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التطورات الميدانية ليوم السبت.. تدمير دبابة وآليات للإرهابيين في ريف حلب


Tal-Museebeen at the Al-Zaytoon Roundabout:  West of Seefaat, a T-62 tank and a bulldozer were destroyed by the SAA along with a Doschka fitted on the back of another flatbed truck and an RPG.

Terrorist supporters have announced the deaths of 4 rat leaders, 2 of whom led units in the Harakat Ahraar Al-Shaam Al-Islaamiyya (The Free Fighters of Syria Movement) and the Jaysh Al-Mujaahideen (Army of Mujaahids):

Baasil Al-Fad’oos

Mustafaa Al-Saalih

‘Abdul-‘Azeez Al-Hajji

I don’t have the 4th name.



مقتل عدد من الإرهابيين من بينهم 4  متزعمين في ريف حلب

Hannoora Village:  A Scandia Truck carrying ammunition 40kms west of the City of Homs was destroyed with all rats inside killed on February 14, 2015:

Sa’eed Jamaaleddeen

Wajdi Al-Ahmad

‘Ali Barhoom

Rafeeq Wajdi

Another 3 were not identified, their carcasses burned beyong recognition.

‘Unq Al-Hawaa:  A number of ISIS hyenas were sent to the sitz bath in Hell.  No other details.

Jubb Al-Jarraah:  Another stupid attack on an SAA checkpoint was foiled with 17 confirmed Nusra rats killed.  No names have arrived.

Al-Ballaan Village:  A truck with Nusra terrorists aboard was ordered to stop.  I would not.  The infantrymen fired bullets and a Kornet at it and lit it on fire.  The rats were mowed down as they leapt out firing their automatic rifles.  19 rats killed or wounded.  I have no other details.


عودة الاشتباكات في حلب والجيش يدمر دبابة وجرافة للإرهابيين بصاروخ موجّه

Izzeddeen Village and Lower Al-Mukharram:  Confirmed 9 rodents killed, all foreigners.  Only 2 were identified:

Zaahi ‘Abdul-Razzaaq Hawwaash (PALESTEEZIAN RAT BREEDER)

Muhammad Saafi Muhammad (IRAQI HOG CATAMITE)

Ruhoom:  This is a town which had the bad luck of becoming the ISIS HQ in eastern Homs Province.  It has been the scene of one attack after another by the SAA.

More skirmishing reported here:  North Al-Mushayrifa, Abu Hawaadeet, Al-Duwayba, East Salaam, Mas’ada, Al-Rastan at the Industrial School, Umm Sharshooh, Waadi Kahf, Waadi Al-Samarmarr.

Al-Wa’er:  On February 8, 2015, the SAA learned of a meeting taking place with leaders of Nusra attending to discuss coordination.  The meeting was on the first floor of a building that was targeted by SAA artillery.  All 6 rodents were killed as the building was brought down over their heads.


Al-Ayb Citadel: A convoy out of Jordan was ambushed by the SAA.  22 rodents were killed as they were traveling in 8 vehicles.  The details of this will be made public tomorrow.  Big operation.





Zionist Puppet Ordogan


On Sunday, February 22, 2015 at about 3:00 a.m. (Damascus Time), Turkish troops, coordinating their movements with ISIS, the savage terrorist organization bent of reshaping the Middle East in the image of their goat God, invaded Syria to purportedly remove the remains of Sulayman Shah, the reputed father of Ertughrul who is the father of the founder of the Ottoman dynasty, Othman I.  He supposedly drowned in the Euphrates River in 1236 C.E. because he was such an imbecile he didn’t know that the armor he wore would sink him if he tried to float to the other side, hence the suggestion that Recep Erdoghan, the lame-brained fanatical Islamist Muslim Brotherhood member,  is a direct descendant of this Central Asian Seljuq mutton head.

The tomb is an “exclave” of the Turkish Republic.  The original exclave was located to the south at Ja’bar Citadel but was threatened with inundation after the Syrian government of General Haafizh Al-Asad opened the Tabqa Dam in 1973-1974.  So, both governments agreed that the tomb, so holy to the paganistic Turks, should be moved northwards to its present location which can be seen herein-above.

