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The Islamic State (ISIS) calls for all churches in Egypt to be destroyed


Hussein bin Mahmoud, a jurist of Sharia law for the Islamic State, said in an article published on February 17 and appearing in various jihadi websites that all Christian churches in Cairo must be demolished.


Raymond Ibrahim  Titled the “Ruling on Egypt’s Christians,” the article, written like a fatwa, asserts that

The ruling concerning the churches that are in Cairo is that they be destroyed, according to the consensus of the righteous forefathers [Salaf], because they are new under Islam, and Cairo is a new city whose original inhabitants were Muslim; there were no churches in it previously.

As for churches in Upper Egypt, which may have been in existence before the Islamic conquest of Egypt, these may remain but may never be renovated or fixed.

The Islamic state cleric cited medieval jurist Ibn Taymiyya (d. 1328), some of whose fatwas deal with Islam’s views on churches which are described as “worse than bars and brothels.” And in fact, Taymiyya and many other jurists (such as Ibn Qayyim) called for the destruction of all churches built after the conquests.

21 Egyptian Coptic Christians beheaded by ISIS

21 Egyptian Coptic Christians beheaded by ISIS


HUFFPO  Many in Egypt have accused the United States, Qatar, and Turkey of supporting ISIS. The state-run newspaper Al-Ahram ran a front-page story calling Qatar, Turkey and the U.S. the “triangle of the forces of evil.”


Egyptian President al-Sisi has good reason to feel this way. The U.S, Qatari, sand Turkish governments expressed support for the elected Muslim Brotherhood-run government, a product of the Arab Spring, that Sisi and the military overthrew in 2013 in a restoration of Egypt’s autocratic old guard.



This idea seems to have taken hold in Al Aour, the village that was home to 13 of ISIS’s Egyptian victims.

“I have a message to Obama,” Emet Suleiman Shahata, the brother of one of the men beheaded by a Libyan offshoot of the Islamic State, told The WorldPost this week at the village’s Coptic Christian church. “Egypt will be strong no matter what our enemies do.”

Shahata and the men around him interrupted each other in their rush to explain precisely how the U.S. helped make the ISIS atrocity possible. “The United States is the backbone of support for Qatar and Turkey, and they are backing terrorism,” Shahata continued.



Media outlets in Egypt also had promoted the idea that Qatar and the U.S. are aiding terror. On Tuesday, Middle East news site Al Bawaba published a headline that stated: “Strike Qatar…Daesh [ISIS] will fall.”

And on Thursday, the leading newspaper Al Masry Al Youm ran a cartoon showing “Daesh,” the preferred Arabic term for the Islamic State, intertwined with “USA.”

The state-run newspaper Al-Ahram ran a front-page story the same day calling Qatar, Turkey and the U.S. the “triangle of the forces of evil.”

The U.S. and Egypt presently have “mutual frustration,” a U.S. official told the Daily Beast this week. The Pentagon made clear on Wednesday that Egypt did not inform Washington before it flew U.S.-made F-16 fighter jets to bomb ISIS camps near the town of Derna in eastern Libya.


Libya has remained a major battleground for the ongoing conflict between Qatar and the anti-Brotherhood forces linked with Sisi despite the signs of regional reconciliation. The country is split between two militia-backed governments: one in the west composed of both moderate and radical Islamists, which is thought to be supported by Qatar, and a more secular Sisi-backed one in the east, which is internationally recognized but seen as too connected to the old Gaddafi regime.

Sisi has never fully warmed to either the U.S. or Qatar. Both governments expressed support for the elected Muslim Brotherhood-run government, a product of the Arab Spring, that Sisi and the military overthrew in 2013 in a restoration of Egypt’s autocratic old guard.


It is no secret that there is no love lost between Obama and al-Sisi. Obama still supports the Muslim Brotherhood government of Mohamed Morsi and has voiced his opposition to the ouster and imprisonment of Morsi on many occasions. Qatar is the home base for the Muslim Brotherhood now.

U.S. officials did not anticipate Sisi’s government would further complicate the civil war by publicly accusing Qatar of backing ISIS. Despite the fact that Egypt has conflated Islamists in Egypt and in Libya with the Islamic State, it is a serious escalation for Cairo to call a fellow Arab government an ISIS backer.


Analysts say this rift is the last thing Washington needs as it considers how to respond to ISIS: Cairo would be on the frontlines of any effort against ISIS expansion in Libya, and a U.S. base in Qatar is the center of the U.S. air war against the militants in Iraq and Syria.

For now, the U.S. has not taken a public position on the Egyptian airstrikes or the subsequent inter-Arab spat. A spokesperson for Gen. John Allen, the U.S. envoy to the anti-ISIS coalition, declined to comment on the situation’s impact on the coalition.


Obama is training and funding so-called "moderate" Syran rebels

Obama is training and funding so-called “moderate” Syran rebels

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Nazi regime bans radio advert listing names of children killed in Gaza Holocaust


The Sydney Morning Herald has apologised after publishing this cartoon by Glen Le Lievre alongside a column about the conflict in Gaza

Human rights group B’Tselem will petition Nazi supreme court after advert was deemed to be ‘politically controversial’.

Zionist Broadcasting Authority has banned a radio advertisement from a human rights organisation which listed the names of some of the scores of children killed in Gaza since the Holocaust began 17 days ago.

B’Tselem‘s appeal against the decision was rejected on Wednesday. It intends to petition Nazi supreme court on Sunday in an effort to get the ban overturned.

The IBA said the ad’s content was “politically controversial”. The broadcast refers to child deaths in Gaza and reads out some of the victims’ names.

In its appeal, B’Tselem demanded to know what was controversial about the item. “Is it controversial that the children [aren’t] alive? That they’re children? That those are their names? These are facts that we wish to bring to the public’s knowledge.”

In a statement, the human rights group said: “So far more than 600 people have been killed in bombings in Gaza, more than 150 of them children. But apart from a brief report on the number of fatalities, Nazi media refrains from covering them.” By Thursday morning, the death toll in Gaza had exceeded 700.

B’Tselem went on: “IBA says broadcasting the children’s names is politically controversial. But refusing to do so is in itself a far-reaching statement – it says the huge price being paid by civilians in Gaza, many of them children, must be censored.”

Aid agencies said on Wednesday that a child had been killed in Gaza on average every hour for the preceding two days, and more than 70,000 children had been forced to flee their homes. There has also been a spike in the number of premature births.

“The shocking number of children being killed, injured, or displaced in Gaza demands an unequivocal international response to stop the bloodshed,” Save the Children said. “Entire families are being wiped out in seconds as a result of the targeting of homes.”

Dr Yousif al Swaiti, director of al-Awda hospital, said: “We have witnessed many premature births as a result of the fear and psychological disorders caused by the military offensive. The number of cases of premature births per day has doubled, compared to the average daily rate before the escalation.”

Names of Palestinians Killed in the Gaza Nazi Holocaust since 8 July

This list is still incomplete, but we are trying to fill in gaps – these are Palestinian men, women and children killed during the Israeli assault on Gaza from July 8th to August 27th, 2014, and those who died of their wounds later on. The IMEMC staff tried to document every casualty, but fell behind due to the high number of casualties in such a short time. The following 1614 nameshave been confirmed – the actual death toll, according to the Ministry of Health, is at least at 2137.

The number includes 578 children, 264 women, and 103 elderly, while more than 11100, including 3374 children, 2088 women and 410 elderly, have been injured.

This site, ‘Beyond Numbers, has pictures of many of these victims. is documenting the list of Palestinian victims as well, saying “Every civilian victim deserves to be counted. documents and bears witness to the human suffering of the voiceless victims of war.”

Killed Fri, Oct 10.

  1. Arafat Suheil Tafesh, Tuffah – Gaza; Died of his wounds.

Killed Sat, Oct 04.

  1. Jamal Abu Lebda, 50, Khan Younis (Died of earlier wounds)

Killed Fri, Sep 19.

  1. Ayman Ziad Abu Jibba, 23, Shuja’eyya – Gaza. (Killed When Unexploded Israeli shells detonated)
  2. Abdullah Jibril Abu Aser, 24, Shuja’eyya – Gaza. (Killed When Unexploded Israeli shells detonated)
  3. Mohammad Riyadh Abu Aser, 24, Shuja’eyya – Gaza. (Killed When Unexploded Israeli shells detonated)

Killed Sun, Sep 14.

  1. Anas Taiseer al-Hinnawi, 22, Jabalia.

Killed Wed, Sep 10.

  1. Samira Hasan al-Louh, 53, Central Gaza, died of earlier wounds.
  2. Abdul-Fattah abu Salmiyya, 72, Rafah, died of earlier wounds.

Killed Tue, Sep 09.

  1. Rahaf Abu Jame’, 5, Khan Younis, Died Of Earlier Wounds

Killed Mon, Sep 08.

  1. Mohammad Ibrahim ar-Reyati, 22, Rafah, Died Of Earlier Wounds

Killed Sat, Sep 06.

  1. Mahmoud Suleiman Sheikh Eid, Rafah – Died Of Earlier Wounds

Killed Thu, Sep 04.

  1. ‘Etaf Mohammad ‘Ajrour (Elderly), Gaza City.

Killed Wed, Sep 03.

  1. Nasser Abu Maraheel, 42, Nusseirat – Gaza (Died of Earlier Wounds)

Killed Tue, Sep 02

  1. Bassem ‘Ajjour, 55, Gaza – Died of Earlier Wounds.
  2. Ziad ar-Reefy, 9, Gaza – Died of Earlier Wounds.

Killed Friday, August 29

  1. Mohammad al-Ma’sawani, 22, Gaza (Died Of Earlier Wounds)
  2. Widad Abu Zeid, Rafah (Gaza (Died Of Earlier Wounds)

Killed Tuesday, August 26

  1. Mohammad Mo’in Abu ‘Ajwa, Gaza City.
  2. Hasan Omar as-Awwad, Gaza City.
  3. Shadi ‘Oleiwa, 26, Gaza City.
  4. Salem Mohammaden, 26, Gaza City.
  5. Mohammad Abdul-Rahman Thaher, 49, Gaza City.
  6. Samer Midhat Hamad, 24, Gaza City.
  7. Mohammad Majdi Za’anin, Beit Hanoun.
  8. Yousef Ghannam, Rafah.
  9. Mohammad Saleh ar-Ribaty, 18, Rafah.
  10. Ahmad Kamel Jarboa’, 26, Rafah.
  11. Omar Husam al-Breem (Child, Rafah.
  12. Mohammad Husam al-Breem (Child), Rafah

Killed Monday, August 25

  1. Yassin Ibrahim al-Biltaji, 23, Gaza.
  2. Farhana Ibrahim al-‘Attrar, 48, Beit Lahia.
  3. Osama Mohammad Shbeir, 25, Jabalia.
  4. Hani Mohammad Yassin, 20, Gaza City.
  5. Raddad Ahmad Tanboura, 78, Beit Lahia.
  6. Saad Bassem aj-Jour, 21, east of Gaza City
  7. Abdullah Murtaja, journalist, Sheja’eyya
  8. Bassem Hassan Hijazi, 36, Gaza City
  9. Ahmad Taysir Fahmi al-Daali, 28, Gaza City

Killed Sunday, August 24

  1. Yahia Saber Abu al-‘Omarein, Gaza.
  2. Bader Hashem Abu Mnei’, 18, Gaza.
  3. Mohammad Tal’at al-Ghoul, 30, Gaza City.
  4. Zeinab Bilal Abu Taqiyya, 18 months, Gaza City.
  5. Mohammad Wa’el al-Khodary, 17, Gaza City.
  6. Mohammad Ibrahim al-Louqa, 21, Beit Lahia.
  7. Mo’ayyad al-A’raj, 3, Khan Younis.
  8. Adam Ahmad Khattab, 26, Deir al-Balah.
  9. Mahmoud Ahmad al-‘Attar, 30, Deir Al-Balah.
  10. Mohammad Abu Mustafa Jouda, 8. Tal al-Zatar, Jabalia.
  11. Osama Abu Mustafa Jouda, 7, Tal al-Zatar, Jabalia.
  12. Tasneem Abu Mustafa Jouda, 14, Tal al-Zatar, Jabalia.
  13. Raghad Abu Mustafa Jouda, 13, Tal al-Zatar, Jabalia.
  14. Rawiya Abu Mustafa Jouda, 40, (their mother) Tal al-Zatar, Jabalia.
  15. Yahia Abu Daqen, 27, Northern Gaza

Killed Saturday, August 23

  1. Hadi Hayel Abu Dahrouj, 3, Central Gaza.
  2. Abdullah Hayel Abu Dahrouj, 4, Central Gaza.
  3. Hayat Abed-Rabbo Abu Dahrouj, 49, Central Gaza.
  4. Hoda Mohammad Abu Dahrouj, 27, Central Gaza.
  5. Hayel Shihda Abu Dahrouj, 26, Central Gaza.
  6. Abdel-Rahman Hadayed, 25, Khan Younis, died of earlier wounds.
  7. Hussein Khaled Ahmad, 8, Deir al-Balah, Central Gaza
  8. Nisreen Ahmad, Deir al-Balah (Hussein’s mother)
  9. Suheir Abu Mdein, Deir al-Balah (body pulled from rubble)
  10. Salah Isleim, died of earlier wounds.
  11. Mahmoud Osama Mahmoud Abbas Abu al-Omarain, 28, Sheikh Radwan, Gaza City
  12. Mohammad Sabr al-‘Ejla, 64, central Gaza

Killed Friday, August 22

  1. Mahmoud Nasser Qashlan, 24, Nusseirat, Central Gaza.
  2. Yassin Hamed Abu Hamad, 22, Nusseirat, Central Gaza.
  3. Ismael Mosallam Abu Bteihan, 75, Nusseirat – Central Gaza
  4. Ahmad Qassem Al-‘Abadla, 59, Khan Younis
  5. Mousa Ahmad Al-‘Abadla, 23, Khan Younis

Killed Thursday, August 21

  1. Mohammad Abu Shammala, commander of Al-Qassam in southern Gaza region.
  2. Raed al-‘Attar, commander of Al-Qassam in Rafah.
  3. Mohammad Barhoum, a senior leader of al-Qassam.
  4. Hasan Hussein Younis, 75, Rafah.
  5. Amal Ibrahim Younis, (his wife), Rafah.
  6. Saba Rami Younis, 4, Rafah.
  7. Ahmad Nasser Kallab, 17.
  8. Natheera Kallab.
  9. Aisha Atiyya.
  10. Jom’a Matar, 27.
  11. Omar Abu Naddi, 22.
  12. Abdullah Tareq ar-Reefy, (Child) Gaza.
  13. Omar Nasr ar-Reefy, (Child) Gaza.
  14. Mohammad Ziad ar-Reefy, (Child) Gaza.
  15. Nassr Ziad ar-Reefy, 35, Gaza.
  16. Srour Mohammad Tamboura, 36. Beit Lahia.
  17. Hasan Tamboura, 13, Beit Lahia (son of Srour).
  18. Mohammad Talal Abu Nahl, Gaza.
  19. Rami Abu Nahl, Gaza.
  20. Haitham Tafesh, Gaza.
  21. Abed Talal Shiokh, Gaza.
  22. Hamdan Salem Hadayed, 40, Khan Younis.
  23. Mohammad Ahmad Abbas Abu al-Omarain, 45, Gaza City.
  24. Issam Mohammad al-Hosni, 26, Gaza City.
  25. Marwan Mohammad Abu Shallouf, 29, Rafah.
  26. Ibrahim Essam Hammad, 22, Rafah.
  27. Abdul Rahman Saad Abu Shallouf, 31, Rafah.
  28. Mahmoud Talaat Shreiteh, 14, central Gaza.
  29. Bashir Ahmad Shreiteh, 35, central Gaza.
  30. Sarah Mohammad Deif, child, Gaza City (killed on Wednesday in same attack that killed her mother and brother – body found Thursday)
  31. Iman al-Louah, Dir al-Balah (killed Wednesday, body found Wednesday)

Killed Wednesday, August 20

  1. Ahmad Rabah ad-Dalo, 20, Gaza City.
  2. Mohammad al-Louh, 21, Central Gaza.
  3. Nabila Eid al-Louh (Ahmad’s Wife – Pregnant, Fetus Died), 35, Central Gaza.
  4. Their unborn child, Central Gaza.
  5. Farah Ra’fat al-Louh, Central Gaza.
  6. Maisara Ra’fat al-Louh, Central Gaza.
  7. Mustafa Ra’fat al-Louh, Central Gaza.
  8. Ra’fat Moustafa al-Louh, 32, Central Gaza.
  9. Mohammad Mustafa al-Louh, 21, Central Gaza.
  10. Sami Hasan Ayyad, Zeitoun – Gaza City.
  11. Zaki Suleiman ar-Ra’ey, 54, Gaza City.
  12. Nour Mohammad Abu Haseera, 2, Gaza City.
  13. Sufian Abu Mheisin, 49, Northern Gaza.
  14. Mustafa Sufian Mheisin, 31, Northern Gaza.
  15. Darwish Mheisin, 52, Northern Gaza.
  16. Mustafa Rabah ad-Dalo, 14, Gaza City.
  17. Wafa’ Hussein ad-Dalo, 48, Gaza City.
  18. Ahmad Mustafa al-Louh, 21, Gaza
  19. Widad Deif, Gaza City.
  20. Ali Deif (Child, Widad’s Son)
  21. Mohammad Imad al-‘Abeet, 16, Central District.
  22. Saher al-‘Abeet, 11, Central District.
  23. Haitham Ramadan al-‘Awour, 20, Northern Gaza.
  24. Abdullah Salah Safy, 33, Northern Gaza.

Killed Tuesday, August 19

  1. Omar Mohammad Jarghoun, Khan Younis (Died of Wounds Suffered Two Weeks Ago)
  2. Abdullah Abed-Rabbo, 20, Gaza (Died In Turkish Hospital Of Earlier Wounds)

Killed Wednesday, August 13

  1. Camille Simon, Italian Journalist, 37.
  2. Bilal Mohammad Sultan, 27. (Lieutenant)
  3. Taiseer Ali al-Houm, 40. (Engineering Corps)
  4. Hazem Abu Morad, 38. (Deputy Head Of The Engineering Corps)
  5. Ali Shihda Abu Afsh (Reporter).
  6. Deema Klob, Gaza.
  7. Kamal ad-Daly, 26, Khan Younis.

Killed Monday, August 11

  1. Maida’ Mohammad Aslan, 45 Days, Central Gaza (Died of earlier injuries suffered after the army bombarded her family home).
  2. Mohammad ar-Roumy, Rafah (died at an Egyptian Hospital)

Killed Sunday, August 10

  1. Ahmad Mohammad Atiyya al-Masri, 17, Deir al-Balah
  2. Amani Abed al-Bakara, 35, Khan Younis.
  3. Ahmad Mohammad Atiyya al-Masri, 14, Deir al-Balah.
  4. Anwar Mustafa Za’anin, 17, Gaza.
  5. Saqer Abdullah Reehan, 25, Northern Gaza.
  6. Ehsan Hussein Kaware’, 24, Khan Younis.

Killed Saturday, August 9

  1. Moath Azzam Abu Zeid, 37, Nusseirat, Central Gaza.
  2. Nidal Badran, 34, Nusseirat, Central Gaza.
  3. Tareq Ziad Abdullah, 25, Nusseirat, Central Gaza.
  4. Abdul-Hakim Suleiman al-Masdar, 65, al-Maghazi, Central Gaza.
  5. Moath Akram al-Masdar, 19, al-Maghazi, Central Gaza.
  6. Aaya Nour ash-Sha’er, 13, Rafah.

Killed Friday, August 8

  1. Ibrahim Zoheir ad-Dawawsa, 10, Northern Gaza.
  2. Mahmoud Mohammad Abu Haddaf, Khan Younis.
  3. Suleiman Samir Abu Haddaf, Khan Younis.
  4. Mahmoud Khaled Abu Haddaf., Khan Younis.
  5. Ahmad Na’im ‘Okal, 22, Rafah.

