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The CIA Secret Prisons in Europe. Political Camouflage in the EU. Washington’s “European Partners in Crime”

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It is common knowledge that at end-January 2015 the global movement Amnesty International published a report, titled Breaking the conspiracy of silence: USAs European partners in crime must act after Senate torture report, which throws further light upon the information gathered within the US Senate investigation into torture methods, applied by the Central Intelligence Agency, by referring to media reports on the way CIA-operated secret detention sites were run in Europe in particular, on the territory of Lithuania, Poland and Romania. As a matter of fact, it was several years ago when it first became known that CIA tortured terror suspects not only in these countries but also on the territory of another EU Member State namely, Great Britain. According to the Lawrence Wilkinson, former Chief of Staff to the US Secretary of State, after the terror attack of 11th September 2001 the CIA used the US military base on the island of Diego Garcia, located in the British Indian Ocean Territory, to conduct interrogations and torture terror suspects who had been abducted from various countries without any court order whatsoever.

After the US Senate report got published, the European Parliament adopted a special resolution on 11th February 2015 in which it:

expresses its deep condemnation of the gruesome interrogation practices that characterized these illegal counterterrorism operations; underlines the fundamental conclusion by the US Senate that the violent methods applied by the CIA failed to generate intelligence that prevented further terrorist attacks; recalls its absolute condemnation of torture.

The resolution also highlights the fact that:

the climate of impunity regarding the CIA programme has enabled the continuation of fundamental rights violations, as further revealed by the mass surveillance programmes of the US National Security Agency and secret services of various EU Member States.

In this context, the US Government is called on:

to investigate and prosecute the multiple human rights violations resulting from the CIA rendition and secret detention programmes, and to cooperate with all requests from EU Member States for information, extradition or effective remedies for victims in connection with the CIA programme.

The European Parliament also:

reiterates its calls on Member States to investigate the allegations that there were secret prisons on their territory where people were held under the CIA programme, and to prosecute those involved in these operations, taking into account all the new evidence that has come to light.

At the same time it:

expresses concerns regarding the obstacles encountered by national parliamentary and judicial investigations into some Member States involvement in the CIA programme, the abuse of state secrecy, and the undue classification of documents resulting in the termination of criminal proceedings and leading to de facto impunity of perpetrators of human rights violations.

Furthermore, the resolution calls for the findings of existing inquiries relating to Member States involvement in the CIA programme, in particular the Chilcot inquiry, to be published without further delay.

Considering the above, we are unpleasantly impressed by the fact that the Council of Europe and its Parliamentary Assembly (PACE) have hitherto failed to demonstrate the due will to discuss the refusal of the governmental authorities in Vilnius, Warsaw and Bucharest to investigate the multiple occasions of human rights violations, ensuing from the agreement of these countries to host the establishment of CIA black sites on their territory. Such an attitude erodes the very foundations of the European Union, weakens the belief of European citizens that their fundamental rights are truly guaranteed, divests the EU of its moral authority and discredits its allegiance to the universal human values.

The US Senate report and the one issued by Amnesty International, unequivocally point out that the above three EU Member States, as well as Great Britain, played a key role in the implementation of this CIA operation on the territory of the Old Continent. Without the help of these governments the USA would not have been in the position to detain and torture people for so many years, applying such inhumane methods as waterboarding and mock execution, sleep deprivation, use of coffin-sized confinement boxes or sexual threats.

It is high time that Europe became aware of the fact that the time for paying lip service to the condemnation of these crimes or the attempts at their covering up is over for good. The governments of Lithuania , Poland and Romania can no longer hide behind the unconvincing national security reasons and state secret arguments, thus refusing to bring to light the entire truth about their role for the torture and abduction of people in their countries. Jozef Pinior, one of the legendary leaders of the Polish Solidarity trade union, member of the European Parliament in the period 2004 2009 and of the Parliamentary committee on secret CIA prisons in Europe, now a Polish senator, points out:

The information in the Washington Post about the fact that Polish intelligence services received USD 15 million to host a secret CIA prison in the country compromises the entire Polish state which should elucidate this issue as quickly as possible. This unquestionably confirmed the grimmest hypothesis that under Leszek Miller Poland turned into a banana republic to the USA . Another deplorable fact is that our national services have contributed in no way whatsoever to the disclosure of this conspiracy. This is an extremely disgraceful situation. The Polish state, the judicial system and the Government should publish the investigation findings as soon as possible. Otherwise we are going to become Europe s laughing stock. It turns out that we while we give lessons in democracy to countries like the Ukraine , we take money from the US to allow them to practice illicit torture of people on our territory.