The exclave was created by agreement of the pathetic and malicious French authorities during the mandate period over Syria after WWI when the allied forces of France and Britain decided to divvy up the spoils of the Ottoman Empire according to the Sykes-Picot Agreement.  But, in an effort to assuage the hurt feelings of the genocidal Turks who were just feeling the blood of 2 million Armenians, inter alia, drying on their hands, they were granted this concession in 1921.

The Turkish military conducted the operation with around 600 soldiers, 100 tanks and APCs.  They evidently entered through Kobane (‘Ayn Al-‘Arab) and reached the exclave a few hours later.  One Turkish soldier was reportedly killed under very suspicious circumstances.  The Turk government claims it was an “accident”.  One thing we do know for sure is that ISIS, so close to the tomb, did not fire one shot at the Turkish army contingent and let the aggressors go about their business unmolested.

If any of you want to know how to prove Erdoghan’s complicity in the ISIS affair, look no further than this.

Syrian Perspective does not believe the Turks were acting to preserve the tomb’s remains.  Instead, we believe the Turks had 2 aims in mind: the first was to establish a presence in Syria without Damascus’ consent.  The second is Ankara’s fear that the Syrian Army was in a position to overrun the location of the tomb which would place its protection under the control of the government forces – a humiliating bog-wash for Erdoghan.

Note: I apologize to my readers for the 2 day hiatus.  I had to leave on a short trip.

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Al-SHABAAB, Somali Zio-Wahhabi Terrorist calls for lone wolf attacks


On Shopping Malls in the West


Zio-Wahhabi al-Qaeda branch in Somalia released a video Saturday celebrating the September 2013 attack on the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya, that killed 60 people in a four-day siege. In the 66-minute video,  al-Shabaab calls for attacks on specific targets in the U.S., Canada, and Britain.


“If just a handful of mujahedeen [militant jihadists] fighters could bring Kenya to a complete standstill for nearly a week, just imagine what the dedicated mujahedeen could do in the West to American or Jewish shopping centers across the world,” a masked gunman says toward the end of the video.

“What if such an attack were to occur in the Mall of America in Minnesota? Or the West Edmonton Mall in Canada? Or in London’s Oxford Street?”


The video raises concern it could help inspire lone-wolf attacks by radicalized individuals in these countries who are teetering on committing violent acts in the name of Allah. Online social media has helped widen the audience for Zio-Wahhabi  propaganda despite efforts by Facebook and Twitter to weed out troubling broadcasts.


While social media sites are filled with militant Islamist propaganda calls for violence (such as how to make bombs in your mother’s kitchen or praising the usefulness of Honda motorcycles to commit terrorist acts), it’s unusual for terrorists to be so specific about civilian targets. News of the video was first reported by Bethesda, Maryland, SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors activities of extremist groups.


“The English-speaking narrator in this video sounds remarkably similar to the narrator from past Shabab releases,” Al-Shabab has released similar videos in the past, including one cheering the murder of British soldier Lee Rigby, who was killed May 22, 2013, by British citizens Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale. In August, Brusthom Ziamani, 19, was arrested for allegedly plotting to behead a British soldier in a lone-wolf copycat attack inspired by the Rigby murder.


Al-Shabab (which means “the youth” in Arabic) claimed responsibility for the Friday suicide attacks in Mogadishu that killed at least 25 and wounded 40 at a hotel where government officials were meeting. Somalian President Hassan Sheik Mohamoud condemned the attack and pledged to continue to work for stability in the war-ravaged East African country.

Ewwww, this sign will scare away the bad guys

Ewwww, this sign will scare away the bad guys

Al-Shabab still maintains a strong presence in the country, however, and has staged numerous smaller attacks in the capital in recent months. A suicide car bomber Jan. 22 attacked a Mogadishu hotel where a group of Turkish officials were preparing for a state visit by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. That attack killed three Somali civilians.

