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Naziyahu “showed his true colors” during election

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The results are in: Zio-Nazi Prime Minister and international war criminal Benjamin Naziyahu, a key architect of the false flag attack on 9/11 which initiated the Orwellian, never-ending Jewish concocted “Global War on Terror,” and his fanatical right-wing Likud Party scored a “decisive victory” in the latest I$raHell elections, thus ensuring he will remain Prime Minister of I$raHell.The Jewish Telegraph Agency recently published an article outlining some key conclusions that can be drawn from the election, including the fact that Naziyahu“showed his true colors” during the election. The article argues:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did two things in the final hours of Israel’s election campaign that make it difficult to see how he’d repair Israel’s image overseas – and its frayed relationship with the United States.

One was his open acknowledgment in an interview published Monday that he opposes Palestinian statehood.

“I think anyone who is going to establish a Palestinian state and to evacuate territory is giving radical Islam a staging ground against the State of Israel,” Netanyahu told the Israeli website NRG. “This is the reality that has been created here in recent years. Anyone who ignores it has his head in the sand.”

When asked point-blank “If you are a prime minister, there will be no Palestinian state?” Netanyahu responded, “Indeed.”

The second was Netanyahu’s brazen warning on Election Day that Likud supporters ought to rush to the polls because Israeli Arabs were turning out in large numbers.

“Right-wing rule is in danger. The Arab voters are coming in huge numbers to the polls. The left-wing organizations are bringing them in buses,” Netanyahu said in a message posted on social media Tuesday urging followers to vote for Likud.“With your help, and with God’s help, we will establish a patriotic government that will safeguard the State of Israel.”

Both remarks provide ample fodder for critics of Netanyahu – and of Israel: that he (and by extension is Israel) is disingenuous about pursuing a peace deal with the Palestinians, and that he (and by extension Israel) is racist.

Of course, regular readers here recognize that the statements highlighted by theJewish Telegraph Agency are typical comments and sentiments expressed by Netanyahu (and other key Israeli political, military, and religious figures) on a regular basis. It still amazes me that the vast majority of Americans still do not recognize Israel and her leadership for the murderous, duplicitous, hypocritical psychopaths they truly are.

Netanyahu openly states that he is not interested an independent Palestinian state (i.e., the two state solution advocated and supported by various American presidential administrations over the years). Netanyahu and the Israeli political and military establishment are not interested in genuine peace with the Palestinians, and never will be. That should be clear to all Americans at this point.

Also, we see once again the blatant, outrageous hypocrisy coming from the organized Jewish community and the state of Israel. Netanyahu proudly proclaims that right-wing, extreme nationalistic rule in Israel is “in danger,” and that he wishes to “establish a patriotic government that will safeguard the State of Israel,” maintaining Jewish domination and rule over the land, government, and economy.

I’m not necessarily opposed to a Jewish state for the Jewish people, but when the leading advocates of “multiculturalism,” “diversity,” and massive non-White immigration into Western countries (and only Western countries) – all of which are Jewish, Marxist-inspired strategies to displace and destroy White European and European-derived nations – are Jewish radicals who largely support the idea of a Jewish state for the Jewish people (i.e., Israel), I have a had time swallowing the hypocrisy and double standards, especially considering the manner in which the Israelis treat the Palestinians.

Netanyahu did indeed “show his true colors” during the latest Israeli election. I wonder when the American people will finally recognize the true nature of this man and his kinsmen?

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