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I’m going to prove that northern Iraq crawls with Israelis, and that the Kurds of northern Iraq are very strongly allied with Israel. And since the mythical “ISIS”™ is supposedly active in northern Iraq, their flag also appears in the above illustration.  The flag on the left is of Kurdistan, the autonomous region of northern Iraq, which has a lot of oil (and is under US protection).

Here is proof of Kurdistan’s alliance with Israel…

At least 17 nations ban or restrict people who carry Israeli passports.


Some of these nations (e.g. the UAE) allow Israelis to pass through their airports, but not to enter the country. Other nations (e.g. Saudi Arabia) allow no one with an Israeli passport to set foot in their country, even if they are just passing through the airport. Nor will these nations’ airlines sell a ticket to anyone who travels on an Israeli passport. Still other nations will ban you, regardless of nationality, if you have even visited Israel. For example, if you have an Israeli visa stamp in your passport, then you may not enter or pass through Iran, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, or Yemen. Exceptions are made for Palestinians and Bedouins that come from Israel.

Naturally Jews claim that they are banned because of their “religion,” even though most of the above nations have Jewish citizens. It is only Israelis that are banned. This is one reason why Jews have dual citizenship and two passports. In places where Israelis are banned, they use their U.S. or UK passports. (Or French passports, or German passports etc.)  Various governments issue dual citizenship to their beloved Israelis so that the Jews can travel unrestricted.


Jews and their allies claim that the above nations ban or restrict Israelis in order to impose “sharia law” on the whole world.  This is absurd, but most Americans believe it, since most Americans are Jews in spirit.

Also, just as the above nations ban or restrict people with Israeli passports, so does Israel ban or restrict people with passports from the above nations. And yet, only Israelis are “victims.”

Last year (2013) when Bill Blasio was running for New York Mayor, he catered to Jewish voters by screaming about the restrictions on Israeli passports. “No city in the world has closer ties to Israel than New York City, and yet Israeli citizens are being discriminated against right here at JFK airport! It’s not only illegal; it’s an affront to who we are! As mayor, I will act to make sure that these nations’ airlines are excluded from United States airports, starting with JFK airport!”

Blasio’s words were boastful but silly. Although federal law forbids airlines that use U.S. airports from discriminating against passengers “on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex or ancestry,” the US government allows airlines to ban Israelis anyway. Why? Because Saudi Arabia, for example, buys massive amounts of US weapons, and is a US ally against Hezbollah, and against the governments of Iran and Syria. Moreover, Jews can simply use their second passports.

ANYWAY, the above list includes Iraq, which means that Israeli nationals may not land at the airports at Baghdad, Basra, Mosul, or Najaf.

However the list does not include Kurdistan, i.e. the autonomous (and oil-rich) region of northern Iraq. Israelis are heartily welcomed when they arrive at the Erbil airport or Sulaymaniyah airport.  This is confirmed by the International Air Transport Association (a trade association of 240 different airlines).

The Sulaymaniyah airport is close to the Iranian border, and is used by Israelis for spying missions into Iran. Examples include the Jewish “hikers” (i.e. Israeli spies) that were caught by Iran on 31 July 2009: Joshua Fattal, Sarah Shourd, and Shane Bauer.

Ms. Shourd was released 14 months later on “humanitarian grounds,” and the other two Israeli spies were released on 21 Sep 2011 after the USA paid a ransom of US $465,000 for each. The funds were handled by the Sultan of Oman.

Ties between Israelis and Iraqi Kurds go back to the early 1960s, when the Kurds let Mossad operate in northern Iraq against Arab governments. And until 1979, Mossad was free to roam throughout neighboring Iran. Mossad meddling was one reason why Saddam Hussein occasionally clamped down on the Kurds. When the USA invaded Iraq and deposed Saddam Hussein, hoards of Israeli contractors swarmed into northern Iraq, while Israeli commandoes started training members of the Kurdish militias (called “Peshmerga”).

Kurds and Israelis keep quiet about all this, not wanting average people to realize what is going on. Furthermore the Kurds want to avoid angering the Iranian government. Hence Kurdistan crawls with Israelis, but there are no formal diplomatic relations between Israel and Kurdistan.