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Zio-Wahhabi (ISIS) releases chilling new video of Kurdish Peshmerga troops


Orange jumpsuits being interviewed as a prelude to their executions

In the latest propaganda video from Zio-Wahhabi ‘ISIS’, 21 hostages are paraded in cages through the packed streets of Iraq to cheers and jeers. But in a cruel twist, the orange jumpsuit-clad prisoners are interviewed by their captors – ahead of their presumably grim fate.

UK Daily Mail  The nine-minute video (See ISIS full video HERE) allegedly shows 21 Kurdish Peshmerga fighters, who are paraded through the crowded streets of the Iraqi province of Kirkuk, before being seemingly marched to their deaths.

The prisoners are driven one by one on the backs of pick-up trucks along with flag-waving militants – who are cover their faces and carry firearms – accompanying each prisoner.

Several men are then interviewed by Zio-Wahhabi ‘ISIS’, who carries a microphone bearing the terror group’s insignia, before being taken out of their cages and pushed to their knees.

The camera then stops on several hostages in turn and text appears on screen, apparently revealing details about each individual.


And the footage ends with a haunting shot of an elderly man’s face before abruptly cutting to black, hinting that a terrible fate awaits him and his fellow prisoners.

Shiraz Maher, senior fellow at the International Center for Study of Radicalization at King’s College in London, wrote on Twitter: ‘New Islamic State video shows Peshmerga being paraded through Kirkuk province in cages.’


He says the video is ‘not as gory’ as previous ones, but adds that although it ends before it is seen, the men were presumably murdered.

Earlier this month, a video emerged showing a similar procession apparently taking place through Kirkuk in northwest Iraq.


Those men were purportedly burned alive on camera in a horrific echo of the murder of Jordanian pilot Lieutenant Muath al-Kaseasbeh.

Lt. al-Kaseasbeh was filmed being burned to death by Zio-Wahhabi  extremists in a 22-minute film which was expertly edited before being posted online.


Titled ‘Healing the Believers’ Chests’, it showed the captured airman locked in a cage before a trail of petrol leading up to its bars is set alight.

Zio-Wahhabi terror group and the Kurdish Peshmerga fighters have been locked in a series of tense battles for control of the Kirkuk province since January.


The video comes as a senior U.S. military official said a massive operation to retake Iraq’s second-largest city from the Islamic State using up to 25,000 Iraqi troops will likely begin in April or May.

The official from U.S. Central Command said the operation would involve 12 Iraqi brigades, five of which would be trained for the mission by the coalition in the coming weeks.


Those five would make up the core fighting force that would launch the attack.

But they would be supplemented by three smaller brigades serving as reserve forces, along with three Peshmerga brigades who would contain the Zio-Wahhabi fighters from the north and west.


News of the offensive comes amid reports the Zio-Wahhabi terror group is facing a growing number of defections and cases of corruption in its ranks in two of its major strongholds, Mosul and Raqqa.

This is a continuation from a video which appeared on February 15th, showing the caged Peshmerga driven through  streets crowded with extras, in the Hawija district.  The video shows the quiet composure of the Peshmerga, and even without understanding what they say, one can pick up on their defiance.

CLICK HERE to see actual video



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Please demand a detention visit NOW for Palestinian youth Lina Khattab


Is she alive? Illegally detained? Secretly sentenced?

Save Palestinian Children/New Generations

18-year old Lina Khattab was arrested December 13, 2014, and immediately detained without formal charges. Her sentencing has been illegally postponed six times.

Inadequate translation, along with denied bail or house arrest, her judge remarked, “Looking at her, I can see the characteristics of a leader.”

The judge scheduled a CLOSED COURT formal hearing at the Ofer Prison for Monday, January 26, 2015, prohibiting her parents and local journalists from attending.

After six days there still is media silence regarding her status.

It has also been reported that Lina was under surveillance by the Nazi State of ”Israel” for her popularity at Bir Zeit University in being able to coordinate protests and speak strongly and authoritatively against the occupation. She is also a celebrated El-Fanoun dancer in a company that has become world reknown for promoting and protecting the Palestinian culture.

