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الجيش العربي السوري

Doumaa to ‘Adraa area:   At 5 a.m. this morning, Damascus time, 2 units of the SAA, one from Special Forces and the second from Special Operations tasked with protecting the ‘Adraa Central Prison where some of the most vicious terrorist criminals are locked up, embarked on a joint operation that is now the specialty of the only truly great anti-insurgency force in the world.  Under the cover of a thick, impenetrable fog, with full knowledge of the location of the enemy thanks to superb intelligence gathering by MI, the 2 forces advanced from the Ibn Sina (Avicenna) Hospital/Nursing College Axis with artillery fire falling with deadly accuracy from SAA Howitzers and mortars in Al-Reehaan all the way to the Horse Grazing Farms, pounding the startled rodents who were shacked up at the Karakoosh Villas.

When the SAA units came upon the villas, they quickly neutralized 3 completely disoriented rodents some of whom belonged to Jaysh Al-Umma.  Another sniper hiding in a room, who never even got a shot off, was killed in the same area.  He belonged to Liwaa` Al-Islam.

Control of this area is crucial to stopping the flow from ‘Alloosh’s now trapped Jaysh Al-Islaam in Doumaa to the few remnant rodents still holed up in ‘Adraa.

Once word got out that the operation was in full swing, rodents communicated with their c&c centers and a firefight ensued to take the pressure off those at the villas.  The heaviest fighting took place at Al-Reehaan where the SAA advanced another 300 meters inside a dense fog.

But, another mechanized unit of the SAA then began its operation.  The 39th Brigade (based at Mayda’ah) supported by PDF started at the Palestine Martyrs’ School near the KIA Company and the Hangar Factories.  This attack not only involved infantry, but, also, a pod of tanks with artillery and mortars firing away at fortifications located mostly at the Syrian Cable Manufacturing Factory, Abu Khatt Piping Co. and Mr. Corn Co., killing and wounding every rodent inside the area.  Several pickups with Doschkas were spotted in flames at the Ibn Sina (Avicenna) Hospital Intersection and at the Tal Kurdi Crossroad.  This completed the encirclement of all the rats, placing them in a vise from which there can be no escape.

When the magnitude of the catastrophe became evident, the remaining rats who could muster up the energy to withdraw tried a pull-back to Doumaa to languish in the protection of the doomed King Rat, Zahraan ‘Alloosh.  But all were killed along the way.  All 16 vehicles they were driving were annihilated.  Several motorcycles are now fit for shipping to Japan for melting.  GRAD missiles and launchers were destroyed.  Monzer says over 120+ rodents were killed in this operation alone.

The entire route between Doumaa and ‘Adraa is now under the direct or artillery control of the SAA.  The SAA dominates at Tal Kurdi and Al-Reehaan.

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