The Wikipedia Jews have an entry about the close relations between Israelis and the Kurds of northern Iraq.

This relationship is partly cultural. (The Kurds envy and admire Jews, and want to have their own independent state like Israel. Being wanna-be Jews, you can imagine how scummy, selfish, and devious the Kurds are. Netanyahu has often called for the world to recognize Kurdish independence.)

The relationship is also based on oil. In May 2014 the Kurds took possession of the huge Kirkuk oil field, thereby cutting the Sunnis out of any profit-sharing. (The majority Shi’ites in the south had already cut the Sunnis out.) The Sunnis had already been marginalized and exterminated by Shi’ite death squads and US troops, so they rose up in a bid to get some of the oil in northern Iraq. The USA branded these desperate victims as “ISIS”™ and started bombing them.

Kurdish oil is piped from the Kirkuk oil field to the Turkish port of Ceyhan. This 600-mile (970 km) long pipeline is Iraq’s largest crude oil export line, and consists of two tubes. One is 40 inches in diameter, and carries half a million barrels per day. The other is 46 inches in diameter, and carries 1.1 million barrels per day. The pipelines bring in a cool $120 million US dollars per day to the Kurds. (That’s why the Sunnis want a piece of the action. Sunnis have nothing. The USA calls them “ISIS,”™ and bombs them. And everyone believes the lies because they want to.)


From Ceyhan Turkey, much of the Kurdish oil is loaded onto tankers and shipped to refineries at the Israeli port of Ashkelon.  Kurds deny this, but everyone knows the truth.  A Kurdish group in Vienna Austria confirms it.

The photos below demonstrate the love-fest between Kurds and Israelis. Both groups claim to have a common ancestor – the biblical patriarch Abraham. There are 13,000 Jewish Kurds in Israel…


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Paramount Blocks 2004 Movie


‘Team America’ From Being Shown In Theaters



Several movie theaters that were planning to show the 2004 comedy “Team America: World Police” because Sony Pictures had bailed on the release of another North Korea-themed movie, “The Interview,” said on Thursday that Paramount Pictures had cancelled their screenings of the puppet movie.

Sony Pictures cancelled the Dec. 25 release of “The Interview” on Wednesday after major theaters chains backed out, following threats from alleged North Korean hackers.

As a replacement, theaters such as the Texas Alamo Drafthouse decided to screen “Team America” instead, as it contained similar mockery of the North Korean regime.

But on Thursday afternoon, several theaters, including the Drafthouse, announced that Paramount Pictures had pulled their “Team America” screenings.

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Senate torture report exposes CIA houses of horror

By Eugene Puryear
Senate torture report exposes CIA houses of horror

Even though the broad outlines have been known for some time, the release of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence report on torture was shocking and revolting. The level of lying, brutality and legal impunity remains amazing. While it has been known for years that the CIA operated so-called black sites, engaged in torture, misled the public, falsely detained many individuals and that everyone involved got away scot free, now that Senate staffers have—at least partially—revealed the ugly details, the entire world is in an uproar.

If nothing else, this report has yet again confirmed that the post 9/11 period has become a horror show of clearly illegal and grossly immoral behavior on the part of the United States government. It perhaps is not fair to call this, as many have, “unprecedented” as the United States did of course countenance both slavery and the genocide of Native Americans. In the contemporary context, however the normalization of torture and detention is both disgusting and ominous. During most of the modern era the United States government has sought to hide its most terrible crimes. From illegal surveillance to the use of Agent Orange and the overthrow of numerous governments, there was the sense that these actions were recognized as illegal and needing to be hidden, lest anyone be held responsible.

In the case of the CIA torture and detention regime, not only were these practices legally sanctioned, they were in fact championed by the Bush White House and both parties in Congress. Then, the Obama administration in its earliest days gave a free pass to the serial human rights abusers in the prior administration, and kept on many of those responsible in the military and intelligence communities.