Palestinian children and youth are purposely targeted by the Nazi State of ”Israel” for arrest, detention, torture, and imprisonment. The alleged offenses include stone throwing incidents at Nazi soldiers that frequently lack adequate evidence.

It should be noted that under the 4th Geneva Convention acts of resistance against the military occupiers by those under occupation are permitted.

Once in the Nazi military justice system, the Palestinian child is further denied due process that an ”Israeli” child is afforded under the Covenant of the Rights of the Child and also Israeli law. Palestinian children are subject to the Nazi military justice system that is punitive and set up to deny their rights as children and youth, leaving them physically, mentally, sexually and psychologically harmed.

The last time that Lina’s parents saw their daughter, her appearance was starkly different indicating abuse and that she was experiencing difficult conditions which she was able to briefly attest to her lawyer.

Under the Covention of the Rights of the Child, Lina and other Palestinian children and youth are to be imprisoned only as a last resort. They are also to be immediately charged and brought into court withiin 24 hours. They are not to be interrogated without the presence of a parent, guardian or legal representative and questioning must be done by a specially trained investigator who is able to communicate with the chidlren in their native language.

Palestinian children are always denied these rights by the Nazi State of ”Israel” who strategically creates these opportunities to undermine the Palestinian population and further oppress both the child and parent. This is to further oppress the society and create the sense of fear and terror of not being able to protect their children or keep them from harm.

ICRC Report: Children, Detention and IHL, 2014 ;

ICRC Mission, Jerusalem ICRC
ICRC please demand a detention visit for Palestinian youth Lina Khattab.Her health and condition must be evaluated as well as her current legal

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How to defeat violent Islamic fundamentalism

Islamic State terrorists

By Alan Hart

If perverted and violent Islamic fundamentalism (PVIF) in all of its manifestations is to be contained and defeated there’s one thing above all others that must happen: Western leaders, starting with President Barack Obama, must open their minds to the fact that consequences have causes and then address the causes.

There are two main and related causes of PVIF.

(1) American-led Western foreign policy for the Arab and wider Muslim world, including its double standard as demonstrated by refusal to call and hold Israel to account for its defiance of international law and rejection of the Palestinian claim for justice.

(2) The corruption, authoritarianism and repression of most if not all Arab and other Muslim regimes. In most cases they are regimes supported/endorsed by American-led Western foreign policy.

1 and 2 cause or provoke Muslim hurt, humiliation, anger and the despair of no hope. Generally speaking, these feelings do not of themselves turn Muslims into killers and terrorists or even supporters of those who do the killing and/or order it. The real problem is the exploitation and manipulation of these feelings by deluded or mad preachers and other self-styled leaders who misinterpret and pervert Islam for their own purposes.

Regarding 1 above, there are some commentators who assert that American-led Western foreign policy created Al-Qaeda and so-called “Islamic State” [formerly known as Islamic State in Iraq and Syria – ISIS – and Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant – ISIL]. I think a more accurate summary statement of what happened is that American-led Western foreign policy created the environment and the conditions in which PVIF could emerge and grow.

Professor Fawaz Gerges of the London School of Economics put it this way:

Between 2003 and 2010, the power vacuum and armed resistance triggered by the US-led invasion and occupation of Iraq, as well as the dismantling of Saddam Hussein’s former ruling Baath party and the Iraqi army, provided a fertile terrain for Al-Qaeda’s growth and an opportunity to infiltrate the increasingly fragile body politic.

He added, and I agree with him, that ISIS is “a manifestation of the breakdown of state institutions, dismal socio-economic conditions and the spread of sectarian fires in the region”.

The view of John Feffer, Co-Director of Foreign Policy in Focus at the Institute for Policy Studies, on events, with which I also agree, is that “ISIS is decidedly a homegrown product of the turmoil that has engulfed two states: Iraq since the US invasion in 2003 and Syria since the aborted Arab Spring uprising that began in 2011”.

