haiti: Marchers Shot at Battle Commemoration


At least four demonstrators were wounded in the northern Port-au-Prince suburb of Delmas on Nov. 18 when counter-demonstrators opened fire on an opposition march commemorating the anniversary of the 1803 Battle of Vertières, which marked the final defeat of French forces trying to regain control of Haiti. The several hundred marchers had reached the neighborhood of Delmas 32 and were about to turn back toward downtown Port-au-Prince when they were met with a hail of rocks. The marchers responded with more rocks, and the police used tear gas against the attackers. The gunfire started a little later. Two people were hit in the neck, one in the knee and one in the side; all four were taken away for medical care. The police said they recovered more than a half-dozen 9 mm caliber cartridges from the site. The marchers dispersed after the attack.

Some protesters reported seeing a lifeless body lying near a motorbike, and protest organizers held a press conference on Nov. 21 to charge that three people had been shot dead and that police agents had taken their bodies away. The authorities denied the charge, and reporters noted that the press conference didn’t include relatives of the three people said to be missing.

The Nov. 20 march was largely sponsored by opponents of President Michel Martelly (“Sweet Micky”) and included groups associated with the Lavalas Family (FL) party of former president Jean-Bertrand Aristide (1991-1996, 2001-2004). Populist senators John Joel Joseph and Moïse Jean-Charles and legislative deputy Arnel Bélizaire were among the politicians present [see Update #1204]. According to the online news service AlterPresse, the Textile and Garment Workers Union (SOTA), which is associated with the leftist labor organization Batay Ouvriye (“Workers’ Struggle”), also participated, but the union’s “demands against the presence of United Nations forces in the country [and] for a decent minimum wage…were drowned out by the anti-Martelly slogans.” The Martelly opponents were especially incensed because of an opinion piece by Communication Minister Rudy Hériveaux posted on Martelly’s blog on Nov. 17. Entitled “The Cockroach Syndrome,” the article described anti-government protesters as “roaches” who “trot around in a disgusting folklore in the streets to try to assault the government.” Hériveaux is a former FL senator and until a few years ago led a faction of the party [see Update #1083]. (AlterPresse 11/19/1411/21/14)

In related news, two opposition leaders arrested after an Oct. 26 protest, Rony Timothée and Byron Odigé [see Update #1240], have been placed in isolation in the National Penitentiary, according to the daily Le Nouvelliste. Meanwhile, attorney André Michel, who frequently represents opposition figures [see Update #1232], was ordered to appear on Nov. 17 before investigative judge Lamarre Bélizaire, who is charging him with property destruction in connection with an Oct. 17 demonstration. Michel refused to attend, saying Judge Bélizaire had no authority to order his appearance. (AlterPresse 11/17/1411/21/14)

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Abbas: Palestinians will never recognize I$raHell as Jewish state


synagogue of satan 2

Speaking to Arab League, PA president accuses I$raHell of setting up apartheid state, says Palestinians can’t wait any longer for statehood


Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said Saturday that the Palestinians would never recognize Israel as a Jewish state, and accused Israel of establishing an apartheid government.

The Palestinian leader was speaking in Cairo at an emergency session of the Arab League with foreign ministers from around the Arab world. His remarks came following a week of intense debate among Israeli politicians about a Knesset bill which would enshrine Israel’s status as a Jewish state in law.

“We will never recognize the Jewishness of the state of Israel,” Abbas was quoted by Channel 10 saying. The news outlet also reported that Abbas threatened to terminate all security cooperation between Israel and the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank unless peace negotiations are revived. Talks collapsed in April, and Israel will not resume them so long as Abbas is partnered with the Hamas terror group in a Palestinian unity government.

Abbas charged that instead of advancing the peace process, Israel was working to set up an apartheid state, including Jews-only buses, establishment of Israeli legal sovereignty over West Bank settlements, the proposed “Jewish state” law, and requirements of declarations of loyalty by citizens.

“Return to negotiations is possible if Israel agrees to a full freeze of settlement [construction], including Jerusalem, release of the fourth group of long-term prisoners, and setting a timetable for negotiations which will begin with setting borders,” Abbas said.

Israel agreed to release four groups of Palestinian prisoners as a precondition for the American-mediated negotiations that began last year, but refused to free the final batch in March in a dispute over Palestinian demands that Israeli Arab prisoners be included, and having failed to secure Abbas’s agreement that the talks would continue beyond the original April deadline.

Abbas said Saturday that the Palestinians weren’t willing to wait any longer for progress and were determined to petition the United Nations Security Council to demand a timetable for the end to Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territories.

“It’s impossible for us to wait any longer, because Israel continues its aggression and expropriation of lands and setting facts on the ground by continuing to build settlements,” Abbas was quoted saying. “The government of Israel doesn’t want, for internal reasons, to define its borders and we can’t continue with this situation.”

