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The blood-curdling wish for a Merry Christmas to all “Turkey’s Christians” from a proven war criminal and mass murderer like Recep Tayyip Erdoghan, is the very pinnacle of effrontery.  With only 8 Christians left in Turkey, most living in Constantinople under the protection of the Orthodox Church, (see photo of Erdoghan below telling the world how many Christians are extant in his country),  and his open support for terrorist cannibals and savages whom he not only aids and abets, but, whom he provides with comfort, refuge, training and medical care, so that these so-called “Muslims” can ravage the Syrian and Iraqi countrysides to deplete whole areas of their indigenous populations of Sunnis, Christians, Ayzeedis, Shi’is, Kurds and Ismailis is testament to his deviant and sick perception of the stagnant and noisome cesspool he labels his world.

Turks are responsible for the deaths of close to 2 million Armenians before and after WWI.  They, the Turkish Establishment, including the mass murderer, Erdoghan, refuse to acknowledge that fact.  He, himself, without the intermission of history, is responsible for the deaths, expatriation and the Diaspora, of thousands upon thousands of Syrian and Iraqi Christians who fell victim to the same rapine and mayhem only the Asiatic and non-indigenous Turks could possibly bring.  He has called for the ouster of Syria’s sitting president although every Syrian Christian knows that it is Dr. Assad who has protected Christians and all other ethnic and religious groups in his native country.  Dr. Assad is not from Central Asia.  His ancestors are the autochthonous mountaineers of our Syrian coastal mountains.  When he wishes Christians a Merry Christmas, we know he doesn’t have their blood on his hands.

To the Turks who support this murdering deviant sociopath Erdoghan – we at SyrPer tell you we want you to extract your DNA from that of the local people you raped and murdered – people of Greece, Armenia, Assyria, Syria and the Kurdish lands – the people who gave Asia Minor a resplendent name in the annals of human history – and take it back to the steppes of Asia’s intestines.  Get out of Asia Minor!  And may you all burn in the Hell that is surely awaiting you.  Please pray for the painful death of Erdoghan.  Ziad Abu Fadel, Esq.

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