While there is much hemming and hawing about how “America must forever foreswear this sort of activity,” the message is perfectly clear that from now on gross violation of civil and human rights is entirely allowable and will go unpunished as long as you are the U.S. government and you have some sort of “justification” however flimsy or false.

The details revealed in the executive summary of the torture report can be difficult to read. CIA torturers beat detainees and held them in stress positions literally for days, sometimes treating their wounds in such a way as to prolong the pain. Severe psychological strain was placed on detainees, including some who were kept awake for 180 hours—in other words a week. Detainees were placed in tiny boxes and treated in a way that one of their captors described as being like dogs in kennel. One detainee was killed from exposure, while another while being waterboarded became completely non-responsive while bubbles rose “from his full and open mouth.”

Detainees were subjected to the fairly self-explanatory process of “rectal feeding” and “rectal hydration” all approved by CIA doctors, who of course haven’t lost their licenses. In an attempt to leverage information from one prisoner the CIA detained a mentally disabled man. When some detainees who were deprived of sleep begin to experience “disturbing” hallucinations, torturers deliberately continued to withhold sleep, for maximum torturous effect.

In some cases the torturers threatened to kill, rape and torture the family members of detainees in an attempt to get them to talk.

These techniques were so extreme that some CIA personnel raised objections only to be told by their superiors to shut up. While it is clear that the Bush administration allowed some of these terrible methods to continue with full knowledge of what was happening, the CIA recognized that some of its activities went to such extremes that it not only hid but attempted to obfuscate any attempts at full oversight to hide its brutal criminality. It is worth noting that the CIA, with the connivance of the Obama administration, fought tooth and nail to keep the Senate report secret.

Most disgustingly, no one has been held accountable for any of this. The Obama administration decided to allow all of these human rights abusers from the top to the bottom to go entirely free, even though they had clear knowledge that domestic and international laws had been broken and that a conspiracy at the highest level had orchestrated these crimes.

While the New York Times editorial board seems highly confused as to why there was no accountability and laments the “terrible decision” of the Obama administration to close the book on these crimes, the reasoning is entirely clear. Without any doubt the Obama administration itself has been involved in criminal and unconstitutional behavior from drone strikes to NSA spying. The entire “security” regime in the post-9/11 American government rests on a massive complex of mostly secret practices and behaviors. To indict the Bush administration would almost certainly open up the possibility of prosecuting the Obama administration. Ultimately the highest levels of the past two administrations are a rogue’s gallery of war criminals; prosecutions of any of them would open a Pandora ’s Box that could lead to numerous government officials in the dock.

This would be not only personally damaging to those culpable individuals but also massively damaging to the credibility of U.S. imperialism. The entire “moral” framework of world domination based on freedom and democracy would easily crumble if the full scale of torture, illegal war and spying was revealed. It is simply not an option.

Perhaps not unprecedented but clearly a terrible black mark, the regime of torture that was perpetrated by the Bush administration deserves an accounting but one it won’t ever get under a capitalist government.

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Cheap heroin, unaffordable solutions

Cheap heroin, unaffordable solutions

On July 1 I wrote about how the emergency service workers of NYC were all being trained and equipped with an anti-opiate life saving medication known as Naloxone. The medication was a much welcomed and far reaching shift in strategy in how some of the largest cities in the USA were going to start dealing with drug addiction in our communities.

For decades the criminalization of addicts was seen as THE solution (fueled in part by a racist perception of drug users) and the idea that we should treat addiction as as a medical problem (instead of a criminal problem) was either diminished or not present at all in the political conversation. Recently, however, the ever-present capitalist “free market” has reared its ugly head to potentially derail the future of treating drug addiction as a medical problem.

Amphastar Pharmaceuticals, a private for profit business, which produces the anti-opiate medication used most widely around the country, has over the last month or so increased the price of Naloxone by up to 50 percent. Local governments, hospitals, public service agencies and most importantly drug addicted individuals are now left with the decision of either coming up with double the amount of money for this life saving medication or to just do without.

Alabama Times Daily reports that State Rep. Allen Treadaway has seen “more than 100 accidental overdoses related to heroin so far this year, a 100 percent increase over last year” in Jefferson County.

