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Poroshenko: Heavy Weapons to Return to Front Lines if Truce Breached

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by VOA News

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said his military is ready to return its heavy weapons to the front lines in eastern Ukraine, noting that Russian-backed rebels are still violating a cease-fire deal reached earlier this month.

Poroshenko said Friday Ukraine’s army ‘is ready at any moment to stand up to the enemy.’

He also said a military threat from the east will remain even if the truce holds, an obvious reference to Russia.

Meanwhile, a Ukrainian military spokesman said three government soldiers had been killed and seven wounded in the past day. That follows two consecutive days when no soldiers were killed.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said there has been progress in the withdrawal of heavy weapons in eastern Ukraine. He stressed the importance of fulfilling other aspects of the truce, including key humanitarian issues and constitutional reform in the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine.

On Thursday, Ukrainian troops began withdrawing artillery from a front-line eastern village near the devastated town of Debaltseve, under the watchful eye of European monitors overseeing the cease-fire deal.

Military officials on Thursday showed reporters from the Reuters news agency trucks towing 100-millimeter guns from the village of Paraskoviyvka, as Ukraine acknowledged a marked reduction in rebel attacks in the past few days. Kyiv authorities, however, said its withdrawal timetable could be adjusted if army positions are attacked.

Separately, Russia’s Interfax news agency quoted rebel spokesman Vladyslav Deyneho as saying separatists planned to complete their withdrawal of heavy weapons from frontline positions by March 4. He did not identify locations where those weapons will be repositioned.

In other developments Friday, officials in Spain said police arrested eight Spaniards suspected of fighting for pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine. A statement said the eight were accused of various crimes.

Russia reduces spending, revises budget

Russian news agencies report that President Vladimir Putin has decided to cut the salaries of members of his administration by 10 percent.

Meanwhile, Reuters reported that Putin’s government would ask parliament to allow it to spend up to 3.2 trillion roubles ($52.36 billion) from the country’s reserve fund this year. That figure includes including 500 billion roubles already included in the budget.

Reuters said Russia is revising its budget due to oil prices being much lower than previously assumed, and because of the effects of sanctions imposed over the Ukraine conflict.

Foreign Minister Lavrov warned Western governments against imposing more sanctions on Moscow, which has been repeatedly accused of supplying arms and troops to rebels. Moscow has denied the accusations, saying Russians fighting alongside rebels during the 10-month rebellion are doing so as volunteers.

Speaking to reporters Thursday, Lavrov described the sanctions threats from Washington and Brussels as an attempt to ‘deflect attention’ from details of the cease-fire. Lavrov also cited what he called ‘a lack of desire’ in the West to back the truce deal negotiated by the leaders of Germany, France, Ukraine and Russia.

The war of words between Moscow and the West has intensified over the past week with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry accusing Moscow of engaging in ‘the most overt and extensive propaganda exercise that I’ve seen since the very height of the Cold War.’


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Russian Opposition Leader Murdered in Moscow

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by VOA News

Major Russian opposition leader and former deputy prime minister Boris Nemtsov was shot dead Friday night in central Moscow.

The Interior Ministry said Nemtsov was shot four times from a passing car as he walked across a bridge over the Moscow River right next to the Kremlin.

Police say Nemtsov was walking with a woman visiting him from Ukraine, who was not hurt. Police are questioning her.

After police removed his body, weeping mourners placed flowers and lit candles on the spot where he was gunned down.

The official Itar-Tass news agency reported President Vladimir Putin was ‘immediately’ informed about Nemtsov’s murder and said Kremlin will oversee the investigation.

A Putin spokesman said the president said it looks like a contract killing that could be a provocation ahead of an opposition march set for Sunday.

U.S. President Barack Obama issued a statement condemning the ‘brutal’ murder and called on Russia to carry out a prompt and impartial investigation.

‘I admired Nemtsov’s courageous dedication to the struggle against corruption in Russia,’ the president wrote. ‘Nemtsov was a tireless advocate for his country, seeking for his fellow-Russian citizens the rights to which all people are entitled.’

Secretary of State John Kerry expressed shock and sadness. ‘Boris Nemtsov committed his life to a more democratic, prosperous, open Russia, and to strong relationships between Russia and its neighbors and partners, including the United States.

‘His absence will be deeply felt in Russia and around the world. The United States urges the Russian authorities to act expeditiously to investigate and bring to justice those responsible. Our thoughts are with the Russian people and with Nemtsov’s family and friends as we mourn his loss.’

Assertions fly

VOA Moscow correspondent Daniel Schearf said Sunday’s march will likely become much bigger than planned and says the opposition will probably accuse the Kremlin of being involved in Nemtsov’s murder.

Fellow opposition leader Mikhail Kasyanov told reporters ‘That a leader of the opposition could be shot beside the walls of the Kremlin is beyond imagination. There can be only one version: that he was shot for telling the truth.’