In its turn the Bulgarian Government should state its official support for the appeal of Amnesty International and the European Parliament and urge the authorities in Vilnius , Bucharest and Warsaw to undertake an immediate and full investigation of this case and to prosecute those involved in the tortures. Let us be reminded that most of the victims of these malpractices are Muslims and in the context of surging anti-Islam mood after the terror attacks in Paris and Copenhagen it becomes even more important to find out the truth about the secret CIA black sites in Europe.

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I$raHell: at war with its impoverished citizens


Marianne Azizi writes:

As Hana Gan*, the Canadian woman trapped in Israel, awaits her fate in the Israeli courts, more people are coming forward to share their stories of being held in Israel with no hope of a normal life.

Here is one such story from Billy Leybel, an Israeli.

I am living in Israel, but I can’t really call it living, because my life is only about survival. Born in 1974, I had an amazing mum and a man I cannot even call my “father”. I wasn’t really popular at school, and was bullied a lot, only to return home to my father, who also beat me. I left home at 16, preferring to live in the street and escape my hellish childhood. I encountered the police many times, not because I did anything criminal – I was just an easy target for them.

When I reached 18, I refused to join the Israeli army. I spent so much time in prison because of my refusal. Eventually, at the age of 33, I found a really good job in a print shop. It was in a very religious city and I was hassled every day for six years. Sadly, I got a medical condition which affected my legs and I was unable to work.

My ex-wife used the system to falsely claim that I had hit her and tried to kill her. Just on the basis of her words and without any investigation, I was sent to prison for two weeks. I was then placed under house arrest for a year while I waited for the court to eventually find me innocent.

Even then, I had to pay for my ex-wife’s claim and deposit money to the court – a total of USD 1,750, which I didn’t have.

As a result of all this, I am not allowed to have a credit card, I cannot have a bank account or even a driving licence. I currently receive USD 750 (2,500 shekels) in disability payments per month to live on. So, how am I supposed to live and work without a car. I am not allowed to leave Israel to find work abroad. I left a small prison as an innocent man to live in a bigger prison – Israel itself.

Please think: I had a disability and find it difficult to walk but I’m not allowed to have a car. The money the government gives me is all taken back. I can only dream about leaving Israel. The laws which appear to hold me appear centuries old. The Israeli government doesn’t want its citizens to have a life, just an existence.

I want the world to know there is a big difference between Israeli citizens and the Israeli government. We don’t have hate in our hearts, and so many Jews and Muslims live great together. I have so many Muslim friends, and I give them the respect they deserve in every aspect of life.

Love is the only way to get life. Hate brings killing and death to us all. Only governments around the world make hate, not us the people.

I am an Israeli Jew and for thousands of us we want to be humans, not treated like animals by the Israeli government. The money I receive is not even half of the minimum wage. The minimum rent here is 2,500 shekels (USD 750). Even people who earn 10,000 shekels cannot always last a full month on their income.

I am begging Israel to release me and let me find somewhere else in the world to live. You think it is easy to write this openly. I am on the edge of breaking. It will only take one more small thing, and I will be pushed to kill myself. For what life do I have?

Billy’s story is by no means unique. As domestic issues bring involvement from the state far too quickly, the ability to defend false accusations by warring families is almost impossible. Children are removed from their natural parents before any enquiries are made. Billy refused to serve in the Israeli and fight against his childhood friends and neighbours, like many more.

It seems a small request to the Israeli government to make reforms and restore civil rights and liberties to their own people. Yet activists have been asking for years but their requests fall on deaf ears.