“It’s cheap, and it’s widely available,” Treadaway said.

All across the country in cities small and large heroin has exploded in a very nasty way. It is why Naloxone had become so popular in the first place and why local governments viewed the drug as a great investment.

Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin is reported as saying that while Naloxone prices are higher than ever heroin is getting cheaper and cheaper with a dose of heroin for the first time being cheaper than over the counter opiates like OxyContin.

“While a prescription painkiller such as OxyContin can cost $25 to $50 per pill on the street; heroin is about $20 per fix.” the Alabama Times Daily explained recently.

In New York City, a spokeswoman for the Health Department said that the more than 50 percent price increase for naloxone has officials “concerned” over the future of its distribution programs. In other words the government is left powerless against the power of a corporation to profit despite the increasing number of deaths from opiate and heroin abuse throughout NYC and the country. In an embarrassing display of powerlessness before the right of a corporation to profit, New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman found himself forced to write a “strongly worded letter” to the chief executive of Amphastar, demanding an explanation for what he called an “unacceptable” rise.

“These increases [in price] threaten to curtail access to a drug just when it is needed most,” Mr. Schneiderman wrote to Jack Y. Zhang, the chief executive of Amphastar. “To date, Amphastar Pharmaceuticals has failed to provide any satisfactory explanation for dramatically increasing the price of a critical lifesaving drug.”

Not only is a “strongly worded” letter entirely insufficient to stem a crisis of opiate overdose which requires immediate attention but even this letter itself aims to solicit no more than an “explanation for dramatically increasing the price”. Amphastar has in fact “explained” that its “production costs” have gone up knowing full well that the capitalist legal system is completely on the side of the Amphastar shareholders in its “right” to to profit on the backs of families and whole communities dealing with opiate addiction.

In reality Amphastar is doing what any good business under a capitalist “free market” should do, namely maximize profit where possible. They know the amount of money local governments across the country have spent on training their staff to use their specific product so they saw no risk of losing business when they doubled the price because it would be more expensive for cities like NYC to just scrap the Naloxone program entirely.

The current capitalist pharmaceutical industry does nothing but prey on the sick by profiting on our misery while at the same time continually placing barriers on effective treatments and cures for disease. For real doctors and health practitioners of the people the only way we can have humane and productive healthcare is to take the profit out of the system. In other words the only option is socialism.


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The ‘Exceptionalism’ of US Torturer


Americans like to think of themselves as the ultimate “good guys” and anyone who gets in their way as a “bad guy.” Under this theory of U.S. “exceptionalism,” whatever “we” do must be moral or at least morally defensible, from sponsoring coups around the world to torture, as William Blum describes.

By William Blum

In 1964, the Brazilian military, in a U.S.-designed coup, overthrew a liberal (not more to the left than that) government and proceeded to rule with an iron fist for the next 21 years. In 1979 the military regime passed an amnesty law blocking the prosecution of its members for torture and other crimes. The amnesty still holds.

That’s how they handle such matters in what used to be called The Third World. In the First World, however, they have no need for such legal niceties. In the United States, military torturers and their political godfathers are granted amnesty automatically, simply for being American, solely for belonging to the “Good Guys Club.”

George W. Bush taking the presidential oath of office on Jan. 20, 2001. (White House photo)

George W. Bush taking the presidential oath of office on Jan. 20, 2001. (White House photo)

So now, with the release of the Senate Intelligence Committee report on CIA torture, we have further depressing revelations about U.S. foreign policy. But do Americans and the world need yet another reminder that the United States is a leading practitioner of torture? Yes. The message cannot be broadcast too often because the indoctrination of the American people and Americophiles all around the world is so deeply embedded that it takes repeated shocks to the system to dislodge it.

No one does brainwashing like the good ol’ Yankee inventors of advertising and public relations. And there is always a new generation just coming of age with stars (and stripes) in their eyes.

The public also has to be reminded yet again that – contrary to what most of the media and Barack Obama would have us all believe – the President has never actually banned torture per se, despite saying recently that he had “unequivocally banned torture” after taking office.

