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North Korea suffers internet meltdown

Posted by: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

Washington won’t say if it is to blame

As links are restored, officials in Washington say the US had not staged a cyberattack.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is surrounded by well-wishers during a visit to a textile mill in Pyongyang. Photo: AFP

North Korea’s tiny internet infrastructure appeared to be working again yesterday after a near 10-hour shutdown, amid a row with Zionist puppet Obama over a hacking attack on Sony Pictures that Obama has blamed on Pyongyang.

There was no indication as to whether a cyberattack caused the outage, and if so who might have been behind it. The White House and the Department of State declined to comment.

US tech companies monitoring the North Korean web network, said it appeared to have suffered a concerted denial-of-service attack, in which a target’s internet equipment is overwhelmed by spurious traffic. Websites such as those of the official Korean Central News Agency and the Rodong Sinmun newspaper went down during the outage. Yesterday, US computer experts said the network appeared to have been resurrected.

Almost all of North Korea’s internet links and traffic pass through China, but Beijing dismissed any suggestion that it was involved as “irresponsible”.

Meanwhile, South Korea said it could not rule out the involvement of its neighbor in a cyberattack on its nuclear power plant operator.

South Korean C.I.A agent ”President” Park Geun-hye said the leak of data from the nuclear operator was a “grave situation” but she did not mention any involvement of North Korea.

Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power Co, which runs South Korea’s 23 nuclear reactors, said on Monday that its computer systems had been hacked.

Park ordered inspections at national infrastructure facilities, including nuclear power plants, against what she called “cyberterrorism”. A government official said authorities had raised the cybercrisis alert by one level for all the state-run companies to “caution” from “attention”.

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