Killed Thursday, August 7

  1. Mohammad Jom’a Najjar, 32, Khan Younis. (Died Of His Wounds At al-Maqassed Hospital in Jerusalem)

Killed Tuesday, August 5

  1. Nida Raed ‘Oleywa, 12, Gaza (Died Of Earlier Injuries)
  2. Sha’ban Suleiman ad-Dahdouh, 24, Gaza. (Died on July 21, remains located under rubble)

Killed Monday, August 4

  1. Dia’ ed-Deen Mohammad al-Madhoun, 23, Gaza.
  2. Ahmad Banat, 22, Gaza.
  3. Hamada Khalil al-Qaaq, Beit Lahia.
  4. Ahmad Khaled al-Qaaq, Beit Lahia.
  5. Suleiman Mohammad Ma’rouf, Beit Lahia.
  6. Zaher al-Andah, Beit Lahia.
  7. Abdul-Nasser al-Ajjoury, Beit Lahia.
  8. Abdul-Hai Salama al-Qreinawi, 45, Gaza.
  9. Mohammad Sabri Atallah, 21, Gaza.
  10. Raghd Mas’oud, 7, Rafah.
  11. Daniel Abdullah Abu Mansour, 44, Jabalia (Northern Gaza)
  12. Abdul-Nasser Ajjouri, Jabalia. (Northern Gaza)
  13. Ashraf Mashal, 25, Rafah.
  14. Fadi Madhi, 23, Rafah.
  15. Aseel Mohammad al-Bakri, 8, (Shati’ Refugee camp) Northern Gaza.
  16. Saher Talal Abu Mohsen, 23, Rafah.
  17. Aseel Saleh Hussein Abu Mohsen, 18, Rafah.
  18. Ebtisam Hammad al-Mahmoum, 18, Rafah.
  19. Hiba Mustafa al-Mahmoum, 7, Rafah.
  20. Obada Mustafa al-Mahmoud, 3, Rafah.
  21. Abdullah Hussein Mousa Mubarak, 50, Northern Gaza.
  22. Mahmoud Zaki Lahham, 25, Khan Younis.
  23. Ahmad Abdul-Halim Mohammad al-Astal, 26, Khan Younis.
  24. Walid Darabiyyah, Northern Gaza.
  25. Amro Mohjez, Northern Gaza.
  26. Mohammad Saleh Shemaly, 60, Gaza.
  27. Mohammad Fawzi Bhar, 22, Gaza.
  28. Mohammad Hosni Sukkar, 20, Gaza.
  29. Mohammad Amjad Awida’, age 12, Rafah.
  30. Amal Amjad Awida’, age 5, Rafah.
  31. Karam Mahrous Dahir, 24, Rafah.
  32. Ibrahim al-Masharawi, 30, Gaza City.
  33. Ebtisam al-Bakri, 38, Gaza City.
  34. Mahmoud Zaki al-Laham, 25, Khan Younis.
  35. Ahmad Abdel-Halim Mohammad al-Astal, 26, Khan Younis.
  36. Fayez Ismail Abu Hamad, 34, Khan Younis.
  37. Saleh Ahmad al-Ghouti, 22, Rafah

Killed Sunday, August 3

  1. Fares Abu Jazar, 2, Rafah.
  2. Maria Abu Jazar, 2, (Twins) Rafah.
  3. Amani Abu Jazar, 23, Rafah.
  4. Issa Sha’er, Rafah.
  5. Saed Mahmoud al-Lahwani, Rafah.
  6. Hatem Abdul-Rahman Wahdan, 50, Jabalia.
  7. Seniora Wahdan, 27, Jabalia.
  8. Jamila Jamal Wahdan, Jabalia.
  9. Mohammad al-Hour, 30, Rafah.
  10. Nasrallah al-Masry, Rafah.
  11. Mohammad Ismael al-Ghoul, Rafah.
  12. Wael Ismael al-Ghoul, Rafah.
  13. Ismael Mohammad al-Ghoul, Rafah.
  14. Ismael Wael al-Ghoul, Rafah.
  15. Khadra Khaled al-Ghoul, Rafah.
  16. Asma’ Ismael al-Ghoul, Rafah.
  17. Malak Wael al-Ghoul, Rafah.
  18. Mustafa Wael al-Ghoul, Rafah.
  19. Hanadi Ismael al-Ghoul, Rafah.
  20. ‘Atwa Suleiman Khattab, 64, Rafah.
  21. Remas ‘Atwa al-‘Attar (Khattab), Rafah.
  22. Mohammad ‘Atwa Khattab, Rafah.
  23. Suleiman ‘Atwa Khattab, Rafah
  24. Nevin Suleiman Khattab, Rafah
  25. Amira Ahmad Khattab
  26. Rajab Abdul-Rahman Sharafi, 10, Jabalia
  27. Mahmoud Abdullah Sharafi, 26, Jabalia
  28. Najah Rajab Sharafi, 48, Jabalia
  29. Turkiyya Mahmoud ‘Okal, 60, Rafah
  30. Elham Mohammad Mahmoud ‘Okal, 34, Rafah
  31. Mahmoud As’ad Mohammad ‘Okal, 18, Rafah
  32. Mahmoud Mohammad Na’im ‘Okal, 10, Rafah
  33. ‘Ahed Badran, Northern Gaza.
  34. Mohammad Abu Rajal, UN School, Rafah.
  35. Sami Abdullah Qishta’, UN School, Rafah.
  36. Sami Ismael Abu Shaouf, UN School, Rafah.
  37. Ahmad Khaled Abu Harba’, UN School, Rafah.
  38. Mohammad Mosa’ed Qishta’, UN School, Rafah.
  39. Hazem Abdel-Baset Hilal, UN School, Rafah.
  40. Amr Tariq Abu al-Rous, UN School, Rafah.
  41. Ahmad Kamal al-Nahhal, UN School, Rafah.
  42. Yousef Akram Skafi, UN School, Rafah.
  43. Tareq Sa’id Abu al-Rous, UN School, Rafah.
  44. Abdul-Karim Najm, northern Gaza.
  45. Bilal Abdul-Karim Najm (son of Abdel-Karim) , northern Gaza.
  46. Ahmad Abdعl-Karim Najm (son of Abdel-Karim) , northern Gaza.
  47. Raghd Najm, northern Gaza.
  48. Soha Najm, northern Gaza.
  49. Shimaa’ Wael Qassim, northern Gaza.
  50. Rowan Ahmed Majdalawi, 7 years old, northern Gaza.
  51. Mohammad Ahmad Majdalawi, 6 years old, northern Gaza.
  52. Ras Hadi Majdalawi , northern Gaza.
  53. Mahmoud Abdel-Hadi Majdalawi , northern Gaza.
  54. Abdullah Majdalawi, northern Gaza.
  55. Khalil Mohammad Ramadan Abu Daba’a, 42, Rafah.
  56. Munir Abu Daba’a, Rafah.
  57. Qassim Mahmoud Qassim, 40, northern Gaza.
  58. Mohammad Sa’dy Ahmad, 37, northern Gaza.
  59. Ahmad Qassem, Beit Lahia.
  60. Qassem Qassem, Beit Lahia.
  61. Basil Walid at-Tala’a, 23, Nusseirat.
  62. Abdullah Soheil Abu Shawish, 24, Nusseirat.

Killed Saturday, August 2

  1. Haitham Yasser Abdel Wahab, 16, Rafah.
  2. Mohamed Issa Ashaar, Rafah.
  3. Hossam Yassin Abu Naqira, 20, Rafah.
  4. Mousa Yasin Abu Naqira, his brother, Rafah.
  5. Ola Bassam Al-Nairab, Rafah.
  6. Arwa Mohamed al-Nairab, Rafah.
  7. Fida Yousef Abu Suleiman, 23, Rafah.
  8. Mariam Hasan Abu Jazzar, 60, Rafah.
  9. Maha Raed Abu Suleiman, Rafah.
  10. Mohammad Rami Abu Suleiman, Rafah.
  11. Ahmad Rami Abu Suleiman, Rafah.
  12. Lama Rami Abu Suleiman, Rafah.
  13. Jana Rami Abu Suleiman, Rafah.
  14. Mohammad Fouad Al-Dedda, 28, Jabalia.
  15. Issa Saadi Ashaar, 40, Khan Younis.
  16. Yasser Yousef Abu Dbagh, 20, Nusseirat, Central Gaza.
  17. Amro Tareq Hasan Qandil, 17, Central Gaza
  18. Wael Nihad Sayyed, 23, Central Gaza
  19. Mohammad Taiseer Hasan Qandil, 20, Central Gaza.
  20. Hamdi Mohammad Abdul-Aziz Ayyad, Gaza.
  21. Shadi Hamdi Mohammad Ayyad, Gaza.
  22. Sadia Abu Taha, 40 , Rafah.
  23. Mohammed Abu Taha, 27, Rafah.
  24. Youssef Abu Taha, Rafah.
  25. Rezeq Abu Taha, two months, Rafah.
  26. Yousef Daoud Abu Madi, 65, Nusseirat.
  27. Hassan Yousef Abu Madi, Nusseirat.
  28. Karim Yousef Abu Madi 24, Nusseirat.
  29. Amin Yousef Abu Madi, 5, Nusseirat.
  30. Muhammad Hassan Qeshta, Rafah.
  31. Ahmed Shtewi Qeshta, Rafah.
  32. Yahya al-Nems, Rafah.
  33. Hazem al-Nems , Rafah.
  34. Mohammad al-Nems, Rafah.
  35. Osama Abu Nakirah, Rafah.
  36. Mousa Mohammad Ahmad Abu Rajila, 25, Rafah.
  37. Salma Suleiman Mohammad Radwan, 86, Rafah.
  38. Ibrahim Abdel-Hakim Daoud al-Zaqzouq, 22, Rafah.
  39. Mohammad Foaz Ibrahim Abu Rajilah, 26, Rafah.
  40. Hazim Khaled Abdel-Maadi Awda’, Rafah.
  41. Hathifa Abu Teir, Gaza City.
  42. Nabil al-Najjar, Gaza City.
  43. Kamal Abu Teir, Gaza City.
  44. Ahmad Abu Teir, Gaza City.
  45. Yahya Jamal Musa Shabat, 29, Gaza City.

Killed Friday, August 1

  1. Abdul-Malek Abdul-Salam al-Farra, 58, Khan Younis.
  2. Osama Abdul-Malek al-Farra, 34, Khan Younis.
  3. Emad Abdul-Hafeth al-Farra, 28, Khan Younis.
  4. Awatef Ezzeddin al-Farra, 29, Khan Younis.
  5. Mohammad Mahmoud al-Farra, 12, Khan Younis.
  6. Lojein Bassem al-Farra, 4, Khan Younis.
  7. Yara Abdul-Salam al-Farra, 8, Khan Younis.
  8. Nadine Mahmoud al-Farra, Khan Younis.
  9. Abdullah Awad al-Breem, Khan Younis.
  10. Mohammad Suleiman al-Breem, Khan Younis.
  11. Maisoun Ra’fat al-Breem, Khan Younis.
  12. Raed Abdul-Latif al-Qarra, Khan Younis.
  13. Sami Suleiman al-Madani, Khan Younis.
  14. Husam Suleiman al-Madani, Khan Younis.
  15. Ahmad Salim Abdin, Khan Younis.
  16. Mohammad Ahmad Hamad, Khan Younis.
  17. Mousa Hamad Abu ‘Amran, Khan Younis.
  18. Hilal Eid Abu ‘Amran, Khan Younis.
  19. Ismael Zuheir Mohammadein, 26, Khan Younis.
  20. Maher Ja’far Hajjaj, 54, Khan Younis.
  21. Ahmad Mohammad Hassanein, Gaza.
  22. Basil Diab al-Basyouni.
  23. Shadi Mohammad Jom’a Abu Daher, 29, Khan Younis.
  24. Hasan Abdul-Majid al-Bayyoumi, Deir al-Balah.
  25. Mohammad Reziq Hassanein, 20, Shuja’eyya, Gaza.
  26. Ibrahim Sulayman Al-Masri, 50 yrs, Rafah.
  27. Nadia Yousef Al-Masri, 45 years, Rafah.
  28. Ibrahim Al-Masri, 6 years, Rafah.
  29. Mohamed Anas Arafat, 4 months, Rafah.
  30. Anas Ibrahim Hamad, 5 years, Rafah.
  31. Sabri Shaykh Al-Eid, 35 years, Rafah.
  32. Mohammed Khalid Al-Aloul, 30 years, Rafah.
  33. Ibrahim Mostafa Ghaneem, Rafah.
  34. Amna Azamaly, Rafah.
  35. Yahya Abd Al-Karim Lafi, Rafah.
  36. Musa Mohamed Abu Omran, Rafah.
  37. Hilal Eid Abu Omran, Rafah.
  38. Salama Mohamed Al-Zamaly, Rafah.
  39. Nuha Jamal Abu Ziyada, Rafah.
  40. Taiseer Ali Moamir’ , Rafah.
  41. Hussein Salaam Al-Jaafari, Rafah.
  42. Yousra Mohamed Abu Hazir, Rafah.
  43. Ataf Hamad Al-Mahmoum, Rafah.
  44. Mousa Ibrahim Abu Hazir, Rafah.
  45. Ahmed Wisam Al-Abeed, 4 years, Central Gaza.
  46. Souad Ali Al-Bahri, 60 years, Beit Lahia.
  47. Samal Nail Al-Barawi, 8 months, Beit Lahia.
  48. Osama Abdul-Malik Abu Mualla, 37 years, Nuseirat
  49. Atif Sohail Kandil 24 years, Maghazi
  50. Nihad Mohammed Yasin 24 years, Gaza City
  51. Faiz Tareq Yassin 16 years, Gaza City
  52. Hassan Ismail Yassin, 32 years old, Gaza City.
  53. Ambulance officer Atef Zamili, Rafah.
  54. pathologist Joseph Jameen Sheikh Eid, Rafah.
  55. ambulance volunteer Yousef Jaber Drabiah, Rafah
  56. Wajih Sha’ath, Khan Younis.
  57. Fadi Al-Qawasmi , Khan Younis.
  58. Ali Barbakh , Khan Younis.
  59. Aseel Sha’ban Gheith, 3, Rafah.
  60. Sufian Farouq Gheith, 35, Rafah.
  61. Farouq Gheith, 65, Rafah.
  62. Ahlam No’man Zo’rob, 18, Rafah.
  63. Sabiha Zo’rob, 55, Rafah.
  64. Amir Ra’fat Zo’rob, 7, Rafah.
  65. Odai Ra’fat Zo’rob, 7, Rafah.
  66. Rawan Nath’at Siyam, 12, Rafah.
  67. Su’ad No’man Zo’rob, 34, Rafat.
  68. Shahd Ra’fat Zo’rob, 10, Rafah.
  69. Khaled Ra’fat Zo’rob, 8, Rafah.
  70. Yousef Darbieh, 25, Rafah (Medic Volunteer)

Killed Thursday, July 31

  1. Suleiman Baraka, 31, Gaza.
  2. Aref Baraka, 58, Gaza.
  3. Ahmed al-Loah, 22, Gaza.
  4. Baraa’ Yousef, 19. Gaza.
  5. Maha Abdul-Nabi Salim Abu Hilal, Rafah.
  6. Majdi Mohammad Ahmad Fseifis, 34, Khan Younis.
  7. Mohammad Juma’ an-Najjar, 32, Khan Younis.
  8. Hani Abdullah Abu Mustafa, Khan Younis.
  9. Hanan Yusef Abu T’aima, Khan Younis.
  10. Mahar an-Najjar, Khan Younis.
  11. Mahmoud Fouad an-Najjar, Khan Younis.
  12. Mohammad Daher, Gaza.
  13. Fadel Nader Almeghari, 27, Rafah.
  14. Mahdiyya Suleiman Omar Abu Louly, 58, Khan Younis.
  15. Tha’er Naji al-Amour, 22, Khan Younis.
  16. Mohammed Yousef Al-Abadla, 21, Khan Younis.
  17. Abdullah abu Shabab 20, Khan Younis.
  18. Alaa’ ‘Alweh 22, Khan Younis.
  19. Ahmed Salim Abdin , Khan Younis.
  20. Mohamed Ahmed Hamad, Khan Younis.
  21. Atiyyeh Salameh al-Hashash, 68, Rafah.
  22. Hamza Fa’ek Ahmad al-Haddad, 20, , eastern Gaza City.
  23. Ibrahim Asa’ad Ahmad al-Haddad, 21, eastern Gaza City.
  24. Mohammad Ammar Sharaf, 10, Gaza City.
  25. Mohammed Ra’fat Na’eem, Gaza Old City.
  26. Husam Ra’fat Na’eem, Gaza Old City.
  27. Kamal Abdul-karim al-Louh, 32, Deir al-Bala.
  28. Ibrahim Abdul-karim al-Louh, 29, Deir al-Bala.
  29. Khaled Nasr al-Louh, 46, Deir al-Bala.
  30. Amaal Abdul-karim al-Masri, 48, Deir al-Bala.
  31. Ilham Yahya al-Louh, 27, Deir al-Bala.
  32. Samih Kamal Abu al-Kheir, 63, Khan Younis.
  33. Othman Fawzi ‘Abdeen, 17, Khan Younis.
  34. Siham al-Ham, Khan Younis, Nusseirat.
  35. Mohammad Adel Ashour, Nusseirat.
  36. Renad Ashraf Ashour, Nusseirat.
  37. Abeer Nahed al-‘Ata, Nusseirat.
  38. Naima Darwish Abu Shouq, Nusseirat.
  39. Zaher Tawfiq Abu Maktoum, Nusseirat.
  40. Ama’ Rafat al-‘Asa, Nusseirat.
  41. Hasan Nassr Zaqqout, Nusseirat.
  42. Labibeh Abu Shouqa, 23, Nusseirat.