Shortly after Obama’s first inauguration, both he and Leon Panetta, the new Director of the CIA, explicitly stated that “rendition” was not being ended. As the Los Angeles Times reported at the time: “Under executive orders issued by Obama recently, the CIA still has authority to carry out what are known as renditions, secret abductions and transfers of prisoners to countries that cooperate with the United States.”

The English translation of “cooperate” is “torture.” Rendition is simply outsourcing torture. There was no other reason to take prisoners to Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Egypt, Jordan, Kenya, Somalia, Kosovo, or the Indian Ocean island of Diego Garcia, amongst other torture centers employed by the United States. Kosovo and Diego Garcia – both of which house large and very secretive American military bases – if not some of the other locations, may well still be open for torture business, as is the Guantánamo Base in Cuba.

Moreover, the key Executive Order referred to, number 13491, issued Jan. 22, 2009, “Ensuring Lawful Interrogations,” leaves a major loophole. It states repeatedly that humane treatment, including the absence of torture, is applicable only to prisoners detained in an “armed conflict.” Thus, torture by Americans outside an environment of “armed conflict” is not explicitly prohibited. But what about torture within an environment of “counter-terrorism”?

The Executive Order required the CIA to use only the interrogation methods outlined in a revised Army Field Manual. However, using the Army Field Manual as a guide to prisoner treatment and interrogation still allows solitary confinement, perceptual or sensory deprivation, sensory overload, sleep deprivation, the induction of fear and hopelessness, mind-altering drugs, environmental manipulation such as temperature and noise, and stress positions, amongst other charming examples of American Exceptionalism.

After Panetta was questioned by a Senate panel, the New York Times wrote that he had “left open the possibility that the agency could seek permission to use interrogation methods more aggressive than the limited menu that President Obama authorized under new rules … Mr. Panetta also said the agency would continue the Bush administration practice of ‘rendition’ … But he said the agency would refuse to deliver a suspect into the hands of a country known for torture or other actions ‘that violate our human values’.”

The last sentence is of course childishly absurd. The countries chosen to receive rendition prisoners were chosen precisely and solely because they were willing and able to torture them. Four months after Obama and Panetta took office, the New York Times could report that renditions had reached new heights.

The present news reports indicate that Washington’s obsession with torture stems from 9/11, to prevent a repetition. The President speaks of “the fearful excesses of the post-9/11 era.” There’s something to that idea, but not a great deal. Torture in America is actually as old as the country.

What government has been intimately involved with that horror more than the United States? Teaching it, supplying the manuals, supplying the equipment, creation of international torture centers, kidnapping people to these places, solitary confinement, forced feeding, Guantánamo, Abu Ghraib, Bagram, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Chicago … Lord forgive us!

In 2011, Brazil instituted a National Truth Commission to officially investigate the crimes of the military government, which came to an end in 1985. But Mr. Obama has in fact rejected calls for a truth commission concerning CIA torture.

On June 17 of this year, however, when Vice President Joseph Biden was in Brazil, he gave the Truth Commission 43 State Department cables and reports concerning the Brazilian military regime, including one entitled “Widespread Arrests and Psychophysical Interrogation of Suspected Subversives.”

Thus it is that once again the United States of America will not be subjected to any accountability for having broken U.S. laws, international laws, and the fundamental laws of human decency. Obama can expect the same kindness from his successor as he has extended to George W.

“One of the strengths that makes America exceptional is our willingness to openly confront our past, face our imperfections, make changes and do better.” – Barack Obama, written statement issued moments after the Senate report was made public.

And if that pile of hypocrisy is not big enough or smelly enough, try adding to it Biden’s remark regard his visit to Brazil: “I hope that in taking steps to come to grips with our past we can find a way to focus on the immense promise of the future.”

If the torturers of the Bush and Obama administrations are not held accountable in the United States they must be pursued internationally under the principles of universal jurisdiction.