The reason why so many people are in poverty could be due to the lack of freedom so many people suffer. Family breakdown is causing more children to be in distress.

As an election looms with much rhetoric about protecting the children from alleged international threats, the people inside Israel are dealing with their own domestic threats to their livelihood, their children and their own survival.

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John Legend in Bahrain: “please know that I stand with you”



 I was gratified and pleased that John Legend did not ignore the controversy surrounding his performance in Bahrain.  He clearly heard and thought about the concerns raised by Bahraini activists, human rights organizations, and (maybe) my open letter. While he did not cancel the appearance, he did make a point of speaking about justice and political freedoms during his signature performance of “Glory” and posting the full text of his remarks via Instagram to make sure that they would be seen and heard by his fans.

Here’s what he had to say:

When I spoke at the Oscars last week, I quoted one of my favorite artists, American musician Nina Simone. She said that, “It’s an artist’s duty to reflect the times in which we live.” So I feel that it’s part of my job to express myself freely and passionately about issues I care about. I walk in the footsteps of so many great artists who came before me who did just that.

A just society is one built not on fear or repression or vengeance or exclusion, but one built on love. Love for our families. Love for our neighbors. Love for the least among us. Love for those who look different or worship differently. Love for those we don’t even know.

We continue to fight in America to move toward this just society and we pray the same for the people of Bahrain. And for those who stand for justice, accountability, freedom of expression, freedom of peaceful assembly, freedom to organize without fear of retribution, please know that I stand with you.

While his comments may have been less direct and forceful than Bahraini activists had hoped, I found them to be a thoughtful and considered response to the situation. Many other artists would have followed the Kim Kardashian playbook and simply ignore the critics. He could have easily delivered the performance and said nothing, but he chose instead to speak to draw explicit connections between the struggle for justice in America and Bahrain.  It was a meaningful, thoughtful, and courageous gesture which not many had expected him to make. Legend’s comments on stage proved to me that he is no hypocrite on civil rights.  At least some Bahrain activists seem pleased that he said something. Hopefully he found the time to meet up with some of them before leaving the country.

At the least, the coverage of his visit has helped to turn a desperately needed spotlight back on to Bahrain’s repression, absence of accountability, and political reforms — many thanks for all the journalists, Bahraini activists, and human rights organizations who worked to drive that public conversation. Hopefully John Legend will continue to think and speak about the international dimension of the struggles for equality, rights and freedom about which he sings — and some of his legion of fans will continue to think about Bahrain.

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Manchester’s Royal Northern College of Music surrenders to Zionist pressure

  Image result for Alan Dershowitz, PHOTO
Dirty Zionist Alan Dershowitz, currently implicated in a huge sex scandal.

Gilad Atzmon writes:

Yesterday I learned that my concert at the Royal Northern College of Music (RNCM) this coming Thursday, 5 March, had been cancelled due to Zionist pressure. I spoke to the RNCM’s marketing director who told me that the concert was cancelled due to “safety reasons”. It seems that the venue felt “unable to guarantee my safety”. Given that I’m now a fairly big boy, this would be somewhat amusing except for the terrible implication that the threat of Zionist violence has now made it to Britain. It took a few hours before I found out that it was the ultra-Zionist North West Friends of Israel that had put pressure on the music school.

As usual, they have produced a pile of lies about my work and my writing. They suggest that my concerts were “fostering anti-Semitism”, which is obviously a complete lie. In fact, not once has anyone logged a complaint about my concerts or my talks.

The North West Friends of Israel also refer to the “sensitivity of Jewish students”, ignoring the fact that since its day of inception the Orient House Ensemble has always included Jewish musicians and, if this were not enough, many of our promoters and supporters are also Jewish.

The North West Friends of Israel also argue that my book The Wandering Who? has been called “probably the most anti-Semitic book published in recent years”, forgetting to mention that it is a best seller in Britain, the USA and many other countries, and has been endorsed by some of the greatest humanists of our time.

They also forget to mention that not a single country, including Israel, has banned the book or declared it unlawful. And yes, the book is indeed critical of Jewish identity politics and exposes the exact same Jewish political lobbying which the North West Friends of Israel yesterday exercised in Manchester.

