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Terrorists Killed

(Photo: courtesy of Almanar)

DAYR EL-ZOR:  Syrian intelligence agencies are convinced Qatar and Saudi Arabia, in consultation with the Turk war criminals, urged ISIS to attack the Dayr El-Zor Airbase on Tuesday. The reasoning was very clear: a large mechanized SAA armored division (4th) led by Maj. Gen. Maaher Al-Assad, was heading to Al-Raqqa to besiege and liberate the city.  The Arabian rat-monkeys could not abide a Syrian city being freed of the stench and plague of Wahhabism and ordered Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi to launch the assault on the airbase in a manner similar to the attack on the Tabqa Base.  This time, however, as our readers shall see, the SAA was not only prepared, but capable of stanching the assault and taking the battle back to the degenerate rats of the ISIS.

On Wednesday, December 3, 2014, at approximately 10:30 p.m., Damascus time, an ISIS rat-skunk Wahhabist, drove a truck laden with explosives into the outer perimeter of Huwayjat Al-Mureei’iyya killing 16 SAA defenders.  The explosion is geographically exact at the Fisherman’s Wharf very close to the airbase. The truck was allowed to approach the SAA lines because it was camouflaged with Syrian Army insignias and signaled to our troops, in Syrian Arabic, that it was carrying “important material”.  The driver was atomized by the blast.

As Syrian Army officers and grunts collected around the site of the explosion, a second truck barreled its way toward them but was destroyed by troops carrying Kornet anti-tank launchers and rockets.  A general alarm was heard all around the area.  Maj. General Zhahreddeen alerted the SAAF immediately demanding air support to slow down the massing vehicles only 2 kms away.  Once the details were communicated and coordinates drawn, SAAF Sukhois and Yaks went into the air from the airbase at Dayr El-Zor along with rapid reinforcement by the 137th Armored Brigade 10kms west of the city.

The fighting in Dayr El-Zor has not been going well for the ISIS terrorists during the last month.  Other than largely useless plots of desert territory, the ISIS rodents have not been advancing at all.  In areas like Al-Shaa’er Mountain in Homs, they have suffered shattering defeat at the hands of the SAA.  In northern Aleppo, they are bracing for a drubbing as the Syrian Army continues to close up all pathways into the city.  In order to boost their flagging morale, with news of many hundreds of their foreign rodents leaving for their home countries, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdaadi took the Saudi-Qatari-Turk advice to heart and ordered this new fiasco.

SyrPer is now comfortable in predicting ISIS’s Waterloo here over the next 7 days.  ISIS has no ability to blunt the air campaign now skewering its ranks.  Yesterday, 4 pickups with 23mm cannons were confirmed incinerated.  SAA spotters report the deaths of over 140 rats with many more still not accounted for.

The SAA under command of Gen. Zhahreddeen, is proactively attacking the ISIS rodents at Al-Muree’iyya and Huwayjat Al-Sakr.  Indications of SAA confidence are the presence of a large fleet of attack jets and helicopters at the base.  At Tabqa, as you know, the SAA deliberately emptied the base before it was overrun by the syphilitic Wahhabists.  Rat communications are indicative of failure as they try to convince their principals of the need to “redeploy”.  Saudi, Qatari and Turk/Zionist idiots are eating crow as we write.  And by the by, the Syrian armored column is still heading to Al-Raqqa.

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