In 1984, an historic step was taken by the United Nations with the drafting of the “Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment” (came into force in 1987, ratified by the United States in 1994). Article 2, section 2 of the Convention states: “No exceptional circumstances whatsoever, whether a state of war or a threat of war, internal political instability or any other public emergency, may be invoked as a justification of torture.”

Such marvelously clear, unequivocal and principled language, to set a single standard for a world that makes it increasingly difficult for one to feel proud of humanity. We cannot slide back. If today it’s deemed acceptable to torture the person who supposedly has the vital “ticking-bomb” information needed to save lives, tomorrow it will be acceptable to torture him to learn the identities of his alleged co-conspirators. Would we allow slavery to resume for just a short while to serve some “national emergency” or some other “higher purpose”?

If you open the window of torture, even just a crack, the cold air of the Dark Ages will fill the whole room.

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Syrian Army Kills over 60 ISIL Terrorists in Deir Ezour


Since December 16, 2014, the SAA has confirmed the deaths of 189 ISIS vermin at Al-Muree’iyya, Al-Jafra, Huwayjat Sakr  and MuHassan.  The ISIS campaign in Dayr El-Zor is an abject failure as of this writing.

Al-Shoolaa Village:  It is 30kms south of the city.  Here the SAA, PDC and local Shu’aytaat tribesmen killed 26 more ISIS hyenas one day after the thrashing given to the rats at the four areas mentioned herein-above.    

Al-Rushdiyya Quarter:  The SAA has killed the top field commander of ISIS here:

“Abu Dajaana” (Id pending. A known expert in constructing IEDs)

Al-Bu-‘Umar:  The SAAF laid waste to concentrations of ISIS rodents here. No details are available.

الجيش يدمر مقرين لـ


SAA wiped out an entire nest of rats at the Farmex Company.


العثور على مقبرة جماعية تضم عشرات الجثث في الريف الشرقي لدير الزور


John Esq. sends this interesting article about simian reconciliation and the MB:

Is Qatar In Cahoots with the Muslim Brotherhood? / Sputnik US – News, Opinion, Radio











Handaraat Camp:  The Syrian Army has now laid claim to almost all Handaraat Camp by liberating and delousing the entire Tarsheeha Quarter making the rest of the area susceptible to a dynamic push to rid it of the stench and plague of Nusra/Al-Qaeda.  Also, the southeast area of the camp has now been completely taken under control and over 90 IEDs dismantled.  The devices were the reason for the SAA’s slow move into the camp as they were placed there to both kill civilians and soldiers.  No more.  The majority of the rats were from other countries.

Al-Mallaah Farms and Properties:  Recently liberated by the SAA.  Now, it is combing time and the SAA has arrested over 50 Al-Qaeda/Nusra rats.

Castillo:  The SAA is verging on total success here.  7 nests of Al-Qaeda/Nusra vultures were destroyed from yesterday to today.  Almost all were foreigners.

Old City:  42 confirmed rats killed in an attempted mass escape out of the now completely encircled city.  No luck.  Almost all were foreigners, mostly Chechens and Turks.   Aleppo City has been returned to the Syrian people. I have no names of the dead rodents.

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Wake Up America: ‘CIA-created Frankenstein’ ”VIDEO”


US turns blind eye on terrorist?


Luis Posada CaMurder innocent people? No problem.

Lie to US immigration (Homeland Security)? You’re in jail.

83 year old Carriles has been a busy beaver:

Countless terrorist attacks on civilians in Cuba and other Latin American countries, Bay of Pigs veteran, Iran Contra figure, assassin of Chilean politician on the streets of Washington DC, maybe even involved the JFK assassination.

And the string that ties all these activities together: Long-time buddy of George Bush Sr.

“Posada has openly threathened that if he were to be deported to Venezuela, he would be forced to disclose information which could comprimise the United States.”

Apparently this gentleman hasn’t been paying attention to what happens to friends of George Bush Sr. who get too big for their britches (ex. Manuel Noriega and Barry Seal.) Carriles should count his blessings he’s getting the Noriega treatment.


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128 Journalists Killed so Far This Year


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At least 128 journalist have been killed so far in 2014, according to the findings of the Swiss-based Press Emblem Campaign in its annual report released Monday.