It’s worth noting that the Zionist pressure group substantiated its “arguments” by referring to the writing of none other than Alan Dershowitz, currently implicated in a huge sex scandal. This puzzles me. Would the RNCM cancel my concert based on criticism of my work by the likes of, say, Jimmy Saville or Garry Glitter? You decide.

This morning I referred this issue to my legal team. I also learned that very soon a petition will be launched denouncing the RNCM and calling on it to put this matter right.

In the meantime, please write or call the RNCM on:

Tel: +44-161 907 5200
Fax: +44-161 273 7611

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Big Pharma’s Mass Vaccination Agenda: Propaganda Assault on Informed Consent

Global Research

Major US news media have presented a grossly distorted and misleading interpretation of vaccines and their relationship to public health since early January. These journalistic organs have suggested the recent measles outbreak in the Western US has been a crisis of monumental proportions.

This flagrant and cynical sensationalism has become a foundation for intense advocacy on behalf of the pharmaceutical corporate and regulatory cartel targeting patient informed consenta founding principal of modern medical practice and personal freedom. Keeping in mind the close to 300 vaccine products now in the pharmaceutical industrys pipeline,[1] closer analysis of “measles outbreak” press coverage suggests a conscious effort by corporate news media to virtually banish such notions and practices from the public mind. A news media dependent on over $1 billion in advertising dollars from big pharma must almost by necessity indulge their clients’ broader agenda.

David Dees (right)


An impartial journalistic approach to the question of vaccination and personal choice would provide equal and unprejudiced airing of “both sides,” in addition to the varied grey areas in the debate, from the corporate and statist entities flying the banner of mandatory vaccination to cautious segments of the citizenry voicing reservations toward such technology alongside the foremost prerogative of personal choice.

A LexisNexis search of US newspaper and wire service articles from December 28, 2015the official start date of the California measles outbreakto February 8, 2015 [2] using the search terms measles and vaccination yields 799 press releases or wire stories and 746 newspaper articles and opinion pieces. Much of this coverage predictably emphasizes the array of vaccine-friendly assumptions and pronouncements from entities abetting the pharmaceutical industrys long-term profit-specific objectives.

For example, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is, alongside the Food and Drug Administration, the most powerful bureaucratic arm utilized by the global pharmaceutical cartel to elicit compliance with the federal vaccine schedule for children from the medical profession and broader population. Of the article sample referenced above, close to one-third (517) reference the Centers for Disease Control or CDC in their text, suggesting citation of the agency and its policies to persuasively instruct readers on vaccine efficacy and safety.

In contrast, the same body of over 1,500 press releases, news stories and editorials reference informed consent only three timesand when the term is used it is done so either in passing or to disparage the practice itself. For example, Arthur Caplan, a professor of medicine at New York University, warns against doctors even considering the practice of informed consent in regard to vaccines. The science is unimpeachable,” Caplan proclaims. ” Vaccines do not cause autism; measles is dangerous and contagious; inoculating against the disease is neither pointless nor riskier than abstention. The physician then amazingly suggests that genuine informed consent–explaining how a vaccine such as Measles, Mumps, Rubella, which can severely injure, incapacitate, or kill the child patient–must be categorically replaced by the dissemination of pharmaceutical industry propaganda and half-truths. Those doctors who counsel otherwise – who distort what patients need to know to preserve their health or that of their children – have crossed a bright red line. They have violated a patient’s right to informed consent, which depends on accurate information.[3]

The foremost US organization advocating the fundamental doctrine of informed consent, the National Vaccine Information Center, is referenced a paltry 22 times in the sizable article sample. And while the NVIC routinely emphasizes that it is not anti-vaccine and merely advocates that patients or their parents fully understand the risks associated with the industrialized, “one size fits all” immunization process, it is nevertheless framed as the official voice of anti-vaccination. A recent New York Times article from the data set is exemplary of this practice. Members of the anti-vaccine movement said the public backlash had terrified many parents. People are now afraid they’re going to be jailed, said Barbara Loe Fisher, the president of the National Vaccine Information Center, a clearinghouse for resisters.[4]

Of the 746 articles published in newspapers, 143 are editorial and opinion pieces. Almost without exception each vigorously supports wide-scale vaccination, even proposing punitive measures for those clinging to informed consent and personal choice. Such uniform opinion among newsroom management provides a clear indication of exactly how warped the overall news coverage of the measles outbreak has been.