Killed Wednesday, July 30

  1. Ahmad Mohammad Yassin al-Majayda, Khan Younis.
  2. Ali Mahmoud al-Astal, 23, Khan Younis.
  3. Khaled Salim al-Astal, 26, Khan Younis.
  4. Mohammad Salim al-Astal, 26, Khan Younis.
  5. Ramzi Ibrahim al-Astal, 21, Khan Younis.
  6. Odah Ahmad al-Astal, 25, Khan Younis.
  7. Ahmad Mahmoud Suleiman al-Astal, 26, Khan Younis.
  8. Ahmad Ibrahim Ali al-Astal, Khan Younis.
  9. Khalil Ibrahim Ali al-Astal, Khan Younis.
  10. Ezzedddin Jabr Mohammad al-Astal, Khan Younis.
  11. Mohammad Mahmoud al-Astal, Khan Younis
  12. Mohammad Abdul-Sattar al-Abadla, 21, Khan Younis.
  13. Fahd Mahmoud Jaber al-Agha, 23, Khan Younis.
  14. Asma’ Abu al-Kaas, 16, al-Boreij, Central Gaza.
  15. Walid Shihda Marzouq Moammar, 51, Rafah.
  16. Sojoud Abdul-Hakim Oleyyan, 11, Gaza.
  17. Issam Jaber al-Khatib, Jabalia.
  18. Sa’id Abu Jalala, Jabalia.
  19. Taiseer Hammad, Jabalia.
  20. Lu’ay al-Feery, Jabalia.
  21. Bassem Khaled Najjar, Jabalia.
  22. Tha’er Khaled Najjar, Jabalia.
  23. Osama Mohammad Sohweil, Jabalia.
  24. Bilal Midhat al-‘Amoudi, Jabalia.
  25. Abdullah Midhat al-‘Amoudi, Jabalia.
  26. Mohammad Mousa Ghaban, Jabalia.
  27. Ramadan Khader Salman, Jabalia.
  28. Alaa’ Khader Salman, Jabalia.
  29. Ali Ahmad Shaheen, Jabalia.
  30. Rami Barakat, Jabalia.
  31. Adel Mohammad Abu Qamar Jabalia.
  32. Mohammad Ezzat Abu Sweireh, 34, Central District.
  33. Hussein Mohammad Abu Rezeq, 36, Rafah.
  34. ‘Aed Zaqqout, Gaza City (coach of Palestine National Football Team)
  35. Abdul-Aziz Hosni Abu Hajras, 23, Khan Younis.
  36. Omar Awad al-Breem, Khan Younis.
  37. Kamal Ahmad Al-Breem, 57, Khan Younis.
  38. Jihad Salah Mohammed al-Breem, 28, Khan Younis.
  39. Mariam Ahmad Hejazi, Khan Younis.
  40. Salah Hejazi, Khan Younis.
  41. Sabha Ibrahim Hejazi, Khan Younis.
  42. Ibrahim Mousa al-Ghalban, Khan Younis.
  43. Ismael Mahmoud al-Ghalban, Khan Younis.
  44. Ahmad Suleiman Abu Amer, Khan Younis.
  45. Mohammad Ahmad Abu Amer, Khan Younis.
  46. Marwa Ahmad Abu Amer, Khan Younis.
  47. Marah Ahmad Abu Amer, Khan Younis.
  48. Yasser Ahmad Abu Amer, Khan Younis.
  49. Suleiman Ahmad Abu Amer, Khan Younis.
  50. Mona Hajjaj Abu Amer, Khan Younis.
  51. Jihad Salah Mohammad Al-Breem, 25, Khan Younis.
  52. Zeinab Abu Jazar, Khan Younis.
  53. Maisara Mohammad at-Ta’ban, 35, Deir al-Balah.
  54. Iftikhar Mohammad Shahin (Abu Zrei’ey) 50.
  55. Odai Yahia Zaki Abu Jneid, 19, Beit Lahia.
  56. Abdul-Jalil Mohammad Kamel Abu Shodoq, 35, Beit Lahia.
  57. Jamal Shihda Abu Shodoq, 40, Beit Lahia.
  58. Jamalat Mahmoud Dheir, Khan Younis.
  59. Salama Mahmoud Dheir, Khan Younis.
  60. Mahmoud Salama Mahmoud Dheir, Khan Younis.
  61. Yamen Omar Salama Mahmoud Dheir, Khan Younis.
  62. Shorouq Mahmoud Dheir, Khan Younis.
  63. Arwa Mahmoud Dheir, Khan Younis.
  64. Ramadan Mohammad Abu Jazar, Khan Younis.
  65. Ali Ahmad Shahin, Gaza.
  66. Taiseer Sababa, 22, Beit Lahia.
  67. Ammar Suleiman Ali al-Masdar, 31, Gaza.
  68. Hamza Yasser Mohammad Mheisin, 23, Gaza.
  69. Wisam Dardouna, Beit Lahia.
  70. Anwar ‘Adel Abu Nasr, 20, Khan Younis.
  71. Ismael Walid Abu Nasr, 18. Khan Younis.
  72. Ahmad Khalil Abu ‘Anza, 32, Khan Younis.
  73. Shadi Abdullah Abu ‘Anza, 38, Khan Younis.
  74. Ali Mahmoud Abu ‘Anza, 27, Khan Younis.
  75. Ahmad Abdullah Abu ‘Anza, Khan Younis.
  76. Mohammad Suleiman Baraka, Khan Younis.
  77. Mustafa Ahmad Abu Jalala, Beit Lahia.
  78. Husam Mohammad an-Najjar, northern Gaza
  79. Sha’aban Abdul-aziz al-Jamal, northern Gaza
  80. Alaa’ Joudy Khader, northern Gaza
  81. Mohammed Mazen Moussa Foda, Sheja’eyya
  82. Ahmad Abdulkarim Hannoun , Sheja’eyya
  83. Saadi Saadi Faraj , Sheja’eyya
  84. Hussein Saeed Kar’re’ra , Sheja’eyya
  85. Hamdi Sadi Abu Zour , Sheja’eyya
  86. Abdulkarim Hussein El-Selk , Sheja’eyya
  87. Aahed Ziad Al Gharabli , Sheja’eyya
  88. Abdulaziz Ibrahim El-Beltagy , Sheja’eyya
  89. Lena Ala’a El-Selk , Sheja’eyya
  90. Abdulaziz Mohammed El-Selk , Sheja’eyya
  91. Abdel Halim Mohammed El-Selk , Sheja’eyya
  92. Moataz Bassam Deeb , Sheja’eyya
  93. Mahmoud Mohamed Ragab , Sheja’eyya
  94. Moaaz Khaled Tayeh , Sheja’eyya
  95. Malak Jalal El-Selk , Sheja’eyya
  96. Amina Mohammed El-Selk , Sheja’eyya
  97. Layan Nael El-Selk, Sheja’eyya
  98. Abdullah Fayez Fayad 23, Gaza City
  99. Suhaib Salleh Salama 23, Gaza City
  100. Ibrahim Yusuf al-Astal 35, Gaza City
  101. Aassem Ahmed Baraka 25, Khan Younis.
  102. Mayar Jamal Abu musbeh, 9 yrs, Deir al-Balah
  103. Mohammad Tayseer Abu Hazaa’, 25, Deir al-Balah

Killed Tuesday, July 29

  1. Naji Ahmad al-Raqqab, 19, Khan Younis.
  2. Ramy Khaled al-Raqqab, 35, Khan Younis.
  3. Mahmoud Osama al-Qosas, Khan Younis.
  4. Shadi Abd al-Kareem Farwana, Khan Younis.
  5. Mustafa Abd al-Samiee al-Ubadala, Khan Younis.
  6. Yahiya Mohammad Abdullah al-Aqqad, 49, Khan Younis.
  7. Yusef Emad Qaddoura, child, Jabalia.
  8. Huna Emad Qaddoura, child, Jabalia.
  9. Mohammad Musa Alwan, child, Jabalia.
  10. Mariam Khalil Ruba, 70, Jabalia.
  11. Hani Abu Khalifa, Jabalia.
  12. Soheila al-‘Ejel, 70, Gaza City.
  13. Mo’nes Ahmad, Nusseirat, Central Gaza.
  14. Ezzat Dheir, 23, Rafah.
  15. Turkeyya Dheir, 80, Rafah.
  16. Yasmeen Dheir, 25, Rafah.
  17. Mary Dheir, 12, Rafah.
  18. Tasneem Dheir, 8, Rafah.
  19. Soheil Hasan Nassar, Beit Lahia.
  20. Anis Abu Shammala, Al-Boreij (Mayor).
  21. Ayman Samir Qeshta, 30, Rafah.
  22. Ismael Shahin, 27, Rafah.
  23. Baha’ ed-Deen al-Gharib, Rafah.
  24. Ola Baha’ ed-Deen al-Gharib, Rafah.
  25. Tahrir Nasr Jaber, 15, Northern Gaza.
  26. Mohammad Ata Najjar, 2, Khan Younis.
  27. Rafif Ata Najjar, 3, Khan Younis.
  28. Baha’ ed-Deen Khatib, (Journalist), Rafah.
  29. ‘Ola Baha’ ed-Deen Khatib, Rafah.
  30. Waddah Abu Amer, Khan Younis.
  31. Ahmad Suleiman Ahmad Abu Amer, Khan Younis.
  32. Mohammed Ahmad Abu Amer, Khan Younis.
  33. Marwa Ahmad Abu Amer , Khan Younis.
  34. Marah Ahmad Abu Amer , Khan Younis.
  35. Yasser Ahmad Abu Amer , Khan Younis.
  36. Suleiman Ahmad Abu Amer, Khan Younis.
  37. Moha Hajjaj Abu Amer , Khan Younis.
  38. Mos’ab Ahmad Sweih, 17, Gaza.
  39. Nariman Khalil al-Agha, 39, Gaza.
  40. Ali Mohammad Abu Ma’rouf, 23, Gaza.
  41. Dr. Bashir al-Hajjar, northern Gaza.
  42. Samir al-Hajjar, northern Gaza.
  43. Hana’ Na’im Balata, Jabalia.
  44. Doa’ Na’im Balata, Jabalia.
  45. Esra’ Na’im Balata, Jabalia.
  46. Mariam Na’im Balata, Jabalia.
  47. Yahia Na’im Balata, Jabalia.
  48. Sahar Motawe’ Balata, Jabalia.
  49. Naim Nathmi, Jabalia.
  50. Zaher Ahmad Najjar, 6, Khan Younis
  51. Suleiman Mos’ad Barham al-Hishash, 30, Rafah.
  52. Jamal Ramadan Lafi, 50, Rafah.
  53. Karam Abu Zeid, 1.

Killed Monday, July 28

  1. Samih Jebriel Jneid, 4, Jabalia.
  2. Mohammad Abu Louz, 22, Jabalia.
  3. Ahmad Abdullah Hasan Abu Zeid, Rafah.
  4. Widad Ahmad Salama Abu Zeid, Rafah.
  5. Sham’a Wael Abu Zeid, Rafah.
  6. Mariam Marzouq Abu Zeid, Rafah.
  7. Falasteen Mohammad Abu Zeid, Rafah.
  8. Abdullah Nidal Abu Zeid (child), Rafah.
  9. Bissan Eyad Abu Zeid, Rafah.
  10. Abdul-Hadi Abu Zeid (Child9, Rafah.
  11. Seham Najjar, 42, Khan Younis.
  12. Abdul-Samad Mahmoud Ahmad Ramadan, 16, Central District.
  13. Ayman Adnan Mousa Shaker, 25, Central District.
  14. Issa Kamel Abdul-Rahman Mousa, 61, Central District.
  15. Salem Mousa Badawi al-Far, 59, Central District.
  16. Ramzi Hussein Ahmad al-Far, Maghazi Camp, Central District.
  17. Salem Mohammad al-Far, Maghazi Camp,Central District.
  18. Hanan Salem al-Far, 14, Maghazi Camp, Central District
  19. Azza Abdul-Karim Abdul-Rahman Al-Faleet, 59, Central District.
  20. Mohammad Jom’a Shaat, 30, Khan Younis.
  21. Mohammad Fadel al-‘Agha, 30, Khan Younis.
  22. Marwa Nader al-Agha, Khan Younis.
  23. Ahmad Nader Al-Agha, Khan Younis.
  24. Donia Nader al-Agha, 13, Khan Younis.

Killed Sunday, July 27

  1. Ikram ash-Shinbari, 23, Gaza City, died of earlier injuries.
  2. Yusef Jamil Sobhi Hammouda, 16, Gaza City, died of earlier injuries.
  3. Ibrahim Khalil ad-Derawi, 27, central District.
  4. Ala Nahedh Matar, 26, central District.
  5. Hazem Fayez Abu Shammala, 33, central District
  6. Issam Abdul-Karim Abu Sa’ada, Khan Younis.
  7. Ahmad Abu Sweirej, 23, Nusseirat, Central Gaza.
  8. Mohammad Abu Haroun, 29, Nusseirat, Central Gaza.
  9. Fadi Baraka, Gaza, child, died of earlier injuries.
  10. Baha’ ed-Deen Ahmad Sa’id, al-Maghazi, died of earlier injuries.
  11. Yousef Abed Shehada al-Masri, 24, Shuja’eyya, Gaza.
  12. Khaled Abdul-Sattar Samhoud, Khan Younis.
  13. Jalila Faraj Ayyad, Gaza City.
  14. Essam Ibrahim Abu Shab 42.
  15. Mohammad Siyam, 15, Rafah.
  16. Hussein Hasan Abu an-Naja, 65, Khan Younis.
  17. Imad Jami al-Abed al-Bardaweel, 44, Gaza.

Killed Saturday, July 26

  1. Husam Abdul-Ghani Yassin, 17, Gaza.
  2. Ismael Abdul-Qader al-Kojok, 54, Gaza.
  3. Mohammad Said Hosni as-Saqqa, 20, Gaza.
  4. Islam Ibrahim an-Naji, 19. Gaza.
  5. Mohammad Ahmad Matar al-Abadla, 32, Gaza.
  6. Yosra Salem Hasan al-Breem, 56, Gaza.
  7. Mohammad Khalil Mohammad al-Breem, Gaza.
  8. Ibrahim Salman Qabalan, 34.
  9. Mohammad Ahmad Abu Wadia, 19, Gaza.
  10. Abdullah ‘Ayesh Salam Ermeilat, 39, Deir al-Balah.
  11. Eman Hasan ar-Roqab, Khan Younis.
  12. Bara’ Mahmoud ar-Roqab, 11, Khan Younis.
  13. Khalil Mohammad an-Najjar, 59, Khan Younis.
  14. Jona an-Najjar, Khan Younis.
  15. Ekhlas Najjar, Khan Younis.
  16. Amna an-Najjar, Khan Younis.
  17. Majed Sameer an-Najjar, 19, Khan Younis.
  18. Ghalia Mohammed an-Najjar, 56, Khan Younis.
  19. Ahmad Khaled Mohammad an-Najjar,14, Khan Younis.
  20. Eman Salah Mahmoud an-Najjar, 23, Khan Younis.
  21. Sumayya Harb Yousef an-Najjar, 50, Khan Younis.
  22. Kifah Samir Hasan an-Najjar 23, Khan Younis.
  23. Rawan Khaled Mohammad an-Najjar, 17, Khan Younis.
  24. Husam Hussein an-Najjar, 7, Khan Younis.
  25. Samir Hussein an-Najjar, 2, Khan Younis.
  26. Moa’taz Hussein Samir an-Najjar, 6, Khan Younis.
  27. Ulfat Hussein Samir an-Najjar, 4, Khan Younis. (sister of Samir and Moa’taz)
  28. Ikhlas Sameer Hussein Abu Shahla, 30, Khan Younis.
  29. Amir Hammoudeh Khaled Abu Shahla, 3, Khan Younis.
  30. Amira Hammoudeh Khaled Abu Shahla, 1, Khan Younis.
  31. Islam Hammoudeh Abu Shahla, 4, Khan Younis.
  32. Bassam Khaled Abu Shahla, 44, Khan Younis.
  33. Riham Fayez al-Breem, 19
  34. Fadel At-Tawaneh, Gaza City.
  35. Arafat Salem Abu Oweily, 27, Central District.
  36. Abdul-Rahman Ouda at-Tilbani, Central District.
  37. Nidal Ahmad ‘Issa Abu al-‘Asal, 27, Rafah.
  38. Salim Salaam Abu ath-Thoum, 87, Rafah.
  39. Naim Abdul Aziz Abu Zaher, 36, Deir al-Balah
  40. Abdul-Hamid Mohammad Abdul-Hamid Al-Maghrabi, 31.
  41. Abdul-Majeed Abdullah Abdul-Majeed al-A’ady, 36.
  42. Hamad Mohammad Ala Sheikh Salim, 30.
  43. Mohammad Rafiq Said al-Ayeer, 30.
  44. ‘Amro Abdul-Hakim as-Sheikh Khalil, 25.
  45. Shadi Kamal Ramadan Yassin, 22.
  46. Mohammad Issam Deeb Abu Dalfa, 25.
  47. Walid Said Nassr al-Ijlah, 7.
  48. Osama Issam Fawzi ‘Azzam, 23.
  49. Abdullah Ibrahim Abdullah Abu Leila, 51.
  50. Sami Fathi al-Ar-‘Eir, 49. .
  51. Fathi Sami Fathi al-Ar-‘Eir, 20.
  52. Abdul-Karim Ali Abu Shanab, 40, Deir al-Balah.
  53. Aziza ‘Atiyeh Mohammad Abu Shanab, 77, Deir al-Balah.
  54. Ahmad Walid Nasrallah Samour, Khan Younis.
  55. Hasan Abdullah Mustafa al-Athanna, 59.
  56. Hasan Zaki Hasan at-Tahrawy, 23.
  57. Omar Ismail Ali Quz’aat, 18. .
  58. Rami Faisal Matar as-Shishi, 31. .
  59. Mohammad Abdul Hamid.
  60. Ghassan Yousef Salem Abu Dabakh, Central District .
  61. Khadra Ibrahim Salman Abu Bleimy, 55 .
  62. Nour Mohammad Salameh Abu Dbagh, 13.
  63. Ahmad Ramzi Mohammad Abu Qadoos, 13.
  64. Maisara Anwar Suleiman dar-Azzeen, 6.
  65. Mohammad Anwar Suleiman dar-Azzeen, 13.
  66. Mohammad Abdul-Hamid Mohammad Shaat, 29.
  67. Raja’ Hamad Mohammad ad-Daghme, 36.
  68. Sami Abdullah Ahmad Judeh, 18.
  69. Husam Abdul-Atif Raady, 42.
  70. Mohammad Ibrahim Sobhi al-Arheir, 30.
  71. Wala’ Mohammad Ali al-Qayedh, 15.
  72. Isam Mohammad Saleh Shamaly, 29.
  73. Mohammad Abdul-Nassar Ali Abu Zeina, 20.
  74. Mosab Salah al-Aab Abu al-A’ata, 20.
  75. Ibrahim Aish Abed Abu Ghneimah, 27.
  76. Ismail Aish Abed Abu Ghneimah, 24.
  77. Mohammad Ahmad Khaled Hassouneh, Rafah.
  78. Mazin Adnan Salman Abdin, 25, Khan Younis.
  79. Salah Eshtewy Ibrahim Adbin, 42, Khan Younis.
  80. Mohammed Salameh Mohammed Abu Khousa, 75, northern Gaza (body pulled from rubble).
  81. Salman Mohammed Ahmed Sama’na, 30, northern Gaza (body pulled from rubble).
  82. Do’a’ Sani Ibrahim Sama’na, 11, northern Gaza (body pulled from rubble).
  83. Mohammed Sa’id Sha’ban Baba, 40, northern Gaza (body pulled from rubble).
  84. Ikram Ahmed Tawfiq al-Shanbari, 23, Beit Hanoun (body pulled from rubble).
  85. Sami Fathi Ahmed al-‘Ar’ir, 50, Gaza City (body pulled from rubble).
  86. Mohammed Rafiq Sa’id al-‘Ar’ir, 30, Gaza City (body pulled from rubble).
  87. Hassan Fathi Ahmad al-‘Ar’ir, 39, Gaza City (body pulled from rubble).
  88. ‘Abdul Karim Fathi Ahmed al-‘Ar’ir, 34, Gaza City (body pulled from rubble).
  89. Fathi Sami Fathi al-‘Ar’ir, 20, Gaza City (body pulled from rubble).
  90. Khaled Yousef Mohammed Badwan, 48, Gaza City (body pulled from rubble).
  91. Azmi Khaled Yousef Badwan, 16, Gaza City (body pulled from rubble).
  92. ‘Abdul Rahman Ziad Hassan Abu Hain, 28, Sheja’eyya (body pulled from rubble).
  93. Mohammed ‘Essam Dib Abu Balta, 28, Sheja’eyya (body pulled from rubble).
  94. Mahmoud Ra’ed Mahmoud al-‘Eish, 23, Sheja’eyya (body pulled from rubble).
  95. Fadi ‘Abdul Qader ‘Abdul Malek Habib, 31, Sheja’eyya (body pulled from rubble).
  96. Farid Abdul-Khader Abdul-Malik Habib, 38, Sheja’eyya (body pulled from rubble).
  97. Adham Majed Yousef Dhaher, 18, Sheja’eyya (body pulled from rubble).
  98. Mohammad Mahmoud Rajab Hajjaj, 32, Sheja’eyya (body pulled from rubble).
  99. Mohammad Ahmed Kamel Abu al-‘Ata, 32, Sheja’eyya (body pulled from rubble).
  100. Mohammad Mahmoud Sa’id Abu al-‘Ata, 28, Sheja’eyya (body pulled from rubble).
  101. Mohammed Riad Sha’ban Shabet, 25, at-Tuffah.
  102. Hisham Abdul-Karim Ahmad Abu Mour, Rafah.
  103. Mohammad Ibrahim Ahmad az-Zweidi, 30, Beit Lahia.
  104. Ala’ Maher Juma’ Tamtish, 19, Beit Lahia.
  105. Abdul-Jawad Ali Abul-Jawad Al-Houm.
  106. Ehab Sa’dy Mohammad Nassr, 22.
  107. Mohammad Abdullah Hussein al-Jawajri.
  108. Wisam Sofyan Omar al-Kilani, 27.
  109. A’ed Mahmoud Ahmad al-Bura’i, 29, medic, Beit Hanoun.
  110. Munther Talal Abdul-Karim Nassar, 33, northern Gaza.
  111. Tamer Talal Abdul-Karim Nassar, 24.
  112. Ala’ Abdul-Rahman Mohammad Nassar, 25, northern Gaza.
  113. Taher Ismail Abdul-Rahman Nassar, 18, northern Gaza.
  114. Sharif Rafiq Mohammad al-Hamdin, 26, Gaza City.
  115. Ala’ Khaled Najib al-Yaziji, 21, Gaza City.
  116. Jihad Mahmoud Hamed al-Hilu, 59, Sheja’eyya (body pulled from rubble).
  117. Siham ‘Ata al-Hilu, 57, Sheja’eyya(body pulled from rubble).
  118. Mohammad Jihad Mahmoud al-Hilu, 29, Sheja’eyya (body pulled from rubble).
  119. Tahreer Jihad Mahmoud al-Hilu, 20, Sheja’eyya(body pulled from rubble).
  120. Najiya Jihad Mahmoud al-Hilu, 15, Sheja’eyya (body pulled from rubble).
  121. Ahmad Jihad Mahmoud al-Hilu, 27, Sheja’eyya (body pulled from rubble).
  122. Hidaya Talal al-Hilu, 25, Sheja’eyya (body pulled from rubble).
  123. Maram Ahmad Jihad al-Hilu, 2, Sheja’eyya (body pulled from rubble).
  124. Abdul-Kareem Ahmad Jihad al-Hilu, 1, Sheja’eyya (body pulled from rubble).
  125. Karam Ahmad Jihad al-Hilu, 5 months, Sheja’eyya (body pulled from rubble).
  126. Ayman Anwar Salem Burai’em 39, central Gaza (died of earlier wounds)
  127. Suleiman Zaki ‘Abdul Mawla al-Dardissi, 27, Khan Younis.(body pulled from rubble).
  128. Ahmad Shawqi Mohammad Sa’ada, 37, Khan Younis.(body pulled from rubble).
  129. Mohammed Ibrahim Hamdan Abu T’aima, 25, Khan Younis.(body pulled from rubble).
  130. Ra’ed Khalil Hamdan Abu T’aima, 33, Khan Younis.(body pulled from rubble).
  131. Mamdouh Mallahi Suleiman Abu Naja, 24, Khan Younis.(body pulled from rubble).
  132. Ayman Akram Ismail al-Ghalban, 22, Khan Younis.(body pulled from rubble).
  133. Jihad Naji Abu ‘Aamer, 22, Khan Younis.(body pulled from rubble).
  134. Rabah Rashed Mosallam Fayad, 40, Khan Younis.(body pulled from rubble).
  135. Fadi Mahmoud Sa’d al-Masri, 22, Khan Younis.(body pulled from rubble).
  136. Eyad Yousef al-Sadi, 24, Khan Younis.(body pulled from rubble).
  137. Salem Mustafa al-Hadhidi, 18, Khan Younis.(body pulled from rubble).
  138. Wassim Nasser ‘Abdu Shurrab, 22, Khan Younis.(body pulled from rubble).
  139. ‘Ali Mohammed ‘Ali al-Astal, 32, Khan Younis.(body pulled from rubble).
  140. Fawzi Ahmad Abu Amsha, 67.
  141. Na’ma Mohammad Hussein Abu Amsha, 64.
  142. Wassim Salah Abu Riziq Al-Masri.
  143. Saed Munir Shida Abu Khater, 19.
  144. Amar Mustafa Rashid Hamdouna, 22.
  145. Tariq Mohammad Moehsin al-Ajrami, 25.
  146. Hamza Mazin Khalil Madhi, 23.
  147. Ismail Younis Abdullah Khalla, 21.
  148. Abdul-Rahman Yusef Ahmad Saadat, 24.
  149. Khaled Abdullah Mahmoud Adwan, 30.
  150. Osama Mohammad Nassr al-Kafarneh, 50.
  151. Khaled ‘Ata Mohammad Abu Shehadeh, 23.
  152. Hani ‘Adel Mohammad Abu Hashish, 23.
  153. Mohammad Ahmad Abu Dawabe’, 19.
  154. Mohammad Ali Khalil Saidam, 17.
  155. Ibrahim Mohammad Awad Barak, 19.
  156. Bilal Bassam Salem al-Masri, 21.
  157. Anwar Abdul-Khader Hasan Younis, 2.
  158. Arafat Salem Ahmad Abu Oweily, 27.
  159. Mohammad Fayez Sha’ban al-Sharif, 23.
  160. Mahmoud al-Sharif, 24, Central District
  161. Hossam Mohammad Suleiman Abu Ghneifi, 18.
  162. Ghassan Taher Suleiman Abu Kamil, 25.
  163. Ismail Abdul-Jawad Ismail Abu Sa’ada, 26.
  164. Mahmoud Riyadh Abdul-Khader Miq’dad, 22.
  165. Mazin Yusef Suleiman Abu Joerban, 31.
  166. Shaker Ahmad Shaker al-Jamal, 46.
  167. Faisal Fa’eq al-At-Toame, 31.
  168. Hazem Yusef Abdul-Rahman al-Moebid, 34.
  169. Abdullah Nabil Abdul-Khader al-Batsh, 21.
  170. Sharif Jalal Hasan al-Karshali, 27.
  171. Mohammad Arafat Saleh Khalil al-Ghamare, 33.
  172. Abdul-Raziq Shoeban Abed Ommar, 27.
  173. Amjad Nahedh Ala’ al-Sarefy, 22.
  174. Adham Majed Yousef Daher, 18.
  175. Hamza Hassan Mahmoud Halas, 25.
  176. Ahmad Mousa Ahmad Ahl, 75.
  177. Mohammad Hussein Hasan al-Nasri.
  178. Mahmoud Husam Mohammad Mansour, 22.
  179. Mosab Mustafa Rajeb Ali, 20.
  180. Mo’amin Mustafa Mahmoud al-Kasha.
  181. Eyas Ahmad Mohammad Abu Ouda, 28.
  182. Nidal Khaled Mohammad Khalil, 20.
  183. Nader Majdi Abdul-Rahman Qassim, 30.
  184. Eman Ibrahim Suleiman al-Ghandour.
  185. Salmad Hamad Salmad al-Amour, 32.
  186. Rifat Nabil Ramadan Oweida, 27.
  187. Ashraf Qassim Mansour Wafi, 25.
  188. Baha Rafiq Oweida, 36.
  189. Ahmad Barham Oleiman Abu Daqqa
  190. Taysir Mohammad Aish an-Najjar