Abbas was expected to receive Arab League approval to lodge the UN petition in the coming days, but did not say when he would do so.

According to Channel 10, Abbas said he asked US Secretary of State John Kerry to cooperate in drafting the Security Council proposal, in order to put pressure on Israel to cease settlement construction.

The resolution is likely — but not certain — to fail, either because it falls short of the needed votes or because the US will veto it. But it will likely add momentum to international backing for Palestinian statehood.

Abbas warned that the Palestinians could take other steps, including joining the International Criminal Court, if the Security Council rejects the resolution.

The PA president said he would take these steps unless Israel “takes responsibility for the situation.”

“The situations in the [West] Bank is dangerous, and can’t continue,” Abbas said. “All signs point to [the fact that] the American mediation [of peace talks] failed with the end of negotiations.”

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ISIL leader trained by CIA, Mossad to overthrow Assad


The United States and Israel are run by “Zionist psychopaths” who are recruiting and training “mind-controlled killers” to “set the Middle East on fire,” says a political activist in Wyoming.

The leader of ISIL, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, “is an Israeli actor trained by both CIA and Mossad” to lead a terrorist organization that “only attacks Muslims, not the US or Israel,” said J Bruce Campbell, a member of the American Defense Party, a non-voting political action party dedicated to ending the Zionist power structure in the US.

“The US and Israeli governments are run by Frankenstein psychopaths, Zionist psychopaths” seeking to overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad “who will not obey them,” Campbell told Press TV on Saturday.

A new report says the US military will conduct psychological evaluations of militants in Syria as part of a training program to prepare them to battle both the ISIL terrorist organization and the Syrian government.

President Barack Obama has authorized the Pentagon and the CIA to begin arming and training militants in a coordinated effort with Syria’s regional neighbors Turkey, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

The new screening process, which also includes biometrics checks and stress tests, goes beyond the measures the United States usually takes to vet foreign soldiers, according to The Washington Post.

The CIA wants to recruit “dependable, mind-controlled killers, a new version of al-Qaeda, hence the psychological evaluations of their programmed Frankenstein monsters,” Campbell said.

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Black Friday 1983 vs. NOW – Over 3 Decades Of Further Judaization Of America


OCDG : In just 3 decades we’ve fallen so far… I remember in the 80’s, the judeo-sewerization was far less mainstream and there were large pockets of humanity… now it is overflowing.

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The Zionism of Max Blumenthal


shadow jew

by Gilad Atzmon

The Jewish activist Max Blumenthal wrote an expansive book on Israeli racism, but he failed completely and categorically to grasp the culture that drives Jewish supremacy within the Jewish State, Jewish politics and beyond. Interestingly enough, Blumenthal has a lot to say about ‘German pathology,’ German people, the colour of German people’s skin and their ‘sickening society’. If anyone still had hope that there was something positive that Progressive Jews could add to the discourse, Blumenthal’s latest interview will end that idea. He exhibits the ultimate form of Jewish racism, goy hatred: in fact, far more insidious than hard-core right wing Zionism.

In an interview with Anna-Esther Younes published by the Jewish pro Palestinian site Mondweiss, Max Blumenthal said, “Based on what I knew about Germany and its national pathology and its failure to really take the right lessons from its own history. I was hardly surprised by the reaction that I received…”

“Are you calling us pathological?” wonders Younes.

“Yes, this is a sick society that hasn’t addressed the core political and psychological and social trends that lead to the Holocaust.”

Apparently, the ‘progressive’ Blumenthal has no inhibitions about diagnosing Germany’s ‘sick society’ and its ‘pathology.’ But he doesn’t stop there. Like a proper Zionist Jew, Blumenthal also divides the world into two primary categories, Jews and Gentiles: “when I was so promiscuously described as an anti-Semite, including by gentile politicians like Volker Beck, and that this behavior was considered perfectly normal in German society, I have to admit to some level of shock.”

Apparently Blumenthal, a Jew, is allowed to attribute the anti-Semitic label to others, but the Goy politician Beck is not permitted to participate in the game. And why? Because Beck’s penis wasn’t chopped by a rabbi. “In Germany” complains Blumenthal, “I apparently am not as Jewish as Volker Beck, a man who has never had a Bris or a Bar Mitzvah.” For those who do not know, Bris, stands for Brit-Milah-the Jewish circumcision ceremony, an ancient blood ritual that involves (occasionally) blood sucking.

If anyone believed Blumenthal that he was an anti Zionist, he has a surprise for you. Just a little opposition in Germany made Blumenthal unsure about his commitment to the ‘anti’ club. “My Jewish identity can be negated, simply because I’ve defined it outside the frontiers of Israeli nationalism and to some extent, against Zionism.”