If we’re not willing to permanently exile anti-vaxxers from the public square, one opinion in the Philadelphia Daily News remarks, we should at least make emergency provisions to do so. Anti-vaxxers should be made to understand that when there is a public-health emergency – such as a measles outbreak – they’ll be quarantined for the duration.[5] Those who refuse to vaccinate are wrong, the Salt Lake Tribuneargues. They endanger themselves and those around them.[6] The growing anti-vaccination movement is one of the most frustrating developments of this decade,” the San Jose Mercury News similarly contends. “Some of the parents who mistrust vaccine are uneducated and have no access to pediatric counsel, but there’s no excuse for the irresponsible parents who have access to the latest science yet irrationally fear that vaccines are not safe for their children.[7]

In an effort to console parents concerned about the very real possibility of vaccines causing autism, US government press releases and US news outlets alike reference a 1998 study authored by British physician and medical scientist Andrew Wakefield linking vaccination to Crohns disease and autism. Public health officials blame a decline in parents having their kids vaccinated that began after a now-thoroughly discredited 1998 British report alleged that common early childhood vaccinations triggered autism, the San Diego Union Tribune grouses. Unfortunately, that discredited report continues to be cited by know-nothing celebrities and vapid New Age authors who broadly reject modern medicine. They do so even as life expectancy hits all-time highs and medical researchers make steady progress on many fronts.[8]

The US governments own public relations serviceUS Official Newslikewise chimes in on Wakefields alleged deceit. A 1998 article in the medical journal The Lancet caused a firestorm of controversy when it was published and helped create the anti-vaccine movement that continues today,” one US government press release reads. “There’s only one problem–the article was later retracted by the publisher for being utterly false, and the author, Andrew Wakefield, was found to have been paid big bucks by plaintiffs’ lawyers.[9]

The fact that Wakefields 1998 findings have been upheld in 19 peer-reviewed papers he has contributed to the literature between 1998 and 2010, in addition to 28 studies from other scientists around the world [10] has been consciously overlooked by US newspaper editors and other drug industry propagandists. That this key piece of disinformation–soundly rebutted in the published research–continues to be repeated by journalists and government publicists alike suggests the hardcore disinformation tactics deployed to perpetuate the misunderstanding and unwarranted faith the majority of US families continue to place in big pharma’s immensely profitable vaccine agenda.

As direct result of this well-coordinated publicity campaign and resulting hysteria the legal right by which families may exercise informed consent is now under intense legal assault across the US. “Hearings to remove philosophical/conscientious exemptions to vaccine mandates have already taken place in Washington and Oregon,” NVIC reports.

California, Maine, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Vermont all have bills already filed or press announcements of bills about to be filed to remove philosophical/conscientious exemptions. Maine, Minnesota and Texas have bills to substantially restrict philosophical/conscientious exemptions. Religious exemptions are also under attack. Maryland, New Jersey, Texas and Vermont have bills filed or announced to eliminate religious exemptions, and Illinois, New Mexico and Texas have bills filed or announced to unconstitutionally restrict religious exemptions.

In addition, Connecticut, Florida, Indiana, Maine, Maryland, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, and West Virginia all have legislation underway to expand vaccine mandates.[11]

In light of the above one should be unsurprised at the mob-like antipathy toward “anti-vaxxers,” and how the notions of personal liberty and informed consent have been made to appear increasingly bizarre by being effectively stricken from public discourse. The population has been expertly propagandized on the issue by medical practitioners, their professional associations, and regulatory agencies tethered to the pharmaceutical industry’s agenda vis-a-vis a news media reliant on drug advertising revenue. With these observations in mind one must seriously ask themselves, In what meaningful way would a wholly scientific authoritarianism differ from what is witnessed in America today?


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