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Naziyahu: Europe has not learned lessons of “Holocaust”


Criminal Naziyahu

Arch war criminal and international terrorist Benjamin Naziyahu, the current Prime Minister of the rogue Zionist regime occupying Palestine, recently lectured and chastised Europeans, claiming they have not learned the lessons of the alleged Jewish “Holocaust” of WWII. Haaretz reports:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu used the Holocaust to sharply attack Europe following the decision by the European court in Luxembourg to have Hamas removed from the EU’s list of terrorist organizations, and against the backdrop of Wednesday’s Conference of High Contracting Parties to the Fourth Geneva Convention in Switzerland.

“We saw today examples hanging before us of European prejudice,” said Netanyahu at the opening of his meeting with U.S. Senator-Elect Joni Ernst of Iowa. “In Geneva, they are calling for an investigation against Israel for war crimes, while in Luxembourg the European court removed Hamas from the terrorist list. It looks like there are too many people in Europe, on the ground where six million Jews were slaughtered, who haven’t learned a thing. The friendship we see from the United States stands in complete contrast to what we are seeing regretfully in Europe.”

Earlier Wednesday, the General Court of the European Union in Luxembourg accepted the petition by Hamas in which it sought to have itself removed from the EU’s list of terrorist organizations. The hearing in the European court was technical and procedural, and did not stem from a change in the EU’s position regarding Hamas. […]

As readers are no doubt aware, the fake Jewish “Holocaust” narrative of WWII has served as a weapon in the hands of the organized international Jewish community and the Jewish state of Israel for decades now. The ridiculous “Holocaust” narrative and the “lessons” it has been used to advance – “tolerance”, anti-racism (read: anti-Whitism), and multiculturalism – have been instrumental in international Jewry’s assault on and subversion of traditional Western civilization, in addition to their global agenda of world domination.

The fake “Holocaust” story is constantly invoked to cover up, excuse, and even justify Israeli and Jewish criminality, murder, and war crimes, as we see in this particular story cited above. Any investigation or even frank, truthful discussion of the recent barbaric attack on Gaza, in which countless innocent Palestinian civilians were brutally slaughtered, carried out by Netanyahu and the Zionist regime must be squashed and eliminatd because, as Netanyahu says, of the “Holocaust”. When is the Western world going to reject the fake “Holocaust” narrative and stand up to the Jews?

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