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Jewish comedians banned for supporting racism


Gilad Atzmon writes:

A bitter row has broken out in the Jewish stand-up ghetto after Ivor Dembina, the owner of a leading comedy club, refused to book anyone who plays benefit gigs for a Jewish racist pro-Israeli organisation.

Ivor Dembina banned comedians playing for the racist Jewish National Fund

Dembina, a veteran Jewish comedian who runs the Hampstead Comedy Club, said anyone taking part in benefit gigs for JNF UK – the British arm of the Jewish National Fund, set up to fund Jewish people buying land in Palestinian territories – would be barred from performing at his venue.

This has led to a row with leading Jewish comedians, including Mark Maier and Steve Jameson, both of whom have a history of performing at the North London club. They criticised Dembina’s handling of the situation, and accused him of “inconsistency” for accepting money from pro-Israeli audience members while banning pro-Israeli acts.

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