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Poland’s top court rules that Jews may torture animals

For Jews, meat is only tasty if the animal suffers in agony as it dies. Thus, the kosher method of slaughter (called “shechita”) is to cut an animal’s throat and let it flail about in pain as it bleeds to death.
There are horrific videos of this on YouTube — but I will not give links here. Nor will I make any satirical images.
Unfortunately the Muslim method of slaughter, called “dhabīḥah,” involves the same thing. However Muslims do not go crazy if animal rights people seek to ban this method of slaughter.
Jews, by contrast, regard any mention of animal cruelty as a form of “holocaust.”™
In Poland, a 2012 court verdict upheld the views of animal rights groups who said it was cruel for Jews to torture animals for fun.
The Jews screamed in protest, saying that the ban threatened their “right” to freely practice their “faith,” and that it “threatened” Jews throughout Europe, and perhaps the  world.
Last Wednesday (10 Dec 2014) Poland’s highest court ruled 9-to-5 that Jews may torture animals as they wish, and that any ban of Jewish atrocities was unconstitutional.
“This ruling is satisfactory,” said Piotr Kadlcik, a board member of the Jewish Community of Warsaw. “The tribunal gave a very good signal that Poland is not resistant to Jewish supremacism an anti-Semitic country.”
In Sep 2014 the Lithuanian parliament passed a law that let animals be killed by having their throats cut. This was done to stimulate exports of meat to Israel and the Middle East after Russia banned imports of Lithuanian meat. Russia banned the imports because Lithuania participates in the Western sanctions against Russia.
The German National Socialists outlawed this barbarity, and passed numerous laws against cruelty to animals. Nazi Germany became the first nation to ban vivisection. Hitler himself was a vegetarian, and had very strong views about this. Anyone caught indulging in severe cruelty to animals was sent to jail or the camps. The Nazis also banned commercial animal trapping, banned the boiling of live lobsters and crabs, and banned the force-feeding of livestock.   They imposed severe restrictions on hunting, and regulated the shoeing of horses. They banned the use of animals in circuses or films if it caused pain to the animals. They enacted laws to protect endangered species (e.g. wolves).
Jews and their allies say it was all part of the “holocaust,”™ and was done to persecute Jews.
Some animal rights groups have compared the commercial production and slaughtering of animals to the Jewish “holocaust,”™ thereby strengthening Jewish lies.
Fortunately the Jews attack all such comparisons. There can be no “moral equivalency” between the “holocaust”™ (which never happened), and any other suffering in the universe.
For example, Ingrid Newkirk, the president of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), said, “Six million Jews died in concentration camps, but six billion broiler chickens will die this year in slaughterhouses.”
Jews screamed, saying that Jews cannot be compared to chickens. (I agree with the Jews. They can be compared to disgusting bacteria, but not to chickens.)

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