Just hours before he was murdered, Nemtsov appeared on Russia’s Ekho Moskvy radio, urging Moscow residents to come out for Sunday’s opposition rally.

And he had one final strong comment against President Putin, calling the war in Ukraine a ‘mad, aggressive, and deadly policy.’

‘The country needs political reform,’ Nemtsov said. ‘When power is concentrated in the hands of one person and this person rules forever, this will lead to an absolute catastrophe.’

Nemtsov was a deputy prime minister in the 1990s and many Russian observers predicted he would succeed then President Boris Yeltsin.

After Yeltsin chose Vladimir Putin as his successor and Putin’s subsequent election in 2000, Nemtsov became one of Russia’s sharpest and most outspoken Putin critics, especially since last year’s uprising in Ukraine.

In September, Nemtsov told VOA’s Schearf that Putin wants revenge for Ukraine’s overthrow of its pro-Russian president.

Nemtsov said Putin fears that what happened in Ukraine could happen in Russia and sees a pro-European Ukraine as a threat to his own power.

Accusing the state

Speaking with VOA by phone from his home in Cambridge, England, Vladimir Bukovsky, a famous Soviet dissident and personal friend of Boris Nemtsov, said, ‘I suspect it’s a state murder.’

Kasyanov gave an exclusive statement to VOA Russian reporter Danila Galperovich.

‘It will never be forgiven … It is a premeditated, carefully planned assassination. It is shocking. That is how it has ended up in our country,’ said Kasyanov. ‘An opposition leader has been killed in the heart of Moscow, near the Kremlin wall. It is unbelievable. We will do everything we can to hold those bastards accountable. We will continue our work and our fight to make Russia free and democratic country.’

Former U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul told VOA’s Russian Service, ‘Boris was a good friend of mine. I have known him for close to 30 years. His murder is a tragic loss for all those hoping for a strong, prosperous, democratic Russia. I will miss him dearly.

‘For years, various media outlet have labeled him a traitor, sometimes even accusing him of being an American agent. As history teaches us, stirring up this kind of nationalist fervor is extremely dangerous. I hope Nemtsov’s tragic loss will compel those responsible for fueling these nationalistic slogans to reconsider their actions. They are playing with fire.’

Nemtsov’s fears

In September, Nemtsov told VOA’s Schearf, “He lies in revenge for Ukraine’s revolution, when Ukrainians took to the streets and dethroned the corrupt thief President Yanukovich.[President Putin] is afraid it could be repeated in Russia. And, besides, he thinks if Ukraine is successful on the European path it is a threat to his own power,’ said Nemtsov.

In an op-ed titled “Why does Putin wage war with Ukraine?” published in the Kyiv Post in September, Nemtsov blasted the Russian president, writing “Moreover, Ukraine chose the European way, which implies the rule of law, democracy and change of power. Ukraine’s success on this way is a direct threat to Putin’s power because he chose the opposite course – a lifetime in power, filled with arbitrariness and corruption.”

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10462674_750309411709379_229817570218886737_nIDLIB: There is no question any longer about supplies from Turkey.  As hard as Erdoghan is trying to facilitate the movement of terrorists into Syria and Iraq, he’s not succeeding as far as resupply is concerned.  With Hakan Fidan out of the picture on the intelligence side and in the picture as a potential candidate for Parliament, Erdoghan is left with a deputy head of MIT to run affairs.  It is not certain how zealous the new head of MIT is with regard to subverting relations with neighboring countries.  As of today, it seems the terrorists are more interested in stealing the weapons possessed by other groups than in fighting the vastly superior Syrian Arab Army.  If some of you are befuddled by the seeming lull in the fighting, be advised the army is now just watching the rats cannibalizing one another.  It’s beautiful.

Abu Dhuhoor Airbase:  They can’t get in. Nusra and Ahraar Al-Shaam have given it their all and they are spent.  Since February 18, 2015, there has been no action here.  Wael confirms no evidence they are regrouping or reforming to mount another assault.  The SAAF has been very active over this site when weather conditions permit.  The base is fully resupplied and reinforcements have been posted.

Umm Jareen:  Continued skirmishing.  The SAA’s strategy is to starve the enemy here and to insure no resupply.  Tanks are regularly used to provoke firing from the rat side to further cause attrition in both lives and materiel.  The rats are not long for this area.

Tal Salmu:  Same philosophy being used here.  With supply lines cut, more and more rats are surrendering leaving the die-hard foreigners to die.