Killed Friday, July 25

  1. Maram Rajeh Fayyad, 26, Deir al-Balah
  2. Shaima’ Hussein Abdul-Qadder Qannan (pregnant), 23, Gaza.
  3. Abdul-Hadi Salah Abu Hasanen, 9, Rafah.
  4. Hadi Salah ed-Deen Abu Hassanen, 12. Rafah.
  5. Salah Ahmad Hassanen, 45, Rafah.
  6. Abdul-Aziz Salah Ahmad Hassanen, 15, Rafah.
  7. Abdul-Hadi Salam Ahmad Abu Hassanein, 9.Rafah.
  8. Mohammad Ibrahim al-Khatib, 27, Khan Younis.
  9. Mohammad Samir Najjar, 25, Khan Younis.
  10. Rasmiyya Salama, 24, Khan Younis.
  11. Suleiman ash-Shawwaf, 21, Khan Younis.
  12. Rasha Abed-Rabbo ‘Affana, 28, northern Gaza.
  13. Ali Mohammad Ali Asfour, 58, Khan Younis.
  14. Eid Mohammad Abu Qteifan, 23, Deir al-Balah.
  15. Eyad Nassr Sharab, 24, Khan Younis.
  16. Najat Ibrahim Hamdan an-Najjar, 42, Khan Younis
  17. Sharif Mohammad Salim Abu Hasan, 25, Khan Younis
  18. Mohammad Khalil Hamad, 18, Khan Younis.
  19. Mandouh Ibrahim ash-Shawaf, 25, Khan Younis.
  20. Walid Sa’id al-Harazin, 5, Gaza
  21. Tareq Ismail Ahmad Zahd, 22, Meghraqa, Central District
  22. Salama Abu Kamil, 26. Meghraqa, Central District
  23. Ahmad Mahdi Abu Zour, 25, Gaza
  24. Naji Bassem Abu Ammouna, 25, Gaza
  25. Imad Adnan Mohammad Abu Kamil, 20, Al-Meghraqa
  26. Tamer Bassam Mohammad Abu Kamil, 19, Al-Meghraqa.
  27. Mohammad Yassin Siyam, 29, Zeitoun – Gaza
  28. Rami Mohammad Yassin, 24, Zeitoun, Gaza
  29. Osama Salim Shaheen, 27, Khan Younis.
  30. Hamada Suleiman Abu Younis, 25.
  31. Mohammad Kamel an-Naqa, 34, Khan Younis.
  32. Kamaal Kamel an-Naqa, 35, Khan Younis.
  33. Yousef Kamal Mohammed al-Wasify, 26, Gaza City.
  34. Mazin Abdeen, 23, Rafah.
  35. Adnan Shahid Ashteiwi Abdeen, 35, Rafah.
  36. Mohammad Abdel Nasser Abu Zina, 24, al-Zaitoun.
  37. Abdul Majeed al-Eidi, 35, al-Zaitoun.
  38. Mohammad Ahmed Abu Wadiya, 19, Gaza City.
  39. Hani ‘Adel Abu Hassanein, 24, Gaza City.
  40. Yassin Mustafa al-Astal, 38, Khan Younis.
  41. Yosra Salem Hasan al-Breem, 65, Khan Younis.
  42. Mohammad Issa Khaled Hajji, 24, Gaza City.
  43. Hasan Hussein al-Howwari, 39, Gaza City.
  44. Hosam Rabhi, Gaza City.
  45. Hamed al-Bora’ey, a medic, Beit Hanoun.
  46. Mohammad Matar al-‘Abadla, 32, medic, Khuza’a, Khan Younis.
  47. Husam Mohammad Najjar, Beit Lahia.
  48. Sha’ban Abdul-Aziz al-Jamal, Beit Lahia.
  49. Mohammad Wisam Dardouna, Beit Lahia.
  50. Ala’ Joudy Khader, Beit Lahia.

Killed Thursday, July 24

  1. Ahmad Rif’at Ar-Roqab, 23, Khan Younis.
  2. Salman Salman al-Breem, 27, Khan Younis.
  3. Mohammad Hasan Abdul-Qader al-Astal, 43, Khan Younis.
  4. Ismael Mohammad al-Astal, 48, Khan Younis.
  5. Ahmad Mohammad Ismael al-Astal, 20, Khan Younis.
  6. Mahmoud Mohammad Ismael al-Astal, 19.
  7. Mohammad Saleh Mohammad al-Astal, 18.
  8. Malak Amin Ahmad al-Astal, 24, Khan Younis.
  9. Tha’er Omran Khamis al-Astal, 30.
  10. Milad Omran al-Astal, 29, Khan Younis.
  11. Mohammad Omran Khamis al-Astal, 33, Khan Younis.
  12. Ahmad Thaer Omran al-Astal, 33, Khan Younis.
  13. Amin Thaer Omran al-Astal, 3 Khan Younis.
  14. Nada Thaer Omran al-Astal, 5, Khan Younis.
  15. Yazid Sa’dy Mustafa al-Batsh, 23, Gaza.
  16. Ibrahim Abdullah Abu Aita, 67, Jabalia.
  17. Ahmad Ibrahim Abdullah Abu Aita, 30, Jabalia.
  18. Jamila Salim Abu Aita, 55, Jabalia.
  19. Adham Ahmad Abu Aita, 4, Jabalia.
  20. Mohammad Ibrahim Abu Aita, 32, Jabalia.
  21. Khalil Nasser Aita Wishah, 21, Central District.
  22. Ahmad Ibrahim Sa’ad al-Qar’an, 26, Central District.
  23. Hadi Abdul-Hamid Abdul-Fatah Abdul Nabi, 3, Jabalia
  24. Abdul-Hadi Abdul-Hamid Abdul Nabi, 2, Jabalia.
  25. Abdul-Rahman Mahmoud Abdul-Fatah Abdul Nabi, 1, Jabalia.
  26. Yahia Ibrahim Abu ‘Arbaid, Beit Hanoun
  27. Mohammad Suleiman an-Najjar, Khuza’a, Khan Younis.
  28. Bilal Zayad ‘Alwan, 20, Jabalia
  29. Majed Mahmoud Mohammad Hamid, 28, Jabalia.
  30. Mohammed Ibrahim Abu Daqqa, 42, Khuza’a, Khan Younis
  31. Akram Ibrahim Abu Daqqa, 50, Khuza’a, Khan Younis.
  32. Salameh al-Rade’a, toddler, northern Gaza.
  33. Ismail Hassan Abu Rjeila, 75, Khan Younis.
  34. Nafeth Suleiman Qdeih, 45, Khan Younis.
  35. Nabil Shehda Qdeih, 45, Khan Younis.
  36. Baker an-Najjar, 13, Khan Younis.
  37. Shadi Yusef an-Najjar, Khan Younis.
  38. Mohammad Ahmad Najjar, Khan Younis.
  39. Anwar Ahmad Najjar, Khan Younis.
  40. Anwar Ahmad Abu Daqqa, Khan Younis.
  41. Sami Mousa Abu Daqqa, Khan Younis.
  42. Adli Khalil Abu Daqqa,Khan Younis.
  43. ‘Atef Kamal Mahmoud Abu Daqqa, 54, Khan Younis.
  44. Shoeban Moussa Abu Hiya, 64, Khan Younis.
  45. Ahmad Abdul-Karim Ahmad Hasan, Khan Younis
  46. ‘Ola Abu Aida, 27, Zahra – Khan Younis.
  47. Mohammad Ismael Khader, Zahra – Khan Younis.
  48. Anas Akram Skafi, 18, Shujaeyya – Gaza.
  49. Sa’ad Akram Skafi, 18 (twin brother) Shujaeyya – Gaza.
  50. Mohammad Jihad Matar, Beit Hanoun
  51. Hanan Jihad Matar, Beit Hanoun.
  52. Tamam Mohammad Hamad, Beit Hanoun
  53. Khader Khalil al-Louh, 50, Atatra, Northern Gaza
  54. Rasmi Mousa Abu Reeda, Khan Younis
  55. Mohammad Radi Mahmoud Abu Reeda, 22, Khan Younis.
  56. Mohammad Abu Yousef, Khan Younis
  57. Ahmad Qdeih, Khan Younis
  58. Rami Qdeih, Khan Younis
  59. Badr Hatem Qdeih, 13, Khuza’a, Khan Younis.
  60. Anas Hatem Suleiman Qdeih, 7, Khuza’a, Khan Younis.
  61. Hanafi Mahmoud Abu Yousef, 42, Khuza’a, Khan Younis.
  62. Abdel Aziz Nour El Din Noor, 21, Sheja’eyya.
  63. Amir Adel Khamis Siam 12, Rafah.
  64. Issam Faisal Siam, 24, Rafah.
  65. Mahmoud Silmy Salim Abu Rowaished, 49, Rafah.
  66. Ahmed Abu Jm’ean Hji’er 19, Al-Bureij.
  67. Amer Abdul-Raouf Mohamed El Azab, 26, Deir al-Balah.
  68. Thaer Ahed Owda Shamaly, 17, Sheja’eyya.
  69. Mohammed Yousef Mansoub Al-Qadi, 19. (had been in Egyptian hospital)
  70. Yasmin Ahmed Abu Moor, 27(had been in Egyptian hospital)
  71. Mohammad Suleiman Nimr ‘Oqal, 34
  72. Mohammed Rateb Abu Jazr, 25, Khan Younis.
  73. Hisham Mohammad Farhan Abu Jazr, 23, Khan Younis.
  74. Mohammed Farhan Abu Jazr, 48, Khan Younis.
  75. Shadi Suleiman Kawar’e, 31, Khan Younis.
  76. Ra’ed Abu Owda 17, UN School, Beit Hanoun.
  77. Ashraf Ibrahim Hasan Najjar, 13, Khan Younis
  78. Mahmoud Jihad Awad Abdin, 12, Khan Younis
  79. Ahmad Talal Najjar, Khan Younis
  80. Mohammad Samir Abdul-Al an-Najjar, 25, Khan Younis
  81. Mahmoud Abdo an-Najjar, Khan Younis.
  82. Sana’ Hasan Ali al-Astal, Khan Younis
  83. Nabil Mahmoud Mohammad al-Astal, 12, Khan Younis
  84. Ashraf Mahmoud Mohammad al-Astal, Khan Younis
  85. Mahmoud Suleiman al-Astal, 17, Khan Younis
  86. Laila Ibrahim Zo’rob, 40, Rafah
  87. Mahmoud As’ad Ghaban, 24, Beit Lahia
  88. Ibrahim Jihad Abu Laban, 27, Zeitoun – Gaza
  89. Mahmoud Jihad Awad Abdin, 12, Khan Younis
  90. Ibrahim Sheikh Omar, 36 months, Gaza

Killed Wednesday, July 23

  1. Hasan Abu Hayyin, 70, Shejaeyya, Gaza.
  2. Abdul-Rahman Abu Hayyin, 26, Sheja’eyya, Gaza.
  3. Osama Bahjat Rajab, 34, Beit Lahia.
  4. Mohammad Daoud Hammouda, 33, Beit Lahia.
  5. Hamza Ziyada Abu ‘Anza, 18, Khan Younis.
  6. Saddam Ibrahim Abu Assi, 23, Khan Younis, was seriously injured Tuesday, died Wednesday.
  7. Wisam ‘Ala Najjar, 17, Khan Younis
  8. Mohammad Mansour al-Bashiti, 8, Khan Younis.
  9. Ali Mansour Hamdi al-Bashiti, 1, Khan Younis.
  10. Mohammad Riyadh Sha’aban Shabt, 23.
  11. Mohammad Naim Salah Abu T’aima, 12, Khan Younis.
  12. Salem Abdullah Mousa Abu T’aima, 36, Khan Younis.
  13. Ismail Abu Tharifa, Khan Younis.
  14. Zeinab Abu Teir, child, Khan Younis.
  15. Mohammad Radi Abu Redya, 22, Khan Younis.
  16. Shama Shahin, Khan Younis (Mohammad’s wife)
  17. Mojahed Marwan Skafi, 20, Sheja’eyya, Gaza.
  18. Adnan Ghazi Habib, 23, central Gaza.
  19. Ibrahim Ahmad Shbeir, 24, Khan Younis
  20. Mustafa Mohammad Mahmoud Fayyad, 24, northern Gaza.
  21. Nidal Hamdi Diab al-‘Ejla, 31, Gaza.
  22. Khalil Abu Jame’, Khan Younis.
  23. Husam al-Qarra, Khan Younis
  24. Rabea’ Qassem, 12, Northern Gaza
  25. Hasan Salah Abu Jamous, 29, Khan Younis
  26. Mahmoud Yousef Khaled al-‘Abadla, 22, Khan Younis
  27. Nour Abdul-Rahim al-‘Abadla, 22, Khan Younis
  28. Mohammad Farid al-Astal, Khan Younis.
  29. Mohammad Abdul-Ra’ouf ad-Dadda, 39, Gaza.
  30. Ahmad Mohammad Darwish Bolbol, 20, Gaza.
  31. Ahmad Nabil Ahmad Abu Morad, 21, Gaza.
  32. Ibrahim Omar al-Hallaq, 40, Khan Younis
  33. Wael Maher Awwad, 23, Khan Younis
  34. Ahmad Mahmoud Sohweil, 23, Khan Younis
  35. Issam Ismael Abu Shaqra, 42, Khan Younis
  36. Abdul-Rahman Ibrahim Abu Shaqra, 17, Khan Younis
  37. Mohammad Ahmad Akram Abu Shaqra, 17, Khan Younis
  38. Ahmad as-Saqqa, 17, Khan Younis
  39. Nayef Fayez Nayef ath-Thatha, 19, Zeitoun – Gaza
  40. Nayef Maher Nayef ath-Thatha, 24, Zeitoun – Gaza
  41. Nayef Maher Nayef ath-Thatha, 24, Gaza.
  42. Jihad Hussein Mahmoud Hamad, 20
  43. ‘Ala Hamad Ali Khattab, 26, Deir al-Balah<–corrected –>
  44. Abdul-Qader Jamil al-Khalidi, 23, al-Boreij
  45. Ayman Adham Yousef Ahmad, 16, Beit Lahia
  46. Bilal Ali Ahmad Abu ‘Athra, 25, Beit Lahia
  47. Abdul-Karim Nassar Saleh Abu Jarmi, 24, Beit Lahia
  48. Rawan Ayman Saoud Suweidan, 9, central Gaza.
  49. Naim Juma’a Mohammad Abu Nizeid
  50. Jani Rami Nassr al-Maqat’a, 27, central Gaza.
  51. Said Ahmad Tawfiq at-Tawil, 22, central Gaza.
  52. Ola Khalil Ali Abu Obada, 24, central Gaza.
  53. Do’a Ra’ed Abu Ouda, 17, northern Gaza.
  54. Amer Abdul Raouf Abu Ozeb, 26, central Gaza.
  55. Awad Abu Ouda, northern Gaza.
  56. Bilal ash-Shinbari, northern Gaza.
  57. Fatima ash-Shinbari, northern Gaza.
  58. Falasteen ash-Shinbari, northern Gaza.
  59. Abed Rabo ash-Shinbari, northern Gaza.
  60. Ali Sha’boub ash-Shinbari, northern Gaza.
  61. Souha Musleh, northern Gaza.
  62. Mohammad al-Kafarna, Beit Hanoun.

