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by Ziad Fadel





The pro-ISIL Raqqa Media Center posted photos purportedly showing a captured Jordanian pilot.

The photo above was posted by Obama’s favorite terrorists on their websites.  It purports to show Captain Mu’aadh Al-Qasaba of the Jordanian Air Force being taken prisoner by ISIS rodents.  Note how suspicious this photo is.  Note the self-same balalaikas worn by the purported rat terrorists and look carefully at their uniforms.  Note also the care taken to conceal the face of the alleged pilot.  Why would ISIS want to blur out his face?   They normally gloat when they advertise their so-called “achievements”.

No, my friends, I can tell you already how this scenario is meant to unfold.  This is pure MI6.  Note that the story was broken by SOHR in London by its notoriously mendacious Raami ‘Abdul-Rahmaan (f/k/a Usaamaa Sulaymaan).  ‘Abdul-Rahmaan claimed the aircraft, surely a Jordanian F-16, was shot down by ISIS missiles.  Oh, pleeaaazzzz!  Amazingly, ISIS has not been able to shoot down any Syrian Russian-made bombers which regularly assault their positions in Al-Raqqa and Dayr El-Zor.  Can anyone explain how SOHR came across this information out of Al-Raqqa?

We assure you this Jordanian actor will be beheaded.  The scene will enrage the Jordanian people who will demand vengeance.  Anybody who knows the Jordanians (just bedouinized Syrians and disgruntled Palestinians, really,) will tell you that they are very quick to demand retribution – quick to kill their sisters on mere suspicions of concupiscence.  The only non-Jordanian personality in this whole charade is the King of Jordan himself, His Regal Dwarfiness, ‘Abdullah bin Antoinette Avril Gardiner, his mother an English woman, who married his father, the legendary traitor  Hussayn bin Zayn (a/k/a Hussayn bin Talaal).


The British chamber pot King beams for the camera in typical Hashemite fashion as he listens to instructions from his MI6 and Mossad handlers.

The plot was hatched back in April 2013 and was revealed by ‘Abdullah during a visit to the U.S.  His position was that Dr. Assad had to leave power by the end of the year or he, ‘Abdullah, would begin training the opposition terrorists on Jordanian territory and permit them entry into Syria.  Nothing new.  We’ve known for months that Jordan has become a Club Med destination or compost heap for all the wretched,  flea-ridden psychos in Saudi jails; for the anti-social Snackbarian Pakistanis of England; the Turk/Albanian/Chechen/Kosovar maladroits of Germany; the Schmoroccan/Tunisian barbarian wannabes of France; the rabid Libyan airheads of, well, Libya.  And the list goes on and on.

In order to get his people on board, ‘Abdullah, has to have a crisis.  It’s not enough that he is entertaining one of the world’s most populated scrums of mass-murdering butchers, he needs to have the “fuse” lit through some atrocious act.  Enter: ISIS.  We can tell you already that Madame Toussaud’s Wax Museum in London is burning the midnight oil to create a life-like effigy of Captain Al-Qasaba’s head and face so that the usual MI6 production can be completed with only a modicum of criticism.  He will be dressed in orange fatigues and made to kneel in front of a background screen at Pinewood Studios.  The terrorists around him will form a semi-circle after which Danny the Syrian will appear in his new incarnation as “Johnny Jihad”, his face covered by a balalaika, but, who’s privileged London accent cannon be concealed.  Suddenly, we predict, the film will be edited to show the Madame Tussaud head lying next to a manikin stuffed with Welsh barley.  There will be much screaming and cursing.  The stage is set.

The Tom Thumb Tyrant King of Jordan will appear on television to tell his subjects that the barbarian act of beheading the non-existent captain is “too much to bear” and that he, along with “coalition partners” have decided to participate in ground operations in Syria.

What does that mean?  Will the king send troops to Al-Raqqa to seek revenge?

No, he’ll probably start giving the Jordan-based rodents artillery cover and eventually invade southern Syria along with some Saudi-Pakistani mercenaries.  It’s so obvious.  I can’t really believe MI6 didn’t think of it.  It’s so awful, you’d think Obama, himself,  came up with this stinkpot of a script.  Maybe I’m wrong.  If I am, I’ll be the first to admit it.  But if I’m right, and MI6 is reading this post, they might change their minds and just have Captain Al-Qasaba remain prisoner in his cell near the Pinewood Studios.  ZAF

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