There you go. Blumenthal, by his own admission is not so sure anymore that he is an anti Zionist, he is only to a “certain extent.” Blumenthal is correct. The shameless performance put on by David Sheen and Max Blumenthal as they chased a leading German politician into the toilet provides proof that both Sheen and Blumenthal are actually far more abhorrent, aggressive and intrusive than the most repugnant Israeli or Zionist. Sheen and Blumenthal’s behavior puts anti-Semitism in context. It is hard to imagine a worse display of manners.

As if being Germans is not bad enough, in the eyes of Blumenthal, the Germans are also guilty of being ‘White.” To the question “does that make Germany a Jewish friendly country?” Blumenthal answers, “Germany is the whitest country in the world. It’s so white that it doesn’t know that it’s white or what whiteness is.” This is actually the most inclusive notion of Whiteness I have ever come across. It implies that in Germany, whiteness has no binary meaning. However, I suggest that Blumenthal look in the mirror.

Younes, probably overwhelmed by Blumenthal’s unique convoluted brand of anti intellectual aggression, asked Blumenthal to elaborate on the meaning of ‘Whiteness.’ Blumenthal replied, “whiteness is the supreme embodiment of privilege. Whiteness is expressed through the wielding of power against calls for equality and the simultaneous denial of the very existence of the privilege to do so – a willful lack of self-awareness.”

Reading these lines by Blumenthal I am perplexed by the total lack of self-awareness on Blumenthal’s part. What did Blumenthal think to himself when he and Sheen were filming and chasing the German MP to the toilet while loudly celebrating their own privilege of being Jews? Did they think that a Palestinian might do the same thing? Would Ramzy Baroud or Azmi Bishara even considering behaving in such a rude way? Not in million years. And the reason Blumenthal and Sheen feel entitled to act so badly is simple. The two are operating with an impunity that is driven by a unique sense of choseness, i.e., Jewish privilege.

For a second it may seem as if Blumenthal is critical of the primacy of Jewish suffering “The completely mono-cultural narrative on what it means to be a German holds that the Holocaust towers above all other crimes, that those who perished in it were the ultimate victims of history, and that the Jewish nation that rose up in its wake must therefore float above the weight of history.”

What is going on? I am slightly confused. Blumenthal is a devoted Nazi hunter and an open enemy of historical revisionism. A few years ago, Blumenthal produced a Zionist Text Book video that attempted to discredit historical revisionist David Irving. This video is worth watching. “Inadvertently or not, Germany is instrumentalizing the Holocaust and Zionism to compromise the citizenship rights of Muslim and Arab immigrants, to silence their narratives, and to complicate their naturalization process.” But Blumenthal here is actually talking about himself; it is he who has been instrumentalizing the Holocaust to serve the goal of his own (Jewish progressive) narrative.

It takes a few paragraphs before Blumenthal squirts the full Jewish progressive mantra. “They (the Germans) simply can not accept that Jews are normal people capable of being oppressors like everyone else; of practicing apartheid or developing a class of extremists who behave almost identically to Christian neo-Nazis.” Precious. This is probably the best summary of Jewish progressive nonsense. Jews are like everyone else, they are ordinary people and don’t you ever dare question their choseness. Don’t you ask what is unique about their lobby, don’t you ever look into the role of their elite and its domination in culture or banking etc.’ But then, if Jews are just so ordinary, how did they manage to mount the political pressure on the German political system that drove Blumenthal and David Sheen out of Germany? Instead of answering this simple and crucial question, the Progressive Jew Blumenthal prefers to smear the entire German people as a ‘pathological,’ ‘sickening society,’ driven by whiteness. This tactic is appalling yet symptomatic of Progressive Jewish ID politics.

If you think that you have enough evidence of the depth of Blumenthal’s racially driven thinking, read this. When asked about support in Germany, “I’ve met quite a few white Germans who are supportive of the idea of Palestinians having basic human rights and are actually willing to do something about it…Genuinely left-wing anti-racists tend to be supportive of Palestinian rights.” But I wonder, is Blumenthal anti racist? For an anti racist enthusiast his language is suffused with racial expressions and biological determinist ideas. Blumenthal refers to skin colour. He talks about the pathology of nations and peoples but at the same time he defies any attempt to criticise the ideology of his own ‘chosen’people.

Max Blumenthal is not anti racist; he is instead an exemplary specimen of a supremacist Jew. I believe that Blumenthal would do himself and his people a great favour by avoiding cameras and microphones, because reading the comments on Mondoweiss reveals that Blumenthal is not alone – the Jewish progressive crowd of Mondoweiss also cannot grasp how racist, aggressive and supremacist Blumenthal’s views are.


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