Killed Tuesday, July 22

  1. Naji Jamal al-Fajm, 26, Khan Younis.
  2. Ebtehal Ibrahim ar-Remahi, Deir al-Balah.
  3. Yousef Ibrahim ar-Remahi, Deir al-Balah.
  4. Eman Ibrahim ar-Remahi, Deir al-Balah.
  5. Salwa Abu Mneifi, Khan Younis.
  6. Abdullah Ismael al-Baheessy, 27, Deir al-Balah.
  7. Mos’ab Saleh Salama, 19, Khan Younis.
  8. Ibrahim Nasr Haroun, 38, Nusseirat.
  9. Mahmoud Suleiman Abu Sabha, 55, Khan Younis.
  10. Hasan Khader Baker, 60, Gaza City.
  11. Wa’el Jamal Harb, 32, Rafah.
  12. Suleiman Abu Daher, 21, Khan Younis.
  13. Haitham Samir al-Agha, 26, Khan Younis.
  14. Fatima Hasan Azzam, 70, Gaza.
  15. Mariam Hasan Azzam, 50, Gaza.
  16. Yasmeen Ahmad Abu Mour, 2, Rafah.
  17. Samer Zuheri Sawafiri, 29, Rafah.
  18. Mohammad Mousa Fayyad, 36, Khan Younis
  19. Mona Rami al-Kharwat, 4, Gaza.
  20. Soha Na’im al-Kharwat, 25, Gaza.
  21. Ahmad Salah Abu Siedo, 17, Gaza.
  22. Mohammad Khalil Aref Ahl, 65, Gaza, (remains located Tuesday, killed during Sheja’eyya Massacre, Sunday).
  23. Mahmoud Salim Daraj, 22, Jabalia.
  24. Radhi Abu Hweishel, 40, Nusseirat.
  25. Obeida Abu Hweishel, 15, Nusseirat.
  26. Yousef Abu Mustafa, 27, Nusseirat.
  27. Nour al-Islam Abu Hweishel, 12, Nusseirat.
  28. Yousef Fawza Abu Mustafa, 20, Nusseirat.
  29. Hani Awad Sammour, 27, Khan Younis.
  30. Ahmad Ibhrahim Shbeir, 24, Nusseirat.
  31. Mohammad Jalal al-Jarf, 24, Khan Younis.
  32. Raed Salah, 22, Al-Boreij.
  33. Ahmad Nassim Saleh, 23, Al-Boreij.
  34. Mahmoud Ghanem, 22 Al-Boreij.
  35. Mustafa Mohammad Mahmoud Fayyad, 24.
  36. Ahmad Issam Wishah, 29, Central District.
  37. Ahmad Kamel Abu Mgheiseb, 35, Central District.
  38. Raed Abdul-Rahman Abu Mgheiseb, 35, Central District.
  39. Nader Abdul-Rahman Abu Mgheiseb, 35, Central District.
  40. Ahmad Mohammad Ramadan, 30, Central District
  41. Khalaf Atiyya Abu Sneima, 18, Rafah.
  42. Khalil Atiyya Abu Sneima, 20, Rafah.
  43. Samih Abu Jalala, 64. Rafah.
  44. Hakima Nafe’ Abu ‘Adwan, 75, Rafah.
  45. Najah Nafe’ Abu ‘Adwan, 85 Rafah.
  46. Mohammad Shehada Hajjaj, 31, Rafah.
  47. Fawza Saleh Abdul-Rahman Hajjaj, 66, Rafah.
  48. Rawan Ziad Jom’a Hajjaj, 28. Gaza City.
  49. Mos’ab Nafeth al-Ejla, 30. Sheja’eyya Gaza.
  50. Tareq Fayeq Hajjaj, 22, Gaza.
  51. Ahmad Ziad Hajjaj, 21 Gaza.
  52. Hasan Sha’ban Khamisy, 28 al-Maghazi, Gaza.
  53. Ahmad As’ad al-Boudi, 24, Beit Lahia.
  54. Ahmad Salah Abu Seedo, 17, Gaza.
  55. Salem Khalil Salem Shemaly, 22, Sheja’eyya – Gaza (Killed Sunday, Body Located Tuesday)
  56. Ibrahim Sammour, 38, Khan Younis.
  57. Atiyya Mohammad Hasan ad-Da’alsa, 34, Nusseirat.
  58. Atiyya Mohammad Abdul-Raziq, 34, central Gaza.
  59. Abdullah Awni al-Farra, 25, Khan Younis.
  60. Hamada ‘Olewa, Zaitoun. (found under the rubble of his home)
  61. Ibrahim Sobhi al-Fayre, Jabalia
  62. Rafiq Mohammad Qlub, Jabalia
  63. Ahmad Abu Salah, Khan Younis.
  64. Mohammad Abdul-Karim Abu Jame’, Khan Younis.
  65. Amjad al-Hindi, Gaza City.

Killed Monday, July 21

  1. Shahinaz Walid Mohammad Abu Hamad, 1, Khan Younis
  2. Husam Abu Qeinas, 5, Khan Younis
  3. Somoud Nassr Siyam, 26, Gaza City
  4. Bader Nabil Siyam, 25, Gaza City
  5. Ahmad Ayman Mahrous Siyam, 17, Gaza City
  6. Mustafa Nabil Mahrous Siyam, 12, Gaza City
  7. Ghaida Nabil Mahrous Siyam, 8, Gaza City
  8. Dalal Nabil Mahrous Siyam, 8 months, Gaza City
  9. Kamal Mahrous Salama Siyam, 27, Gaza City
  10. Mohammad Mahrous Salaam Siyam, 25, Gaza City
  11. Shireen Mahmoud Salaam Siyam, 32, Gaza City
  12. Ahmad Suleiman Abu Saoud, 34, Khan Younis
  13. Manwa Abdul-Baset as-Sabe, 37, Beit Hanoun
  14. Kamal Balal al-Masri, 22, Beit Hanoun
  15. Bilal Jabr Mohammad al-Ashab, 22, Gaza City
  16. Raed Ismail al-Bardawil, 26, Rafah
  17. Zakariya Masoud al-Ashqar, 24, central Gaza
  18. Abdullah Matroud Abu Hjeir, 16, central Gaza
  19. Ahmad Sofyan Abu Hjeir, 23, central Gaza.
  20. Abdul-Karim Hamad Abdul-Karim Hjeir, 33, central Gaza.
  21. Ahmad Salhoub, 34, central Gaza
  22. Raed Issam Daoud, 30, Gaza City
  23. Younis Ahmad Younis Sheikh al-Eid, 23, Rafah
  24. Rajae Hammad Mohammad, 38, Gaza
  25. Ahmad Khale Daghmash, 21, Gaza
  26. Mahmoud Hasan an-Nakhala, Gaza
  27. Saleh Badawi, 31, Gaza
  28. Kamal Mas’oud, 21, Gaza
  29. Mohammad Samih al-Ghalban, Gaza
  30. Majdi Mahmoud al-Yazeji, 56, al-Karama, Gaza
  31. Mayar al- Yazeji, 2, al-Karama, Gaza
  32. Anas al- Yazeji, 5, al-Karama, Gaza
  33. Yasmin Naif al-Yazeji, al-Karama, Gaza
  34. Safinaz al-Yazeji, al-Karama, Gaza
  35. Tamer Nayef Jundiyya, 30, Gaza
  36. Kamel Jundiyya, 32, Gaza
  37. Rahma Ahmad Jundiyya, 50
  38. Ahed Kamal Mohammad Jundiyya, 31.
  39. Mohammad Mahmoud al-Maghrebi, 24
  40. Ibrahim Shaban Bakron, 37
  41. Yousef Ghazi Hamdiyya, 25, Gaza
  42. Motaz Jamal Hamdiyya, 18, Gaza
  43. Aaed Jamal Hamdiyya, 21. Gaza
  44. Yasmin al-Qisas, Gaza City
  45. Lamia Eyad al-Qisas, Gaza City
  46. Nismaa Eyad al-Qisas, Gaza City
  47. Arwa al-Qisas, Gaza City
  48. Aya Yassr al-Qisas, Gaza City
  49. Aisha Yassr al-Qisas, Gaza City
  50. Aliya Siyam, Gaza City
  51. Fayza Sabr Siyam, Gaza City
  52. Samia Siyam, Gaza City
  53. Fadi Azmi Buryam, Deir al-Balah
  54. Ayman Salaam Buryam, Deir al-Balah
  55. Salaam Abdul-Majeed Buryam, Deir al-Balah
  56. Karim Ibrahim Atiya Barham, 25, Khan Younis
  57. Nidal Ali Daka, 26, Khan Younis
  58. Nidal Jamaa Abu Asy, 43, Khan Younis
  59. Fatima Ahmad al-Arja, Rafah
  60. Atiya Yusef Dardouna, 26, Jabalia
  61. Ibrahim Deib Ahmad al-Kilani, 53 (father of Yassr, Elias, Susan, Reem & Yasmeen) , Gaza City
  62. Yassr Ibrahim Deib al-Kilani, 8, Gaza City
  63. Elias Ibrahim Deib al-Kilani, 4, Gaza City
  64. Susan Ibrahim Deib al-Kilani, 11, Gaza City
  65. Reem Ibrahim Deib al-Kilani, 12, Gaza City
  66. Yasmeen Ibrahim Deeb al-Kilani, 9, Gaza City
  67. Taghrid Shoeban Mohammad al-Kilani, 45, Gaza City
  68. Aida Shoeban Mohammad Derbas, 47, Gaza City
  69. Mahmoud Shoeban Mohammad Derbas, 37, Gaza City
  70. Sura Shoeban Mohammad Derbas, 41, Gaza City
  71. Aynas Shoeban Mohammad Derbas, 30, Gaza City
  72. Fadi Bashir al-Ablala, 22, Khan Younis

Killed Sunday, July 20

  1. Salem Ali Abu Saada, Khan Younis
  2. Mohammad Yusef Moammer, 30, Rafah.
  3. Hamza Yousef Moammer, 26, Rafah.
  4. Anas Yousef Moammar, 16, Rafah.
  5. Fathiyeh Nadi Marzouq Abu Moammer, 72, Rafah.
  6. Hosni Mahmoud al-Absi, 56, Rafah
  7. Suheib Ali Joma Abu Qoura, 21, Rafah
  8. Ahmad Tawfiq Mohammad Zanoun, 26, Rafah
  9. Hamid Soboh Mohammad Fojo, 22, Rafah
  10. Najah Saad al-Deen Daraji, 65, Rafah
  11. Abdullah Yusef Daraji, 3, Rafah
  12. Mohammed Rajaa Handam 15, Rafah
  13. Yusef Shaaban Ziada, 44, Al Bureij
  14. Jamil Shaaban Ziada, 53, Al Bureij
  15. Shoeban Jamil Ziada, 12, Al Bureij (son of Jamil)
  16. Soheiib Abu Ziada, Al Bureij
  17. Mohammad Mahmoud al-Moqaddma, 30, Al Bureij
  18. Raed Mansour Nayfa, Shujaeyya (Gaza City)
  19. Fuad Jaber, Medic, Shujaeyya (Gaza City)
  20. Mohammad Hani Mohammad al-Hallaq, 2, al-Rimal (Gaza City)
  21. Kenan Hasan Akram al-Hallaq, 6, al-Rimal – Gaza
  22. Hani Mohammad al-Hallaq, 29, al-Rimal (Gaza City)
  23. Suad Mohammad al-Hallaq, 62, al-Rimal (Gaza City)
  24. Saje Hasan Akram al-Hallaq, 4, al-Rimal (Gaza City)
  25. Hala Akram Hasan al-Hallaq, 27, al-Rimal (Gaza City)
  26. Samar Osama al-Hallaq, 29, al-Rimal (Gaza City)
  27. Ahmad Yassin, al-Rimal (Gaza City)
  28. Ismael Yassin, al-Rimal (Gaza City)
  29. Aya Bahjat Abu Sultan, 15, Beit Lahia
  30. Ibrahim Salem Joma as-Sahbani, 20, Shujaeyya – Gaza
  31. Aref Ibrahim al-Ghalyeeni, 26, Shujaeyya – Gaza
  32. Osama Khalil Ismael al-Hayya, 30, Shujaeyya – Gaza (father of Umama and Khalil)
  33. Hallah Saqer Hasan al-Hayya, 29, Shujaeyya – Gaza (mother of Umama and Khalil)
  34. Umama Osama Khalil al-Hayya, 9, Shujaeyya – Gaza
  35. Khalil Osama Khalil al-Hayya, 7, Shujaeyya – Gaza
  36. Rebhi Shehta Ayyad, 31, Shujaeyya – Gaza
  37. Yasser Ateyya Hamdiyya, 28, Shujaeyya – Gaza
  38. Esra Ateyya Hamdiyya, 28, Shujaeyya – Gaza
  39. Akram Mohammad Shkafy, 63, Shujaeyya – Gaza
  40. Eman Khalil Abed Ammar, 9, Shujaeyya – Gaza
  41. Ibrahim Khalil Abed Ammar, 13, Shujaeyya – Gaza*
  42. Asem Khalil Abed Ammar, 4, Shujaeyya – Gaza
  43. Eman Mohammad Ibrahim Hamada, 40, Shujaeyya – Gaza
  44. Ahmad Ishaq Yousef Ramlawy, 33, Shujaeyya – Gaza
  45. Ahmad Sami Diab Ayyad, 27, Shujaeyya – Gaza
  46. Fida Rafiq Diab Ayyad, 24, Shujaeyya – Gaza
  47. Narmin Rafiw Diab Ayyad, 20, Shujaeyya – Gaza
  48. Husam Ayman Mohareb Ayyad, 23, Sheja’eyya, Gaza.
  49. Ahmad Mohammad Ahmad Abu Zanouna, 28
  50. Tala Akram Ahmad al-Atawy, 7, Shujaeyya – Gaza
  51. Tawfiq Barawi Salem Marshoud, 52, Shujaeyya – Gaza
  52. Hatem Ziad Ali Zabout, 24, Shujaeyya – Gaza
  53. Khaled Riyadh Mohammad Hamad, 25, Shujaeyya – Gaza (Journalist)
  54. Khadija Ali Mousa Shihada, 62, Shujaeyya – Gaza
  55. Khalil Salem Ibrahim Mosbeh, 53, Shujaeyya – Gaza
  56. Dima Adel Abdullah Eslayyem, 2, Shujaeyya – Gaza
  57. Dina Roshdi Abdullah Eslayyem, 2, Shujaeyya – Gaza
  58. Rahaf Akram Ismael Abu Joma, 4, Shujaeyya – Gaza
  59. Shadi Ziad Hasan Eslayyem, 15, Shujaeyya – Gaza
  60. Ala Ziad Hasan Eslayyem, 11, Shujaeyya – Gaza
  61. Sherin Fathi Othman Ayyad, 18, Shujaeyya – Gaza
  62. Adel Abdullah Salem Eslayyem, 29, Shujaeyya – Gaza
  63. Fadi Ziad Hasan Eslayyem, 10, Shujaeyya – Gaza
  64. Ahed Saad Mousa Sarsak, 30, Shujaeyya – Gaza
  65. Aisha Ali Mahmoud Zayed, 54, Shujaeyya – Gaza
  66. Abed-Rabbo Ahmad Zayed, 58, Shujaeyya – Gaza
  67. Abdul-Rahman Akram Sheikh Khalil, 24, Shujaeyya – Gaza
  68. Mona Suleiman Ahmad Sheikh Khalil, 49
  69. Heba Hamed Mohammad Sheikh Khalil, 13, Shujaeyya – Gaza
  70. Abdullah Mansour Radwan Amara, 23, Shujaeyya – Gaza
  71. Issam Atiyya Said Skafy, 26, Shujaeyya – Gaza
  72. Ali Mohammad Hasan Skafy, 27, Shujaeyya – Gaza
  73. Mohammad Hasan Skafy, 53, Shujaeyya – Gaza
  74. Ala Jamal ed-Deen Barda, 35, Shujaeyya – Gaza
  75. Omar Jamil Sobhi Hammouda, 10, Shujaeyya – Gaza
  76. Ghada Jamil Sobhi Hammouda, 10, Shujaeyya – Gaza
  77. Ghada Ibrahim Suleiman Adwan, 39, Shujaeyya – Gaza
  78. Fatima Abdul-Rahim Abu Ammouna, 55, Shujaeyya – Gaza
  79. Fahmi Abdul-Aziz Abu Said, 29, Shujaeyya – Gaza
  80. Ghada Sobhi Saadi Ayyad, 9, Shujaeyya – Gaza
  81. Mohammad Ashraf Rafiq Ayyad, 6, Shujaeyya – Gaza
  82. Mohammad Raed Ehsan Ayyad, 6, Shujaeyya – Gaza
  83. Mohammad Rami Fathi Ayyad, 2, Shujaeyya – Gaza
  84. Mohammad Raed Ehsan Akeela, 19, Shujaeyya – Gaza
  85. Mohammad Ziad Ali Zabout, 23, Shujaeyya – Gaza
  86. Mohammad Ali Mohared Jundiyya, 38, Shujaeyya – Gaza
  87. Marah Shaker Ahmad al-Jammal, 2, Shujaeyya – Gaza
  88. Marwan Monir Saleh Qonfid, 23, Shujaeyya – Gaza
  89. Maisa Abdul-Rahman Sarsawy, 37, Shujaeyya – Gaza
  90. Marwa Salman Ahmad Sarsawy, 13, Shujaeyya – Gaza
  91. Mos’ab el-Kheir Salah ed-Din Skafi, 27, Shujaeyya – Gaza
  92. Mona Abdul-Rahman Ayyad, 42, Shujaeyya – Gaza
  93. Halla Sobhi Sa’dy Ayyad, 25, Shujaeyya – Gaza
  94. Younis Ahmad Younis Mustafa, 62, Shujaeyya – Gaza
  95. Yousef Salem Hatmo Habib, 62, Shujaeyya – Gaza
  96. Fatima Abu Ammouna, 55, Shujaeyya – Gaza
  97. Ahmad Mohammad Azzam, 19, Shujaeyya – Gaza
  98. Ismael al-Kordi, Shujaeyya – Gaza
  99. Fatima Ahmad Abu Jame’ (60), the family matriarch, Khan Younis.
  100. Sabah Abu Jame’ (35), Her daughter-in-law and her family:
  101. Razan Tawfiq Ahmad Abu Jame’ (14), Khan Younis.
  102. Jawdat Tawfiq Ahmad Abu Jame’ (13), Khan Younis.
  103. Aya Tawfiq Ahmad Abu Jame’, (12), Khan Younis.
  104. Haifaa Tawfiq Ahmad Abu Jame’ (9), Khan Younis.
  105. Ahmad Tawfiq Ahmad Abu Jame’ (8), Khan Younis.
  106. Maysaa Tawfiq Ahmad Abu Jame’ (7), Khan Younis.
  107. Tawfiq Tawfiq Ahmad Abu Jame’ (4), Khan Younis.
  108. Shahinaz Walid Muhammad Abu Jame’ (29), pregnant. (Fatima’s daughter-in-law, and her family)
  109. Fatmeh Taysir Ahmad Abu Jame’ (12), Khan Younis.
  110. Ayub Taysir Ahmad Abu Jame’ (10), Khan Younis.
  111. Rayan Taysir Ahmad Abu Jame’ (5), Khan Younis.
  112. Rinat Taysir Ahmad Abu Jame’ (2), Khan Younis.
  113. Nujud Taysir Ahmad Abu Jame’ (4 months), Khan Younis.
  114. Yasmin Ahmad Salameh Abu Jame’ (25), pregnant (another of Fatima’s daughter-in-laws, and her family):
  115. Batul Bassam Ahmad Abu Jame’ (4) , Khan Younis.
  116. Soheila Bassam Ahmad Abu Jame'(3) , Khan Younis.
  117. Bisan Bassam Ahmad Abu Jame’ (6 months) , Khan Younis.
  118. Yasser Ahmad Muhammad Abu Jame’ (27) – Fatima’s son
  119. Fatima Riad Abu Jame’ (26), pregnant, Yasser’s wife and Fatima’s daughter in law
  120. Sajedah Yasser Ahmad Abu Jame’ (7), Khan Younis.
  121. Siraj Yasser Ahmad Abu Jame’ (4), Khan Younis.
  122. Noor Yasser Ahmad Abu Jame’ (2), Khan Younis.
  123. Husam Husam Abu Qeinas (7) (another of Fatima’s grandsons)
  124. Tariq Farouq Mahmoud Tafesh, 37, Gaza.
  125. Hazem Naim Mohammad Aqel, 14, Gaza.
  126. Mohammad Nassr Atiyya Ayyad, 25, Gaza.
  127. Omar Zaher Saleh Abu Hussein, 19, Gaza.
  128. Ziad Ghaleb Rajab ar-Redya, 23, northern Gaza.
  129. Wael Bashir Yahia Assaf, 24, northern Gaza.