Hallooz Village: This picturesque village overlooking the town of Jisr Al-Shughoor with its population of troglodytes, is my deceased mother-in-law’s ancestral village.  It contains streets reminiscent of the Bible, narrow and cobblestoned, with a church under which a water spring pours a delicious, clean and cool stream of water.  It’s no wonder Britain’s rodents have tried to settle here; after all, what do you have similar to this in Libya or Tunisia?  Most of the rodents from other countries come from impoverished backgrounds and find the atmosphere in Hallooz to be most refreshing.  Until yesterday when 14 were killed trying to return to the village.  Here are the only identified rats:

Milhim Nu’maan

Jaabir ‘Ali Salhaf

The rest were all clearly foreign, many having features typical of North Africans.  No survivors.

Duwwayr Al-Akraad:  9 hyenas were killed in a firefight here when the SAA invaded a nest pointed out by loyal citizens who have had enough of England’s rabid savages.  I have no names.

Ma’arrat Hurma:  Heavy fighting on February 24, 2015 with the SAA continuing to close all pathways out of the area.  It is a matter of time before the Syrian elements surrender, if allowed to, and the foreigners shall all go straight to Hell.

Similar strategies being applied in these areas: Qar’ Al-Ghazaal, Al-Hoota, Jabal Al-Akraad, Al-Shughur, ‘Ayn Al-Baarida, Al-Qatroon, Ma’arrat-Massreen.  



syrian armyTal-‘Antar:  The Syrian Army has established complete control over this town effectively inserting more corks in bottlenecks used by the terrorists to infiltrate murdering savages and weapons into Syria from Jordan.  We hope King Abdullah enjoys the company of rats in his country – especially ones with their backs against the wall.

Kafr Naasij: In addition to the rat leader and field commander, Abu ‘Umar Al-Mukhtaar, whose descent into Hell we reported yesterday, these also were announced today on terrorist websites:

“Abu Al-Jarraah Al-Jurdhi” (Id pending.  He was Alqaeda’s Southern Front Canonical Judge. Hilarious.)

Muhammad Qateesh

Mahmoud Al-Ghawthaani

CITY: At the Bilaal Al-Habashi Mosque and the Camp Quarter, a cannon and a 23mm Doschka were seized and immediately transferred to our PDC for use in killing Wahhabists.



SYRIAN ARMYTal Al-Majda’:  This town sits on a major route for smuggling cannibals and their weapons out of Jordan. No more.  The SAA and PDC cleared it out and have established unchallenged control over it.


BANGLADESH: American blogger hacked to death with machetes by Muslims for his anti-Islam writings


American blogger Dr. Avijit Roy was hacked to death with machetes and meat cleavers by a Muslim militant group while walking down the street in Bangladesh. The horrific attack occurred while the Atlanta, Georgia man, known for his anti-Muslim extremist writings, was attending a book fair with his wife Rafida Ahmed.

This image, circulated by extremists on social media, shows Dr Aijivit Roy dead on the floor in Dhaka, Bangladesh (right) on Thursday night. Left, his wounded wife, Rafida Ahmed, stands over his body

UK Daily Mail  Dr. Avijit Roy was reportedly a prominent American blogger who routinely spoke out against Islamic extremism. Rafida Ahmed was also seriously injured in the meat cleaver and machete attack and was taken to a Bangladesh hospital with critical injuries. Roy, a naturalized U.S. citizen, was of a Hindu descent. Hindus are a religious minority in Bangladesh and have reportedly faced cultural obstacles and persecution in the country throughout history.

Police said at least two men, who are believed to have links to Dhaka University, attacked Roy around 8.45pm and landed three strong, deliberate blows to the right side of his head. They turned on his wife, Rafida Ahmed, when she tried to save him, then fled into the crowd, dumping their weapons as they ran. Police have expressed shock that extremists struck at a university book fair, which was heavily guarded.

Survivor: Rafida Ahmed is pictured above being stretchered to hospital after the attack

Survivor: Wife Rafida Ahmed is pictured above being stretchered to hospital after the attack

Witnesses have even said officers and bystanders were there during the murder – but did nothing. Several onlookers told Al-Jazeera nobody intervened in the brazen attack, while even police chiefs had said they were baffled that a man could be murdered so close to the heavily-guarded area.

Roy’s body was found in a pool of blood on Thursday night after the brutal attack. Ahmed, 45, is also a blogger. She is reportedly now in hospital with a deep cut to her head. Roy, who is a naturalized U.S. citizen and also a bio-engineer, had been receiving death threats online for years.

Avijit Roy

Dr. Avijit Roy, slain by Muslim terrorists

One Muslim, Farabi Shafiur Rahman, had reportedly posted threats on Facebook last year that Roy would be killed as soon as he returned to the country.

Roy and his wife were visiting the city of Dhaka for a book fair when they were set upon opposite the Dhaka University Central Mosque. Jubilant extremists writing on social media were quick to praise the attackers. The account for Ansar Bangla 7 made a post which linked the killing to Roy’s nationality – and American airstrikes on ISIS.

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