While the deaths occured in some 32 countries, the Palestine-Israel conflict has been the most dangerous for the coverage this year “with 16 journalists killed by Israel during the Operation Protective Edge.”

The 2014 total is one more than last year’s record, yet the number is perceptibly growing since the organization started to track the figures in 2006. Since then, over 1,000 journalists and reporters have been killed.

This situation for journalists worsens as armed conflicts continue without reaching a political solution, emphasized PEC director Blaise Lempen. In these scenarios, journalists are increasingly being taken as hostages.

The most dangerous countries over the past five year-period have been Syria, Pakistan, Mexico, Iraq and Somalia.

Latin America is the third most violent region with 27 journalist killed after Middle East (46) and Asia (31), and includes three countries in the top 10 most dangerous places for journalists (Mexico ranks 6th, Honduras 7th and Brazil 10th). Paraguay, Peru and Colombia are also noted in the report.

The authors explain that have been taking into account both “journalists intentionally targeted in the exercise of their profession as well as those killed accidentally and otherwise unintentionally,” arguing that the cause of the death was difficult to determine.

However, half of the journalists killed in 2014 are estimated to have been targeted intentionally by governments, various armed groups or criminal gangs.

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Poland’s top court rules that Jews may torture animals

For Jews, meat is only tasty if the animal suffers in agony as it dies. Thus, the kosher method of slaughter (called “shechita”) is to cut an animal’s throat and let it flail about in pain as it bleeds to death.
There are horrific videos of this on YouTube — but I will not give links here. Nor will I make any satirical images.
Unfortunately the Muslim method of slaughter, called “dhabīḥah,” involves the same thing. However Muslims do not go crazy if animal rights people seek to ban this method of slaughter.
Jews, by contrast, regard any mention of animal cruelty as a form of “holocaust.”™
In Poland, a 2012 court verdict upheld the views of animal rights groups who said it was cruel for Jews to torture animals for fun.
The Jews screamed in protest, saying that the ban threatened their “right” to freely practice their “faith,” and that it “threatened” Jews throughout Europe, and perhaps the  world.
Last Wednesday (10 Dec 2014) Poland’s highest court ruled 9-to-5 that Jews may torture animals as they wish, and that any ban of Jewish atrocities was unconstitutional.
“This ruling is satisfactory,” said Piotr Kadlcik, a board member of the Jewish Community of Warsaw. “The tribunal gave a very good signal that Poland is not resistant to Jewish supremacism an anti-Semitic country.”
In Sep 2014 the Lithuanian parliament passed a law that let animals be killed by having their throats cut. This was done to stimulate exports of meat to Israel and the Middle East after Russia banned imports of Lithuanian meat. Russia banned the imports because Lithuania participates in the Western sanctions against Russia.
The German National Socialists outlawed this barbarity, and passed numerous laws against cruelty to animals. Nazi Germany became the first nation to ban vivisection. Hitler himself was a vegetarian, and had very strong views about this. Anyone caught indulging in severe cruelty to animals was sent to jail or the camps. The Nazis also banned commercial animal trapping, banned the boiling of live lobsters and crabs, and banned the force-feeding of livestock.   They imposed severe restrictions on hunting, and regulated the shoeing of horses. They banned the use of animals in circuses or films if it caused pain to the animals. They enacted laws to protect endangered species (e.g. wolves).
Jews and their allies say it was all part of the “holocaust,”™ and was done to persecute Jews.
Some animal rights groups have compared the commercial production and slaughtering of animals to the Jewish “holocaust,”™ thereby strengthening Jewish lies.
Fortunately the Jews attack all such comparisons. There can be no “moral equivalency” between the “holocaust”™ (which never happened), and any other suffering in the universe.
For example, Ingrid Newkirk, the president of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), said, “Six million Jews died in concentration camps, but six billion broiler chickens will die this year in slaughterhouses.”
Jews screamed, saying that Jews cannot be compared to chickens. (I agree with the Jews. They can be compared to disgusting bacteria, but not to chickens.)

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