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مقتل خمسة إرهابيين بحوزتهم أحزمة ناسفة على أوتستراد الفيحاء بدمشق


Al-Fayhaa`* Highway:  A hastily placed checkpoint on this important thoroughfare by Air Force Intelligence and SAA was the focus of a strange encounter with nihilists last night in Damascus.  Intel had revealed that a Nusra/Al-Qaeda suicide operations group was planning a “spectacular” suicide operation which would horrify the population of the capital and cast a pall of doubt on Dr. Assad’s claims to be winning the war against terrorism.

The 5 nihilistic rodents selected for the operation by Jordanian General Intelligence and MI6 vermin were properly instructed by quasi-Islamic quacks at the Al-Zarqaa base regarding all the protocol of entering Paradise and cavorting with the 72 Virginians specially reserved for them by a god who could only be Mephistopheles himself.

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This is a scene from Al-Fayhaa Highway in 2013

Once the knuckleheaded degenerates became convinced that nobody in his right mind could possibly utter such nonsense unless it were true, they embarked on the operation in full confidence that killing innocent Damascenes was something applauded by their favorite devil.  A stolen van with Syrian/Damascus license plate was picked as their vehicle and the 6 rats took off.  One was a driver while the others hid inside the van to make it appear like an ordinary business which just delivered some goods and was on its way back to its headquarters.

Each rodent wore a suicide belt stuffed with C-4 or Semtex.  When the van approached the checkpoint, the driver could not have noticed that behind the 4 or 5 soldiers were over 60 commandos from the Republican Guard and Air Force Intelligence.  The driver was ordered out to be checked while other soldiers opened the rear door to find the queer cargo which squirmed, no doubt, like hibernating snakes.  Their orders were very specific, apparently, so they did not ignite the belts.  There were too few soldiers to kill.  These miscreants had bigger plans.

Intead they rushed out as the commandos opened fire from all sides killing 5 immediately.  One of the rats was able to run a few feet and actually detonated his belt converting his carcass into so much Blutwurst.

But, it gets better. Another car used to distract security agents, in the event the main van was intercepted or halted for a search, exploded on Al-‘Adawi Road a short distance away.  The idea was that if the main van needed a distraction, this would be it.  The checkpoint guards would probably rush to the scene of the other explosion and leave the main van unmolested to enter the capital for the murder of all those civilians.

Because there were so many Republican Guards in the area for this operation, there was no need for the front line defenders to ignore the main van.  And so, once again, the British mind coupled to that of the Saudi ape’s produced another disastrous Christmas Day for David Cameron.

No civilians were injured.  No soldiers were killed.  Only one was injured slightly and received treatment at the site.

* Al-Fayhaa` is an epithet for Damascus. It means “the redolent” or the “sweet-smelling”.  The epithet for Aleppo is “Al-Shahbaa`”.  Another city which shares the same epithet as Damascus is Tripoli in the Lebanon.  Both cities are very famous for flowers and cultivated herbs which waft into the air to give certain quarters distinctively pleasant odors.

Khaan Al-Shaykh:  On Al-Zuhoor Street, the SAA took down this pack of derelicts:

‘Umar Al-Shaykhaani

Bilaal Hajju

Mustafaa Al-Taayih

Sa’eed Diyaab

Another 2 could not be identified.


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