I stand by the view I expressed when President George W. Bush had a premature political ejaculation and claimed victory in Iraq. I wrote at the time that he and UK Prime Minister Tony Blair were the best recruiting sergeants for violent Islamic fundamentalism. (The question arising is did they know what they were doing – I mean were they committed to the neo-conservative agenda and wanting to create an enemy, or were they just ignorant and stupid?)

Regarding (2) above, with words President Obama himself has gone some way to acknowledging that the corruption, authoritarianism and repression of Arab and other Muslim regimes is one of the main causes of the rise and growth of PVIF.

In an editorial for the Los Angeles Times the day before the opening in Washington DC of the three-day summit on combating extremism, he wrote:

Groups like al Qaeda and ISIL exploit the anger that festers when people feel that injustice and corruption leave them with no chance of improving their lives. The world has to offer today’s youth something better.

Governments that deny human rights play into the hands of extremists who claim that violence is the only way to achieve change. Efforts to counter violent extremism will only succeed if citizens can address legitimate grievances through the democratic process and express themselves through strong civil societies. Those efforts must be matched by economic, educational and entrepreneurial development so people have hope for a life of dignity.

Unfortunately, they were only words. And the question I would put to Obama is this. Can you name me one Arab country in which citizens can address legitimate grievances through the democratic process and express themselves through strong civil societies?

An honest reply would be “NO!”

If President Obama and other Western leaders were prepared to get to grips with the causes of PVIF instead of addressing only its consequences, there are two things they could do to vastly improve the prospects of containing and defeating it.

One would be to use their influence with leverage as necessary to persuade Arab leaders that it really is time for authoritarianism to give way to democracy. If Arab leaders agreed (no matter how reluctantly), this would rob PVIF of its most persuasive argument: that the Arab and other Muslim masses have nothing to gain from politics and non-violent demands for change.

The other would be to use as necessary the leverage they have to cause Israel to end its defiance of international law. The double standard of Western foreign policy which allows Israel to commit crimes with impunity is the cancer at the heart of international affairs. If it was cured a major cause of Arab and other Muslim hurt, humiliation and anger would be removed, and that would make closing the vast majority of Arab and other Muslim hearts and minds to PVIF propaganda a mission possible.

The above should not be taken to mean or imply that I have more than the smallest amount of hope that Western leaders will have the good sense to come to grips with the main causes of PVIF. I am only saying what I think could happen if they did.

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Gaza hackers use porn in cyberattack on I$raHell institutions


Image result for cyberattack CARTOON


A group of hackers from Gaza used pornographic videos in a wide-scale cyberattack on several Israeli institutions and individuals.

report titled Operation Arid Viper: Bypassing the Iron Dome released Monday by the cyber security company Trend Micro detailed the hacking campaign carried out by tech workers from Gaza. The report called the strategy of using pornographic videos “distinct” and “previously unseen.”

The hackers sent individuals a “phishing” email with a “pornographic movie” meant to embarrass targets into ignoring the cyber infiltration, the report said.

Trend Micro described the process through an actual example:

“[A]n employee in an Israeli government receives and opens a highly targeted phishing email. A pornographic movie starts to play on his screen, which he hurriedly closes before any of his colleagues notice. … Minutes later, an attacker from somewhere in the Gaza Strip in Palestine gets notified that a new victim’s system has been successfully infected.”

According to Trend Micro, Operation Arid Viper targeted a government office, transportation service providers, a military organization and an academic institution in Israel, as well as an academic institution in Kuwait and several unidentified Israeli individuals.

Trend Micro identified three men with “some apparent connection” to Operation Arid Viper: Khalid Samra, Ahmed Jmal and Mahmoud Hashem. One of the reasons for their success, the report said, was that they launched their attacks from outside Gaza. The attacks originated in Germany, which is not on an Israeli Internet service provider “ban list.”

The report followed a day after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that the National Cyber Bureau, Israel’s cyber protection agency, will be “upgraded” to the National Cyber Authority. As an authority, the organization will receive more funding and be given more influence over public policy, The Times of Israel reported.

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