Killed Saturday, July 19

  1. Ayad Ismail al-Raqqab, 26, Khan Younis
  2. Yahia Bassam as-Serry, 20, Khan Younis
  3. Mohammad Bassam as-Serry, 17, Khan Younis
  4. Mahmoud Rida Salhiyya, 56, Khan Younis
  5. Mustafa Rida Salhiyya, 21, Khan Younis
  6. Mohammad Mustafa Salhiyya, 22, Khan Younis
  7. Waseem Rida Salhiyya, 15, Khan Younis
  8. Ibrahim Jamal Kamal Nassr, 13, Khan Younis
  9. Rushdi Khaled Nassr, 24, Khan Younis
  10. Mohammad Awad Faris Nassr, 25, Khan Younis
  11. Ahmad Mahmoud Hasan Aziz, 34, Beit Hanoun
  12. Said Ali Issa, 30, Juhr ed-Deek, Central Gaza
  13. Raed Walid Laqan, 27, Khan Younis
  14. Mohammad Jihad al-Qara, 29, Khan Younis
  15. Rafat Ali Bahloul, 36, Khan Younis
  16. Bilal Ismail Abu Daqqa, 33, Khan Younis
  17. Mohammad Ismail Sammour, 21, Khan Younis
  18. Eyad Ismael ar-Raqab, 26, Khan Younis
  19. Mohammad Atallah Odah Saadat, 25, Beit Hanoun
  20. Mohammad Rafiq ar-Rohhal, 22, Beit Lahia
  21. Mohammad Ziad ar-Rohhal, 6, Beit Lahia
  22. Mohammad Ahmad Abu Zanouna, 37, Gaza City
  23. Mahmoud Abdul-Hamid al-Zweidi, 23, Beit Lahia
  24. Dalia Abdel-Hamid al-Zweidi, 37, Beit Lahia
  25. Rowiya Mahmoud al-Zweidi, 6, Beit Lahia
  26. Naghm Mahmoud al-Zweidi, 2, Beit Lahia
  27. Mohammad Khaled Jamil al-Zweidi, 20, Beit Lahia
  28. Amr Hamouda, 7, Beit Lahia
  29. Mohammad Riziq Mohammad Hamouda, 18, Beit Lahia
  30. Yousef Kamal Qabdurra Hamouda, 29, Beit Lahia.
  31. Momen Taysir al-Abed Abu Dan, 24, Central District
  32. Abdul-Aziz Samir Abu Zaitar, 31, Central District
  33. Mohammad Ziad Zabout, 24, Gaza City
  34. Hatem Ziad Zabout, 22, Gaza City
  35. Fadal Mohammad al-Bana, 29, was killed in Jabalia
  36. Mohammad Abdul-Rahman Abu Hamad, 25, Beit Lahia
  37. Maali Abdul-Rahman Suleiman Abu Zeid, 24, Central District
  38. Mohammad Ahmad as-Saidi, 18, Khan Younis
  39. Abdul-Rahman Mohammad Odah, 23, Central District
  40. Tariq Samir Khalil al-Hatou, 26, Central District
  41. Mohammad Fathi al-Ghalban, 23, Khan Younis
  42. Mahmoud Anwar Abu Shabab, 16, Rafah
  43. Ahmad Abu Thurayya, 25, Central District
  44. Abdullah Ghazi al-Masri, 30, Central District
  45. Ayman Nasri an-Na’ouq, 23, Central District
  46. Aqram Mahmoud al-Matouq, 37, Jabalia

Killed Friday, July 18

  1. Majdi Suleiman Jabara, 22, Rafah
  2. Faris Juma al-Mahmoum, 5 months, Rafah related article
  3. Omar Eid al-Mahmoum, 18, Rafah
  4. Nassim Mahmoud Nassier, 22. Beit Hanoun
  5. Karam Mahmoud Nassier, 20, Beit Hanoun
  6. Salmiyya Suleiman Ghayyadh, 70, Rafah
  7. Rani Saqer Abu Tawila, 30, Gaza City
  8. Hammad Abdul-Karim Abu Lehya, 23, Khan Younis
  9. Mohammad Abdul-Fattah Rashad Fayyad, 26, Khan Younis
  10. Mahmoud Mohammad Fayyad, 25, Khan Younis
  11. Amal Khader Ibrahim Dabbour, 40, Beit Hanoun
  12. Ismail Yousef Taha Qassim, 59, Beit Hanoun
  13. Ahmad Fawzi Radwan, 23, Khan Younis
  14. Mahmoud Fawzi Radwan, 24, Khan Younis
  15. Bilal Mahmoud Radwan, 23, Khan Younis
  16. Monther Radwan, 22, Khan Younis
  17. Hasan Majdi Mahmoud Radwan, 19, Khan Younis.
  18. Mohammad Sami as-Said Omran, 26, Khan Younis.
  19. Hani As’ad Abdul-Karim Shami, 35, Khan Younis
  20. Mohammad Hamdan Abdul-Karim Shami, 35, Khan Younis
  21. Husam Musallam Abu Issa, 26. Gaza
  22. Ahmad Ismael Abu Musallam, 14, Gaza City
  23. Mohammad Ismael Abu Musallam, 15, Gaza City
  24. Wala Ismael Abu Musallam, 13, Gaza City
  25. Naim Mousa Abu Jarad, 23, Beit Hanoun
  26. Abed Mousa Abu Jarad, 30, Beit Hanoun
  27. Siham Mousa Abu Jarad, 26, Beit Hanoun
  28. Raja Oliyyan Abu Jarad, 31, Beit Hanoun
  29. Haniyya Abdul-Rahman Abu Jarad, 3, Beit Hanoun
  30. Samih Naim Abu Jarad, 1, Beit Hanoun
  31. Mousa Abul-Rahman Abu Jarad, 6 months, Beit Hanoun
  32. Ahlam Mousa Abu Jarad, 13, Beit Hanoun
  33. Husam Musallam Abu Aisha, 26, Jahr al-Deek
  34. . Mohammad Saad Mahmoud Abu Sa’da , Khan Younis
  35. Ra’fat Mohammad al-Bahloul, 35, Khan Younis
  36. Wala al-Qarra, 20, Khan Younis
  37. Abdullah Jamal as-Smeiri, 17, Khan Younis
  38. Ahmad Hasan Saleh al-Ghalban, 23, Khan Younis
  39. Hamada Abdullah Mohammad al-Bashiti, 21, Khan Younis
  40. Hamza Mohammad Abu Hussein, 27, Rafah
  41. Ala Abu Shabab, 23, Rafah
  42. Mohammad Awad Matar, 37, Rafah
  43. Bassem Mohammad Mahmoud Madhi, 22, Rafah
  44. Ahmad Abdullah al-Bahnasawi, 25. Um An-Nasr
  45. Saleh Zgheidy, 20, Rafah
  46. Mahmoud Ali Darwish, 40, Nusseirat, Central Gaza
  47. Yousef Ibrahim al-Astal, 23,Khan Younis
  48. Imad Hamed E’lawwan, 7, Gaza
  49. Qassem Hamed E’lawwan, 4, Gaza (brother of Imad)
  50. Sarah Mohammad Bustan, 13, Gaza
  51. Rezeq Ahmad al-Hayek, 2, Gaza
  52. Mustafa Faisal Abu Sneina, 32, Rafah
  53. Imad Faisal Abu Sneina, 18, Rafah
  54. Nizar Fayez Abu Sneina, 38, Rafah
  55. Ismail Ramadan al-Loulahi, 21, Khan Younis
  56. Ghassan Salem Mousa Abu Azab, 28, Khan Younis
  57. Ahmad Salem Shaat, 22, Khan Younis
  58. Mohammad Salem Shaat, 20, Khan Younis
  59. Amjad Salem Shaat, 15, Khan Younis
  60. Mohammad Talal as-Sane, 20, Rafah

Killed Thursday, July 17

  1. Mohammad Mahmoud Al-Qadim, 22, Deir al-Balah
  2. Mohammad Abdul-Rahman Hassouna, 67, Rafah
  3. Zeinab Mohammad Said al-Abadla, 71, Khan Younis
  4. Ahmad Reehan, 23, Beit Lahia
  5. Salem Saleh Fayyad, 25, Gaza City
  6. Abdullah Salem al-Atras, 27, Rafah
  7. Bashir Mohammad Abdul-Al, 20, Rafah
  8. Mohammad Ziyad Ghanem, 25, Rafah
  9. Mohammad Ahmad al-Hout, 41, Rafah
  10. Fulla Tariq Shuhaibar, 8, Gaza City related article
  11. Jihad Issam Shuhaibar, 10, Gaza Cityrelated article
  12. Wasim Issam Shuhaibar, 9, Gaza Cityrelated article
  13. Rahaf Khalil al-Jbour, 4, Khan Younis related article
  14. Yassin al-Humaidi, 4, Gaza City (died of earlier wounds). related article
  15. Ismail Youssef al-Kafarna, Beit Hanoun
  16. Hamza Hussein al-Abadala, 29, Khan Younis
  17. Abed Ali Ntheir, 26, Gaza City
  18. Mohammad Shadi Ntheir, 15, Gaza City related article
  19. Mohammad Salem Ntheir, 4, Gaza City related article
  20. Salah Saleh ash-Shafe’ey, Khan Younis

Killed Wednesday, July 16

  1. Mohammad Ismael Abu Odah, 27, Rafah
  2. Mohammad Abdullah Zahouq, 23, Rafah
  3. Ahmed Adel Nawajha, 23, Rafah
  4. Mohammad Taisir Abu Sharab, 23, Khan Younis
  5. Mohammad Sabri ad-Debari, Rafah
  6. Farid Mahmoud Abu-Daqqa, 33, Khan Younis
  7. Ashraf Khalil Abu Shanab, 33, Rafah
  8. Khadra Al-Abed Salama Abu Daqqa, 65, Khan Younisrelated article
  9. Omar Ramadan Abu Daqqa, 24, Khan Younisrelated article
  10. Ibrahim Ramadan Abu Daqqa, 10, Khan Younisrelated article
  11. Ahed Atef Bakr, 10, Gaza beach.related article
  12. Zakariya Ahed Bakr, 10, Gaza beach.related article
  13. Mohammad Ramiz Bakr, 11, Gaza beach.related article
  14. Ismail Mahmoud Bakr, 9, Gaza beach. related article
  15. Mohammad Kamel Abdul-Rahman, 30, Sheikh Ejleen, Gaza City
  16. Husam Shamlakh, 23, Sheikh Ejleen, Gaza City
  17. Usama Mahmoud Al-Astal, 6, Khan Younis (died of wounds sustained earlier in attack on mosque)
  18. Hussein Abdul-Nasser al-Astal, 23, Khan Younis
  19. Kawthar al-Astal, 70, Khan Younis
  20. Yasmin al-Astal, 4, Khan Younis
  21. Kamal Mohammad Abu Amer, 38, Khan Younis
  22. Akram Mohammad Abu Amer, 34, Khan Younis (brother of Kamal, injured in same incident, then later same day died of his injuries)
  23. Hamza Raed Thary, 6, Jabalia (was injured a few days ago in the incident in which many, including children, were killed while playing in the sand at the beach in Jabalia)
  24. Abdul-Rahman Ibrahim Khalil as-Sarhi, 37, Gaza City

Killed Tuesday, July 15

  1. Abdullah Mohammad al-Arjani, 19, Khan Younis
  2. Suleiman Abu Louly, 33, Rafah
  3. Saleh Said Dahleez, 20, Rafah
  4. Yasser Eid al-Mahmoum, 18, Rafah
  5. Ismael Fattouh Ismael, 24, Gaza City
  6. Khalil Sh’aafy, Juhr Ed-Deek – Gaza
  7. Sobhi Abdul-hamid Mousa, 77, Khan Younis

Killed Monday, July 14

  1. Adham Abdul-Fattah Abdul-Aal, 27
  2. Hamid Suleiman Abu al-Araj, 60, Deir al-Balah
  3. Abdullah Mahmoud Baraka, 24, Khan Younis
  4. Tamer Salem Qdeih, 37, Khan Younis
  5. Ziad Maher an-Najjar, 17, Khan Younis
  6. Ziad Salem ash-Shawy, 25, Rafah
  7. Mohammad Yasser Hamdan, 24, Gaza
  8. Mohammad Shakib al-Agha, 22, Khan Younis
  9. Ahmed Younis Abu Yousef, 22, Khan Younis
  10. Sara Omar Sheikh al-Eid, 4, Rafah
  11. Omar Ahmad Sheikh al-Eid, 24, Rafah
  12. Jihad Ahmad Sheikh al-Eid, 48, Rafah
  13. Kamal Atef Yousef Abu Taha, 16, Khan Younis
  14. Ismael Nabil Ahmad Abu Hatab, 21, Khan Younis
  15. Boshra Khalil Zorob, 53, Rafah
  16. Atwa Amira al-Amour, 63, Khan Younis

Killed Sunday, July 13

  1. Ezzeddin Bolbol, 25, Rafah
  2. Rami Abu Shanab, 25, Deir al-Balah
  3. Fawziyya Abdul-al, 73, Gaza City
  4. Moayyad al-Araj, 3, Khan Younis*
  5. Husam Ibrahim Najjar, 14, Jabalia
  6. Hijaziyya Hamed al-Hilo, 80, Gaza City
  7. Ruwaida abu Harb Zawayda, 30, central Gaza
  8. Haitham Ashraf Zarb, 21, Rafah
  9. Laila Hassan al-Odaat, 41, al-Maghazi
  10. Hussein Abdul-Qader Mheisin, 19, Gaza
  11. Qassem Talal Hamdan, 23, Beit Hanoun
  12. Maher Thabet abu Mour, 23, Khan Younis – related article
  13. Mohammad Salem Abu Breis, 65, Deir al-Balah
  14. Moussa Shehda Moammer, 60, Khan Younis
  15. Hanadi Hamdi Moammer, 27, Khan Younis
  16. Saddam Mousa Moammer, 23, Khan Younis

Killed Saturday, July 12

  1. Anas Yousef Qandil, 17, Jabalia
  2. Islam Yousef Mohammad Qandil, 27, Jabalia
  3. Mohammad Edrees Abu Sneina, 20, Jabalia
  4. Abdul-Rahim Saleh al-Khatib, 38, Jabalia
  5. Husam Thieb ar-Razayna, 39, Jabalia
  6. Ibrahim Nabil Hamada, 30, at-Tuffah – Gaza City
  7. Hasan Ahmad Abu Ghush, 24, at-Tuffah – Gaza City
  8. Ahmad Mahmoud al-Bal’awy, 26, at-Tuffah – Gaza City
  9. Ali Nabil Basal, 32, at-Tuffah – Gaza City
  10. Mohammad Bassem al-Halaby, 28, western Gaza City
  11. Mohammad Sweity (Abu Askar), 20, western Gaza City
  12. Khawla al-Hawajri, 25, Nuseirat refugee camp
  13. Ola Wishahi, 31, Mabarra association for the disabled in Jabalia
  14. Suha Abu Saade, 38, Mabarra association for the disabled in Jabalia
  15. Mohammad Edrees Abu Sweilem, 20, Jabalia
  16. Rateb Subhi al-Saifi, 22, Sheikh Radwan – Gaza City
  17. Azmi Mahmoud Obeid, 51, Sheikh Radwan – Gaza City
  18. Nidal Mahmoud Abu al-Malsh, 22, Sheikh Radwan – Gaza City
  19. Suleiman Said Obeid, 56, Sheikh Radwan – Gaza City
  20. Mustafa Muhammad Inaya, 58, Sheikh Radwan – Gaza City
  21. Ghassan Ahmad al-Masri, 25, Sheikh Radwan – Gaza City
  22. Rifat Youssef Amer, 36, al-Saftawi
  23. Rifat Syouti, western Gaza City*
  24. Nahedh Naim al-Batsh, 41, Khan Younis
  25. Baha Majed al-Batsh, 28, Khan Younis
  26. Qusai Issam al-Batsh, 12, Khan Younis
  27. Aziza Yousef al-Batsh, 59, Khan Younis
  28. Ahmad Noman al-Batsh, 27, Khan Younis
  29. Mohammad Issam al-Batsh, 17, Khan Younis
  30. Yahia Ala Al-Batsh, 18, Khan Younis
  31. Jalal Majed al-Batsh, 26, Khan Younis
  32. Mahmoud Majed al-Batsh, 22, Khan Younis
  33. Majed Sobhi al-Batsh, Khan Younis
  34. Marwa Majed al-Batsh, 25, Khan Younis
  35. Khaled Majed al-Batsh, 20, Khan Younis
  36. Ibrahim Majed al-Batsh, 18, Khan Younis
  37. Manar Majed al-Batsh, 13, Khan Younis
  38. Amal Hussein al-Batsh, 49, Khan Younis
  39. Anas Ala al-Batsh, 10, Khan Younis
  40. Qusai Ala al-Batsh, 20, Khan Younis
  41. Mohannad Yousef Dheir, 23, Rafah
  42. Shadi Mohammad Zorob, 21, Rafah
  43. Imad Bassam Zorob, 21, Rafah
  44. Mohannad Yousef Dheir, 23, Rafah
  45. Mohammad Arif, 13, eastern Gaza City
  46. Mohammad Ghazi Arif, 35, eastern Gaza City
  47. Ghazi Mustafa Arif, 62, eastern Gaza City
  48. Ahmad Yousef Dalloul, 47, Gaza
  49. Fadi Ya’coub Sukkar, 25, Gaza
  50. Qassem Jaber Odah, 16, Khan Younis
  51. Mohammad Abdullah Sharatha, 53, Jabalia
  52. Mohammad Ahmed Basal, 19, Gaza City

Killed Friday, July 11

  1. Wisam Abdul-Razeq Hasan Ghannam, 31, Rafah
  2. Mahmoud Abdul-Razeq Hasan Ghannam, 28, Rafah
  3. Kifah Shaker Ghannam, 33, Rafah
  4. Ghalia Thieb Ghannam, 57, Rafah
  5. Mohammad Munir Ashour, 26, Rafah
  6. Nour Marwan an-Ajdi, 10, Rafah
  7. Anas Rezeq abu al-Kas, 33, Gaza City (doctor)
  8. Abdullah Mustafa abu Mahrouq, 22, Deir al-Balah
  9. Mahmoud Waloud, 26, Jabalia
  10. Hazem Ba’lousha, Jabalia
  11. Ala Abdul Nabi, Beit Lahia.*
  12. Ahmed Zaher Hamdan, 24, Beit Hanoun
  13. Mohammad Kamel al-Kahlout, 25, Jabalia
  14. Sami Adnan Shaldan, 25, Gaza City
  15. Salem al-Ashhab, 40, Gaza City
  16. Raed Hani Abu Hani, 31, Rafah
  17. Mohammad Rabea Abu- Hmeedan, 65, Jabalia
  18. Shahrman Ismail Abu al-Kas, 42, Al-Bureij
  19. Mazin Mustafa Aslan, 63, Al Bureij
  20. Mohammad Samiri, 24, Deir al-Balah
  21. Rami Abu Mosaed, 23, Deir al-Balah
  22. Saber Sokkar, 80, Gaza City
  23. Hussein Mohammad al-Mamlouk, 47, Gaza City
  24. Nasser Rabah Mohammad Sammama, 49, Gaza City
  25. Abdul-Halim Abdul-Moty Ashra, 54, Deir al-Balah
  26. Sahar Salman Abu Namous, 3, Beit Hanoun
  27. Odai Rafiq Sultan, 27, Jabalia
  28. Joma Atiyya Shallouf, 25, Rafah
  29. Bassam Abul-Rahman Khattab, 6, Deir al-Balah

Killed Thursday, July 10

  1. Mahmoud Lutfi al-Hajj, 58, Khan Younis (father of six killed)
  2. Bassema Abdul-fatteh Mohammad al-Hajj, 48, Khan Younis (mother of six killed)
  3. Asma Mahmoud al-Hajj, 22, Khan Younis
  4. Fatima Mahmoud al-Hajj, 12, Khan Younis
  5. Saad Mahmoud al-Hajj, 17, Khan Younis
  6. Najla Mahmoud al-Hajj, 29, Khan Younis
  7. Tareq Mahmoud al-Hajj, 18, Khan Younis
  8. Omar Mahmoud al-Hajj, 20, Khan Younis
  9. Ayman Adham Yusef al-Hajj,16, northern Gaza.
  10. Baha Abu al-Leil, 35, Gaza City
  11. Suleiman Saleem Mousa al-Astal, 17, Khan Younis
  12. Ahmed Saleem Mousa al-Astal, 24, Khan Younis (Suleiman’s brother)
  13. Mousa Mohammed Taher al-Astal, 50, Khan Younis
  14. Ibrahim Khalil Qanan, 24, Khan Younis
  15. Mohammad Khalil Qanan, 26, Khan Younis (Ibrahim’s brother)
  16. Ibrahim Sawali, 28, Khan Younis
  17. Hamdi Badea Sawali, 33, Khan Younis
  18. Mohammad al-Aqqad, 24, Khan Younis
  19. Ismael Hassan Abu Jame, 19, Khan Younis
  20. Hussein Odeh Abu Jame, 75, Khan Younis
  21. Abdullah Ramadan Abu Ghazal, 5, Beit Hanoun
  22. Mohammad Ehsan Ferwana, 27, Khan Younis
  23. Salem Qandil, 27, Gaza City
  24. Amer al-Fayyoumi, 30, Gaza City
  25. Raed az-Zourah, 32, Khan Younis

