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Eight people reported killed in attack on Tunisia museum


Seven foreigners and one Tunisian dead, according to interior ministry, after three men reportedly dressed in military-style clothing storm Bardo museum in Tunis

Exterior of the Bardo national museum in Tunis.
 Exterior of the Bardo national museum in Tunis. Photograph: Alam

Seven foreigners and one Tunisian have died after the country’s prestigious Bardo museum came under attack, according to Tunisia’s interior ministry.

The shooting broke out about midday local time (11.00 GMT), according to local reports. Radio Mosaique, a private radio station, reported that three men dressed in military-style clothing may have taken hostages inside the museum, adjacent to the national parliament building.

The museum chronicles Tunisia’s history and includes one of the world’s largest collections of Roman mosaics.

Tunisian security forces were surrounding two militants holed up inside the Bardo Museum that shares grounds with the country’s parliament on Wednesday, an interior ministry spokesman said.

He said security forces were still verifying local media reports that the militants had taken tourists hostage during an attack on the parliament building.

One local lawmaker said there were injured inside the parliament after the attack.

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