Killed Wednesday, July 9

  1. Hamed Shihab, Journalist – Gaza
  2. Salima al-Arja, 53, Rafah
  3. Miriam Atiya al-Arja, 9, Rafah
  4. Rafiq al-Kafarna, 30
  5. Abdul-Nasser Abu Kweik, 60
  6. Khaled Abu Kweik, 31
  7. Mohammad Mustafa Malika, 18 months
  8. Hana Mohammed Fuad Malaka, 28 (Mohammad’s Mother), 27
  9. Hatem Abu Salem, Gaza City
  10. Mohammad Khaled an-Nimra, 22
  11. Sahar Hamdan (al-Masry), 40, Beit Hanoun
  12. Mohammad Ibrahim al-Masry, 14, Beit Hanoun
  13. Amjad Hamdan, 23, Beit Hanoun
  14. Hani Saleh Hamad, 57, Beit Hanoun
  15. Ibrahim Hani Saleh Hamad, 20, Beit Hanoun
  16. Mohammad Khalaf Nawasra, 4, al-Maghazi
  17. Nidal Khalaf Nawasra, 5, al-Maghazi
  18. Salah Awad Nawasra, 24, al-Maghazi. (father of Mohammad and Nidal)
  19. Aesha Najm al-Nawasra, 23, al-Maghazi (mother of Mohammad and Nidal, pregnant in the fourth month)
  20. Naifa Mohammed Zaher Farajallah, 80, al-Mughraqa
  21. Amal Yousef Abdul-Ghafour, 20, Khan Younis
  22. Nariman Jouda Abdul-Ghafour, 18 months, Khan Younis
  23. Ibrahim Daoud al-Bal’aawy
  24. Abdul-Rahman Jamal az-Zamely
  25. Ibrahim Ahmad Abdin, 42, Rafah
  26. Mustafa Abu Murr, 20, Rafah
  27. Khaled Abu Murr, 22, Rafah
  28. Mazin Faraj Al-Jarba
  29. Marwan Eslayyem
  30. Raed Mohammed Shalat, 37, al-Nussairat
  31. Yasmin Mohammad Matouq, 4, Beit Hanoun

Killed Tuesday, July 8

  1. Mohammad Shaban, 24, Gaza
  2. Amjad Shaban, 30, Gaza
  3. Khader al-Basheeleqety, 45, Gaza
  4. Rashad Yassin, 27, Nusseirat
  5. Mohammad Ayman Ashour, 15, Khan Younis
  6. Riyadh Mohammad Kaware, 50, Khan Younis
  7. Bakr Mohammad Joudeh, 50, Khan Younis
  8. Ammar Mohammad Joudeh, 26, Khan Younis
  9. Hussein Yousef Kaware, 13, Khan Younis
  10. Bassem Salem Kaware, 10, Khan Younis
  11. Mohammad Ibrahim Kaware, 50, Khan Younis
  12. Mohammad Habib, 22, Gaza
  13. Ahmed Mousa Habib, 16, Gaza
  14. Saqr Aayesh al-Ajjoury, 22, Jabalia
  15. Ahmad Nael Mahdi, 16, Gaza
  16. Hafeth Mohammad Hamad, 26, Beit Hanoun
  17. Ibrahim Mohammad Hamad, 26, Beit Hanoun
  18. Mahdi Mohammad Hamad, 46, Beit Hanoun
  19. Fawziyya Khalil Hamad, 62, Beit Hanoun
  20. Donia Mahdi Hamad, 16, Beit Hanoun
  21. Soha Hamad, 25, Beit Hanoun
  22. Suleiman Salam Abu Sawaween, 22, Khan Younis
  23. Siraj Eyad Abdul-Aal, 8, Khan Younis
  24. Abdul-Hadi Soufi, 24, Rafah

* the names with an asterisk have not yet been confirmed by Ministry of Health
Nazi soldiers killed by Palestinian resistance

  1. Dror Khenin, 37, Erez military base, Tuesday, July 15th.
  2. Major Tsafrir Bar-Or, 32, killed Thursday, July 17th
  3. Captain Zvika Kaplan, 28, a resident of an illegal Israeli settlement in the West Bank, killed Thursday, July 17th
  4. Sergeant Oz Mendelovich, 21, killed Thursday, July 17th
  5. Sergeant Nissim Sean Carmeli, 21, killed Thursday, July 17th
  6. Sergeant Gilad Yaakobi, 21, killed Thursday, July 17th
  7. Eitan Barak, soldier killed Friday July 18th while invading Gaza.
  8. Major Amotz Greenberg, 45, killed Sat. July 19th while invading Gaza.
  9. Sergeant Adar Bersano, 20, killed Sat. July 19th while invading Gaza.
  10. Second Lieutenant Bar Rahav, 21, killed Sat. July 19th while invading Gaza.
  11. Sergeant Bnaya Rubel, 20, killed Sat. July 19th while invading Gaza.
  12. Ya’er Ashkenazi, killed 7/25 while invading Gaza.
  13. Shon Mondshine, 19, Israeli soldier, killed while invading Gaza.
  14. Oren Simcha Noach, 22, Israeli soldier, killed while invading Gaza.
  15. Ben Itzhak Oanouno, 19, Israeli soldier, killed while invading Gaza.
  16. Daniel Pomerantz, 20, Israeli soldier, killed while invading Gaza.
  17. Shachar Tase, 20, Israeli soldier, killed while invading Gaza.
  18. Max Steinberg, 24, US citizen volunteering in the Israeli army, killed while invading Gaza.
  19. Nissim Sean Carmeli, 21, US citizen volunteering in the Israeli army, killed while invading Gaza .
  20. Tzafrir Baror, 32, Israeli soldier, killed while invading Gaza.
  21. Tsvi Kaplan, 28, Israeli soldier, killed while invading Gaza.
  22. Gilad Rozenthal Yacoby, 21, Israeli soldier, killed while invading Gaza.
  23. Moshe Malko, 20, Israeli soldier, killed while invading Gaza.
  24. Jordan Bensemhoun, 22, Israeli soldier, killed while invading Gaza.
  25. Yuval Dagan, 22, Israeli soldier, killed while invading Gaza.
  26. Tal Ifrach, 21, Israeli soldier, killed while invading Gaza.
  27. Nadav Goldmacher, 23, Israeli soldier, killed by Palestinian fighters in Israel.
  28. Yuval Haiman, 21, Israeli soldier, killed by Palestinian fighters in Israel.
  29. Bayhesain Kshaun, 39, Israeli soldier, killed by Palestinian fighters in Israel.
  30. Dolev Keidar, 38, Israeli soldier, killed by Palestinian fighters in Israel.
  31. Oded Ben Sira, 22, Israeli soldier, killed while invading Gaza.
  32. Ohad Shemesh, 27, Israeli soldier, killed while invading Gaza.
  33. Avitar Moshe Torjamin, 20, Israeli soldier, killed while invading Gaza.
  34. Dmitri Levitas, 26, Israeli soldier, killed while invading Gaza.
  35. Natan Cohen, 23, Israeli soldier, killed while invading Gaza.
  36. Paz Elyahu, 22, Israeli soldier, killed while invading Gaza.
  37. Li Mat, 19, Israeli soldier, killed while invading Gaza.
  38. Shahar Dauber, 20, Israeli soldier, killed while invading Gaza.
  39. Guy Boyland, 21, Israeli soldier, killed while invading Gaza.
  40. Barak Refael Degorker, 27, Israeli soldier, killed while invading Gaza.
  41. Liad Lavi, 22, Israeli soldier, killed while invading Gaza.
  42. Rami Chalon, 39, Israeli soldier, killed while invading Gaza.
  43. Amit Yeori, 20, Israeli soldier killed while invading Gaza.
  44. Guy Levy, 21, Israeli soldier killed in Gaza, apparently by other Israeli soldiers to prevent his capture.
  45. Roy Peles, 21, Israeli soldier killed while invading Gaza.
  46. Avraham Grintzvaig, 21, Israeli soldier killed while invading Gaza.
  47. Gal Bason, 21, Israeli soldier killed while invading Gaza.

Zionist civilians killed by Palestinian shells:

  1. Auda al-Wadj, 32, Saturday July 19th
  2. Narakorn Kitiyangkul, 36, Thai worker, killed by rocket fired from Gaza.


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NY Zionist court ruling: Gaza now owing dual-citizenship Nazi’s $218 million for damages done in 2004

See what “dual citizenship” allows Jews to do:
A US Zionist court in New York has found the Palestine Liberation Organization and the Palestinian Authority liable for attacks in Nazi regime over 10 years ago.
PLO faces $218m attacks in Nazi fine
Hebrew University bombing aftermath

One of the attacks took place at Jerusalem’s Hebrew University in 2002
The injustice of course is that survivors in Gaza have no legal recourse to what Nazi Jews and dual-citizenship Jews did to their women and children and husbands, fathers and sons and to their city.

Six attacks in and around Jerusalem killed 33 People and wounded hundreds

more during the second Palestinian intifada between 2002 and 2004.

Dual citizenship Nazi Jews watch the bombing of Gaza as if it were an American Fourth of July fireworks display.
Gaza -now owing Nazi regime $218 million.The jury awarded ‘victims’ of the attacks more than $218m. The Palestinian groups expressed dismay at the court’s decision and vowed they would appeal.

As some of the ‘victims’ were American citizens, the lawsuit was filed in a US court.

After deliberating for a day, jurors ruled in favour of 10 American families who were seeking damages related to the six attacks.

The Nazi government has denied any official involvement in the lawsuit.

A joint statement by the PLO and the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) described the charges as baseless and said they were disappointed by the ruling.

The victims’ families allege that internal documents show the attacks were approved by the Palestinian authorities.

“Those involved in the attacks still receive salaries from the Palestinian Authority and still get promoted in rank while in jail,” said Nitsana Darshan-Leitner of the Nazi-based Shurat HaDin Law Center, a lawyer who is representing the victims’ families.

But defense lawyer Mark Rochon told jurors that the PA and PLO did not have knowledge of the attacks before they took place. And he said the organisations could not be held liable for the actions of suicide bombers and gunmen, whom he argued acted alone.

Zio-Nazi had requested more than $350m. The US Anti-Terrorism Act could yet allow for the fine to be tripled.

Palestinians suffer from bad weather amid further Nazi aggression

Gaza residents & especially the families, who lost their homes in the recent Nazi Holocaust, have faced heavy rainfall and severe thunderstorms in the past few days. Fortunately, this disaster resulted in zero casualties.

Gaza residents are now facing a more serious problem than the cold storm, as Nazi’s has already opened flood gates leading to central Gaza Strip.

Hundreds of Palestinians were evacuated from their homes after Nazi regime opened a number of dams near the border, flooding the Gaza Valley in the wake of a recent severe winter storm. This act came without prior warning or notice to the Palestinians, which lead to a major catastrophe for many families in Al-Mughraqa area.

Ministry of Interior in Gaza said in a statement that the civil defense services and teams from the Ministry of Public Works have evacuated more than 80 families from both sides of the Gaza Valley after their homes flooded, as water levels reached more than three meters.

This is not the first time that such a thing happens. The disaster caused by Nazi has happened for several times over the past years amid the international community’s inaction.

One fifth of Germans want revolution

The statement that most people (62 percent) agreed to in the survey was that German democracy isn’t real democracy, because it is the economy not the electorate that has the biggest say.

One in five Germans believe that a revolution would be the only way to truly reform society, a study released by the Free University of Berlin on Monday shows.

Anti-capitalism, anti-fascism and anti-racism were all are prominent positions according to the study entitled ‘Against state and capital – for the revolution’, which has revealed a public much further to the left than previously thought.

In the report, 20% of the people surveyed agreed with the statement that “Living conditions won’t be improved by reforms – we need a revolution”.

A similar percentage of people said they saw the rise of a new fascism in Germany as a real danger, while as many as a third agreed that capitalism inevitably leads to poverty and hunger.

Reflecting the massive media attention given to a wave of anti-Islam Pegida demonstrations, the report highlighted that 48 percent thought that a deep-rooted xenophobia existed in modern day Germany.

East-West divide

An ideological divide between the former East and West was also very prominent, with left-wing statements generally garnering more support in the eastern states.

Among Germans living in the east, 60 percent considered socialism to be a good idea that so far has merely been poorly implemented – compared to only 37 percent of people in the west.

The statement that most people (62 percent) agreed to in the survey was that German democracy isn’t real democracy, because it is the economy not the electorate that has the biggest say.

This is as clear a message as any for the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth, who commissioned the study as part of their ‘Strengthening Democracy’ initiative.

Greece taxes crime in €7.3bn plan to find money for international creditors
Greece has drawn up a €7.3 billion tax hit list aimed at the country’s oligarchs and lucrative smuggling industry, a German newspaper said, as part of reform proposals due to its creditors Monday.

European finance ministers on Friday gave Athens just over three days to draw up a list acceptable to its international creditors in exchange for a four-month extension of its debt bailout.

Popular German tabloid Bild reported that the Greek government hopes to garner €2.5 billion in tax receipts from the fortunes of powerful Greek tycoons, citing sources close to the hard-left government.

A similar amount would be drawn from back taxes owed to the state by individuals and businesses, Bild said.

The report said an additional crackdown on illegal smuggling of petrol and cigarettes would yield another €2.3 billion for the government coffers.

Greece’s hard-left Syriza government is walking a tightrope between its commitments to European creditors and its electoral pledges to end austerity in a country struggling to recover from severe economic crisis.

Two previous rounds of talks ended in acrimony with Greece accusing Germany and other hardline EU member states of sabotaging a deal.

To win Friday’s hard-fought deal, Athens pledged to refrain from one-sidedmeasures that could compromise its fiscal targets and had to abandon plans to use some €11 billion in leftover European bank support funds to help restart the Greek economy.

“Europe has some breathing space, nothing more, and certainly not a resolution. Now it’s up to Athens,” German foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier told Bild.

“The fundamentals – namely assistance in exchange for reform – must remain the same.”

Alaa Abdel Fattah: Egypt jails activist-blogger for five years

The Egyptians paying the price of protest

Netanyahu Lied to UN about Iranian Nuclear Program, Mossad Files Show

Houthis threaten to nab ministers

WHO urges KSA to take needed steps against MERS resurge

Kharkov region prosecutor confirms self-made bomb went off during Euro-Maidan march

Linz’s second Pegida demo rings up €250,000

Air France: Pilots’ strike cost us €500 million

‘Fear and loathing’ – Being a Jew in Paris

Obama aide: Don’t classify ISIL as Islamic group

Thai pair jailed for insulting monarchy in student play

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VIDEO: Is I$raHell Denying Asylum to Jewish African Refugees Because They Are Black?

Since 2009, 17,778 Africans, mostly Jews, have applied for asylum in Israel seeking refuge in the Jewish state. Only 45 of these applicants have been granted refugee status, as most applications have been denied & withdrawn or imprisoned in the Negev Desert allegedly on the basis of being Black.


In this Friday, June 27, 2014 file photo, African migrants clash with Israeli soldiers after they left Holot detention center in southern Israel and walked towards the Border with Egypt near the southern Israeli Kibbutz of Nitzana. In a report issued Tuesday, Sept. 9, 2014, Human Rights Watch says Israeli authorities have coerced almost 7,000 Eritrean and Sudanese to return totheir homes, where they may face serious abuse.

BEIRUT – Amnesty International released its The State of the World’s Human Rights” on Wednesday. In the report, the NGO asserts that Israel has denied the rights for fair determination of African asylum seekers and held more than 2,000 African asylum seekers in indefinite detention in a prison in the Negev Desert in 2014.

“None of it is surprising,” said Rania Masri, associate director of the Asfari Institute for Civil Society and Citizenship in Beirut, to MintPress News.

“I think this is what we need to recognize. The moment there’s a state that’s built on supremacy of one community [Israeli Jews] on another [Palestinians], then it becomes natural for that community that claims supremacy to also discriminate within itself.”

One case currently being investigated features allegations that the state of Israel deliberately attempted to reduce birth rates among its Ethiopian citizens, presumably because they are black.

Ethiopian-Israeli women have accused Israel of injecting Ethiopian women with Depo-Provera, a long-lasting contraceptive, against their will. Hedva Eyal, who currently works with a women’s rights research group in Haifa, Israel, first made the allegations in 2009. The allegations resurfaced with potent vigor in 2012, following the release of a documentary by Gal Gabai, an Israeli journalist at Educational TV.

Knesset member Penina Tamanu-Shata, the first Ethiopian-born female to hold office in Israel, said of the allegations: “The community is worried and upset over the question whether it’s possible that someone didn’t want Ethiopian children, and whether there was a systematic policy of exploiting the distress of women who were in transit camps en route to Israel.”

The Israeli Health Ministry has since launched an investigation into the controversial practice.

“It’s pure racism,” Masri told MintPress. “It breaks up this mythology of Jews of different colors and of different backgrounds. It’s nonsense.”

“I mean, a religion can never be a nation,” she said.

Israel does not want African migrants

In December 2014, the Knesset enacted the Law for Prevention of Infiltration and Ensuring the Departure of Infiltrators from Israel, which authorizes the automatic detention of refugees and asylum seekers for three months at the Saharonim Prison in the Negev Desert, if they can not be deported. Those “already in Israel, as well as new arrivals (following their three months of detention) can be detained at the Holot detention centre for 20 months.”

The law originated in the 1954 Prevention of Infiltration Law, enacted just five years after the Knesset was established and the new state was born. The law was intended to prevent attacks on citizens inside the country and to keep Palestinians, which it described as “infiltrators,” out of Israel.

The law defines “infiltrators” as any citizen, resident or visitor of a neighboring Arab state, as well as any Palestinian citizen who “left his ordinary place of residence in an area which has become a part of Israel for a place outside Israel.” And it allows Israel to imprison, fine, and deport anyone who fits the above description.

Michael Omer-Man, the managing editor of +972 Magazine, a news website based in Israel and Palestine, wrote that the legislation was “intended to stop Fedayeen [Palestinian nationalist fighters] sneaking into Israel.” Yet it also “created a legal mechanism for preventing the return of Palestinian refugees in direct contravention of the spirit of the [1951 U.N.] Refugee Convention, which ironically, Israel ratified the same year in 1954.”

The December legislation now defines African refugees as “infiltrators,” reflecting the racist sentiments increasingly held by the Israeli public, politicians and media since the mid-2000s.

Amnesty International reports:

“Asylum seekers were prohibited by law from taking paid work and had little or no access to health care and welfare services. Meanwhile, the authorities pressured many to leave Israel ‘voluntarily’ under a process that paid them to withdraw their asylum claims and return to their home countries or travel to third countries. More than 5,000 Eritrean and Sudanese nationals were reported to have accepted ‘voluntary return’ in the first 10 months of the year, some leaving after facing imminent risk of detention, despite fears that they faced persecution or torture in the countries from which they had fled.”


Where did it all start?

In a revealing article about the origins of Israel’s racist policies toward African migrants, Omer-Man wrote last January that the country’s stance toward African refugees and asylum seekers started taking its current form in 2006, after Egyptian policed killed 26 Sudanese migrants who had been camping outside of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees’ office in Cairo for three months.

Following this attack, about 1,000 migrants — mostly Sudanese — crossed the Sinai Desert and entered Israel.Omer-Man wrote, “Although the first asylum seekers came in small and demographically inconsequential numbers, the Jewish state quickly began shaping its perception of the new arrivals as a crisis that threatened its ethnic identity, and started looking for solutions.”

In September 2007, Israel’s Interior Minister Meir Sheetrit responded to the rise in refugee numbers and the crisis in Darfur, Sudan, by saying, “Israel, with its history, must offer assistance.” The history Sheetrit was referring to was the country’s status as “a state founded by and for refugees,” wrote Omer-Man. There were about 1,700 Sudanese refugees in Israel at that time.

Behind the scenes, however, Israel was looking for ways to avoid accepting the influx of migrants. A WikiLeaks document from 2007 reveals that Israel’s foreign ministry only wanted to accept 1,500 refugees annually, yet 400 to 500 were arriving each month.

Referencing another WikiLeaks document, Omer-Man shows that Israel was attempting to create an agreement with Egypt to “accept the return of all future Sudanese asylum seekers who transited Egypt en route to Israel — with an Egyptian promise not to send them to an uncertain fate in Sudan — and an expectation that Israel would grant refugee status to some of the Sudanese from Darfur that are already in Israel.”

This plan never panned out, and there isn’t any evidence to suggest that Egypt made an agreement with Israel regarding African refugees.

Israel had also started resorting to what has been termed “hot returns,” in which border agents turned asylum seekers away upon arrival. The “hot return” policy violates the principle of non-refoulement enshrined in the 1951 Refugee Convention, “which is a refugee’s right not to be returned to a country where he or she will face persecution or to a country that will return him/her to the place of persecution.”

Meanwhile, politicians and the media were starting to take note of the growing presence of African refugees in Israel. The UNHCR had been tasked with determining the status of these migrants up until mid-2009, when Israel’s interior ministry took over.


The astounding failure of the Israeli government to address the needs and rights of African refugees and asylum seekers came to light this week, when official state statistics showed that from 2009 to 2015 only four out of 5,573 Sudanese and Eritrean asylum seekers were granted refugee status in Israel. Those four are all Eritrean; no one from Sudan has been granted refugee status.

In January 2014, the UNHCR estimated that as many as 53,000 refugees were living in Israel. The majority them were from Eritrea (36,000) and Sudan (14,000). These figures are in stark contrast to the number of documented refugees in the country, which the Israeli government revealed on Feb. 16 to be 17,778.

Shockingly, only 45 of the 17,778 applicants for asylum from 2009 to 2015 were granted refugee status. The majority of applications — 68.5 percent — have been denied or withdrawn, while the remaining 31.25 percent have not been answered.

For some perspective, worldwide 56 percent of Sudanese asylum seekers and 84 percent of Eritrean asylum seekers “received refugee status or extended protection in the first half of 2014, according to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR),” Ben Norton wrote in a recent piece for Mondoweiss, a progressive Jewish news website based in the United States.

These figures and sentiments fuelling them haven’t gone unnoticed in Israel. A poll conducted in March 2014 revealed that 95 percent of Israeli society believes racism is a problem. Haaretz reported: “Asked which groups of Israelis – if any – experience racism the most, the vast majority, some 79 percent of respondents, answered Israelis of Ethiopian origin. Some 68 percent, meanwhile, said Israeli Arabs, 41.8 percent said Haredi Jews, and 34 percent said Mizrahi Jews and immigrants from the former Soviet Union.”

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Six month after Gaza slaughter, aid groups still afraid to criticize I$raHell

Submitted by Ali Abunimah


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A child plays in front of his destroyed home in the Tuffah neighborhood of Gaza City on 9 February.

Marking six months since a ceasefire agreement ended Israel’s mass slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza, thirty international aid agencies have criticized the almost nonexistent progress towards reconstruction.

But the statement falls short of pinning blame for the catastrophe where it lies.

One of the agencies, Oxfam, has said that at current rates it could take “more than a 100 years” to meet today’s needs in Gaza, where more than 100,000 people whose homes were destroyed in Israel’s summer attack are still without shelter.

The lack of progress in reconstruction has been accompanied by an upsurge in armed attacks by Israeli forces on Palestinians.

“The Israeli-imposed blockade continues, the political process, along with the economy, are paralyzed, and living conditions have worsened,” the aid agencies said in their joint statement. “Reconstruction and repairs to the tens of thousands of homes, hospitals and schools damaged or destroyed in the fighting has been woefully slow.”

In its own periodic update on the situation in Gaza for February, Oxfam explains why: in January, even fewer construction materials entered Gaza than during the previous month.

Oxfam, which also signed the joint statement, says just 579 trucks of essential construction materials entered in January, compared with 795 in December.

The Shelter Cluster, a consortium of agencies that addresses the housing needs of those affected by conflict-related violence in Palestine, estimates that 800,000 truckloads are required to meet Gaza’s current housing needs created by destruction during repeated Israeli attacks and population growth during eight years of siege.

Oxfam says that less than 0.25 percent of this figure entered Gaza between November 2014 and January 2015.

The joint statement from the aid groups, which include several United Nations agencies as well as European and international nongovernmental organizations, faults the “international community” for “not providing Gaza with adequate assistance.”

Little of the $5.4 billion in aid pledged in Cairo last October has reached Gaza, the statement says.

The betrayal of these promises led UNRWA, the UN agency for Palestine refugees, last month to suspend aid to thousands of Gaza residents whose homes were destroyed or damaged.

Avoiding blame

The agencies say that “Israel, as the occupying power, is the main duty bearer and must comply with its obligations under international law.”

“All parties must respect international law and those responsible for violations must be brought to justice,” the statement adds, as if there is any equivalence between the massive scale of crimes committed by Israel, and those alleged against others.


Palestinians whose houses were destroyed during Israel’s summer assault rally in front of UNRWA headquarters in Gaza City to demand reconstruction, 23 February.

But aside from this minimal acknowledgment of Israel’s responsibility, the statement avoids laying blame where it also belongs: the home governments of many of the international civil society organizations have been complicit in Israel’s military attacks and siege on Gaza.

Several Swedish organizations signed the statement, for instance. While Sweden’sgovernment has symbolically recognized the “State of Palestine,” it has taken no punitive measures whatsoever against Israel to make it live up to its legal obligations.

The same is the case for the rest of the European Union.

In November, more than 300 European trade unions, political parties and campaign groups called on EU governments to suspend a key trade and cooperation agreement between Israel and the EU and to end the “material support” that the EU affords to Israel’s crimes.

But this demand for action is not echoed in the aid groups’ bland and cautious statement.

Moreover, it is the UN itself that created with Israel the so-called Gaza Reconstruction Mechanism that was supposed to kickstart rebuilding.

Instead, Palestinians charge that the mechanism has only lent international legitimacy to Israel’s siege while doing nothing to ease the situation in Gaza.

Given these realities, ritual appeals to a vague “international community” are unlikely to make a difference. Aid agencies should not have waited six long months to speak out. Now that they have done so, they should have called for specific punitive measures against the party they correctly call the “occupying power” to force it to end its siege.

Israel, moreover, could not carry on the way it does without the complicity of “Western” governments: the aid agencies should hold their governments accountable and pressure them to end their complicity.

Upsurge in violence

It has been previously documented that Israel has violated the 26 August 2014 ceasefire agreement on an almost daily basis.

Oxfam confirms that the situation has not improved. “Late January and early February saw the highest spike in incidents since the end of the conflict, with 47 incidents of naval fire and 37 incidents of border fire reported between 22 January and 4 February alone,” Oxfam states.

“In total, between 10 December and 4 February there have been at least 77 reported incidents of naval fire towards fishermen,” Oxfam adds.

Regular attacks on fishermen make livelihoods near to impossible. Oxfam quotes sixteen-year-old Mahmoud, a high school student who helps his fisherman father, telling about one recent attack:

We were about three miles out when the [Israeli] military boats approached us and shouted at us to jump in the water and swim towards them. My friend who was with me immediately jumped. But in winter you can imagine how cold the water is … I was too scared and panicked and refused to jump. Then one of the soldiers shot me in the hand with a rubber bullet. They brought their boat next to mine and arrested me. We were taken away, interrogated and released the next day. But they didn’t return our boat and fishing nets. We lost everything.

The latest sobering reports and statements confirm that every aspect of life for the 1.8 million people in Gaza is being shut down or badly damaged by Israel’s internationally backed siege.

As long as aid agencies engage in handwringing instead of actively mobilizing their home publics to put pressure on their governments to end their complicity, little is likely to change.

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Walk Up Ameica: Edgar Steele in prison ”VIDEO”


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 Edgar Steele

Edgar James Steele (July 5, 1945 – September 4, 2014)  was an American author and disbarred trial attorney from northern Idaho, best known for serving as the defense attorney for Richard G. Butler, the founder of the white supremacist group Aryan Nations. He was a graduate of UCLA Law School and the University of California, Berkeley Haas School of Business.

On June 11, 2010, Steele and another man were arrested and charged in connection with an alleged murder-for-hire plot to kill Steele’s wife Cyndi and her mother. He was sentenced to a 50-year prison sentence. Steele died in prison in September 2014, three years into his sentence.

Edgar Steele’s dead now. He died in prison on September 4th 2014. I suppose he would be commonly termed a “White Supremacist” though my guess he would see himself more as a white realist.Anyway, when I watched these prison interviews (this is the first of four parts) I warmed to his intelligence and articulacy. See what you think.

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US demands long prison term for Rasmea Odeh, based on I$raHell accusations

Submitted by Charlotte Silver


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Rasmea Odeh

Federal prosecutors are recommending that Rasmea Odeh be sentenced to up to seven years in prison before proceedings begin to deport her from the Unites States.

The sentence prosecutors are calling for against the Chicago-based Palestinian American community leader is much tougher than those contained in federal guidelines for those convicted of immigration offenses.

Last November, a federal jury in Michigan found Odeh guilty of immigration and naturalization fraud for failing to disclose her conviction by an ‘Israeli’ military court in 1969 for helping to organize a series of bombings in Jerusalem.

Odeh has maintained that the 1969 convictions were the result of a false confession extracted through weeks of prolonged torture and sexual assault by Israeli interrogators.

Punished for going to trial

When Odeh returns to Judge Gershwin Drain’s Detroit courtroom on 12 March for sentencing, the prosecution will invoke the acts which ‘Israeli’ occupation authorities accused her of 45 years ago.

This is a stark reminder that defendants who opt to exercise their constitutional right to a trial are invariably punished with a harsher sentence: had Odeh accepted a plea agreement offered when she was first indicted in October 2013, she would have been deported without any time in federal prison.

The defense has asked the judge not to sentence Odeh, who spent a month in jail after her conviction and is now free on bail, to any further prison time before she is deported.

According to Odeh’s lead defense attorney Michael Deutsch, more than ninety percent of people who are convicted for immigration fraud are sentenced to between one and three years. Sentencing guidelines put together by an officer of the court say Odeh’s conviction falls within the 10 to 18 month range. The cutoff for considering past convictions for sentencing recommendations is 15 to 20 years, meaning that Odeh is considered to have no prior criminal history.

“But there is a small line of cases where the court looks at the crime that you lied about when immigrating to fashion the sentence,” Deutsch told The Electronic Intifada.

Sentenced as a “terrorist”

The government submission states that it is seeking an “upward departure” from the standard sentencing guidelines for immigration fraud because “few immigration fraud cases are based on a defendant having failed to disclose criminal history involving acts of terrorism.”

Past precedent for such extraordinary sentencing enhancement for lying on immigration forms includes one person who participated in the Rwandan genocide by manning a checkpoint where she would select people for execution, and another in which a man was a member of death squads and committed massacres in Guatemala.

The prosecution admonishes the judge against taking into considering “whatever good she claims to have done in the United States.”

The defense has submitted nearly eighty letters from individuals, organizations and academic institutions across the country urging Drain to exercise leniency when sentencing Odeh.

In the defense’s sentencing recommendation, Deutsch writes: “The Government, for its part, insists that the defendant be branded a terrorist, and sentenced accordingly, based on a conviction for bombings obtained in an illegitimate military trial, conducted by war criminals, 45 years ago. Their position is that only the bombing matters: Not the illegal 1967 massacres and occupation — let alone the military ethnic cleansing of 750,000 Palestinians from the land and their homes when Palestine was partitioned in 1948 — not the midnight sweeps and kidnapping by the invading army after the 1967 war, not the torture, not the kangaroo court and false confessions, not the prison time.”

During Odeh’s trial last November, Judge Drain allowed prosecutors to mention the bombings dozens of times, but strictly forbade Odeh from telling the jury about the circumstances of her arrest or her torture.

Odeh, who was 21 years old at the time of her conviction, was interrogated by Israeli soldiers and maintains she was subjected to sustained torture before signing a confession. Though sentenced to multiple life sentences, she was released after ten years in a prisoner exchange. She immigrated to the United States to join her brother and father in 1995 and became a US citizen in 2004.

The prosecutor’s memo supplies its own evidence in an attempt to prove Odeh did place the bombs in Jerusalem irrespective of her signed confession. It describes her attending “videotaped terrorist reunions” with “unrepentant terrorists” like Leila Khaled, and the government goes so far as to suggest Odeh was the impetus behind some of the plane hijackings carried out by Khaled in the name of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

Political trial

After Judge Drain insisted that the trial of Odeh focus narrowly on the veracity of her immigration and naturalization forms — not the acts of which she was accused in 1969 or the circumstance under which she was convicted — the prosecution will make the sentencing hearing dominated by the decades-old conviction.

Basil Joffe, the brother of Edward Joffe, who was killed in one of the bombings which Odeh is alleged to have organized, has submitted a letter to the court and asked that he be permitted to speak on the day of sentencing.

“I believe that the nature of the crimes she committed in Israel is material and should be taken into account in her upcoming sentencing,” Joffe wrote.

Joffe attended Odeh’s trial in Detroit, sitting in a bench reserved for government prosecutors.

“It makes no sense for him to make a statement: he’s not a victim of the crime for which she was convicted. They’re trying to make a political statement about her,” Deutsch said.

Judge Drain will decide within the next two weeks who will be permitted to testify at Odeh’s sentencing hearing.

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The myth of the Khazar conversion ”VIDEO”

 Image result for JEWISH RABBI PHOTO
I have no definitive idea where Jews come from but the way people go on you’d think the idea of European Jews coming originally Khazaria had been around forever. Well it hasn’t. Sure the idea was first proposed quite a while ago in Arthur Koestler’s “The Thirteenth Tribe” but for years that was hardly known and, where it was, it was seen as a somewhat marginalised, almost cranky theory. Suddenly it’s all the rage and maintained as if it were some undeniable scientific fact. Well it isn’t.That’s one reason for this post.Another is that the speaker here seems to be a really nice non-ideological Jew – a hard commodity to come by these days – so for that reason alone, it’s a pleasure to post him.

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GOP Platform: War Without End

GOP Platform: War Without End
If the sadists of ISIS are seeking — with their mass executions, child rapes, immolations, and beheadings of Christians — to stampede us into a new war in the Middle East, they are succeeding.Repeatedly snapping the blood-red cape of terrorist atrocities in our faces has the Yankee bull snorting, pawing the ground, ready to charge again.

“Nearly three-quarters of Republicans now favor sending ground troops into combat against the Islamic State,” says a CBS News poll. The poll was cited in a New York Times story about how the voice of the hawk is ascendant again in the GOP.

In April or May 2015, said a Pentagon briefer last week, the Iraqi Army will march north to recapture Mosul from the Islamic State.

On to Mosul! On to Raqqa!

Yet, who, exactly, will be taking Mosul?

According to Rowan Scarborough of The Washington Times, the U.S. general who trained the Iraqi army says Mosul is a mined, booby-trapped city, infested with thousands of suicide fighters.

Any Iraqi army attack this spring would be “doomed.”

Translation: Either U.S. troops lead, or Mosul remains in ISIS’ hands.

Yet taking Mosul is only the beginning. Scores of thousands of troops will be needed to defeat and destroy ISIS in Syria.

And eradicating ISIS is but the first of the wars Republicans have in mind. This coming week, at the invitation of Speaker John Boehner, Bibi Netanyahu will address a joint session of Congress.

His message: Obama and John Kerry are bringing back a rotten deal that will ensure Iran acquires nuclear weapons and becomes an existential threat to Israel. Congress must repudiate Obama’s deal, impose new sanctions on Iran and terminate the appeasement talks.

Should Bibi and his Republican allies succeed in closing the ramp to a diplomatic solution, we will be on the road to war.

Which is where Bibi wants us.

To him, Iran is the Nazi Germany of the 21st century, hell-bent on a new Holocaust. A U.S. war that does to the Ayatollah’s Iran what a U.S. war did to Hitler’s Germany would put Bibi in the history books as the Israeli Churchill.

But if Republicans scuttle the Iranian negotiations by voting new sanctions, Iran will take back the concessions it has made, and we are indeed headed for war. Which is where Sen. Lindsey Graham, too, now toying with a presidential bid, wants us to be.

In 2010, Sen. Graham declared: “Instead of a surgical strike on [Iran’s] nuclear infrastructure … we’re to the point now that you have to really neuter the regime’s ability to wage war against us and our allies. … [We must] destroy the ability of the regime to strike back.”

If Congress scuttles the nuclear talks, look for Congress to next write an authorization for the use of military force — on Iran.

Today, the entire Shiite Crescent — Iran, Iraq, Bashar Assad’s Syria, Hezbollah — is fighting ISIS. All these Shiites are de facto allies in any war against ISIS. But should we attack Iran, they will become enemies.

And what would war with Iran mean for U.S. interests?

With its anti-ship missiles and hundreds of missile boats, Iran could imperil our fleet in the Persian Gulf and Arabian Sea. The Gulf could be closed to commercial shipping by a sinking or two.

Hezbollah could go after the U.S. embassy in Beirut. The Green Zone in Baghdad could come under attack by Shiite militia loyal to Iran.

Would Assad’s army join Iran’s fight against America?

It surely would if America listened to those Republicans who now say we must bring down Assad to convince Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Arabs to join the fight against ISIS.

By clashing with Iran, we would make enemies of Damascus and Baghdad and the Shiite militias in Iraq and Beirut battling ISIS today — in the hope that, tomorrow, the conscientious objectors of the Sunni world — Turks, Saudis, Gulf Arabs — might come and fight beside us.

Listen for long to GOP foreign policy voices, and you can hear calls for war on ISIS, al-Qaida, Boko Haram, the Houthi rebels, the Assad regime, the Islamic Republic of Iran, to name but a few.

Are we to fight them all? How many U.S. troops will be needed? How long will all these wars take? What will the Middle East look like after we crush them all? Who will fill the vacuum if we go? Or must we stay forever?

Nor does this exhaust the GOP war menu.

Enraged by Vladimir Putin’s defiance, Republicans are calling for U.S. weapons, trainers, even troops, to be sent to Ukraine and Moldova.

Says John Bolton, himself looking at a presidential run, “Most of the Republican candidates or prospective candidates are heading in the right direction; there’s one who’s headed in the wrong direction.”

That would be Rand Paul, who prefers “Arab boots on the ground.”

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UN Reveals ‘Credible and Reliable’ Evidence of US Military Torture in Afghanistan


New report finds U.S.-backed Afghan government still committing widespread torture

The United Nations revealed Wednesday it has “credible and reliable” evidence that people recently detained at U.S. military prisons in Afghanistan have faced torture and abuse.

The UN’s Assistance Mission and High Commissioner for Human Rights exposed the findings in a report based on interviews with 790 “conflict-related detainees” between February 2013 and December 2014.

According to the investigation, two detainees “provided sufficiently credible and reliable accounts of torture in a U.S. facility in Maydan Wardak in September 2013 and a U.S. Special Forces facility at Baghlan in April 2013.”

The report states that the allegations of torture were investigated by “relevant authorities” but provided no information about the outcome of the alleged probes or the nature of the mistreatment.

This is not the first public disclosure of evidence of torture during the U.S. war in Afghanistan, now into its 14th year. The U.S. military’s Bagram Prison, which was shuttered late last year, was notorious for torture, including beatings, sexual assault, and sleep deprivation, and further atrocities were confirmed in the Senate report (pdf) on CIA torture, released late last year in a partially-redacted form. Afghan residents have repeatedly spoken out against torture and abuse by U.S., international, and Afghan forces.

The Senate report on CIA torture, released late last year in a partially-redacted form, exposes U.S. torture at black sites in Afghanistan and around the world.

Moreover, residents of Afghanistan have testified to—and protestedtorture by U.S., international, and Afghan forces.

Beyond U.S.-run facilities, the UN report finds that torture and abuse have slightly declined over recent years but remain “persistent” throughout detention centers run by the U.S.-backed Afghan government, including police, military, and intelligence officials. Of people detained for conflict-related reasons, 35 percent of them faced torture and abuse at the hands of their Afghan government captors, the report states.

According to the report, prevalent torture methods used by Afghan forces include, “prolonged and severe beating with cables, pipes, hoses or wooden sticks (including on the soles of the feet), punching, hitting and kicking all over the body including jumping on the detainee’s body, twisting of genitals including with a wrench-like device, and threats of execution and/or sexual assault.”

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